Delta - Game Emulator

4.9 (19.4K)
64.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Testut Tech
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Delta - Game Emulator

4.88 out of 5
19.4K Ratings
2 months ago, osaym
Exceptional, best vintage emulator on the App Store!
It’s really cool to think how far we have came in terms of gaming in the last 20 years. 7 systems seamlessly on 1 device is just… amazing. This application brings so much joy to me, playing my childhood DS games. I ended up losing all of my childhood games on a flight when i was about 12 years old, and since then had been wanting to play the games again. I ended up loading all the games that I had lost into my library on the application 🥹 There are no bugs and the AirPlay integration is so cool, it just has a bit of an input delay. One thing I wish was changed: when AirPlay is being used with a controller on DS games, the “lower-half” of the DS screen is not displayed, which is quite annoying. I think the expected behavior should be to have the “top-half” screen shared to the AirPlay device, while the “bottom-half” touch sensitive screen is present on the phone, so it is still able to be used. Regardless, this app is the best thing to hit the app store and to hit the gaming industry in a really long time, and I’m excited to see how much further the developers can go with it in terms of devices and functionality. I will happily make a Patreon donation to promote the development of this application. :)
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1 month ago, Someone567123
Great emulator that just does its job right!
As a new iOS user, I'm glad that you can now use emulators officially without having to sideload, and I think that's awesome! There's not a whole ton of variety though, since at the moment, only Nintendo consoles all the way up to DS (excluding GameCube) are available to use. I was really hoping to be able to emulate Sega Genesis/Megadrive games right off the bat, but as I looked into it, it's still in beta development! I'd love to opt into the beta features, but I'm assuming that's a Patreon exclusive. I hope you guys can add more customization options too! Personally, controller skins are neat, but I'd love it if there was the ability to use filters and such, like an old CRT filter that blends in the pixels and smoothens things out a bit so that the dithering in certain games looks the way it was meant to be, like the Sonic 1 waterfall! Playing games in pixel-perfect integer scaling (so there isn't any weird pixel simmering on the screen) would be great for people who just like even pixels. As far as I know, there isn't a way to change the aspect ratio either. Some games look nicer when they're displayed in 4:3 instead of 8:7, which is the native resolution for both NES and SNES.
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2 months ago, 金大毛顺顺
Exceptional Emulator with a Slick Interface – Delta!
//1. I've been using the Delta emulator on my device, and I must say, it's an absolute joy. The interface is clean and uncluttered, which makes navigating through settings and games an effortless experience. //2. There are no annoying ads to disrupt the gaming session, and the smooth operation enhances every aspect of gameplay. The convenience of the emulator is top-notch, thanks to its intuitive controls and compatibility with a wide range of game formats. It brings back all those nostalgic moments flawlessly, running classics without a hitch. //3. However, there's one feature that would make Delta even better — expanded cloud sync options. Currently, it supports Google Drive and Dropbox, which works well but integrating iCloud sync would be a game-changer for iOS users. This addition would streamline game data management across all Apple devices, making it much more accessible and secure. //4. In conclusion, Delta is a superb emulator that offers a premium nostalgic gaming experience. If iCloud support were added, it would undoubtedly be the perfect package. Highly recommended for anyone looking to relive their favorite gaming memories on the go!
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3 weeks ago, W. Falcon
Got me through a tornado and working in a disaster zone
My town was hit with a powerful tornado over a week ago, and we have been without power, internet, air conditioner, and utilities. I’ve been spending every day with my husband and his family cleaning up the damage, and at night, sitting in the dark before falling asleep, I played a GBC Nuzlocke challenge using Delta. It has been a huge comfort to play through the games of my childhood again to take my mind off the stress and fear of the situation. I played GBA4IOS years ago, and enjoyed it greatly. When Apple released an update that made it difficult to use the App and removed it from the App Store, I was very disappointed and actually didn’t own an apple iPhone for years afterwards out of protest, and only bought one used when I needed to, so I’m glad to see they are now back up on the App Store and able to be enjoyed. Thank you again Delta team for everything you do. This is such a sleek and comfortable, reliable, and easy to use app to play custom games, and it’s amazing it can support both GBA and GBC games. I can’t wait to see future updates which may allow for trading and battle!
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2 months ago, J~Dilla
Thank you devs!
When I saw that purple delta symbol in the AppStore again, I thought it was too good to be true. I had the predecessor [GBA4ios]when i was in HS. So of course I downloaded this version. I had some ROMs from my previous attempts at other emulators, but this blew my mind. Delta emulator runs smoothly, is aesthetically pleasing, and is quite easy to navigate. It also runs in an optional fast forward mode that can honestly be too fast at times, no complaints here though. Also, integration of cheats and other mods should be used with discretion, because they might damper your experience with the game. However, that fault isn’t to be left with the emulator, that’s all on you. Lastly, be sure to save your data often (in game & on emulator), because it’s easy to forget that you’re not playing a game that is already on the App Store on its own & auto saving constantly, you’re on your mobile device. Therefore you need to save data yourself, to ensure no loss of gameplay. Otherwise, this emulator can & will change how you spend your free time. It is absolutely the best thing that I’ve come across!
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2 months ago, michael676767
This is VICTORY embodied.
2014 was a year for emulators on iOS. We had GBA4iOS and iNDS especially. Just a couple from what would be so many emulators later on. The Digital Markets Act finally let Delta release on the App Store recently. This is a victory on every freaking level that basically means Apple’s iron cage is softening up. We need to keep this momentum from legislatures against Apple’s monopoly. This is genuinely the case where fighting the “security” guidelines means we get to have more fun. Delta’s just a Nintendo emulator. Imagine if PPSSPP finally released officially to the App Store? God of War on iOS for everyone? I’m playing DKC 1 and 2 right now on Delta, and I don’t have to worry about stupid revokes every few hours after an install just to enjoy the games I played years ago. This is a victory for all of us. For anyone who wasn’t around so early on when this was the expectation around downloading this kind of app - be grateful to never experience an annoying popup about a certificate from random places in the world isn’t the end of your fun and save states for weeks/months.
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2 months ago, MaskMan1YT
I love this app, I’ve basically replaced every mobile game on my phone with this app, though there’s a few things that would be awsome to add in a future update. I hope they will add more emulators from other companies consoles (Like Sega Genesis, Saturn, and CD and also PS1) Also I wish there could be controller presets because Nintendo controllers and Xbox controllers have different layouts and I have to switch the buttons every time I switch. I wish I could have my save states be apart of the Sync because with my NES games I have to use save states because a majority of them don’t have a save system. Also I wish you could keep buttons if you don’t have enough buttons to map every button on the controller (I use a backbone controller and it only has 2 menu buttons while you need 3 for the menu, start, and select) also side note that you can use the joystick buttons which could’ve been used as menu buttons. And lastly I wish you could make your own controller skins in app though with an option to still import skins,
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3 weeks ago, RedTomi89
Pretty good, but has a few flaws
The emulator itself is really good, but there are a few issues I’ve noticed. For one, when I tested out Conker’s Bad Fur Day, the texturing was all wrong. Game Boy and Game Boy Color games aren’t in their proper aspect ratio, and the colors on GBC titles look kinda muted. Kid Icarus ran slower than it should, and (at least on my IPhone XR) when you play a DS game with a controller, part of the screen is cut off in Landscape Orientation (which, when playing a text-heavy game like Ace Attorney or an RPG, is really annoying), forcing me to either play at a weird angle in screen lock mode with my Kishi, or play in portrait mode using a completely different controller. This last issue could easily be fixed with an option to keep things in a 16:9 window in Landscape as opposed to the Ultrawide window of the XR. Don’t let this dissuade you overall, but these things are important to keep in mind when you use this. As for things to add in the future, I would like to see microphone support added to Famicom & Famicom Disk System games that supported it, such as Zelda no Densetsu - The Hyrule Fantasy, and Takeshi’s Challenge.
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2 months ago, Jajdlcjanabn
The Best App on the App Store
It’s still so surreal to see Delta on the App Store. I started using GBA4iOS and nds4ios about a decade ago, bought multiple Buildstore memberships on iEmulators for myself and a few friends, played iNDS and Delta when they were first made available, and have been doing my weekly refreshes to use Delta through the AltStore. After all these years and all these different methods of playing, I felt a strange sense of satisfaction when downloading Delta from the App Store. It felt like the proper “conclusion” to a journey across multiple sites and methods of acquisition. Here’s hoping that Delta has found a proper home on the App Store and continues to entertain users for years to come. Mr. Testut, thank you so much for providing entertainment so many people over the years by allowing us to play some of our favorite childhood games even when we no longer had the hardware to do so. For the countless hours of entertainment your apps have given me over the past 9 years, thank you.
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2 months ago, Clavat99
A lot of people don’t know what an Emulator is it seems.
An Emulator is a piece of software that is able to run old games by simulating the consoles those games were made for. Emulators are completely legal. The games they run are the ROM files obtained by dumping the contents of physical cartridges or discs. Doing this is also completely legal. What’s illegal is downloading ROMs off the internet. That’s piracy, and is why Delta does not include them of a way to get them. You must provide ROMs yourself. However you go about that is your prerogative. Delta itself is an extremely powerful emulation suite that runs games as good as if not better than in some cases official hardware. Tons of customization of tools, very user friendly, works great with a Bluetooth controller if you don’t want to put up with touch controls, and is surprisingly easy on the battery. GBA4iOS was something I used WAAAAY back in the day and I’m super happy to see it get a true successor project that managed to get on the App Store officially.
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3 weeks ago, RigoRod_
A direct injection of nostalgia
I never leave reviews on any app because they are all pretty average. However this app had coerced me to let people who are thinking about downloading this app know how awesome it is! I’m a retro game collector, mainly Pokemon and have dabbled the world of emulation before on my desktop/laptop but this takes it to another level. I can play Generations 1-5 on this little app. Flawlessly and better than ever on the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s beautiful screen. They have a save state feature and the game changing fast forward feature!!! It’s game changing especially if you want to do speed runs, nuzlockes etc. I haven’t experimented with accessory controllers like the Backbone but from what I’ve read online it works flawlessly! Download this app and reminisce on your childhood times! I’m a physical media guy and even though I own a lot of the Gen 4-9 games physically I’ve been opting to game on my phone a lot more since this was released for iOS.
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1 week ago, akdhfkfnamdbckdje
Best App for older games
I have been using Delta emulator for the better part of 10 years now. Back in the day, we had to go through safari or special means to download this app and games available to us. Now, in 2024, I am happy to see this is accessible very easily for us. This is by FAR the best app I have found to play games for years to come. All you have to do is find the right file to download and BOOM - you're in unova, or sinnoh, or johto or even kanto. Because of this game, I am able to relive my childhood while exploring new challenges in these games. I never imagine apple would take this emulator on, but I am happy to see they have and I am exploring my childhood day by day. I have grown up with pokemon for over 17 years and my other consoles arent as easily accessible due to being put up from moving, so being able to replay them while traveling or on breaks at lunch or just in my own personal time - i DEFINITELY recommend!!
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1 month ago, Damonthesis
Finally a developer gets it
Its all about preservation. Ive hoarded Nintendos content for the last 20 years. With my original save files slowly dying with the batteries in the cartridges. Wish I could retrieve the ones that still worked to delta. I Have followed this app since the original and appreciate how its grown. Its possibly the best app thats been created so far. The attention to detail, as well as the versatility. Its a love song to retro consoles and our childhoods. A map that takes you back to things lost in time. The fact that it doesnt attempt to capitalize or cheapen the experience is icing on the cake. I wish all developers had the same mission values. I wonder if adobe will attempt to sue apple for the app store logo. Since they've trademarked the letter A and all triangles 😂 I deleted long ago when found PDF expert to have less in your face advertising and better viewing customization for textbooks back when I was still in school.
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2 months ago, 4caddit
The first and best emulator on the App Store
This ain’t my first rodeo with iOS emulators. Before Apple allowed them onto the App Store, I used an app called AltStore that you’d use your Mac to install outside apps onto your phone. One of these apps was Delta - an all-in-one Nintendo-centric emulation app. This app is the first (never mind that one bootleg everyone talked about…) and possibly the best emulator app you will see on the App Store. Seven supported game systems, meaning seven huge game libraries you now have the ability to jump into on your phone. The interface is easy to understand, and doesn’t waste your time. Absolutely no advertisements on this app - even when it’s on the App Store! Organization and customizability is what I like about Delta. You have the ability to set game covers, change controller layouts, skins, and even sync your game saves and files to your Google Drive for multiple devices! That is SOOO good. There’s some things i wish to improve. First, the “auto-orientation disabled” feature for WarioWare: Twisted doesn’t really work. At all. I still have to turn on Rotation Lock in Control Center. Second: iPad support. I know this app was definitely not designed around it but… hey, it could be pretty nice! Overall, it’s a good emulator. Good performance, and gets the job more than done. I’ve been here since GBA4iOS, and I’m really happy to see how far we’ve come. This is great stuff, Riley.
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1 month ago, Destroid Reaper
Best iOS option for emulating retro games (with one small gripe)
Let me get started by saying this is the most fun I’ve had in a LONG time, playing retro games, playing Rom Hacks (Radical Red), and just enjoying my time. The only thing holding me back from a 5⭐️ is the fact that I cannot have multiple instances of the same game without save states. For an example, I have my main Radical Red save file on a rom. I can’t seem to have a second version of that rom, regardless of what it’s named, where it’s downloaded, or when it’s downloaded. When I try to load up a completely separate file for the rom, it just boots up the original. The only way around it is convoluted and unsafe for the data because of the chance of overwriting the file, that being the export/import save option. All in all I love this emulator, and the only thing that could make it better is the option to have two versions of the same rom active at the same time, without the use of the export/import save functionality.
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2 months ago, Möbius76
Awesome app, but a slight bit pick
Delta is a extremely cool app that allows you access to a wide Variety of games that come with a convenience never before, but it doesn’t feel quite polished. Changing skins is a massive inconvenience that needs to be streamlined for the future. Furthermore the skins that come with the app often feel distracting to the game. Some problems I have encountered with the emulator itself are few but the most noticeable one is for The n64. When emulating something like tloz mm, opaque textures such as the clock often have a white or black box behind them. I have not encountered a game that this issues makes unplayable, but still Anoying. Very happy that there is a emulator that you can finally get without side loading or having to paying money/adds(Very happy about that), but delta has not reached its full potential. Looking forward to the next update! -sounds kinda insane but would love to be able to play together online as a second controller with another phone
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2 months ago, gabereviewss
THE Emulator To Use!
I hardly ever review apps but wow, Delta Emulator has really blown me away. I’m about 45 minutes into a fresh play through of Pokémon Emerald and so far I have to say I’m very impressed. This is an amazing emulator that does its job exceptionally well. The user experience is great and simple to use. There are no ads or annoying pop-ups distracting you from the game. The haptic feedback on button presses was not something I expected but really made playing the game FEEL better. You can even cloud sync your games and save states between your devices via Google Drive or Drop Box, meaning you can play your game on the go on your iPhone and pick up right where you left off when you get home on an iPad! I will be recommending this app to pretty much everyone who wants to play their old childhood favorites on their phone. Would love to see other consoles supported in the future like the PS1 or Sega Genesis!!
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2 months ago, Dre JA
Button Options
I’m happy apple has allowed emulation. It’s refreshing to not have to jump through hoops to support this app. 5 Stars no doubt. It’s great that there’s controller support but here’s a suggestion from a touch screen gamer. Maybe, in addition to the classic button layouts, you could work out some way to have the button placement customizable. So as to not be reaching to the top left and right of the screen for hitting the “L&R” buttons. Maybe a uniform shape language that allows a 6 or more button layout where our thumbs would naturally be. I’m no dev so I’m not sure of the complexity for an option like this but it would definitely be a nice addition in my opinion. A way to also blend the games from just being emulated to feeling more like a native touchscreen game. Anyway. I appreciate you being here Delta. Looking forward to whatever updates comes next.
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2 months ago, Bivrip Bonez
Incredibly good
I’ve been using this app for a few weeks now, and I’m super impressed. I only have two gripes with the app. It occasionally crashes when switching games, but I can’t emphasize enough how minor a flaw this is. My other gripe is that when using my X-Box controller with the app (which is almost a necessity for me when playing N64 games), there is no way to access the menu for load/save states or to switch games. Other than that, the app works very well, is extremely user friendly, and is just all around fabulous for enjoying the great games of yesteryear. I look forward to GameCube support (which is in Beta, according to the developers). I would wish for more consoles to be emulated on the app, but I fear I would max out the storage on my phone with ROMs. In short, thank you to the developers for this app, and thanks to Apple for allowing it on the App Store.
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1 month ago, K.T.E. FAN
There’s only 1 Issue with “Delta”!
I’m a user of the “Delta” App, and I love this app, except for 1 thing, the sound emulation for the Game Boy Advance. For some reason, the audio for Game Boy Advance games on the “Delta” App sounds horrible, I say this because I played “Wario Land 4” on this app and it made an annoying noise, there wasn’t any music or sound effects, just this annoying noise that made me wish I was deaf. The “Delta” App is a great app to emulate retro games, but there’s no excuse for the sound emulation issues with Game Boy Advance games on “Delta”, especially since the other games that aren’t Game Boy Advance games sound just fine in “Delta”, and Nintendo Switch Online has Game Boy Advance games too, but they sound fine on there. So there’s no excuse for the bad sound emulation for Game Boy Advance games on “Delta”. Don’t get me wrong, I love “Delta”, but it would be better if the people who made “Delta” would fix the bad Game Boy Advance sound emulation on “Delta”.
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1 month ago, Anonymous2361975
Amazing! real 5 star experience! 🤩
While I already emulated before but this really got me into emulation and Retro gaming because my all of previous emulators lagged very badly and might not even run on my iPad (5th gen) the only other one I might recommend is dolphin but it’s for only two consoles and isn’t really retro gaming and it really doesn’t give the same feel, while there are occasions where Delta won’t read certain ROMs that work on other you can always simply go for a different rom in the infinite ocean of the internet. there is also a problem where most DSI games do not read no matter what while I would like to have that fixed this experience is more than amazing for me and there aren’t many games on the DSI that I used to play so it doesn’t need to be fixed I’m happy enough right now. Thank you for all your hard work I really appreciate it
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2 months ago, NishiPlays
Love the updates but..
The latest update was amazing and fixed the AirPlay issue! But.. is there a way you can make it when airplaying on a Smart Keyboard it doesn’t think it’s a controller. I would love to mount my iPad and use the stylus. Also another option, when airplaying gameboy color games. I would love to see my phone screen while airplaying so I can look where I’m moving while playing vs it only shows my buttons and not the screen. I use discord to screen share when I airplay it to my computer so it’s difficult to play my games and share the screen while playing since it doesn’t show me my screen as well. If those updates can be pushed out this app would be PHENOMENAL. It already has so many great things but it could be better! Thank you for making this app! I appreciate the hard work you put into it!!
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2 months ago, DinovDoxy4608
Really good app, not perfect tho
I would love an option to make the ds screen to be vertical when playing horizontal, or at least one that works since when I click on the “arrange screen’s horizontally” it doesn’t really do much from what I’ve seen. I would also like an option to customize the controller skins on the app by colour at least instead of only being able to download a skin online, and maybe an option to position where inputs are when playing horizontal tho idt that would work with having a skin on so probably just have a warning screen to tell the player that. And finally idk if this is a problem about this app or discord, but when I try streaming the emulator on a discord call the audio cuts out completely even when I don’t have silent mode on. That’s about it for my issues, I really like this app and i can’t wait for more emulators for other retro consoles
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2 months ago, ilove Spotify so much
Best thing to happen to App Store
This is amazing. I finally get to play all the retro games I ever wanted. One thing I would like is the ability to maybe upscale the resolution I know the phone can definitely run it so if it’s possible, please try to implement it or at least in some consoles like the NES. The only reason why I want this feature is to see more clearly and just a better gaming experience in general, please and thank you. Edit: for all the people giving it bad reviews please note that this is amazing. You just have to know how to use it. If you have issues like no audio or crashing it’s not the emulator. It’s actually the game you have downloaded. Trust me happened to me before not all games you download work immediately somewhere just hacked and supposed to annoy you. TLDR: it’s not the emulator it’s the games you download.
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1 month ago, mincon guy
Now that Sega Genesis emulation is being worked on…
Welp, despite only being able to emulate Nintendo hardware, it’ll be a blessing when Sega Genesis emulation becomes publicly available here. Just one extra thing though: please try and experiment with Sega/Mega-CD emulation on this emulator and bring it here! It would be a great addition! Now one thing you do need to know: just like the Nintendo DS, a BIOS file requirement is needed to properly emulate Sega/Mega-CD games. Also just like the Nintendo DS BIOS integration for emulation, 3 BIOS files are going to be needed for Sega/Mega-CD emulation; however, each BIOS file will need to pertain to one of the three regions the console itself was released in: North America, Europe, and Japan. The BIOS version should NOT be specific as they may be different in size if possible. If you can successfully do that, you’ll have earned all the praise I could possibly give you!
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1 month ago, Use a diff Tetris app
Very good save for some slight issues.
Immediately it’s a very good experience, being able to have this many systems and roms available in my pocket, but after extended use some little cracks start to show. One thing that felt rather needed was a better sorting system, there is no function from what I can tell to play recently or most played games, nor a way to favorite games. Ideally I’d like the ability to group series together, have a home page of favorited games, and a tab of those most recently played. Also, while most games run surprisingly well, I’ve noticed some pretty impactful latency problems, especially noticeable in rhythm games. When playing rhythm heaven ds, timings needed to be hit earlier and felt off. The difficulty was far harder than on original hardware, and overall that game and ones like it requiring especially tight timings on ds weren’t a very good way to play.
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3 weeks ago, Anthony Titone
Intuitive & beginner friendly
Everything works smoothly, the UI is intuitive & looks nice, I also appreciate how easy it is to find cover art for files that don’t automatically upload with it. Looking to the future it would be great if they could add the version number of each emulator in the licenses page because they aren’t all up to date, for example Delta currently uses MelonDS 9.1 & the most recent release on the MelonDS website is 9.5 so it would be nice to know what features can & can’t be expected on the Delta versions. Also on that note MelonDS 9.5 supports DSI bios which allows access to the DSI menu screen so that would be a really nice update to get in Delta someday. Thanks to the developers for all their hard work making this app as great as it already is & I'm excited to see it grow in the future!
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2 months ago, Eevee Potato 555
One of the best emulators I've ever used! :3
I've only used a couple of mobile emulators before, most of them either have confusing layouts, are nearly impossible to put in games, or have horrible graphics. I'm really happy to say this isn't the case with delta!! After you figure out which files you need to boot up DS games it's extremely easy to put in the games you want! The graphics are AMAZING as well, I'm able to see all of the pixels without them blending into each other. It also has really good customization with being able to choose the cover art for the games you want to play and being able to have custom skins for the different types of consoles! My only real complaint is that some of the DS games speed up is a little slow, but other than that I would highly recommend!
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2 months ago, ShaZan1011
Something Perfect
I’ve had iPhones since the 3gs, and this is the first time I felt compelled to write a review for an app. This thing is perfect. It runs games perfectly. It saves games perfectly. It has the capacity to play games from multiple systems (and maybe more with updates?). And it works flawlessly with your files folder to get ROM files downloaded immediately ready to play. I was a little annoyed that I had to go an do the research to figure out how and where to get the right files, and you do have to do a little more digging to play DS games, but it shouldn’t take you more than a half hour. And once you’re done, everything just works. If you were a gamer in the 90s and 00s, the best thing you can do is download this app and get started. All you’ll be missing is the button clicks :/
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2 months ago, Arky Heartless
After years and years of playing emulated games and emulators on PCs and various devices, this game emulator in a form of Delta Game Emulator has finally hit iOS devices without the use of jailbreaking or sideloading. Although Nintendo has a HUGE problem with game emulators for years, we still have other means of playing their IPs (aka intellectual properties) on other consoles/devices rather than purchasing their games/consoles or repurchasing their games on certain platforms. Lets face it. The past consoles from the 70s until the mid 2010s are now being eBay’d or Amazon’d, not TEMU’d whereas most of the games from back in the day are spread across emulator websites, bootleg game consoles, etc where big name gaming companies like Nintendo are rendered powerless to try to zap every single one them to reciprocate every last dollar in damages. Game emulation isn’t going anywhere, no matter how many game collections that’s been released on game consoles or remakes of any kind. Get acclimated. It’s here to stay if not, permanently. So again, developers of Delta Game Emulator, thank you for allowing us to relive every bit of our childhood memories through this app. Hopefully you’ll bring more past consoles to this app soon. RATING: 5/5
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2 months ago, spiderdude2099
Almost amazing
I’m really enjoying the app so far, but I’ve run into a problem. It’s very minor, but the audio is sometimes choppy and minor little glitches or discontinuous moments happen with the audio sometimes. I don’t know what causes this and maybe it’s just related to the power and processing of the device it’s on? It happens slightly less on my boyfriend’s iPad. I’m using a 7th generation iPad, so it’s obviously a bit older. I’m hoping this can maybe be fixed with an update, because it’s really my only big complaint. I suppose also, sometimes exact movement with an iPad stylus or Apple Pencil can be hard to register, but that’s not as much of a problem for me as the audio, and it seems to vary by game. Overall, I really hope this issue can get fixed, audio glitching or slight choppiness really ruins the experience more than any other possible issue.
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1 month ago, Jakepearl13
Essential for any gamer with a good childhood
I was initially going to make a genesis joke with the title but this emulator shouldn’t be compared to any other. All mobile emulators are a godsend,but delta does it juuuuust right. It’s not as expansive as retroarch (which I’m also happy got a release on the AppStore) But it dosent have to be. Right now,It’s a collection of some of the red hat guys’s (name withheld for legal reasons. You know who they are though ;) best consoles. This app provides the simulated hardware,you bring the games. The skeuomorphic default interface is very well crafted on top of being quite customizable. I don’t know how much I have left to write but If retroarch is too complicated and the GBA emulators on the store are too limited,get delta. It’s free,adless,and supported by the community. If you love this app like I do,donate. Happy gaming. <3
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2 months ago, Songs Of Change
Loving The Range of Consoles!
I’m having a blast playing so many different things in what’s looking to become an all-in-one kind of emulator for different consoles and handhelds. I greatly appreciate how easy it was to get everything running as well. The only thing I’d truly love to see realized is a way to save controller profiles. For the most part, they’re all perfect, but the N64 having such a weird controller layout means that one controller setup may not work for all games. Mega Man 64 is wildly different in control to something like Mortal Kombat Mythologies, and each time I want to play something different, I have to completely reconfigure controls. This obviously isn’t a make or break deal because the option of changing is always a thing. Just a nice QoL feature that would be great to see!
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2 months ago, ZTLaidlaw
The Age of iNintendo is Here!
Having access to Gameboy games on an iPhone is great enough, but the added bonus of SNES and N64 support is on a completely different level. Having all of my favorite childhood games in my pocket is insane! Here’s to hoping even more platforms (GameCube, Wii, etc.) are supported in the future. My only critique is that the on-device files folder is a mess (Delta > Database > Games). The loaded games and save files are just strings of numbers that reveal nothing about the games with which they pertain. It would be nice to have the game names inserted into the files so that we can tell which file belongs to which title. Right now, it’s just a wall of digits. Overall, really awesome work! Thanks for bringing this project to iPhone. I’m so glad Apple finally gave in. Keep it up!
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2 months ago, cjmadethisaccount
Great app but needs non Nintendo systems
This is a really great app and its something that I've been waiting for apple to officially put an emulator on the app store for YEARS and man has this app delivered. Systems run really well and I barley notice any stuttering. While I only tested some games I'm worried for systems like the N64 control layout might be a bit awkward to use the other layouts are great for the most part. My biggest complaint about the app is the lack of non Nintendo consoles. While why I understand that the Nintendo systems are some of the most popular, consoles like the Sega Genesis, Atari 2600 and PS1 are oddly left out. Since they announced that they will be adding more systems so they will most likely add some of these systems, as of right now as someone who plays non Nintendo systems more, it feels very limited. Again this is an amazing app and I can't wait for future updates
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1 month ago, MSgtJB
Outstanding! Amazing edition to my emulation toolbox.
I absolutely love this app! It brings me so much joy on a daily basis. The nostalgia I feel for these systems gives me so much comfort and pleasure. The app itself is very easy to use and has great functionality. I love the fact the I have my phone on my all the time and can play my childhood favorites anywhere I go. Hooking up to my flatscreen TV and using a Bluetooth controller is a breeze and it turns my phone into a console! Never would have believed this would be possible as a kid to have something this cool! My only hope for the future is that more consoles get added. Would love to see Sega and even the older Atari systems, but as it is I’m hooked and use it daily. Thank you so much for bringing this to reality for us iPhone users!!!
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2 months ago, Welcome TJ
What’s classified as a retro game…who decides
First of all apple deciding what is classified as retro is over stepping as a whole console gaming is now retro besides current and last gen of consoles witch there has only been three. Ps5 and Xbox whatever series and the switch, besides that these other consoles are classified as retro to the community. Can’t wait to see GameCube be added hopefully soon as it is a retro console…that being said overall I am grateful I no longer need to jail break my products to be able to play these games, I have ran into crashing issues when cheats were activated not sure if there is some errors occurring but overall 10/10 Edit for DS games I’m having issues with the blow feature the games offered not sure if it’s me or something else
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2 months ago, Codstat
My Inner 90’s/00’s Kid is Elated!
I’ve used Delta for a while, and I have had a great experience using it. Nothing quite scratches my retro gaming itch like having an emulator right in my pocket. Stuck in line at the grocery store? Bust out a Pokémon I love that everything is able to be saved via cloud, Google Drive, etc. Using a bluetooth controller is simple, and effective. I’ve used the Backbone all the way to a PS4 Dualshock controller and they worked great. However, some hot keys/controller keys aren’t registering in the L3 and R3 buttons. Not a huge issue, but I would like those buttons recognizable. Just as long as I can assign a button to access the menu, I’m content. Any and all ROMs work well, however, some games like DK64, Jet Force Gemini, have some issues with graphics. For example, the distant scenery and objects in DK64 is shaded pitch black and not rendered. It’s disorienting when you’re trying to go towards an objective. Other than that, I really love this app. If the developers read this, please PLEASE add a feature in the Nintendo DS where you can scale up or down either screen! Also please patch and improve graphical performance so I can seamlessly enjoy my DK64 w/o any issues!
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2 months ago, jkendrick616
Loving it so far
So far I’ve only ran into a few problems. I’m having issues remapping the buttons for gba games with my backbone one plastation controller. I’m trying to make square my b button so I can run with it but instead it’s circle. Because of this I have the emulator holding run for me. The other issue I’m having is with mic mini games in Mario party ds. It’s saying I’m blowing when I’m not. Im also running into issues with saves on NES. When I save mainly but delete the previous manual saves it corrupts all saves and start me back over. It even does this to the auto saves. I’m still giving you guys 5 stars cause me being able to play alone is awesome and back in the day you couldn’t save the game anyways.
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1 week ago, KasHavok
Really Great Emulator, Just One Problem.
Delta is pretty amazing. Simple installation all the way around when you understand where your files should go. Pretty straight to the point though. The app’s layout is simple but easy to manage and to me that’s a plus. Games run almost perfectly if not perfectly. I have just one problem though, I own a 1st Gen Backbone and the dpad isn’t the most accurate when it comes to having to use it to move around in 3D games on the N64 and etc. I thought i’d be able to reconfigure my dpad to the left analog stick but the up and down controls don’t seem to work in game when doing so. They definitely register when changing them in the config but yeah, they don’t work in game. Would really love to see a fix and I’d definitely give 5 Stars
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2 months ago, Modren83
Solid start, but needs more options
This is a very clean, simple-to use emulation frontend that does exactly what most people need it to do. However, I do hope the developers add more options for advanced users. In particular, I'd really love to see some scaling and aspect ratio options. NES and SNES games are too skinny, which other emulators have long since fixed; making them 4:3 by default or having that as an option would be greatly appreciated. Integer scaling would also be nice to have, especially since a lot of the systems go right up to the edge of the bottom screen in horizontal mode and the white iOS bar can cover things up. And I'd also love to see some shader options if it's possible. Generally though, if you just want to play some ROMs, this is a great solution for now.
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2 months ago, SleepyKitsune
I was a bit skeptical when downloading this emulator, I had zero expectations. After downloading, it was quite easy to find a site to download game roms. I downloaded one of my favorites for the N64 which is Zelda: Ocarina of time. The game and emulator ran very smooth! Sound as well! One problem I didn’t like was trying to play without a controller, I quickly learned after looking on the delta app that you CAN connect a controller! I decided to connect my Xbox Series X controller. The last step is changing the controls to your liking, but once that’s all done then you should be all set! I can’t speak for other games and other console emulators you can download on this app. However, for what I’ve experienced, I LOVE!
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1 month ago, A friendly idiot
The Standard Set For Emulators On iOS
This is by far my favorite way to get my hit of retro games in. Nice, crisp visuals, good compatibility and pretty good audio emulation aside from the random *pop* here and there. Only problem I have with it is that there’s no way for multiplayer for multiple screens (but there is local multiplayer with support up to four players), which is a bummer since I use the AGB core a lot, but that also brings me to wish for even more cores in the future. Hopefully we can see some PSX and maybe even some Arcade cores come in sometime to be a true one-stop shop for everyone’s retro needs on an iPhone. Overall, it’s a beautiful emulator(s) that should’ve been on this storefront years ago.
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2 months ago, First review ever for a reason
When I say I have been waiting for a good emulator to hit the apple App Store that couldn’t be more of an understatement. I have waited YEARS for something like this to come out and after trying it out for the past hour I can confidently say that this app does everything I need and want and MORE. Seamless interface and customization for games and controller skins and it runs flawlessly and is VERY SIMPLE TO USE. If you are having any difficulties getting it to run the way you want it to, a little digging around the internet and Reddit forums will set you straight in no time. So happy and excited to finally have this seamlessly integrated into my iPhone and I couldn’t be happier about the user experience
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2 months ago, JohnW.W
Plays well. Easy to navigate.
I play retro games on every other platform available. I can tell, this app has had some time and love put into it. I didn’t know what to expect on this platform, but this app makes me expect more polish when it comes to gaming (Emulation) on apple products. This app is well done. Changing skins is super easy. Loading roms is hassle free. Cover art is hit and miss for me. Could be a naming issue. But the built in save states and fast forward make up for it. I was able to pair an external controller and start playing immediately. No button mapping needed. Apparently this app has been around for a while before the app store. I am glad apple has lifted some restrictions now.
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2 months ago, mnavarro20
Emulation on iOS (through App Store) is finally here
I have to say, for a first time app of emulating games on the iOS, I’m very please and impressed. I have yet to try out any other of the emulators included in this app however, I’m please to say the DS emulator runs great. My main and pretty much only critique is that the screens for the DS, even on an iPhone 15 Pro Max, are pretty small. It detracts from the immersion a bit, and they have no included black skin, though pink is one of my favorite colors, it’s very harsh on the eyes if you’re not outside. Of course that’s subjective but i would really like the ability to magnify the screens a bit more, or the ability to remove the skins. I’ve played phantom hourglass a bit and have had no issues with performance or stuttering, it runs great.
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2 months ago, COZYHOUR
Delta does everything advertised flawlessly!
I felt compelled to write a review because of the low scores this app has been receiving due to entitled users submitting low scores for consoles Delta doesn’t support. I don’t write reviews. That said this app runs everything it advertises perfectly. I’m sure there are improvements and features they could add but the app is great as is. The interface looks great. I enjoy being able to use different skins. Adding games is easy and the variety it offers in emulators gives you lots of options. Save states even allow you to play those longer or grindy games casually. I love this app and hope they expand on it. I enjoy having everything in one place, so if they added PS1 and PSP emulation to this I would be ecstatic. (I don’t expect it though as the creator hasn’t said they will). I just enjoy the app that much. One feature I’d like is being able to create simple skins and adjust button layouts in app. Skins don’t need to be complicated. Just a solid color with buttons I can move. Regardless of that, Delta is a 10/10.
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2 months ago, MonteCarloCars
Nostalgia. Now on iPhone. (well, the App Store)
I am blown away by having my old Game Boy Color, Advance, and N64 games literally at my fingertips. Today I played a round of Super Smash Brothers on my TV for the first time in literally 30 years thanks to this app, AirPlay and my Xbox One Bluetooth controller. It’s incredible—super polished, accessible, and I hope the app continues to support new features to sand off the rough edges of emulation, like the ability to tweak joystick sensitivity or move virtual buttons on the screen. Flying games like Rogue Squadron are borderline impossible, but I’m not sure if that’s input lag or me being spoiled by 30 years of game development improvements. But man, these are minor quibbles. What a ride.
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2 months ago, guitar_allstar
5/5 app but not without its issues
Delta is awesome. Performant, tons of features, extras (cheats, save states, etc). But I have noticed some kinks. I have no doubt updates will come out for Delta. But I have personally experienced poor lighting issues in Perfect Dark and Goldeneye both for the N64 core. Also my Bluetooth controller doesn’t work when my phone screen is off while Delta is still running, my phone screen must be on for my controller to work via AirPlay to my smart TV. Also Landscape mode for Nintendo DS on my particular iPhone doesn't look good at all! It’s two tiny screens stacked on top of each other like Portrait mode when they should be two screens side by side. I understand it’s an issue of aspect ratio but maybe there’s way.
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2 months ago, Mason19932
Needs a bit of work…
Okay so I have two major problems with this app. First of all I want to start by giving it a fair review stating that it’s true to its word on how amazing the app is. You can play games from the NES, straight into the Nintendo DSi. Something that not a lot of emulators will do. More to the point the user interface is super easy to use, not to complicated and still functions as all the corresponding game consoles work. However this app has to major problems. 1) the in game save system doesn’t always work. This is a major issue as the app should be able to distinguish when and where a game is saving. I had this issue playing Pokémon crystal. I’d get the first two gym badges and it would have my save file from two hours ago, BEFORE I got both gym badges. So in my opinion, as gently and kindly as I can, needs a complete rework or an extreme looking into. 2) The app occasionally crashes. There are times when I’d be playing games and then out of nowhere, the app would halt and then close. Both of these problems would make me so frustrated that I’d go play a different game and just get upset. I really want this app to work but until these issues are resolved, I have my doubts about the future of this app.
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