Daily Breeze

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2 years ago
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User Reviews for Daily Breeze

1 out of 5
1 Ratings
4 years ago, KatBMo
Love this app!
I’m so proud to support my local paper by subscribing to their news content. In a world where our local papers are becoming extinct, we need to pay for this wealth of knowledge. The app is easy to use, I don’t experience any issues with ads since I have the unlimited access with no ads subscription service. Great and easy to use!
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2 months ago, lapiness
Impossible to cancel!
Trying to cancel the subscription since February, the reports are mediocre. Cancellation request with all details was emailed. They keep sending many many fishing mails and if you don't respond to their offers, since cancellation was requested in the first place, they keep changing!
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12 years ago, Gerracuda
Much Improved! Working Great!
I tried Daily Breeze app again this morning and I was PLEASANTLY SURPRISED! Everything I tried worked without a hitch and I enjoyed making the font larger. Thank you to all involved in fixing it. Like the previous reviewers I had tried back in October and it had major issues. But they have been fixed. Yeah!
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11 years ago, South Bay Beach Cities-girl
Love your app
I was so happy to see your paper on this app! I must say; your news paper is the best in the South Bay beach cities. I've been reading your news paper since I've learned to read and have always referred to your news paper for all my needs in reference to the South Bay Area! It was a pleasure to find you on app, through CHANNEL 7 news link on the web! Would also like to thank ABC7 Los Angeles News station for the link to your app! Absolutely love your app, this app makes my on the go life easy, especially now while searching for employment! Thank you again!
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11 years ago, vacantgrl
Up to date breaking news!!
Whenever I want to know about what's going on out there in the world and (even more so) the Southbay! I check out my Daily Breeze breaking news. It continually refreshes all the time. I love it! And haven't had any problems with crushing :))
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12 years ago, Johnny connect the dots
Much better than the original app
The new version of this app is much better than the original I love it
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11 years ago, Ismihalu1
Not such a breeze...
Overall look of the app is good, I like how the color of the text changes when you open an article, and I like the breaking news feature. The problem, and a major one, is that 80% or more of the time the articles don't open...you just get a blank screen. If this is fixed I could see myself giving the app 4 stars, right now it gets 2..
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9 years ago, three1ooh
Cannot access article without subscription
As soon as you attempt to view a news article, you are prompted for log-in credentials. If you click cancel, you are swiftly exited from that article....I am a current Daily Breeze newspaper subscriber and attempted to create the required account using my status. However, it does not benefit me at all. This is seriously making me consider canceling my newspaper subscription.
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9 years ago, Abe29
Requires a subscription to read the news using the app
I used to be able to read local news using the iPhone app. Now, a subscription page is prompted. When you click to close the subscription page, you are redirected to the main page and are unable to read any news articles. The app now only let you read the headlines.
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12 years ago, Yeahhhthatchick
Cool App
I live on the other side of the country from Los Angeles and the Daily Breeze App allows me to easily see what's going on at home. No problems with it.
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12 years ago, Jlt2906
Disappointed completely
App worked for a few days but then I noticed the news wasn't changing for long periods of time, and now there are no subject selections (you cannot choose 'crime' 'obituaries' 'local news' etc etc.. All you can get is breaking national news.. Sorry I have better apps for National news! Deleting app! Disappointed totally!
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6 years ago, trés T33
U/I needs some help!
The content is great but the U/I often makes it so difficult to access it... I end up going elsewhere for my local news! Almost every time someone sends me a link to a DB story, the app says I cannot access it because I have already reached my max number of articles! PLEASE SORT OUT THE U/I ISSUES so we can enjoy the amazing content!
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10 years ago, cca3340
Why do I need to subscribe?
I used to be able to read the stories without having to sign in. However something changed and now I have to pay for a subscription before I can read the stories online? No thanks.
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10 years ago, ryeandgin
This new version of the Daily Breeze app is really bad. The ads are huge and in your face. The app prevents you from easily scrolling past the ads to get to the next story. If that isn't annoying enough, the app often crashes. The start-up time is slow and it's very unresponsive. Lots of bugs.
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11 years ago, KatieJKat
Solid news app
Haven't had any problems with this app so far. Keeps me updated :)
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11 years ago, JenSprad
Worse with each update
This app has always just been mediocre with most stories not showing up in a timely manner. With the last update, hardly any of the articles can be read unless you're a subscriber. Might as well just make it a paid app if you can't get any news!
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10 years ago, Investment Boss
Slow and not User Friendly
App takes too long to load and news threads take up too much space on the home page. It was better before with the single text lines.
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11 years ago, Dodgergirl_55
I like this app, but I don't get why there was nothing written about the Dodgers in the news about California. I mean there was stuff about the Giants losing and the Angles, but nothing about how the Dodgers broke the streak of 13 consecutive wins on the road. What the hec is up with that!!!
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11 years ago, whatthefolk
I enjoy this app...
But I wonder why the same stories that appear in Local News, Top News, California, and Nation/World. Otherwise, great job.
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12 years ago, Nomadicoder
Was hoping for spreed's speed reading option
When I saw this was a Spreed product, I was looking forward to speed reading my local news. But I was greatly disappointed to find that feature missing in this app.
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6 years ago, Liz Socha
I absolutely hate the new feature of having an advertisement pop up every 30 seconds. It makes it impossible to use the app. I’ll check back in a few months to see if it becomes useful again or it goes into the electronic trash can.
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12 years ago, C chipo
Can't access full website
This app is ok but I am still trying to figure out how to get to the full website of the Daily Breeze. Maybe it's user error on my part but if there is a way to do it, they don't make it easy.
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11 years ago, Jlynlakegray
Worst updates
This used to be a great app for local news. I'm deleting it and will no longer even use Daily Breeze. With so many ads and so much time between events happening and news being posted, this app is worthless. Very disappointed.
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10 years ago, B34512
Doesn't work
I love the local focus and they have interesting articles. But app doesn't work. I like local ads to know local businesses- but app, when it worked, had generic online ads. Perhaps this is a form of revenue for them that is under utilized.
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11 years ago, Naztynelz
Buggy at times but what can you expect it's a Torrance and South Bay paper not the Wall Street Journal.
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11 years ago, Nickwalk
Love it!!!
I love this app. It keeps me up to date with things going on around me.
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11 years ago, mary.k.argyris
No search for older items
Too bad app doesn't provide a search to look up past articles
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12 years ago, animegirl-28
Restaurant closers .
I wish you would include this section. Also horoscopes and advice, and ask us. It seems this app is not the full paper only portions of it .
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3 years ago, Cool :-)
Now that you are moving behind a pay wall, I am deleting this app. Too many ads in the first place and hard to find news on the app.
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11 years ago, Tjsopinions1
Yes it's local, but it is set up better than LA Times and much better than NY Times!
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12 years ago, NVassilakis
The app has been unreliable in the past, sometimes not updating for a couple of days, but now it's been stuck on "Favorites" for three days. Have deleted and reloaded three times, with no improvement.
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12 years ago, Fhjtsdvg
Great App!
Updates everyday, good layout, now all I need to do is get naked. I love it.
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10 years ago, Richard Hammang
This Has became useless the very basic news is not even available, One would thought that you wanted your paper to have exposure, What they get now from me is this App deleted, I advise one not to use it , Use the LA Times App.
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11 years ago, Carvajo8560
Very good application. Easy to use.
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10 years ago, JP_JMJ
Old News
Articles do not refresh daily. My list of articles is often 2 days old. Have trouble opening articles. Some may load but not most.
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9 years ago, Lapptastic
Don't waste time.
No access to stories unless you are a subscriber. Better off getting LA TIMES or any other news app, unless you just like reading headlines to stories you can't read.
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10 years ago, Fermina9098
Horrible App
Any article I tap in brings me to a login page. After pressing close about four times an ad pops up. If you close that you eventually get to the article selected. Horrible app.
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11 years ago, Carlos Albuja
Good app however
Pics take a long time to load or don't load at all
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9 years ago, Robbishimo
Used to be good
Since upgrading ios to 8.x.x, VERY glitchy! Have had to delete and reinstall three times within a week. I guess I'll just read it via my web browser!
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10 years ago, Ray From South Bay
Hate This App
This app is even worse than the actual paper. The Daily Breeze used to be a good paper but it is now a shell if itself. The South Bay needs a better local news source. This app is really bad.
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12 years ago, Arkatekt
What happened!?!?
This app was working good for a while and now the content just disappeared? You can't choose between subject matter anymore, like crime, sports, local news, etc. Not good...let's get it together.
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9 years ago, Moni O
Need to fix
This app does not load and crashes all the time. It just takes up space and is not worth having.
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12 years ago, koocsgirl
Half the stories are just headlines. When you click on a story it states article isn't available. Wow! Stories are not up to date stating 2 and 3 days ago this isn't a newspaper it's a magazine at best.
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11 years ago, pigdogs
Broken by last update
After last update. Will not open articles. Do not download until fixed useless app now.
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10 years ago, TNT6743
I'm deleting this app
I can't turn off the annoying news pings. It gave me the score to a game I wanted to watch later. Ugh. Not even a spoiler alert. The updates it pushes don't interest me.
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11 years ago, Maxibear71
Great App
I just got this app and am very happy with it. I live in north east San Diego county but still get local weather for my area. I'm a San Pedro native. Still check the Daily Breeze everyday. Thanks for the app
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12 years ago, DBrantly68
This app got worse
Refresh stinks. News takes forever to update. How could an update make things worse? Thanks to Daily Breeze they proved it can be done.
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12 years ago, UsedtolovethisApp
Wish I didn't download the new version....
I echo the other comments for this version. This app is missing the functionality of the prior version. I can't get the news I want
Show more
11 years ago, Torranceka
Stories do not open anymore. When they did work news was days behind the website.
Show more
12 years ago, Borgkde
I agree with the most recent 10 comments below. Not useful to only have the favorites and nothing else to choose from. WHAT HAPPENED??
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