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User Reviews for Daystar

4.72 out of 5
540 Ratings
3 years ago, kgfjnfdfg
I have wanted to tell everyone at DAYSTAR that your station has been a life saver! We have been watching for several years now. Every morning I watch Joni Table Talk, then at night we watch Ministry Now and lots of other programs. Even when my family are doing other things, I like to have it on in the background because it brings the peace of Our Lord Jesus Christ into our home. We were especially grateful to have DAYSTAR during the lockdown when all we heard was COVID, everyone else was anxious, angry, and depressed. Not my family! You've been so encouraging. The guests are always amazing and the topics & many relevant topics have educated and entertained us!! We feel like part of the family, and love seeing the grandchildren. If we turn the station, it seems like the evil one starts to lurk around, stirring up negative feelings, and our stress levels rise. Pretty soon we feel down or start bickering. But when we realize it’s because of the horrible shows, with lying cheating killing, sexuality, and selfishness, we turn right back to DAYSTAR and everything begins to soften, and our moods lift. We thank you and will continue to pray for everyone at DAYSTAR.
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3 years ago, nikkimckeever
Awesome Christian TV App!
I love Joni, her beautiful family and friends!! If you’re looking to hear the word and be fed look no further!! I love that this platform talks about everything, nothing is off the table, no pun intended haha. At Joni’s table talk, our current politics and what’s happening in our world today are discussed. They delve into these topics and provide insight and scripture to help you better understand and also prepare you. Additionally, they feature so many wonderful pastors/biblical scholars like Thomas Horn, Jimmy Evans, Jesse Duplantis, Joyce Meyer, Jentezen Franklin just to name a few. I enjoy church or streaming sermons, but I have to go directly to each pastor’s website. I like that there are so many options for sermons and discussion based programs/series. I’m able to mirror this app on my TV, so I’d recommend doing that if you’re able to. Most cable networks no longer offer any Christian broadcasts, therefore, I’m so thankful to have this app!! A big thank you to the Lambs!! May God bless you as well as always surround you & yours with His grace!! Much love from myself & my family💟
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4 years ago, G.A. Hosel Rocket
A fresh perspective for news and informative debate
I try to keep up with the daily news and noticed that after 9/11, I watched news more intently and regularly. That trend continued ever since and during the decades since then, I can’t help but notice that every news station is so politically slanted. Even anchors and programs I agree with can’t provide me with enough of a second or third opinion to help hem feel informed. The availability of SO much information makes the task of being informed more like a full time job. Sadly, at the same time the news of our world is remarkably following the outline of Bible scriptures that my Christian world view turns my eyes expectantly towards the heavens. Man will wage war and schemes against man; but God knew this and has always had a plan. “Let not your heart be troubled” requires a focus on how the people who understand the truth of God give insight and perspective on the world. Thank you, DayStar for offering a real alternative for information when the world seems so false.
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4 years ago, Mike's Queen
So informative, special and uplifting!
There are so many times I’ve been blessed by the speakers and guests on shows aired by Daystar! We are truly fortunate that God led Marcus and Joni to start the network, that they listened and were obedient, even through tough times. Now look where they are! My absolute favorite is Joni Table Talk, and, like many other viewers, my favorite episodes are ones featuring Jimmy Evans! His love for God, the Scriptures and prophecy cannot be denied. His knowledge of that and many other subjects, especially marriage, are evident every time he speaks! I’ve watched and re-watched many of those episodes and it seems like I get something new out of them every time! This is truly an exciting time in which we live. The anticipation level for the return of Jesus and the rapture of the Church makes my heart beat faster and my spirit rejoice more each day! Praise God for reaching the world through Daystar!! To everyone there, and to the Daystar singers, keep up the good work!!
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3 years ago, Joni RN
Joni Table Talk
“I appreciate that Joni lamb takes the time and effort to expose the truth in our country and globally. I especially appreciate the vaccine shows and have shared them as much as possible. I’m a registered nurse of 35 years. When I first learned of the series called VAXXED, I was angry, disheartened, and disgusted with the CDC for what they’ve done to us.I’ve worked as nursing faculty in the past and yet today my previous students will not believe the truth about masks and Covid. All I can do is present the information it’s up to them to do their own research.” The above was sent previously. Today I watch Daystar first for daily truth of global efforts to hid the truth. I’ve been trying to teach others the truth ever since and people are slowly awakening to the truth. Thank you so much for all you do God bless all of you!
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5 years ago, RayNicole2020
I’m so thankful for Daystar!!!
I have gone through the changes of my life while watching Daystar for the past decade. The network has been relevant through every season & I’ve grown to love and have so much respect for the Lamb family. They’re such a beautiful picture of God’s love in action. I’ve recently become a partner as I’ve watched their consistency in caring for God’s people, especially the Jewish people. I’m not Jewish but I’m beginning to understand what they mean to God. As I watch the Daystar singers, I see a rainbow of colors & backgrounds. It brings me joy as it reminds me of how we’ll all be worshiping together in the Kingdom. The entire network has become a rich & important part of my Christian experience. I’m so thankful for Daystar!!!
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3 years ago, Leilani (831)
Leilani (single mom Of 17 Ariel and 15 Annaliese)
I just became a $50 monthly partner and I was so excited to sow it into Daystar Network. I believe all of us who are being spiritually edified and transformed for the Glory of God, by the anointed guests speakers sent out on assignment for such a time as this to FEED the body of Christ is a divine setup by The Almighty himself. As he is aligning, positioning and launching the members of His body which are in Christ for these end days. The Lord has divinely tuned me into this network and not just me but so many more to come! Thank you thank you thank you for your sensitivity and obedience and even discipline to move forward right into the devils campgrounds !! To God be the glory and the praise forever and ever, Amen! Salinas CA
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3 years ago, Lynda RN
Vaxxed series
Amazing in depth information we will not hear anywhere else as Daystar is the only one who can present this vital information as Joni said, because they do not advertise any pharmaceuticals on a Daystar. Praise the Lord, I am an RN that has seen a growing trend of adding more and more meds to pts list in general and it is a disturbing trend. I praise the Lord for Daystar faith to present the hard issues and to stick their neck out for Biblical truth. I hope they know many, many believers are praying fervently for the strong and dedicated truth stance they have taken for the Lord and His kingdom! May the world be healthier because of Daystar and God will get the glory!!!!!!!! Lynda
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3 years ago, Michelle Spicer
Life Changing Channel!!
I gave my life to the Lord 4 years ago. Having lived in Amarillo Tx, and being a member of Trinity Church years ago, I found our old Pastor....Jimmy Evan’s on thing I know, I’m watching Daystar 24/7. Joni...THANK YOU and your beautiful friends and daughters for sharing your love and faith with all of us. A lot of your topics have helped me when I was in need of guidance and answers. Thank you all for dedicating your life to our Lord and Savior and for opening your family and home to mine. Hid bless you all. Special THANK YOU to Pastor Jimmy for helping bring my marriage back to where it needed to be....back to the Lord.
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4 years ago, Jonia43
So blessed to have found you
I am so grateful for your programs and candid thoughts on our current covid situation. Dr. Bartlett gave us great insight and we are doing the budesinide daily. I love everything Jimmy Evans that I have seen on Joni Table Talk but I was especially moved emotionally when hearing him speak of his dad and gaining understanding into his father and why he was the way he was. We are here for such a time as this and God has you and your beautiful family right where he can use them to shine some light into the darkness of these pressing times. Jeremiah 29:11 is my favorite Bible verse and Daystar certainly has brought this into my life. God Bless you Joni Gunn
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4 years ago, The Norb 64
Love Day Star!!
Informative, interesting and enjoyable! I learn so much about God and can see where He is working in our lives and world. I also get great comfort from Him when I watch. Joni Table Talk is one of my absolute favorites! Joyce Meyer is right up there with Joni and through God Joyce had such encouraging words and words of wisdom for me during a very tough time in my life and I know others feel the same way. Thank you Day Star and God Bless you!! And of course I thank God that he brought Day Star where it is today and helping so many people all over the world.
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4 years ago, Dunamis Power ER
Facts not fiction
Thank you for having the courage and bravery to expose the vaccine companies for their harmful practices. Here in New York this time last year 26,000 students and their families loss their religious medical exemptions and were forced out of schools. Keep exposing truth about Covid and what we the American people are not being told. When I see what’s happening now I am reminded of the dream Rebekah shared when John Paul Jackson was still alive, the white van and the responsibility Daystar had. I believe we are in those times I share your broadcast with anyone who will listen. Thank you Daystar!
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3 years ago, Catipult
God bless Day Star
Thank you for sharing truth. In January 2021, I contracted Covid. But because I had watched Daystar and learned about Budesonine. I got a prescription for it, used it and 2 weeks later I tested negative for covid . My cough tried to linger, but I continued use of nebulizer and budesonine and a week later my cough left for good !! Before I got covid , God had given me this scripture: Psalm 56:13. For you have delivered my life from death yes and my feet from falling, that I may walk before God in the light of life and of the living! Praise God for Daystar and Dr Barnett
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4 years ago, george D martinez
Day Star programming
My beloved brothers and sisters, continue to preach and teach the the truth of the WORD , it is encouraging to see and hear that Day Star doesn’t compromise the teachings of the Holy Spirit, The Great Commission from our Jesus Christ hasn’t changed, we are to sow the seed of the gospel to everyone, Holy Spirit thank you for giving us the Power and Authority in Jesus name to disarm principalities and powers and to proclaim the good news “ for God so loved the world that he gave us His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Jesus Christ shall be Saved. Your brother in Christ Jesus, George
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4 years ago, The Lehmans in Indiana
We Love Daystar & Joni Table Talk
We began watching Joni Table Talk & Daystar “Ministry Now” Monday - Friday early in 2020, and we can’t thank you enough Marcus & Joni & family for your encouraging and tremendously vital information that you have brought into our lives! We have downloaded the app and we do post many of your programs out on social media so others that do not know about your ministry will begin tuning in and will be blessed as well! We want to bless you financially as well as God continues to bless us, because it broke our hearts to hear how you lost support because of standing up for what the Word of God says and not watering down the TRUTH. In this season we find ourselves in please know you are a beacon of Hope and Truth and may God continue to bless you and strengthen you and protect you all! We love you! Todd and Stephanie Lehman ~ Goshen, IN
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4 years ago, TC28joy
I absolutely love Daystar. I am grateful to be able to watch from my computer. However, I am saddened by the recent channel number change in Buffalo, NY which now prevents me from receiving the Daystar channel on my tv. When you were on a different channel I could watch from my TV but now that you are on 67.4 that station does not come in without cable. I am working very few hours due to covid-19 closures and I can’t even think about paying for cable tv. 😭
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3 years ago, Ddxey
Love the topics on Joni table talk
I really wish there was a way to get the very informative information about the Covid crisis and the proven drugs out to the masses. Whenever I try to share this information with people, they think I am crazy. I am more scared about the vaccine then I ever was about the virus. I get up early just to watch the doctors and professional inform us. Great show. Please continue to share this information
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3 years ago, amskaz
Love Daystar
I am so thankful for being able to watch Daystar and that there are options on how to watch it. I can’t get the program through AT&T but can through the computer and the phone app. I am so blessed each time I watch Daystar and love the closeness of the family and that the children are shared so we can watch them grow. Thank you for all you do. God is so good! He always makes a way to hear the word of God!
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3 years ago, KITTLE7
So I signed up for this app, accidentally put the wrong email In ( didn’t realize I typed an r instead of an e , and they accepted it , so , now I can’t change or correct it. I also can’t contact them because when they reply to me it will not be my correct email address. not trying to be mean , but this is a really horribly planned out app . they have no option for OTHER in there contact us section under settings . Their are just so many ways that this app can be improved. If the app designer is actually reading this . Hope you will fix this .
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4 years ago, Nav'i
I love all your programming I love ministry now how you bring all the issues that some churches to not even want to touch !!! We as Christians need to know these things cause My God is very involved on all this issues !!! We stand on Righteousness Biblical values GID Gad been so good to the United State of America and we need to keep it that way for future generations!! Thank you Marcus and the whole family for standing and helping the body of Christ!!! MUCH Love Miriam
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4 years ago, Earth Angel Charlotte Holmes
Charlotte Holmes September 14, 2020
Thank you so much for getting this wonderful lady on TV to spread her testimony! I have got to know my friend over this last year, I can tell you she has touch more people with her story ! She is such a prayer warrior for me, my family and others! Her friendship has helped guide me through my husband cancer diagnosis it is so nice having someone to talk to that will pray for/with you!!!God bless y’all for having her on TV!
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3 years ago, love you choices
Thank God for your shows
You have provided Biblical knowledge about current times & peace & understanding. Your station is one of Gods’s greatest blessing to the world. You, your family, & the programs on your shows are in my prayers daily for blessings & protection. Thank you for all the time you spent in researching the subject mater for your current programs & keeping them related to Biblical values. You are truly a blessing from God. Donna Bloemer
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3 years ago, "hungry for music"
I am new to Daystar this year! I always look forward to seeing Joni and Table Talk and Ministry. What a great family. Love watching family grow! I love the music and watching all the family participate. I can’t wait for Israel station to begin. I have become Israel partner. I have managed to speak with individuals from Netanya in my previous employment. I was thrilled. (Metron Israel) Praise God for Daystar and their voice for Biblical Values!! In Christ, Carolyn and Roger Routzon Medina Ohio
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3 years ago, 1murdock
Table talk
My husband and I watch every time it comes on! We are so thankful that you are letting us know about the dangers of the vaccine for COVID-19. Thank you for each of your guests that are on as well. We wish it was a whole hour, the time goes by so fast. May God richly bless each one who make it possible to have this wonderful godly resource! Blessings, CIndy Duckworth
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3 years ago, Auntie Maxi
Dr. Simone Gold
Awesome to get the real & complete facts in one program-lecture cuz I only get bits & pieces on other Christian programs & false info on the secular programs-stations. Thank you. 2 years ago the Holy Spirit impressed upon me to start saying Psalm 91 as a prayer. When Covid 19 came along, I realized why & started praying it aloud every day. Now I’ve been impressed not to take the vaccine..but there was some mounting pressure... This lecture settled it for vaccine!
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4 years ago, Risfsdgf
Talk With Joni
your show is very uplifting, inspiring, educational . i watch daystar every day and it has help me with my journey getting to know God as my savior. You talk about many topics that affect our daily lives. Joni says at the end of her show to pray. read your bible and give God some of your time and that way i know that i am obeying his laws and commands . Thank you for all you do for so many people all around the world sincerely Audrey L. Nelson
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3 years ago, Andy Forest
Life Changing
Daystar’s content on all levels are excellent!! The programs and content are not only life-changing but exactly what we(my wife Erna and I) needed to make many of our decisions for Abundant Life. We both sense the Holy Spirit’s presence on your programs. We have decided to support Daystar monthly. We pray for your front line stance on issues concerning this country and Israel. Thank you, keep up the Kingdom Work!! Nick & Erma Anderson
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4 years ago, E. Severy
Table Talk
I absolutely love Table Talk. The one criticism I have is that Joni’s daughters constantly interrupt the guests as they are speaking, often causing the speaker to not complete their thoughts. This is very distracting. The other panelists do not interrupt but wait politely to ask their questions or make their comments. I am sure that Rachel and Rebecca are still learning how to be effective panelists, so I am hoping that someone will give them some guidance about allowing the guests to complete their sentences.
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4 years ago, Mayra Baha
Great Christian Television Network
I recently reconnect with Daystar Tv and it have been a blessing. I love to watch Joni and Marcus they show so much love and caring for the viewers. They deeply care for the well- being of viewers. All the programming is so well line up, I watch for hours on end especially during this difficult time. Thank you, may God continue to bless you and Blessings to your beautiful family as well. Love, Mayra
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4 years ago, SAllcorn
Watch every program
Information is provided that we don’t see anywhere else and presented in a way that can be received by all. God’s love is taught and witnessed. It is difficult to understand what is being said when the females are joyful and laughing and talking at the same time. Love all the shows and each and everyone of you. Keep it up.
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3 years ago, Badass4Jesus
The Lamb family are so amazing and transparent! Love how they share their beautiful moments in life like weddings and birth of grandchildren and birthdays. Joni’s Table Talk is very informative and when it comes to sensitive topics including abortion Joni is very quick to assure the viewers that Daystar is not judging them and that God loves them! She reminds you at the end of the program that viewers can call the 800 # for prayer! From a proud partner in Long Island, NY
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4 years ago, kdcr-19
Very informative
Daystar has been so helpful,I learned about the negative effects of some vaccines and how important it is to share this information that the media has been hiding from us. I do enjoy also all the programs that are available to watch specially about Israel. Thanks so much for this work, I wish you can have this in Spanish too. Good bless! Karina Carrillo
Show more
4 years ago, Sane from CA
The main program I consistently watch is “Joni”. I love the subjects she covers and the wonderful guests and teachers she has on. The ladies around the table feel like family now! The Jimmy Evans teachings on the last days are so informative and powerful I wish everyone could get their friends and family to watch them soon. Thank you for this program!
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4 years ago, Younglila
My favorite channel.
Daystar is my life line. I love your whole family. Thank you for not being afraid to tackle hard issues. I love Ministry Now and Joni’s table talk Sid Roth is also a favorite and Bill Winston. I can’t name them all. But you know what?, I LOVE THEM ALL! Have a blessed thanksgiving with your family and those beautiful grandchildren. A faithful listener from Washington state right on the Canadian border, Blaine. Lila Young
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3 years ago, Ms Joyce R
Timely Ministry
Where would I be without the word of God. That’s a question I’ve been asking myself lately and in the light of everything that’s going on in the world today. I’ve been a covenant partner with Daystar for about 7 years. There are no words to describe how peaceful my life is because of this ministry.
Show more
3 years ago, jgmaze
Daystar Review
Love all aspects of Daystar. Table talk, ministry now, the kiddos being so involved in the ministry, the different programs that Daystar endorses. We watch Daystar daily & LOVE it. We love the stands you guys take regarding, abortion, racism, vaccines, homosexuality, & last but not least, our religious freedoms being gradually taken away. Thank you for all you guys do worldwide. Keep spreading truth guys.
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3 years ago, S&QGirl
Light of Hope to Me and My Family
This is my go to program for Biblical insight on topics that mainstream television does not offer. It is also the program I use to feed my soul and gain encouragement. Thank you Daystar for being a light of hope to me, my family and so many others around the world.
Show more
3 years ago, ctcfh
Excellent program!!
Daystar is a program of comprehensive excellence! Amongst all the chaos if you’re looking for a program with Great integrity, truthful reporting, unmatched teaching of family values and morals, a safe place for families to go in uncertain times, Accurate biblical/spiritual guidance in this season we are in for preparation of Jesus Christs’ soon return, daystar is the place to be! Thank you Marcus, Joni and family you are the best!
Show more
4 years ago, dtmoses95
My go to place
Live this station and Joni Table Talk!!! I can always find hope and encouragement. Especially when I need it most. I often find myself lonely as a pastor’s wife and longing for mentoring, at Daystar I find it. Thank you for being obedient to the call of the Lord and fighting through every hard struggle. You are a true blessing and gem in my life.
Show more
3 years ago, Orton32
Wonderful very blessed to have the app by Jesus
The fact that the Daystar app is like a hybrid of preachers instead of a separate app for each preacher .Such a blessing by Jesus through y’all thank y’all for making the choice to stand up for Jesus without that faith it doesn’t move Jesus .Thank you for having the faith and courage to stand up Daystar!!!!....
Show more
4 years ago, granny82100
Sandy MONTIEL, Memphis TN
There’s just so many things to say about why I love Daystar. There is multiple teachings from different anointed teachers, Beautiful worship music, and I enjoy watching your family grow. We can always count on you to keep us informed on what’s going on when news people lie to us, I thank you for your television station.
Show more
4 years ago, nanma to 5
I love Daystar
I love watching Joni tabletalk and Marcus and Joni. You are not afraid to speak the truth in love and speak to Christians reminding them that we have to vote according to Biblical values. You have helped me to sort out and discern things very clearly which makes me bolder in being able to express myself and where I stand on the WORD of GOD. Thank you Eileen Heintz Long Island New York
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4 years ago, 1 Hott Momma
Why I watch Daystar....
I really love to watch Joni Table Talk. The guests are always very interesting and informative. And the group of Godly women around the table are warm and inviting to the viewers. Ministry Now has quickly become a favorite of mine. So much information for our current events. I recommend it to my friends and family.
Show more
1 year ago, Track Maker
Addressing Hot Topics with Needed Insight and Answers from God’s Word
Thank you so much for all you do, you have saved numerous lives, not just literally/naturally but spiritually as well. I watch for your new content regularly because it is that good. Love you Joni and your Daystar Family!!
Show more
4 years ago, Gods forgiven girl
Joni Table Talk
Love this table!! It’s so nice to be educated and refreshed in Gods word through the testimonies and faith of your table and all of your guests. I especially love when you have Jimmy Evans on to discuss the end time prophesies. I also enjoy so much seeing your sweet grand babies!! And praise for the newest yet to come!! Thank you and may God continue to bless you and all of us through your shows!!
Show more
4 years ago, Ambrosia Johnson
Daystar Review
I love this app, thank you so much for all of the amazing programs you offer, God bless you. I was just wondering if there’s a way to mark a show that you’ve listened to already, sometimes I forget and then I’m listening and realize I’ve already watched that one. Thank you.
Show more
4 years ago, Sav_555_ Wat
I have watched Daystar through the their internet live stream and their tv channel, this app makes it easy to find shows that I missed or need to watch again. Glad I finally downloaded it on my phone and on Roku. Really have been blessed my the material Daystar puts out.
Show more
3 years ago, Edwin J. Dunn
DayStar is a very encouraging application containing fine content penetrating the heart of this believer in Jesus Christ. I am convinced of the Holy Spirit’s loving conviction and grace to forgive and bless others through this APP. Anyone will be the better for the GOOD NEWS proclaimed through this very professional, yet genuinely personal, free download!
Show more
3 years ago, Not happy JG
Love Daystar
Daystar has been such a blessing to us. Through the Covid stuff and then the vaccine mess they have preached and taught just the way we have believed it all along. Also they stand up for the truth about homosexuality but also love them just as we do. Thank God for Daystar TV.
Show more
3 years ago, GeorgiaGirl4753
Love this Station
I am a new listener to this channel, but I have found it to be so uplifting and informative. I have only been able to watch a couple of videos or program so far, but they are very good! Uplifting, spiritual and filled with God!
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