Decide Now! — Random Wheel

4.7 (702)
12.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Catforce Studio
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.1 or later
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User Reviews for Decide Now! — Random Wheel

4.74 out of 5
702 Ratings
4 years ago, Onthedaolow
Fun and Useful
I'm stumped pretty often when deciding what to do next in my day, but this app helps me get to being more productive faster because I put my options on a wheel so I don't have to spend time deciding! The colors are nice, the wheel is responsive and it's very simple to use. Excellent app! Though, one of my gripes is that I find it kind of tedious to click edit on the top right in order to edit wheels (I tend to change the colors often). My suggestion would be to swipe right to edit like how swipe left is currently delete. I would also really like an option to save the state of the wheel to be able to come back to it later with the blacked out possibilities remaining blacked out.
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5 years ago, mobsidian
Great little implementation of the decision wheel
This app does pretty much what you expect and it does a nice job at it. Editing lists is not immediately obvious at first. The color schemes are nice and I like dark mode. This is better than other similar apps I have used. The only suggestion that I see right away would be some advanced property to adjust the relative weight of each option on a wheel ... that is, given a list of four options (for example) in which one option is more desirable than the others, it would be nice to adjust the preferred option to take up more of the wheel (like 40% and the others reduce to 20% each). Ideally, maybe have a “+” and “++” switch next to an option to increase that option’s relative weight (which translates to relative area on the wheel). You could also approach it with a “-“ and “- -“ implementation. Just a thought; An improvement to an otherwise great app.
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4 years ago, Somps
Do NOT UPDATE! Why make it look worse?
Why not give us the original spin button back? Give us a choice. It looked so much better before. I go back to the original? I would rather delete this app if I can’t change it how it looked before with the nice looking “Go” button”.I mean, why take away from it. Instead, you could have added skins. Let your user choose to have the old skin or new skin. Add a feature for us to import our own button even. I was hoping you would allow us to create a color scheme such as letting me choose black and white checkerboard or something like that, but nope, you go and take away one of the best parts of it. Why don’t developers like to give CHOICE to the users? I notice this a lot. Some people want “A” and some people want “B”. You have already created them both. Why not let us have “A” & “B” and let us choose which one we want? I had this at 5 stars before. Now, I have it as a 1 star. I really should not have updated. How can I go back?
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2 years ago, Travman888
I use this everyday
Amazing app. I use it as my main to do list during my work day and during my “hobby time.” I appreciate the new update, but it is trickier to edit an existing wheel (something I do multiple times a day as new tasks come up). Could you add an edit button to the wheel page? Perhaps in the 3 dots at the top right or the gear on the button left? I’ll send a tip :) Great job with this app! —Update— The edit button was added. Thank you!!
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7 years ago, Kelly Original 6.29
My favorite app
Exactly what I've been looking for. This is my favorite and most used app ever! I have created so many wheels it's almost ridiculous. No more time wasted trying to decide what's for breakfast or dinner. No more time wasted picking something to watch. Etc Etc. Decisions get even more narrowed down if needed with the A-Z wheel I made. Would give it 5 stars if switching between wheels was less taps. I'm used to it, but having the list of wheels in the settings, then select a wheel, then tapping the out of quick reach back button could be easier. Maybe on the next update!
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2 years ago, Loaded656
Great app
Great Developer too!! Thanks so much, it works perfectly again. Leaving it five stars but newest update causes crash when I try to change anything. I can’t even get the options page to open. iOS 12.5.5 iPhone 6plus. Haven’t tried updating on a newer device or iOS yet as previous version still does what I need. Great app otherwise. Pretty impressive how many choices you can squeeze on one wheel. Thanks
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7 years ago, onedillionmollars
The cure for indecisiveness
I've recently come back to this app and love the visual improvements and the new "Deactivate" feature. I'd recommend this app to anyone looking for a fun way to make routine decisions. For future improvements, I'd like it if there was a way to deactivate wheel segments before spinning. For example, if I'm deciding what to make for dinner but know I don't have the ingredients for lasagna, it does me no good to have to wait until I've landed on "lasagna" before I can deactivate it.
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7 years ago, Fragmentsoftotality
My To-Do List!!!
I use this app to help me with my daily life. I’m not a person who likes routines because it can be I put all of my to-do items on a wheel and spin it to decide what I do next (and I make sure to add a couple wedges for “me time” so I can take a break). It has made me sooooo much more productive and I even turned it into a game. It’s also amazing because you can turn off a wedge to remove it as an option,
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6 years ago, SamGuitarman
Makes dozens of these spinning wheels
Quick a number from 1-12, which song artist to hear, which song, which short story chapter to read, luv it. It’s fun to use and takes away several situations faced with trifle decision. Sick of the hum drum chore list then make a wheel and spin the random order up of chores. Rids monotony and dull pattern plans by random selection. The wheel idea is the retro modern way to gather and list things. Great job!
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4 years ago, world wide free chess
Decide Now! app maker,
Your application is very simple, easy to use, and enjoyable. During the Covid19 lockdown I use it throughout the day to decide what task to do next. The one thing that bothers me is that I have to disable an item Everytime I spin (instead of a wheel option to do so automatically). Would you please create an option (per wheel, since some wouldn't need it and some would) to remove results so that I don't have to constantly remember to push the deactivation button each time?
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4 years ago, Eskimo74
Friendly and easy to use decision maker
Nice that it’s customizable and easy to use. Does what it says it will do. Color themes are nice, fun to use whether it’s for a serious decision or just for fun. Click the button repeatedly for a massive spin or even manually. If there is any complaint it’s just that I can’t export or back up my lists from the app. I still give it 5 stars!
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4 years ago, claudia00141
I really like this app! Only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because I wish I there was an option to reactivate things I have already deactivated, the only option right now is to reset all deactivated things, not add back one by one if I want to. I have a wheel with about 50 things on it so resetting and reactivating the ~20 that were deactivated is not as easy as just adding one back. Ideally there would be deactivate, reactivate, and reset all.
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6 years ago, Softball 24
Really great app!
I love this app because if you have trouble deciding where your going out to eat or if someone wants to go to the park and the other person doesn’t then make a wheel and spin it. When you get this app it comes with wheels already made so if you want them you can keep them or if you don’t want them you can delete them.
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4 years ago, Not about Stern
I love it! But, why did it suddenly start...
Why did it suddenly start doubling the labels that I load from a list? Seemed to begin doing this out of nowhere and it confused me greatly in the middle of a game I was using the app for. I still cannot figure out why it’s doing it and how to make it stop. Don’t get me wrong, I love this thing! I just want to be able to load a list of labels into it, and not double up the labels I put into it.
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5 years ago, lmamamac
Teacher’s friend!
I use this app in my classes to randomly select a student — sometimes for answering questions, or the order to speak. I use it to create seating charts and randomize answers on tests. The newest help to me is the ability to deactivate a selection to use all the options instead of constant randomness. I do like to say that in randomness, you may be chosen repeatedly 🧐
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6 years ago, naumatam
Have a _______ day!
I use Decide Now! to tell my viewers to have a (positive adjective) day when I'm ending videos. I've used this app for the same purpose at the end of my class periods, and my students are eager to see what word will be chosen by the spinning wheel. This is a good app that can help students decide what to study first or last, especially for midterm and final exams.
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5 years ago, DFacilitator
Beats popsicle sticks from the 90s.
Love this app for the classroom. Always set students up to collaborate in smaller groups and then spin to see who answers for the group. Also add other spots on the wheel to keep it interesting. Free late pass, cookies for all, or high five three people. Excellent solution for increased engagement. High school history teacher - 29 years - founder of Equity Maps app
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6 years ago, _TboneTy
Perfect Randomness
For a while now I’ve been looking for an app to help me randomly make decisions.. whether it’s flipping a coin, rolling a D20, deciding which movie to see, or where to eat tonight, Decide Now! has me covered. Creating, editing, and using a wheel is very easy—and satisfying. Not to mention, the entire app is really aesthetically pleasing. Thank you for this awesome random tool!
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6 years ago, jj xXswagerman79xX
Though the better version is locked behind a paywall, it is still cheap and affordable compared i some other apps. This app is different from other apps in that... it actually works! The spin is satisfying and the amount of categories and decisions you can add is phenomenal, I recommend this app to anyone who wants a wheel spinner.
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7 years ago, mOctothorpe
Front page app!
The ability to take the pressure from deciding which place to have dinner or which direction for a random walk makes this a front page (screen) app because I use it everyday. I enjoy setting up the wheels and then anticipating where the wheel will land. Boring decisions are now a game.
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7 years ago, Jammit9193
Great app for teachers, but no sound in latest update
I use this app in the classroom often for quiz games, class choices, etc., and both I and my students love it, but much of the fun of using the app is in the sounds. The sound in the latest version is too quiet to be heard, and is non existent through the headphone jack, which I plug into a mixing board. A lot of disappointed children!
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2 years ago, BrettR978
Everything you need
This app is very well made. The visuals look great, the physics of the wheel are on point, the feature to disable whatever was picked on each spin. It’s also nice to be able to create as many different wheels as you want.
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7 years ago, sandrifting
Useful and Entertaining
Does what it says on the tin. Nicely implemented graphics and UI - feels very polished. Haven’t run into a list limit yet. More or custom color schemes would be nice. I’m using this for fun (Magic 8 Ball responses!) and to encourage me to use all items in a collection I have, rather than continually going back to the same things.
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6 years ago, Bruno (Nomad)
I Love This App!!! (One small request)
This app is superb!!! Since I purchased it, I've been making different wheels from aspects of my business (I'm an artist and sometimes I needed a random subject for my artwork. It has made such a difference in my work!) to my social life (My wife and I created a wheel together. 5 of my favorite movies and 5 of her favorite movies) We love it! When one gets watched it is removed from the wheel!... Anyway... The small request is to please make the app able to be read no matter how the device is positioned. Whether it be portrait or landscape. Thanks for making this app!!!
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6 years ago, Smoke Infused
The spinner is law
You must listen to the spinner. If you don’t heed the law of the spinner, you’re gonna have a bad time. I like to use the spinner for d&d mechanics among many other applications such as deciding which movie/show to watch. The spinner is law. I do a best 2/3 and if I don’t listen to the spinner, things often don’t go my way.
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6 years ago, madx715
Perfect for indecisive
Great app. Pretty clean interface. When deactivating an option on the wheel, it would be nice to have it remove the pie piece from the wheel so when it spins again it doesn’t land on a large grayed out spot and auto select what it’s closest to. It could instead spin one or two more spots depending on how many options are left.
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7 years ago, Dreamlandia
great randomizer
this app is great at making random choices. it's nice to be able to deactivate choices, and randomize the items on the wheel. I was using roundum, and it was picking the same choices each time. this is not the case with this app. I also like that it's fully customizable.
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5 years ago, Guy Zipp
Great for making games
My kids and I made our own board games with the paid version! It was easy and fun. Making a board game is harder than it sounds but we had a great time. Making custom wheels made each gamer different and a lot of fun. Highly recommended
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4 years ago, TechObsess
Think Outside The Box
I love this for deciding where to eat or what to do, but I also got to thinking what else I can use it for. I made a Tarot Reading wheel that randomly selects cards by their names and that got me wondering if a drinking game would be a good way to use this app as well. Love it, thank you
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1 year ago, dirty210angel
Don’t knock it till you try it.
Great for different ideas when you have a lot going on, or when someone(s) can’t decide on what to eat. I’m loving using it, for cleaning specific areas to clean in my apartment.
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6 years ago, RandAct
Love it, but...
Please please please update it so I can press a button to alphabetize or randomize the list in the edit mode. Sometimes I have so many things in my lists that I forget what's there. I want to be able to quickly scroll down the list to see if I already entered it. That would make it perfect.
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7 years ago, Picsbyric
Nice customizable app!
I needed an app that I could customize for a contest with several participants. It worked flawlessly. Only suggestion I would make is to have less "friction" on the spin so it takes create a little more excitement.
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6 years ago, Justin L. H.
Best Wheel Spinner
This is the best currently in the App Store! Only things I wish were possible: more adjustability to the speed, and the ability to change the sound effect with options! Otherwise a flawless app, for what it is intended for!
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7 years ago, Happycamper1030
Exactly what I was looking for
I have no idea what the old version was like, but I've had nothing but awesomeness with this app. This is exactly the app I was hoping to find, I added all kinds of wheels (local dinner and beer options, chores, self-care free time activities). Totes worth the paltry .99¢
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7 years ago, the destressed teacher
Decide perfect
Love this app. I would like it to have an option to eliminate a choice/ selection once chosen. Such as block that choice without deleting from wheel. Then when everyone has been selected just reset.
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2 years ago, Laughhearty
Help!! Dark mode has disappeared!
I can’t get to support through the link provided here. The form on the website doesn’t appear to work. I’ve been all over social media trying to find some support. Dark mode option has disappeared after the update. I’m on an iPhone 12 running 15.4.1.
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5 years ago, Ijaz Anwar
Very good app but needs a feature
Can you add the amount of time the wheel spins in order to randomize the wheel more. For example there can be a choice between 30 seconds to 100 seconds wheel spin time.
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5 years ago, WilliamD76
Great app!
I really like this app but I have a question. On a wheel I made, I unexpectedly got asked if I wanted to randomize the wheel. I’d like to know how to do that intentionally. Also as a quick suggestion, make randomizing the wheel an edit feature.
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4 years ago, Katie Fish:))
Decide now
very fun and helpful. I use this app a lot for making decisions, and just for fun! I do wish they had more color options for the wheels but other than that it’s pretty good. Would recommend!
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5 years ago, Eric_Washington
Needs a Syncing System
This app is so useful. The only thing it lacks (which it desperately needs) is a syncing system. This either needs to be done via Cloud or via a e-mail verified account.
Show more
6 years ago, Iyuna Jamie
Games and Raffle Prize!
I finally found and app that can just pick as we spin the wheel. Instead of doing the old school style by picking it yourself. GREAT! For raffle prizes, just enter the numbers and let the wheel pick for you.
Show more
12 months ago, sei_lightning
Great in classroom
I use the app for bingo or picking students in the classroom. The kids always get excited when I pull out the roulette wheel. Thanks for making such a great application.
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12 months ago, Inikotu
Simple Way To Make Decisions
I still use it years later. I’ve fallen behind on cleaning so I made a wheel to decide what I will clean for five minutes. Works fantastically!
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4 years ago, cattmatt129
Super fun
It is the perfect thing when you were at a standstill of what you’re gonna do for the day end it should help you when you are struggling of what you should choose
Show more
7 years ago, Haley7401
Great app!
I use this when i want to exercise in the morning, i put about 8 different workouts, and after i do it i deactivate it! Then at the beginning of the next week i reset! Great work!
Show more
5 years ago, Torokcele
Good app but would be great with a couple improvements.
Please update with a way to switch your roulette wheel without having to go into settings. We should be able to swipe left or right to switch the wheels.
Show more
4 years ago, Hajer alebrahim
Great app but
Thanks for this amazing app But I just have one suggestion It will be better to make the app syncing with iCloud to share the same data between other apple devices. 👍🏼
Show more
4 years ago, CookerDamato
I’m enjoying it
So far it’s working out well. I use personally but also for piano students. Can’t figure out how to delete the extra copies I made of wheels by accident.
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6 years ago, jahalchak
This app is correctly titled. If one has to make a choice 2 things that are equal in every way — this is your app! Save time digging for a coin to flip; just tap and decide!
Show more
7 years ago, Jetlagged in Seattle
Deactivate function doesn’t work anymore?
I used this a lot in other to let remaining players have a second round. But now ( because of an app update?)somehow the button no longer works.
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