Daily Local

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Journal Register Company
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2 years ago
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User Reviews for Daily Local

1.44 out of 5
16 Ratings
11 years ago, Li'l Dave
Daily Local News
This is the best and most trusted source of news for the Chester County area. It's is also an excellent source for local sports and sadly the recent departed listed in the obituary section. Our family has been reading this periodical since we moved here in 1976, many many years ago. Here's to the Local Yokel!!!
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11 years ago, Mean business
Needs some work, but good concept
App looks like it could be useful. Asks for current location but keeps resorting to news and traffic in Philly. (I'm in Midwest- no where near Philly.) Be nice to be able to enter zips codes to find news in other states that I conduct business in. Good idea for an app but needs more options. In addition, when clicking on a category, be nice if it clicked straight through rather than clicking to a second page with the category name before teaching that page. Too many click throughs.
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9 years ago, jaimiehorton
Highly unimpressive
The app, every few days, will shoot back an error message that says content unavailable. It will display this message for a day or so before becoming available again. Also, the app only displays a limited number of stories. Stories from yesterday or last week are unavailable on the app. Not to mention the lack in diversity of the articles that the daily local publishes in general. Or follow up stories to give the reader a solution to previous articles. All in all, very unimpressive. Maybe the daily local needs some competition.
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11 years ago, Itsmesam27
I love Daily Local News!
I wish there were more job postings and more up to the min news! But other then that it saves me buying a paper everyday!
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8 years ago, AWylen
Surprise Subscription
I read the description and checked out all the vital info before downloading this app to check out. Then, as always, I also checked out the app itself, menus, and its settings. I found no pricing or subscription hints of any sort. Suddenly after using the app randomly for about a week in the middle of reading articles I start getting a sign into subscription pop up screen and blocked out of articles. What a hook line and sinker joke. Deleting this trash app after finalizing the review.
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10 years ago, Fallowfeild
The DLN staff have a lot to offer and the paper has been a part of the Chester County landscape since before I had my paper route over 50 years ago. Too bad, this app is not worth the time to install. With all the problems of the last app, you would think the developer and the service provider would get it right the second time around, instead it got worse. The app won't load most of the time. When it does load, there is no way to refresh, stories are not posted in a timely fashion, there is no way to get just the obituaries without the memorials or to get back to the obituaries once you open one to read. It also appears that no one monitors the app during the day to check on its functionality. Wake up DLN, your reader have come to expect more.
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9 years ago, Joe S 14
County level news now requires a subscription
Daily Local News is generally a joke of a news paper but they do cover some of the news that occurs in Chester County Pennsylvania so I did use the app most days. Now they are requiring a subscription and trust me this news paper isn't worth paying for. They are often days behind local news stories and sometimes never catch the stories when other news agencies do. App deleted.
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11 years ago, 3xau
Poor paper and web page
Unbelievably poor. For a local paper it isn't! What good is news that is 19 hours old? The reporting and writing is poor both in the on line edition and the printed edition. Do not editors exist any longer? Who, what, where and when evidently is no longer taught in journalism classes. What English teacher approves "snuck"? The DLN is two days behind the Phila. Inquirer and the Inquirer is two days behind the New York Times. No sense in buying the printed edition or reading the on line edition.
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10 years ago, clumsythief01
The Daily Local has definitely taken a step up in terms of the quality of their writing, and this app is perfect.
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12 years ago, JHMLH
Great app!!
Great app!! I wish other newspapers would do the same thing and update with a app like this one. Easy to use, navigate and lots of content. For someone who grew up in Chester County and no longer lives there this is a great app to keep up with the news in C.C.
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11 years ago, Lawyer Jim
Local News every day
Check it every day for local news and headlines. Updated regularly. Just what I need. Wonderful.
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10 years ago, Gofortheiman
Used to be good, latest update ruined it update ruined the app with huge pictures in the titles. Now, you can read 1-2 headlines at a time instead of 6+. The weather is also now cumbersome. I would have rated this app a 3 or 4 stars before this update, now both my wife and I are deleting it. It might be ok on an ipad with a huge screen but not an iphone.
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11 years ago, Joey DeFrancesco.
More granular control of contents would be nice. There is one category 'news' with all the stories in it. It would be better if broken down into: crime, business, world, etc... So you can easily find what is most interesting to yourself.
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12 years ago, chescoJS
The description does state this app is for Chester County...not sure how many other 'Chester' counties there are out there but this is a decent app for the local news for the Chester County here in southeastern Pennsylvania.
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11 years ago, TokenRaider
Daily Local News
Terrible App!!! The main purpose myself and others view it is to find out what's going on Locally in our communities. If a tragedy or uplifting event occurs locally I want to be able to read about it. The national and regional news should be SECONDARY to what occurs locally. I find this app and your Webb site totally disappointing as do many of your readers. ie. Evidenced by your avg. 2 star rating.
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11 years ago, Ceholmes
Nice ap
Great job Daily local news ..
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2 years ago, Jimmy T's
Poor Newpaper
I used to work there..in customer service. What a joke, more major complaints than I’ve ever been exposed to. All I can say it was like the Keystone Cops in action, 1 hand didn’t know what the other was doing. I quit being one of their managers after a month, best thing I did.
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11 years ago, BigJim19365
Works well poor content and poor writing
It is amazing how many newspaper writers on the Daily Local staff do not use spell check. Many of these news feeds seem to be cut and pasted together pieces of multiple articles and nothing makes sense. The factual information is inaccurate. Referring to a past article; bath salts are not synthetic weed. Bath salts mimic either cocaine or heroin.
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11 years ago, Soul Casual
Would appreciate better or should I say up to the minute coverage of top stories/news articles. This is not my go to site when I'm looking for breaking news, no way!
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9 years ago, Dailylackofnews
When it works it's pretty decent. Sometimes it will ask you to sign in and when you don't it will not let you read the article. Very annoying. Other times you don't have to sign it to read the articles.
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10 years ago, Mtebay
Great paper, TERRIBLE APP
WOULD GIVE 0 STARS IF AVAILABLE. I never write reviews but I can't help myself this time. This app is horrendous. It freezes and crashes constantly. I can't even scroll to read articles. I am deleting it. There is no reason for it to be this bad. It was much better before several recent 'updates.'
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11 years ago, Dr hate
Crap on a stick
Nevermind the undeniably biased preferential writing, the app updates are at best 2-4 days late. This does not push me to buy the printed copy of toilet paper nor view the spam-smothered website that they run. If I could start a boycott; I would. It's a shame there are no other comprehensive Chester County publications with the audience of lemmings that the DLN maintains
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1 year ago, Tencat951
Lacks functionality
This app is the worst newspaper app I have used. First, it should link to my email account so that when I receive my digital version via email and tap on the morning edition, the app should open. It does not. Tapping my digital version opens up on my internet page. Second, when opening the app, I cannot find the morning edition. And when I search an article that is in the morning edition it cannot find it! Worse app!
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11 years ago, KO1979
Horrible app is now worse, am deleting!
Bad navigation and lots of ads, but I dealt with it. But today, they had video ads that you're not able to skip, and for some reason it asked to access my calendar. I am deleting this app ASAP, very disappointed!
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10 years ago, Jim A R
Getting better each day!
DLN is improving. The breadth of topics is increasing. It has my attention every day. Every section!
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6 years ago, CableDude1122
Don’t bother
Very little content and only 1 or 2 stories are current. It’s a free app so you don’t risk much. And you don’t get much either. The print version isn’t bad. Going to delete this app and if I need local news, will stop at WaWa and pick up a copy.
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11 years ago, WCUDiver
This app never has current information. Currently, the information is 3 days old and will not refresh. It's ashame, just like the actual paper itself and the website, this IS the Daily LACK of News! :(
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12 years ago, Mac2122
You're a moron
To the poster who stated that it's pointless "unless you live somewhere in PA". The description clearly says Southeastern PA news. I pray that you can't reproduce
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10 years ago, Gapanese
Do not update.
I didn't think the app could get worse. But it did. After updating the app it crashes. And while reading it just opens apps that lead to the App Store. I've deleted and downloaded it again does not fix.
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12 years ago, Showponymom
No current important local news at all! Today's first story was about a woman winning football frenzy and not how Westtown/East Goshen police signed a contract! Also forget about reading the obits either. Definitely deleting the app, I have given it a month.
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3 years ago, cabincruiser
don’t fall for easy pay program
with easy pay program you may be auto renewed a week in advance. you cannot cancel online must call. 35 minutes for 2 different people and they want to keep your money that you don’t owe them for a week. when they’re super busy call recording offers you a call back option, which doesn’t work.
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11 years ago, JoeyTiii
Never up to date
It is a shame. This good be a great app but it is never updated in a timely fashion. I have my paper and the scores from last night basketball games is still not updated in the app. Waist of time and space.
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4 years ago, Martinibro
App never appears just keeps spinning. Very disappointing especially when you can down load the Daily Times app and it works automatically.
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9 years ago, Jasonargoship
Why do I need to signup
The new stories were old and stale. Now they you want you to sign up to track you, or send you spam. Have deleted the app, until they remove the signup.
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12 years ago, Scruts
Not bad but
Fix bug that cuts off obits and print them chronologically not alpha.
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7 years ago, dannymark11
Much needed refresh
Modern pleasing layout
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4 years ago, Moe-lasses
Idiot newspaper
First off, this app does not support my decision to get news coverage from all over the world, the name is terrible and the worst thing is I don’t want to get the news from there.
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12 years ago, Mrsbtrefz2011
Almost worthless
Half the articles I choose to read are "unavailable," and the obituaries are either out of date or are just "in memoriam" pieces...this app is like a broken pencil: pointless.
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6 years ago, kppresent
IPhone Compatability
Reader view not available from this app... you definitely need a microscope to read ... not good on iPhone
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7 years ago, Alecwestchester
Slow to update!
Only some articles update. Otherwise, it is ok.
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11 years ago, Cmenna
Daily lack of news
The new is not up to date in this app. This app is awful, news is 4 days old! Just as bad as their online paper! 6abc app is current !
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11 years ago, drsharon522
Where's the news?
I live and work in WC and I witness events occurring and come here to find out what happened. No mention of actual local news. Lead news story today? Tater Day!??
Show more
10 years ago, 809586026
It's ok.
Seems like it doesn't even open more than it actually works. And when it does I wish I could scroll thru more stories.
Show more
12 years ago, SiennaBleu
Good but incomplete
I love the app, but only half of the obituaries are there. If someone with a last name after "H" dies there obituary is not listed. Please correct this.
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10 years ago, Funtronic
This app is slow, frequently several days late in posting, and sloppy. It is unbelievable that so many spelling errors can occur in this day and age.
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12 years ago, Pt1955
Needs work
Like the last post the obits don't show anything past H.
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1 year ago, Jim51356
worst app ever
I just subscribed to the digital DLN and find it useless with this App. Nothing but pop ups and re-directs, can’t even finish an article.
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11 years ago, DDLeigh
Stories never update! I have been seeing the same stories for the 4 days! Nothing changes. Just stick to print.
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11 years ago, CJBIII
Delayed articles and now it appears the News section is gone.
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4 years ago, needdanews
A Joke..
It can go 24 hours without an update. The world could end and the Daily Local would not report it!
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