Daily Hampshire Gazette

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Newspapers of New England, Inc.
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1 year ago
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User Reviews for Daily Hampshire Gazette

4.69 out of 5
139 Ratings
8 months ago, Berrycape
Great Local paper
I have read this paper off and on for many decades mainly because I worked in Hampshire County. I recently subscribed to the digital edition. I currently don’t work or live in Hampshire County but enjoy reading this paper. I find it very well written and put together, in fact much more so than the Springfield “ Repulsive”. ( I do not subscribe to this paper..waste of $$) The Gazette is more informative of community news, events, and important communications that are needed to get out to citizens. Thank you to the publishers for putting together a decent work of journalism and informative vehicle. Laura Bogdanowicz
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4 years ago, Chris of Amherst
Daily Hampshire Gazette
The Gazette is a terrific award-winning local paper, first published in 1786. I like their app because I like the paper, and because I like the format. You see the pages of the newspaper, so it feels a lot more like ‘reading the paper’ than, say, the NYT app. You can read the headlines, and if you want to know more, you click on the article and it’s immediately enlarged for easy reading. The Gazette is struggling as are many local papers, from competition from internet based journalism and from COVID-19. I very much hope it manages to thrive into the rest of its third century! Chris Riddle, Amherst, MA
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3 months ago, Finn Robert McCool
Great to be back reading the DHG!
I Just didn’t realize how much I was missing over the years… I’m feeling a part of the community once again! Thank you to the entire staff at the DHG… I’m enjoying reading the Digital News on my Mobile Phone…it’s just incredibly fluid and very well presented in easy to read columns… Well done to all…the reasonably priced digital subscription was well within our price range… and… “worth every penny”… With Best Regards, JAM Jr… Happily Retired “Hamp” Resident!
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2 years ago, graffmanque
Hurrah for Gazette Net!
It’s great to be able to see the paper both in layout and article by article. And to be able to search by article. Searchability would be good too, especially for back issues. still receive the paper daily in physical form, especially for advertisements.
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4 years ago, Hatfield 58
I don’t agree with your political views as I believe that Donald Trump is best for the future of this country and will keep us free. With Biden and his condition and his history of relations with China and his Vice Presidential choice he will end freedom as we know it. I also believe in a free press that doesn’t suppress the truth and if Biden gets elected our mainstream media will get even worse than it is today. Thanks
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6 months ago, Lex2ty
Surprisingly good
I’ve been a paper in your hands guy for many years. Moving to and e-paper was a leap of faith but I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use. When you see something interesting, you just click on it to expand and read it comfortably. I’m a convert.
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1 year ago, KayakSally
E-edition is great!
I’m really enjoying the e-edition! The photos are in color. I can enlarge each column to read a larger type. During a snowstorm when the driving was AWFUL, my newspaper was right on my tablet & ready to read. I figured out how to get the puzzles to print, but I am happy to have both newsprint & e-edition.
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1 year ago, levined1
Excellent app for an excellent newspaper.
We are extremely fortunate to have a good app that provides easy access to our fine local paper. I hope that, as a community, we can support both services to assure their full health in the years ahead.
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2 years ago, CrankinSteve
Good, But Could be Better
It has improved over time. Swiping to next page should put you at the top of the page and lock it in instead of leaving you between pages. Pressing on a multi-page story should give you the whole story and not just what is on the page. Still, it works and I am glad to read it on my iPad.
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3 years ago, Hastings Drive
Daily Hampshire Gazette
Would you please carry editorial cartoons by Clay Bennett of the Chattanooga Times Free Press. They are excellent with fine artwork and thoughtful insights. They are featured in your sister newspaper The Valley News of West Lebanon, NH where I lived before moving here. Bennett has won a Pulitzer for his cartoons! Thank you! STMcA Easthampton, MA
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4 years ago, Ria Lyphe
Gazette on line is great
It’s been a good change to get the paper on line. The app is very easy to use. The only problem is not being able to send articles to myself or others from the app.
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2 years ago, Scubachuck12
Like reading the printed paper
This app usually works fairly well. It’s in the print edition format, so it feels like I’m reading the paper the way I used to. Easy to navigate, but sometimes doesn’t load completely, so chunks of text are missing.
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1 year ago, Appman5605
Works and looks great
I really like the app, so glad that our local paper can be read in print layout format on the iPad. The developers did a fantastic job.
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2 years ago, marchies
Important Resource
Having access to all local events, meetings, politics is important for me when it comes to a place I love. And I love this community for many reasons, the DHG often reminds me why.
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5 months ago, Bikestats
Great local paper, now easier to read wherever I am
The app works really well, particularly on iPads, as a way to read the local paper, wherever I am.
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3 years ago, Artistica27
Digital access to Daily Gazette is great.
Now that I don’t have to sign in every time to read the paper digitally, I read it every day. I’m glad that you changed the access rules because I found the other way very annoying and avoided using it.
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2 weeks ago, MaryMcD1954
readin’ the gazette
I have been reading the Gazette for nearly 50 years, since I first moved to Northampton. Love the accessibility the app provides, only issue I have is that I have to log in each time to read. Small inconvenience!
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3 years ago, DAPOHW
Great news and a great app
The Daily Hampshire Gazette has been a mainstay in local news in our community. The app provides a solid reading experience. Please support our local paper!
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6 months ago, KB in MA
Nice way to read the paper without PAPER!
Good app, just takes a little getting used to the navigation, which isn’t as clear as it could be.
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2 years ago, BACActon
Easy to use
The Gazette app works well on an iPad. I find it less readable on a smartphone. Page downloads occasionally work only partly, with pages blurred until the app retries. At least I’m saving paper!
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3 years ago, Merry Blacksmith
Good for a local paper
It’s not amazing, but you can read the news on your phone or tablet and for a local paper that’s pretty great!
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2 years ago, lingolearner
Love our small town newspaper with big town coverage
I love the agazette and it’s deep coverage of local sports, highlights of town and regional events, COMICS and the op/Ed page. Must read daily.
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10 months ago, Grammy Rouz
In Australia enjoying Daily Hampshire Gazette
Been out of country since July 22 and have kept up with news around home with e-edition!
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2 years ago, Hamp Vamp
My review of the Daily Hampshire Gazette
This is the very model of what a local newspaper should be. It is organized and very intelligent fashion, the news is presented clearly and persuasively. I love this paper.
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1 year ago, eaoeo
Gazette is easy to read online
I never have to miss reading the Gazette since I get it online
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3 months ago, Paul Kaplan Music
Crashes every time
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4 months ago, Li'l Orby
Convenient and dependable
Not the same as a real newspaper in my hands, but still good.
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3 years ago, Shermi123
Back Home News
Even though I live in NH, I always like to stay on top of my home town news. Born and raised in Florence, I have always read the DHG.
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3 years ago, Dcan12345
Better than website
App is decent. Way better than using their website on mobile.
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2 years ago, KevinC413
Love my Gazette
If you are new to our Happy Valley, congratulations on finding the Gazette, a locally-owned paper written by people who know and love our valley. The Gazette is truly a gem. And welcome!
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3 years ago, weatherguy44
Enjoy daily news
Easy to navigate app. Provides me with all the daily news I need in a pleasing newspaper format.
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3 years ago, Dorothy Cresswell
Daily Hampshire Gazette app
I read it on my phone every morning even when I’m in FL for six months a year! Great paper—-great app!
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4 years ago, cavaliershiningsword
Great local paper
Consistently provides news of the valley
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3 years ago, Dr, R
Dr. R
I look forward to the daily Gazette every morning!
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4 years ago, Andrewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Low vision paradise
Really appreciate how accessible this app makes the gazette to a low vision user.
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4 years ago, Excal Joe
Works great.
The app works great. Terrific source of local news. Support your local newspaper!
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2 years ago, Sue Trudeau
Always loved the Gazette! Even delivered it for years
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4 years ago, hurled151
Like the local news source
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2 years ago, Doorkb1
DHG online
I’m still a paper preferer, but their online edition is easy and great.
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3 years ago, drlberrn
Figured it out!
Great app, great paper. Slow learner.
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3 years ago, BillyBobBeer
Complete and easy to read! A great App!
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1 year ago, ghxYhgjnd
Top local paper
And a great app. Love it.
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4 years ago, Kimmix
Love my hometown paper
Keep it up, Gazette!
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1 year ago, Mandoimposter
Daily Hampshire Gazette
Good coverage of local arts and sports. Weaker on digging on Democratic party misbehavior
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6 years ago, allnamesaretaken000
Updates have caused crashing
This app keeps crashing on me. Every time I click on an article a video tries to play every 5 seconds. I cannot read an article without a lot of effort.Bugs need to be fixed.
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