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User Reviews for Deseret News

4.65 out of 5
20.7K Ratings
7 years ago, RobEastID
Update - A "Go-To" News Source
I wrote a review 3 years ago for this app, (See below). And in the intervening period they continue to make improvements and enhancements. It is my go-to source for Utah and Mountain West news, but they are also a good source for breaking and key US news as well. If I were allowed only one news source (not likely unless the president shuts down every news outlet he hates) it would be this Deseret News app. Bookmark it. Put it on your home page. "SCA" it. (Single Click Access). >>>>>>> I have lived all around the United States (in 9 different states to be exact) and have sampled local and national news in a variety of formats during those 30+ years. The Deseret News electronic edition is one of the top few in content, design and delivery. And it keeps getting better. I wouldn't be surprised to find it in the top 5 nationally in a variety of categories. I wouldn't let its geographical location keep it from becoming a regular read for individuals regardless of location or persuasion.
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4 years ago, 0/-\0
Logging In/Buyist Opinions
So first of all, I open the app, keep in mind I have never had problems with it before and it crashes, I didn’t think anything of it and I check my WiFi to go back in. As I try to log in the entire app keeps crashing! I have never had a problem with my WiFi I even checked it multiple times, but this honestly was ridiculous. This started about a week ago as-well so it was kind of annoying to have it not work. As for their buyers opinions they are incredibly bad. You might be asking why I downloaded the app if I knew this was gonna happen and to be honest, I didn’t. I always used the news in the morning just to see what’s going on in the world, but everything at Fox has been escalating really quickly and they are BIG trump supporters. So be that as it may, they are showing pictures and clips of protests (which are SAFE because I have been to a few and everyone has a mask and gloves) saying that all of the black people are incredibly violent which isn’t true at all. Also saying that protesters are killing the earth because we aren’t at home. This honestly isn’t a good news app at the moment, please try looking somewhere else for something better because it’s incredibly sad to see all of this going on.
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3 years ago, can't naje this work
Obituary page
It seemed your obituary section was not being available, but today it is, however in a different format. With not having daily newspapers, it is our only means of being notified of our families and friends passing. Miss our daily printed newspaper, however thank you for the daily digital access to the news. I do however feel for those like my family members who do not have cell phones or computers. My older generation family members are very handicapped at knowing the happenings in the world other than TV, with so many un truths. We loved the church owned newspaper. We could trust what was printed. Thanks I hope the obituary page remains in tact.
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6 months ago, "Wheels Up"
Islamophobic attitude in my opinion
In choosing what news to publish the Deseret News manifests a Pro Israel and Islamophobic bias. Example if the Deseret News were your only source of news you would not know that each Friday demonstrations have occurred on the Gaza/Israel border. In the last nine months about 160 Palestinians have been killed and thousands injured on the Gaza side of the border. The cause of these demonstrations is the refugees want to return to their former farms, homes and businesses now located in Israeli occupied lands. Israel refuses to allow these people the right of return. They also refuse to pay compensation for the lands seized by Israel. The killed and injured include men, women and children. The main cause is approaching the Israeli border. Israeli army snipers are the sources of these injuries. Also the moderators of the comments section of the on line edition show the same Anti Islam attitude by refusing to clear comments that might be critical of the Israeli government. At other times the moderators simply ignore comments by saying they will forward the comment to appropriate authorities and the comments are never heard of again. In closing the test if my comments are accurate is if my comments appear in the review section or not
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3 years ago, SeeDeeOh
Deseret News
Utah has two main newspapers - The Deseret News and The Salt Lake Tribune. Historically the Tribune leaned liberal and the News leaned more conservative. I’ve become very disappointed in the editorial direction of the News over the past couple of years as it seems to have blown left with an oversupply of news, stories and opinions pieces that are Woke in nature or seem to overly focus on what’s wrong with America and Utah. People who think America is so bad haven’t likely been to many other countries. Send your editors on a good long road trip to talk to people in other countries. You will likely hear that they are concerned that the world is about to lose its greatest asset - a stable, religious, prosperous USA. In short Deseret News should take a hard look at whether it has anything different and valuable to say in these turbulent times. Let’s have some decent old fashioned journalism and report more of what’s right than what wrong in our nation and in Utah. Trust me, there is much more right than wrong in America. For some reasons many politicians and new media outlets, including the Deseret News, don’t what us to see it that way.
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3 years ago, Melospiza
Same as website but without comments
The Deseret News app has a clean look and is easy and intuitive to use. The app duplicates the paper’s website with one major difference: it does not have the reader commenting feature. If you are someone who finds a benefit in reading comments on articles or In commenting on them, you might as well skip the app and just read the paper on your web browser instead. The app gives the convenience of one-click (tap) access on your device, but you can get nearly the same ease of access and the exact same content by bookmarking the website on your browser, plus you get the commenting functionality. The paper is conservative in its editorial stance; some of this filters through to the reportorial side, mostly in the choice of stories covered. National news is mostly wire service. Utah and SLC news reporting is in-house. Reporting quality varies. Some is excellent, some just skimmed from the internet.
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3 years ago, Eye stud
Long time reader disappointed.
I’ve been a regular reader of the Deseret News for more than 50 years. They have always done a good job reporting sports and local news. However, i’ve noticed that their editorial staff has taken a dramatic turn to the left over the past few years. Boyd Matheson and Jay Evanson generally do fair editorials. Most of the others disappoint me. One example, that is sadly typical of political features, was an article punlished several months ago about Antifa. I don’t remember the author, but it was clear that she was either lazy in her research or was just trying to push a biased narrative. She quoted a Portland Antifa leader who explained that theirs was a peaceful movement, yet she ignored the mountain of demonstrable evidence to the contrary. It saddens me that the DN is becomimg almost indistinguisable between the state’s other main daily. Frankly, I’ve lost faith in main-stream media.
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1 month ago, DrBillPhila
I enjoy reading summaries of the latest news issues. I am too old at age 71 to be easily convinced one way or the other of what is best for our Country. I think we live in a society overwhelmingly controlled by Deep State politicians, a Deep State bureaucracy and a Deep State media that supports the politicians and bureaucracies in order to sell products they advertise to wealthy viewers. Keep up the good work. People that have so little free time need to read summaries to keep up to date. I am a MAGA MAGA humanitarian meaning Make Affordable Groceries Again Make Affordable Gasoline Again. Please be MAGAMAGA to help poor & middle class Black, Hispanic, Asian and white voters crushed under Bidenomics and Democrat Deep State Corruption & Self Interest. W Manion, MDPhDJDMBA
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5 years ago, GRMA-1
Generally Positive
My delivery issues have been resolved for the most part, thank goodness, but it took awhile. I like the sports section except for the generally weak coverage of WSU sports. The women’s softball team had a wonderful season and received virtually no coverage. They were the only team to win a game in NCAA tournament. The sports headline writing is phenomenal! Kudos for that. I don’t appreciate the lackluster coverage of Pres. Trump. He has his flaws as we all know, but he has accomplished a lot. The paper’s a bit sanctimonious about him. Mitt Romney gets too much coverage — I don’t appreciate his performance in Washington. Expected much better. He’s not a team player. I love the Church News and Latter-day Saint Living and the many excellent reporters and writers in general. I appreciate the unbiased coverage on so many issues. All in all, I really like the Deseret News — its a very good newspaper.
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4 years ago, Guayagirl
Relied on you
I used to rely on Deseret news for true, unbiased journalism. Although that may not have been true 100% of the time, Deseret News demonstrated more integrity than could be found in other news media outlets. But where is the reporting of anything other than telling us whether black lives matter, and how we should think and feel about current issues? Please lose the Buss and use real journalism. And why can’t you report the NEWS - including the good - and people making a difference for good in our community? We have enough doom and gloom, enough demoralization, enough mental illness, enough heartache, enough, enough, enough. Please stop grinding out nose in all your stories and headlines. Please go out and find the good things and report on that as well as the difficult things happening around us. Make for GOOD the headline instead of the bad. At least half of the time. Help lift people. Then you’ll be making a difference.
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5 years ago, Happy Harry Lee
Deseret News is Biased
The Deseret News’ writers and publishers do not fairly report the news. As only one recent example, stories about Mia Love’s shenanigans were buried in back pages. On its website unflattering stories about Love were delayed, do much I actually called to ask when they’d be published because news outlets both in and out if Utah has already reported negative news - and there’s been plenty about Love and the Republicans. The illogical Republican bent of the Deseret News undermines its credibility and professionalism. Report the news, don’t spin or hide it for your own political ideology. Report objective facts without spin and let your readers decide. Reporters should never filter news or soin it for their readers. I much prefer the Salt Lake Tribune for its better reporting.
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2 years ago, Liver91
Too little content
My major complaint with this app is that the content disappears too quickly. For example, I just went to the sports section. There are only 10 stories available, and the oldest one is only 20 hours old. I should be able to search back several days at least, if not weeks. Another complaint is that there is no link to the comments section and also no link to open the story in a browser. You really should have one or the other, if not both. Also, some stories make reference to charts or graphs, and the chart/graph is not viewable in the app.
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5 years ago, JeffHS
Good reporting and writing
I love the in-depth reporting on substantive issues; it is important that in the media, there is a voice like the Deseret News, shedding light and a correct perspective. I also appreciate the thoughtful analysis from the editorial team. So many papers and news outlets post knee-jerk stories to complex problems and incite greater calamity that the original issue should have created. A stable and calm-headed voice like the Deseret News is needed. I would like the DN to include the option to comment on articles from within the app, instead of on social media.
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5 years ago, GuitarBoyOriginal
Great Content - Comment Section Needs Work
Every paper has bias, whether it’s the Salt Lake Tribune, Chicago Tribune, Deseret News, whoever. The Deseret news has been as objective as anyone. The only problem is the comment section being monitored excessively and in a manner that is too controlling. Yes, the Deseret News has the legal right to do this. But sometimes there is a difference between what you have a right to do and what is the right thing to do. Fix that problem and you would get five stars for me.
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3 months ago, Todd-Squad
It’s 2024, why don’t you have search?
I understand you are a newspaper, and perhaps you are trying to give your users the newspaper feel by expecting them to start at the top of the feed and red until they are exhausted. Since the internet began, readers enjoy having a search function, so if a friend tells them about an article, they can simply search for the subject or title, and read the article. Also, put the forward link in the article, not under the title on the browse page. Basic controls should be where your users expect them to be.
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4 years ago, Machinato Charlie
Fantastic coverage by real reporters
I do like how your reporters actually report the news and do so as accurately as they can - and they do not politicize it nor do they turn from reporters into commentators. When your newspaper carries commenting you always disclose it as so and I’ve never seen any other paper on live or hard copy do this. So a most sincere thank you from this reader who has read your paper for some 30+ years.
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3 years ago, Alleyfam
Quality has gone down
The change of the Deseret News to online has unfortunately caused the quality of the paper to spiral down. I have read the paper for about 45 years so I feel informed to say this. There is a huge redundancy with the same articles appearing in the monthly magazine, weekly printed edition, and daily online editions being in more than one section of the paper. There are more opinion articles than there used to be. The instant analysis of Jazz games is simply opinion and assumes the reader watched the games instead of reporting on the game. I miss box scores and standings of our MLS and NBA teams. I also miss the writing of Amy Donaldson. I think it is very narrow minded to only use local sports. When RSL had three members on the under 24 national team there was not a single article about how they did or there feelings about participating. I understand the need to change because of revenue issues but right now this version is way below expectations. Sincerely, Ann Alley
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1 week ago, anybody here?
Deseret newspaper
Sports, no box scores no college football or basketball ratings. Terrible baseball coverage too much soccer coverage. No football or basketball nationwide conference coverage, this is not a sports page. Comics, no daily comics. General news, still leaning a little bit too far right of center but much better than previous. Don’t be afraid to report on the hard subjects. Please give us at least an occasional liberal viewpoint. More national news. Obituaries, excellent. General, do you have a science, editor?
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3 years ago, Bo Ling Alley
The Devalued Deseret News
I find the electronic version of the Deseret News lacking most of the features that I enjoyed in the old hard copy version. I find it very biased towards conservative politics, and very oriented towards opinion instead of actual news reporting. The Sports section no longer provides box scores or league standings for any teams, and it is biased towards BYU. I miss coverage that used to be more balanced, moderate, unbiased and newsworthy. I also miss the daily comics. The Deseret News has lost value in terms of news, information, and entertainment as it has transitioned to its e-version.
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3 years ago, Vegas Strong Nurse
Liberal views should not represent the Church
I have been reading this news for a couple months. Even the non-opinion pieces follow the news I get on ABC, CBS, NBC and MSNBC without ever telling the facts found on Fox News or other conservative news outlets. I am dismayed that this is my Church pushing opinion that I find sometimes disgraceful. I have enjoyed learning where the word “woke” started, but I believe that is the ONLY useful piece of information gained from reading this news. My heart aches that the journalists are doing this possibly being funded, in part, with my tithing! I hope not.
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5 years ago, bringbackagoodnewspaper
Worse than previous version
This app is almost totally useless. The previous version wasn’t much better but this version barely gives an outline of the day’s news. And no search feature? What’s with that? The previous version’s search was clumsy at best but at least one could try searching somewhat. This is little more than an obituary newspaper. 👎👎👎👎
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4 years ago, Odysseus5399
Go back to the old one
This app is immeasurably worse than the previous. It is difficult to navigate, you can’t tap from an article in the app and go to the online version of the article. The online version home page and app home page don’t match up, so you can’t find stories if you want to navigate to them manually online. Once you get to an article online, the comments load S L O W L Y, if at all. On iPhone 11 the navigation bar floats around the article, making it difficult to go back to the home screen. I don’t know what Carnival vending machine they got this out of, but they should get their money back.
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5 years ago, rougertelo
# 1 Newspaper
It is my go to for up to date news. Living in an area where a local newspaper is no longer delivered is truly a blessing. I Iove to read the news first thing in the morning, that’s what I do before anything else!!!I love the app, easy to find articles in each category that keep me up to date on world and local news. Keep up the good work for a level one newspaper.
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5 years ago, cancelef
Computer problem
I really enjoyed the Deseret news digital. Although we enjoyed the written part much better but we can longer receive it. My problem is the pages tend to jump all over the place and get out of sequence. I got a new Kindle thinking that would help which it did but it is still a big problem with it not staying on the same page if you try and make the print larger
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4 years ago, frredom lover
Article on Kamala Harris
I can’t believe the Deseret News would run an article like this. she is speaking to impress and her daily actions and convictions do not in any way support her dialogue. Known as the most liberal of all senators, she is on the forefront of the planned parenthood fight- wanting abortion at any time in the pregnancy , even after birth. I was first exposed to the kind of person she was during the disgeaceful hearing of Brett Kavanaugh. Again her inflammatory and accusatory style did not highlight her “background of faith. It’s easy to act “good” in an environment that would vote for that kind of behavior but Kamala is anything but the values she strongly professes. Her own father has questioned her integrity.
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6 years ago, Quadriance
Utah’s Best News Source - Great News App
The Deseret News app is well organized and easy to use. It includes useful news information for Utah, the U.S., and the World. And is interesting to read: “it is not too soon to award the trophy for the year's most cogent distillation of urgently needed thinking. It is this: "We don't mail Elvis a Social Security check, no matter how many people think he is alive." No. Matter. How. Many.”
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5 years ago, BDM WJUT
Fails at most important function
Overall, the app has a nice new interface. However, it fails at its most important function - providing the news! You can only see the articles that can fit on a single page. So, unless you are able to go through the app every 2-3 hours, you will miss articles. The old app and the web site have the ability to “view more” articles so that you can go back several days. If they fix this problem, I would give the app four stars. It is a little harder to navigate than the old app. For now, I recommend the web site.
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5 years ago, ipohnejessb0907
Content is great but the app is a pain
I love the idea of this and the plus content. However, this app makes me INSANE! It constantly logs me out. And I hate that I get weird things happening when I try to download audio books. Please make it more like audible where you are always signed in and the book is there with one click! Even when I press the download all, half the time I get started on the book and it moves me to weird places because something didn’t download.
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6 years ago, Home/Office stickies
Deseret News App
The obituaries were added to the site. The news is updated regularly and the app is user friendly. The DN is current, relevant and a good source of Utah news and information along with world news too. I love the local news and features. There are enough sources out there to access world and national news, even though Deseret News supplies this.
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1 year ago, bironborse
Trustworthy News
I’ve been dissatisfied and disappointed with many News channels, it seems like most groups are showing biases, but I’ve really enjoyed Deseret News. I always feel I can trust what is being reported and if they ever take a political stance in an opinion article I always feel they are moderate and reasonable.
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3 years ago, ......rooster......
My old review is below. I like this new update now! Five stars thanks Deseret news Man I really really love Deseret news, but when it forced me to update, I did. I hate how I can’t see more than 10 stories. The app doesn’t load any more, like when I load the latest stories. I will leave 5 stars if you make this better
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4 years ago, JT-Stacks
Mr & Mrs
Deseret news does not reflect the values that My parents and I grew up with. The editorial that was anti ACB reflects the DN pro abortion pro big government position. The American Dream of hard work, self reliance, taking care of family etc. is no longer supported by the DN. It has become a smaller version of the NY times I have followed the paper for over 70 years and disappointing in what the paper has become It now appears that right after Elder Oaks called on all Christians to understand minority racial issues, Burgess Owens, says the Deseret News has dropped his adds days before the election. The Deseret News has pushed Ben McAdams even though he supports all pro- abortion candidates. The DN has not condemned abortions which can only conclude they are in favor of late term abortions of viable fetuses. So the DN is racist as well as pro abortion (or to be fair) may not be pro abortion but definitely doesn’t take a stance against late term abortions of viable fetuses
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4 years ago, Ut2va
No search box
Basically a decent app that gets the job done except there is no search capability. No search box to quickly drill down to the news you’re looking for. What to see the latest covid stats? You have to wander around until you find it. Want to show someone an article you read a few days ago? Forget it. No way to search for it. No other major (or minor) newspaper I’ve looked at does this. They all have a search box.
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5 years ago, Local College Football Fan
Where is the game listed in your list of headlines?
Just when I thought that Deseret News would give equal prominence to the UTE football games, I found that I was sadly mistaken: When I looked on your home page this morning for the story of last night’s Utes impressive victory, it was nowhere to be found. All that could be found were the irrelevant, old and untimely. Why did I need to go to the Sports Section to find it?
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5 years ago, PacusPete
Great service
I like the Deseret News app. It is easy to use. I feel I get good information on all topics. It is a great service. I have been uncomfortable with other sources in the past with too much violence depicted in pictures for example. I feel the news from Deseret News is tastefully done and aims for accuracy and integrity.
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5 years ago, YW sec
New format
I don’t like the new format as it is more difficult to navigate. I also wish that the entire Church News was displayed each week instead of only some of the articles. Its also more difficult to find the Church News in the new app - please make it easier! I do like the less biased national news coverage.
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6 years ago, nickname tkm
Delervy problems
We have terrible delivery problems. Two or three times a week we do not get a paper. Numerous times I ask for the paper to be put on our front porch and it continues to be thrown onto our driveway on the side of our house where we can’t see it. We are an older couple and don’t get around too well. We have such poor service we would stop taking the paper if we did not like getting the Church Section so much. Regardless of our many calls the service continues to be terrible. I would think hard before subscribing to the Deseret News.
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1 year ago, Alohabill2003
It is nice to stay in touch
We have been gone from Utah for more than 50 years, but we still have many roots there. It is good to be able to get news of the valley and news that I can relate to and rely upon. Thanks for being accessible. for those of us not living there.
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6 months ago, TherusFosterson
Interesting Article Choices
The DN seems to have a high proportion of articles that are tawdry e.g. Herb Schriber’s constant coverage of Lori Loughlin and other Hollywood types. Disney gets a lot of coverage as does BYU football (some days last fall there were five different articles in one day), the Lori Vallow & Chad Daybell saga. It’s like the DN is trying to compete with tabloids like the National Enquirer. The other section that get’s more that it’s share of landing-page space is the sports section. I turn to the DN less and less for news.
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5 years ago, TheAxe75
Unbiased news source
The DNews app is easy to use, straightforward in presentation, and makes all news stories easy to see and skim through. The language is unbiased - unlike the other major SLC newspaper, I don’t need to interpret the actual events by parsing through the words used and get past the reporter and editors’ obvious bent. The DNews just lays out the facts, and I really appreciate that.
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5 years ago, Jfufhfhcdydcj
Great app!
I seriously use this app everyday. It’s incredible. It has well written stories by great journalists who keep me updated on local and world news. It has a user friendly interface and simple controls. If you are looking to stay up to date on all things Utah or are just in need of a good app for news sources this is the one!
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5 years ago, selb2019
New update has so few options
One of the great things about the Deseret News app is that you could scroll through days of stories. If you’d missed a day or were trying to find an old article, it was ideal. The last update severely limits the numbers of stories you can scroll though. One day last week, it was only stories through the last nine hours. And the last update wasn’t optional on my device. It was update or never receive more news. I’m very disappointed.
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4 years ago, Eagles Win
The Most Timely & Relevant News app for Utah and beyond
The Deseret News app consistently breaks news first in Utah. Be it politics, sports or breaking news, no other media source in Utah consistently breaks the story first and definitely no one goes as in-depth as Deseret News. Thanks for an awesome news app! Glad I no longer need to waste time watching poorly rehashed newscasts on local television.
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4 years ago, m53w79r
Light on Stories Now
In the past I would start out my day with the Deseret News web edition. There were plenty of stories, local and beyond and I felt informed with my daily news feed. Sadly, they cut back the number of articles and there just isn't much there now. KSL seems to have more local content and I subscribe to the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal for national, world and economic news.
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3 years ago, Orgelmeister40
Mixed feelings
Still not used to the digital format. Not easy to navigate especially on phone or tablet. Dislike being glued to a screen. Miss the daily comics. Don’t like ads in the middle of the articles. On the plus side it saves paper and doesn’t get soggy in rain or snow. Miss daily TV listings. Difficult to use when multiple users share a single device. So far I prefer old fashioned paper copy.
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5 years ago, Texan LDS
DN Review
I especially like the days important item showing on my screen and tap to go directly to the leading article. As a member of the LDS faith, outside of Utah, I Ike to read articles that reflect reflect upon the Church. I also like to read articles of political interest to Utah and there importance to the state and our nation. Overall, I enjoy Deseret News!
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5 years ago, theLyonFish
New update bad for Deseret
The new version might look pretty but doesn’t deliver what I want from the app. Often when I select “US and World” news I am hoping for news from around the world but for some reason the top articles are often about local high school sports.... I don’t think those are nationally or internationally relevant. It also will only show about 5 or 6 articles back, that’s not helpful when I only am checking the app once or twice a week. Seems like I’m missing a lot. I loved the previous app but the update needs work
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5 years ago,
Going downhill
I enjoyed the app prior to this update. Now Very little sports information and nothing about the University of Utah or Utah State. If all i had for news was this app i wouldn’t know much. I also subscribe to the printed Deseret News which is not very open to conservative information. To much Washington Post articles. I think the D News is losing it
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2 years ago, C.A.L.
Easy to use - one request
I like the app and can easily find the news I wish to read. I’d like to see more functionality to choose what type of notifications are sent to me. I only have breaking news turned on and I get alerts on opinion pieces and sports. Not what I consider breaking news.
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5 years ago, Alikhile
Latest upgrade is lousy
The recent app upgrade (Deseret News.) is horrible. We have always loved reading the Deseret News online until now. Cannot recommend this app anymore. Not easy to read, not easy to scroll thru to find interesting articles, and choice of articles is severely limited. Definitely not a good change.
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