DC News Now

4.6 (1.5K)
62.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Nexstar Broadcasting
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for DC News Now

4.63 out of 5
1.5K Ratings
5 years ago, MRS.REV.
Enjoy all the news...& newscasters❤️
Always enjoy keeping up with the local news. You have wonderful newscasters, who are very professional & do a superb job. Love watching the weather reports, too .We get attached to the reporters & feel a loss when they move on in their careers. Thanks ❤️❤️
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7 years ago, pdfromwv
Pretty Good App - Use every day
As a news reader, it's not too bad. Occasionally the station is a bit slow to update the news stories. Kind of tedious to sit through the same ads to watch the news segments. Nonetheless, I do use it everyday to scan the local news. New version: It's an improvement. Easier to use. Wondered what "DVM" stood for. Guess WHAG changed its FCC letters. Newer version: Nice improvements, sometimes the text to a story is very small and can’t be changed. Just a minor ding. I use this every day.
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5 years ago, GrannnieB
Best news in 4 state area
Panhandle residents seem to be in another world from the rest of WV, but we can depend on getting the news from DVM that affects us. You can learn what is happening in the area, nation, and the world.
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3 years ago, deapickle
love it!
my family and i love this channel! they always try and do their best. the quality is consistent. very responsive, helpful, and calm on the information phone line when we have called about technical difficulties. you can tell the reporters work very hard. overall great local news.
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7 years ago, Luke154
Better app easier to use still no live streaming disappointed
App gets better to use easier and easier love the app would still love live streaming and all weather segment videos for instead of the little snippet fool sorry
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7 years ago, Impulsive Guy
Nice News Format
I've only had this app for a few weeks, but so far it seems to be a nice app. I receive news updates as necessary and this appears to be how cable television is headed.
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5 years ago, freguent buyer
Thank you
Very good information look at this site a lot nice wide range of topics thank you
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6 years ago, Mouse6254
Love this app.
Best app for our local news. I love it.
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10 years ago, Gmoney123rte
Easy to use, lots of features
Nice layout so it is easy to find what you are looking for. Usually updated several times a day, even has school closings timely. I appreciate that I can read the story or watch the video from the newscast. Nice variety of headlines provided. The traffic related stories are very helpful.
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3 years ago, charleyman33
Latest update looses WV news
The latest update is a drastic change that removes most of WV news. News is nuch harder to find and read. I will be removing this app!
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2 years ago, Mongo53
Mainstream media garbage!!!
Such a dump of an app!!! Supposed to be a Hagerstown station but trying so hard to be DC trash. Deleting app!!!
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11 years ago, Barb Singer
Frustrating :-/
I like the fact that Your 4 State can notify me when dangerous weather is approaching, but I'm finding many of the PUSH notifications extremely frustrating. I get a partial message when I turn on the phone, something like "Police are investigating an incident at Valley Mall. The mall is on lockdown because..." And when I click on it, it opens my 4 State app -- where there is absolutely no mention of the incident, even under the "breaking news" column. This has happened over and over again. Since the only reason I downloaded the app in the first place was for late-breaking news, this is disappointing to me.
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10 years ago, Kenneth Harris
Appreciation You Folks!
Just want to say thank you for all of your programming and your support of our local communities! Also appreciate all of the new newscasters/weathercasters you mentor and help to train. I enjoy watching them grow and transform in their abilities and positions. Keep up the great things you do!
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11 years ago, Run-gal
Good, not great
I love having local news at my fingertips, yet I realize I don't always have the top stories. After getting a pop-up of "breaking news," swiping the pop-up, takes you to the app. Without the breaking news. No mention of that breaking news at all. Usually takes a few hours, after the alert, to have the breaking news (no longer breaking) post on the news feed.
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7 years ago, Pingless app
Won't open
The app suddenly stopped working for a few days now. Get a message that I have no internet connection when on wifi and LTE. I deleted and reloaded with no change, still get message and won't open.
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9 years ago, Inwood Roz
Prompt Local News
I appreciate the timely, quick loading, local news & weather. The app is easy to use & efficient.
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10 years ago, TaterMolly
Hello, Good evening just a quick note I wish the interns would take a little more environmental training from Lou S.,here's why,statistically "forecasting and/or forecasting is a little more than a "guess" as one said,here's some advice,,before going on the TV and "forecasting"? At least humer us and walk outside.
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10 years ago, Mark Miller iTunes
Not sure how or why but the organization of the content isn't intuitive. Sorry that's not helpful. Just something about it. Overall the app is very good at getting information to the user though.
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10 years ago, Rolls Photography
Thank you
NBC 25 has been around our community for as long as I can remember broadcasting important local news. I was really happy when they continued in the digital age with your4 state. Thank you
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10 years ago, Bigim49
Great app
It is wonderful to be able to go to the same place just for local items
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8 years ago, Cybemike
News worthy
Great station report the news the old fashion way, not bias at all straight forward news
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10 years ago, Jessica's Macbook Pro
A great app
It's a great app to use to know about the news in your local area when you don't have cable. 5 stars!
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10 years ago, OsFan80
Great local news
Glad to have an app that covers the local news.
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8 years ago, Mommyo53
Your4State great app for the news and weather in my area!
Great way to get the news and weather for my area!
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10 years ago, rzollner
4 state news
Fantastically informative news source!
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11 years ago, LadySines
Needs improvements
I receive a pop up with a news alert, click on it & I get "no information found". Weather reports, collect & when I try to click on them half the time they won't open. Just about a useless app!
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11 years ago, dbrocht
Nice having the news and weather at my fingertips. But, it sometimes takes 10 - 12 hours for new stories to post.
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11 years ago, Tomgnh
Nice app
Like having the news at my fingertips
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9 years ago, Dotty747
This is a great app it keeps me up-to-date on all the news.
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8 years ago, Clara in MD
Best App for local news and weather
Needs to include top 5 world news events
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9 years ago, ME 1951
Very handy for local updates as satellite does not carry local channels.
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9 years ago, Rbuckel
Great app
Very informative. Keeps updated frequentlt
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11 years ago, Republican hater
Really good. I wish it had a classified and sports events scheduled. Other than that, it's really good.
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11 years ago, Appleman 11
This app is pretty good
You get a pop-up but then there is no information! What is that about?
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9 years ago, CW2 O'B.
Excellent app
Well done, works well. Good weather and news.
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10 years ago, Skline1024
Great app
Good news coverage for my area
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11 years ago, WendySueWhoAreYou
Local News
No bells & whistled, just good, reliable local news.
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10 years ago, Sherly53
Ms. She
1st thing I read in the morning
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11 years ago, Sergeantmark
Ok for local news
Nothing fancy or flashy here. I hate that you have to watch an advertisement each time you watch a news video. Other than that, it's ok.
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11 years ago, DeafASE
It's an ok app
For most part it's an good news app only downside is the popup or news flash doesn't always work.
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9 years ago, Jrlktl
Great source of news, better than FNP
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9 years ago, RickE0169
Pretty good app
At times it throws you out of the app
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9 years ago, vanheslop
Excellent source of news.
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11 years ago, Ceckstine
Love it
Same as title
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11 years ago, Thestar*
Pretty good
This app works pretty good
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11 years ago, Trkrbabe
Pretty good app
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10 years ago, mz tee79
Great App
Love this app!!!! Very dependable.
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8 years ago, Lou229
Love this app!!
Good App!!
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10 years ago, Mamita0306
Love it!!!
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6 years ago, Superfda
Not Pa friendly
I live 10 miles north of Md Pa state line, very little news is posted about the Franklin County area. I guess that is not considered local but DC is.
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