Dailymotion Video App

4.5 (11K)
109.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Dailymotion S.A.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dailymotion Video App

4.52 out of 5
11K Ratings
5 years ago, princess laci
Great app
I really love this app to watch all my favorite episodes of shows that barely airs anymore but i think the app needs a few updates, for starters i think if you watch a video and then close the app the video should be able to save your progress in the video, and maybe make it where are home page shows stuff we will be interested for the people who use this app to watch cartoons it would really help for that to be a feature, then maybe we will be able to delete a video from are playlist without having to delete the whole playlist and be able to reorganize it if you put something out of order. I hope you think about these features in the future updates
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2 years ago, SilverStar-Burst
Still won’t work
Update: It’s been a while since I wrote this original review, which was the only thing that got the developers’ attention. After finally contacting me back, they assured me they were working on the problem. However, it’s been at least a week more, probably longer, and still the issue persists. I’ve heard nothing from the developer again now, and none of the devices in my house will work with the download feature now. That’s iPad minis and iPad Pro 10.5” all freeze on trying to use the download feature. It’s very frustrating, so I’m dropping another star. Edited original review: For longer than two weeks, I haven’t been able to use this app, because if I download something to watch and tap it to play, it just freezes everything and the app has to be shut down. The date, time, battery, and wifi symbols disappear from the top of the screen, and the app freezes and you can’t load the video, or click on anything else in the app. I’ve tried everything. Deleting the app, turning the iPad off and on again, hard powering off, messing with the settings, deleting all recently updated apps, and even updating my iPad; but nothing works. I contacted Support and never heard back. I’m using an iPad Pro 10.5” with iOS 15.4. Please fix this! I don’t want to not like this app.
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3 years ago, susie107
Great way to experience DM
I do love Daily Motion in general because every time I really want to watch something I can’t find anywhere else, I almost always find it on DM. I used to be able to cast to Chromecast from the browser UI but recently found that wasn’t the case, and there were some weird ad/commercial glitches. I was glad to find there was an app and the app is many times better and easier to use AND the chromecast is back! I also love (on both, I think) the super easy scrubbing bar used to fast forward/rewind/find your place in a video. There are also loads less ads in general on the app. The only issue is my “Recently Watched” list consistently displays that I haven’t yet watched anything even though I’ve watched many episodes of my show since installing the app a few days ago. The search also leaves a little to be desired and it’s not always easy to find what I want. I wish I could sort videos of those I follow alphabetically instead of just how recently they uploaded. All said, I’m super pleased with the app and will never use the browser again. Well done!
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3 years ago, e_wolff
If you like ads every three minutes,
….you will LOVE this app!! And if you like to watch the same ad over and over and over, even better! Also, there’s the added frustration of the periodic appearance of a “Skip Ad” button, but don’t press it!! If you do, the ad will start over and play again. And again. And again. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL!! After watching all these ads, and the video that you were watching *finally* comes back, it, too, will start over playing from its beginning. So unless you like to fast forward over and over and over and over to get back to where you were in the video before ads started playing over and over and over, which happens less than five minutes after the video starts playing, you might not like this app. Truly, I get that *someone* has to pay the bills. And I don’t generally object to watching ads in order to not pay directly for an online experience. But this app is unbelievable. Between the endless, repetitive ads, and having to fast forward back to where I was in the video after it restarted every five minutes, it took nearly two hours to watch a 55-minute documentary. Ridiculous. Find somewhere else to watch your videos. This ain’t it.
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4 years ago, Sonicpik3
Apple TV app is really bad
I pretty much have no problem with the iPhone/iPad versions, but the Apple TV version is quite bad. First, the “For You” section just doesn’t load, stays blank, meaning that I cannot access the accounts I’m following or anything like that. Second, and worst, is that the “Search” section only shows ten results or items. Let me explain: as I said, the “For You” section does not work, so if I want to see a specific playlist I have to “manually” search for it, if I manage to find it, it only SHOWS AND PLAYS the first ten videos in said playlist, so if the playlist has more than ten videos, I can’t see them because they just don’t appear. Even if I go into the user’s profile, again, it only shows ten results in each section. This is really frustrating because I like to see the videos in my TV. Once I thought “since I can see all the videos on the iPad app, maybe I can play the desired video in the iPad and watch it on the TV via AirPlay, but even that doesn’t work properly!! When I try to play a video on my TV using AirPlay, only the audio plays! I like DailyMotion and what it has to offer, but the Apple TV function is very frustrating.
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4 years ago, TachH26382
It used to be a good app
It’s really really annoying now. I unfollow channels and then after 2-4 hours, those channels are back in my list of channels i have subscribed to. I have signed out, changed passwords after unfollowing channels but nope! They still keep coming back. Also it says I am following 50 channels but when i look at the list, it’s only 15 channels. It’s just really frustrating. I unfollow channels because sometimes they start airing junk content and I don’t like junk on my feed. I have tried everything i can to see how this will work but so far nothing works! Left this review up and the developer asked me to email them. I did. Sent them screenshots, details, names of photos and now it’s been more than a month and radio silence from their end. The issue is still there. I keep unfollowing channels and they keep coming back. I have tried deleting the app, clearing the cache, changing the password everything. Nope. The unfollowed channels are back again within minutes now. I don’t understand why is there not an option to block a channel? What’s the issue?
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1 year ago, Frustrated drama fan
Most backassward streaming app available
Since when does the down/reduce V symbol in upper left mean expand rather than reduce? Literally millions of apps use the same symbol to reduce window, but Daily decides to reinvent basic navigation, so you can’t actually get to what you need. ‘Following’ feature used to let you see a list of who you were following, but now it just loads a video and offers no navigation to your full list. Upon opening app you are forced to endure a news feed automatically playing. Apparently, Daily management feels they know what you want to watch on the Home Screen and when you select Following. Seriously, this app gets worse with every update. I feel terrible for the developers, because obviously this app has no financing and is struggling. They clearly can’t afford user testing and Daily is just trying to hold itself together with the few people it still has working for them.
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5 years ago, Looekey
Underrated app for video surfing
Sometimes you want to watch videos but don’t know exactly what you want to watch. Dailymotion is great for that. While it used to be known more as a ugc platform, it’s now got videos from a wide variety of well known publishers. My favorites are cbs news, sports illustrated, rolling stone, and cheddar. Within the app i also follow a bunch of topics that i’m interested in, and i can browse the new videos from my channels & topics whenever i want. If you’re short on data like i am, you can also download videos to watch offline later. Final praise: the app UI is gorgeous and easy to use, the ads are unobtrusive and usually skippable, and it’s all free.
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1 week ago, Lawrence John Wargrave
Dailymotion is one of my select favourite apps
Each of my Favourite Apps, supplies something that the others don’t. In the case of Dailymotion, it supplies a large number of completed popular Tv series & movies, of the most excellent, both picture & sound quality that you can’t otherwise get free access to on other Apps, which makes it of course, one of my “very top & most favourite apps”, and it has plenty for individual & collective folks of all ages and all walks of life. “I highly recommend it as an app for everyone”. Lawrence John Wargrave
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2 years ago, LidZBarnes
Update: your app makes me want to rip my hair out. Things seemed like they were working better until, they weren’t. Amazing how all the ads on this app play with zero issue but the actual video I want to watch I can’t get through because it constantly freezes! Same complaint as many others, after some ads the video restarts from the beginning. When you enter full screen it zooms into the video instead of fitting it to your screen. Also while in full screen mode the video will just go completely black and not allow any options to restart or get out of full screen mode and you must force close the app and start over. Took me 3 hours to watch one 40 minute video. This app is a hot mess I downloaded it because the DM website has been total crap lately but this isn’t much of an improvement.
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3 years ago, dalekx
WAY too many ads!
I understand that a company needs to run ads to survive. That makes total sense. And if it was just an ad or two at the beginning or end of a video, maybe in the middle, that would be fine. However, in the last month, I have been getting ads literally every two minutes, and it’s often more than one at a time. In a twenty minute video, that’s 15+ ads, each unskipable, and 30+ seconds long, and it’s often the same ad repeating. Why? That is beyond excessive, and it takes me completely out of my viewing experience! Again, I understand needing ads, but there must be a better way! Under normal circumstances, DailyMotion is a fantastic app, but this constant barrage of ads is ridiculous!
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5 years ago, Ava Treamont
Great app but......
This is the best app ever! I always watch Beetlejuice episodes on it but there are some things that I think you should fix. When I try to skip ten seconds in the video it takes me forever to find where the skip button is, and when I find it I skip like 40 seconds back. Also can you please let my video keep its progress. In other words when I exit the app can you please let everything save. AND I DON’T CARE ABOUT FACEBOOK WATCH!!!! I always get that stupid ad every five seconds!!! That is pretty much it from me. . You are the best!!!!
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3 years ago, DO NOT DOWNLOAD‼️
Best Free way to watch videos
I am enjoying this app to watch a lot of videos that can’t be seen in YT. Only issue I am coming across is the frequency of ads on some videos. The button to click skip add is very close to the icon to change screen setting that when clicking the skip ad it sometimes revert to the original screen. Also, when skipping ad sometimes, the video will restart from the very beginning. It is a free app that contains videos I won’t find in YT so it’s a minor hassle to even fuzz about. Just making a review for those interested in the app
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5 years ago, D. Hill
Daily Motion
The Daily Motion application is a fine conduit to many of the type of videos internet users would have a interest in whether it be films, music, viral videos, sports or any other type of entertainment. Navigation around the app is easy with the categories listen on the h9me page and one is looking for something specific a keyword search is available. One issue for me is that waiting after selecting a video for playback or more information can be a bit long. Daily Motion is still well worth a download as an alternative or even main source to other video applications.
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12 months ago, bbthings
Problems with revisions
I love this app for watching shows from other countries. Have been using this for over a year now. But the last two revisions have caused me to. It be able to always watch what I have downloaded. And if I am watching a show and have to go out of the app and come back later it has started freezing and I cannot get back into that show. I even shut down and it still has issues. I hope there are going to be more fixes soon. I never had this problem until the last few months.
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4 years ago, Yellie77
Finally found my show!
I was going crazy looking for a particular show, couldn’t even find it on Firestick. I finally found some episodes on Dailymotion! The only complaint I have is that it will not cast to my TV. Plays on my phone and tablet just fine but no casting. I tried everything with no success. I have internet on my smart tv so I played it by logging into Dailymotion website on my TV and that works decent. Hopefully this problem will be fixed at some point. Looks like from the reviews this has been an issue for a LONG time. I’m just happy I am able to watch this show at all. Thanks Dailymotion!!!
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5 months ago, Horizoneyes
Great App, but could be outstanding with one fix
When I started using this app to stream excellent shows to my TV, it gave the option either to chromecast or use Apple airplay. Airplay is no longer an option so I can’t cast to my TV unless I watch the program in a specific room in my house which isn’t always convenient. Love this app and I enjoy being able to watch such a huge variety of movies and series from all over the world. Please bring airplay back!
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5 years ago, Ferris_Hudson
Can’t watch in a floating window any more
I think I liked the previous version better. This version won’t let me watch in a window while I do other things. That feature wasn’t perfect in the previous version, if you tried to go back to full screen, the video would disappear and you’d have to close and restart the app, but at least it was there, And since I rarely watch stuff without also doing other things in my tablet, not having that feature makes your app much less useful. I realize I should not complain because it’s free, but please add it back, even in the faulty version if you have to.
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4 years ago, St.Ox
New Ad Embedding Destroys Functionality
It’s impossible now to watch anything on this app or their regular site. Every forced ad break boots you over to the next video rather than returning you to the one you were watching. In trying to watch a 20 minute video, you’ll be subjected to an ad every 3 minutes and since you’re not returned to the video, in progress, you then have to quit and restart the video, watch another ad, immediately skip to just after where the last ad break fell, if you can, and watch another 3 minute segment before the entire atrocity repeats. This is terrible design. There’s no way to actually watch content on this site anymore unless all you want to see is the exact same ad, every 3 minutes. Ridiculous.
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3 years ago, Brady Starkey
Ads and video buffering
I love how I can watch Pokémon on here! Sometimes I won’t have any ads, and other times I’ll have ads every 5 minutes. The time bar is very touchy and if I miss the full screen button it will take me to the end of the video. Then it’ll take me back and forth for a couple minutes before I can resume playing where I was. Recently I’ve been having the videos stopping and the pause button just blinking. Resulting in me having to close out the app and play the video again followed by another ad. The app is just getting too frustrating to use.
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4 years ago, ashleyegalloway
So grateful for this app!
With this app I have so many shows right at my fingertips. QI alone keeps me laughing like a lunatic. When things get stressful or I just need a break from life in general, bills, the coronavirus and on and on and on, daily motion is there. It doesn’t freeze or have a hard time with the quality - it just works. Some of our cable networks need to ask daily motion how to make an app that people will love (cough, clear my throat - direct tv). Don’t change anything Daily Motion!
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3 years ago, Ms.Anderson B
Love this app! Watching BL’s on here is so fun if you can’t find anywhere else but try supporting the actors with official websites! Anyways whenever I’m watching something a ad usually pops up which I don’t mind it’s just that after the ad the video I’m watching starts all over which I hate! Because when I try to skip it back to where I was it takes for ever to load! I also hate that when I leave the app that it doesn’t save where I left off on a video! Maybe add a recently watched video list that actually works! Because my doesn’t but besides that love it!
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3 years ago, Disgruntled3124
Video player is almost unusable
Hope you wanted to watch that video from start to finish only. Don’t pause it, because it’ll restart the video. Don’t try to skip to the part you left off at, it’ll restart the video. Pray an ad doesn’t play.... and restart the video. I wouldn't say it’s the worse than the website. Which is bad. But it’s definitely not good. I do appreciate the fact that I can watch all the episodes of QI. Great place to see all the stuff you can’t watch anywhere else. But that doesn’t matter if I can’t, you know. WATCH IT, all the way through. But hey (insert Kermit the frog drinking tea) that’s none of my business.
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3 years ago, sammy's app reviews
After ads
I love the app so much, but there is something wrong with it regarding the ads. Every time I watch a show there are ads that play in the middle of what I am watching and when they are done I get back to my show, but it replays from the beginning. It’s so annoying because I have to go back to where I left off and that’s so time-consuming. Please fix that to make it where if there are ads and whenever they are done the show will resume where it left off.
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3 years ago, Happykittykat
Has some issues
I enjoy watching content on dailymotion app. However there are issues ive been having both on ios and ipad os. While my video gets interrupted by ads, it then decides to start the video allll over again! It's very frustrating to have to keep going back to where you left off over and over again. It would be nice to have the "skip ad" button a bit higher on ios mobile bc its directly behind the mute and zoom screen feature. Other than these few issues, dailymotion has been amazing!
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3 years ago, jada lynn❤️💕
He said he was so happy for him to do with your friends with your friends
You can do it again ep is the color of the year old daughter is the color 🎨of the color of the color of the color of the year old daughter is the color of the color of the color of the color of the color of a new one day you want to do with your family 👪is the color of the
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1 year ago, That Local Kpop Addict
Please fix bugs
I love this app I find everything I like to watch but recently there’s been this bug where when you try to type what you would like to watch this bug shows up like “error occurred, please try again later” even when you try later it still happens so then I can’t get to what I want to watch and the bug makes everything so slow it’s so annoying I’d be very great full if you fix the bug I’d really like to start watching again 🫶
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3 years ago, wrenchromatic
Terrible app in every way that matters
Ads every 5 minutes, impossible to scrub to a point later in the video without several minutes of glitchy buffering (even with an excellent wifi connection), features are hard to find, only videos watched on a desktop are saved in watch history, when the app closes it doesn’t save the most recently watched place in the video. I could go on. This app is just glitchy and completely user-unfriendly. I’m surprised to see that it’s still being updated because you’d think they would be solving the major structural issues with the platform at some point, but nope.
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1 year ago, WillBG
Poorly designed application for a subpar video site.
Basically, if you can find your content anywhere else, skip this app. It’s painful. The app requires you to create an ID to use. This is a waste of time. On my experience, it kept playing the same video of Letitia James over and over again. I was stuck on this leftist garbage. I couldn’t, skip, delete, move on or nothing. The link to the video I wanted to watch was ignored. App lacks solid controls and connectivity. After about 6 times on the same video I couldn’t leave, I deleted the app and I’m moving on. The developer response is a joke. I mean it’s asking me to use the app which does not work to offer feedback. Use anything else instead. No video is worth this struggle. Take a walk and generate some Vitamin D. Your better off. I never got far enough to try the streaming feature. I only got to see the same video they were for forcing on the audience over and over again.
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4 years ago, KontryBoy706
Casting issues
Simple things need to be fixed. First there needs to be a dark mode. There’s no excuse for it not being in every app now. Also there’s issues when casting. For some reason videos will pause on the device you are casting too IF you minimize the app. This happens when using my iPhone or iPad to cast. Minimize the app and the video stops. That needs fixing what’s the point of casting when I can’t leave the app???? Also... at least I can get a video playing casting to chrome cast but trying to cast via AirPlay all I get is a spinning wheel.
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2 years ago, stepheniealice
Full screen issues
As others have said there are lots of issues with this app, including problems with ads and videos loading. But the real issue for me is that now when you want to watch something in full screen on iPhone it zooms in to fit the entire screen and cuts off the top and bottom of the video. I can’t figure out how to stop it from filling the screen. I watch mostly content with hard coded subtitles, which won’t show up at all in full screen mode, so this makes the app virtually useless for me.
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3 years ago, estig55
A few issues
I used to love this app but now the videos restart anytime anything happens. If you skip or rewind the video starts over. If an ad plays then the video starts over. If you don’t finish the video in one sitting then you’re probably going to have to sit through the part that you’ve already seen because it won’t let you start from where you left off. I honestly don’t mind all of the ads but the constant restarts make me want to delete the app.
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2 years ago, New moon 2
Still not working!
This used to be my go to app. No longer. A video will play and after a commercial the video disappears and the audio remains. Tried a dozen different ways to get it to work on my iPad Pro. Tried again today. One third of the way into the video a commercial comes on that is actually another video. Could not close the window, couldn’t bring up any actions like screen size, nothing. Deleted the app and came here to give my review. Yes, I followed the troubleshooting advice. Yes I deleted and reinstalled the app. What a shame!
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5 years ago, Bvd1022
Great App Currently Unusable On Apple TV
I love Dailymotion, but I have noticed unlike the iOS app that appears to have no issues, when I pull the app up on my Apple TV 4K, all that appears is a blank white screen. After several uninstall/reinstall cycles and reboots of the device, it still does not go beyond the white screen. Please fix this issue on an otherwise solid app/service. Thanks for your time.
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2 years ago, Disgruntled1230!
Downloads not working and the freaking ads are a program in itself
A useful app but very limited. Now the downloaded videos have stopped playing. Every time I try to play one the app freezes and nothing works. I have to close the app to use it again. This needs to be fixed ASAP Tried a watch a video today but each time a different ad kept showing up other than the regular ads. These ads are not a min or two long. These are like programs inside a program and there is no way to skip the ad. Absolutely ridiculous
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2 years ago, Kk Alegria
I love the app but hasn’t been working for me!
I love the app so much but it hasn’t been working for me lately it’s like very weird it won’t show me a full screen if I flip my phone to make it full it it goes to a smaller screen kinda like how it would be if you were to use it on an iPad so it’s acting very weird!
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3 years ago, M&M5667788
Love the app
I loved everything about Dailymotion. Especially that I can follow my fave channels. I can pull them up anytime I want!!! Love it!! But today a video got stuck on a black screen. I could not get it to close. I could not get back to main screen. I could not get out of it. I literally had to go out of the app and close any apps I had open befor I could get out of that video on a black screen.
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2 years ago, Cruzin333
Does not work
I do not know why this app does not stream to my tv. I have a 65” Sony smart tv that’s only a few years old. Movies stop working in the middle of a show or stops after an add that’s when I try to use it with my IPad. Also there are videos that say please use link below it then takes me to a sight thats says I can watch my show for free then asks for my card information. I’m glad it works for you but I find this app/site to be horrible in function .. Personally I do not recommend
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3 years ago, evarthepoop
PLEASE read this
I like how there’s many to pick from but I don’t like how you have to find where they are I wish it would help like put them in order or after like watching one it takes you to the next one after you done with that one it would be way more easy so I would appreciate if you guys do aiming about that but overall it’s really good.
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4 years ago, michaelpro gamer
Laggy and hard to operate
It has a lot of shows for free like avatar the last air bender and legend of kora but it is pretty hard to operate like the blue bar at the bottom of video so you slide it to get to the part of the video you want. I really want that bar to be updated so you can easily move it because it opens the history of apps I have opened. And there should be a history of videos where you exit the app or video and it will save where you left off in the video
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2 years ago, flyinryan0327
Battle with media player
Sound cuts on and off every few minutes both on website and the app. After playing advertisements it restarts the whole video and half the time you try going back to where you were it gets stuck endlessly going back and forth between the frame where you were and the frame you were trying to get to. Frustrating to the max. Gets two stars Because of the content, nothing else.
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3 weeks ago, Roge2372
Garbage application
This application was working. Then you go to your library and it freezes up the iPad the computers all of it is locked up tighter than a drum you have to restart everything just to get the freaking app to just open up and then all you can do is only watch what Dailymotion wants you to watch this is a Garbage app hopefully in the future somebody will make an app that will actually work and at which point maybe then I might support might support any advertisers right now I wouldn’t support an advertiser supporting dailymotion
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4 months ago, EAST ENDER
Couldn’t even get past the Log In page?!
I downloaded this app because I hoped it might be an improvement on their glitchy, malfunctioning, error filled, useless website. WRONG! First time I tried to use it I attempted to log in and got the loading symbol that went on and on and on…. I restarted my phone, tried again and got the same result! In fact that loading symbol is still going round and round eternally as I write this review! Couldn’t say if the app is any good since I have to delete it before getting past the first page!!!
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3 years ago, unicirn9
I love this app
ok so I love this app/website I like how when you find a video you like you can just download the video and you can watch the show or move offline I don’t like the adds but I can live with adds anyways if you download the video you can watch it on a plane or in a Long car ride
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3 years ago, Thaons2345
Best App Ever
I have been wanting to watch Pokémon XyZ ever since it got removed off of Netflix I have searched for about a month but then gave up two years later I found this website and let me tell you I love this website because I can now watch every single Pokémon xy episode there ever is all because of this website
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5 years ago, moonbreezy
Edit watch later/ playlist
Pretty solid app but can we get the option to edit/reorder our watch later playlist? The order in which we watch things are backwards and it’s quite annoying having to manually scroll through the playlist to watch videos since they don’t play in the order in which we assigned it.
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3 years ago, Cillianlovr
It’s cool
Needs to work on the pause when going in and out of the app. When I have to answer the phone or check another app and accidentally close dailymotion, when I go back, whatever I’m watching will do this weird thing of pausing and going back and forth with the beginning of the video and where I left off. It’ll do this for awhile before starting back where I left off.
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3 years ago, Maria Jose Alzate
It’s OK
I mean it is OK.... One problem that is really annoying is that it is so slow, and sometimes it just freezes and closes the app. Another thing is that whenever there is an ad, once it is finished it just loads there for a long time, and ends up playing from the beginning. It is really annoying to have to find where I was after every ad. I do not recommend this. Every thing I have mentioned is what really bugs me about this app, other than that, I guess it’s ok...
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3 years ago, SisP16
Good for international programs, but the ads ...
I have been using daily motion for years and in the past few months ads started popping up...every five minutes (I am not exaggerating). I get that people want to make money but the same ads, every five minutes is obnoxious. I have no idea if this is driven by dailymotion or by the person uploading the video, but now I only watch here for Great British Menu.
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4 years ago, ChewToy007
The slider to a part of the video doesn’t work after you use it once
When I watch a video after I adjust the speed of the video or move the slider once I can’t touch the slider or speed again this is an issue I’ve had for a while please please fix this issue so it doesn’t happen again so I can watch videos with no trouble please fix it
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