Crackle - Movies & TV

3.1 (359)
39.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Chicken Soup For The Soul Entertainment, Inc
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
14.3 or later
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User Reviews for Crackle - Movies & TV

3.12 out of 5
359 Ratings
2 months ago, John Goodin
Subtitles are on by default for all videos but I finally discovered how to turn them off. Long press towards the bottom left corner until you can see the progress of the video. The subtitles icon is to the left of the progress bar. You will have to be rather quick as the progress bar is only visible for about two seconds.
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7 months ago, aYo_BLacK_
Great Family friendly tv app!
I only have a few streaming apps on my tv that's Family All around friendly . What I mean by that is, you can scroll through each categories, and find a good movie without seeing other "raunchy rated X y and Z " type movies pop up!!! I don't need my kids reading or seeing the name of a movie that shouldn't be on a streaming app or my family or Friends see that... And the layout is pretty simple and easy to navigate. They have great selection of movies to choose and I come here for the Holiday movies. The total movie library have so many titles I've never seen before. Lots of movies I never heard of I end up liking and enjoying them. Must download
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12 months ago, Dowager1
Good Movies & Shows, BUT…..
WHY IN THE WORLD WAS THE AUDIO ON THE DISCOVER COMMERCIALS RECORDED AT MAX VOLUME??? It’s INSANE!! We’ve started a GREAT series - “Line of Duty,” and we’re streaming to an LG monitor. It has no remote, which means someone has to sit close to try to turn down the volume (even with the volume setting to “1,” it’s better, but still loud)! And… This particular program freezes quite a bit. (We’ just started episode 1 so I’m hoping that won’t be the case going forward)! I’ve watched several movies via Crackle & had no issues. PLEASE make sure that audio volume issue is fixed going forward;’we’d hate to “quiet quit” on you, because we really love what you have to offer! You’re truly a godsend in the midst of the writers strike! Keep up the good work, but please make sure other movies & videos don’t have the same problem as the Discover commercial audio issue.
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1 year ago, 55sheila
Slight problem
I’m enjoying Crackle but I have one thing that keeps bothering me- Every time I go into Crackle to continue with “The Pinkertons” series, the App doesn’t have a “Continue Watching” section so when you go back in you have to go Find the show again, then it begins at Season 1/Episode1 no matter where you are in the series. If there was a Continue Watching section it should bring up any shows or episodes right to where you left off. Thank you
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9 months ago, mbnjl
Was going to give crackle another chance, but since then I’ve had bought a new TV and it is so difficult to connect anything with Crackle and I’m a pretty savvy app person. I don’t even know if the things I mentioned in my earlier review are still pertinent because I just got frustrated dealing with the app. Really good titles and I understand the need for advertisement,But the app freezes during the ads and you can’t go forward or go back or stop you have to just get out of the app and start over and go through the whole collection of ads again
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1 year ago, westcomics
Set up a new account as they requested on the website. Was able to watch a show on my iPhone in the app without being able to sign in and save a wishlist or have a record or history of what I’ve watched previously or save things to find later. As for watching on my Apple TV where I want to watch things it tells me I need to go to the website and activate the app to do anything. The website says that function is disabled so they can create a better user experience. Ah, yes…now I remember this is why I deleted the app a year ago. Still useless.
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1 month ago, Bob6285837256293773
Horror movie ads
I love crackle but the only problem is even if I set my account to teen it still shows horror movie ads and and if I don’t want to watch the horror movies why are the ads for them shown on teen AND kids accounts? If you could please please make sure horror ads don’t play on teen or child accounts 🙏 thank you
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1 year ago, mmm5x5
Constantly has errors
Crackle has some really good shows and movies on it. That’s the part I like about it the part I hate is that every time I try watching something I get an error message that something went wrong. Then I have to start what I’m watching over with and then it once again throws up an error message. It would be nice to be able to actually watch some thing on Crackle. Fix the problem!
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11 months ago, review on your shoe
Free is nice but what is the point?
Why why why must we be assaulted with some random video playing while we search for something that we actually want to watch? This could NOT be more annoying! Moreover I have one show that I watch here. It is very difficult to locate. Other than this, rarely find anything I would want to watch on this app. This is not true of all free streaming apps, this one just gets a lot of trash movies.
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1 year ago, Black_Pearl 21
NO sign-in Option
Great variety of shows available, rarely experience any glitches. No watchlist available, however, because I cannot sign in to my free account that I created on my PC. 5-star app otherwise.
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1 year ago, AOPINKPINK
Great app on tv and phone EXCEPT….
I’d really appreciate the addition of being able to save shows to a list so I could get to them easier. Once you find something you want to watch most apps allow u to add to favorites! Please consider this your customers would love it!
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1 year ago, Liquisoft
Worthwhile update. Finally!
So glad to see this app get updated. It finally feels like a modern app in the year of our lord 2023. Missing some features but I think if they get some more updates out it’ll be fantastic.
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1 year ago, Rhah123
Really needs watchlist and resume watching like it did several years ago
No idea why these function were removed from app. They are still available on website. Just a horrible user experience. Every single streaming app on iOS has these functionalities, except crackle. Crackle has very good content, just not friendly to the user at all.
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12 months ago, WinterfellJohnSnow
Great! But!! I hate ads
I’d give it a 5 star rating if you would give people the option to remove ads by paying 5.99 a month i guarantee you would get a lot of people who would agree with me. Your ads are to frequent to enjoy what is being watched. I get into watching and boom ads it’s ridiculous. But I’m more than likely wasting my time writing this Review!!
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1 year ago, Rebel Writer
They track your usage but can’t be bothered to make it useful for you.
They sell your info and track everything you watch but they can’t be bothered to give a “Continue Watching” section so you can continue where you left off. Every time I go to resume where I left off it restarts to the beginning. Crackle gives off the vibe of shady data tracker with no effort to disguise itself as useful.
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11 months ago, HelenHaynes
Terrible streaming!
First time I watched this app it constantly froze or just went out. Every time I would restart it was always back at the beginning of the program and had to repeatedly rewatch ads only to have the program not restart and have to go through it all over again. I will NEVER watch anything on this service again!
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3 months ago, Ang57mac
Needs Work
Great content but needs works. You need to manually turn off subtitles on everything you watch. Very ANNOYING! Most apps allow you to turn them off in settings.
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1 year ago, yeboyy_dillon
… I like but
I like this app I like the name also crackle it’s just good anyways I got this app on my Apple TV and I try to sign on but I can’t even sign it it says go to website. I do that and it says error. Fix the app! I want to sign in and stream
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1 year ago, DrinkWaterBro
Very nice design update
Old design of the app look like something from 2012, now they have updated, it look so much better
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1 year ago, garlicbabe
One of the worst, even for a free streaming service
Constantly stops playing the movie and just sits on the pre-ad screen so I have to completely shut off my TV and reopen the app. The resume button is just for show, it never actually picks up where you left off. And every time you scrub to a new location, it makes you watch four more ads.
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1 year ago, chiller scorchin
The best movie/tv watching app
I definitely recommend crackle for any new commers who love watching movies etc I have been using this app for a few long years, Gracias crackle 🙂
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1 year ago, sludge
No watchlist?
How do you even use an app for watching shows without a wachlist or playlist? I don’t jump on amd start watching the first garbage that appears. I’m looking for specific movies and shows and if you have one I will use your service. If you cannot help me keep track of what I want to watch on your service I’m not interested in using it.
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11 months ago, Udderwize
I would give it a five star if the ad volume wasn’t so inconsistent! You can be watching a show at a reasonable volume and then an ad pops up at 100% volume absolutely ridiculous!
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1 year ago, s1am_RU
No option to login
The app has no option to login to your account. And if it does, it’s very hard to find. So even if you have a crackle account so that you can save shows or movies, you can’t use your account with the app. Why even have an app then? Just use the website on mobile instead. At least you can log in.
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1 year ago, RipRobinhood
This app is very annoying!!
So buggy and laggy! And when I try to watch the last 2 minutes of a documentary, Crackle boots me off and plays a different movie! I’ve tried to reload the movie and fast forward to the ending but it keeps booting me off before it actually ends! So frustrating I will never use Crackle again. Deleting now.
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5 days ago, Supernova_453
Would love more popular movies
The app is great and all but, I would love if you guys add more popular TV shows and movies such as stranger things, young Sheldon, or scream if you guys could do that it would be amazing, thank you for your time!
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4 months ago, Noneofyourbusiness!!!!!!!
Ad heavy blah content
There is a Crackle button on my remote so I eventually tried it. No content I recognized but was open to exploring so I chose Everybody Hates Chris. A 15 second commercial preceded and I thought ok fine. A 60 second opening scene proceeded to introduce the show and a young Chris Rock. Good start. After that short intro it broke away to 3 more commercials. No thanks.
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1 year ago, Tamsharley
Just a big NO
No login anywhere to be found. No watchlist to keep track of your stuff. No continue watching where you left off. way of turning off CC? Enough said! This app needs to add these items that other free apps offer! Has some decent shows on much potential. Bummer! Unfortunately, this is a big no go for me!
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1 year ago, Laura112456$8899
Log in missing
There’s no where to sign in and save movies/shows for later. Have to do a search and then remember where you left off.
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2 months ago, 1st Listener long time caller
App does not work
It will stream through the HDMI cable to watch commercials. As soon as the movie starts, the screen goes dark with audio. I’ve tried so many different solutions. Nothing works deleting the app reinstalling the app new cables. The app Tubi works perfectly fine along with every other streaming service. ……….. don’t waste your time
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1 year ago, BeenHeavyinFlorida
Great Content - App is Difficult
The app will not let me log in, says activate is not working. There is no way to easily go back to a video that is partially watched and the watchlist function from the web does not work in the Apple apps.
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1 year ago, Meboo1237594
Love the old shows
Fish was one of my favorite shows growing up. So excited to watch it again
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1 year ago, E4_FLAKE_USMC
No sound at all in any movie. So, not to good..
No sound at all in any movie. So, not to good.. Update 5/2/23 : got an email that the sound was fixed so I tried again and boom, It Is Fixed. Thank you!!
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11 months ago, LSUMIKE
Watch list blurry screen
Watch doesn’t come on the Home Screen Sometimes during the movie the goes blurry
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11 months ago, like my privacy 1
Constantly stops playing
Shows stop playing after the halfway point commercials saying the program is over. I have to restart the program and then watch another set of commercials. I emailed customer service on their developer page link and it returned undeliverable.
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1 year ago, Boston sports fan!
No watch list
Why is there no sign in option? Very frustrating to have a watch list on other devices such as PC & Roku and not be able to pull it up on the iPad. Without that option I haven't used the app enough to rate it further.
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1 year ago, Jcos71
Significant enhancement!
It’s now the best ad-based mobile app! Great graphics, outstanding content, and very user friendly!
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10 months ago, PK-PK-PK
Forced to view TV show list by category
Why the change? Used to be able to scroll thru one master list of tv shows. Now you have to pick a category first. How simple it would have been to great an ‘All’ category.
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1 year ago, Gaffkey
Commercials freeze occasionally
Why? I have 100mbt download speed. No issues with other streaming services, just crackle?
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11 months ago, SoccerrefMTB
Drops connection often, no favorites
App freezes often, particularly during commercials. No issues with connections on any other app. Would be nice to have saved favorites for programs watched often.
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1 year ago, Larry-CA TX
Great update! Love the slick new look.
Loving the new Crackle app. It’s faster and easier than ever to find all my favorite shows - for free.
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9 months ago, rolldot
So Many Streaming Channels….
….but I’ll stick with this one. It was one of the first to do it and still do it right.
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12 months ago, J. Wesley
Apple TV Version is Worthless
Can’t: activate an account, log in if you created an account on the website, search, see all episodes for a show, save to a list…you are basically stuck with watching what you find by scrolling. The worst entertainment app I’ve ever seen on Apple TV.
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1 year ago, PurpleRoyal
The shows aren’t the problem. It’s the freezing of the screen every time there is a commercial. And the commercials are way too frequent, extended and repetitive. It’s agony waiting out the frozen screen.
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1 year ago, MarkLatt0
No sound
Tried to watch multiple titles and there was no sound, removed all other open applications and even redownloaded the app to see if that would fix it, but to no avail. Good titles but not enjoyable if you can’t hear them.
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6 months ago, KingNickNameMaker
Room for improvement
Can’t sign in with app so no show progress or history is saved. No way to minimize window app. I don’t see the benefit of using the app over just watching in a browser.
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9 months ago, Yellow Wasp
Always a good change to see the past Classics!
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1 year ago, Nicknameabcde54321
Apple TV
The Crackle app for Apple TV requires activation in order to watch, and it provides a link to activate Crackle on Apple TV. That link for activation says “Activation has been disabled”. So, the Crackle app, which has not been updated since November 11, 2019, is a dud since it is impossible to activate. Why is it in the app store?
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1 year ago, Gopher Kam
No Watchlist
If I could add shows/movies to a watchlist then I’d give it more stars. However, my account on my app or my FireTV doesn’t have any options to save a list.
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1 year ago, Thenorthwestkid
Good Shows… that’s it
So the app has good shows, but it is riddled with commercials if the show loads at all. Some shows don’t even have audio for me, like Sherlock
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