Delaware County Daily Times

1.4 (28)
33 MB
Age rating
Current version
Journal Register Company
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Delaware County Daily Times

1.36 out of 5
28 Ratings
10 years ago, Grace Grant
Search please?
The app is really good overall, and articles are always up to date and accurate. My only complaint is that there is no search feature to find past articles. If this was added, it would be a five star app for sure.
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8 months ago, Chief Tom Byrne
Proof read
Does anyone proof read your stories. I couldn’t figure out why Linwood Fire Department was dispatched into Ridley. Then I read the suspect was from Linwood and put two and two together. Ok, I get it, mistakes are made, but seriously just checked your on line story and 24 hours later it’s still wrong! You can and use to do so much better.
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10 years ago, Jjr1482
The old app was great! Very plain yet very simple, informative and easy to use, the new delve times app....BA-LOWS!!!!! It's stupid, looks horrible and it's hard to navigate, why did we change the old app? If it ain't broke.....THEN DON'T FIX IT!!! I gave the new app 1 star because there is no option to give 0 or negative stars! Change it back to the old format, it was perfect before, I know at least 10 friends that totally agree!!!! If it continues in this horrid format I will just be deleting it and going back to the old school and just buying the daily times paper!!
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11 years ago, TheKingfish
Just updated but no better than before.
This app is horrible. Fonts don't render correctly so some stories have gibberish characters, Stories haven't been updated in ages (the entire Opinion section is from October 2012) and app is slow overall. Why even bother with this piece of garbage when I can get a better experience from the web page? Someone needs to toss this whole thing in the trash and start over from square one, then fire the developers for releasing it. It's so bad, I'd give it zero stars but iTunes won't let me.
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11 years ago, IMWright
Great local news source on the fly
Easy to get quick update of news every morning. Some things to work out but getting better. For those who are complaining about obits, hit the 'view more recent obits' and you can see the rest--A to Z.
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12 years ago, Chocolate Girl 74
Clear and Concise
This is a great app! 👍👍👍👍 Straight forward and easy to read! The categories are perfect( breaking news) especially! ❤I would give 5 stars but there are no graphics to go along with the stories! I will live for now.
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11 years ago, Drexel Hill Resident
Could definitely use some updating
As people have previously stated, some sections clearly need to be updated. I also agree that random characters are thrown in (usually where quotations or an apostrophe should appear). Other than that, I do use it daily to receive the latest news in my area.
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11 years ago, Concordville firefighter
Great app. love it.
I love looking at this app on the go so I can see exactly what is happening currently and I have always relied on the Delaware County Daily Times so this makes it much easier and quicker to see what is happening.
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11 years ago, Daily times reader
Needs updating
I use this app almost everyday and half of the sections aren't updated. For example the life section the sound off is from 103 days ago. The entire section is old. I don't know if I'm not updating it right but my news section updates fine. Definitely needs and upgrade to fix these bugs
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7 years ago, Mrm.
Needs work
This app is very frustrating. It needs a search feature that will find articles you want to read. The font size adjustability is a joke! It can be super small or slightly less super small. If I spent more time with this app, maybe I would find something nice to say-- but until these things are fixed, I don't have enough patience to stick around.
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3 years ago, jimeo
The Digital Copy button has disappeared ! Why do you keep changing the menu ? And Tech Support is a joke ! You are suppose to email them, but they never email back !!! How about talking to a real live person ??? I do pay my subscription every 26 weeks. Why can’t I ask a question and get a fix when I have a problem ?
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11 years ago, KO1979
Video ads (automatic play with sound)
I deleted this app today because twice when clicking on news articles it started playing a video ad with sound, no choice to stop or mute it. This is unacceptable so it's gone. It's unfortunate, although it was not the best news app in terms of navigation I checked it often for local news. If this ad policy changes I will reinstall.
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7 years ago, Orgazmatron.
Much better
The update to this app is much better than what the old one had become. I can actually read the articles now and the organizing makes sense.
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3 years ago, april1362
Bill payment
The bill payment option is very poor. Does not open and is hard to find. The app needs to have a section for Bill payment
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11 years ago, Vita tranquilla
Read it every morning!
My go to for daily local news first thing in the morning. Recently, updates have been a few days old. Please rectify!
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10 years ago, TTT phila area
The launch of the LOUD video ads that you cannot stop or mute is just unacceptable. People like to check this at work for local news but not when it disrupts all colleagues. I've written to the editor several times -he stated he would look into it but he never did. Sorry but you drop the ball on this one.
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11 years ago, Phild89
Easy application
Great application , up to date stories, the weather forecast is much better than others.
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11 years ago, Tyh32
This app is the best, and it's updated throughout the day instead of waiting until the next day to read the articles in the newspaper.
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11 years ago, Clippers65
I enjoy reading the current events occurring in Delaware County Some days I can't get updated news Basically I like the app
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11 years ago, KanyeEast1
This app is awful
This app is just awful. Pages don't open, articles are missing, every time there's a word with an apostrophe, the word gets misspelled. I guess what the daily times wants is for people to get frustrated reading their paper online, so maybe they'll go out and buy it. I wish I could give this app zero stars, but that's not an option.
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10 years ago, Jameissss
I like the app because it keeps me updated with what's going on back home ( living in Hawaii). I don't like how you need another link for getting high school sports updates. Also, the updates from day to day are usually slow.
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10 years ago, Shelle900
This hasn't worked since 2 days after update. It doesnt update to recent stories, it doesnt load, i open it and it closes out. There r just too many glitches and i have been unable to open it for a week now it even turned my phone off when i tried to uninstall it.
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11 years ago, JoSumma
DelCo Times
Outstanding ! Keeps me in touch with Home after moving 1,000 miles away 10 yrs ago Keep up the good work
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10 years ago, EMS Belly
Easy to navigate
Easy to navigate, though I wish there was a way to force refresh as there used to be. Also, getting really tired of getting half way through a story and changes over to my App Store in an effort to get me to download some game.
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11 years ago, incagnito72
What a joke
This app is god awful. New content only when whoever is running it feels like working. It will go two or three weeks with no problem then you get nothing for a few days. I wouldn't watch the news on TV if they read last weeks news and I won't be using this app any more.
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11 years ago, The count of M
Ok app
You guys just need to make all pictures available for each story like in the regular paper!!!! Buy it's still a good app...
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11 years ago, Donna 1111111111
Love this app
Excellent app. But something is wrong it has not updated for the last 6 days
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12 years ago, M.robinson
The stories are more than 10 days behind, obituaries are a month behind, everything on the opinion page is more than 2 weeks behind. The stories all have words that don't make sense. It's horrible and I'm deleting it. It's making me choose a rating so I have to go with 1 star but it's actually 0 stars!
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10 years ago, Squrt43
Too invasive on the advertisement
What's with the ads so often? I understand making money but come on. And it's the same ad over and over and over again. I deleted this app and use just a link to your mobile site, much better, less annoying ads!
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11 years ago, Baelrusk
Does it's job
A simple news app. Doesn't try anything overly complicated. Simply does what it's meant to do.
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8 years ago, Delco girl
Crappy app
App is ok for a few days but you have to delete and download frequently, due to the app giving you an error message asking for your email and password, very frustrating when your trying to read the latest news.
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12 years ago, KateC61834
The app doesn't always update to the actual date it will continue to show news from days prior even after you try to update it. And even when it is all up to date some stories you can't even read. They need to do some MAJOR work on this app!!!!
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11 years ago, Trueplayspat
Speed of updates embarrassingly slow
For an app that is considered a news media outlet they should be ashamed of the speed and efficiency in which their stories update. A newspaper entity should not have stories that are still 5 days old.
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9 years ago, Emery99
Daily Times app
This app just keeps getting worse with each update. It's painfully slow, ads constantly pop-up while in the middle of reading an article and it crashes all the time. Pathetic. Use this as an example of how not to create an app.
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11 years ago, Johnny KCCO T
Love it!
I use the Daily Times app every day to keep up with the news!
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11 years ago, Amyb721
Delco Times Reader
The app needs to be updated more frequently and proved more stories. Sometimes, Id rather go to the website because I can get more stories there.
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11 years ago, Monkey12gmc
Needs help
This app is absolutely horrible! The opinion section hasn't been updated in months, some of the fonts don't transfer correctly, and stories are listed 2 or 3 times in a section. It's 2013, get with the program and update this app for your loyal readers.
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11 years ago, Boo booby love
Delco times
Great app. Keeps you up to date with all the latest delco news!!
Show more
11 years ago, MyBabyCriesLouderThsnYours
I like this app but I think it would be a good idea to add a search engine so you can look at news articles from prior days.
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10 years ago, Mndleftbod
Bloated and
Clunky as someone said...just make it simple and show the articles. The old app wasn't great but much better than the new one. Feel like it doesn't refresh and show new articles, it just shows select articles
Show more
9 years ago, Anyone else? Have this happen?
All the sudden you have to sign up and pay for a digital subscription....when you can get the news free with any of the top news stations in philly, it makes no sense to pay. Sorry Delco times you're deleted.
Show more
11 years ago, Boobiesmakemesmile
Needs to be updated
My latest news stories are three days old now think the app needs to get some bugs fixed
Show more
11 years ago, Bob McBride
Love the app/Give it 5 stars
This is a very handy app to have because I can read the papers on the go. Love it!
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12 years ago, Heraldry
Many bugs to be worked out the most annoying is the obits. Apparently theirs a problem loading the whole list or a phenomenon is occurring in Delco where no one has died with a last name beginning with an M to Z.
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12 years ago, Reader but not for long
App is terrible
Articles are frequently not current. It is Sunday and the news articles are from days ago. When the articles are current, there isn't nearly enough of them.
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10 years ago, MacawMan
Needs search capability
Average app that is in need of some additional features including search...
Show more
12 years ago, TpainMC
This app is awful, most of it is never updated. In the opinion section it's been almost a month since the last update. It's like they made this app so bad that you would just rather go get the paper.
Show more
10 years ago, Tmspeedy
Didn't think it could get worse. It did.
This new version is horrible. The previous one was just bad. Did you hire developers from the government? I will give it some time, but you need to fix it soon or it's gone.
Show more
7 years ago, Deb from Delaware County
Difficult to see
The articles are written in grey on white background making it very strenuous to see. I recommend changing it all to black.
Show more
11 years ago, Kag13159
Late News
I get frustrated because the updated news takes too long to update. It is now 6:03 am and yesterday's new is still here.
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