Depth Wallpaper & Live Effect

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10 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Depth Wallpaper & Live Effect

4.43 out of 5
11.8K Ratings
3 years ago, aaaasdsel,llk
Pretty, Amazing So far.
At first I downloaded this app around 5 months ago. Although it gives you the wallpapers you have watch a ton of ad’s but you do get the live wallpaper. Up to its name mostly, BUT has some down falls every 5-7 minutes in the app it just advertises it’s 7.99 dollar’s a month or week. Also it’s trying to make a quick buck off your wallet. But pretty good so far recommend makes your phone aesthetic. If you can handle all the advertisements and ads!
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3 years ago, ArJaYe-_-
I couldn’t even make it through the starting of the app. The second click you need to make is “By clicking continue you start a free 3-day trial and after that it will auto subscribe you for $7.99/month”. I didn’t even click continue. Straight deleted the app because god forbid I forget to cancel this then I’d be stuck paying them every month. I was all set and ready to deal with the 900 ads every 30 seconds like people said but not risking getting forced to pay money every month if I get distracted and don’t delete the trial. This app should have never even been made if in order to be free to people, you have to sell out to companies and run their ads every 5 seconds. Your app isn’t going to go anywhere by selling out like that, you lose people’s interest so fast. The ads for this app are quite good with the click bait so I’ll give you that, but honestly it’s stupid to sell out for all these ads just to “reach more people for free” like all your responses to other reviews say. If you respond to mine I know you’ll say “I thank you for the advice and I’ll report back to my team blah blah blah...” but in the end you guys will do nothing about it becuase it’s the only way you make money off the app without having to sell it entirely. You guys had real potential with this until you sold out for ads. Sad...
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5 years ago, UndoingBody04
Only one thing brings this app down
This app is great. Good selection of wallpapers, multiple genres and art styles, but holy **** the ads. Another ad pops up after every fourth wallpaper, and even going back through previous wallpapers you’ve already seen gives you ads. Aside from that, they’ve got something for everybody, and the wallpapers are genuinely gorgeous. I want to see this app get better, so I’m actually typing something instead of just rating it mid-use and clicking submit. I would recommend this to people instead of going on google and searching for wallpapers, but the sheer amount of ads makes me second guess telling the saying anything about this app. I’ll patiently hope for the day they lessen the burden of (you guessed it) ads. I don’t have any problem with premium, and I can understand it’s an incentive to have people upgrade to premium, and I understand you get revenue for each ad, but I just suggest the makers of this app look at it from an enjoyment point of view, considering this app is made to visually please you, not to show you the next best free version of an Idle Clicker game every 4 slides. To anyone who made it through this wall of text, good day. - Please Devs, give me a reason to upgrade it to 5 stars.
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4 years ago, liza15you
Just read the text under this
So I’m gonna start off with, I wish I could give 0 star rating. Like why do you have the pay 8 bucks a week that would be too much for a lot of people. For Billionaires not at all not at all. 1 reason I cant do this is cause my mom is Saving for a new house and she can’t really get ya anything right now but food so she can get one rn. And this is a wallpaper app 8 bucks a week for a WALLPAPER APP Now this for me seems ridiculous because paying 8 bucks a week just to have a cool wallpaper seems stupid I would never do this and if you can delete my review idrc if you do it’s just cause ur so scared to reply or something so I really wouldn’t do this just to get a decent wallpaper. Yes allot of people would do this cause they thing it would be cheap but my mom isn’t rich like all you other people we usually don’t get messed with or get payed that much so we cant get money to afford all these “cool apps” my grandma and grandpa are kinda rich but I don’t think they would waste there money on this . I’m finally don’t if you guys are mad this is soo long 🙄. So I’m done this is the enddddd oml so long right? Huh you must be so lazyyyyy haha haha and if you want to call me not happening cause I only do face time and I won’t do that cause I’m ugly really ugly bye rats
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2 years ago, Staytogetherhost
Extremely Disappointed
I wanted to check out these live wallpapers to see if they were compatible with my iPhone since others I have had difficulty with. I never signed up for tue free trail, never agreed to any purchase or subscription as they refer to it, never provided my billing information. A few weeks ago I found out I’ve been being billed $7.99 a week for a subscription I never ordered it agreed to! If you go on the app and try to find any way to contact these people you’ll find it’s impossible! No info provided ! Apparently this app was able to bill me through my Apple account which I did not authorize! Right now I’m at a loss of what to think. If I was scammed and charged for things I did not agree to or authorize, but to get a charge on my credit card statement showing I was billed $7.99 weekly for a app I did not use or even open since the day I first looked at it makes me question the legitimacy. If my review remains for you to read I strongly suggest you consider alternative options and if you have Apple Pay turn it off so companies cannot bill you for things you never agreed to.
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2 years ago, JadeRogue
ALERT: Forced Subscription
As soon as you start the app it will inform you that you are starting a 3 day trial. At the end of the 3 days you are automatically enrolled to pay a monthly subscription and charged. So if you hit continue, you just opted in for a subscription fee. The app developer is counting on people to just hit continue without reading. They will get you for at least one month… which is more than any phone app should cost if you bought it straight out. Horrible business model if you ask me. How stupid would you have to be to pay $120 a year or more for a wallpaper. I would avoid this app and it’s developer if I were you. Warn your friends and family about the subscription trap. Also remember that If they do manage to hit you for the sub fee and you cancle it you will have access for 30 days. After that, you will own nothing…
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1 year ago, Grammy Caryn
Mmmm not so sure…
I saw this on Facebook and thought I’d give it a try. I really like the wallpapers but it’s quite expensive. That was a NO WAY for e, just not worth it. So apparently they offer a limited edition. When you find one you like you hit the Save button and it gives you two options. Watch a video OR Get Premium. I got watch video and it thinks for a little bit then does absolutely nothing. I tried several different pictures and NOTHING. So I’m disappointed to say the least. It’s really shame all these developers make everything so expensive. I do understand all the work it takes, time it takes etc and that they all need to make a living. But that being said. C’MON! If you offer to watch a video at least make that work please. Thank you. 🥰
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3 years ago, Spooky Lore
Perhaps this is a good app. I’ll never know. The very first page that comes up after downloading is a privacy page asking you to review and accept their terms (except you can’t read their terms because there is no link or list; only the accept button). And if you feel that’s fine and continue, the next page is another accept page, but this time you’re accepting the free three day trial and subsequent fees. There is no ‘cancel’ or opt out on either of these pages. Only ‘accept’. Not showing me your product before I choose to buy or not giving me access to what information you’ll be taking from me before I agree to your terms, is a massive red flag. I’m out...
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1 year ago, Brandon Place
Very nice wallpaper app, but one small problem.
I gotta say the wallpapers all look really neat especially the live wallpapers, but when I browse around the live wallpapers, the app closes out and I have to get back into it again. This mostly happens with the live wallpapers I look through. I don’t know if it’s because it’s the live wallpapers that are doing this since they move or something else. Other than that, it’s a nice wallpaper app.
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4 years ago, dreadshadow1
The thing is the app was actually good it just messed up when it said that i had to get a subscription for WALLPAPER why would someone need a subscription fir something they could just look up online and do it themselves. Like i was charged 7 bucks for something I didn’t use and thats stupid. Now im 7 bucks short in my apple account. See i would recommend this app id it wasn’t a way for this company to siphon easy money. Whats worse is that other reviews say that there are ads which means this developer is getting paid for other companies to put ads on here so why have a subscription your just being greedy. If i could rate 0 stars i would.
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4 years ago, binarydaddy
Not Bad; Needs To Be Able To Stop Premium Pop-Ups
Nice selection of photos initially and I’m fine with ads every 2-3 passes. But it would be nice to disable the pop-up for continuing with limited version vs Premium. If someone wants to try it, should have means to tap it after initial startup. Watching an ad to download free photos isn’t a problem either.
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5 years ago, kailey71406
Really good app but..
So, I downloaded this app after reading some of the reviews and everyone kept saying there were so many ads. Well, they were right. I will scroll through the wallpapers and like every ten seconds, there will be an ad. Also, there is a page that will come up trying to get me to try a free trial. This is very annoying. Please fix this. But overall, I love the wallpapers. They are very creative and I like them. But the ads get on my nerves. Please try to fix this issue.
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1 year ago, froggie!!!!
Don’t buy, it’s a scam!
This app said it was free, but after I downloaded it, it said I had to pay $7.99 per week! (Or something like that.) It looked like a good app at first, since I have an iPad, and its advertising had an iPad on it. I was looking for stuff like this with my friend, and we looked at a review that said “it’s not worth seven dollars “ and we were like, “but it’s free!” It isn’t. If you’re willing to pay 8 dollars every week, then you’re welcome to download it. But if you’re like us, and don’t want to pay, you should probably try something else.
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3 years ago, Bri-bri-beeb
Ridiculously overpriced + Add swarmed
$8 PER week. Are you serious? That is ridiculous for a wallpaper app. You honestly want people to pay $32 a month for wallpapers without ads? That’s just absurd. And on top of that, in order to get people to pay this amount you bombard them with ads until they subscribe, not allowing them to peruse their options without stopping every 10 seconds to watch some dumb add. You’re already making profit off the ads, lower your ridiculous prices.
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1 year ago, bonabaskins
Are you kidding me?
So first of all this is a really great app with a bunch of pictures but oh my gosh, the ads are like… The whole app. It is really unfair because you only get to do 3,4 or five scrolls before getting ANOTHER ADD! This is unacceptable. I really hope you fix this problem. Great photos and stuff but it’s just adds really.
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4 years ago, Strtker
Possibly a scam
I title this as a possible scam because the first thing you are asked is to accept terms of privacy and yet when you click on either option to review them you only get a link to an error 404 page which is basically a page not found. So they managed to create some kind of incredible app that we all should have but they can’t maintain a T’s&C’s page? Seems shady to me. Especially since I stumbled upon them from an advertisement which I would not normally click on accept the graphics seemed exceptionally well done.
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2 years ago, fgdgfbdjfhdhdgf
First when I got this app I was pretty exited because I never had a moving wallpaper before. Until you had to pay for it.. I thought that there would be a little x at the top of the page. But you would have to wait for it to pop up. I waited about 30 mins and it never popped up, until I realized that you LITERALLY HAVE TO PAY FOR IT TO EVEN START THE WHOLE DUCKING APP!!!! ( I don’t like cursing that’s why I didn’t put the curse word) Please do not make the same mistake I made about downloading this app! Thank you.
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5 years ago, eevee101a
Maybe another app or a new update?
When I got this app I thought it would be really cool to have. It was all fine but then when I tried to actually use it wasn’t working so I checked the app on the App Store and saw that it can’t be used on the iPhone XR I just wanted to ask if there could be a new update or a new app so iPhone XR users can enjoy the app too. :D
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4 years ago, Kw1508
Really good
This is not like others I have tried about 10 other wallpaper apps they all do have a pro version about all of them I to get the pro to use any of them but this one I just need to watch and ad. You should really get this app.
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4 years ago, Hey_lol_sup
To many ads but the best
When I downloaded this app it was the best but then I saw that there are so many ads but other than that this app is the best and I hope that one day this app will be the best for wallpapers and to mi this app is the best hopefully you guys will fix the ads
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4 years ago, harmony gamell
What is this scam
This game has its good sides actually only one they are cool cause they have good pictures to use but it’s a scam it does not even move your background and the ads oh you don’t even wanna know they are everywhere slide add slide add and as soon as you get in the game ad it took me a day to find out about the add when you first get in the game what I’m trying to say is the game is trash you waste all of your time with so many ads and your background does not even move I don’t recommend this game it’s crap so ya.
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8 months ago, Dragonborn415
Great wallpaper photos but the app is very slow
At first, to be honest, I thought it was my VPN connection, so I turned it off and was using solely my Wi-Fi, which has a very fast connection. no matter what I did though the app was very slow and constantly lagging. I even tried closing the app completely, and going back in, but to no avail.
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1 year ago, hippylotusflower
Downloaded it due to the Facebook advertisement of it being almost a 3D look with live features. After it downloaded it said it cannot do live lock screens anymore due too the new IOS 16 update. Therefore DO NOT HAVE IT AS YOUR MAIN REASON FOR PEOPLE TO DOWNLOAD. Then it doesn’t load half of the pictures I want to see for a background and constantly crashes or takes me back to the first picture. Waste of time thank god there was a free trial.
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5 years ago, roblox4750
Ads 😕 Ads😞 ADS😤!!
Don’t fall for ANOTHER paying app. This app is so terrible I get a ad every five seconds. And don’t you developers come at me and say well it will make it better if you buy our EXPENSIVE membership!!! And don’t you say when you get the live wallpapers on your phone it will be “amazing” and “beautiful”. Because I got the wallpaper and it was NOT live!!! It’s just another one of those apps that wants you to buy membership. Don’t waste your time on it. Hope this helped 😒
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4 years ago, staysrippin
Live wallpaper
The app I believe is fair in the options it allows you if you have no money to spend. And if you do have money to spend the apps are definitely affordable and worth it!!! I love this app and tell everyone about it!
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4 years ago, ilovehsn
Scamming and should be pulled from the AppStore
I stumbled across this app on an ad on Instagram. The ad was showing this high tech sci fi wallpaper that moved with your phones movement. Which is not true! As of the current IOS build that is not possible with live wallpapers. I downloaded the app and was deeply disappointed and question how this app is so highly rated with scamming tactics. Wouldn’t be surprised if false reviews were in play. TLDR:App is purposely misleading customers.
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2 years ago, njdevilsfan8212
Ads are ridiculous!!!
You people are ridiculous with the ads!! All i wanted to do was look through to see what you guys had to choose from before i subscribed to the premium and i couldn’t even do that bc i got bombarded with ads literally every 6 seconds while i was checking out the app. Give me a break!! I would have probably gotten the premium but now?? No way!
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4 years ago, etragt
I would second chance this if I were you because I have to sign up for something and I'm a 9 year old kid and not a loud to sign up for for stuff like this.😢
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1 year ago, jeepwall
Expensive and lame
The ad on Facebook showed a really cool looking wallpaper with depth effect and an alien standing in it but that was not one of the ones you could choose. It’s $7.99 a week and not that many wall papers to choose from, plus they’re all lame photos. It honestly feels like false advertising because none of the options were anything like the ad at all.
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4 years ago, gjfjvjcidj
I like it but...
This app is very cool. It has so many awesome backgrounds to look through. But the problem with mine is it’s littered with ads. That might just be me though... anyway love the app just tone the ads down. Thanks!
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1 year ago, mortician pz
App crashes when I open a wallpaper to view and save
Everyone I open any love wallpaper to view and save it, it entire app just closes out on its own and I have to reopen app. Just for it to do the same thing. Very frustrating since I have paid to use these! I can’t even view or save one wallpaper and I found so many I LOVE! Why is it doing that and how can I fix it? Please help.
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1 year ago, Kwirth219
Never found advertised pics
I looked all throughout the app for a certain pic that was advertised in a facebook advertisement & never found it. I even did the premium 3 day trial. I feel like it if you are going to advertise certain pictures or wallpapers then you should have them on the app.
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3 years ago, user85738
Not bad a whole lot of options but very hard to look through them all when ads pop up and the subscription pops up making very hard to look through the selections
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6 months ago, Htftfyjgjg
It doesn’t work
When I first got the app I thought it would be good but when I downloaded it it didn’t go live when I put it for my Lock Screen I tried a whole ton of different times but it didn’t work and yes i was in the live section you should have directions on how to do this
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5 years ago, Banana man 09
Oh my god this is the most awesome wallpaper thing you have to get it even though you might have to get premium but you can also just watch you can watch a video to get it so I am yeah
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5 years ago, VSangel87
Ok so I downloaded this app to see what kind of wallpapers they have, but they want you to pay $7.99 a WEEK just to be able to browse without ads! Lol are you kidding me?! After browsing around for a few minutes (and you don’t have to option to search) and it kept asking me to subscribe every other wallpaper, I just deleted the app. Lol too much hassle for not that good of a selection...
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3 years ago, Mmmmmmmmmona
There are not free live wallpapers
We have to pay for special live wallpapers ? Ok ! But I wanted normal live wallpapers but there wasn't any buttons to click on it and GO NEXT AND DONT PAY MONEY I couldn't go to see free live wallpapers, it means there are not any free live wallpapers , maybe this app is great 👍🏻 but there Are so many good live wallpapers apps that we don't have to pay to see FREE LIVE WALLPAPERS ! I think that's not true to download this app .
Show more
4 years ago, messy joeboma
Don’t listen to the five stars, it’s horrible almost every time I scroll over it says to buy premium and ads all the time
Show more
1 year ago, Bghjhgfhhd
Beautiful live wallpapers…when they load…😒
👍🏽Several categories to choose from, live and deep wallpapers, beautiful graphics! 👎🏽There are lots of wallpapers that will not load in the app to view and they will not save or download. I’ve reset the app and my iPhone 13PM several times, restarted my phone, closed out all other apps, and it makes no difference. I’m deleting before the charge comes out until I see an upgrade being performed. ‼️⚠️Please fix the bugs!!!
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2 years ago, jmes_g
Not happy!
I downloaded your app because I saw THE coolest wallpaper ever. After download I searched through your live wallpapers and it’s not there! When you market your app and show something on it, it should be available! Not happy. Deleted.
Show more
2 years ago, Curlydame2003
False advertising
The cool looking alien that was advertised as being one of the live wallpapers does not exist. I searched all categories that it could possibly be in: horror, sci-fi, new, and advertised. Also, do yourself a favor and read the privacy policy. This app requires access to your photo library, where they can then use them however they please.
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4 years ago, MADISONANNH
When I download it I looked up free moving wallpaper apps and it came up so I download it and it showed me a moving wallpaper so I got it download it onto my Camera note onto my pictures and guess what I put it as my wallpaper and then it didn’t move it I just said terrible terrible app if I could I would but it won’t start but I can’t terrible app do not download.😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🥵
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4 years ago, allliiiiinnnnaaaa
Just Advertisement or payment
If you want to put a wallpaper on you have to watch a advertisement or have to pay for it. I just got it but if you didn’t have to watch an advertisement or pay for it it would be way better .!! 😉
Show more
2 years ago, Killjoyjes
Expensive weekly sub or riddled with ads
While the service is cool, it is not worth the 8$ weekly price point. If you choose to use the free version you will be subjected to ads every 5-15 seconds (no exaggeration) which unfortunately renders the app frustrating and unusable.
Show more
5 years ago, whitefirefox
I luv this app
Even tho there so much ads I’m still loving it some of them don’t work may you please fix that thank you!! but this app is perfect i love it. Keep it up :)
Show more
2 years ago, phillskiss
Way too expensive
First of all… 7.99 a week? Insanity Second, the one I really wanted was the one they’re advertising on Facebook with a 3-D alien and they don’t even offer that I went through every single option that they have and it’s not in there
Show more
3 years ago, The big charizard fart
I have seen lots of ads for this and thought “that looks cool”. But it was so bad! First of all it was way over priced! $7.99 a WEEK?!?! Please. And there was such a small selection of wallpapers for an app about wallpapers. And the adds, they were everywhere. There was one that I especially liked that wasn’t even in the app. Don’t download this terrible app!
Show more
6 years ago, just the haters
Ads, ads everywhere
The app is well designed, the pictures are beautiful and they have a surprisingly large variety. It’s a shame you can’t use any of it. There is ad waiting for you at every two to three swipes while scrolling through the wallpapers. And no that’s not a joke, you should get the app just to see how ridiculous it is. Seriously, do it.
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4 years ago, Dario Burby
You Get What You...
...Pay For No matter where you get your apps, make sure to check them out - especially within raster-type graphics - the Exif datacrunch monsters are watching...
Show more
4 years ago, Holy Moly The Ads
Great backgrounds, but...
Holy Moly the ads!!!!! And every time I switch to look at another background there is an ad!! Sometimes it takes me back to the screen that says “become a premium” it’s really annoying and when I save a background an out it for my wallpaper it isn’t even moving!! PLEASE FIX THIS IMMEDIATELY
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