Denver 7+ Colorado News

4.4 (364)
56.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
E.W. Scripps Company
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Denver 7+ Colorado News

4.37 out of 5
364 Ratings
2 years ago, A. T. rains
Videos annoying
While Denver 7 News app will remain my go-to app for local news because their written reports are really well done and in-depth - I get so annoyed with the videos as they have so many ads to wait through before the story, and sometimes rather loud, or inappropriate given the story topic that I often don’t even get to the story. Then if I try to listen to it again it often doesn’t play the original one. If I just stick to the written reporting I’m happy with this app.
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6 months ago, Jdf6633
Soooooo many LOUD ADS!!!
The app will literally play MAYBE 30 seconds of news and then several minutes of VERY LOUD ADS!!! The ads make it not worth watching. There are too many, they are repetitive, they are the same ads that have been playing for (literally) years and they are EXTREMELY LOUD!!! You have to keep adjusting your volume down and up due to the extreme difference in volume between the ads and the news. And speaking of the news, it's very repetitive, also. You can get ALL the news stories of the day in just a few collective minutes (in between all the ads). And most of the reporting is on the same thing and same part of town EVERY SINGLE DAY. (Hey Denver7, I understand there is homelessness in Denver county but did you know there are other parts to the Denver metro... I mean besides Aurora, and there are other things to report on?!?!?!) Sadly, I will be searching for a different news source.
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2 years ago, EvandroR$
How much money do you need to make an app without ads? I don’t want ads. I don’t need the distraction. I already have too many ads shoved down my throat everywhere I go. Please focus on delivering what I came here for, news! Thank you for listening. P.S. In case you need an exemple of a pleasant News app, absolutely ad-free, seek for Deutsche Welle or DW Made for Minds. Easy for them, they run on German government money. As for us here, please explore alternatives to finance your business.
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6 years ago, DENDEN303
Favorite local station
I love being able to get local news on the go, even when I’m away from home. My only pet peeve is having to take/opt out of a survey to read entire article, or getting so many ads.
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2 years ago, TravyBaby
One of the most annoying bugs I run into is that on iPhone if I click to an article from a notification, none of the options at the top of the article are available, such as sharing the article. Maybe there’s a reason these can’t appear, since it seems to open a new drawer or page, unlike when navigating from inside the app. But regardless, it’s a pain. I can’t think of the other bugs I’ve run into at the moment.
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6 years ago, Soltree76
Old News
Great app if you like old news and stale weather forecasts. Poorly written news items, often with obvious errors. This site is updated so very slowly it is akin to false advertising that they can even call it a “news” app. No method to try for an update and this is no surprise since I’m sure there’d be nothing to load. No easy way to return to top after revisiting app. Some pages have no way out at all and you have to close the app to return to your preferred page. App is often hit with ridiculous and misleading ads. I hope Denver7 isn’t paying their IT team a ton of money. Something tells me they’re not.
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5 years ago, curleydaman
Hootie and the blowfish news
If you’re sick of reading about current events and hot topics please download this app. The advertisements are larger then the articles. The articles are just about as thrilling as that one time I bought a goldfish. Literally don’t bother!!! With everything going on in the world this news teams grand idea of a good article is one explaining how a one hit wonder 90’s band may visit Denver. If that isn’t lame enough they frequently launch “investigation” articles that are often void of facts and only tell one side of the story. -Denver 7 investigates how a bicycle was hit by an evil lady driving slow moving car in a Macy’s parking lot- total crap
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5 years ago, PickleB4Sandwich
Fix your App Denver 7!!!!
This app hasn’t worked for me since a recent update requiring a sign in. Since I don’t have an account, I try to create one in app but each time after entering email and password I get a blank error with a “Dismiss” button and then the app crashes. I’ve tried deleting the app and redownloading it several times over the past few months but still doesn’t work. Denver 7 used to be my go to news app but now I use 9NEWS just because it works. Seems like a pretty critical bug that should have been fixed or rolled back a while ago. Please fix it so I can use your app again!!!
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6 years ago, GrrrlX1
Preferred over 9 news app
I prefer the 7 news app over the 9 news app because the 9 app needs WiFi to work, and the “content” of 9 news seems to be nothing more than ads! I also like the push notifications from 7 news over the ones from 9. The weather and traffic ones especially.
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6 years ago, Mile High Adrienne
My new fav news app
Easy to see the headlines, and the story text is large enough to read or can be enlarged. I love that it is not dominated by pictures and videos, the latter of which I rarely use. Would be nice to be able to enlarge the pictures though, especially if the story involves a missing person, suspect or vehicle at large photo or drawing.
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4 years ago, vette 07
Great Information
Really enjoy checking this every morning while drinking my coffee. It hits all the important news and I don’t need to listen to the news or read a paper. If I want to know more details, I can always find another source and this rarely happens. I do watch the channel 7 news in the evening.
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3 years ago, Greyhare2
Favorite local new app
Denver news has a well laid out app with mostly up to date news. News content has been very good. I would like to see more NOCO news and weather. We don’t all live in Denver. Fort Collins and Loveland have a fairly large base that seems to get bypassed by the weather team.
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3 years ago, trexmaui
Wide Variety of Coverage
The variety and wide ranging areas of interest that your app provides is impressive. The professional and in-depth coverage by your news teams are what people expect from a reliable news source.
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5 years ago, Cheapskate01
16-May-19 - no version available to iOS 9?
Version history goes back to 2013, but apparently no support for earlier versions of iOS. Having downloaded the current version in iOS 12, I find that App Store will not allow earlier versions to download on either iOS 6 or iOS 9. (Downloading of earlier versions is common practice in App Store since iOS 6) The question is: Have the previous versions been removed from the App Store?
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3 years ago, Dumb99999!!!
Easy to navigate
News articles are much easier to find and read than other local news apps. Less advertising makes stories accessible.
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3 years ago, Scot's Pod
Where to come and get your Denver News
Best app for local news, weather, and sports. You can watch live tv and get weather updates for Colorado’s ever-changing weather conditions. I love this app!
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4 years ago, Da ibz
No cable subscription needed
This is totally free. We don’t have cable and stream TV. So we don’t have to give any “provider” info. But is a really good app on Roku as well as on our phones. Very user friendly. Have not experienced any problems what so ever.
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4 years ago, Klcprice@53
The only News for Colorado
Channel 7 news is always on top of things and also they keep you with the latest deals and discounts which my family loves very much.
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3 years ago, NotGoneFishing
Not 1, not 2, but 3 commercials?
You send me an alert that Gov. Polis is about to give an important update on the COVID-19 response in Colorado, and as soon he starts to speak, you inject 3 lengthy commercials, loosing all of his comments in the process? You have to be KIDDING me! Deleting your App from Apple TV as well. May start watching a different channel as well. Most of your alerts are fluff at best, I’m confident that I won’t be missing anything.
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7 years ago, XtopherSkidoo
Great for notifications and local stories
If something is happening around town, I know that I can go into this app and it will tell me, unlike other local news apps.
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6 years ago, mspalding
Solid Local News
I like the notifications for breaking news. Also, this has sometimes been useful to help avoid trouble areas.
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2 years ago, Salty's Sis
Your App
This new version of your app is CRAP!!!!! I use an Apple IPhone. In the past when I could not get back to a previous screen, I would simply delete your app and reload the app from the App Store and all was okay. Today, I could not do this! Your App does not show in my list of apps. I must go back to the App Store. When I select your app it takes me DIRECTLY into your app. I WILL NO LONGER BE USING YOUR APP OR YOU TV CHANNEL! TOO BAD!
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3 years ago, Yylocal
Staying in touch!
Great app for me to stay in touch with my home state of Colorado. My out of state news stations are sometimes slow To report important world news so I just go to my Denver, Channel Seven.! Thanks for a great job!
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4 years ago, Actormusic1
This app is amazing I always use it to see school closings I wish though to save multiple schools you have to pay and I wish it wasn’t like that other than that amazing
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3 years ago, Str8upchiled
Stories need to be updated
I find it frustrating when you don’t keep the stories updated! They often leave you wondering what happened.
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3 years ago, €€€Vanderbuilt
My Review
I am a long time 9 news watcher! But as far as the apps are concerned? 7 news is always 1st with the headline stories. And quite accurate.
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3 years ago, Wheels!
Informative and helpful
I really enjoy the Chanel 7 news team. Weather and traffic reports are timely and accurate. The app is helpful and laid out well. Thanks for a great product!
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10 months ago, JonnybGrateful
Sports overload
App is decent. Wish there was a way to disable all sports notification. The in-app notification settings do not seem to work. Have zero interest in sports, so the nonstop Nuggets notifications (for instance) get a little annoying.
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3 years ago, TheHaint
Good app, does what it needs to do.
Good alerts on breaking news, and daily weather. Not too much, not too little - just the right amount of info for my taste.
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4 years ago, Vocabulaira
I like the 7 News app. It provides timely alerts and covers local and national news. It’s easy to scroll through for info.
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3 years ago, RealtorAndyDenver
Not a bad news app
My only complaint are the ads. I’d like ads that don’t mimic the news and aren’t too obnoxious. But as far a a news app, I like it.
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3 years ago, Shaun22hdhejdoxdh
Same story over and over
9 news app is less functional, but 9 news seems to have better content. Whenever something is going on, I’ll open 7 news to find nothing. Usually 9 will already have a story published. It’s all biased motivated reporting, but I’m tired of seeing the same story over and over in 7 News. Nobody cares about COVID anymore.
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4 years ago, Thekillingcurse
Useless Garbage
This app rarely works properly. Sometimes the sound doesn’t work, ads repeat themselves on a loop and often don’t go back to the live stream, the ads are so overwhelming and last longer than the actual live stream. it is absolutely pointless to even try and use this app. Side note: The mobile site is no better.
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2 months ago, MaxxyCatty
Awful update!
The Denver 7 News app worked great until it was ‘upgraded’ to Denver 7+, as it DOES NOT function on an Apple iPad anymore. If I want any Denver 7 news, I have to go directly to the website and either read or watch the news stories from that source. If I could give this app a zero, I would.
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3 years ago, brian_120173
Dark Mode, Please.
Overall, a pretty good local news app. Not bad to navigate. The only improvement I can suggest is to add DARK MODE, please!
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7 months ago, linuxpng
Audio volume issues
On the Apple TV app the anchors are muffled and inaudible. The commercials are perfectly clear. Unfortunately the streaming part of the live news feed is unusable due to this.
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4 years ago, twe90
Choose another channel.
This station is great if you enjoy being told opinions passed off as facts. They also no longer include people’s citizenship status when reporting on crime, which is calculated to hide from the American people the impacts these people have on our communities because they would rather go off feelings and virtue signaling that cold hard facts.
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6 years ago, 53MJK
Easy to navigate and always up to date! Thank you
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6 years ago, pdr80128
App crashes randomly
With the new update which I like, it also now crashes randomly when opening it. It’s happened to me now 3 times. I’d give it 5 stars if this wasn’t happening.
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6 years ago, Dahamma 34
Great Crew
I’ve lived in many places. The crew on Denver7 is the most professional, funny and genuinely sincere group I’ve had the pleasure to watch. Thank you
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6 years ago, Alamosa mom
Easy to Use App
So easy to use, current news updates, good news coverage
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4 years ago, whileywillie
Up to date and concise. KMGH Denver7 is my go to news source. It cannot be beat. As a Denver native, I have watched all of the local news apps, and it remains the best.
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4 years ago, Coffeeshopkitty
Intrusive Notifications
I only have the notifications for weather turned on. Nothing else. Just weather. I don’t want to be interrupted at work to read about dead kids or some other horrific crime I can do nothing about. But the notifications keep coming. Thanks for nothing.
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4 years ago, mb @ golden
Best News, Best Weather!!!
Not just news and weather, it’s the traffic and the positive stories.
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5 years ago, THE ONLY Z-MAN
Eric Luther
Eric has come a long way since beginning his career! He does a super job and improves daily! Really like your style.
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6 years ago, ItsTheFlash
Great while traveling
I love to be able to see the happenings in Denver when I’m on the road.
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7 years ago, Princessveruca13
Awesome App
Awesome app. I love getting the news on my phone since I'm not also available to watch it on TV!
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4 years ago, Okay Sunshine
This stations digital operation has made giant strides in the past couple of years. Best in town.
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5 years ago, dustin stewart 010101
Started well...
This app started well but is now terrible. Videos don’t play properly and pictures associated with articles are blurry. They must have cut funding. Switching local news app.
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1 year ago, Crapple trap
Horrible app.
Why do you have to fill your app with a barrage of ads? Horrible. I had this irritating app for all of a week and couldn’t stand it anymore. It’s really tacky to have a non-dismissible add on anything. Are you guys really that that desperate?
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