Cymath - Math Problem Solver

4.7 (14.5K)
18.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Cymath LLC
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cymath - Math Problem Solver

4.65 out of 5
14.5K Ratings
4 years ago, pot walter
So I’ve been struggling with math lately so one day, my friend recommended me this app. And it’s AMAZING. Usually, when i download other homework apps, they just tell me the answer but this app shows me how to solve it which is great because we have to show work on our homework. As far as I know, this app is a freaking lifesaver. I usually never give a five star rating for most apps, but this one really, really deserves it. I recommend this app to all of my friends and family and they seem to love it. I’m actually starting to understand math a whole lot more thanks to this app. You have saved me from failing almost all of my classes and i would totally recommend this. 😁♥️
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7 years ago, Excind
Great Calculator
I have been using this calculator for college and I have not had an issue with it. I like it because not only does it give you the answer, it shows you how it got there step by step. I showed it to my algebra professor and she plugged in a problem that I had never seen before and it solved it no problem. The only things I have had an issue with have been 1) taking a picture of the problem. Sometimes it won’t “see” what it needs. 2) when calculating powers, both positive and negative, it would not calculate it all the way out. Other than that, awesome so far!
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4 years ago, khloeOMG415
It’s good but here is what I think
All right so I think the app is a really good app but the first time when I used it it I used it for a reading problem and he just said oh I’m sorry we couldn’t get it try typing it in so I typed it in but I really didn’t know how to type it in so I’m asking for a reading update I tried out and I don’t Mattick questions for my homework but they need a reading so they can read it and make it could help us or you or me but they should really just add a reading update because I need it and I’m a fourth grader andMy parents my mom my parents are too busy with work and my sister is busy with school so I will need help that’s my purse the fake and I think that’s what they should do so it’s a really good app but needs
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6 years ago, Konic64
More Camera Problems
the new update has made it much easier to access the camera but at the same time, it has made it much harder to decipher what problem i’m taking a picture of. It normally tells me my camera is not in focus or is not supported by cymath. my camera is perfectly fine and i can read the problem through my camera. My second point is that before the update it easily read the problem I’d taken a picture of. Now it needs to pretty much have no movement at all while the photo is still being processed and this is an inconvenience for me since the problems have to work through are very long and it’s hard to type sometimes. other than this problem the app is great and i would recommend to a friend.
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2 years ago, teee tee
I am going to be completely honest I absolutely love this app is great for homework it includes all types of grade maths like fractions , decimals , fractions, percentages e.c.t although the camera feature doesn’t really work for me but it’s no point since I really don’t use it anyway , but I don’t know if anyone else is having that same problem or it’s just me but overall it’s an amazing app for homework I have had the app for over months & months I stopped using it over summer break .
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2 years ago, Sarah N. ♥️
Great Camera Feature!
I am not that great at math and I sometimes struggle on equations. I once started crying in the middle of math class because I couldn’t understand the worksheet I was doing. I recently downloaded this app and now I am not crying in class anymore 😅. The Camera feature is great! It may take a couple pics to get the right equation but it really isn’t a big deal. On the bright side, it can READ MY HANDWRITING!!! I have been told by several people that my sixes look like b’s. But this app can recognize the 6 in a handwritten equation. If you struggle at math, you need this NOW!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ this app!
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4 years ago, growsome
Good! Read before getting!
We all no that this app won’t do and solve everything. But this is the best app I’ve every used. Al you have to do is type in the equation you have. You can also Scan it using your camera, but I herd that that’s not that great. You should get this app if things are hard I’m math. If you know the stuff, then you don’t need this app. The nice thing is it tells you how to solve the equation which is nice, and shows the steps to.
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4 months ago, calexh09
Great app
This app is amazing! It has many categories of math and different utilities! I also love how it walks you through step by step in multiple different was how to complete your problem. I started using this during COVID to help me learn in school because I didn’t have teacher interaction and it helped me from getting an average of 70 up to an A+! I highly recommend this app!
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5 years ago, Amy Wanker
I just downloaded this because I didn’t understand some material. I’m already in love with the app and know I will use it forever. It works out the problems easily and in the way I was always taught. It’s super helpful and I’m so glad I found this app. I highly recommend! I’m not sure what the premium is for because I just downloaded it but the fact that I can work out problems just for free is great. 👍🏻
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3 years ago, ggaabbrriieell0077
I’ve seen many videos on this app and it looks really good. But when I try to use it, it doesn’t load it say’s “Internet problem” or something like that but i opened many other apps and they have worked. I even tried to go and look it up on google and it wont load when i click on the link. But i would look different things up on google and click links and they would instantly load so I don’t know what’s wrong.
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3 years ago, Golden Gull 11
Best App Ever, Just One Thing!
This app is amazing hands down! 👍 It's so useful to check my homework with, allowing me to see the problems step by step. There is just one thing that would make this app spectacular! Please add split-screen mode! See for my iPad I have to go back and forth from one app to another. If you made this improvement I would be so thankful! Good Job and please listen to my humble request. Thank You!
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4 months ago, Savannah Hancock
Cymath is great it helps me a ton and it can tell you the answer to any question and long as it has the right information being homeschooled I don’t have a teacher that I can just raise my hand and ask a question for me Cymath is my math teacher it helps me understand the concept and helps you understand how you get the correct answer
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4 years ago, mckenna83):(7389
Better than Photomath
Personally I think it’s easier to understand and read, plus you don’t have to pay to get your answer on harder questions. I was using photomath the other day and they keep updating it and now there’s a “premium” I’m just trying to get my work done as a student I can’t afford a premium, plus I can get my answers for free here🥳
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3 years ago, charles chick78
OMG I CANT EVEN SAY ANYTHING THIS APP IS ON POINT.I’ve been struggling with math and I tried other math apps but they only show the answers not the work and we have to show the work in my school so thank you so much for recommending this app I’m telling it to all my friends and family this app is amazing keep up the good work also I’ve been getting good at math so thanks a lot
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3 years ago, Khlo bo
Thanks to this app I have an A in math. This is absolutely amazing I 10/10 recommend this app. But you should still try to do your work but if you don’t understand then use it. This app doesn’t just give you the answer it tell you house to do it. You can use you picture and typing.
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3 years ago, macos is the best
Best math solver
I’ve tried about 5 of these camera math solvers and this one is by far the best. It hasn’t been annoying about a subscription that you need if you want to use it more than once a day and there’s only one ad onscreen at a time and it’s at the bottom of the screen where you barely notice it.
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4 years ago, Gabrielle Bennett
This app is amazing. I also recommend Socratic to take pictures of your work. But this one is better. This one gives fractions in decimal form, and it breaks down steps as to how to do the work is you actually wanna learn. And it has never given me a bad answer. With these two apps, you will get great grades in math.🥰💅🏾
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5 years ago, chickn leg piexe
I love this!
I just got this app about a few weeks ago and I already love it! I have always hated and struggled with math and having this app that not only gives me the answer but shows how to get it step by step it’s amazing. I thought this app was a very smart and creative idea. I have never had a problem with it. Recommend ☆☆☆
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3 years ago, Rcg26
Amazing app!
This app has helped me get my kids through Algebra and Geometry. The step by step instructions help me understand what the solution steps are so I can then explain it to my kids. The camera function, where you take a photo of the equation, also works really well. I highly recommend this amazing app!
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3 years ago, Great for edits I love it!
I was breaking down at literally 4am over math and someone recommended this app, at first I thought it was just like the recent apps and sites that I tried that either would only give you the answer and no explanation or make you pay for the explanation but no. This app is literally heaven sent bruh, it’s amazing
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4 years ago, fjfhr
I really needed a good math app so l downloaded so much different apps that were not good until l got this it’s free and amazing I love this app because usually I would get these different apps and they would get the answers wrong now this app is truly a lifesaver I recommended go ahead and download it
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6 years ago, Franklin Aponte
GED Math
This app was recommended by my GED Teacher and it literally cannot get any more simpler than this. It goes step by step but in very easy to understand explanation. I wish I knew about this before, I would’ve had a much better chance at passing my exam but now I’m pretty confident :) Highly recommend!
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4 years ago, mynamesisaisaboi
This is the most amazing app because it explains the problem and does not just give you an answer and explains the problem/breaks it down for you and has a camera to take a picture of the problem you’re stuck on. I love this app!
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6 years ago, Kakooi
This is great but...
This is an awesome app it helps me so much on the homework that I have to turn in the next day after it helps me a lot but..... sometimes it doesn't when I want it to solve an equation for me it does a different way than I do it so I get a complete different answer and I want it to read word problems cause everyone hates word problems, am I right?
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5 years ago, Squid6666
Cymath is an amazing app that not only gives you the answers, but it helps you with the problem. Cymath can be helpful in many ways, usually I don’t need the camera, but for the camera I don’t really like it at all. But everything else is absolutely outstanding and flawless.
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6 years ago, Norden_x7
Life saver
Am in 8th grade, and to past the year I was given some hard math problems, I didn’t know some of the questions and I was on the App Store and came across this app for a second I thought that I had to pay but no I was wrong, I pass the the year thinks to this. Thank you who ever made this app
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5 years ago, The Loopers
K so y’all should be able to do math word problems cause u needs help and if u can’t there be no reason 4 me to be using this thing ya feel me? Kk so works super nice u like how if u don’t wanna use the keyboard u can use the camera instead of having to type all of the numbers and symbols in
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2 years ago, Rileyyyy_2024
I’m being serious, this is literally the best calculator app ever! It explains how to get the answer, it even has mathematical options most standard calculator don’t have. This app has helped me so so much in my studies. And if you are looking for an excellent calculator app, Cymath is the way to go! :)
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4 years ago, Goldenhawk6789
By far the best calculator app
I’m shocked it’s not more popular. I am taking calc 2 in college and it knows how to do every problem and shows me exact steps how to do it for FREE which is why it’s so great. Most apps make you pay for step by step solutions. I don’t normally right reviews but this one is worth it.
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2 years ago, sjdgsbaidbe
It took 10 minutes to do 2 math quizzes
It’s very helpful that you can either right and equation or take a photo and let it solve it but it’s also nice how it simplifies it in steps if you don’t understand the answer
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6 years ago, 0itz_jayy🍓🌹💕💦
This app is awesome and it even shows ur work like omg the only bad thing is the camera but honestly it wouldn’t hurt to type! And this app always gets me a A+ for hw cause it always shows work and really helps me in school and notice things I never noticed so 6 grade is now easier ☺️🤪🤩
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2 years ago, Haylinn Hope
Honestly, I’ve been looking for an app that doesn’t cost money to get an answer. This is it! This is the one! Completely free! Thank you devs ily <3 I’ve been struggling, and yes, I am allowed to use this I am allowed to use calculators I have permission from my teacher!
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5 years ago, Lexi 🤑🤑
Love it amazing
This app it so amazing it helps me do so much in math and it helps explain why that is the answer. I am much smarter after this and I still use it. I love it and so does my who,e family that’s right my whole family uses it. So I think this will help you do math and get smarter.
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4 years ago, lol_its ya girl hibah
This app is amazing not only does give steps for free but it makes you understand so hopefully and also gives you the answer if you’re struggling on anything I’ve use this app recently and oh Em Gee has it help me and let me get 90s in hundreds on my quizzes and many more
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4 years ago, THICBISH07
This app is so amazing I think I started using this app in sixth grade or beginning of seventh grade but I tested a lot of apps and this one helps the most and is amazing. Matter of fact, I’m even using it right now On homework since I’m stuck in my house cause of the coronavirus and on quarantine!
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5 years ago, princessbiscuit730
It’s Very Helpful
I use this app to check my math homework every night. If I do something wrong it is very good at explaining it to me. This app has helped me understand things better and has even helped pull my math grade up. If you are struggling with math this app will be very helpful.
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2 months ago, baddie grill 💙💖💙💖💕❤️🙎‍♀️
Omg, I have always needed help wit my homework and finally I found a app that doesn’t charge u for just typing in ur expression that u need. I HIGHLY recommend this app if u need help for free, but they maybe charge u for some stuff if u wna be lazy and not write. OVERALL THE BEST Math helper.
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2 years ago, WANG KEFENG HATER
Helped with homework
I had trouble figuring out the homework and then I forgot I had downloaded Cymath a couple weeks ago from a tiktok, and it really helped me understand and finish my homework
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1 year ago, BuffaloBaileyGirl4356
I’ve been struggling with math problems lately, so I go on camera to snap a photo and get it solved. The camera NEVER works. Every single time I try, it says, “Cymath is having trouble interpreting your question,” or something like that. Even if i scan it and the problem is 2+2, it doesn’t work. It’s very frustrating.
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5 years ago, Fire foxxx
This is the best math solving app ever! You don’t have to pay like all the other ones, and it even does elementary school problems and it tells you if you want one answer or the other!!! It even explains how to solve the problem😁
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6 years ago, super1crab
Camera problems guys!
I have loads of math homework and Cymath is very helpful, but the downside is.. why is the camera so BLURRY. It can’t focus correctly and it would actually help substantially if you added solving word problems. Alongside, with the camera sometime my erasers shavings are counted as numbers. Please try and fix the problem. It would be very helpful.
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5 years ago, AwsomequeenTacodab
Help full app!
Alright so when I started I was a bit skeptical because all the other apps I tried sucked but with this app it’s was so much better quality. The only thing that was bad was the camera part but other than that it was fine
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3 years ago, M.U.Z
Thanks for creating this app
When i search for google or my homwork sums i got a random result saying cymath then i started using it from google now i have the app im a mathamatic genius in my class
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5 years ago, wafflesaregods
So this year I started 8th grade. And math is quite hard for me to understand and this has helped me a lot! I love how it works the problems out step by step. I’ve had kinda a hard time finding apps that help with math and are free ( other than extra features ) I really love this app!
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6 years ago, Danya Alzarooni
This app is really helpful but you do have to type in your problem (they do have a camera but it doesn’t really work) I’ll give it a 5 star when the camera works, but for now it’s a solid 4. I totally recommend for anyone who is struggling with math! 😊
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2 years ago, BreadLaver
I have been needing extra help on math lately. Cymath helped me so much from the past week, I use Cymath to help me with my homework and finding newer and easyer strategies to solve the problems. Thank you Cymath! ❤️
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3 years ago, E. milly
Sometimes it doesn’t read the equation correctly and when The equation isn’t read correctly it’s not even close to what the equation actually is it’s a random mess of numbers and I have to keep redoing the picture but when it does read correctly it works very well
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3 years ago, lаdчzu
this app is so underrated it makes me wanna get coiled up like a snake this app helps me w/ everythinggggg and u should definitely get it post script. it has basically everything 2, like decimals, fractions, letters, exponents, roots/cube roots, percents, etc
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5 years ago, _Sienna
Omg so useful!
It helps me calculate all of the problems, even checks the math, and usually with the picture on other apps it says you have to have a free trial! I hate when that happens but this app does not do you that! ❤️❤️❤️
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3 years ago, bjfdicdy
This saved my life
I was joking with us so hard and I was getting an hour and a half every day on my math it’s so easy and it’s free and it’s absolutely amazing I have my life for this app
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