Dadeschools Mobile

1.5 (31)
26.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Miami-Dade County Public Schools
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
13.4 or later
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User Reviews for Dadeschools Mobile

1.55 out of 5
31 Ratings
9 years ago, torresale3
I'm a student and I think this app is so extremely convenient but it glitches so often it completely defeats the purpose! First of all, when starting up the app, a lot of the time it is just a black unusable screen... only sometimes does the login actually appear. Secondly, the few times the login does appear it freezes and doesn't let you sign in or even click anything the majority of the time. Lastly, when you do finally have access and it lets you login in successfully and you click "keep me signed in" it NEVER keeps you signed in. Because of this you have to re-enter your information every time and it becomes very difficult, frustrating, and inconvenient due to all of the other glitches!
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3 weeks ago, Mythical mew
I can rarely get to check my grades due to it just not loading past the screen that lets you pick of you want to see your report card or grade book Another thing, I don’t know if this is just my school but the lunch menu is rarely ever accurate
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2 months ago, OVP1982
Very bad app
I have this app a little less than one year and was able check only twice check the grade of my kid ,I see a lot of bad reviews. I agree the app does not work correctly.
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2 months ago, Lee Laree33
Terrible App
I have not been able to accomplish anything on this app. I tried over and over numerous times and nothing. Please do some upgrades.
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3 weeks ago, jedhdjsuhejshshsns
my life is ruined
my life is ruined bc this app 💓
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1 year ago, Darl09101288
I used to love this app, everything I needed was here on the go and easy to navigate. Lately for the past few months it always has an error, I go to resources and it says error, unable to load now. & it happens more often than not. So frustrating!!!! I just ended up removing the app from my phone. Not worth my storage space since it NEVER works now!!
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2 years ago, Busymom👬
I like this app
I like this app when it works, it is functional and you can check different things and of course the children’s grades, etc… but that is when it actually works. I had this app for years and before I didn’t have this many issues trying to use it. Now it logs you out constantly and the pain is trying to log back in because if gives many issues as always loading, wrong passcode or name (when it is the correct one), and doesn’t let you click where you want to, very frustrating. I do hope it can have better updates to prevent this problems from happening, and as I said, other than what I mention is good.
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2 years ago, qfshjs
Very functional, would recommend to other students👍
This app does its job very well, but I have one minuscule issue: whenever I try to go back from clicking on one specific grade or subject, when I click back it takes me to the home page making me have to click back on my grades which takes a bit of time.
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10 years ago, sincerecogdell
Great App can use Improvements
This is a beneficial app for me as a student but during and throughout the school year we as students should be able to look on our Gradebook on the app. Also something nice would be getting notifications on upcoming assignments that we may forget just as another reminder like a test coming up and we forget to study. Just the little things..
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7 years ago, cjfhkfj
This app works great
I really think this app does its job but obviously it’s not perfect but what app is and it could be better by adding extra features but overall I think it’s great to keep track of grades and as a student I like how it dies tell you the gpa so you know if your closer to a higher grade or the lower grade and it’s awesome for kids kids like me to keep track of your school grades and how your doing.
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5 months ago, kal202303404
The Hot Mess of Apps
App is not well structured. Very confusing and not user-friendly most links don’t work and requires additional permissions to use, which nobody at the school seems to know how to grant… I like the idea of everything being centralized for the students through this app, but it needs to be better structured, and the links should actually work. Has lots of bugs that never seem to get resolved. It is also quite frustrating to constantly permissions for everything.
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2 years ago, Luigifanz4Life!
Logging in issues
As I keep going into this app to login to my portal, it just gives me a blank page and it doesn’t load anything at all. Meanwhile I go to my student portal on the website and it works all the time. Today I got a letter about a back to school letter in Spanish that told me to go into the MDCPS app and this app is useless since this login issue keeps happening and Dadeschools does NOTHING about this issue. I’d rather use the website than using this waste of time app.
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8 years ago, curlygab32
Good app but needs some improvements
I like that I can access my grades and class schedule at any time during school. I do wish however, that the gradebook did display the current GPA. It'd also be great if you could get a notification when a teacher puts in a grade for an assignment. Id REALLY love if this was included and many of my classmates agree!
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10 years ago, Out of Site
Innovative and Exciting
One of the most innovative school apps we have seen. This app provides information relative to you. If you are a student you see your schedules; if you are a parent you can add all of your children and view their scheudules and transportation information.
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1 year ago, vanessav317
Mom on the go
I used to love using this app. I recently just gave up trying. It logs you out, when you try to log back in it says wrong pw or user name (when it is correct) it gets frustrating to try so many times and no luck. Having my son’s school information at my fingertips was great while it lasted! It ‘s sad to see where my tax payer money isn’t going to. Removed app from my phone as it isn’t worth the space on my storage. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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8 years ago, mkoriginal
The App
Within just a few seconds I already noticed this app has very limited functionalities another thing which I find upsetting is i was hoping to be able to do my work just like the pc website counterpart such as ReadingPlus I hope you reflect on this review and make your app more worthwhile to take space on our phones considering school takes about 6 hours at least of our day
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2 years ago, Julia A Murillo
Used to be better!
I’ve had this app since inception. When it works, it’s very useful to look up your child’s grades on the go. Lately, in the past 2 months, it’s terrible. It always has an error. Unable to retrieve grades information. The icons aren’t even an option! A district as big and strong as dade county schools should have a better functioning app.
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2 years ago, KWJ03
Can’t login anymore
Use this app a lot to check my children’s grades but it started glitching and then kept kicking me out. Now I can’t log back into this app at all. Even tried reinstalling it. I can login through the desktop version no problem so it’s not my login that’s the issue. I’d really like to use this app again…
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7 years ago, ElTigreReal
Excellent after update
Excellent after adding back the grade point average for each class on the gradebook screen without having to click on each class grade. Helps me tremendously as a parent to monitor my children's grades!
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8 years ago, FLSweetGal78
Needs to be fixed
This app is ok for the most part. It freezes up a couple of times but that's not my main concern. The app sometimes logs me in to kids accounts who I don't even know. I can be looking at my kids grades and next thing you know someone else's grades and info pop up. Makes me think how many others can see my own kids grades.
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6 years ago, Inddirea
Great but
As you know this is app is great for students like me. But they won’t let me download the app so over the summer I deleted this app because I no longer need it but today is the first day of school for me and I am trying to get the app back but it keeps on asking me for my Apple ID password although I don’t need it because I already had the app and when I put it in it doesn’t work y’all need to get the fixed because I need to check me grades. Thank you
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1 year ago, wwi11
Absolutely the Worst
It’s such a shame we cannot properly track our children’s progress in school. Nearly 99% of the time it says error just trying to login to check in on assignments, grades, enter any absences, etc It used to work fine, but over the past year it simply does not function. This should be a top priority to adjust so that parents can monitor and support their kids progress.
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10 years ago, Anibanani90
Great app!
Finally downloaded the app and was not disappointed. Quick easy access. Looks like many hours were put into its development. Would love to see the daily grades as well as report card.
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1 year ago, AAAKKGGG
This app use to be great! You could look at your child’s grades, contact teachers, look at upcoming and missing assignments. Now, you can’t even log in because there’s always an error . Constantly logs you out and error messages. When it does let you log in, pages are blank. So frustrating and useless! Dadeschools needs to fix these issues and help parents stay involved!
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8 years ago, Markaloody
I like it so far, but there's a minor problem
I really like the app so far and I can access it anywhere and anytime, which I find extremely helpful. However, at the same time, recently, it has chronically been crashing on me and I can't do anything about it. So I guess the app is great but it needs some minor bug fixes!
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1 year ago, Mia_sdg
Unreliable app
This is a terrible app. You would think that a school district that gets so much money from the state and tax payers would have a reliable app. Parents, students and district employees depend on this app, that seldom works properly. The district needs to find a better app or qualified developers to fix the app. We need the app to work in order to get the information we need when we open the app.
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3 years ago, jzjxtyxutciy
Really like the new interface
I really like the overhaul of your site and app. I also like the use of the less heavy and more light blue. I also don't get stuck in rabbit holes in the app anymore.
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4 years ago, yframed
app is very outdated and it seems like dadeschools is not open to feedback
the app has an out-of-date UI and gets no updates. it makes you feel sad that this is your school district. there doesn’t seem to see any option for feedback and same goes for the dadeschools website. please up your game in these sectors; it’s a rather tedious experience using these services.
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10 years ago, Fluffy-Chan
Well then
I didn't expect for Dadeschools to make an Application for mobile devices. I do believe that it will be very useful and it will be a lot simpler to check my class schedule when it comes out. So far, so good.
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1 year ago, Maddiemedi
Horrible place and app
This app is so bad I only had it for one day and now it doesn’t work at all saying error messages and all that and the school is worse DO NOT SEND YOUR KIDS TO THE THIS SCHOOL!! Some of the teachers are mean and be doing the most saying and being rude to students at the school like the music teacher omg he is the worst person to ever exist he yells at students a lot and none of the students like him
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2 years ago, ace family member
Hi please fix
Hi I’ve been trying to see my kids grads for the longest and for some reason it doesn’t let me, I click on where it saids grades and nothing happens or where it saids to see the class schedule please can you fix this before school starts again , thank you
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4 years ago, young dagger envy
Pretty good
This app is really good but all I ask is that they fix it for the iPhone XR because it seems as if it does not work correctly for these phone
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6 years ago, Aria Khazaei
Please make support for the iPhone X
I love the app and I like how fast you can check your grades but I’m the only thing I don’t like is that the app is not supported for the iPhone X thank you dev and please fix this please thank you.
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10 years ago, Mayu2071
I love this APP
This app is amazing the schedules are up but not on the real portal it's good that this app has it but there is one weird thing that it doesn't show grades besides that I'm going to Shanendoah Middle School I practically need this app besides the grades I love this app!
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9 years ago, JujuMonk
Download worthy
It's a very easy to use application. I particularly like the report card feature and classroom schedule. I highly recommend it to all parents.
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3 years ago, Caca😌
Great app!!!
New update has made it so much easier to use, i really love this app, i can check everything i need to know super easy!! I love it :))
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5 years ago, jojoIbr
App is not that good
What is the point of downloading this, it glitches a lot and it sometimes crashes or it freezes. The app also sometimes doesn’t let you check grades, might as well just not be lazy and go on the website.
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10 years ago, Tay145
Overall it's good
The app is good but the application picture doesn't show on the home screen can you fix that please.. thank you
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8 years ago, Honest reviews| GamePro
Only thing good about dade schools
Great app it would be even better if new things where added. Example: able To see your GPA and a "What's going on button" that tells you news related to dadeschools.
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1 year ago, musephotos
Cant open the app
It doesn’t work at all and it’s very difficult to keep up with ny child’s grades. This has been happening since the beginning of the school year. Really this is unacceptable. This should have been taken care of by now. Don’t ask for us to pay more taxes for school funds if YOU ARENT GOING TO DO YOUR JOBS. It’s utterly ridiculous.
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2 years ago, Reviewer305786
Continuously glitches
App frequently does not recognize Face ID. Continuous to glitch even when updates are made. There are so many useless links on this app. Simplify it and keep the most used. The sign in button for staff should be given a calendar where staff can verify if they signed in on previous days.
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12 months ago, Mary K in the Key
App never works
The app does not load on my phone. I’ve tried to remove it and reinstall it in an effort to get it to work, but to no avail. It would be great if it would actually work. Miami-Dade doesn’t provide any information on who to contact to fix this issue, so there seems to be no solution.
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3 years ago, pretty princes1234
Please fix this
Every time I get on this app it does not let me log into my account all it does is load for life, and sometimes I delete this app and re-download it and it does the same thing. I need to check my grades and classes
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7 years ago, George diaz
App is ok.
App does its good very well. It's a little too plain. I would like to see some new colors for next update. Overall it's great. Maybe some notifications about grades can come in the future?
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10 years ago, Neida L.
Pretty Good
Everybody has gotten their schedule but not me! I really want to know my teachers before school starts on Monday. It would be really great if they put the class schedule sooner though. But other than that it's ok.
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10 years ago, David2025
Amazing App
This is a pretty useful app, as a student in MCPSHS I can check my schedule when summer is close to ending, I'll be updated on everything that's going on. So far so good.
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5 months ago, miami1022
The app and new website are both useless. The purpose is to monitor our children’s grades,assignments and attendance. All you get is error codes. I had the old account nearly 20 years never had a problem now they are forcing you to use a new login and this useless app.
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3 years ago, _nina<333
So much better than going in and out of safari
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4 years ago, Missiva
Needs more compatibility
So far so good but it needs to be compatible with older iPhones because not everyone has an iPhone 8 or above. Or the health screening needs to be on the portal :) thank u!
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8 years ago, grungereject
just another student
Need some improvement and bug fixes but overall a good app. School calendars should be added to the home screen.
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