Daily Freeman

1.7 (20)
32.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Journal Register Company
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Daily Freeman

1.7 out of 5
20 Ratings
12 years ago, Calypso Kid
Getting Better
Below is a negative review that I previously left. I just loaded up version 2.0. It seems to work 1000 times better. The articles load much faster and the amazing thing is that they ALL load. The articles are also available off line. Thank you developers. You have done a much better job on version 2.0. Tried it in July and it would not load the articles. It shows all of the headlines, weather, and articles but when you click on them it never connects to their server. Tried it again today. Figured they worked out the bugs. No such luck. Same problems. Doesn't work on my iPhone, my friends iPhone or my iPad. It's no wonder these guys are claiming bankruptcy for the second time. They want to go digital but don't seem to know how.
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10 years ago, Moriah24
Great app
Although I haven't lived in NY in 30 years I still consider the Freeman my home town newspaper. This is a much appreciated access to my roots... It is superbly constructed and very easy to navigate. Thank You
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3 years ago, Mamianka
Hideous and mostly unusable.
I have tried, using my fairly knowledgeable digital skills. Iphone 8 Plus, several different browsers, as well as on a newer computer, trying several browsers. Takes at least a dozen patient clicks to get to anything. Wifi in house is strong and fast, and the fault is ALWAYS the various Freeman apps and their upgrades (HAH!). Latest - I need to keep an older Freeman screen on Safari or Mozilla, if I want to even try to read the Freeman. Cancelled our dailt delivery (except for Sunday - want the ads) - and total cancellation coming soon. I read several other papers and news feeds daily - you are soon expendable.
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10 years ago, John ....
Was fine until recent update
The Daily Freeman app was always a great app, always a great place to find good local news and what was going on in the area. The videos were easy to get to and played smoothly. I downloaded the update a few days ago (three or four). The new app is not very user friendly or smooth- they're trying too hard to look like other big news apps when they were perfectly fine already! Now when I attempt to start the app, I get the start up screen....then, it crashes. This has happened for the past day or two.
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2 years ago, unimaginably awful app
Lousy app
It is extremely difficult to use the app. In settings it tells me I’m logged in using Auth0 (whatever that is), but it won’t let me read full articles. It keeps offering me subscription deals, but I’m already a subscriber. If I try the “Restore Subscription” button (which also pops up frequently), it tells me no subscription found. To add insult to injury, it wants a nickname to post a review, but if you attempt to use something negative, it says nickname already in use!
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5 years ago, Jmn53
Worse news app ever !
This is by far the worst news app. It is slow, non-intuitive, and usually out if date. The cover page and menus are dated looking - the equivalent to the drive-in half time shows in a world of sleek and sophisticated. And forget it if you actually attempt to search for a story. The only consolation is that it lacks the onslaught of ads that make articles on its companion website virtually unreadable. Hard to imagine but the app and website actually make its mediocre paper edition look good.
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7 years ago, Fishernan
New app is disappointing
I preferred the previous app. I dislike the dark background and small font on this one. The picture behind the headline story makes it difficult to see. While the loading speed did improve, it seems like there are much fewer stories. Some of the features seem to be missing. It is not a comfortable reading app. The pictures arent showing like they used to.
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10 years ago, Ets121
Horrible after new update!!!
The app is unusable after the latest update. The app will crash many times while trying to be opened. If the app is able to open, it is very slow but you get to view a article for a few seconds before it crashes again! Total joke! The previous versions were good and better to navigate than the Freeman's website. Unfortunately their app is now like their website....junk.
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5 years ago, harry frey help
Very very disappointing
Been a subscriber to the Freeman for the past 52 years. Delivery is beyond horrendous so tried the app. Also beyond horrendous. Old news, not recent and no alerts. Obituaries are difficult should be recent and alpha order. What has happened To this hometown paper! So very disappointed. Most likely will give up subscription to daily paper much to my dismay. And you call this progress?
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11 years ago, Mrscorysmom
It's ok
Too many double articles. Obituaries should go back to how they were and list daily not abc order for all. Sections should match paper. Should be a people section. Where are the funnies. It's cool to have not to have to leave the house but a few more adjustments could give 5 stars.
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11 years ago, Srgghostkilla
I check it every morning
The app is always up to date and it is easy to use.
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11 years ago, Cioppa94
Nice App
Always works well and has solid content. I would recommend it to anyone in the area!
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9 years ago, Iwgegatcf
Great app👍
Great app i love staying up to date with local news but now you have to pay for a subscription? Thats so silly youre going to lose me as well as hundreds and thousands of others. Get local business to pay for ads
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11 years ago, Chihoodie
Good enough, but...
The app does basically what I'd hope it to...allow me to read the articles. I am, however, always finding myself wishing I could read and/or post comments below the articles!!!!!! 5 stars if that update is released.
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11 years ago, Pat you
Great app
It keeps you up to date on news, but dosen't have an alert to let you know when something big is happening .
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7 years ago, JKJ146
Obituaries please!!
Please provide daily (easy to read and search) obituary information. The old app had a link to a very difficult to read and follow obituary www site. But the new one doesn't have any link to the obit page! A local paper is valued for local info!!
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11 years ago, Otherlleft
The old version lacked search and served up a tiny fraction of what is available on the web. The new version leaves all that the same, but now includes the same sleazy pop-up ads that make the website irritating. If this is the only way the Freeman can stay afloat, I will soon turn to gossiping with my neighbors.
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11 years ago, Msmollysunshine
The Daily Freeman is atrocious
I have been reading the Freeman my entire life until the last few months. I have become disgusted with your lack of sensitivity or common courtesy as well as accurate reporting. Journalism is reporting the entire, unbiased story. This paper does not deliver either part. This app is being deleted as soon as this review is submitted.
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12 years ago, Z-Man 1994
I don't have to pay money for the paper anymore
Great app.
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11 years ago, Denali Dave
Freeman app
It's gets you the news but each story repeated many times. Makes you feel like there is more news articles then there really is!
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3 years ago, bri7820
Arrest reports?
Disappointed to learn that the Daily Freeman no longer provides arrest reports for free. With violent crime in our area on the rise, I have relied on the Daily Freeman’s police blotter for the past few years as this information is vital for public safety. I had hoped it would stay this way.
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11 years ago, Nastame
Daily freeman app
Frequently crashes, national articles rarely load, events are from somewhere else and view the freeman site through the app is impossible because the viewport is fixed and small.
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2 years ago, She-Ra_MastressOfTheUniverse
Daily Freeman is too Woke
I’d prefer if the daily freeman stuck to news that enhanced and educated the local population as opposed to aggressively taking one side in promoting culture war wedge issues. I’ll be unsubscribed until they put the well being of our local population first.
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11 years ago, Randall Wynkoop
A waste
I usually look at this app at least twice a day but recently it has stopped updating the content. Nothing new for days. I find it hard to believe there is no new news out there. Work the bugs out please.
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11 years ago, Tomascal
Daily Freeman
A quick, handy guide to local news and events. Great weather info, too.
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11 years ago, Buffalo619
Cool app
Now I don't have to spend .75 cents on this rag ! I can just view it from my phone ! Decent app though !
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11 years ago, Jessibeans88
Doesn't update often
I like this app but it doesn't always update for the days stories on time.
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7 years ago, RACImages
Whom ever designed this app certainly did not intend for it to be used on an iPhone as the font is incredibly small. And the black back ground is not a smart choice either. As for the content included, well that leaves a lotto be desired also.
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11 years ago, Cindy L 599
Good news
Love having it
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12 years ago, Donnatjcarr
Slow on some things
Not very up to date with the obituary. So far I haven't had a problem loading up dice the upgrade.
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3 years ago, crystynaDD
Was good until they logged me out
Was good app until they logged me out and expect me to pay again I’ll just delete the app so much for local news
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7 years ago, Robertoes66
Almost empty
Lists several categories but some are not available. No national or world news but that is not really a surprise since the Freeman itself has so little world news.
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9 years ago, OccupyWilliamsburg
Subscription needed now
What otherwise would have been a 5 star review, now a subscription is needed for this local news content. Can't sell enough newspapers to cover an app with minimal info?!? Lame.
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2 years ago, prf465
My online subscription expired June 28, 2022. I would like to renew online but I can’t find a link. Thank you.
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4 years ago, Anton Huber
Low class
Repeat, repeat, repeat...... and then repeat some more. No access to replica edition from the app. I’ve been around here since 1994 and it’s just been a slippery slope downhill all that time culminating in this amateur app.
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11 years ago, wkings6938
Adds for nothin!!!!!
I click on a story and then have click thru an add and then NO ARTICLE? It happens At least once a day but this morning 4 stories were NO ARTICLE AV....... It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to deal with adds
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3 years ago, Assistedinsanity
Used to be good now it’s garbage
Can even use it anymore wants you to have a subscription to the paper I can google the news for free
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9 years ago, Vosp747
Looks like u have to subscribe now
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1 year ago, GGOO CAVs
Absolute trash. It’s nearly impossible to cancel, they don’t answer their phones and are useless via email.
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11 years ago, Ker714
Its ok
Never updates. Same stories multiple times on same page.
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11 years ago, Occhi1
App does not update latest news!??
This update messed up the latest news - I can't see any news for the past two/three days
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11 years ago, Neilms70
Could be a lot better!
Stop the repeat headlines.
Show more
11 years ago, Justin 123
Needs improvement
Getting the same story 6 times per page is pretty annoying. This app is purposeless versus the mobile site.
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9 years ago, FantasyFootball11111
What a joke
Worst news App I have ever used. The Poughkeepsie Journal App makes this one look like it was created by a 7th grade computer science class. You can't possible be proud of this product.
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10 years ago, SpiritmanDave
Horrible Interface
This app is gotten hard to scroll..... The obituaries are clunky
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7 years ago, Lynchboywhat name isn't taken
Stories old and missing content that was in old app. Events not up to date. Should return to old app.
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10 years ago, Murph12483
Will not update. I haven't received an update on the news in 6 days. Kind of annoying.
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7 months ago, rondout
Could no be worse
Most difficult app ever used will not renew
Show more
11 years ago, Tj4295
I really like the Daily Freeman. However, I find their website and app very disappointing.
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12 years ago, hamidullah ward
This app wont update. Continues to say its up to date but the articles is two days old!
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