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User Reviews for Courier-Post

4.44 out of 5
485 Ratings
5 months ago, NJeffrey
Much improved but still can do a bit better
Recent updates of the app now make it possible to view the e-newspaper edition in full-screen mode like the older e-newspaper only app. It still is a bit cumbersome to change editions to other e-newspapers, sometimes requiring closing the app and re-opening it, but overall, it is now a worthy replacement for the e-newspaper only reader app. Thanks for the changes. Keep at it!
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2 years ago, sam mare
Horrible customer service!
Not sure how you can continue to operate with the absolutely terrible delivery service you supply. My Mom has been a customer of yours for least 60 years. She is now in her 90’s and disabled. We have requested doorstep delivery which we do not get; we’ve called numerous times for missed papers and are always promised the next day, which never happens; now we’re on a “no delivery” streak for the past 2 weeks (which we didn’t request). Can I please get an honest answer to this issue? You have no idea the frustration you cause for a senior citizen who expects a paper on a daily basis! I’m convinced after the many phone calls I’ve made for her, that you just don’t care ! Very frustrating, disturbing and sad that a reputable newspaper can supply this type of service.
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4 months ago, lowered rating due to nickname
Poor user interface, update,another update
Hard to switch between newspapers Can’t send a review without entering a nickname. It has gotten worse. It no longer fits properly to my iPad screen in landscape mode. Also when you magnify you can no longer scroll completely to the bottom of the screen. If app doesn’t improve I will have to cancel subscription. When I try to change pages it will sometimes bring up the last article I was reading. I lowered my rating because there seems to no attempt to fix issues. I now end up going to the last article I read 3 or 4 times when all I do is hit the next page arrow.
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1 year ago, BP nj
Print and more
Application works well to deliver the e version of our local paper. Easy to use …except for annoying ads and prompts that won’t let you move on
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6 years ago, njersey745
Jersey Westie
It is great being able to be in the know, as too what is happening back home. LOVE reading my home town paper! I am originally from South Jersey but live on the West Coast now. This is the only way that I am able to keep abreast of everything that is going on back home. I've been reading the Courier-Post for more then 50 years. I wouldn't trade it for anything.
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4 months ago, Traveling Pop
Easy to use
The on line version is easy to use and read from anywhere in the world as we travel. The Courier Post provides us with good local news as well as National and international news.
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2 years ago, NoCPfan
CP Flubs Saturday Paper on Apple Products
Tried to view my CourierPost on iPad, but it (not I) can’t get my password right. Can get into app, but this does not have puzzles, etc, and I could not find the comics. What made me think the digital edition would be better than the paper one. And what is this about paying iTunes. I already pay the CP an exorbitant amount! I was able to use the CP well enough on a PC, until the app locked up my account because of the password!
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2 years ago, Jim C 08053
Old News, nothing new
Amazing how limited a paper can be! In print I imagine this can’t be more than 10 pages! There’s limited amount of new news and articles appear over and over for up to weeks at time! Try to cancel!!! Good luck with that as each time I’ve tried I’ve been advised that page is not available! Too bad as I grew up reading this paper everyday.
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4 months ago, Unhappy long-time subscriber
ENewspaper hasn’t worked for at least a week
Tired of reporting it. Tired of paying for a subscription I can no longer access. Worked great for years. But haven’t been able to open the eNewspaper portion for over a week. Either get a blank screen or a rolling scan going left to right with no text showing. Seeing the Top Stories isn’t what I want.
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6 years ago, oboe6127
Great app!
I really enjoy using this app. News is local and very informative. Also, the app works well and does not crash which helps.
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3 years ago, teacheranet
Needs work
Doesn’t always load . Issues with logging in constantly .
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5 years ago, Boik Says Hard
Great local news!
This app delivers the South Jersey news I care about. It’s also my go-to for things to do and local sports.
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4 months ago, JoeGionta
New App Critique
It annoys me when I am reading an article and an advertisement pops up overriding the article. Navigating through the paper, sometimes it will freeze not permitting me to continue. I have to backup to go forward. If it does not improve, I will cancel my subscription and pursue another.
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2 years ago, Frank Je
Subscription problem
Every time I go to this app it tells me to subscribe. I already subscribe and am charged every month Annoying!
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2 years ago, Tivolimann
Accurate news
A trusted source
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10 years ago, Safetyhit
Getting There
Not bad but still some work to be done. The headline images can be almost painfully generic while specific, accompanying images lacking but we understand it is also a local venue with limited funding.
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2 years ago, chartrue2
Why can’t you leave the obituary section alone??? Every time I open the app, it is different. What is wrong with publishing the decedents who passed each day instead of a long list which tells you nothing. Please go back to the way it was!!!
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6 months ago, Dl Vc
I enjoy a lot the local sports coverage!
The local sports coverage is excellent!
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5 years ago, Jerseysean
Used to be the source for my local news, now they run a lot of useless stories that seem to cover their pages day after day. If you want people to pay for the app, print out a good story once in a while. Definitely not worth the $7/month
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5 months ago, mebtok
Courier post
This newspaper has become a total waste of time. The crossword puzzles are no longer available to print out and do..the app appearance is awful… no crossword puzzle no readership… I’m going to cancel my subscription today… the courier is ruined for me rock
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2 years ago, Danny O LL
High school sports
Love to read about all the HS games and stories about the athletes in any sport
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5 years ago, Cam287
Good local news!
I read it everyday.
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6 years ago, nitapepita
Love seeing news from my South Jersey roots
Miss the local news
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4 weeks ago, Mark T-TB
The updated app frequently freezes up, I’m hoping for improvement.
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5 years ago, Des nj
I enjoy the article
I enjoy the articles
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2 years ago, FaR-right
Paid my subscription
Paid subscription but every time I try to access an article the on line site states I need to subscribe to view article.
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5 months ago, nancysnj
Courier post app
Cannot get the e newspaper even though I am a subscriber. I have talk d to four different help desk people and they assured me that they fixed the issue. Nothing changed.
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5 months ago, nancywell
Terrible app. The older one was better
Why am I seeing adds on a newspaper I’ve paid for. The screen wobbles and gets stuck. FIX IT
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4 years ago, courier Fan
Courier Post
Greatest news paper ever
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4 years ago, WhyCantTheyGetItRight
Account info is where?
There is no way through this app how my subscription is being paid
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1 year ago, Friendsy!!!!
Too many ads
Yup they pop up every other inch. A waste of time looking here
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1 year ago, Dunkertly
Where’s the paper?
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5 months ago, frankh71
This app does not work.
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11 months ago, kegnlg
No central jersey??
Not provided as advertised
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10 years ago, wcdsid itunes
Good replacement when traveling
Nicely organized & designed user interface - great to read local paper when traveling. Even has offline mode to cache stories for that plane ride or visit to "loss of service" areas. Not as good as having the paper itself but a great substitute!
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10 years ago, Stooges03
Big improvement
This latest version is a big improvement over the last version. It's easier to use, the graphics are better, and there is a lot more news to view.
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11 years ago, ZR-Man
No Content!!!
Where's the content!? I get the print edition and when I compare content from print vs this app, I only get a small sliver of articles. Not worthy! Please include all stories from the print edition. Also, eliminate the ads!! The iPhone has limited real-estate as it is, and it's that much less with stupid ads!
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10 years ago, Medford500
Local news!
This is a great resource for local news, especially when traveling. Thanks for having this app available.
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7 years ago, Navajo6
Well done!!
Great app with a well designed format. Easy to navigate with well written and informative articles with a broad range of topics. Bonus inclusion of another Gannett paper is a great feature.
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9 years ago, cwmonk
Traveling w/ a bit of home
Complete home news, even in the Highlands of Scotland
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7 years ago, Standardken
Does What No Other Does...
... offers a tidy round up of news, in a region (South Jersey) not covered well by any other news service. App works well.
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10 years ago, The Kapus Family
Make sure to delete this app from FB!
After downloading the app, logging in through Facebook, and realizing I was not eligible for a subscription and deleting the app, it still remained connected to my FB account. Make sure to remove it from there, too, or they deny you while still benefiting from your data!
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8 years ago, NJParalegal
Great App
I love to use the Courier Post app. It's so convenient because I can read whenever, wherever I want!
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7 years ago, Leonardlebo
Nice job
I have been reading the Courier for 25 years. Love the online version!
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11 years ago, Clark-31
Requires subscription
Unlike most other paywall news apps, this one gives you literally no content whatsoever for free. First and only page is a logon screen for subscribers, with no trial available. Good luck with that, Gannett. Everyone else, don't waste your time.
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8 years ago, ginoadriel
Keep in informal
It keeps me up to date
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7 years ago, Gregg Hughes
This apt is a great way to stay on top of the news and current events in South Jersey. Love it.
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7 years ago, Drcaseyjr
Difficult to use.
Constantly hanging and not refreshing.
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8 years ago, Peccatoribus
This "app" does not work very well. It is difficult to navigate and frequently the display is only half of the screen's width.
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11 years ago, Hiking fan
Not ready for prime time.
Cannot use unless you are a subscriber. I have a subscription but cannot log in - doesn't recognize my info.
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