cursive letters

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CROMBEZ Emmanuel
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User Reviews for cursive letters

1 out of 5
1 Ratings
13 years ago, 4wvrstn
This is so wrong!
Cursive is written without lifting the pen during a word, this program has start at bottom do short connecting up stroke, then lift pen, start at top and draw the letter. You should never lift pen when doing a single lower case letter other than to dot i or cross t. So many negative feedback is because a is first presented letter and author requires two strokes with a pen lift and move to start stroke in 2 different locations for one letter!
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13 years ago, Flutterby Mommy
I had high hopes for this app. My first grader is learning cursive and our curriculum shows uphill strokes and connectors. Almost all programs leave this out, which presents a challenge when they begin to connect letters to form words. This program is unique for including these. It also uses a font similar to modern cursive. Unfortunately, there is an issue with all "clock face letters.". It only recognizes the first stroke, the short uphill stroke. After that, you must pick up your finger/pencil to finish. Even then it shows an error each time. I read this complaint on reviews for the older version and assumed it would be corrected. Unfortunately, the problem remains. It is counterproductive to teach cursive if you have the pupil lifting their finger/pencil. The point is that it is a fluid, continuous style of writing. Please update this app to correct the clock face letters! That would make this a valuable app for cursive practice. Also, make the help section labeled "English" actually in ENGLISH rather than French!
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14 years ago, Riptide360
Perfect for children learning standard cursive
IMPORTANT tip: a,c,d,g,o,p,q letters are 2 part and require lifting finger/stylus off at blue dots. I too have a 3rd grader that was very frustrated working on the letter f in his school's cursive writing book. This app was VERY helpful by showing how to draw the letter in larger than life iPad screen size. My son traced with his finger in the dotted line side by. Side version. Start at the green dot and trace until you let go on the blue dot. If you fall out of bound it will stop tracing and show a red dot at the mistake. Knocked off 1 star for having to buy the UPPER case version separate from the lower case version. Credit screen is in Francais but fortunately the examples are in English.
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14 years ago, Nisky Moe
Does not teach correct technique
I was hoping for an app that could be used for practice and to improve handwriting. This app does not teach the correct techniques. Many of the letters are taught as multiple steps when they should be one smooth move. The iPhone version, while not perfect, at least does not promote improper technique.
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12 years ago, OT cb
Not worth it
Very poor tracing accuracy and unable to figure out how to make many of the letters starting with the a. Would not recommend. Frustrating
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12 years ago, Z💍
Don't waste your money
It is very touchy you mess up a little bit your wrong it is frustrating it does not help your kid.
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14 years ago, DCMacHead
European style letters...American buyers might want to think twice
The cursive letters in this app are not what's taught in American schools. It's a nice app and I'm hopeful the developer will make adjustments to it to accommodate American style letters
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14 years ago, LivPurple
ABC Cursive
Take away the beginning tale (referred to as 'step one' in the lowercase letters) and it's great! I'd also like to be able to type in a word, then trace it in cursive. : )
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14 years ago, Emmorrison
Impossible to pass
I got this app for my daughter so she could practice cursive. She. Just started third grade. I tried many times but could not pass any letter that had a loop. A,c,d,g,o,p,q all seem impossible to do. Very aggravating. It was a waste.
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13 years ago, Rmbruce
Please fix
This would be a great app if you would fix the problems. Round letter forms impossible to do. Please fix or this was a complete waste of money.
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12 years ago, Cursive writing
Abc cursively
I like the sequence of formations that are given as compared to other apps but cannot get the letters with circle strokes (a,c,d,g) to work at all.
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14 years ago, mmcconnell1618
Not good
I bought this to help my son learn cursive but some of the letters are not written correctly and it is too exact. Sorry I just spent money on this. :(
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11 years ago, The newest warrior fan
Not the way we learned it!
The ramp up to the letter is not supposed to be a separate stroke. Why bother with cursive if all the parts are separate? Deleted.
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14 years ago, Starman64
No Capitals!
1.99 and only lower case? Also, the instructions are in French. Jeepers!
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14 years ago, empty braincase
tryed to buy it they charged me didnt even download ...scam
soo many apps that charge you for nothing ...itunes should protect its customers
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13 years ago, Chefrd2000
Didn't make it past the "a". It's wrong. Sad.
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13 years ago, jade963
Not cursive
Like the other reviewer stated, you don't lift the pen in cursive to write a word.
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