CTU Mobile by Colorado Tech

3.8 (203)
67.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Perdoceo Education Corporation
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for CTU Mobile by Colorado Tech

3.84 out of 5
203 Ratings
3 years ago, Update and redesign app
This is a well design app but it needs to be updated to fix with the latest Smartphone. The discussion board need more up to date features for editing and the Individual Projects also need an up to allow a icon for Grammarly for students to use before submitting also if a student needs to up load a project management assignment it just will not upload. Next, things that needs to be a more collaborative feature so students can work with others students on project and even with their professors. I would like to see a need brighter maroon color added. I also would like to be able to use all of the IPhone features such as pages ( isheets) I would like a digital calculator add with a scientific feature to do algebra equations.
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9 months ago, Gamerrrrrrrr22272
One star for app and their I.T. “help”
Colorado Technical University's application leaves much to be desired. The numerous glitches and bugs in the system make it a frustrating experience for students. One major issue is the inability to upload assignments, which is a fundamental aspect of online education. Even more frustrating is the IT department's inability to resolve these issues, leaving students feeling unsupported. Furthermore, the requirement to complete an APA paper and upload it via a mobile phone is simply impractical. APA papers often require precise formatting and referencing, which is challenging to achieve on a small screen. This requirement adds an unnecessary layer of complexity to the educational process. In summary, the glitch-ridden CTU application, along with the difficulties in uploading assignments and the impracticality of submitting APA papers via mobile, make it a less than ideal platform for online education. These issues warrant a critical reevaluation of their technological infrastructure and policies.
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2 years ago, Berna980
This app needs help
I like this app when it works. I have it on my phone tablet and two pcs. The problem is that those inspirational sentences, that is on the opening, they have a tendency to repeat over and over. That’s why I have the mobile on so many devices, because sometimes what’s on one device might not be on another with luck. I don’t know how long you have to wait for it to straighten itself out, I just go on to another device, sometimes it helps to reopen the app,but that doesn’t always work. Good luck to anyone who knows how to make it stop.
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2 years ago, Charlen_21
The must app if you are a CTU student
I love this app. The app needs a new Faces skin look and it also needs some of the pixels update. The some codes in web language needed updating and the video needs to more compatible to this app but for the most part the app is a must for CTU students. I also wish if someone that the editing tool need updating as well. Just for a suggestion maybe partner with Microsoft Team and see if there can be a icon for to click to write our class assignments and submit it our teachers. Last but less as much as we students pay for our education it the school could pay for learning Linklin to add to the app. We still have the best online University in the World.
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6 years ago, AshFace420
Love the Convenience!
I love the convenience this app provides!! Although, my fingerprint entry was working perfectly for quite some time and then suddenly it doesn’t, even after a few troubleshooting measures. Having to enter such a long password every time I enter the app is a bit irritating, especially when I leave the app only for a few minutes. Another issue I am having is within the app itself, can you install an internal back button (or back and forward navigation in general) instead of just a done option at the bottom of the screen. This has caused me to restart several intellipath lessons. I greatly appreciate the app though, great feature of CTU!!
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2 years ago, aais478
This App Was the Best Part of my Time at CTU
I finished my bachelors and associates at CTU and used this app on daily basis to do my assignments, reach out to my instructor/counselor and keep track my of assignments. Financial information in the app is also very useful and helped keep me well informed of my financial responsibilities. Anything that you can do on the desktop is also available in the app. My experience with CTU was elevated because of the design of the app was extremely user friendly and done well. A small extra favorite thing of mine about the app was the student ID available at a tap away whenever I needed it (to get student prices at theater, stores and etc).
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1 year ago, Aly Marie Beauty
Can’t even do my work via app
PLEASE fix the bugs on this app, for those with no vehicles and can’t connect to easy internet connection, and a laptop that needs to be fixed, the app is our best shot to do our work. There are soooo many bugs and glitches in the app, it’s insane. It used to be good but it’s completely horrible now. When the app scans my face to log in, it will scan my face twice which is really weird, then when clicking on my notifications tab, it takes like 10 seconds to literally pop up, for each notification I read and messages, it takes another 10 seconds to load, when I click delete all notifications or messages, it never deletes them. I have an iPhone 13 Pro Max and this is the worst school app ever. Please fix, this has been going on for months now. Thanks.
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4 months ago, VRON258
I do most of my reading for my classes on the app. It has been very convenient for me and I’ve enjoyed using it. I also like that I’m able to access all my assignments, and live chats, as well as my resources and conveniently be able to message my academic advisor or professors through the app itself. The only problem I sometimes have is the app will glitch when I’m trying to review my notifications and then it closes out. It happens almost every time I open the app and select notifications. Other than that the app is very good and resourceful for me.
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3 years ago, johnny_academia
Overrides OS settings
I don’t use Safari or Apple mail on my iPhone and have changed the global setting on my device to use an alternate browser and mail client. In the CTU app, when I click the link to launch email or leave app feedback, it automatically launches safari or prompts me to reinstall Apple mail to leave feedback. The app is otherwise a 5 star interface to the campus offerings. ***Dev Team*** Please add a feature in the CTU app settings to reference (and use) globally configured application preferences. -thanks
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4 years ago, The cheese kid
Most inconvenient part of my education.
I would definitely give this app a better rating if it would work like it should. I have to either restart my phone or reinstall this app daily for it to work. Every time I log in it’s a blank white screen and nothing loads. Response to your question. First thank you for getting back to me and I have called technical support. They alway recommend to uninstall the app and download it again. I’ve done that and it didn’t work. It’s has gotten better since I made my initial review but still having the same issue go on.
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3 months ago, D fb vcun
Battery drain and overheating
I had no issues with the app functioning well up until this week. If I listen to a live chat my iPhone 15 begins to overheat and drain the battery excessively. The overheating is abnormal for this type of activity or with any type of media streaming. I opened the app today just to review my grades and some posts and it started to overheat again after a short while. I'll try uninstalling and reinstalling. If that doesn't work then I will lose the convenience of the app since I won't be able to use it
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2 years ago, pineappleupsidedowndeath
Needs an update
For over a week now, this app malfunctions on a WiFi network. I've tried restarting my phone and made sure the app was up to date, and I've tried six different locations with WiFi- all of my other apps work fine, but this thing stalls out every time. Once I get into the app, into my class, click on intellipath, and the page populates in my browser intellipath works fine, presumably because it's in my browser and not the app.
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5 years ago, bdiegxud att stce
Love the app over all..one issue I’m having
I absolutely LOVE THIS APPPPP..The only issue I am having is no matter what I do weather it’s uninstalling and reinstalling the app I do not get any sound notifications for ANYTHING weather it be something as little as a reminder of my live chats starting in an hour to the major things as in messages from my Professors. So won’t even know I have messages sometimes for days unless I log in and look myself. I have even talked with tech support and...NOTHING. BUT other then that issue the app is great.
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6 months ago, Kelnical
Battery killer, kinda clunky.
This app will drain my battery so fast. The content it’s self is okay. Writing a post is clunky. You can copy and paste from notes or somewhere else. The typing is better than it used to be, think early 2000’s texting. But holy smokes. The battery on my iPad can normally last a couple of days, while it’s being used by other apps. But on homework days, after four hours of use, my battery is down from 100 to 28.
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2 years ago, Mariaaaaaaaaaashhhnnana
Convenient but doesn’t work like it should
The app is superb when it works. For the last few months I haven’t been able to do Intellipath by the app and nearly nothing loads. I get errors on logins and when it does finally load, trying to open courses freezes and white screens appear. Considering the frequent $220 fee for this app that each student pays, it should work much better.
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6 years ago, ChrisBensch
Login Issues Everyday
No matter what I do, once I login and enable FaceID, your app will forget all credentials after an hour. I have to login every single day and it’s getting very old. In addition, many people use password managers and your app is the only one I have that won’t allow me to paste my complex password. I have to continually switch apps so I can enter my password a few characters at a time. Please fix these ridiculous issues.
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7 years ago, Cboutin
I would not be the student I am without this app! Keeping track of my homework assignments, due dates, grades, and feedback is great! I’m also able to check assignments easily! I love that I get a notification to my phone when I have an update in a class!
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2 years ago, GeradKayPatton
Home Bar
Home Bar -Can you make the home bar configurable (home/degree/connect/financial/more) -I should be able to go to settings and shortcuts and set the home bar to what I want the bottom bar to be.
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7 years ago, _kayMoBetter!
Glitches? not really!
I love this app it’s super easy to understand and I’m able to get to certain things in a timely matter! I just wish you could access the live chat sessions on the iPhones quicker! That was a bit of a hassle!
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5 years ago, supernalsam
Has gone down hill
I’ve been using this app for a little over two years now and the last couple of weeks it hasn’t wanted to work at all. It either stays on a white screen you can’t even log in, or it says we’re experiencing technical difficulties. I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, force quit, restarted my phone, done updates, the whole 9. This is getting a bit ridiculous. Jumping through hoops to get class work done is not right.
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6 years ago, Armywarpig
I like the app
I absolutely love the app and as a current student I would like to be able to see the screen to be able to rotate while I’m using this app with an iPad or other portable device other than my laptop.
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9 months ago, Trey J 56245
Seriously flawed
I’m currently using this mobile app on my iphone 14 pro max. It heats my phone up to an insanely high temperature and it is the only app on my phone that does this. It’s worrisome considering how much I need to use the app. I hope something can be done about this or an update gets pushed to the app soon to mitigate this issue.
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7 years ago, PsiMagi
Getting Better
The app gets better with every update. With the added support of being able to view assignment details, the app helps me better than ever.
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3 years ago, MrElite006
Landscape Mode Missing
Can we have landscape mode back? This really helps us students navigate the virtual campus while using an iPhone or iPad. Bringing this back, and bringing the rest of the web content back inside the app, would lead to a 5 star rating.
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4 years ago, Camigurl888
Doesn’t open for most of the time
I would give this five stars if it would actually open. When I try to open all I see is the a white page and that’s it. When it actually does open, I love it. But I’m just frustrated on having to delete the app and reinstalling it it hopes of being being to open it.
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4 years ago, thehouseofwill
I need to be able to access app from iPad. It doesn't work well. Trying to figure it out.
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1 year ago, BreeBree80
It’s garbage
It cuts off in the middle of important assignments, and I have to remove the app and start ALLLLLLLLLL over again. Now this time, it’s making me have to put in a password to download it again and it’s telling me that it’s wrong. So now I can’t get into school. I don’t remember when it started messing up, but you did a horrible job with fixing it!!!
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4 years ago, griffin 2020
Great when it wants to work
I have a problem with my app loading. It’ll load one day and the next it won’t. I’ve forced stopped it and I uninstalled and reinstalled it and it didn’t work. It’s just a white screen. Other than that it’s been great so far.
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5 years ago, amp2189
Very convenient
I love the app. Have used it many a time while at work but it has recently quite working. All I get is a blank white screen. I have tried uninstalling it and reinstalled but still the same thing. ☹️ Please fix. Thank you
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1 year ago, Markie2010
Awesome app
I feel that it needs to be updated for lastest ios iphone 14 pro Max the screen is a little off and bleeds in to the clock and have a hard time loggin in it stays in the rolling text before i see log in screen have to force close app a couple times.
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9 months ago, Nekole_
The most annoying app I’ve ever used
Too many bugs! Keep timing out! Takes forever to load. Takes forever for the notification window to pop up. This app belongs in the trash. Please update your app . School is already stressful ! The least of our worries should be an improperly working app!
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2 years ago, tierra lyn willis
Not worth it
I decided to go back to school during the pandemic and this has been the worst decision to pick this school. Once your in and accepted and they have your signature you never really hear from anyone. It’s very hard to contact staff for any assistance and it’s quit frustrating.
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6 years ago, Leen914
Love the app, but...
Can you allow fingerprint access? I’m not a fan of manually typing my password every time I login
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5 years ago, obrcla
App support
Oh my gosh. I don’t know what I would do without the CTU app . Everything is just a click away
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5 years ago, DeniseCurtis
Unable to see the app
It will not let me access
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1 year ago, Morgan Chic
Work ONLY half the time
The app is awesome when it works however I have to constantly (at least once a week) delete the app from my phone and then upload it again.
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3 years ago, Sweetiness
Locks Up
The app locks up once month and never comes back. I have to delete and reinstall. That’s such an inconvenience.
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6 years ago, Adore_janine
Thumb print inactive
I used to be able to log in with my thumb but now I can’t and it doesn’t even give me the option
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6 years ago, Phantom5055
Cannot update
I had to delete this app because it is no longer compatible with my iPhone 5C, the highest OS my phone can use is 10.3.3 and that is what is running. It just tells me the app requires an update and I cannot log in anymore.
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5 months ago, CheeseWeasel1
Constant crashes
Everytime I check notifications the app crashes. The school heavily pushes use of this app and it doesn’t work. Do not bother installing it.
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7 years ago, crystalleigh27
Everytime I go to delete a task I have to do, the app crashes.
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5 years ago, BlackThought
This update is not the best, hard to find information and is almost useless
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5 years ago, Kpridgen91
Can't sign in!!
Wouldn't recommend. Everytime I try to use it it just has a white screen when I open it. Never gets to the login page even.
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5 years ago, medp8312
Won’t let me on
It’ll work fine and then for weeks it won’t work. And neither will my online site. So I can’t even get the number to IT to try to get it fixed.
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3 years ago, Jaherick
Charging students to use the CTU's mobile app!
Please, this problem needs to be fixed immediately!!!
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6 months ago, CTU thru with u
Crashes with this app
I’ve installed this app twice and each time while I’m doing an assignment the page blinks off. I’m done.
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3 years ago, Dots53114
White screen
Every time I open the app it is just a blank white screen. I am not given anything to do press. Just white blankness
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2 years ago, katyzia
These people trying to charge me money and I didn’t even attend the school that long and not only that I didn’t even learn nothing
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3 years ago, LPen2021
App doesn’t work properly on IPad
The new update makes it so the app will only sit vertically on an IPad so if the can’t use an attached keyboard properly.
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5 years ago, AlleyK.
Not working
When I open the app all it shows is a white screen, it won’t load. Doesn’t matter who’s WiFi I’m on or when.
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