Delaware Online

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User Reviews for Delaware Online

4.46 out of 5
2.4K Ratings
3 years ago, willtakenonegiven
News Journal
I still get the actual paper Thurs thru Sunday. I have not cared as much for News Journal when few changes had been made. The listing of where to find various things no longer listed on 1st page. The house of the week featured article no longer exist. Next to know listings or info on homes. Computer not always more than one in the home but generally more than one person. Less content and more money a reason many stopped with paper. Sad.
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3 years ago, loungeflyde
Stick with the website, subscribers can’t sign into the app
I’m a recent re-subscriber, trying to support local news. I can sign in to the website just fine, when I sign in to the app it sends me to an “Account Lookup” page and when I close that... I’m no longer signed in. I’m deleting the app, it’s pointless if a paid subscriber can’t simply login to the app to access content. Apps require regular maintenance folks. If Gannett isn’t prepared to run these apps with a standard product lifecycle model they might as well capitulate the app world and stick with the website - after many decades that’s finally adequate. Perhaps we will be able to say the same thing about the app when they have had a couple decades to likewise improve it on the cheap.
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3 years ago, Susie581
I can’t activate my digital or print because the system keeps asking for an account number. There has been NO mention of an account number. I live chatted with an agent who said I had no account. I SENT AN ACCEPTED PAYMENT TWICE! The app will not honor the three free months they advertise. Where do I find an account number? Both live chat and voice support conveniently disconnected each time I tried to speak to customer service because, I feel, this was on purpose by each representative because they could not find the solution. From frustration, I feel both agents purposely disconnected. Meanwhile I have sent a confirmed payment twice!!!!! I want a subscription!! I’m not giving up!! Find the account number for me!!
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1 year ago, d Jubb B i
Delaware Online
This rag of a paper is yellow journalism at its best. Full of fake news and politically motivated articles in the National section. One would think that after 5 years of promoting what is now known as political propaganda and outright lies they would develop other sources to gather information or at least show it’s reader there are other opinions on political subjects. The current reporting focusing too much on the previous administration while not discussing the current administrations failures. The local section is nothing but race baiting and virtue signaling and is a chip off the old block of the of its parent corporation. I just wished Delaware residents had other options for local news.
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2 years ago, eech1ck
It’s improving
I like local news. This app gives to access to the New Journal. It seems to be getting better with time.
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4 years ago, reader if the news
News Journal review
Always at my fingers tips with out a problem , and at a phenomenal price .twice this weekend I was going to purchase The News journal at the store but they hadn’t received there papers so I would have been out of luck as usual.
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4 years ago, Barking Goose
Easy to use, a must for any DE resident
This app works well (better than most local newspaper apps), with a minimum of clutter, ads, or can’t-mute video. If you live in Delaware, or nearby, you need to keep up with goings-on: and this is *far and away* the best news org in the state.
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3 weeks ago, Zzzzzzooom
No telephone number and no service.
Each month 8.50 comes out of my account as a subscriber and I am not given the subscription that I have paid for. Ironically the monthly fee for this online newspaper is almost double that of another Gannett newspaper that I subscribe to where I do get my full subscription stories. If I could give this app a zero I would. If you get this app you may not get what you pay for. Harry DARR
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1 year ago, miaxsmith
Amazing stories! Great content and breaking news in Delaware
Please subscribe asap! You can only get the insider stories here. I was impressed with the amount of detail in their top stories and breaking news.
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4 years ago, bonajim
A great site for Delaware news
I just joined this site and absolutely love it! The best place to get your Delaware news, they cover the entire state, which is great! They don’t just focus on Wilmington like some other sites. Join up, you won’t regret it!
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6 years ago, Tomsalth2o
Lack of balance
Paper has become a rag that is so biased it provides no believable news about the true political reality we live within. Constant and pathetic hammering of our President and everything that does not fit the liberal narrative is boring and unhelpful to our American way of life. I buy it for the comics and the crossword puzzle and use it only to cleanup after our dog has an accident. Certainly not to become informed, since that objective has long disappeared.
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3 years ago, lmw32177
Paper to online version
I like to read the “paper” meaning the hard copy of the News Journal delivered to my house. From time to time, I find an interesting article that I wish to send to family or friend by email or text so I go to my online version or your paper to find and forward. Unless the article is same day- and perhaps not even then - putting the title, headline, author, or subject into search does not work.
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2 years ago, Want to be a Fan2
Need to have an “Editions” option
We paid for a subscription to the News Journal and expected to be able to read the daily paper from the app. No way to do so that I can find. Not only that, stories are not chronological and many in this app are months old. One would expect to be able to see today’s stories first. Very disappointed.
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3 years ago, Zombific
On line
Been a great way to get updates during the pandemic. I really appreciate all the hard work everyone is doing to update the community. Offering this service for free was a terrific thing to do.
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4 years ago, Tofer_Too
Breaking News?
The app is fine for accessing news stories if you are already a subscriber to The News Journal. But I had to turn off ALL notifications. I would LIKE to get breaking news alerts, but to Delaware Online “breaking news” means pushing out random articles from today’s news cycle about every 90 minutes. Really irritating.
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2 years ago, Chooch440
The obituary section has been wonky for over a month!
I guess nobody in charge at the News Journal looks at the online information? The obituary section hasn't been correct for over a month and nobody there seems to care. Good thing it's free or I would want my money returned. Articles stay on for way too long and most aren't even relevant.
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2 years ago, m_doc23
Proof Read
They need to proof read what they post. So many “articles” have misspellings and poor language they are sometimes hard to read/understand. This is a professional app that is providing news to the community, that people pay for - I expect a higher quality product.
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3 years ago, Evilindor
News you can use
It’s good being able to check the news when you want
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4 years ago, Ronnie from Brooklyn, NY
To know what is going on in our home town of DE
I wasn’t raised here but leaved here for many years. Good place to raise my kids. I like to received articles to know what is happening in the state of Delaware. Thank You.
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6 years ago, Why need nickname??
No search function
Compared to other newspaper apps this is terrible. Hard to find articles. No search function. Difficult to differentiate between the latest news and stuff that's a couple days old. This shouldn't be so hard come on let's get it together!
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3 years ago, timmyd247
Best option for DE News
During this pandemic, I’m most concerned about my local environment and circumstances. This app gives me the easiest access to the news that’s most relevant to me right now.
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4 years ago, EJinPA
Great app!
You guys are doing a great job with your Coronavirus coverage while covers other local breaking news too! And the app is easy to navigate. Thank you!
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1 year ago, 111620947
I pay for premium access but still have to see ads in the app
They make you pay to see most of the good articles but then still show you ads everywhere. If your getting ad revenue why should I have to pay to read almost all the articles you guys write?
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4 years ago, muffin7771
I been trying to cancel for about 3 yrs now. I was supposed to get a refund but they lied. I never received it and they still didn't cancel my account. They keep trying to pull alot of money from cash app account and you are unable to put them on block and they refuse to answer phone lines. YOU are lucky if you get through to themm You been warned
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1 year ago, MJB on east coast
Difficult to navigate for current news
The app is difficult to navigate for current news and shows way too many advertisements. There is very little concern for the subscriber seems to be only about advertising revenue
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3 years ago, Erinj15
Good Local News App
I like this app, but there are a little too many ads thrown in around the articles.
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1 year ago, squeader
Delaware Online
Absolutely terrible app. Search for articles from actual newspaper is extremely difficult. Title of article or any part of it doesn’t lead to article. Difficult search for local articles; impossible search for USAToday articles in local paper.
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5 years ago, Snyders-trincia
Local news
Great way to get information about things around Delaware
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2 months ago, @hvmetals
News journal
Up to date on information in de and arounding areas
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11 months ago, Dewey95
Has become a joke
This site is abysmal with no real news coverage. Today we are treated to multiple stories of Bryce Harper, one or two would suffice, stories on finding a dentist, and no mention at all of the murder at Acme on Concord Pike or other actual news of relevance. Save your money, entirely not worth it.
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8 months ago, Jinxtus
I wish it included delivery options
I was just scrolling through the app to find a way to set options for delivering the paper to my home, or updating payment policy but I can’t find anything
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5 years ago, GeorgeL0375
Delaware Online
Enjoy the daily updates of the news
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5 years ago, rlairdjr
Keeps crashing
Current app keeps crashing
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3 years ago, Jllwk
Great updates for my day.
I avoid the drawn out TV news and can focus on my local updates.
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2 months ago, WayneBye
News always updated during day. Easily to get to particular
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1 year ago, BoogieSnoogie
On Par
It’s what you’d expect from a local, online news app.
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1 year ago, limestone Hills reader
Great local news
Only way to keep up to date on DE happenings.
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3 years ago, sitrohbluc
Great way to connect with Delaware news
Easy to use, pretty well organized, a little heavy on crime, fires, etc.
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4 years ago, Sandish22
Fast news
Great up to date reporting
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4 years ago, Cj1112!
Great app, high speed as well. Only problem is trying to participate in polls the screen goes blank
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6 years ago, mdallas14
Great app!
Thanks for making the local news so readily available!
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5 years ago, Gottmason
Informative App
Nice to open app and see current news and events.
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6 years ago, Don from PA
A little liberal
After I filter through the fake news and seek several other sources for some semblance of real truth instead of alternate truths, I can enjoy the obituaries. Most the obituaries are hard to fake.
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2 years ago, vandy-o
What a disappointment
We paid to subscribe. When I log in, the app knows me by name, but when I click on for subscribers only articles. I’m told that I have to subscribe? How many times do I have to subscribe to avoid this endless loop.
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2 years ago, marksp
Great app
App is well done. Very easy to navigate and stable as well.
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3 years ago, Delaware Guy
Report all the news!
Stop censoring the news. You are becoming a Marxist left wing news service. Where is the coverage and questions about Hunter Biden? That is censorship. Bet if the person was a conservative you would be all over it. Shame on you comrade......
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3 years ago, Mike56678
Great app and content
This is a great application. Lots of features and easy to use!
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5 months ago, 12 kauai
Not Great
I have been getting this fine and now I can’t get anything. My subscription is paid up. I have no idea what has happened. No messages from the newspaper about changes.. Not happy at all Y.P.
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7 months ago, bats toy
Anything but Fox News
Anything but Fox News
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4 years ago, BLT4270
Great App!
This app allows me to read the paper on my iPad. Have no issues with it.
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