Daily Herald E-edition

1.5 (73)
100.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Paddock Publications, Inc.
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Daily Herald E-edition

1.55 out of 5
73 Ratings
8 years ago, Abbey641
Update is a mess!
I've been reading the Daily Herald on-line every day for the past two years. Although the old app needed a little cleaning up, the entirely new version is riddled with bugs, links that don't work and a new user interface that is much more clunky and non-intuitive than it was before. A few changes would have been in order but this new version is a mess! Hope you're working on this or viewership will dramatically drop!
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4 years ago, 5 Steps Backwards
Terrible update
Upgrade? I Would call it more of a downgrade. It Crashes all of the time!! Often times the most updated paper is yesterday's issue not the current issue. I have news for you Daily Herald, yesterday's news is old news. The only thing good about the new app is that you can print from it; otherwise, it was a major step backwards. It doesn't look / feel like a paper, and personally, I liked how the old version did. The ONLY modification that was needed on the old app was to enable printing, otherwise it was just fine. Oh, and did I mention it crashes ALL OF THE TIME??!! Get it together Daily Herald!! Read your reviews, and fix the app!
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2 years ago, RickMc58
works well but outdated
Compared to the WSJ app, this app is outdated. It doesn’t have a zoom page view by tapping, it instead opens a reader page. You can zoom by using your fingers on the screen…..which is fine, but not as intuitive as having the option for zoom or reading pane. i’ve read comments about not getting the current edition, I think that’s the users wifi problem. when that’s happened to me, by wifi had issues.
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8 years ago, Vegaslvr85
There was nothing wrong with the old app as far as I was concerned. Now I can't think of anything I remotely like. It sometimes takes over an hour to download and even if it says it downloaded when you try to open offline it's unavailable. I don't like that you can't read it by section. I have yet to read one paper without getting booted out at least once. Some sections repeat 3 or 4 times before you can get to the next section. Most pictures have horizontal lines through them and you can't make them out. Newspaper circulation seems to be dwindling and this doesn't seem to help. Please please please fix it!!
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4 years ago, jamwu
Works fine
I have been using this app for a week on iphone as well as on ipad pro. It works fine and I have not encounter any crashes so far. Keep up the good work. As for the news, it would be good to have more positive local news, since most national news now days are too gloomy and focus only on the negative. Got to have positive news to provide positive energy to the reader!
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5 years ago, Huntley Rider
Very Awful app
Since the redo of the DH app, I have not been able to get in to read the paper that I subscribe to. Since I travel to see family now instead of business, it would be nice to be able to read what is going on at home. It keeps asking for an email address and password that I never had to set up before and never was asked to set up. On top of that it does not allow you to set up and load in. Who ever designed this new update should be shown the door and to find someone who can properly design something that works.
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10 months ago, jan-stc
This app is a mess!
This app is not working…I have been a daily reader of the DH digital edition for many years….before that a paper edition reader. Prefer the digital. I can not get to the actual paper at all. I login and when I click on the paper it keeps taking me to my Login page which says Logged In. I am in this vicious circle. I reloaded the new app. Still not working. I opened my old app and it automatically put me in the new one and I could not go back… You need to communicate or you will lose your readers!!!
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10 years ago, Kel72267
Content is ok, but download speed is so slow it is not readable, and continues to get worse. I took the subscription but will not renew unless it improves quickly
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5 years ago, 47714530
I am disabled, and cannot read the print edition. You’re continued “ updates “ make the paper ridiculously more difficult to navigate after each revision. Besides constant crashing, my frustration and patience is at wit’s end. If your readers opinions are important to you, then fire the current people masquerading as IT specialists and get this app back working properly. I will be one of the Herald’s lost subscribers if this is not corrected. Hoping this will not fall on deaf ears. # FIX IT
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6 years ago, Dirk Reno
Useless IT Deptment
ALWAYS CRASHES!! There isn’t a day goes by that I try to read this e-edition but it always crashes. I send feedback to the Herald’s IT Dept. but there response is always the same: Delete the app, restart your iPad, then download the app from app store, the guess what -then same problem comes back a day later. What a useless IT Dept. the Herald has. They refuse to listen to the readers about fixing this bug and updating this app. HOW FRUSTRATING THIS IT JUST TO TRY TO STAY UP-TO-DATE ON TODAY’S NEWS!!!
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3 years ago, Mark Galli
Works well
Not sure what others are talking about. The app works flawlessly. I Ike to see the paper version, and it’s easy to expand a story or go into text mode.
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8 years ago, The Schaumburg Realtor
Keeps Crashing
I was trying to read the Sunday edition and every time I got to a certain page, the app crashed! Tried to go to another section and it crashed again and each time it crashes it has to reload and you start at the beginning of the paper, not even where you left off. This app is useless!
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6 years ago, Betsy_K
#1 in crashing—please stabilize
DH, I pay for a digital subscription but most days can not read all of it without the app crashing. Today I cannot even load it without crashing, either on updates iPhone X or on iPad. This level of service is unacceptable. Please hire whatever engineer or hosting company you need to in order to fix the chronic issue.
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6 years ago, Daring Don
One of the most frustrating apps
This app has gone from reliable to worthless. I can’t get further than the couple pages before it starts crashing, requiring reloading and trying again until finally giving up. (And to think I had to buy a subscription to experience this frustration.)
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6 years ago, fan nolonger
Awful app
Never had trouble with old app or the Trib App. Lucky if we can get through a day without crash. Today can’t open at all. Have reported multiple times with responses the issue has been corrected. Ha. Never is. After a life time of reading the Herald, I will not renew my subscription and will not read this paper any longer.
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6 years ago, 999qqq2
Very Frustrating
The app crashes frequently making it difficult if not impossible to red the paper. I provided feedback via their site and their response was they knew about the problem and were working on it - over a month ago. Ridiculous!
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8 years ago, StuckIn1900s
Bad upgrade
Had to walk out in the rain to get the paper today because app crashes on any page after a blank page. Have to agree with Abbey's post. Upgrade is a flop. Used to catch up on Lake County from anywhere in the world in my travels, but now frustrated every morning right at home. Going back to paper....
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6 years ago, Norman Earl
Crash, Crash, Crash
The new apt will crash every day somewhere in the middle of the paper. Yes, the paper was completely downloaded. I can never, ever, retrieve the individual page selection at the bottom of the page. I have two iPads and the it is the same problem on both!
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6 years ago, frustration #32
Frustrating app
Terrible app. Very inconsistent. Works fine for weeks and then it constantly crashes when swiping across pages. Daily editions are late being posted. Support is pretty much clueless about fixing the app. Don’t bother with downloading app just buy the paper edition it always works.
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8 years ago, DJGiannola
The "upgrade" turned out to be quite the "downgrade". It is now impossible to read the Daily Herald without starting over at least 10 times. And then, the app just shuts down for no reason. Happy you have charged us more for the paper.
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8 years ago, Beegee47
No reading view option, no tap article for full viewing, no single page viewing. Did anyone test this before putting it out? The Trib is even superior. Please bring back the old version until you have a new "tested" version. iPad iOS 9.3 user.
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10 months ago, Maxine& Morrie
Hate the new APP
Screwed up the best Newspaper app. I want to be able to select a single page view and then select the article on want to read by a single touch. This enough to make drop the subscription.
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5 years ago, MurleneM
Terrible since last update
Ever since the latest update I cannot open to read because it is asking me to log in. When I tried both emails it says it doesn’t recognize me so I can’t even reset my password....now what?!
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5 years ago, Envenomed
Keeps crashing
Does anyone at Daily Herald even read these reviews? Pay for e-edition and it crashes. Crashes getting more frequent and sometimes can’t even access long enough to read first page.
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8 years ago, Bjorn Hoopscoffel
Frequent Crashes
A bugridden piece of junk that crashes several times per reading. Downloads work sometimes,or partly, you never know. No version numbers either so we can't tell if its updated. Shame on you Daily Herald.
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6 years ago, BiggggB801
Fails miserably!
The Daily Herald should do an investigative report on the failure of their own app! This app stops working every day. Whatever I’m paying to see the paper electronically is not worth it. Get with the times DH! I’ve contacted the DH twice and they say it’s not their fault. I don’t believe it!
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5 years ago, Garbage847
What did you do?
What idiot pushed through this horrible, cumbersome update? Your paper is now unreadable! Navigation is terrible. Bring back the readable app (version Nov 13 and prior) or I cancel. You can’t even read this hot mess you’ve created. What a joke.
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10 months ago, mlcd8844
New update
This update is awful, not user friendly, hard to read one page at a time, why do you need to make a good thing better. Bad idea
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8 years ago, IllinoisAreaMan
Worked...now it doesn't
Always amazes me when a working app is updated to a broken one. Using latest iPad, all my password/login info correct. Just sits and grinds to a blank screen. Guess IT ran out of money to test the app.
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6 years ago, worthless3
Awful,Awful,Awful! Wish there was a zero star rating. Crashes all the time. Come on Daily Herald. Hire a company that can give you an app that works properly! This has been going on a long time!
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6 years ago, GoodGolfer74
Horrible app, pathetic waste of time
Tried to read "downloaded" version of today's paper on airplane. Used to get a PDF, now? Who knows, as you MUST have web access to read downloaded paper.
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8 years ago, Tt61665
Miss the menu section
The new format is missing the section list links are missing and the Neighbor section has been duplicated at least 4 times.
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4 years ago, Flowers4lyfe
App does not work
The app continuously crashes and or does not load the pages in full resulting in an endless wheel of death. Deleting the app and reinstalling does not help either.
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3 years ago, Robusta295
Great App
Easy to use and navigate
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6 years ago, willygee55
0 Stars
This app crashes on numerous occasions. I have brought this to the attention of Herald management several times but they show no interest in correcting the problem, just lip service.
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8 years ago, Tony932
This app rarely works properly. Closes down frequently while trying to read the paper. Time to subscribe to a different publication.
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8 years ago, Jrgutknecht
Less than one star
If I could give less than one star I would. This update is a mess. It's slow, pages are distorted, odd color overlays and some sections are just stretched. It's awful.
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2 years ago, Bob 1929
It doesn’t work anymore on my iPad. You click the preview and just see a garbage screen.
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8 years ago, !#%*!!!
One Star is Generous
The previous e-Edition was far superior. Hard to understand how a major newspaper could make such a major mistake in switching Apps. Too bad you can't revert to the old App.
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5 years ago, VERY DISAPPOINTED 287
Couldn’t agree more about this poor app. I have cancelled my subscription. Just plain tired of trying to read anything and or just plain getting it to work. BEWARE.
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10 months ago, St. Charles reader
Newest version doesn’t work
Whatever DH did in its latest upgrade, sadly doesn’t work
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6 years ago, lipsandears
All this does is shut down in the middle of reading the paper..why cant you fix this??????
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8 years ago, falsecut
Crashes when I open today's edition
Hope you fix it soon. Seems I can open yesterday's.
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6 years ago, LJ469
Terrible update
I agree, app crashes everyday, multiple times. I can’t read the paper!
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6 years ago, Horsegrl10
So they can see all of the bad reviews, which are justified, and they don’t care enough to fix it?
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9 months ago, Parrot Patty
Have to fight to get it loaded. New version is awful!
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6 years ago, bhartn48
I wish I could give it a - - star. I’m thinking about canceling it is so bad.
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5 years ago, earl-of-the-baskervilles
New app is not good.
If you were looking for an app that likes to crash, this is it. Welcome home.
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6 years ago, Don A W
1 Star - 0 Star
1 star is over rated. Very inconsistent app. Crashes all the time!
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8 years ago, Pebav
Incredibly difficult to navigate. Trying to look up an article in today's paper, somehow I end up on an edition a week old, and can't get back to what I want.
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