Desmos Graphing Calculator

4.3 (1.1K)
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1 month ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Desmos Graphing Calculator

4.26 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
2 years ago, Cid Hamete Benengeli
Just Super, But Could Use a Couple of Little Adjustments
I put this to some pretty specific and odd uses at work (carpentry; the explanation is lengthy and boring) and tried at least 20 different calculator apps in my search for just the right one. This one’s a keeper because 1) you can give it expressions in any form you want, which seems to me like something any graphing calculator should be able to handle and 2) it works offline, which also seems like something any calculator should do, since an app that has to ask a server to do calculations isn’t really a calculator, is it? The app is fast, the sliders nifty, and the layout streamlined. I also like how easily customizable the display settings are, but I wish that some of these settings, especially Reverse Contrast, were persistent, meaning they would still be as I’ve set them after I close and re-open the app. This, plus a few tweaks to Reverse Contrast, would effectively give the app a dark mode, which is never a bad feature for an app to have (I’m surprised they aren’t just calling it “Dark Mode” as-is). I also wish that the little box that displays the coordinates of a point on a line would stay visible until you tap again, not just until you lift your thumb up (there’s a way around this, but it’s not intuitive at all), and that it would move when you adjust a slider. Aside from these minor gripes, this app is super—heck, I’d pay for it.
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7 months ago, true egg inc. lover
A few things missing, but pretty good.
Ok number one, the dark green in the app picture thing looks funny. Number two, it needs some way to do horizontal mode. Also, the darn tiny keyboard is too hard to use on my tiny screen, just make them slide and/or make the buttons bigger. Third, I don’t want to have to download every single Desmos app just to do all of my cool math stuff, so it would be nice to combine them all into one big app. That way whenever you get around to finishing the mobile version of the geometry and 3d calculators, I can just update it instead of installing two new apps. And four why can’t you graph theta as a function of anything yet. And why can’t theta and r be in the same equation as x and y? I would understand that maybe, but at least let me limit the r value so my Cartesian graph fits in a little circle.
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1 year ago, MERMA1D🧜‍♀️
Love this app!
I first off just want to send a huge SHOUT OUT to the creators for making this fabulous app available for FREE! 💕 After 30 years I decided to go back and finish my degree but I haven’t used Algebra in years and of course never used the Ti-84 calculator, so I’m already in a tight spot trying to crash course Algebra then on top of that learn a calculator I’ve never touched before. I was really struggling with graphs and putting things in the right way and extremely frustrated until my youngest two sons who are also in college told me to download this app. The fact that you can put the equation in straight from the book as well as move the lines around, flip them or zoom in is just awesome. It really helped me to actually understand how the equations worked and I have a much better understanding after using this then I ever did with the other one. This app truly saved my sanity 🤣Thank you! 😎✌️
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6 years ago, A disgruntled college student
Great but could use one extra feature
I’ve frequently used this app all through high school and college, and found it pretty useful save for one relatively minor flaw. When using it on an iPad Pro, I’d rather be able to use a Smart Keyboard than the in-app keyboard to type stuff in, especially since I don’t have to switch modes somehow to type letters instead of numbers. Hopefully a later version can account for this.
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1 year ago, i see haushaoegkdhsi
Dude, Desmos is so hot.
Literally if I could give this program 10 out of 5 stars I would. This bodacious program has everything you could ever dream of, it’s easy to use calculator and graphing functions is enough to make a grown man cry, and that’s ok. In fact I have cried, every night, since downloading this app. Tears of joy just freely fall from my eyes as I use this scientific calculator to tackle harder and harder functions. Is this what love feels like? Should I see Desmos as the light at the end of the tunnel? Will they leave me for another, creating a love triangle that could possibly be published into an award winning YA Fiction Romance? I do not know. However, I do know that if you download this app you will not be disappointed.
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7 months ago, AI Chat Review
This app has me throwing my TI-84 out the window.
Forget all the skills that you need in order to operate a TI. Desmos simplifies everything so much. Although TIs may be more widely used, the calamity issues after usage often results in a fit of rage. With Desmos, you won’t have to endure that. You’ll have to endure countless graphs without having to do any work. I honestly find that pretty fun. Through the years, this app has evolved into much more than an application. It is now a pure obsession, consuming my life, but in good way. I have Desmos posters in my bedroom. Desmos is the best calculator app you’ll find on your journey of the search bar in the App Store, so ignore the other sketchy ones.
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6 years ago, MGA student
Wonderful for school and understanding how formulas work
This app is wonderful and a large part of why I don’t hate math and now actually understand what I’m doing. I can check my answers agents the original problem to check my solution and through messing around changing signs in an equation I am been able to visualize equations that would otherwise be as number soup to me. I can’t wait for possible future updates it would be useful to be able to have an option to see the center points of conic figures as well as the foci. This is a great app and well made and I hope to see future improvements such as this.
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2 years ago, are you a STUDENT!!?????
Very useful but has a few fatal flaws
I've been using this since I was a high school student back in 2014. It's come in handy many times, but it's 2022 now. If the developers of a math calculator can't make it so my current equations are stored in some temporary cash instead of getting wiped out from ram then I have no idea what you're doing. If you're trying to have charged me on some premium stuff I'm having none of it. I enjoy a good free graphing calculator. And personally I would love it if my equations would just stay stored whenever I close the app in the boot back up storage is fast these days. If Desmos does not fix these issues I will make my own graphing calculator app for free and I will make a superior just to spite you.
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4 years ago, Anxiously awaiting a fix
A guy with fat thumbs
This is less a review, and more a request for a change in features. My dilemma is this: When entering text in a given calculation bar, it is sometimes necessary to select text to make changes. On the iPhone, this is done by tapping with a finger. Then, to continue the editing process, select the end of the text to continue typing numbers (etc. ). That puts your finger dangerously close to the “X” that will delete all of your work (when all you really wanted was your cursor at the end of the line). Perhaps switching to a “swipe to delete” setup for ridding unwanted calculations would spare those around me an avalanche of dismay?
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8 months ago, Mrawje
“Images” can’t be trusted
I have submitted a case to Desmos about the use of “image” only in a graph. It is the second case submitted. The first was how the software deals with x^x. I have yet to hear any resolution on the first case, it’s been months. This new case causes the software to malfunction to the point that it will not retrieve some graphs and it appears to be unable to save some graphs. This because one graph contains only “images”. The work around solution is to retrieve the image-only graph, remove the images, add some functions, etc., and then save it. After that, the software performs well.
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4 years ago, A_Bad_Word
The greatest there is
I’m a university math student and as such, I’ve had a deep appreciation for Desmos since I downloaded it in high school. The incredible amount of functionality in this app is truly what sets it apart from anything else I’ve ever used. From implicit curves to parametric equations, from multi variable integrals to combinations/permutations. As it is, Desmos registers f(x,y)=g(x,y) as an implicit curve and even r=f(θ) as a polar curve. The one thing that would make this app unstoppable would be the ambitious feat of registering complex numbers. If this is ever accomplished, I think I may die.
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6 years ago, Mutterbafoonnn
Awesome but needs additional features
This is the best graphing app on the store however updates containing new features are scarce. I think support for more greek letters as variables would be great, as well as an option to whether, for example, π or e are treated as constants or variables. The Lambert W Function would be awesome (F⁻¹(xe^x)) and also the Riemann Zeta Function (convergence of sum of 1/n^x from n=0 to infinity). The ability to put minuses and plusses in subscript. The addition of the gamma constant ~0.577 and the omega constant which is the principle solution to 1 = xe^x.
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4 years ago, Cllayyboii
Amazing, plus, here’s a lil’ tip
This app is amazing, I use it all the time and its pure calculating power along with its saving graphs feature is why I’ve never even thought of deleting it ever. But here’s a small tip for all of you reading this: It may seem that there is no antiderivative feature, but that’s actually wrong. To be fair, you’ve got to know a bit of calculus to know this one, but it’s a simple trick. To get antiderivatives, you’ll need to utilize the first fundamental theorem of calculus, which says: ₓ ∫f(x)dx=∫f(t)dt ᵃ Where a can be any constant. So if ya need indefinite integrals of functions, use that format. Don’t worry about the value of a. Remember that a +C is added at the end of each antiderivative because it is not needed to calculate regular derivatives.
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5 years ago, bass-i-disco
Amazingly practical
Disclaimer: not an expert. Using a graphical calculator first time in my life. For all I care, I carry functionality with me in the same device I use to browse the web, text, call and communicate with others. As far as I can tell the functionality is super intuitive and seems to be working along with my exercises in the college level book I am reading. Terrific tool indeed!
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1 year ago, chartreuse pony guy dude man
Desmos Graphing Calculator ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
This graphing calculator literally changed my life. For calculator enthusiasts, this app is a godsend. Easy to locate, convenient to access, and such beautiful graphics. I am in awe at the sheer effort put forth from the development team. Easily Game of the Year 2023 in my opinion. I look forward to seeing more life-changing titles from the people at Desmos in the future.
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5 years ago, Rambo8649
Just what I needed
After trying all the different graphing calculator apps available here I finally ran into Desmos this week. I can’t believe it, this app is awesome for my calculus work, better than any of the paid calculators here. My only suggestion would be a floating input panel, because when using on an iPad in portrait view, the input is at the very bottom and very small.
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5 years ago, IndianMathGuy
It could be nearly perfect by adding a camera
We all know typing big problems takes forever and if the app creators can add a camera to scan the problem it would save sooooo much time. Other than that the app is amazing. It automatically changes from degrees to radians which is always appreciated.
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3 years ago, ChaosRises99
I was forced to download this app and I despise every second of it. I have no free will and am being forced to write a review for 5 stars. I cannot believe that I have to help boost this app with a five star. It is hot garbage and can go die in a hole. I will delightfully delete this app when summer comes because I hate it with a burning passion :)
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3 years ago, Barnibus Pipinpadaloxicopolis
Absolutely Phenomenal
Love everything about this app. I’ve used the browser version since middle school and the second I had a smartphone I was using this app. I’ve been using this for years all through getting my ME degree and into my job as an engineer. I’ve even used it to keep track of things during game night with the family! Every once in a while I might notice a feature missing but without fail that feature appears in the next update. Love the app, love the developers. Honestly not too sure how this app is free but I sure am glad it is for all of those students in need. 5/5
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3 years ago, Mrsuperman171
Couldn’t ask for a better graphic calculator
UPDATE: export function removed. Not good. Can take a screenshot but that’s not the greatest solution. Updated to 3 stars —— loved this app and have used it for years to visualize business expense scheduling decisions. It’s so intuitive and is extremely easy to use. I just redownloaded it and there’s even more powerful features now that I have to try. Easily the best graphing calculator on the App Store.
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4 years ago, @SlimKnot
Can’t find intercepts!
I love Desmos. I really do. It’s hard to find a replacement that allows you to graph multiple functions. Right now, as I am preparing for my AP exam, I am so incredibly frustrated that I can’t hold down on the screen to identify a point of interception. In the past, this feature worked without a flaw, and now, I have to zoom very close into the graph to find the intercept myself. Please, amazing desmos engineers, fix this feature! And I will love the app unconditionally once more :)
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5 years ago, bobby brown29991
Desmo review
This app is fantastic for algebra students who don’t have a graphing calculator. I just wish it had or more simple look and give the user a quick tutorial on how to use the app to better understand it. Just to make it easier for beginners in algebra or difficult mathematics in general.
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2 months ago, Phud0360
Great for Algebra and Calculus classes
Looked for an app for windows and they are all worthless. Found this one for IOS and it dies everything I wanted and more. Still learning capabilities but so far I am very impressed. Way easier to use than a calculator.
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3 years ago, The Sheep Man
It’s good
But the fact that it deletes everything after switching apps for more than a minute to try and get more numbers for calculations makes it really really annoying other than that it is the best option out there
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3 years ago, makinzye
Me being in 9th grade starting algebra hasn’t been the easiest thing but this app has helped me a whole lot I’ve recommended to a friend and they said the same thing it’s amazing much easier to understand and it’s FREE in my opinion it’s the best of the best but all in all I highly highly recommend it😁
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4 years ago, Dylans423
Great, but could use one small addition.
The app works very well and I am quite satisfied with it, but if it could include an open spot where a function is undefined, that would be nice. The graph will show that it exists, but if you hover over the value, it shows that it does not exist.
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5 years ago, asdkjklsj
My math teacher LOVES Desmos, and it’s a huge help in class. Regular graphing calculators are kind of a pain for finding maxes, mins, intersections, or really any points, but desmos makes it super easy! My only thing is it would be super helpful if the graph included a point for the point of inflection. But seriously, great app!
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1 month ago, Anonymous Pork
One of my previous complaints was the fact that Desmos did not support recursive functions. With the latest update, that feature was added. I am very happy about that. Now I can model logistic growth models and the Fibonacci sequence! Thanks, Desmos!
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4 years ago, Hewhop
It’s just great
This is a great app. It’s good at doing graphing, it’s good at doing math, and oh boy is it good at entertaining. There are so many equations that look normal and then just go in insane directions. My personal favorites are y = sin(xy) and y = sin(√y**√x**√y)x. The latter gets a bit messy(** means power).
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2 years ago, Hamdii98
Not good as website!
Hey there, I’ve been using desmos since 2020 on website, and it has many and good features, i wonder why some of them aren't in the app? Like drawing sequences, and why it keeps log me out when i open the app again. I hope you can fix it as soon as you can!
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5 years ago, 828335
Great app, but missing advanced math features
First of, it really makes me mad how they just made 2 black strips on top and bottom for iPhone X. Next, I’m very disappointed it offers no support for complex numbers. It is missing many other important things in advanced math, like vectors.
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5 years ago, Kukugkug
I’ve been trying various graphing calculator apps. This is the best one I’ve found. The online tutorials are great. There is so much functionality built in that I would highly recommend reviewing the tutorials. My search for a Calc is over.
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4 years ago, A_High_School_Student
This is a great graphing calculator
This is one of the best graphing systems there is on the app store right now. Most of the other calculators either are absurdly complicated or just don’t have a user friendly interface. This graphing system is really amazing.
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2 years ago, Joeygrtgamer
awesome I also have a suggestion
So my suggestion is is a place where you can post your creations I love the other peoples creations and download them could be a separate app or in the app.
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3 years ago, shwodjcnwkaodhdbenemsk
Powerful calculator and visualization tool
I love Desmos, use it 100% of the time instead of the calculator app that comes with iOS. I really really want a way to hide the graph window, though, so that using it as a regular calculator is easier and takes up the whole screen
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5 years ago, NovaStorm93
Great app
It is leagues beyond traditional calculators in schools, TI-73, TI-84, TI-83 are all nothing compared to this FREE phone app. It can make and hold simple variables, graph almost anything, and has easy to understand messages to show errors. It is the only calculator I trust to make and manage phone calls.
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4 years ago, hardluck43
Awesome, but some slight issues
Formatting can be kind of annoying to understand sometimes. Could use some more tutorials. Also, DO NOT SIGN IN!!! Signing in breaks the app! If you sign in, you can only press one button and then the app becomes unresponsive. Absolutely ruinous bug.
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5 years ago, Unknownprospect
Polar Graphs
I love Desmos. It truly is the best graphing calculator around. However, the inability to make a function out of a polar equation really takes away from the experience, as it makes putting in input values for polar graphs impossible.
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3 years ago, CeeCeeLemons
Great graphing solution for mobile
Very good mobile port of the browser calculator. Would like to see more Greek letter support and improved highlighting ability, otherwise a quite powerful graphing engine.
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6 years ago, Master of the TRUTH
Yeah sure
This app works pretty great considering my middle school math teacher told me to get it. I only know how to do a couple of things tho, since I’m only in algebra 1 advanced, so idk if some higher level things work or not.
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1 year ago, Camille Vazquez
Really efficient
It does what it needs to do and it’s great cause it’s pretty simple and easy to navigate. There’s just no problems I could think of.
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3 years ago, P Panch
Desmos helps me to see how things can be graphed and how equations can be seen visually. Desmos has the ability to give you more answers that other apps can’t. Go Desmos!
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5 months ago, Zeekiel
Groundbreaking Calculator
I can credit Desmos for my enhanced learning of math throughout the years. This graphing calculator is so intuitive to use, and poses a lot of potential to anyone who interacts with it.
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4 years ago, Rend0ck321
Desmos is hella useful
I have used this so much and it has been incredibly helpful for me in my exploration of math. My only issue and why I didn’t give it five stars is that I wish I didn’t have to sign in again every time I opened the app.
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2 years ago, CFlo SD
Down with TI
I don’t need my TI-89 anymore, I took calc ii over ten years ago, but only use it for basic accounting and random calculations. Downloaded this app to support Desmos’ philosophy on affordable and equal education.
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3 years ago, Ali Ghasemian
fantastically great
I am a physics student and math is the language in the realm of physics. I use this app to help me understand math better. It is great both in accuracy and being so easy to use. Thank you so much.
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5 years ago, Mags_Mags
It's pretty good
Maybe I'm incompetent, but when you're dividing things in the app and it's in a decimal form there's no option to turn it into a fraction like on the website. It's a little irritating, but other than that it works great.
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2 years ago, FNF FOREVER!
Absolutely Amazing!
I love that this is not very different from the website version, I was looking for exactly this, it’s really good if I need to visualise a graph. It’s going to be very useful in geometry and trig! Love it!!!
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2 years ago, M-H58
Would be 5 stars
Tais would be an easy 5 star review if it had Apple Pencil support. Being able to write complex equations rather than type would be fantastic!
Show more
6 years ago, ShomiNexus
Glitching recently
Whenever I use this app, go to another without closing this one, then come back to this one, the app is almost guaranteed to freeze. Then, when I close and reopen the app, any functions that I have graphed are gone. I'm only giving this two stars because this wasn't a problem until recently.
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