4.7 (900.8K)
159.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Crunchyroll, LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Crunchyroll

4.72 out of 5
900.8K Ratings
2 years ago, Anais_125
App works terrible on iPad
The app for iPad is awful and makes watching anime an annoying experience. The viewing layout function is constantly buggy. If I put the screen in full size view, once I press the button again to minimize and read comments, my screen does not change. I always have to go out of the anime and press it again and then click more episodes to get to the next episode. This makes me forget where I left off if I am rewatching episodes and it is overall very annoying when I can’t even press the next episode because the screen won’t minimize after clicking the button. Secondly, trying to use the scroll bar to jump forward in an episode is also annoying and buggy as it just does not work. When I try to scroll further into an episode, it will either restart the episode completely or just not do anything. Maybe the scroll circle button is too small or maybe I have big fingers, but even when I use my Apple Pencil I have the same troubles. When I do get it to work, as I move the scroller to skip scenes, the screen gets bigger and minimizes the comment section (hopefully that makes sense). I really enjoy my membership and all it has to offer, but the app gets annoying when I want to watch multiple episodes. I prefer watching entertainment on my iPad so hopefully these bugs can be addressed.
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4 years ago, U motherz
Good but...
Great app to watch almost anything that u cant on Netflix. But I see constantly a specific anime, and the first season is dubbed, but the second season isn’t, that to me is the only issue, I don’t like switching languages every season so if u can release it in both ways that’d be great😃specifically Sword Art Online Alicization: War of Underworlds. Another issue are the ads, I think adding 4 would be fine if u made each add stop only one ad. There’s are usually 4 ad stops in an episode and when they hit it takes 30 seconds to load that ad and then play a 30+ second ad, and then another 30+ seconds to load a second one and a third. I think they load wayyyy too slowly and the ads back to back are too many. If there are 4 ad pauses please make it just one ad long and please load faster because in total if there are 4 ad blocks u spend abt 10 minutes watching ads because each pause loads 3 back to back ads. I wouldn’t mind 4 ads total but I also wouldn’t mind if ur going to keep the same amount of ads, that u just make them load faster instead of have me wait at a black screen for 30 seconds for an ad to show up and then repeat that for another two times. It’s a bit time consuming and sometimes I forget what happened before the ads even began to roll in and forget wat im watching. All in all, shorter faster ad breaks, and release seasons in both languages or just add that language setting in, not for subtitles but for the audio aswell, u know, dubbed.
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3 years ago, Idk82838849492818183
This is important and something we all need to say and want to say.. xoxo
Anyways, we ALL KNOW the ads in this app are ridiculous. I know it’s a free app and all, and I do really enjoy it and don’t mind a couple ads, but there’s just one problem for me. I was watching mha, yes, my hero academia, and I had a problem occur. So technically what happened, I got ad an, not bad right? After the ad, the anime wouldn’t load. I kept exiting the app, and everytime I went back in it would give me another ad and not load again. Mind you, my internet is not bad at all. You also might be thinking, “it’s probably just more than one ad, and the second one just isn’t loading, so when you go back in it loads.” But no. I was doing this for I know over 10 minutes. I got at least 10 ads and ngl, my night was kind of ruined because it kept happening and I ended up just giving up and going to bed. This might sound like a complaint, and it kind of is, but the moral of the story is to please just fix your ads. 4 ads isn’t bad, and it’s understandable for a free app with a ton of anime and more, but I shouldn’t have 10 ads in just one ad break. (and I probably would’ve had more if I had kept going.) So anyways, a recap, I enjoy the app a lot overall, but sometimes the ads get out of control and just ruin the anime experience for you. Hope you found this helpful, xo
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3 years ago, Megasxlr_
4.5 Stars
Ok here is the lowdown on this app and why I gave it 4.5. Let’s start with what every one seems to be worried about: ads. The ads it seems to me bearable. You well run across 3 to 4 ads per video most of the time. Some ads didn’t even play, they just pop up for a second and then resume playing video. Some ads were not so kind, looping the same two ads about 3 times before resuming. Next let’s talk about there subs. Some quality of life improvements are needed in like areas such as timing when a sub is suppose to disappear over translated text to disappear when the screen changes, along with the karaoke during the opening song. Third let’s talk about buffering. I am on 4 g Lte and low res to save data, so only once in a while did it need to stop and buff. I would press pause for a moment to let it get ahead so I can’t say how it would work out for those streaming 1080p. Finally let’s talk content. You’ll find a lot of great content on this app. You won’t find anything by funamation I.e. there dubbed for the most part that I could find but you can find some Dragonball super, along with other popular shows. Some shows are for premium only that you might run across but so far I only found 1 show like that. But if you do op for premium they have 3 plans with the cheapest being around 8 and their highest being about 15. In conclusion any decent anime lover should add this app to there collection.
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1 year ago, brunosoaress
Good for now but potential
One of my main annoyances with Crunchyroll is the fact that it keeps logging myself off from the Apple TV from time to time. Another thing that would go a long way in making the experience better would be to have items organized by the release time. Some animations have special episodes that air between seasons but get to receive a season 55 so If you are just getting into a new anime that has a lot of content out you risk skipping those specials and jump from one season to another confused as to what the time jump was when the content is there just badly organized. One other reason for the 3 starts is that on the Apple TV the app shows you the seasons in all other languages so one annoying thing is that if you finished a season that was just aired in Japanese you keep getting the anime you just watched on up next when there is no new content and just what you just watched being released in English or other language. It would be a better experience if it was done like Netflix where you have the seasons and content organized chronologically and then if season one has English audio available it would be an option on the audio settings and not getting the up next updated as having new content if something gets dubbed to a new language.
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3 years ago, Maximus Osorio
Here’s the problem
I have a problem with subscribing to the membership plan. Usually, I would just get it the cheapest plan so I can see the newest episodes when they drop and watch without ads, but now I’m having an issue that has its pros and cons. When I first got premium, my plan lasted longer than it should have. Too be exact, I got around 2 and a half months of premium. I just thought it was a big with the first trail or something, but no. Every time I got premium it would last longer. I wasn’t complaining, free premium is great for me, but I also noticed that when I wanted to purchase premium, it would become harder and harder. I would always purchase within the app and whenever I tried purchasing the cheapest premium, it would sometimes not load the payment screen and such. The other plans loaded fine. Right now, I can’t buy premium through the app. It won’t load the payment screen and I don’t really feel that comfortable purchasing premium from the subscription menu on my apple setting. So currently right now, the other subscription levels load fine, just not the cheapest one. Other than that, the app is pretty good in my opinion. I have not had any other issues except for the very rare bugs, and this premium issue, and I can watch most of the shows that I want to watch. I like the app, it just won’t let me purchase the premium right now. As of May 8, 2021
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1 year ago, I LOVE TICK TOCK.
Extremely disappointed
I know the only way people will be able to read this is if it is highly ranked. I’ve been using Crunchyroll for over a year now and there are little glitches here and there but they have never bothered me. The ads can be a bit annoying but I’ve gotten used to seeing them. The problem I’m talking about is how every single show that I’m watching has been locked and is now for “premium watch only”. I was in the middle of a bunch of shows and now I can’t watch any. This would be understandable if it was just the newer shows that were released a few months ago but you locked Naruto?? Now I can’t get past first seasons and I am seriously considering going to another app because this is ridiculous to have to pay to watch everything. I will not spend 8 dollars a month to be able to watch a show that only has 12 episodes I might as well just watch it on another website for free because that has to be my only option at this point. The only reason I even still have this app is because you haven’t locked one piece yet and I am caught up so if you lock it I’m 100% dropping this app. This is just a warning to those who want to get crunchyroll, don’t. Save yourself the time and get another app that is free.
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4 years ago, lilchungus28
Fix your bugs and way too many ads
Listen, I get it you need ads in order to make money you don’t need to put ads at the beginning after the intro and middle and end scene cause that’s just crazy because it’s like three ads for every commercial break and also just a little nitpick with the ads don’t show us the second or next season of the anime we are watching with the next ad because now with re zero an exclusive to crunchy roll i knew that rem would try to hit Subaru didnt know why but i knew and that could potentially spoil some for other anime’s and i have been having this glitch where I’m watching a show go to the Home Screen i come back it gives me an ad even though i was at the Home Screen for five seconds because of an accident ok not that big a deal but then it loads and loads and loads but it’s not having any progress the app just breaks down like my digestive system after having Taco Bell with extra slices sauce on everything it gets annoying because now i can’t watch anything and uhhh quick tip don’t make the ad free one $8 that’s a lil much but i get it because competition also does that please fix this issue and i might get premium it’s worth it too it’s just all the bugs don’t just go poof because you paid 8 dollars you know so thanks for coming to my tedtalk but for now it’s 4 stars just please for the love of god fix these issues
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4 years ago, Shinobi484
Good program but has account issues
First the good. Crunchyroll has wide array of shows to watch and is fairly easy to navigate. I especially like their updated shows section. The con and its a big one. Crunchyroll does not offer a 2-factor authentication for their accounts. On top of that they do not have a customer service number to call when you have account issues. My self and multiple others (check their own forums) have had their accounts hacked and simply changing your password does not help. I will say their fraud detection did help by sending me a email noting suspicious activity. However after taking recommended steps the very next day I got an email saying the email associated with my account has changed. So I will not be renewing a subscription and canceling my account once this subscription ends. Luckily my subscription is through iTunes because you can’t cancel your account with an active subscription so if you have a credit card on file with Crunchyroll and someone hacks your account your only real option is to cancel your card. So if they fix this issue I will consider starting a new account but until then I will not use this anymore. I truly hope someone from Crunchyroll takes note of this concern because it seems to have gone ignored for far to long. Recommendation: if you do decide to use Crunchyroll I highly recommend you get your subscription through Apple. At least that way your information will be more secured.
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6 months ago, jshdbsjsmxs
Please stop telling me to buy Premium and how long do I need to wait for episodes for free?
Crunchyroll is a good app to watch anime. There’s nothing bad about it but I will have to say. Please stop asking me to buy premium. I wanted to watch a show and my normal website would not have episode 13 of it so I looked up where I can watch episode 13 for free and it showed Crunchyroll so I got the app and then I was going to watch the episode but then it said buy premium and I was like what? Then I read below it and it said “Get access to new episodes shortly after airing in Japan.” Man I don’t know when episodes air in Japan but they are so slow! This episode came out on January 7th, 2024. It is now January 19th! I will love to know when this will air in Japan and if it did then when will I be able to watch it for free? It’s called “The Apothecary Diaries” my friend said I would watch it and I got addicted. So I would like to know what are the times that people who don’t pay get the episode? No wait let me rephrase that. How long does it take each episode to come out not form my show but for other shows to. I just want to see if Premium is worth it or not. Aka tell me how long does each prescription take to get the episodes of a show like example. Free is 30 days and Premium is 5 days. I would just like to know the time frame before each episode comes out.
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5 months ago, Caroline Frasca
Technicality issues, increased pricing
My ex friend was using my Crunchyroll account without my knowledge. I signed in to use Crunchyroll at their house once and it remembered my info. I tried to change my password and log out of all devices once I found out. We weren't friends anymore, so I didn't want them watching episodes and messing up my watch progress. No matter how many times I changed the password and hit log out of all devices, they still had it. I deleted my account and remade it to log them out. After that, I didn't realize Crunchyroll was double billing me for months. They were billing the same email for the closed and open account on the same email. I emailed Crunchyroll and they opened a ticket. The communication over email was kind of a pain, but a representative said they will reverse all double charges and I should have the funds back in a few business days. Technical issues like that as well as security are a huge problem with Crunchyroll. I'm also not happy their price is basically doubling to $9.99 for a funimation merge. I would give them a 4 star review for resolving my issue (-1 point for the glitchy issues), but the price increase isn't cool. I thought Crunchyroll was better than other greedy corporations. But overall, not super happy. I will raise my review from a 1 to a 2 star for them resolving my issue (still awaiting the refund though). They have some things to work on before I consider renewing my membership.
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4 years ago, That One Popular Review Guy
Let me start off by saying, I LOVE anime, iv seen Crunchyroll sponsoring many different you tubers, iv seen ads all the time of it and iv always watched anime on it, but the one thing I’m tired of is the fact that their is so many ads, I get that you probably can’t get rid of them because of how many people have premium but can you atleast shorten the amount? I’m watching episodes of anime’s and I’m getting 3 ads at the beginning another 2 like 7 minutes in ect. It’s making it hard to even watch the anime, I would give 5 stars but the ads is the only thing stopping me, I know you have them to make money, which then drives people to buy premium and then you get money from that so you can support this app with a constant stream of anime, however can you atleast space them out? Like 1-2 at the beginning another 1-2 at the end? That way we can enjoy the anime and you get to show the ads, more ads raises your revenue however when you have millions of people and a large selection of anime ON top of premium, I think you can get rid of a few, I hope you take this into consideration. I really want to give this app 5 stars but I can’t. I know I won’t get a response and if I do it will probably be something along the lines of you read my review. I’m just saying what’s on my mind and everyone else’s, the amount of ads is horrible. If you do read this, thank you for your time.
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5 years ago, sk8rboy656
Some pros and cons
So I’m going to start with the cons first of an uncontrollable amount of ads when I’m watching anime and I get one or two or even three ads I’m ok with but when I’m watching a 20 to 30 minute episode I’m getting over 10 ads per episode then it’s getting pretty annoying because it’s extremely hard to finish an episode for example I watch a 30 minute episode and I’m getting as many ads as I get it turns from a 30 minute episode to over an hour episode because of how many ads this is a problem you need to fix but what’s good about your app is it has a lot of different choices of anime and a lot of different genres to choose from I enjoy the app a lot but you need to cut the add limit dim from over ten to 3 and under and a lot of your app users would be a lot more satisfied and there would be nothing more to complain about so please fix this bug we would all appreciate it and we would use the app a lot more then trying to dig around the App Store and google play store and even the internet to try and watch our episode because we are so worried about getting as many ads as we are getting so please fix this app and listen to our complaints it would make using your app a lot easier thank you for your time and keep up your good work and good luck for the future.
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4 years ago, moontea-
Great App But...
I’ve been using Crunchyroll for some time and enjoy the app very much. It has a great variety (though some of my favorite anime’s are left out) and the ads are fairly controlled. One piece of criticism I’d like to point out is the fact that you have an ad right after the anime opening, which is both annoying and repetitive. The ads themselves aren’t bad and fit my liking to some extent, but consider having more variety to your ads, some of the ads in certain anime are repeated multiple times and gets boring to watch. Not to mention that there are a TON of glitches. I don’t know if it’s on my end or just the app, but sometimes the anime will time out and then go out of the anime, going to the homepage, search are, library, etc. Once I try to get back on the anime to continue watching, the subtitles are gone and I have to struggle with it for about 15 minutes before the subtitles go back on, often they don’t and I have to quit watching for the day. But it’s an occasional problem that I can deal with, I thought I might say it for the fact that it might make a bad first impression on a new watcher, thinking that the app is faulty (which it is most certainly not). Again, it may be on my end. All in all, this is a great app and I would suggest it to any of my friends to watch!
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3 years ago, That write of truth
Great app but has some issues
I don’t normally write reviews but I just want to write this so hopefully the issue I have can be fixed. To start this, I would like to say Crunchyroll is a great app to watch any anime in HD. I just recently purchase the premium because I love the experience, watching anime and reading the comments to me make the experience even more enjoyable. My issue with this app for one needs the feature picture in picture added, I like to be able to respond to a message and watch my anime at the same time without force closing the app. The second issue ties in with the first issue, sometimes I would say like 80% of the time when the app is forced closed and you go back to the anime you are watching and you press play, it’ll just revert the video back from the very beginning and take off the subtitle. It wouldn’t seem like it’s a big issue but I just rather be left back where I was at also, when they take the subtitle off themselves the option to put back on the subtitle is greyed out and I have to then leave the video and reopen up the same episode to then put on the subtitle. I hope the creator sees this review and please fix it and I would give this app a 5/5 star because I enjoy this app a lot.
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3 days ago, MurderCityVintage
There is nothing “unsafe” about words
Removing comments in order to keep people from reading things they might not agree with is not keeping anyone “safe” because nobody is in any danger from words; if any danger does exist it’s in intentionally fostering an environment that prevents people from experiencing even minor hardship because experiencing hardship and overcoming it is the only way to build resilience- without which, you’re likely to feel unable to surmount even the most mundane of obstacles, like how to cope with someone saying something you disagree with online. Not only that, but it’s a terrible business move. You had a feature that many people found valuable, myself included, and now you don’t, yet the cost has remained the same. You are creating a situation where longtime users like myself are going jump ship as soon as a real competitor comes along, (or when services like HIDIVE finally get their act together) especially if a competitor is willing to allow features you think are “unsafe”. Go tell the people who decided to remove comments, I’m guessing Rahul Purini, Gita Rebbapregada, and Asa Suehira that they’re fools who are making things worse for children, tell them they tiny brains and bad breath and that nobody likes them, then as they to explain what danger they just experienced and how them hearing you made them unsafe. When they can’t, explain that they need to reinstate reviews/comments in the crunchyroll app.
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10 months ago, Absolutely terrible😩😩😩
Absolutely terrible
This app is decent but you want me to tell you what makes me so angry you look down you’ll see an ad I’ll say two out of it says one out of two ads and like literally you only have a couple seconds left literally only a couple minutes later like two minutes later you literally get a one out of eight ads. This is gonna take like a whole lot of time and I hate that number like literally the worst part is that you have to have premium for everything premium, premium premium what is up with the premium like Crunchyroll I will and I will sue you. That’s what I said I said to you if you do not fix this issue stop making everybody pay for premium. This premium stuff is not gonna work out like literally all you want is money no app is going to just do that because you might get four stars every now and then, but look at yourself now look at yourself you’re trying to literally just have. Favorite anime when literally you’re the one and you give people advertisement ads just to make YouTuber say it’s it’s 100% free like you make everyone think that you can just go in there and watch chainsaw Man or darling in the franks or a literally call Berto offer free when literally you can’t watch a single thing for free. All you can launch is like 2 to 3 episodes are even one episode sometime literally you can never watch one without premium you can’t watch a whole anime without premium, so yeah that’s why I read Crunchyroll 1 ounce of five stars
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4 years ago, marphobic
needs some improvements!!
so, ive had this app for awhile now and i thought i should make a review. first of all, this app is amazing!! is not complicated/confusing at all + i understood it right when i downloaded it!! i like the fact that there is a history as well!! i like the way all the anime is displayed too. i love how theres dramas as well!! but theres only two things.. the search bar. yes and the ads. first, the search bar. the search bar is very confusing because every time i try to search up an anime it shows nothing? i even tried searching up an anime thats already on crunchyroll to see if it would work. it still didnt. i feel like thats one thing you guys have to fix!! another thing is, the ads. in the beginning of every anime there is a starting ad. for what? i dont understand that. also, why is there 5 ads in a row? if theres going to be ads (especially FIVE) please put a skip button at least. i have a problem with the ads at the beginning of the anime because there is already one at the end. i do NOT want my anime to start with a 20 second ad when im done with another 20 second ad from the end of another anime episode. i also think there should be more animes!! and even movies probably!! overall this app is really good but the things i stated need some fixing.
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4 years ago, DaughterNature
Anime episodes refuse to load
Ok I love this app I really do I would rate it five stars but the problems that this app has makes me want to rate it only one star but since I love the app I gave it two stars. I really don’t care that I have to watch around 13 ads per episode even though it’s annoying and they repeat the same ads I get it you developers want your money and you deserve it for all your hard work. Sometimes the ads don’t want to load and give me a black screen for five minutes so I have to close the app and try to watch the episode I was watching again and force my way through another ad to get back to where I was. But I don’t mind too much as long as it isn’t frequent but it is very frequent. The fact that the ads refuse to load after 5 minutes maybe longer is extremely irritating. However, the fact that this app doesn’t want to load anime episodes after I watched 13 ads that refuse to load makes me very disappointed. The whole purpose of this app is to be able to provide its users with anime episodes. It is very upsetting to be watching your favorite series and for it to be interrupted multiple times throughout the episode not because of ads but because it is having trouble loading and it won’t load after like 5 minutes or longer sometimes. Please fix this issue developers I don’t care that I have to watch 13 ads per episode I just want to watch anime.
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3 years ago, David Pauta
I’m going to be straight up.
I love the app, I really do. I love the selections they have, and I like how simple it is, but there always seems to be a performance issue with the app. I don’t have a membership I’m a free viewer, and I don’t mind the 3 ads with every ad marker so I don’t know if this happens when you pay, but it’s an episode just freezes and it’s unplayable. My latest example of this is with the Konosuba film. I cannot play it at all. A previous example of this was with one of the episodes of Attack on Titan season 3 I’m pretty sure it was only the 2nd episode that just froze and was unplayable. I had to wait about 1 month or a couple of weeks (I honestly don’t remember) to be able to play the episode. Other than these issues I face. The only other issue I have is with the ads, yes I said I’m fine with 3 ads, but realistically it’s still a little much, and also some ads just straight up have spoilers. Like the ad for Attack on Titan season 4. It shows Armin shifting Into a Titan. It was kinda whack learning that surprise (for me at least) through an ad. Other than that I have no issues with the app. I’m just tired of the constant freezing. I also bring this up because I just remembered that episode 12 I believe of Higehiro is also freezing as well. So please just find a way to fix the app and my opinion on it will drastically change.
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4 years ago, Kwesi ch
Tons of Glitches
I’ve used Crunchyroll for years and the website is fantastic. As a mobile platform, there really needs to be some changes made from the dev team, especially for iOS. The application constantly crashes, you always have to log back in every time you close out of the app, the servers will not connect which means your watchlist won’t load and episodes will just cut out in the middle of a viewing. If you are lucky enough to go through one episode, then the “play next” button does not work or is frozen, and you cannot open details for the show you are watching. There is also a major issue with syncing across multiple devices. This only happens on everything but the actual website. If I am going to be paying as a premium member, I hope these issues resolve soon other wise there’s no point in paying for these basic features that a lot of free websites have. The anime’s are great and I’ve always considered crunchyroll a good platform for it, but please fix your technical difficulties with your mobile platform. Or hire me to fix it for you. Or at least give communication on what’s wrong and what you are doing to fix it. Or give us a timeline of your pipeline to get it fixed. Please. Thank you
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4 years ago, jk just for memes
It’s really a great app
Although it lacks some titles I’ve been looking for it has a lot of great anime’s. Like MHA, bleach, death note, RE:Zero, attack on titan, black clover and a ton more. It’s really easy to search through the selection of anime if you don’t have specific anime’s in mind and you just want to browse. It’s also easy to find a certain anime instead of scrolling through all of the anime’s to find it you can just search for it. And it has a watch list feature so you can find anime’s you want to watch but maybe not right now. I would totally recommend this app the any weeb who doesn’t want to pay 50$ for 1 season of anime. This has really helped me out because I can’t afford to spend that much money on anime. The thing I will say is when you in an ad you can’t make the screen smaller or pause it but that’s about the only thing bad I have to say about it. Also if your not really patient you might want to get a different app because there are a lot of ads but that personally never affected me because I’d rather watch 5 ads in an entire episode of anime than not watch it at all. Anyways in conclusion as long as you don’t mind adds you should probably get this app to be up to date in all of you favorite anime’s
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5 years ago, Gee_Pineapple11
Review after 7 years
Let me start by saying I still love Crunchyroll BUT I think with the surge of streaming services I believe Crunchyroll has some catching up to do. Not so much in the content department but in the app and heck even the website but I’ll stick to reviewing the app. I’ve been premium for more than 3 years and yes the no ads is nice but how about creating profiles like Netflix or Disney? My wife and I have to a lot in our queue and sometimes we watch the same shows so changing the episode between sittings is weird. Another thing is how about implementing skip intro and continue to next episode? Don’t get me wrong I love anime intros but when I’m heavily into a show it’s nice to just get back to the story. I feel besides dark mode there hasn’t been much added to the app UI to make it great. The content is amazing and I love that it’s available so promptly. I’m only rating 3 stars due to the fact that it hasn’t been keeping up with other services and sometimes song subtitles interfere with character subtitles making it difficult to read (the song and dialogue literally are swapping up and down so I can’t even see a pattern, maybe use a different color for the song subs). Again it’s 3 stars for the app not Crunchyroll as a whole cause they’re obviously 5 stars but I can’t let my bias stop me from acknowledging the lack of implementation that most streaming services already have.
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4 years ago, Moya elle
Amazing streaming service! Love it.
I really love this service! I haven’t been watching anime for too long but this has honestly helped me start off. There’s so many anime’s that you would probably not be able to watch on other streaming services. I’m happy also that my favorite dubs are on Crunchyroll too, though personally I do suggest maybe add Naruto dub since it’s one of many people’s favorite dub. I do prefer sub in most anime’s though. But for anyone hesitating to get this app, don’t!! I can’t say enough of how cool it it to be able to have all of my favorite anime’s right in front of me, and the ones I’m planning on watching, especially because you don’t have to pay any money if you don’t want to. This is good for young people like me who is a kid to be able to watch without having to spend all of my allowance XD or people that don’t have much money in general. You just have a few adds that are honestly entertaining compared to most places because most base on anime so there fun and Crunchyroll doesn’t have many adds at all compared to a ton of apps which lets me watch and enjoy an anime without being interrupted 24/7. There’s many more reasons why you should get Crunchyroll but I can’t list them all XD just know that it’s an amazing fun place to watch anime!!!!!! :)
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3 years ago, check my reveiw out:)
Can you please put the rose of Versailles on Crunchyroll?
You have a very large variety of anime but one I feel like doesn’t get as much love is the romance genre. Though I do understand that you are trying your very best to put more romance onto your app, I don’t feel like your new releases are quite what I’m looking for...though I have found some quite enjoyable I continually feel like I’m watching the same thing over and over again. I’m more into the older anime just because the plots were more regular, not everything had to be modern, and the fact that they had more of a balance between drama and slice of life aspect. One variety of romance that I don’t particularly like is harem- tho I do enjoy reverse harem and I know this specific genre is like by some people it’s just not right for me.. I’m not asking for you to stop putting the things and genres that other people like and desire just that you go out of your comfort zone and put something different on here- One thing specifically I would love to have on your app is the Rose of Versailles. I haven’t been able to really watch this series bc of the fact that I can’t find it anywhere if you do have a chance to put it on please do!!
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4 years ago, Wait of time....
The ads are flippin’ crazy! 😤
I just recently got into anime, considering I’m quarantined, and I was watching hunter x hunter on Netflix. Netflix didn’t support all the seasons, it only went up to 4, so I did some research and found this app. I was really excited when I saw that it had all 148 episodes, and while scrolling I saw some other anime’s that looked interesting! When I began watching their was an advertisement, which I didn’t mind. I expected for there to be around 2-3 per episode. At first, everything was going really smoothly! Nothing too out of the ordinary. Then after about 3 episodes in, the ads started to pile up. At first I tried not to mind it, after all I was watching all the episodes for free. Then it became REALLY hard to ignore. I started to get 3-5 ads just before It started, then about 3-5 more later on in the ep! It would’ve been much more bare-able if the ads weren’t so glitchy. At first, I thought it was just my internet. I came to look at the reviews to see if anyone else was having the same problem, and many are! The ads load for about 10-15 seconds, and then run very slowly. For example, if each ad was initially 10 seconds long, and there were 4 advertisements, that’d be around an extra minute and a half of pointless waiting! On behalf of all Crunchyroll users, please reduce the amount of ads per episode, and fix the freezing of the ads!
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3 years ago, Mystery1305
Good app, but there are some bugs
I’ve had Crunchyroll for years now, and it’s honestly a really great app in itself for watching anime. You can watch on multiple platforms, which is also nice. The layout is very clean and nice to look at. I’ve had no issues with the app over the years, so I would be giving this five stars, but I do have some small gripes. Premium used to be only for having no ads, but now you can’t watch in 720P and 1080P quality because HD quality is now a premium feature. I didn’t mind going through ad breaks, but I find removing HD quality to be a premium only feature to be a bit ridiculous. I’ve also encountered bugs lately with the ads. Sometimes the ads won’t play during an ad break, and the episode’s audio will play, but it won’t resume the episode. I have to exit out of the app to fix this, but sometimes it happens whenever the ad plays. The timestamp also doesn’t continue where it left off, and it will scroll back to the last ad break, so I have to go to the correct timestamp each time. If these bugs could be fixed, that would be really great! Another thing that kind of annoys me is certain titles and dubs are premium only features, especially in certain dubs outside of the Japanese or English language.
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6 months ago, caboosevx9
Don’t waste your money
Before I tell anyone why not to waste their money on crunchyroll let’s cover the last few years crunchyroll started mainly as a subbed streaming service with an occasional dubbed series which in that time was all good cause another streaming service funimation picked up their slack and released dubbed series but then funimation merged with crunchyroll and all their series got moved to crunchyroll which was good increasing their dubbed library and they slowly started releasing new dubbed series which is all good but now to the point of not wasting ur money. The speed that they are releasing episodes is not right and should be faster when it their own series the dubs should be first released on their platform and not be on a free service first next they are putting very little dubbed anime out but instead wasting their time messing with dubs that came from funimation that was already go so no reason for an anime series from 2008 being at the top of recently added endless there’s a new season added that’s the only exception but it’s not no changes no new dubbing for different languages nothing so why is it at top of most recent. There’s much more but gives an idea of what to expect it is sad that some free anime services out preform paid subscription. Do they not put some of the subscription fee back into their service or is it going to die in 5-10years when a better one takes over and actually covers all that viewers want
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2 weeks ago, kirandeochand
Reverse your decision of removing user-generated reviews and comments!!!!
I saw that you guys removed your comments and user generated reviews, which I believe is the worst decision you’ve ever made. I relied on the comments to hear people’s input on an episode of an anime or even see detailed reviews on a show I’m interested in so that way I know if this is something I’m into or if it is a waste of time. Your response to this is also unacceptable and vague. You mentioned that it is for the safety for the community but how? You guys had a way of moderating the comment section to get rid of horrible comments being made so why are you guys suddenly taking the lazy way and just cut it completely. If anything, your response seems to manipulate us folks in the community since it seems that you want to play this change as something that is “good” for the better of our community but in reality I (and many others) think beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there were other reasons behind this rushed decision. We use the comments and reviews to connect with each other as a family. I urge you to reconsider and reverse this change. If safety is really your reason, there are better ways to handle this. Otherwise, you are about the lose subscribers that’s been with you guys for years. What is the use of having the largest anime collection of any streaming service when we cannot even reach out to others in the anime community?
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5 years ago, Fieieiri
Can’t even contact support
I used to have a premium membership about a year ago and decided to renew. I wanted to buy the standard premium membership again but it says on the app that they will give me a 14 day free trial and charge me for the membership after the trial ends, not a problem, I was actually happy about this. The problem is that the trial doesn’t even work. I check my iTunes subscriptions and it says that it is currently active but when I go into the app to watch a show, I still have to watch ads! That’s not even the worst part, whenever the ads start to load, I get a black loading screen, then it just freezes up and won’t do anything unless I force close out of the app. I can’t even watch a video with ads!!! I tried to just buy the membership outright without the 14 day trial since I was going to pay for it anyway, but I can’t get past the 14 day trial offer. Whenever you tap on the button to upgrade your account, it takes you to the 14 day free trial offer( which doesn’t work no matter how many times I retry it) and it won’t let me bypass the offer so I can just buy the membership, it’s like they don’t want my money! I tried contacting support on the “help” section in the app, AND SURPRISE SURPRISE THE APP FREEZES WHEN YOU TRY TO GET TO THE “CONTACT US” PART! I used to love watching my favorite anime on crunchyroll but I don’t think I’ll ever be paying for this service again after spending hours just trying to buy a membership unsuccessfully.
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5 years ago, Gbashi
Useless unless you pay
I honestly wish I could give it less than 1 star. I’ve only been using the app for three days and I have given up. I understand that the app works fine if you pay for a subscription, however, developers should understand that not everyone can afford to pay a monthly fee just to watch anime. If they’re going to offer a free alternative and make you watch ads to compensate, the least they could do is make sure the free version actually works- otherwise just don’t offer it! Don’t make people waste their time! The first day this app worked great- I don’t care if I have to watch ads or even if the ads repeat. I understand it’s free so I don’t mind it. However, yesterday, I started to notice that the app freezes whenever an ad is about to play- the screen goes black and that’s it. There is nothing you can do but exit the app and restart it. Initially this only happened a few times, but now it’s to the point I can’t even START watching an episode because it freezes. I can restart the app 12 times (which I have), and it does the exact same thing each time. I’m done. I’m done using this app, wasting my time and dealing with this frustration. And now, even if I could or wanted to, there is NO WAY I’m ever going to give my money to Crunchyroll. If you’re going to give a free service and make it as crappy as possible just to get people to buy the subscription- don't even offer it to begin with. It’s low, a cheap trick. Just don’t.
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6 days ago, Iiudiydoydyodoufufluv
Comments protest
Removing the comment section was a mistake and many others agree. I would always look forward to reading the comments and seeing others comments and some made me laugh and made my day. The comments had nothing wrong with them it was just people giving out thoughts so I know of no reason to take something like that away from us. Isn’t this supposed to be the number one anime app! How can you call your self the greatest when you take something away from us without thinking how it would affect the people who have this app, the people who pay money! Crunchyroll can you not see all of us who want this back! Don’t take this away, listen to your fans, listen to your hearts is this really what you want? To take away a thing that makes us happy! We want to bring back the comment section and we won’t stop I’ll keep fighting for it back! Cause Crunchyroll just isn’t the same without it. Restore our comments and restore our happiness while watching amazing anime! Try restoring it and see how many people are happy, how many people who are glad to open this app and see what others think about an anime that people watch. We need this back.
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4 years ago, Kitty_Nina101
This whole app is fine by itself but the ads are unreasonable. I’m 3 minutes into an episode and it’s already given me 12 ads. I would rate this app 3 stars instead of 2 but the whole thing is super glitchy and just pauses at random times. I know for a fact that it’s not my WiFi because I’ve been disconnecting and reconnecting to see if any thing works. I’ve restarted my phone multiple times but it’s no use. The 23 minute episodes I’ve been watching has turned into 40 minutes each because of the ads. I watch 5 minutes, 10 ads in a row. Another 5 minutes, another 10 ads. It’s unbelievable. I get that this is how you earn money but I still don’t think it’s worth sacrificing other people’s enjoyment for. Every time I click that go forward or backward 10 seconds button, it’s takes 5 minutes just to find that certain place. God forbid we tap on the screen to pause or exit the app or we just get 20 more ads thrown in our face. I just wanna say that I mean no hate from this review. Your app is great but sometimes thing just don’t work out well. Im also writing this for other people who wish to download this app. A lot of people are writing good reviews so I thought that I might let them get a feel of all the downsides they would be going through by downloading this. TLDR: I got 12 ads so far and I’m only 4 minutes into the episode. Consider this before you download.
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4 years ago, prinncess unicorn
Amazing app and quality overall but problem with the premium options
I think that Crunchyroll is and amazing app with efficient streaming options. The amount of content they have is amazing and the new format is excellent. I have so many positive things to say about this app, but I do have a slight issue that just makes no sense. The new premium options is kinda stupid if you ask me. There is 3 new different levels of premium if I remember correctly and each level unlocks new stuff and costs more money. I understand that they are trying to make more profits but this is kinda stupid and makes me mad. If I wanted to do a certain thing and was prepared to pay for the premium and went to do it and it turns out that there are 3 different levels for unlocking different things? Like I would be furious, i know it’s for profit but like you had it going pretty well with the first premium system and the online shop, but then you add 3 levels of premium? I think that your also making it hard for people who already had premium beforehand, they have to adjust to a whole new system and decide what to do. I just think it’s stupid and extra and serves no purpose. You can fight me on this but I’m not budging.
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1 year ago, KING_KAHL_33
My experience using crunchy roll
It was great at first tbh but then after about a month I noticed something strange going on a lot of anime that I didn’t watch was being shown for continue watching at first ignored it but it got harder when someone changed the name on my account that’s when I took action and it got resolved later down the line I got put off my account and had to change the password ( this happened 6 times) and I’ve emailed them about my complaints and said I wanted the account deleted if this issue continued nobody ever got back to me, today I tried to log in and comes to my attention someone’s been having a field day with my account changed the language and all I stopped using it for about a week, please have a way we can view devices using our account or approve accounts that would like to use our account or at least give me a heads up anytime someone logs in as of today my account is deleted and I will no longer be using Crunchyroll will my mind change maybe, maybe not 🫤 some will say I’m being a karen or use better cyber security and I did different passwords and all at one point my password was 100 characters I was literally using my notes section to remember it. This has just gotten annoying does anyone else have this issue or at least have a way for it to be less annoying.
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6 years ago, YouShouldSponsorMe
Too many adds ( owner read this you could get your sales up )
Ugh! Ad overload. On each of the episodes i get 9 ads to 15 ads! We should get 6 at the most ads instead! A lot of my friends are persistent and don’t buy the crunchyroll premium membership because they know that its all worthless and cost too much money in a year. I have an idea Crunchyroll, make the person watching anime have an option. When they go on their first episode, they could be given the choice to watch all the ads at once ( addition ads if you want probably 1 addition ad ) because you get bad reviews because people want to get rid of the ad first! If you want some money, you could make it cost $0.99. It works! I told my friends about this and I asked them, “ would you buy this deal,” they of course agreed because it is a fair price for the option to get rid of the ads first rather than watching “ barbeque ads “ while a moment of crying ( I deleted some of the review but now that I have crunchyroll premium it puts a different mood to the anime and it’s super nice, though next time for crunchyroll regular membership, you should add the advertisements to be about that anime if possible or atleast about anime only )
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5 years ago, cas_jeager
Several errors and to many adds
I love Crunchyroll but the so called “video error” and the “trial error” along with the “connection loss” it gets very annoying, I’m sitting right by my WiFi box and all the sudden a pop up tab shows up in my screen saying that I have lost connection, I clearly had connection as I was connected to the WiFi the whole time but whenever it pops up it won’t let me leave the tab no matter how many times I press retry. The video error is very confusing as I have to stop and sit there for thirty mins to try and find out what the error is, I have tried to restart the app, I have exited out of it and went back in and tried to watch it again but the video error just kept popping back up. Every time I get an error I have to delete the app because the error will just keep coming back up on my screen even though I have done everything to try and get it to stop, I have re downloaded the app at least 19 times and I just got it 2 days ago. And the situation with the adds is stupid, I get 15 to 20 adds every time, I’m only watching 20-30 minute episodes and I spend at least 10 minutes every time watching one round of adds, and the there are 4 rounds of adds in each episode. It gets quite annoying, I hope they figure out something because this is getting annoying
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2 years ago, gin716119
Alright. So first off, Crunchyroll and Funimation are great. I hope crunchyroll takes some tips from the Funimation app. It’s waaaaay better. But it also has something that crunchyroll absolutely does NOT have. Which is pretty upsetting. Subtitles for English dub. Do they think deaf and partially deaf people not like anime? My fiancé is partially deaf. He can hear somethings but we watch everything with subtitles in case he misses something. He can still hear some and doesn’t want to watch in Japanese because we enjoy the dub better. One of my best friends is also almost completely deaf and tho she has hearing aids sometimes they get uncomfortable and she removes them. If we were watching something on crunchyroll we’d have to stop. Another friend has the same issue as my fiancé. And for me I’ve spent 15 years of my life watching tv with subtitles because I love ppl that are deaf or partially deaf. Even my niece has hearing aids and my nephew who is constantly watching anime with me may need them soon. I’m so used it and I enjoy it in case I miss a word they say or don’t understand one. So for now I’m paying for both crunchyroll and Funimation because some of the stuff we watch is still there and have subtitles for English dub. Please do something about this. I cannot but the only one with this issue.
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1 week ago, shsifyqnnazn
Removing comments
Honestly I have never hade any problems or complaints with Crunchyroll but removing the comments is just silly and most of all sad. I get how some series could just get review bombed the entire time it was being released but the positive comments always prevailed for the most part. And the reviews was the backbone of many shows, I can’t tell you how many times I have seen what looks to be a questionable anime but I see someone passionate about the series leave a heartfelt review and it gives me push to just try it. Now when I go into Crunchyroll it seems stale and empty. Yes new shows are still being released but having no comments when you show up to the video and you are there 5 minutes after it releases and you see all the veteran fans who have commented “1st” or “can’t wait for this episode” it made it feel like a community or at the very least a good anime fan base. This is a cry from a beloved anime fan please please add comments back i promise it makes your platform feel so much better when the community is involved ! Please give your honest feedback to this I would love to know why the platform removed comments
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12 months ago, Bishop759
I like Crunchyroll quite a bit. I do wish they could streamline a few things. One of which is the PlayStation application for Crunchyroll, as I’ve had many issues with that in particular. Sometimes I can’t start a show on PlayStation 5 unless I start it a few seconds on my iPhone for a few seconds then then close that and open it on PlayStation at which point the show will play fine. It would also be nice to have access to show all episodes of a show your watching on every screen. I’d also like an option to not show any series that isn’t in the language you prefer. So if I only prefer to see English then anything not In English would be hidden. Also I’d like it if it were easier to see the rating of each show as it can be very difficult to find and makes trying to find an age appropriate show that I can watch with my daughter difficult. Other than that the app is great. I had heard Crunchyroll and funimation were going to merge into one and I hope that’s the case as each has their own merits, and if they take the best features from both platforms then they will make something great!!!
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1 year ago, SugarGay1
A problem with playing the next episode
For some reason sometimes I encounter a problem where suddenly instead of playing the next episode it will play the same episode over and over again. With this happening I have to exit the episode click on the series and pick the next episode which is really annoying, I’ve tried everything to get rid of it but even if I finish the whole show it will still show I’m on that episode. There’s another glitch in the same group of problem where instead of playing the next episode it will skip to a random episode way later down the line or back before that I already watch, and again no matter what I do it will not fix itself. It only fixed itself one time and I fixed by watching that episode when I got to it, however on any other show this will not work and it will continue to send me to that episode. At first I thought this wasn’t a big deal since it’s not that bad, but overtime, especially when I’m binging it gets REALLY annoying having to pick the next episode by exiting and going back into the series to click it again. Pls fix
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4 years ago, ExpiredCranberry
Good app but needs one thing
I love Crunchyroll. I have been a premium member for a few years now and I don’t regret it at all. I use the website just as much as I use the app but there is one huge problem for me that is in the website but not the app. Reviews. I have started so many god awful anime that sound good on paper but are executed horribly. This is wasting my free time with horrible anime. Although, I know that it depends on the person if they’re going to like it or not. But if an anime is rated one star, it is for a reason. On the website I am the type of person to read reviews to see what I am getting into. Even just seeing the rating of the show out of 5 stars would be enough. If I want to see actual reviews that explain why it’s rated so bad then I wouldn’t mind leaving the app. But I don’t want to have to go out of the app in order to see the rating of the anime by looking it up on google. It’s very annoying and a simple thing to do ( or at least I think it is, who knows, I’m not an app developer ). I know this is just a convenience thing but it’s why I’m rating this 4 stars. The recent update made the app so much better and is more stable than ever. If reviews are added in app then that would make this app that much better.
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7 years ago, Bob Kerstetter
App with identity crisis
Crunchyroll publishes awesome anime. But the app has an identity crisis. Login with a paid subscriber account and everything works great. Five stars. Seriously. It is very well done. But — and this is huge — not everyone can afford the monthly fees and the execution of the advertising ruins the app. No stars. Crunchyroll needs the advertising to fund the delivery of no-cost anime to its free subscribers. It is the TV broadcasting business model. No problem. But the technology used to insert the ads fails to match the quality of the overall app. The ads lock up the app. They also repeat themselves three times in a row in the same ad break. And while the ads are supposed to be targeted to the interests of the viewers, they are not. If Crunchyroll could get the advertising to work correctly, advertising could possibly make more money per user than paid subscriptions. Determining the interests of viewers is pretty easy. You just ask them. Do interesting ads and people will click them. Streaming technology is good enough to never lock up an app. And never repeat ads during the same break. I will never buy a Volvo no matter how many times you run the ad. I'm a Subaru guy. You should already know that. Have Subaru tell me about its awesome technology and I will click the ad to find out more info. Everyone wins — Crunchyroll, advertisers and anime fans. Fix it please.
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2 years ago, tesalei
Ugh my immersion
I actually stopped binging my favorite anime to write this. I know Crunchyroll has always had issues both on the web and the app, and I have always found them tolerable since those issues rarely messed with my immersion- but brooo it is so bad right now. The subtitles are either delayed or they show up before a character speaks. Also, the controls with play bar keep popping up when I do not touch the screen or when my phone is mounted which makes me then have to touch the screen constantly to make the controls minimize again. This has been happening often for the past 3 weeks. I have been subscribed to Premium for about 5 years and I thank you Crunchyroll for those glorious years of you providing me with all the entertainment and escapism I need but you are disappointing me mad hard right now. P.S.: The new UI is cool. I also love that we can view comments now. Y’all are kinda late to the “We have updated our UI” party considering how large your following is but cheers to you for showing up at all. My fingers are crossed for you to continue to make advancements in the streaming service world because I do believe you deserve more clout, but it’s embarrassing for me to keep on praising you when things like this happen.
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5 years ago, Llama&Alpacas
Uncontrollable ads!
In order to actually watch a show, you have to sit through so many ads it’s unbelievable and unacceptable. In my experience, my screen will just go black and an ad will play when I first click on episode. Then, it’ll load and I go down to the bottom to skip through the intro and as if the app is punishing me for doing so, it’ll just give me ads! No joke, it’ll play an ad then another and another, etc. There will be no option to skip ads, exit out of them, anything! Really, you just get stuck in a cycle of ads restarting! Seriously, this matter needs to be addressed. I’d have to exit out of the app. It was so bad once (I sat through 3 ads in counting) and I closed the app. Then I went back in and just when I went to keep watching my episode, not only did it start it completely over, it spammed me with ads! I deleted it. End of story. I don’t think you should have to pay money for good service. You wouldn’t pay your waiter constantly at a restaurant to get them to perform a nice service with a good attitude, would you? Should you have to? No! So I think, you shouldn’t have to pay the app for good service and no nonstop ads! I get it if you’re on free and you get ads, but having them play nonstop is unacceptable. And I get it, you have to pay the people who work for you, but not by torturing us who download into getting premium by spamming us with ads upon ads upon ads.
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2 years ago, Jdpucket
I love this app!
I have had this app for a while I just recently got a subscription to it. I love this app because I love anime and it has all the stuff I like plus more, I used to get annoyed with the ads which is why I got the subscription I was fine with having a smaller selection of anime prior to subscribing because it’s not like I had a lot of time to watch everything I wanted to watch, but getting the subscription makes it so you have access to all the anime on it and there is so much it’s ridiculous but great. And I love how the genres are listed so you can pick something with a specific feeling or theme. I also love that there’s a different amount of people that can watch it at the same time for the subscription I have, I have the fan subscription which is the cheapest one and it’s so only one person can watch it at a time and I love that because I hate sharing my password with people and this way I don’t have to feel obligated to. Anyways this app is totally worth the money and even if you don’t get a subscription to it there are still so many good animes that they let people watch for free with ads. Thank you!!
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4 years ago, 693873hidbsindhs
The New Update
A few days ago, I downloaded the newest update, and I understand glitches are going to happen, after all you did give the app a whole new design. Although, every time I get to the ad break in the middle of an episode, it sends me right back to the beginning of the episode and doesn’t have subtitles. Sometimes I open an episode and it doesn’t play the subtitles. I always go back to settings to see if it was accidentally shut off, but it never is shut off. There are other times where I get to an ad break and the ad’s do not load at all, then glitch out and skip back to the episode, without subtitles. Really the biggest issue I have had is the subtitles disappearing and that the episode restarts itself as soon as an ad break is over. I like that you decreased the amount of ads, in each break it never exceeds four ads, where as before it used to be 3-5 or more ads. I am sure buying the subscription is worth it, once I can afford it I will definitely buy it! As long as you have a little patience or have a little game to play while the ads are running, it really isn’t so bad!
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4 years ago, PlumBoy5
It’s a good app for anime, with one issue
I’ve been a premium user for almost a year now and I really enjoy a lot of the content on here. It’s got a lot of new series that come out with episodes really fast along with a lot of older favorites. I mainly used the app on my Xbox but have switched to using it on my phone for the most part due to being away from my console. I enjoy using it on my phone just as much as I did on my Xbox but I have ran into an issue after the recent update. For some reason when I try to watch any show the video does not play at all. I will press the start button but nothing. It just displays a black screen but nothing happens. I’ve tried on multiple different occasions to play shows and same thing. I found a workaround where if I delete the app and re install it fixes the problem temporarily but eventually I have to delete and re download again... I read that it could be internet issues but everything else works on my phone just fine so I’ve ruled that out. It’s getting pretty annoying so I’m hoping this problem is known about and there will be a fix soon since this is an awesome streaming service. Besides this one issue I recommend using this app if you’re an anime fan
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2 years ago, BSMO Crunchyroll
Now first off I just want to say I love Crunchyroll and it is a very well built anime stream service but they have major problems that need to be changed. As for that seasons and episodes are listed all together although they are in completely different languages. This is only a major and irrational problem. I’ve have premium for many years on many accounts and it’s just the small thing that makes the app confusing and sorta irritating to a certain extent. Next small problem is the app for mobile devices it seems to have many problems when it comes to turning off and on cc. Most of the times I have to refresh my whole app 2-3 times just for them to start turning on. Again it’s not a bad problem but it’s a problem a lot of viewers and myself aren’t excited about. But if those apps were fixed I’d say it would be the most perfect app for anime streaming. I think because Crunchyroll and Funimation are doing a partner ship crunchyroll should take some of the things they do just. Just because Funimation is more smoother in the sense of easier to watch and find anime. Other than those little major problems there isn’t anything that makes it a little problematic. Thank you for you time have a great day!!
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3 years ago, gacha frey
Just why.
At first I was really happy cause I finally found an app where I can watch anime and foreign dramas. But then the adds came in. It was fine at first cause there wasn’t that many, but then the longer the episode the more adds there was. This frustrated me a lot. I get that you have too make money but could u at least tune it down a little. I just want to watch an episode without getting an ad attack. Everytime I get an ad the load is sooo long. Then after the ad, another one comes in. And then another. There is at least 4 in a row and that doesn’t make me want too use your app. I could never Finnish a 25 minute long episode because that ads turn it into an hour one. I’m waiting and waiting for the ad to Finnish, but then another pops up. And the load is way too long. I sometimes close the app and come back. But that just restarts the ad. Please try to fix this, cause I’m seeing that a lot of people are having the same issue. There isn’t a lot of places where I can watch good shows like the ones on you guys app. Hopefully you can respond to this as quick as possible. And if you do respond to me please don’t apologize and say your going to fix it when you’ll clearly not do so. Once and last time please fix this issue. Thank u if you read this.
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