DER SPIEGEL - Nachrichten

4.4 (1.8K)
33.9 MB
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Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for DER SPIEGEL - Nachrichten

4.41 out of 5
1.8K Ratings
4 years ago, Sancho5a
Login issues
I do not like the new layout. Looks antiquated and cheap. I also experience login issues with the SPIEGEL+ content. Always receive error messages. Web interface no problems - only the app.
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4 years ago, grimmrad
Terrible app
This is NOT about content. Der SPIEGEL is one of the best news outlets there is. It’s about their new app. The old one provided a quick overview about the main news item. User friendliness, ability to navigate and quick access to the main news - all gone now. This new app is now one of many others, complex page with many categories that only show up if selected. In the old one they were seen when scrolling through. Old app got me to top new headline again when clicking on header. Not so any more. Big loss. Not using this much anymore. Quite a loss. I am not using it as often as I did. Was my go to news app first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening. Not any more.
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3 years ago, SebastianSmith
The German language has a word for what happened here: verschlimmbessern. It means trying to improve something but making it worse. The new app is so much worse than the old Spiegel app, which in my opinion was pretty close to perfection. The new app uses too many webviews (with Cookie dialogs and sign in prompts), is confusing to navigate (go back to content overview is on the right rather than the left) and does not feel like a native iOS app anymore. I wish I could still use the previous app, which was so good at the one thing it did: Offer the Spiegel magazine offline.
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4 years ago, klaus_aus_miami
Waste of money
The new layout is horrible to navigate. Navigation is very confusing. The font style is a copy from PricewaterhouseCoopers’ standard layout. That was a true waste of money, I barely visit this website currently. Prior to the change I used this site multiple times every day. Instead I started using the websites of other agencies.
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6 years ago, Kanutino
Using (reading) it several times a day.
Especially in these dark days in the US, this app gives me the look from the outside in. Unfortunately, the most recent version doesn’t load the whole front page again after I read an article or two. Please fix it!
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4 years ago, KJBerlin
Just use the website this app is only a “wrapper”
I’m a subscriber and every time I open the app to have to enter my login details. There isn’t a bookmark feature or a history (most recent article read). I believe this app is just a “wrapper” a portal to the der Spiegel website. Better luck and usability simply reading on your laptop or via a web browser. (This is only a critique of the functions of the app, as news source Der Spiegel is a benchmark in German media. )
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4 years ago, Berni STD
Substantial improvement
The Spiegel is now faster and much easier to navigate than before the App update. Plus the design and graphics is now much spiffier. Some of my satisfaction may also have to with my biting the bullet and paying the monthly $20 for full access.
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4 years ago, frankfurter kranz
Deutscher Spiegel
Since I barely have a chance to speak/read in German , I enjoy your magazine very much, besides of Frankfurter Rundschau and FAZ. (I am from Frankfurt.) Your reporting is straight to the point, as has always been, and it gives me the opportunity to monitor the general European response to the ongoing unrest in the US. Keep it up!
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4 years ago, Lumaster97
No online support after cookie problem
After the app changed settings and needed support for cookie settings, I cannot access the app anymore for free. One minute to the next the app didn’t work anymore. The given tutorials only referred to online browsers such as chrome, but not to the iOS app itself. Emailed support and they sent an automatic reply saying they could not help me - without even looking at the email. Will use another news app from now on!
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11 months ago, He7428
Great content, but soon all of it will be behind the paywall, at exorbitant fees
To me, Der Spiegel is one of the most balanced German new publications. I’d be willing to pay for it, but not hundreds of dollars a year, so I’m forced to just read the free content. That will soon be reduced to nothing as more and more of the meaningful content is high pay only.
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4 years ago, jz0309
Used to be better...
The last few versions have not removed but introduced bugs. Clicking on an article, reading it maybe half way, and it goes blank with no recovery... I think it has to do with ads loading/blocked by iOS as I have ad related issues with the web version too... it’s a shame, used to be my favorite news app
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4 years ago, ingma1961
Great app for a great news magazine
I really appreciate the app allowing me to continue staying in touch with Germany and the world. Der Spiegel is vastly superior to most US publications in regards to international news as well as German news.
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4 years ago, HpbInAtl
Please fix the page loading and crashing issues
While the content is informative, the App for iPad is a disaster. Halfway through reading an article the page goes blank for now apparent reason. Going back from an article to the home page, often results in the same blank page. Please find app developers that know what they are doing. Looks like the competition could.
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7 years ago, Peeple'sPal
A Good Insight into world affairs
The app allows me access to a solid European perspective both on America and works affairs. Of course Der Spiegel is in German so a decent understanding of the language is needed as one would expect with regard to any media outside the English-speaking world.
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3 years ago, Acadane
Always updated
Great source of important Germany related events and news with quick updates
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4 years ago, Austria light
Great stories in video and word
Short insightful stories of European and global relevance -not boilerplate news yet looking at human stories that will impact the trajectory of the pandemic, migration, perspective on human isolation and “Ausgrenzung “ Wonderful light stories from diverse journalists: such as food stories.
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7 years ago, Maine reader
Excellent coverage
I go to Spiegel Online first when I have a few minutes to read the news. Good headline news coverage as well as more in-depth articles and opinion pieces.
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3 years ago, JBA the rock
Accurate and independent information. Fast. Strong point of view.
Premium news outlet. Focus on international and German issues.
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3 years ago, MBG131313
“Kiosk” App better
I pay for a SPIEGEL subscription and enjoyed reading the magazine in the old “Kiosk” app. The look & feel of the new app is way inferior to the old one. In addition, it seems many articles are missing (reading the PDF is not an option!) which was not the case in the old app. I am seriously thinking about cancelling my subscription.
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2 years ago, Finnebobbel
The Spiegel - a mirror for Germany
….what a terrible app! It takes ages to load downloaded magazines, no bookmarking functionality, the UI all over the shop. Seriously, this is the epitome of a failing Germany - old school, over-engineered, ‘komplett am Nutzer vorbei’. Take a look at the Financial Times app and you may find some urgently needed inspiration. Your developers need to be replaced asap.
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6 years ago, Hadafew Tomany
Reliable Source if Information
If you believe in first hand reporting by professionals fact checking information der SPIEGEL is your perfect news platform.
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4 years ago, moving to credit union
It’s in German
I used to use DER SPIEGEL English, they stopped supporting the app. There is still an English section I can read, but all buttons, instructions, and navigation are in German. On the bright side, my German is getting better.
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6 years ago, Bruni739
Very interesting app!
It’s important to keep up with the news around the world and Spiegel Online allows me to do just that, thank you!
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4 years ago, Musik Macht Leben
Convenient, informative, viel Spaß
Good app for general news from German based news sources. Offers podcasts, audio segments and articles to read.
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4 years ago, Kay-in-Berkeley
Easy to use reliable news
Love the Spiegel App that allows me to access reliable news from my iPhone.
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4 years ago, Tyson&Sox
Sport section 1*
Many sections are better, but It so difficult to switch from Bundesliga to Premiere League. The old pull-down menu was better.
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6 years ago, Cazimir3
App crashes continuously
I’ve been using this app for a long time with very good experience but in recent days the app does not work as expected. After clicking an article the app appears to reload the page continuously, pages turn white and it is painful to read a single article. Please fix immediately!!
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4 years ago, Shaw7878
Start the article in English, then all is in German!
I really miss the articles in english! The new format is frustrating, since you tease us first in english and then with one click we see only german on a page which appears to be a request for a subscription. Sorry, don’t read german. Bye bye
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4 years ago, NYC356
Layout was better before, with clear separation between different sections
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4 years ago, Mat310
Old version was better
I do not like that the app is not always starting new at the top when opening. Is there a refresh button. I like the headline option. I do not like that I can not see reader comments at the bottom of articles.
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7 years ago, mswieczk
My connection back home to Germany
Helps me staying up-to-date with German and European life, as well as getting a real outside view of what's going on in the US. Keep up the good work.
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7 years ago, kobejack16
English support?
Is there support for English in this app? There is online in Safari but I can't seem to change it in-app.
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4 years ago, XVVXMCCM
Basically all football (soccer) news all the time. Currently the first four headlines about football. Even though there is a little problem with corona. Sometimes the first 5,6 or even up to 10 first headlines about football only. Embarrassing.
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7 years ago, witcherwithtenure
Gut gemacht!
Well put-together! I primarily use it to improve my German, but also to start to expand my exposure to news outside the US.
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7 years ago, Jakoby (Jack-koh-bee)
Solid app
Native English speaker. The app and the notifications especially have been really helpful for learning german.
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4 years ago, Misha1035
First Class News & Reporting!
‘Spiegel’ is one of the most respected & reliable German news media!
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3 years ago, dan80921
Great for learning German news
I use this to stay on top of rGerman news and learn vocabulary.
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6 years ago, Catriona7
Always Informed
App works the way it should and brings me the latest national and international news.
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4 years ago, WildBill222
Ich kann nicht kopieren!!!
Help!!! I cannot copy and paste anymore. This affects my ability to use the translator. Can you fix this problem, please?
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5 years ago, muna tina
I have no idea how to change the language from German to English. I tried to google translate my way around it but it just didn’t work. I also tried to contact them and it also didn’t work.
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6 years ago, Dominik US
Video froze the app
Just to add to the previous comment. A video froze the app, I can’t exit nor watch as an error message is displayed. I can’t even delete and reload the app. What am I supposed to do? Buy a new mobile phone? Who can advise?
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4 years ago, Simsefra
App good, new SPIEGEL online design 3 steps back
The new SPIEGEL design is a huge step backwards - looks like the print magazine and like stuck in the 90s. Ugly orange and old fashioned fonts everyone. Not the SPIEGEL online you’re used to. More like the Focus or Bild than a serious and qualitative online news site.
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7 years ago, Juicer@22
My favorite news outlet
Being a German in the USA this is still my go to news source.
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3 years ago, proffonrobert
A fantastic news service
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3 years ago, Ensenadian
Der Spiegel
keeps me up to date in my country of choice: Mexico
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7 years ago, BernieSchw
Wish the articles were as good as the app
Spiegel is must read for me.
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4 years ago, CMVYSV
Good Information Source.
Easy to use.
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4 years ago, Gutenberg17
The headlines (font size) are ok. However the font of the text is too small even though my setting on my iPad is on large. Other papers NYT, WP etc. are better legible
Show more
4 years ago, user~X
New App versus old ap
One problem are pictures. In the old app you could zoom into pictures. This is not possible with the new app.
Show more
6 years ago, Doppelkopfler
Watch your data plan
This app downloads so much data over the cellular data network. It is not funny anymore. It is loading commercial videos so they get revenue. But now you’ll have to pay for all the data they need - not cool. Deleted.
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