Denver News from 9News

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2 months ago
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User Reviews for Denver News from 9News

4.7 out of 5
47.2K Ratings
1 year ago, Sdbur
Not enough news.
Too many commercials. Commercials are OLD!!! Not enough news! The app looses signal all of the time and totally turns off, then when you bring it back up you have to watch 3 commercials at least before news comes back on. Then it looses signal again just as the news starts! So you have to start all over!! I can watch CNN all day with minimal commercials and when it looses signal it spins for a few seconds and then comes back on by itself. Back to the news. Again your commercials are old!!! Old! Old!
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5 years ago, Slb530
HATE the new app- all looks, little substance.
I hate the new app. If you’re just three or four minutes late logging on to watch live stream, you can’t watch it at all— it doesn’t show up. Worse yet, you can’t even locate live stream on the website when you’re late. At that point, my only option is to watch on a cable box, and I don’t generally have access to one, so my only option is to watch another network. Another big problem: I always used to check the weather on the app several times a day, especially in the winter, because I commute over an hour each way and I found that your weather forecasting was most accurate as to what conditions I was heading into. I frequently travel from Centennial to Fort Collins and out east to the Hudson/Keenesburg area and conditions vary wildly in an area that large. The redesign eliminated the most helpful info— precipitation graphs. Also, I drive through eight to ten big cities very regularly so why on earth am I limited to only five now? And what is the point in forcing me to “edit” and change priority cities to see the weather in different areas? How can you say that the weather forecast is where ever you are if I am in way more than five cities? Bottom line: while the graphics on the new app are a big improvement, it was rolled out WAY too soon. It is mostly looks with very little substance, and I am going to have to find another network to watch most of the time until this app becomes more useable.
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7 years ago, Wulfryder
I’ve watched 9News since the days when there were anchor reporters like Carl Akers. They were true journalists who reported facts and data, not feelings and propaganda; when there was a distinct line between reporting and editorializing. We stopped watching TV almost ten years ago. Our news comes from sources we trust to be the least biased and who report discovered, fully substantiated facts, not opinion or here say. I use the 9News App. for two reasons; consistent and well researched weather reporting and local high school / college sports reports. In my opinion, the rest of the reporting is, for the most part, laundered, sanitized, propagandized verbage and rhetoric that appeals to the emotions. There is little or no basis on fact, logic and research that is unbiased and well documented. There is a real problem with the live feed. It shuts down for no apparent reason, sometimes right in the middle of a report. Finally, how many times do you think I really want to hear or watch canned fillers about some jack wagon who decided to travel the US to play miniature golf. Or, listen to the tedious, emotional story of two cancer survivors second wedding? And I am truly fed up with the overblown, politically whitewashed coverage of a pro football team whose players rank third in the number of arrests within the NFL? Why is that fact not reported?
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6 years ago, notonesided
Stop being political
Back when I was younger and watching nine news you guys were really good about giving facts and not being opinionated politically you are too politically inclined to the liberal side of things why can’t the news media report facts and stop pulling out two or three words and making it sound like it’s the most horrific thing that ever happened to anybody I have voted both ways In elections because I thought I would vote for the best person what I don’t understand now is why in the world can’t the Liberals except this country chose President Trump and start giving him credit for all the things he has accomplished this garbage that’s reported makes me and I would have to say over 60% of the country angry that the news media cannot report honest News the facts FOXNews seems to be the only station that honestly gives both sides CNN is a trash station 4,7 and nine terrible you just can’t seem to have a newscast any day of the week without downing the president!!!!!
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7 years ago, 9newsie
Hit and miss
I love 9News and I love being able to stream their news live. Problem is, this version of the app will just completely shutdown. Quite often. They also get a red checkmark for the graphic icons such as weather, sports, live news because they are rarely in the same place from day to day. And finally, they lose points for the 9News shorts, PSAs, and promos they play in between segments. While this is a really great idea, an even better idea would be to update the content. Some of the stories and PSAs have been playing for years. Yes, years. They produce so much great content, one would think they would update their app stream one in a while. They are good about changing out station promos. If thy would fix the technical glitches that shut the app down cold, be consistent on graphic placement and update filler content more often, this would be a five star app.
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3 years ago, realist1000
Clunky, overloaded with distracting ads
Can I read it? Sure. But only maybe one or two sentences per screen scroll because everywhere possible has been loaded with blinking, flashing ads. Frankly it’s a smorgasbord of annoying ad examples. As a person with autism I’m quite sick of this; I can’t even get through a sentence without being distracted, and even using the app for a few minutes leaves me feeling frustrated and overstimulated. And it’s obnoxious when the article can’t even load because of all the ads, which is often. Honestly I don’t know how this app got 4.7 stars, these must be political reviews or something because the app is clunky, frustrating, and 60% ads. I also find the content to be sometimes fluffy, but I suppose that’s to be expected with local news.
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7 years ago, Outdoors in Colorado
I agree with “Hit and Miss”
In addition to 9newsie’s comments, while trying to listen to the live streaming to get weather and the latest news, the app will just completely close out. I think every time News is updated in the app, this causes the app to close. Very frustrating! Then by the time the app starts again and having to listen to another 30 sec commercial, the weather forecast has long past. The weather in the app does not always match the live streaming (first thing in the morning). I actually liked the previous app style 2-3 years ago. Live streaming was a banner at the top and each category was easy to locate. Didn’t shift around. During football season, is it necessary to put the Broncos logo (as the headline) not only on the Sports section, but Local and National? I’m a Broncos fan, but really?
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1 month ago, l. gies
Lynnda Gies loves 9News.
I have been with 9news for over 40 years. I have for years helped run the 9Health Booth at the “Race for the Cure”,( I miss that). I helped for about 10 years at 9Cares Colorado Shares Food Collections, I volunteered at the station answering phones for 9Health Fair as well as I still work the 9Health Fair for 25 years plus in Fraser and Lakewood. I even have money donated to Kyle Clark’s causes directly. I have watched 9news forever and love our teams of people all these years. I think you could say I’m a fan. Thank you for all you do to my community.
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1 year ago, bbgggdd
For the love of god, please stop showing the same ad 4-5 times in a row
I like 9news and use the app on my Roku tv. I’ll turn it on when I get up, leave it on while I get ready, and turn it off before I leave at 9am. I don’t mind hearing the same stories but it’s the ads that drive me insane because they play the same exact ad 3 times in a row, then a 4th time, and if you’re really lucky a 5th.. because who doesn’t love hearing the same jardiance commercial so many times that life has now become meaningless? I can’t use the app anymore because I feel like it’s making me insane and like no one actually pays attention to/or cares that the same ad plays sooo many times.
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6 years ago, MusicalMyers
Still crashes and outdated 9NEWS features in place of commercials
We don’t have cable upstairs and I watch the news on my phone in the mornings as I get ready. It is so frustrating to have the app crash all the time. But what’s more annoying, instead of just running the normal commercials on their live feed, they’ve filled in with 9NEWS special feature stories. They’ve never been updated. Frankly most of them I can recite verbatim. OR! There’s the “soooo, you’re here about your mortgage... messy stuff. We’re mortgage rescue company, we can help you keep your house. All we ask for in return is your agreement for galactic domination. SIGN. Have you met my henchman, Radu...? Seriously, I’d rather watch current commercials than the same content in your breaks! Awful!
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6 years ago, inless
The real
I took you app off my phone for several months and got back on recently. I realize I don’ t miss it. Be mutual of your political views. I am tired of you trying to put your views in our minds. Report the news, stop sensationalizing it. I don’t want inflated views. I want real news with no opinion. Secondly. Report the news! So much is not told about what goes on in Denver. You don’t report the violence in our city because you are in the pocket or indebted to the governor and mayor. The Mayor is a a prime candidate for removal of office. He sexually harassed someone and nothing is being covered about that. Are we going to let that die? Shame on you! Get the facts before you report and don’t think e don’t notice you only say things to get viewership. I miss Adele. Unless 9 news changes they won’t be watched or read by me!
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1 year ago, motherDavis
Above all others
I like 9NEWS over others because there is a level of professionalism the other news channels don’t seem to have. They always look like they are dressing for a formal dinner party, and conduct themselves with professionalism and diplomacy even during simple banter between stories. I have yet to see that anywhere else either here in Colorado or abroad. Our other local networks only wish they can achieve that, so all that is left at the end of their day is to brag about the stories they cover. 9NEWS’ achievements needs no bragging rights. They simply speak for themselves.
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6 years ago, south fork tourist town
I like to watch the show. Usually informative and the ladies are easy on the eyes. However, I would like to see more coverage of the entire state and not just Denver! Remember, a majority of your viewership only gets the Denver channels for their local news. ABC, CBS and NBC is all Denver stations that are our only choices. I flip back and forth to try and get the station that comes closest to giving us our local weather. Would like to see more time spent on each part of the state and not just a 50 mile radius of the metro area. Seems like we don’t exist down here in the southern and southwest part of the state. How about an “ eye on South Fork” instead of Loveland ski area? Just saying.
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6 years ago, KRASOV22
I agree that I love being able to watch 9news where ever I am either in my house or around the world but the app is pretty buggy and shuts down A LOT. I would also like it if they changed the ads and the stories that repeat more often. The ad about the loan help is the MOST annoying thing I have ever seen. I enjoy the Story Tellers segments but the app always has the same ones. Please update them! I’m sure some of kids in them have grown up and have children of there own by now. 9News does them every week. Change them up. Thanks
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6 years ago, teach'em4
Watching 9 news on an app
I absolutely love my 9 news family and can’t imagine not starting my day with them but watching on the app on my iPad has been frustrating. For close to two years the same ads, commercials, and news shorts have been playing in between the daily news. I have almost stopped watching because I just can’t listen to them one more time. I have emailed feedback about this several times but have never received a response.
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4 years ago, Juballharshaw
Advertising dollars trump usability
I get it, it costs money to run a news organization and without a subscription model that means ad dollars. However, it’s incredibly frustrating to be notified of live video and then MISSING (potentially important) content because a 15 or 30 second rolls before the video starts. There are far better ways to monetize live streams such as lower third ads on the video or even putting the video in frame with ads surrounding. Additionally on text content, often full page, intrusive ads display over content and half the time they are not closable because the X is buried off screen. More thought about ad placement and QA testing will go a long way in future releases!
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4 months ago, jenny-good
Thankful for the morning team!
Enjoy the personalities of the morning team! Gary holds it down, Cory adds the voice of the working Mom with style, Natalie adds the young voice with the depth of her own experience and Marty with his local references for the weather makes me feel like I can refer to my state with knowledge. Now during the Quarantine their interactions with each other and ease is reassuring. Also like the evening news with Kim and Tom and Kyle Clark makes me think and reflect.
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4 years ago, Kathy's thoughts
Channel 9 News
I have watched channel 9 news for many years. It is part of my everyday life. I have laughed and I have cried. It is where I go when I need to know what is happening and how it will effect my day, my drive and what I am going to wear. The anchors are part of my family. Channel 9 news always seems to find the greatest anchors. I miss them when they move on and I wait for who will come to replace them. Great job 9 news. Kathy W.
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7 years ago, Danermal
Content is fine; app is buggy
I like this news app and the way the info is presented. There are egregious spelling, grammar, and syntax issues that pop up now and again. But in general, it serves the purpose of providing pretty frequently updated local news. The app is quite buggy, however, and has been for years. The latest quirk is that the app will jump straight to the App Store for some garbage app for you to buy even when your fingers are nowhere near the screen. It’s clearly a glitch, so hopefully they notice it and address it quickly. It really makes the app unusable sometimes.
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1 year ago, Jg90069
Used to be good
They’ve recently updated to 9 News+ and it’s such a dismal experience. The app is super glitchy and very difficult to navigate with Apple TV. Finding stories you want to see is extremely difficult and frustrating. Want to watch “Next”…good luck finding it. I saw it once 2 weeks ago. It’s been AWOL other times. They also seem to be pushing generic talk show type garbage that’s not even local. Bring back the old app please. Otherwise I’ll just give up on you entirely. I’ll miss getting local news and in depth reporting from Marshall and Kyle. However it’s not worth the frustration.
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5 years ago, 4+more
New app maybe delete time
Love 9 News for weather and news. The new app I was forced to get is not user friendly. I can’t figure out what is the latest news and what is just a random article they want me to read. I am not interested in sports but would love more world news. Their weather was not changed to much but liked when I could read what to expect for week and day. Not interested in watching or listening to any of this. I know this feature slows down the app by having to load video. The old app I could chose to read or listen. Hope they figure it out as there r other apps I can go to for weather and news.
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5 years ago, BEW Denver
Best in Colorado
I have been watching 9NEWS for over 40 years since I arrived in Colorado in 1973. They have consistently provided fair and accurate and, more important, honest repotting. Their focus has always been on important issues and, even though I might not always agree, their reports have been honest. Their weather forecasters are more spot on than most and even though I’m not a sports enthusiast, I find those reports informative as well. Keep it up 9NEWS andiwill remains loyal watcher.
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2 years ago, Ricola in 80237
Timely update every day!
I have to say that the 9News app is one of my favorite apps on my phone now. I appreciate it when some important news pop up so that I’m always in the know. I truly care about what’s going on and happening in my local communities as well as the world. I also like the “Near Me” feature. I’m into photography and two of my photos were featured in/on it in the past! What a privilege! Thanks 9News!!
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6 years ago, Crawlers
Good news station but app is still a work in progress
I like 9news as I feel they do a good job covering a wide variety of local news stories that are generally well-written. However, the app is often difficult to use as they work to figure out how to embed advertisements. In many of the recent versions, it has become increasingly difficult to actually read the news stories because all that opens when the headlines are selected are ads. I've thought about deleting the app many times because of the ridiculous methods used to deliver ads.
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3 years ago, KEKIBE
9 News
9 News is the only channel we watch. We depend on them to provide current, non-partisan, and truthful news of the day, as well as entertainment and items to brighten and lighten our days. We love the people on there, and consider them our friends on the air. We sure hope the company can find a way to keep Marty, the weatherman in the morning. We also love Next with Kyle Clark! 9 is the 1 !!!!!
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6 years ago, Noadcampaign
It’s okay, but...
I enjoy having the app, because I’m not always able to catch the news outside of it. However, the app crashes often, and for no apparent reason. On top of that, there are annoying errors in stories posted that could have been fixed with a little proofreading. It’s unprofessional and I tend to deduct credibility points, when for example, I’m reading an article and entire paragraphs are copied and pasted within the same article. Or there are several errors within a single story like incomplete sentences, grammatical mistakes, etc. Its sloppy work.
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3 years ago, jake686
Good people, bad application.
I love nine news, but unfortunately I have to watch it through my phone app. Most of the time it doesn’t work. When it does work. It’s not for very long periods of time before it kicks me off! I’ve been watching 9news since 1985. I’m happy for the ability to be able to watch it on my phone. I just hope you guys continue on working to make the function ability more consistent. Thank you. Your loyal fan and friend. Jakeb Welter.
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9 months ago, Simplemom 2012
App Crashes Constantly
I’ve tried using the 9NEWS app in the mornings for the last 6 weeks and it crashes multiple times when I use it. Doesn’t matter where I am, I have a newer phone and the latest app update but it shuts down after about 8-10 minutes. It also seems like the ads are excessive when you first open the app, 4 minutes of ads this morning and they are much louder than the anchors, I have to mess with the volume too much. Not impressed with this app, wish it was more intuitive and not so junked up on the home page.
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4 years ago, Willy847280465
Could be better
I like 9NEWS for local info but I liked to stream live broadcast with old app, the new app... not so much. It seems to be very buggy and I’m not able to see a few moments of the live feed if at all before it freezes. New app: Limited content. Missing date on old news stories. Looking up a news story on broadcast? Forget about it, not even a chance...
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4 months ago, DenaliDuck
Great News Source
I enjoy keeping up with local events, sports and national news with the Channel Nine news app! I appreciate the quality of the articles and feel that your reports are professsional, timely and accurate. I would prefer having the stories all indexed so I could go right to the section I’m most interested in. I find that there are more videos than I usually need...I much prefer the written content! Kyle, keep up the good work!
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12 months ago, A. T. rains
Hard to read & noisy
This is the third time I’ve downloaded this app and then deleted it shortly afterwards. The text is small & hard to read on mobile phones. The video news has too much wait time with the commercials, & comes on loud when I’m not expecting them to play (accidental touch I guess on my part? Doesn’t occur on other local news apps).
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5 years ago, sugarshimmy
Used to be a great app until this update...
Did anyone actually look at the update on an actual phone before pushing this out? It isn’t very pleasing to look at anymore. Looks like something some high school kids threw together. You have to scroll through a 100 nonsense human interest stories and ads to actually get to the story you want. Then half of it doesn’t appear on the screen correctly or is covered up by more ads. The weather radar doesn’t load most of the time or you can’t actually see it because it scrolls too fast. I have better things to do with my time than to use this app anymore. Switch it back please.
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6 years ago, momandlucy
Love 9 News
9 News is the only news I watch. I believe them to be true, honest, unbiased and they take responsibility if they’re not correct in reporting. The news is what it’s always been, “the news”. Even if it does get a little overblown at times. But, that’s why they offer “Next” with Kyle Clark!!! Love that show!! Love the reporters that fill in, and I don’t mind at all what Kyle’s jackets look like. It’s true that the live feed most often disappears into thin air. That is frustrating. Overall.... Great job everyone!!!
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3 years ago, hddrhvhij
Wish it had the airplay option
This is the only news channel I watch everyday. They report facts not feelings and I appreciate that. I like the app has a live options and backup for what I miss. The only reason I gave this a 4 star and not a 5 is because there is no airplay option. I want to cast it to my living room tv instead of watching on my phone.
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2 years ago, vince5335743246775
Receiving unwanted notifications
I downloaded this app to receive notifications about the weather so I am more aware of snow days. I just enabled notifications for the weather, nothing else. I enabled notifications for no other topics besides the weather. This morning I received a notification from this app about a news story that a child was beaten to death. That doesn’t sound like a weather report!!! Please fix your notifications settings. I do not want to get notifications on deeply disturbing stories, I just wanna know when it is a snow day. Other than that, the app and the UI is great. Thank you.
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7 years ago, enjoyincubus937
Not functional
UPDATE: Since the latest update, this app is forcing the App Store to pop up to download games. This is completely unacceptable for a NEWS APP. If I wanted to look into the ads in the app, I would follow them, but how dare you force an ad to pop up 8 times, over and over again. I am deleting this app after being a user for more than 5 years. This app used to be great, but for at least 6 months now you can't watch video. You can watch the ad, but after that it's a black screen that requires you to restart the app. Most articles appear for two to three days while other news passes you by. Do not recommend.
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6 years ago, Margaret from Denver
Sports it’s awful
Millions of college basketball friends I can’t believe you didn’t mention NCAA basketball brackets. I thought that would be your late although no Colorado teams are not participating it’s just fun to watch the most important three weeks of college basketball🏀 no wonder young people of Colorado don’t understand how fun this tournament is because you don’t cover it. Maybe I went to bed before it was covered I’m so 😐
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9 months ago, mamacan71
9 News is still my favorite news channel but it has changed a great deal. I like truth… not the news it is now. Also I loved the old weather app, “9news Weather”. It was more accurate than the Apple weather app for the Denver and the metro area and so easy to use. The news these days gives me great anxiety so I just don’t watch it as much. It was great to just see the weather. Ed Sardella and Mike Landis are still my favorite anchors, and Kathy Sabine will always be my favorite meteorologist.
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5 years ago, Way too many ads! Boo
9News is dead to me
Simply put, I used to love 9News; thanks to this app, that no longer holds true. With that being said, the two primary issues are as follows: 1) I now get notifications hourly, even after shutting off most of the alerts in the “notification preferences” section . In particular, the weather component will often send 3 alerts before I even wake up; all of which is frequently over an inch of snow or a mild temperature. 2) They have deeply dampened their appearance of being a dignified and trustworthy reporting agency due to a significant lack of proofreading. In fact, I have begun capturing the articles that I read and comparing which of them have been proofread. Currently, 11 of the 12 articles that I have read in recent days have substantial typos that make it clear they only use “spellcheck.” All said, I sincerely hope they clean up the slop and stop sending dozens of notifications over literally nothing.
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3 years ago, colo news hound
Good coverage but very redundant
I like to keep up to date on the news but the app shows way too redundancy on the Home Screen. I realize there might not be a lot of content on a daily basis but to have to see the exact same content throughout the page is frustrating - 9NEWS is better than that. And often the news is NOT up to date when breaking news happens. You should have someone dedicated to this app!
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5 years ago, Geedee79
Missing Important Content
App freezes up regularly and then has to be closed and restarted. Also, I prefer to read my news rather than watching the live stream, but lately trying to use the ‘Top Stories’ section is a waste of time, because many times it doesn’t even contain the top stories that are on TV, even huge national stories! Iran shot down a US drone and now there are threats of war. Seems like quite a big deal to me! Funny how I wouldn’t know that at all by reading the top stories on the app. There hasn’t been one word about it all week.
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4 years ago, clgolditch
Fast up to date info
Thanks you for being up to date with which Counties are in Stay at Home. This is not a joke please every stay safe and keep your distance.. Reach out to those elderly friend family who have no transportation to get food or medicine! Thanks you Sending his time you all you! Be kind help those who you can safely.
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10 months ago, Kathy kyne
Daily blast live. Attn: Jeff
I saw the woman on the other day that was telling you to use purple conditioner on your hair to make it “sparkle “. I have been doing this for years and let me tell you DO NOT use it every day or you WILL have purple hair. Start out maybe every 4 days with a colored conditioner. Blue works too. I get so many compliments on my hair it’s just crazy. Good luck
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6 years ago, AmaraZemni
Forced ads
There have been ads in this app for as long as I've used it but never have I been forced to, not only close them, but close them repeatedly. The Purina ad has interrupted the article I've been reading at least a dozen times now. I don't normally write reviews, but I was so frustrated I stopped before I finished the article just to one star them for the use of invasive ads.
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7 years ago, Mls81861
Video Feeds Unreliable
I love catching up on the new using the 9News app. Unfortunately, videos often do not play. Interestingly enough, the ads preceding the videos ALWAYS play. When it comes time for the video, all you get is a black screen. You then have to completely close and reopen the app. This happens at least 50% of the time 😕. Other than that I really love the app!
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7 years ago, Suzengra
Denver news
This app is more the Denver Bronco app and not the Denver news. It also is not as user friendly as it used to be. You have to search more to try to find the area you are looking for. Some areas slow to update like Rockies, Avs, and Nuggets. Please go back to a more clearer format. It also is not updating the high school sports information. I know football season started because of the stories but scoreboard and standings have absolutely no information. In regards to the news, why is national news stories showing in local news section?
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4 years ago, concerned in p-burg
News Anchors
Kyle Clark needs to keep his slanted political views to himself when he anchors the 9 news !! I used to really like him but his liberal comments have really turned me off. If my husband would have heard a couple I did we would not be watching anymore. The others don’t seem to take sides. I especially enjoy Kim and Jennifer! News should be just that, not a political platform!! Karen Craig
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2 months ago, AMO 7
I thought we lived in America
I now have to click on “translate to English” to read articles on this app. Almost feels like the news is telling illegals how to work the system when they shouldn’t even be here. No doubt the media is spreading their political agenda while ignoring real problems Coloradans are going through only to get their political appointees elected. What a scam this news has turned into. People have quit watching because you don’t even report news anymore, only hearsay, opinions, and twisted or blatantly missing facts. You should be ashamed as a company.
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4 months ago, PSNLITTLETON
Best Local News Station By Far!
We don’t watch any other local news station, and we watch a lot of news. We think that the abbreviated news clips are great as is Kyle’s “NEX” program. It has developed a nice patina as the initial programming started out a little rough. Your addition of Marshall Zellinger to “Next” is a touch of sheer genius. I Keep it up! PSNLITTLETON
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1 year ago, cohog1
Native comparison
Still the best news coverage in Denver, most accurate weather forecasts, too. And if Carl Acres had an apprentice - it would be Kyle Clark. The station grew up with me, & some in my (Colorado native) family argue that it matured more (better, faster?) than I - what’s up with that?! Guess we’re all just forever young! Keep it up, people!
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