Desmos Test Mode

1.5 (327)
4.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Desmos Test Mode

1.52 out of 5
327 Ratings
1 year ago, use math ise
Used for a test my phone has been extremely laggy ever since and even after I deleted the app its still hard to operate.
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1 month ago, Mr. Booney
Wort experience ever!!!
Here's an exaggerated fake story about Desmos test mode: Title: The Desmos Test Mode Debacle I tried to use Desmos test mode to assess my students' math skills, but little did I know, it would unleash a chain of events that would change my life forever. As soon as I clicked "start test," the room was filled with an eerie glow. The students' eyes glazed over, and they began to type furiously, as if possessed by some sort of math demon. The questions seemed to morph and change before our very eyes, like a sinister puzzle designed to drive us all mad. And the grading system? Forget about it. It was as if the algorithm had a personal vendetta against us, doling out random scores like a cruel dictator. But that was just the beginning. The test mode began to malfunction, spewing out reams of paper with cryptic messages like "Error 404: Math Not Found" and "Divide by Zero: Universe Imploding." The students started to panic, and I had to call in a team of experts to contain the situation. We had to evacuate the building and establish a perimeter to prevent the test mode's dark magic from spreading. In the end, we had to perform an exorcism on the school's servers to rid ourselves of the Desmos test mode's evil grasp. It was a harrowing experience, and I'll never forget the terror of that fateful day. Rating: -10/5 stars (would not recommend)
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2 years ago, AppsBrokenPlzFix
Legitimately good app, one critical flaw
my algebra teacher loves this app, she encourages us to use it when we can, and she lets us use test mode during tests, the problem is, when in test mode, you can’t switch the mode on the calculator, so if i was in a graphing calculator and wanted to go to four function calculator, i couldn’t. i used this app on a test and when my teacher asked to see my minutes it wasn’t true, and it’s not like you can screenshot it either. this has tanked my grade since she thought i cheated on a big test. please fix!!!
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2 years ago, euejdbejdjd
Useful app. Legit.
This works just as well as how it does in either a Personal iPad or a School Managed iPad. Useful functions, and has the Assessment Selection for using it in tests at school. One suggestion would be to add horizontal mode, but other than that, this app is great!
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2 months ago, Rfowler6114
Why no QWERTY?
This may sound ridiculous, but why isn’t the keyboard in the app a QWERTY keyboard? Instead of relying on muscle memory I have to actively search for letters which takes away precious minutes during an exam. Simple fix? Or at least the option to change it to QWERTY for those who like the current keyboard.
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3 years ago, Annoyed fan 1
Genuinely Worrisome
It’s locked out multiple of my students phones - and my own phone was glitching after using it. My phone had no issues prior to use, and now is quitting apps unexpectedly, even after closing out the apps functions. It caused considerable stress, and felt ineffective, after I still found kids cheating while using it. Fellow teachers, just give students calculators. Had hoped for more.
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10 months ago, G.G.Pickles
You guys just like cheating
This app is fully good and helped me through my algebra 2 final, its not bad you guys just wish you could cheat. Get a normal 5$ calculator if its that bad
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3 years ago, not Aaron G
Laggy and broke my phone!!
I was using this app during a test, and it the phone turned off. I tried turning it back on, but since that test app was still open I couldn’t do anything. Since then i’ve seen multiple phone repairers to see if they could fix the problem, but all of the could not. DO NOT USE THIS APP.
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3 years ago, buddy0_0
It isn’t bad, you just want to cheat
It’s a great app the only reason it has bad reviews is because of people mad that they can’t cheat
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5 months ago, chugnusluver
This app put a curse on my bloodline
When I clicked the download button on this app suddenly a man dressed in a black cloak with a sickle appeared in my bedroom and asked me to sign a contract. After I signed it he started laughing and disappeared in a cloud of smoke. When I asked people on the support forum what this means and they told me that my entire bloodline is now cursed. Thanks desmos.
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3 years ago, Lukebro
Not a troll review
The app actually broke my phone, and I’m not saying that as a troll. I was in test mode for a test in class and my phone timed out after not using it for a minute. The screen then wouldn’t come back on and I had to take it and get it fixed by someone. Do not get this app for your class.
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12 months ago, Flif3X
Nice app
How can an iOS app (especially after App Store’s review process) “lock” your phone? Additionally, to be honest, this app does great in cheat prevention.
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3 years ago, nomancinder208802
Sooooo MAD!!!!
The app straight up does not work. I can’t hit any buttons in the app!!! So it won’t let me hit the start test option. I was relying on during it for my college math final but it totally screwed me over. I tried to find someone to talk to about it and it gets me no where. So not happy!
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3 years ago, dancingcrab6105
Extremely Troublesome
This app has caused my phone to overheat and nearly burned me when I picked it up. And my students have experienced similar things when opening the app. It causes the phones to overheat and this could possibly cause a hazard. Be careful kids
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1 month ago, Antharvist
Not Working???
So I am a big fan of Desmos and love their calculators, but this won't work on my mac. It keeps on saying "Error Loading" and tells me the redownload it. I have tried a lot, and it is not working. Sure it's a good app, I just need it to actually work.
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3 years ago, GameSuckyyyyyy
Worst calculator for education
WORST APP… I’ve been teaching for 20 years with algebra this app locked my students phones and it kept glitching I was hoping they could use this instead of the computers since it would be easier for them but no it’s horrible.! Im so upset
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2 months ago, Nicely the destroyer
This annoys me
The fact that my friend had to almost lose all his iCloud data and got locked about of his phone after having this app installed and worst of all it almost effected me if I hadn’t uninstalled it from my phone.
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1 year ago, Himmy neutronnnnn
Broke my phone it blew up in my hand I have no hands now
Tuff appp
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2 years ago, 1 800-538-2300 empire today
5 of my students got stuck in this app, I thought they were lying until they asked me for help and sure enough stuck. I tested it on my phone to check and I had to buy a new phone! Absolute garbage do not use!!
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3 years ago, Teemo's Father
this app killed my math teacher
My math teacher showed us how to use this app, he disappeared and we never heard from him again.
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3 years ago, Aviator9223
All these reviews made my friends and I laugh in math class. Thank you
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9 months ago, man cub7777
Desmo makes me happy
My favorite app ever created it makes me happy
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3 years ago, Kochhar, Shobhit
The App
It is good but It is showing prompt that it is not working
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2 years ago, Ilikecheesl
Works well
It works really well.
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3 years ago, M-137
This app made me change my identity
This app reported to the government that I am a threat to America. I had to change my identity and move to another country so they wouldn’t kill me. Worst app since amongst us
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3 years ago, John K404
Made my dog die
This app made a loud screeching sound which disgruntled my dog. He then proceeded to run around crazily due to the sound and ended up outside where he was ran over by a 32 wheeler semi truck. Very unhappy with this app
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2 years ago, hhhskkd
Broke my phone
Had to get a new phone because this app made it disappear I don’t know where it went but I got a now phone 🤬
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2 years ago, dennis10101010
Locked out
It Locked me out of my Phone !!!! I had to let it die so it can turn off nothing works !
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3 years ago, racgang
Just use a computer
My teacher forced me to get this app and my phone was bugging after I used it
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3 years ago, babyrees04
This app hacked into my bank account
i download this app and i checked my bank account and it said that $599 was taken out by desmos so I’m Suing this company.
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2 years ago, Youdongneedaknow
I do not like you and your not being mad about me anymore but I don’t know why you are so mad mad about me
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3 years ago, asdflajsd;lkasdpgk
Failed to start test mode on test day. Had to go without a calculator.
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3 years ago, Fyeufheydheh
Made me crash my car
I opened the app and my car ran into a telephone pole. Awful app
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3 years ago, rgjygki
Made my school blow up
My teacher told me to download this app and my phone froze and blew up I am ded
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3 years ago, Imsuppafire
real review
this app broke my phone, I had to get a new one
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3 years ago, mdjdkrlr
No cheat mode 🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲
There’s no cheat mode how am I supposed to pass when I can use Mathway what that’s cray cray I just wanna passsssss
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2 years ago, Burp112
Created mutations due to radiation poisoning
When I downloaded this app, I grew a third leg!!!! It must be radiation!!!!!!!
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3 years ago, JasonDaMason
Absolutely terrible
Runied my COD kill streak. Legit makes my phone stop working
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3 years ago, Kkhgffvgvggv
made a missile strike occur
we were tryna take the test and when i selected “done”, a missile launch sequence was conducted and we were all dead in a matter of millaseconds. do not use.
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1 year ago, Mason Chong
Locked my phone for 8 hours bro 💀
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3 years ago, MaxwellMccain
This app murdered my kitten, who is 1 month old
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3 years ago, zachary hilg
Has a 23% kill rate
Don’t get
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1 month ago, Carter Ireland
No csc
What kind of calculator app doesn’t have csc, sec, or cot. What a joke
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3 years ago, lwiay man xddddd
Hacked my bank acc as well
Stole 600$ from me as well
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2 years ago, armaneyourboi
bad app
This app has locked my phone and it is not a good app. TEACHERS DONT USE THIS.
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3 years ago, sethical.Bread
No bueno
It has no dababy feature
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2 years ago, dead individual
i died
this app seemed like a normal app at first but after i started a test i died yup i died pretty shocking don’t use this app
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3 years ago, yosistersdaddy
Horrible app
Went on a killing spree cuz of it
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2 years ago, Nate24-68
On this App
Not very fun in my opinion and it hurts my mental health. :(
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7 months ago, Kejdka
free calculator
just remember your formulas
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