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User Reviews for Democrat & Chronicle

4.29 out of 5
1.6K Ratings
5 years ago, JP14607
Handy but could be better
When I’m traveling or if my paper carrier doesn’t deliver a paper, the app gives me a sense of the local news that is superior to the local tv station sites. I also enjoy some of the video clips. I would enjoy it more if the search function was more user friendly. An example, I was searching for high school sports scores and I struggled to find them until I realized that the category had changed to sectionals. It is still high school, right? So there is room for improvement there but glad we still have a local paper that publishes daily.
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7 years ago, Soduku Blaster
Good app with a few fixable problems
The Democrat and Chronicle is the best source of local news in the Rochester area. I enjoy reading stories by Leo Roth, Sal Maiorana, and David Andreatta. However there are a few things that can be improved. For some reason stories about the Buffalo Bills more than a year old are still appearing at the top of the Bills news feed. This forces me to scroll to the bottom to see the most recent news. I submitted a request to fix this and I never heard back. The D and C is is using more video. Unfortunately this forces the reader to watch a 15 second ad every time you click on a short video. Some of the “videos” contain only text, almost like watching a Power Point slide show. I can tolerate the 15 second ad before a real video (I know ads support the business). But don’t make me watch an ad just to see me a slide show containing only text.
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7 months ago, Karferr
I cannot zoom in like before and whole page gets distorted if I do. Print too small cannot figure a view I like and I like old app 100% better -Ugh it’s still horrible and I don’t even read the paper anymore because it’s so distorted when I try to make it bigger. I could zoom before to see what was good on a page and read it like a paper. That is what I like about the app. It was like reading a paper. Now it’s just like every other news set up and it’s not our D&C paper. The different views don’t give you the paper feel at all even though it’s trying to set up articles I like the scan affect. Yet again the zoom in doesn’t work and messes up the whole page and it’s not easy to go back. (Even with the back button- it brings you a different view) Just giving feedback. I can do screen shots of what I mean if it’s helpful. Thanks!
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6 years ago, HankensenWillard
Fix: Breaking News notifications
The app itself is generally fine altho the only notification I have set is “Breaking News” no other notifications are enabled like “Sports” but I’m always getting alerts on how the Bills are doing, player updates or other sports info. Yesterday during the afternoon I received 4 notifications on the Buffalo Bills. This is not “Breaking News” please only push these notifications to subscribers who have the “Sports” notification enabled as it’s truly annoying to be alerted to something that is absolutely not applicable to the notification that has been enabled. Not everyone in Rochester is either a Bills fan or a sports fan in general & it’s a waste of time to be notified for nothing.
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8 months ago, E M CHRIS
A complete flop
The e-newspaper part of this app is garbage. The previous versions were great and I used them for years. The new version does not seem optimized for either the iPad or iPhone. On either device the screen is only maybe 75% utilized. You can read the headlines but in no way can you read the full text without clicking on it. Printing an article requires downloading it to a .pdf and then print from there. Too many steps. And then there are the pop up ads. I’m a paid subscriber and shouldn’t have to see any ads that aren’t already included in the newspaper edition. The D&C app developers have completely failed the paying digital subscribers. What a shame. And they got paid for that too!
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8 months ago, Cassie-dog
e-Newspaper function is horrible
I enjoyed the display and ease of use of the “print edition “ app up until a couple days ago. Since then, the “print addition “ app doesn’t load and says to use the regular D&C app. This app has an “eNewspaper” function, but it is so frustrating compared to the other app, I find it unusable. It doesn’t use the full screen to display the e-paper and panning/zooming is slow and awful. Developers - are you going to continue offering the “print addition” app? Are you going to improve the “eNewspaper” function of the D&C app? I want to support the D&C with a subscription, but if the readability of the news is not improved, I don’t think I can continue paying. Please at least let your subscribers know what is going on.
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11 months ago, cwimes5
Nice app, but constantly advertising to subscribe for those who already do.
The app is great and does exactly what it should. However, it constantly advertises for people to subscribe even when the user is a paid subscriber. The app should be able to suppress this. In the latest version they've added a CAPTCHA to the sign in. This hardly seems necessary and is extremely inconvenient. Are we really worried about robots reading the local news?
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7 months ago, stell857
New app
This app is horrible! I have a mini iPad and usually enjoy reading the paper on it. However this change has made me consider unsubscribing. Even after changing settings to what I think will work it reverts back to whatever it wants. Unable to consistently enlarge script to a size I am comfortable without the index thing popping into play, even though supposedly locked. I deleted old app because it was stuck on loading and usually downloading a new app will work. I think they forced me into this app by causing the “loading “ delay. I was perfectly happy with old app. Guess I’ll have to find something new!
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6 years ago, NadaGamer
Finally! A search feature!
The lack of a search feature let the Democrat & Chronicle app bury unpopular news stories via content filtering and a rating feedback loop. This update FINALLY enables readers to find news that doesn’t make the front page. Much thanks to the developers for listening and responding to criticism!
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5 years ago, Sands3000
The D&C App is great!!!
This newspaper is a Rochester institution. The coverage of local politics, sports, art, food, events, entertainment, etc are outstanding and an invaluable resource to our community. The app is easy to use and the banners are an unobtrusive way to stay informed of major stories throughout the day. Please sign up and support this organization so they don’t have to sell themselves to some national conglomerate that will dilute and - potentially direct - the thoughtful, intelligent, local content.
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2 months ago, Shari Numbers
Errors in the app
Generally the app, works however there are several issues in the new app that have not yet been fixed. When accessing some of the other papers in the Universal option, not all of the paper loads. Sometimes I can eventually get it all to load but not always. Also, when trying to print or email something through the PDF button I get a “bad gateway” error. Please address these errors. It’s frustrating…
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4 months ago, Flsnman528
E edition = awful!
The edition is a far cry fro the former print edition. Does not fit on the iPad…can’t move it up or down without triggering another screen….does not fit vertically or horizontally. Customer service said it is the most current icon to use as they combined not the past print edition with the e edition….BUT…you can get the print edition icon for devices other than for Apple thru…get this….Amazon!!!!!! Whaaat? Terrible move….BUT…. it fits right in with the overall appearance and downgrading of what was once a decent mode of current news….down into a cheap shell of what it used to be.
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7 months ago, *crewgirl*
Recently updated app is terrible
I love local news, so I’m sorry to leave one star. I read the eNewspaper which is like reading the compiled print version. The new update replaces the “pinch and expand” function with buttons that are so small and close to a band of other buttons that you constantly bounce out of the page or to other sections. The bonus USA edition is only available sporadically. Frankly, there are only a handful of articles of local interest, most of these being crime reports. Without a consistent USA Today section, this app isn’t worth it.
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4 years ago, Jav2924
Why do they need to copy my clipboard?
I used this app on a daily basis for a long time. There were always things I wish would be different but overall pretty satisfied with it. That is until I upgraded to iOS 14 and realized that every time I opened the app it copies my clipboard. I still have it on my phone but only open it when a new version comes out. I copy a choice expletive into the clipboard and then see if they are still copying my clipboard. So far they are still copying my clipboard every time I open it. If that does not change soon I will delete it and never look back.
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8 months ago, Crew Guy
New app, same old bugs
This app recently replaced the original "print edition” one used by Gannett papers. The new one allows for pop-ups, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing when used for breaking news. The issue is that this app remains buggy and has frequent crashes, like several times per edition. Some pages load blurry, some don’t load at all. The potential is there to make this app a very good experience but it needs work to make that happen.
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8 months ago, Jesseoffy
Not for the “print version”
Trying to read the paper’s print version on this new app is torturous and many times worse than the old app. For example, the zoom option provides one preset zoom level that doesn’t match screen size and you cannot change it. Fortunately the old app still works but each time I use it I have to X out the warning about getting this new app. The D&C itself may soon not be worth the extra aggravation.
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6 years ago, Australya
Very old content, can not read articles
The news content is terrible. Half of the articles are permanent fixtures, and remain on your front page for months. Yes, months. For filler, the D&C leaves articles on their app for a long time. Some that are up today were first posted 2.5 Months ago! As of the past month, the app will only allow us to read the headlines, and a few lines of the article "teaser". The content will not appear without paying a fee. Garbage app, do not even bother. If you want the D&C content, just google their headlines and read it on the web.
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7 years ago, pkin
Ignores and bypasses notification settings
Great to have a decent app for our local paper. Great news coverage, including investigative team. But for the App: I like to be able to customize notifications for breaking news. I have mine set to notify for NEWS ONLY, no sports, nothing else. But still get several "breaking news" alerts every week for players questionable to play for the Bills due to such things as wonky ankles. This is not news, people, this is sports.
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3 years ago, pissedpayingcuustomer
Need to constantly “sign in to my account “ for content.
I really don’t understand the need to sign into my account all the time to access certain content. You should know I am a paid subscriber. This is stupid and a waste of my time. I have to manage multiple passwords for things that actually require secure access. I would expect someone I pay regularly and has no issue billing me and accepting payment can figure out a way to grant me unrestricted access to content. Pathetic.
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8 months ago, idngwlrozt
The text is too small to read and pinch zoom is not allowed.
This new eNewspaper app is worthless. The articles are in such fine print now that I can’t read them. They don’t allow you to pinch zoom so that the text is legible. They also no longer allow you to swipe to the next or previous page. Can you please go back to the previous app? It makes no sense to pay for a subscription to a newspaper that you can’t read.
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8 months ago, ROC subscriber
Nearly unusable
I am a subscriber and have used the print edition app for years, and it worked well. We are now being pushed/forced to this app. It has the print edition, but that part of the app is really bad, with poor controls that are hard to use, and is a huge drop from the print edition app. I find the presentation of articles in the non-print part of this app a complete jumble. I will cancel my subscription if this is all it provides now.
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8 months ago, Fimberley
Great Paper
I love reading the paper on line but the new App isn’t as user friendly as the previous one. For example, when I pull up the Jumble I want to enlarge it even more and it won’t let me. Why did you change your App?
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8 months ago, websterdale
Worst experience
We’ve been getting the paper for over 40 years. Switched to the online subscription a few years ago. Recently there has been a change asking every time we try to access the account if we want to download the e-edition. We don’t now we can’t get anything on any of our devices. Whatever they’re doing, they are losing us and a number of other people whom I’ve spoken with recently.
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3 years ago, owners view
Big Improvement Over Previous App
I dropped my subscription because the previous app was frustrating. The new version is much better and I’ll be a subscriber again.
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7 years ago, Mindmovesbody
Great for Top Stories and Updates
I like being able to catch up on current events on the go. I love the Top Stories and having the updates that pop up in notification form are helpful as well. They keep me up to date.
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1 year ago, beaneheezer
The old app was much better in terms of readability on a phone. The navigation buttons take up too much screen real estate! The prior version’s navigation buttons were transparent and therefore could appear above the text (allowing the text much greater viewing area). Too many pop up ads in this new version also. I don’t recall seeing the before.
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2 years ago, '80's Smuggler
In my opinion
I think it’s great journalism. Your reporters, with their resources, do a fine job as far as I’m concerned. I am not only entertained, but I am well-informed by your print edition. I would like to thank each and everyone of you very much. Best regards, Wade Barnett
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7 years ago, 4Papa3
Thumbs up for local news
I am most appreciative of access to local news and sports. Most articles are informative and well written. Although I still like "feeling" a newspaper, this is a great complement to other online national apps. Thank you!
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8 months ago, Roseburk
I’ve been reading the D&C on line for several years. I do not like this app. The old app was much easier to read because it conformed to the page. This content of paper is either too small or two large. I also liked the old app because it stored previous editions if I was unable to read it the day it was published. Please go back to the old version. This may cause me to cancel the e newspaper.
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8 months ago, Shessey
No comics
The web page in general is very good but you leave out the comics. I know that they may not be important to you but they are one reason people even subscribe to the D&C, after all everything else that you report is available in 5 or 6 different web sites. Thank you: Stan
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11 months ago, Cinn16
Awful app
Not at all user friendly. I am trying to renew my subscription and there is no way to do it. I tried to change my privacy settings but it won’t let me do that either. Things are hard to find and not easy to see on phone or iPad. Specifically the comics. Their breaking news alerts are a joke. Not important or days old. I keep getting a page saying it isn’t working.
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2 months ago, Snowbirds in fort pierce
News from home
We are away from home for several winter months but love that we can stay in touch with local news.
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8 months ago, LDPOMS
The old app was better
The current app for the online E newspaper Democrat and Chronicle is a significant decrease in quality and ease of use from the previous app. It doesn’t download as quickly, and it doesn’t return to the top of the page when you turn the page. The previous version of the e newspaper was much more user friendly. You didn’t have to dis what wasn’t broken.
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2 years ago, really-all names taken?
Why do I see only day-old/days-old stores?
I like the app, and the access to national news, but feel I am missing news with this app. It doesn’t seem to be the same content as reading the print edition of the D&C, or if a replica newspaper. The app doesn’t seem to offer current content.
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10 months ago, argle-bargle
Decent app with two major flaws
For the love of god, can you please display time and date of article??? Also can you please not limit saved articles to 100?
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8 months ago, Bballref13
Terrible change in service
Living in Florida I enjoy reading the paper daily and don’t mind paying for it on line. The genius who decided to do away with that option, must not care about out of state customers. If this remains in this current changed format I will not be paying for this lousy change. I only subscribe to papers on line where I can get the PAPER to read
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2 days ago, wpo1
Newspaper freezes up
Frequently while reading newspaper using the app, it freezes and have to come back to it later, reopen the app and continue reading. Very annoying. Requested fix from publisher many times with no response.
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2 months ago, Disgruntled eReader
D&C App is Awful
This app is hard to read, it repeatedly changes or leaves the page/article you are trying to read without warning & sometimes even changes newspapers without warning or reason. When it takes you to USA Today when you are trying to read the D&C it does not give you a way to get back to the D&C! I’m currently stuck in USA Today right now and can’t get out.
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6 months ago, OLP ROC
Terrible experience
The e-newspaper used to work nicely. Every day the app opened to that days local paper. Zoom was stable and page’s didn’t move around, disappear or cause long delays while ads loaded. This app is the exact opposite. For several consecutive days the app opens to the paper and then suddenly it only opens to USA Today and there’s no link back to our paper. Idiots approved this replacement app.
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8 months ago, rrcfe
Sudden Format Change Not Appreciated
From one day to the next my e-edition went from a replica of the print edition to a clunky and difficult to read condensed version. The paper was already a rehash of mostly day old news but now in what some may consider a difficult to access and read format. If there is a choice of format, I’ve not been able to find it.
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1 year ago, 02JSD
New “look” is disappointing
I’m a subscriber; so why do I get ads every time I try to navigate to any page? Why do I see pro, college and mostly Bills when I try to navigate to high school sports? Why do I see the same articles as top stories every day, week upon week? I think it’s time to cancel my subscription, because the annoyance is out, weighing the value of what is contained.
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2 years ago, Bayla18
Not being able to access entire digital app. I’ve been a subscriber to the D&C for approximately 50 years receiving the hard copy every day. I have been unsuccessful to access the digital. Called a number of times requesting they fix the problem. Constantly being asked to subscribe again or verify my subscriptions which cannot be completed.
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12 months ago, C R8
Only useful for subscribers, deleting
You push so much content that is only available to subscribers. I also don’t need a notification every morning to open your app. Too many notifications, too much content no longer available to non-subscribers. I was a subscriber but when the price for digital access goes up to $65 a year I dropped it.
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5 years ago, a good way to avoid criticism
I hate the app!
I want to read the whole paper- page by page. I scan everything - then read in detail the articles I am interested in. I don’t want articles selected for me. I want to browse!! The app doesn’t let me do this. I cannot ever figure out how to get the comics - tv schedule and puzzles. The set up is too much like Yahoo news- snippets of odd artiicles all thrown together. You can’t tell what is news and what is rubbish.
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7 months ago, FairTrade55
Great mix of news
Recently moved to Rochester area and we really enjoy the mix of articles in the paper that helps us learn more about the area. Thanks, folks!
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8 months ago, gail at pp
Disappointed in new app
I’m really disappointed in the newest version of the D&C app. The ability to zoom large enough for me to read is gone!!! And I hate pop up ads that cover the paper. I’ve kept my subscription, because I enjoy reading the paper in the newspaper format. But not sure how long I will keepit
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7 years ago, Jack and Meg
Obits are NG
The main reason I have this app is to keep track of Rochester area obits. I find that whenever I call for the obits by location the screen goes white, the loading icon spins and the screen never returns. John Radley
Show more
7 months ago, Mikeb12321
Terrible application not user friendly
If anyone liked the old gannet democrat and chronicle app this is like going back in time to having no app. It crashes a lot, is difficult to get it sized correctly and constantly changes sizes on my iPad. I have the most recent apple updates and d&c version update. Just plain terrible it’s like it was programmed by a beginner sw developer.
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8 months ago, 76+ reader
New app
Requires too many movements. Also doesn’t allow text to be enlarged so it can be read. Like the breakdown of topics but wish the original paper edition was included as it worked before the update as it allowed easy text/ image enlargement and allowed easy swipes to the pages. Over morning coffee it is a quicker and easier read.
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8 months ago, bovenzisa
Can’t find Report Delivery Issue
Every week we’re missing a paper. Last week one(didn’t report) and this week 2. I’d just learned how to navigate the site and now you’ve changed it. Found a phone number but I wanted to just put it in the app. Much faster. I’ve just wasted a lot of time searching with no results.
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