D&B Rewards

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Dave & Buster's inc.
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2 months ago
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16.0 or later
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User Reviews for D&B Rewards

4.82 out of 5
122K Ratings
6 months ago, loikmn
So much fun
I think, as a father and avid Casino player, D&B is just as, if not more, fun that going to Casino. Granted, the D&B close to me does NOT have bowling or billiards, it still brings joy to hit jackpots there. JP’s are more likely at a casino and my daughter & friends can play at D&B where they can’t at a Casino. I could drop $200 at a casino and leave with NOTHING. So, I leave ticked off. At D&B I can drop the same $200 all the while eating good food, play all kinds of games, leave there with a prize and most importantly, spend time with my daughter & her friends. Watching them lsugh, have fun and being with my family makes D&B BETTER in a long run over a Casino. Oh…Wednesday half off games is a BRILLIANT marketing tactic that D&B does. Games cost 7 tokens normally but Wednesdays..3.5 tokens. More bang for your buck. Aawesome! I do have a complaint about the staff. Minor complaint but still one none the less. It takes FOREVER to get your drinks, then when you DO get drinks, it then takes forever to order. The chef’s/ Cooks do an amazing job getting food quickly but the waiters/waitress’s really need to check on customers more often. I should not gave to go to the bar to ask for…anything but find myself asking for extra ranch, a straw, a drink, etc…. So, I still love the place but either add more staff or train them to be more diligent and caring to patrons Thank you
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1 year ago, janѕ
Really great for a chain
I was hesitant to try Dave and Busters Because it’s a chain and I have 5 children. We go to a local place that is very similar to Dave and Busters on Wednesday nights for half Off night. We found out Dave and Busters had half off night on Wednesdays as well on arcade games. I love the app on the phone. I can honestly say the service has been top notch from every employee we have encountered. The minute we walked in we loved the people at the front desk. They were patient and explained everything to us even though it was late. The bartenders don’t ignore u even if u are asking for a water or refill. They are fast and kind. The maintenance guy that fixes the machines is so freaking fast. He really does a great job. The VR people were their in a minute as soon as my daughter bought a VR on the app. The girl that closes in the ticket shop is like the kindest most patient girl. U can imagine with 5 kids trying to pick things out around closing it’s probably exhausting and annoying but she is sooooo sweet to us. We also get 150 more credits per $100 we spend then the local place. We will be back next week! Ty guys at Tempe Marketplace for being a class act !
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9 months ago, Barry4242
Love D&B, Hate The App & Customer Service
I’ve had so many problems with them. The app repeatedly causes me problems and I’m forced to call into get help when it does. I’ve called an hour before close and get a few times it says they’re already closed and leave a message. The best was when I called 2 hours before the sat that they close and when I went to leave a message it told me the voicemail was full and couldn’t get any more messages. I used the new Gambit feature in the app and what a headache! I won and when going to cash out my prize tokens into chips I keep getting an error. I called D&B cust. Service and the first person didn’t even know what gambit was so I had to explain it to them. They said they’d have a manger from the app department call me back the next day. A week later no call so I had to call them again. Got a new person and she knew what gambit was and when I told her the issue she said that gambit is for money not dave and busters chips. I had to explain it twice until she understood and then told me that I need to call gambit. I had already done that and got the tokens turned into chips so the rep said that they aren’t good at dave and buster!!! I had to wait while she read the purpose of the app and that it CAN be turned into chips. After over an hour of talking and holding she finally understood it and I got my chips. This has been a problem every time they get a new feature in the app.
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2 months ago, Neebai
Birthday Family Gathering for M & E
The experiences were amazing. We visited Dave & Buster to celebrate M’s belated birthday and his mom’s “E’s” birthday. It was approximately 10 of us. We entered the front entrance and found a large table where we talk, laugh and ate. The loud sounds of the games drew some of us to the game's area while our food was being prepared. After we ate our tasty food we found places and games that intrigued us. It was exciting, fun and sometimes challenging. Oh, they also had a place where you could fix your cold brew. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Guessing, you can tell we haven’t been to Dave and Buster in over 5 years. Oh, afterward we headed to where all the wonderful toys, balls, cups, games and gadgets were located. We spent about 30 minutes there. One of my daughters and I had 1900 points and another daughter and her boyfriend had 2900 points. We were all doing our own fun thing. So, if you or you and your family want an out of this world experience stop by Dave & Buster and have a amazing journey. It’s now the next day and I am still talking about our fun experience at Dave and Buster. Angie and family
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1 year ago, bugnjess
Just one issue otherwise awesome
The Clacksmas D&B in Oregon. Great place nice people decent prize selection clean facility. Would have been 5 stars but the server at lunch was required to make us give her a credit card to “hold” when we sat in the booth to order food. We are two early 40’s adults with a 10 year old son. We ordered 3 meals and 2 apps and 3 beverages. Nothing unusual. I am a manager with one of the two largest banks in the US. This practice is a huge risk for fraud, card loss, etc. A card should not be out of the owners possession in that manner. I gave her a card we don’t use and let her know that was not the method we’d be paying with. She was polite and explained the policy is to prevent dine and dash. I’d rather have simply been given the opportunity to pay right away prior to the food prep. She said the procedure is mandatory. I also could have paid cash up front. This is not a good process and made an otherwise terrific visit uncomfortable. And what if I had no cards? Not a good look. We are from out of state so we are not here often but this bears mentioning. We won’t eat here again.
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2 days ago, itsGuavx
D&B is truly the best arcade for adults for children even too, fun for the whole family and you really do get your moneys worth, they don't up-charge or make you pay outrageous prices for a little bit of fun, you really get a bang for your buck as well as all of the modern features. The app is amazingly intuitive and integrates with the real D&B experience. You can recharge your card keep track of all your cards as well as transfer chips or tickets between cards you have activated on your account. As well as the nonstop offers and promotions you can find out within the app to make sure your next experience is just as fun as any other, yo i know im gassing it up but seriously leaving a review cuz its my birthday and they gave me 10$ worth of chips for free no other place or entertainment spot is doing that seriously.
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2 years ago, Big mike 60411
Another update and another disappointment!
Another update and another disappointment! After over a year of not being able to get anywhere into the app, as soon as I log-in, it instantly logs me out and asked me to log back in! Now I am in a constant boot loop of logging in and being instantly logged out as soon as I successfully log-in. Please don’t give me that “We apologize that you’re having log-in issues. Please leave a message with your contact info and power card number at 1-800-we-don’t-care for guest relations team. That’ll allow our team to better brush you off with what’s going on with your account.” I’ve been leaving my name and number for the last year with guest relations and get nowhere with them. All they tell me is “We are aware of the situation and and our team is in the process of a new update that will hopefully fix your problem. Please wait wait for the next update.” You know just as well as I do guest relations cannot help. Guest relations is about as useless as this app. It is gotten to the point that we are about to go to Dave & Buster’s and cash out all of our tokens that we have accumulated over the years, deleting your app, and never look back before you guys end up shutting your doors. Your establishment has become a sad situation for your most loyal customers!
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4 years ago, Spacy224
App does NOT work- Can’t redeem offers... Very disappointing.
I love Dave & Busters along with my family and friends but there are seldom offers like there used to be. I got so excited this week when I saw the $50 for $25 offer pop up in my app. Unfortunately, after 3 days of trying different methods to pay and claim the offer in the app I keep receiving the same error message stating there’s a problem on their end and they’ll work to resolve it. It has been almost a week and the problem is still not addressed or fixed in the app plus the offer is about to expire. I called customer service regarding the issue to see if they would take payment over the phone to redeem the offer only to be informed they could not help or accept payment and that these offers can only be processed through the app (when it works). Additionally, I was informed that the offer would not be honored if I went to D&B in store either. This was a very disappointing experience. Please fix the app issues and provide more offers that customers can actually redeem and that can be honored whether in app or in store in situations like these when there are technical errors on D&B’s end but the customer is the one who gets slighted. Thank you.
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3 years ago, eayala518
The app is really bad…
When using the app to scan for games, it’s horrible. There are constant glitches and it’s constantly freezing when you are trying to scan to play a game. Sometimes you will scan a game and the app will charge you for the points but the game won’t start. With the card, you never have that issue. With the app it will deduct the points right away, but it takes a while for the tickets to load which is inconvenient. Overall, the app is very unreliable when it comes to tapping it on the scanner when you’re trying to play a game. It’s either stealing your points many times or not loading the tickets in a timely manner. It’s very unreliable and always has an issue with glitching or freezing every time I’ve attempted to use it this year. We just end up getting the cards because it’s such a hassle dealing with the app. Terrible, terrible app. It needs a lot of improvement. The only positive thing I will say about the app is that it’s a hub that has good information and prices, other than that don’t use it because it will steal it points.
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2 years ago, alreneeb
Terrible System and App
Dave and Buster’s reward system has always been pretty poor. Earning points is inconsistent and the app hasn’t always worked when you need it to, especially inside of your local D&B. Customer service is fair, but I shouldn’t have to call every time I want my points added because it didn’t work on site, and I shouldn’t have to call back because after being on the phone, the rep didn’t update my request. It was never fun or rewarding to use this app. Just spend your money and enjoy yourself. I was hoping with the new app update, there would be less glitching and a system that worked in real time, but nope. The message center in the app hasn’t worked since I updated and signed up again for the new program. I have an email stating that my welcome offer is ready and I can find it in my messages, but messages just load (on and off wifi at different locations). I’m pretty disappointed. I love D&B, but their rewards system and app are and continue to be a let down.
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2 months ago, Burglar1510
Pretty comprehensive, a few growing pains
Getting yourself set up with the app can take two or three tries to get it complete. For whatever reason it wasn’t initially taking my email address until I tried again a couple of days later. That might be bad. Biggest complaint, is that there is a little bit of a delayed response in what you see on the app and what is or should be real time. having said that, once everything is set up, the layout is really good, it’s easy to add game cards to your app, although I think if you want to unify play cards, you have to do that at the counter. Lays out all the challenges you can get in order to get more free stuff. my son really enjoys going there with me.
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2 years ago, sammyntoby
No one ever responds
I’ve been trying for months to get my account moved from my old number to my new one so I don’t lose my credits and tickets I have saved forever! But your staff can’t be bothered to answer emails at all! Absolutely disgusted with your customer service or should I say lack of customer service. Then in store I ordered a drink, the same drink I order every Wednesday! It rings $3. Something everytime except this one! I was charged $10 for my $3 drink! I mentioned to the server that I always order this and it should not be that much and pointed out the drink on my receipt was not the drink I ask for or that I had received, he then claimed he rang that drink up because it come out cheaper ! What ! No $10 is in no way cheaper the $3 . I ask for the manager and was left standing at the bar for a good 35-40 min and no one ever came I went to the front desk and that lady went to “find” the manager and server about 15 mins later she comes back and said the manager would be out soon ! I waited another 20 min and left ! Rude service and cheating servers .
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4 months ago, Jr094120
Love the restaurant hate the app
I have had the Dave and buster app for year but ever since they updated to this new app I have been having issues left and right. First off I had earned ticket on last app that never transferred over. Next I replaced my old physical cards and got a new one that I was unable to add to my account. I spent a day there and got no rewards on the app. The next week I went I created a virtual card when I went to reload it it created another card untethered the card from my account luckily I was still able to redeem the tickets earned but still no rewards in the app. Until they can get a functioning app there should be a login on the site to manage cards and add points by inputting codes etc. overall very disappointing. If it wasn’t for the good atmosphere this would be a deal breaker for me to go else where. Update app has improved still could be better
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2 years ago, Marcelromard
This is apparently provided by a third party for Dave and busters.
Was there and spent $240 on credits across 4 cards. App doesn’t correctly report balances (my card balance screen keeps going back and forth from 0 credits and 0 points to the proper balance.)The store manager wasn’t able to do anything with the card (said she couldn’t pull it up in the system for some reason) but she was somehow able to provide me with a statement for the account that showed what has been used? It showed I should still have a balance of of around 150 credits but said I had to reach out to the third part app people… I’m sorry what? That is the worst customer experience ever… empower your managers to properly deal with issues! basically all she did was say you need to go call these app people and see if they can do anything, and my daughter couldn’t use the 150 credits she had left on her birthday because nobody at the business has the appropriate level of access to do anything… pretty sure I won’t be back!
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9 months ago, Scruppi
App is great but needs one more upgrade
Love the app and managing/reloading the cards is easy. Would love to see an option for the user to move chips and tickets from card to card in the app. It’s great that I can place a hold on a card but asking the staff for help moving chips and tickets from physical card to app (no physical card) proves difficult and I’m often met with “we can’t do that” until they find the one person who knows how. Take the burden off your staff and let the user truly manage their cards. Update: The most recent update include the ability to manage cards in the app and make transfer of both credits and tickets. Great update, however there are limits to how many times you can transfer to and from your cards within a 24 hour period which is a control I don’t necessarily understand.
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5 months ago, Amapsey
This app could be so great. The app doesn’t update chips played in time. Sometimes i have to wait two weeks. There is no reason why it should be weeks before updating. It’s extremely disappointing. With technology the way it is today why is there such a lag time on updating my account and everyone elses. I am positive as well that my number count is wrong. I called customer service and they updated part of my chips played and the gentleman was so very kind. But then i had used a different card to reload 56$ worth on to a physical card and those never showed up. In fact there is such a delay that it makes it almost impossible to keep track of where my numbers should be. Do better dave and busters. Especially for the amount of money people spend at these places including myself. It’s not fair. Don’t offer incentives if you cannot follow through promptly.
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11 months ago, nimbusx_
Bonus chips do not reload
I’m required to contact support each time to get my bonus chips for being a legend status member. Also, the app doesn’t take D&B gift cards as payment. Very inconvenient. Update: I’ve received my bonus chips, but please add an additional chat/online form option within the app with the common issues about the app and a “general/other issues” category so that we can bring the app issues to light. Up to 2 stars from 1 star for responding and correcting this issue. It seems like the app developers are trying to hide all the issues/technical debt in the codebase by redirecting us customers to some random customer service call center now. Having to call a customer service number for an entertainment place like D&B is absurd in the year 2023 when AI chat bots can probably handle most customer issues accurately and efficiently. IMHO the most annoying thing ever is being placed on hold on a phone call when dealing with businesses. I forgot to add on, I’ve hit the maximum tier 9 legend D&B rewards status for over a year now and I have yet to receive my legend prize package. But I know that you do ship these out because my friend got theirs within 6 months of achieving “legend tier 9 status”. Will update review once I receive my legend tier 9 prize that cost me a lot of $ to reach.
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2 years ago, Peaaa.Nuttt
I like many other reviewers and D&B lovers, have been having a hard time using the app since the new update and or reward program. I had the same issue as everyone trying to log in and states has an account already. So today I went through the steps using the same phone number I always use, only difference is that I used a different email and BOOM I'm in. I can now see my card with the chips since our last visit and my many tickets that I've been stacking up. Hope this helps those that are still having issues getting in. 😉 I'll update my review once we have our outing at D&an today if any issues arise while using the virtual card ETC.
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11 months ago, G$$$/Gabriel Flore
Thanks for letting us have fun and letting us disconnect from reality for a while and be a kid again and have the childhood memories I should have had as a little kid. I love this place. I am a registered nurse been working going on 15 years. I haven’t taken a vacation in over 4 years and I love that you support us because sometimes we just need to disconnect from reality lol Anyways what really is reality? It’s just our own interpretation of what we are able to see and hear and sometimes smell. I know this sounds weird but I love the way it smells at D&B. What do you use that makes it smell good? Anyways I would love to work with you guys sooner than later. Thanks again for everything it was awesome!!
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3 years ago, Heyitsmikey
Overall, pretty good.
I've used the app and wallet features without issue but I arrived at D&B in Concord, CA, and couldn't reload. The only solution the team could offer would be a new card, plus activation fee. 🙄 It was fine last week at the new Fairfield location. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Well, it's a great app when it works. I find syncing issues with wallet versus the app, but I refer to the screen on the game to give me real-time information. Hope you get this fixed because I love feeling like a kid again! Leaving 5 stars because it's a simple bug that can be fixed on the next update. Overall, the app is pretty good and convenient so you can have one less physical card to carry around.
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3 years ago, Yardomaster
Uninstalled, but still see it on phone
UPDATE 08/31: After the first day when I uninstalled the app, I no long have the issue described below, so I guess it was a temporary issue. When using the app, my main problem was the recharge transaction failing (and then not telling me it worked when it finally succeeded). Maybe there were connectivity issues or something. I’m changing this rating to 4 stars, because my uninstall problem is gone, and they responded to my review with a phone number at least. I used this to some degree of success (I had great trouble recharging credits), but after I uninstalled it, I still see a screen from the app occasionally when I unlock my phone, which is extremely obtrusive and annoying.
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2 years ago, Review specalits
No benefits from Eating at D&B
This app does little for the user at D&B. There is little information, no opportunity for discounts or deals and it’s just a money grab to entice spending more at D&B. Too bad. Furthermore, my rewards for eating at Dave & Busters never register. Then, when I reached the free appetizer level there was no way to redeem the reward. I have to ask for customer service to fix all the things that are suppose to happen automatically. Finally, the challenges are a joke. Achieve one of them and you get a “Nice Job”. So what? This is supposed to be a reward program to incentivize users to come back and eat and play, but an atta boy is hardly an inducement to spend more money.
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1 year ago, driafrazier
Great family place
D&B is great! I fell in love with it on my first visit!! It would be nice to combine coins from old cards on the app instead of going to the counter to have an employee do it. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable! I’d love to celebrate my birthday there next week. I love that no matter the age there is something for everyone here. Also I think it’ll be a good idea to have a raffle at the door to maybe be able to win coins, prizes, or even tickets food or drinks. One person that really saved the day for me and my family was the game mechanic he fixed our games and even reembursed us the coins and tickets we thought we lost when the game broke.
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1 year ago, SuckMyTaint69
Quality Fun
I live in Wichita KS and the wife and I go to D&B at least once on month on Wednesday’s since it’s discounted. I give it four stars for a few reasons. As far as staffing goes, it’s lower quality so it takes longer to get food out as well as drinks and anything else that has to do with any dining options. Upon receiving any of those options, I would just consider them decent. Not fantastic, nor awful, just decent. As far as the games go, they are all pretty fun, and there’s lots to do, but I can’t help want more games, maybe even an expansion of store to provide for more space for games. I know the place profits plenty. It’s almost always packed when I go so get more games going. All in all 3.8/5 for the Wichita D&B
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6 months ago, Staphon
Hands down, the best interactive app around
Ok, I know I sound like a bot or like I got paid to say this, but I assure you, I’m not (but maybe I could get some credits floated into my account eh?) Anyway, I am blown away at how well this app works while I’m at a D&B location. Seriously, I’ve used other apps, ie BART Clipper, Peet’s, Starbucks, etc. and yeah, they might eventually work, but not right away, not intuitively, and not with such clever ease as this app. Whoever developed this really BROUGHT IT!! I mean, I dumped my card into my apple wallet and shot my credits onto DDR in under a minute, never having used this app before. That’s just amazing! Well done. Bravo. Example app to all!
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3 months ago, captian stew
Can’t load a gift card.
App is great so far. You don’t have to go to the kiosk or the front desk anymore. All you have to do is mess around with the app when you’re at your house no line of people behind you causing you to rush and not know exactly what you need to buy. Only problem is I can’t seem to load my gift cards onto it. Really wish I could or maybe I can but I haven’t been able to figure it out. Looked online checked out their website doesn’t seem to come up. It would be nice though because I could change the gift card intocredits without having to go to the front desk. Hopefully they can update this in the future as this is my complaint.
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10 months ago, PokeDan1986
D&B Thieves
I’ve had a lot of problems with D&B taking thousands of my hard earned tickets in return for next to nothing. From cheap prizes that are deceptively misleading and outright unusable, to this app, I’ve lost close to 10,000 tickets. I connected one of my cards to the app, and saw a prompt asking me to exchange my tickets for tokens. Thinking I’d be getting currency to play more games, I quickly exchanged them without understanding what I was getting. In fact, I wasted 3200 tickets on 1000 tokens, which can only be spent gambling on sports. I don’t give a flying fk about sports betting. After a call to a cashier, an in-person visit to the manager of my local D&B, and waiting on hold for over an hour for customer service, I couldn’t get a refund on the tokens. Do you know how much money it took to earn that many tickets? Thinking twice before planning my next visit, if ever.
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2 months ago, WILDE/HOPPS
Love the Arcades, But App Needs Updating!!!
Love The Arcades, my local one is the one in Ft. Lauderdale FL (the Hollywood Location) but app needs updating. Token count does not refresh. Just recently i reached a level up for the 100 bonus tokens (Game Chips) while playing. Did not get them. Next day still did not get them. Lately the App has been having connectivity issues and I it’s not my end. The message that appears says Request Timeout try again later. That is from home. My house. What you may ask was I doing. Going to the Gambit Sports Book via app. And sometimes that option doesn’t appear on the home page. Or show all the games. Which may be them but it’s on your app. Love going to Dave and Busters but Major Updates needed on this app.
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3 years ago, Computer_Lover
Nice Option When you want it
This is a nice option when you want it. Also, I only use this on my phone to reload my play card, wand, or lanyard that I can use the power tap feature on. They have recently updated the app to some new kind of scan sort of thing, but I am not sure what that is about. Anyway, I normally only go to a Dave and Buster’s when I am on vacation and I have loved it every time. However, I would love it if they would bring one to my state. Sadly, they can’t seem to find enough space to place one in any of the areas that would work best for them. So, I’ll just continue to visit while on vacation and have fun when I can for now.
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2 years ago, JoshW4040
App and new rewards
I initially had so many issues with the switch to the new rewards system. My friend and I were spending the same money and playing the same credits and whatnot and he got all of his chips and I only got like a third of mine if that. I was told it was the app causing this issue and that the chips would eventually get added and they never did. I have since gotten a new card and started all over which is a bunch of wasted money for a program that should have been trouble shooted over and over so these issues would not be happening to a bunch of people. After getting the new card and starting all over, things are working for now anyway but still all that wasted money from the first time.
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3 weeks ago, Ms. Echols
It works no issues
The app works as intended. Nice to be able to freeze your card. Our card was taken by some kids watching my daughter play the piano game. She didn’t realize it until she went to grab her card to swipe again. Of course I was upset at her for just leaving it out on the game. But then I remembered you can freeze it in the app if you have your card linked. They did use some of her game money but not much. Froze card and transferred it to the other card linked in our app. That alone is FIVE STARS 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟. It not only saved her game money but the tickets she had accumulated over 15,000.
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4 years ago, SpudsPotatoMan
Even the B&B employees don’t like this app
UPDATE: Was given a hotline number to call, which is one I’ve already tried to call to resolve this issue. Hotline gets you to hold music and either cuts you off or asks you to leave a number and message for a call back. Tried that before I ever played the review. I’ll let y’all know when they’ve called me back. This app has so much potential, but half the time it doesn’t work. If I’m on WiFi, it says there’s was an error loading my info. If I load my power card in app, it won’t go to my rewards half the time. My rewards somehow went from 80 points to 3.6 points with no notification. I have no clue how that happened. If I hit the threshold, my chip balance doesn’t reflect it. I even brought the issue up in Dave and Busters, and the employees acknowledged the app didn’t work most of the time. I’ve emailed through the app a week ago and have yet to get a response.
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8 months ago, mcwargo(:
Making Wishes Come True!!
Like Paradise on earth, where my brother Vikor learned to be victorious in all that he does. Amazing staff, great food, but man they need to replace those stairs with escalators on NorthSide hahah. Always a delight to see family. Taught a dear friend of mine, Maria Wargo, that family is made of people who choose you and make you feel loved, no matter what. Remember to always follow your heart and believe in who you are. Even if you fail, you will always be the product of something great as long as you choose that for yourself and yourself alone. Also, swing by Prestige and Blessed barbershop, Peter Wargo is the best! NUMBER ONEEE 🙏🏻! All Glory to God🦋
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3 months ago, #1barlowfan
Rewards program doesn’t update
I like the app and being able to see your car balance and transfer balances between the cards. And I love the idea of the rewards program. However the rewards program does not work right. I visited D&B numerous times before it updated the amount of chips I had played and leveled me up. I’ve visited twice now in the past month, and it still has not changed my number of chips played. It’s frustrating when I should be at a higher player level and receive rewards, but am not getting them. I also tried contacting about this issue numerous times and got no response. I do like the app but this rewards program needs some work.
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2 years ago, G_Wolfman
Great App - Even better if had Dining Reservations
Has everything you could need to know about your D&B players card. The only missing elements with this app/account is the ability for Dining Reservations at your favorite D&B location and more achievements/challenges as you play. I mean, no hidden challenge achievement for completing all the listed challenges? How about a 5,000 games played achievement icon, hidden achievement of playing at two or more D&B locations in one day, etc? Wish there were some more badges to be awarded. D&B, it’s an easy & great ways to incentivize more play :)
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2 years ago, Selenerz
Thought it’d be great
I love Dave and Buster’s and seeing the details for the new app seemed awesome. The new reward system is fun and the challenges that can get you even more gameplay was a great idea. All I can complain about is the inability to add power taps to my account. Seems to only work with the plastic power cards. My original power tap wristband followed the last app to this one just fine, but when I had lost my original band and tried to apply my replacement, I found out it can’t be added to my account. So using my new band doesn’t make sense anymore, a big let down. Hopefully this can be fixed soon as I’m sure many rewards members have opted in for the power taps instead of the cards.
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3 years ago, OtakuMan28
Can’t handle cards worth beans
I have been a patron of Dave & Buster’s establishments for years, and over the years I have accumulated many, many Dave & Buster’s cards. In this current release of the app, I am finding it almost impossible to manage my cards. Each time I try and open the section for cards now, it gives me an error message since it can’t pull information from the server. It didn’t used to do this, but suddenly the app has become virtually un-usable. I’m hoping the next version of the app resolves this issue with card management.
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1 year ago, Nicole_8
Too many Issues
I’ve had a few different instances where things go wrong with the app. Every time I ask for help from an employee they say the same thing “the app is ran by a third-party vendor and we don’t have control over it”. Super frustrating because I’ve even lost points after not being able to login. The app kept buffering and then told me I had too many login attempts. When I finally logged in, I was unable to view my card that had 200 points. I noticed the amount decreased as I kept trying to access the card. I don’t even want to return to D&B after having to deal with all these issues. I reached out to customer support previously and they took weeks to reply and didn’t have the best customer service. Horrible experience overall.
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9 months ago, Jp9120
Love having the app when I am with the kids and at the bar.
You want to have another drink? Single dad cute no ring girl keeps looking over. Check that app see how many credits are left when it getting to low and your still trying to man up and say something, recharge that card before those kids come running back screaming Dad my credits are gone. Then just like that she going for the guy sneaking a hit off his ecig because you didn’t give her the heads up on the kiddos. Chances are that female loves seeing a good day. But trying to hide is where they get ya..Trust me you freshly divorced men, This the is key to success.
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2 months ago, SistahBigBone
Definitely a must have!
I had to give this app 5 stars because of so many different things! The best and most important would have to be the ability to switch everything on a card you lost or misplaced (given that you uploaded it on your app) to a new physical card you can get at the counter with all the points and tickets from the old card. You can order game tokens without standing in line and it goes directly to your card! You can do so much at the tips of your fingers!
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1 year ago, NoFaceGam1ng
Very Good app to download
If you like going to D&B on weekends or vacations then this is the app for you, the D&B app is amazing for players all over the world The app allows you to put your card on your device then you can check how much chips and tickets you have. This app also has a leveling system if you level up you get rewards Another fun fact is that if you use a certain amount of chips you get free rewards such as a free burger or a free meal from D&B there’s also fun challenges you can do! I think this app deserves a 5 star rating
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1 month ago, GrahamFam9
End of year fun!
We have treated the kiddos to this for their end of the school year outing with friends for a few years now, and it is always a great time! They have fun playing games, eating yummy food, and playing with friends. Also they started the half off food Monday-Thursdays which was a bonus for our adventure. Plus there was only one bartender and she killed it!!!! She took care of the entire bar area like a rockstar we never had to wait for a drink and everyone got all their food! Thank you✌️♥️
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6 months ago, Sad 5 yr old daughter
App Review
App has improved significantly over the years. Love registering cards and transferring from card to card as needed. However, The app does time out alot, and often doesn't update when adding or buying chips right away. Maybe it's there (and I don't see it) but would like to see a history of what's purchased with our tickets by account. Also would like more promos communicated through the app. Also a one time popup when logging in to notify of a new communication from D&B would be great. Regardless I just don't see a lot of beneficial communications. Ken
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2 years ago, snypr1337
Buggy but decent app
Overall it’s been a good app for me, I’ve been able to sign in and see my rewards without issue. However a consistent problem I’ve been experiencing is trying to add my existing power card to my account. I’ve even tried transferring and getting a new power card to make it work, but no success. I tried contacting D&B corporate over the phone for assistance but nobody picked up or called back. I’ve submitted feedback in the app multiple times and still haven’t heard back. Can we please get a fix or some assistance for adding our power cards to the app?
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6 months ago, Nebraska96
Good app and use.
Good app and use. However, there are things I wish they would change. They coding wont let you transfer anything less than 1 token to a different card to merge them. So if you have a total of 4 cards and 3 of them have less than 1 token you’re stuck with 4 game cards. I wish they would also let your combine/transfer gaming card tokens with someone. I recently went with my family. I had more tokens than my nephew and instead of transferring all (or some) to his gaming card through the app- they told me to go wait at the front to transfer them. It’s all about convenience in todays world.
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2 years ago, Silentnateo095
Great Reward System. Issue with execution
Joined the rewards program so I could maximize my family’s playtime. The rewards system and user-friendly display is great. The issue I having is applying a second card to my rewards. Bought 2 plastic Power Cards, one for the kid, one for the adults. Put in the kid’s card info first….no problem….put in the Adult card…error message 4 times. Paraphrasing “So sorry it’s not you, it’s us, please try again” Hopeful that I will eventually be able to apply the card and chips spent already on the card onto my account. Left a comment about the error message and will now seek customer support.
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9 months ago, Idrathersit
Love it/could be improved
We love that we can turn our tickets into gambling at gambit. Then turn winnings back into chips. Not a great conversion. 500 We love that we can turn our tickets into gambling at gambit ambling tokens take $1500 tickets for 500 gambling tokens but to convert was to chips. It's your token winnings divided by 18. Example you bet 30 tokens on a game which cost 90 tickets, you win 36 game tokens and the transfer to 2 playing chips. The conversion could be a lot better or the win isnf really worth it.
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4 years ago, Prrn98
Didn’t receive chips
I made a purchase and chips didn’t get added to my power card. Wrote to customer service through app and no response. Sent email no response. Finally I called and got a return call a couple days later. Sent in the required proof but still haven’t gotten chips or refund. That was 2 weeks ago. My advice, don’t buy through the app. The establishment itself is fun for the family and food is great as well but they can’t get it together for a simple refund.
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2 months ago, whyisevrynickanmetakenwtf
pleasantly suprised
the dave and busters in philly(near penns landing) is amazing!! better than the one in franklin mills in terms of games, so much less crowded even on a saturday night compared to the franklin mills location. drinks were definitely worth the money, so good and STRONG. had an amazing night and looking forward to going back again. highly reccomend getting the app, lots of great savings! check the app out, u wont regret it. downloaded tonight & already the points/coupons/etc. are such good deals!! couldnt reccomend more!
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2 weeks ago, BugaNation
Asked me to update but the App Store has no update. Then it told me my store was closed. While I was in it. After that, it crashed and logged me out. So many bugs. I also don’t appreciate that every time you open the app it brings you to the recharge page automatically. Even if you are just trying to check your tickets at the end of the visit. Asked me to rate again so here are some more issues: we only come on Wednesday but that challenge won’t update. It shows me 5 coupons for 1/2 off food. Why? Also, every time I use the app I get spammed with notification requests or it automatically tries to add chips. Only thing it’s god for is knowing how many chips are on each card for me and my kids.
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