Cursive Writing-

4.1 (1.8K)
21.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Horizon Business, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cursive Writing-

4.07 out of 5
1.8K Ratings
5 years ago, amy avadiassian
I honestly love and have wished to learn cursive and it looks like this changed my dreams and my handwriting of course the only thing I would change would be that fat O because I’ve tried to learn by searching it up and I get ad different style of O but apart from that this is great and I bet will help you learn cursive yes you reading this it’ll help you I would definitely love to rate this a 5 but I have do 4 cause of the O
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3 years ago, bridget_lps
Hello! If you are completely new and unknowing or you just want some practice, this is honestly a great app to use. I wanted to learn cursive in 4th grade so I downloaded this app and I practiced for about an hour every day by myself. This app makes it super easy, and you can go at your own pace! You aren’t tested. You can go back letters. You can practice uppercase by itself or lowercase by itself or both! You can skip forward and skip back and stay on one letter for as long as you want. It never moves on until you do, kinda like a slide show! I used this app for about an hour or two every day in 4th grade by myself and learned it in about 2-3 weeks perfectly! But it’ll take everyone different periods of time. I really don’t have anything negative about this app. It’s really simple, easy to understand easy to use free. I really recommend. :)
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1 year ago, namemisty
Decent but not great
Honestly it is a good app to PRACTICE cursive on , and I love the fact it is free but there are many issues like you don’t learn cursive numbers or words and the letters connect, I think if this had lesson and showed you how to connect letters and was more detailed the app would be better, and I think there should be a time where the player rights a cursive letter and the app rates how well they did and then recommends a lesson so they can improve and slowly teach the player words. If these updates were put into the app I would come back and make this review 5 stars probably. And I think they would get more reviews and more downloads! Thank you for reading! Sorry if I sounded rude at all.
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2 years ago, Averyunicorn8
The best way to learn how to write in cursive
This is helping me a lot and I need you need to make up more games for learning people and this will also be helpful to third third grade and up I’ve been enjoying this so so much because it it’s just I hear it’s amazing it’s very amazing you should convince other kids to download this app and learn how to write in cursive so they can be better at other things and writing the signature and everything else .
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3 years ago, alexajade628
The best thing that I ever did
I think it really helps my child a lot and it makes a big difference to her life she is having fun she is happy she is learning a lot from this app her teacher says she is doing a lot better an improving with her work and working hard every day she loves it so much an I am happy for that I am thankful for that I love to see her happy every day an wanting to do this
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5 years ago, jocelyn tudda
Good,but could use some work🤔
This app is very helpful. It helps me rember all the capital letters and the lower case letters. The only thing I would change it that the O is much different than I know it. Maybe there can be two options for different ways. But other than that the app is very good. And and there is no cost for anything. I give this a 4 star rating
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3 years ago, Spooky Ms. Tiyi
If your learning cursive get this! I mean.. It can use some improvement like you can type words and then it makes it in cursive which I think would be epic! And it’s kinda repetitive so, I think you should add like sentences like “I went on a walk” kinda like the typing words thing, I am learning cursive for school and it’s hard on paper but easier here on this app
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2 years ago, uugyftninfyfyrd
I liked this app…
I liked this app but the only thing Is that it got a little boring to me after 2 minutes of doing it but other than that it was a good app for your kids to learn and also love and look forward to it every day and also have fun with it.
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1 year ago, 🧚‍♀️✨🌈☀️
Great game for beginners
I love this game because it’s so good for me because I never learned cursive. I like that this game has capital letters and lowercase, the brush is really smooth. If your thinking about getting this game definitely recommend it’s totally free and there are no video adds.
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2 years ago, bbbbbbbbbbelllllaaaaa
Best cursive app
So I downloaded this App today and it is amazing so I tried it two times in a row and I’m getting why better it is so easy and it helping me get ready for 4th grade I love it I recommend to get this app if you want a cursive app and it has no adds
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5 years ago, Leenieistakennnn
Great but needs a little work
This game is great I’m only 8 my mom downloaded this game for me to practice cursive writing I’m in 3 grade and next I will learn how to write in cursive to get a head start but the one thing I don’t like is,what if you only want to erase one little thing but you have to erase the whole thing the only problem pls fix it thanks.(:
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4 years ago, buzz cola
I’ve learned how to write cursive extremely well. When you click on settings you can hide the lines and change the pen color. You get to practice and this game totally works have to download.
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6 months ago, bbhbhrbihuecduigdwgic
Honestly pretty good
Everything is good for early learners or people who want to do it. The only thing I could change is if it corrected or helped you more. Because, basically it only just shows the letters.
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9 months ago, jwritnffk
Hi. I am in 5th grade and I love this app! ;) it has helped me get better and better! Now I can write cursive without help!😄🥹❤️ I would recommend this. I know I am a 10 year old but I know this is a good app. Not because it s fun, but because it helps!
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1 year ago, carldog1024
I love cursive writing because it's so fun and you learned so much and it's also like so fun it's I read it a five star and I love it it's so fun because you learn cursive and you write and you get to learn how to write your name in cursive too so that's why I love it so much
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2 years ago, Gymnast4eva
Pls get if you wanna learn cursive
Hello! My name is destinie and I really wanted to learn cursive but I couldn’t I tried a lot of apps but they all did not teach me anything and then one day I found the app it was this one it is free it teaches you really well it is for all ages so pls get
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4 years ago, Livy Loe
I love it!
I love cursive writing in my opinion. But I think you should make a spot for the kids to trace and a spot for them to write it on their own. By the way my name is Olivia and I am in 3 rd gd. I am nine years old and my birthday is in December the date of my birthday is December 31!!!!!!!! Olivia
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4 years ago, skrskrpullupaturmumahohse
Overall app helps ✅
I like how they have the numbers and tell you where it’s best to start the line so that helps I think the best thing you can do is write all of it on your notebook or paper so you can practice when you want
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3 years ago, I 💗 mockingjays!
3rd grade
My mom is saying that everybody in 3rd grade is writing in cursive so she is making me practice cursive so far it has been pretty good and NOW she is making me do an app on cursive at first I thought it was a bad idea but she made me so that’s the story
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5 years ago, agink123
I like it but not the BEST
I like this game a lot but I wish they put the letter and put it into a word so you know how it feels like to connect it with another letter! I also wish you got a grade on how you did with all the letters but other than that I really like the app!👍
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4 years ago, Claire~§
Pretty Good Considerd, Small Susgestion
I think that this is alot better than the other apps I have found. However I think that insted of haveing the uppercase and lowercase letters on seprate screens you shound keep them on the same screen. Side by side.
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5 years ago, bjcmwc
Good As Stuffed Crust Pizza!
Yea!!!! This game was really good. When I first bought this, I thought it would be like all the other games: You need to buy this and you need to buy that. But it surprisingly wasn’t! This game is really good! Plus I love tracing stuff!
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4 years ago, mmmmmmmaaassoon
This app Is going to help me a lot
I just turned 13 years old and at my birthday party I could not read some of my cards and I had to let my brother read them so I got this app to help me wright cursive.
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2 years ago, hhvghfgmghfgfhfgh
3rd Grade Cursive 💗𝓪𝓶𝓪𝔃𝓲𝓷𝓰
I’m in 3rd Grade and my momma just made me practice cursive so I downloaded this app and I already know so much thanks to this developer who made this app thank you so much for this app your so awesome 👏 😎
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5 years ago, AliceLPS🦄
It’s great!
It’s very good but the only thing is that it doesn’t have words in it so you don’t know how to write them cause some times you have to connect the words but sometimes you don’t so it’s no bad but it’s not amazing.
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5 years ago, #stronggirl
Fun and not fun
This app is fun I like doing cursive but it could also use some improvement maybe like it is the word you write on paper and take a picture of it after your hit next because it’s just a lot of hard work to do it on the screen for me I like using a pencil
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7 years ago, MajongManiac
Order of Letters
It's a nice attempt. I'd recommend designers improve the app in two ways. First, letters should be grouped by formation style, i.e. all low loops, all tall loops, etc. rather than having them organized in A-Z style. Secondly, there should also be an option for different forms of cursive, such as traditional, modern and D'nealian formations.
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5 years ago, Susie McKerley
Love it but needs work.
I personally love this app, but it seems too outdated and old. I think you should make children do sentences and words instead of repetitive letters over and over again. I make my son do this every day for 15 minutes and he HATES doing it because of it. 3 stars.😤
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3 years ago, Aiden nam
In school I can’t even get done with the cursive capital or lowercase in 2 years!!!!!!!But here,you can just use a couple weeks or months!!!!!!!!!!
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2 weeks ago, A_<3
The app review
This is a very great app for learn and write cursive. I don’t have to buy or pay anything just practice. But there are no numbers to practice on so I can learn how to write numbers in cursive
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2 years ago, love-a-boo
They can definitely do better
Yo I honestly don’t know what to say while writing this review. I actually think they should have words you could write on paper. Honestly they can do better then this
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5 years ago, we we goop
I think it’s amazing other people that say it’s not are being mean because you deserve to have a good life and they are ruining it so good luck make other apps like this
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5 years ago, monkey shine 🥚🐵🙈🙉🙊🐒
Love it and don’t love it
I am 7yrs old I love this app but I am tired of doing the same thing over and over again maybe you can make the app Mack us do sentences and your app maybe be successful by doing that!👍
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5 years ago, try next time
To be fun and make me love cursive
I I’m in 3 grade going to 4th the app is ok but not that fun when I do it I don’t know if I’m doing it wrong or not and it is not that fun if i want to have fun when I am writing and I want to know if I’m writing good or bad how I’m i going to know if i I’m doing it good or not if you don’t tell me anything 😐
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5 years ago, JAGWAR MAN
It helps me to learn and it could use some improvement 👍😎 👎😤
It really helps me to learn to write in cursive but it needs some Improvement like you could make it teach the app teach the people how to it.
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11 months ago, acrane moose 15
I love the idea that the people in this world have the right idea to make their lives easier by doing cursive
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2 years ago, KamilaBurchetteGA
Pretty good
It’s fine, but once you go back, it doesn’t save. It would be great if you could fix this
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2 years ago, hthghffhyyh
The winner
That is really good I suggest you have stylist cause it’s easier the app is amazing can’t say enough I suggest you buy it
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6 years ago, Syn2727
Good refresher
Learned it in elementary school but some transitions are fuzzy now. I also remember tear stained pages, a missed homework assignment or 2 and a pretty girl classmate who distracted and helped me after school
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4 years ago, GrooverD1
Amazing app
I thought I would never learn how to do cursive but now with this app and I can finally do it!
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2 years ago, Ryan Riv
Good to keep improving
As an adult it's always great to improve our writing skills! It is great to learn how to properly draw letters.
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3 years ago, marcela:}
It is okay
A like it a little bit because I did not know any thing and I am learned more and more
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6 years ago, Leigh9213
I think it’s perfect. The above person wants to change the order... not sure what sense that makes.
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3 years ago, arkansashorsetrails
Great find for kids
I believe this will really help my son learn cursive. Glad I found this!
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5 years ago, cookies_keepRoblox
I guess its good
Its a very good game to let children learn how to write cursive, But some letters kinda look russian, I’m new to writing cursive, Im 7 years old, 2nd grade. I like reading, It’s judt i dont understand cursive. Like, the B, it looks like an E. So, I guess its good.
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4 years ago, Brooike.Cookiemeep
I love this game it really helps me when I’m writing and since we are now just learning I’m prepared so thank you cursive writing
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5 years ago, Silversteec
Up the level
Add another level that allows users to write words in cursive.
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5 years ago, amy's clinic
Great learning
Your app is perfect for people who are learning how to do cursive or people who need to get better at cursive so never get ride of this app
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4 months ago, chloeycat101
Such a good app
This app is so good for writing cursive I have gotten way better at writing cursive so please try it
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4 years ago, KeLynSwiffer
Inappropriate ad content for an app used by kids!
I was getting this set up for my 6 year old to practice when an ad for bras popped up on the bottom of the app; when clicked on, it immediately opens the website. What other kind of age-inappropriate ads should I expect from this app?
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