DeVry University

1.6 (15)
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DeVry University
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.7 or later
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User Reviews for DeVry University

1.6 out of 5
15 Ratings
3 months ago, OopsIDidntDoItAgain
Buggy and crashes
Can yall fix the issues of it crashing as soon as we get into the discussions. Annoyed I have to bring out my computer for things I should be and to do on my phone.
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11 months ago, sour_mouse
Well.. it’s ok
The app is really good in the sense of seeing everything you have to do but you can’t do anything on the app. They were bugs upon bugs upon bugs. Which is funny, considering that they are teaching people about programming, Coding, Networking and so on. Please pay attention to this app because for online students this is a focal point. And quite frankly it is frustrating and sad. Please revamp this. Please oh please.
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9 months ago, Brihna
Every time I try to login on the app it says my password is wrong. It’s not, I just used the same one on desktop. Then it locks me out after ONE ATTEMPT for 30 MINUTES unless I change my password. Then even if I do manage to login, I can’t do anything, can’t view grades or feedback, doesn’t count any assignments as completed. This app is useless.
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3 months ago, mgcain05
Use Canvas instead!
Good for discussion posts only. Use canvas instead for lessons.
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2 months ago, LindaaStone
This app takes forever to load and goes blank when trying to access. This is not helpful for anyone especially for the students that need access to do work.
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10 months ago, pokdjdo
This app crashes every few minutes, and refuses my login credentials. I’m reinstalling it just because I can’t whip out my laptop at work. I hope this gets fixed/ replaced soon :(
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11 months ago, Sneakerheadlex
This app needs a makeup asap, you can call DeVry tech support to complain and they’ll just say delete the app and use safari or chrome that says a lot!
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11 months ago, Ali Polly
Doesn’t even open
Downloaded the app and it stays on the open screen nothing pops up and I cannot do school work while on the go PLEASE UPDATE ASAP
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11 months ago, Steve12452245743267842378
I couldn’t type one word in the discussions before the whole app froze. DeVry needs to do better!
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9 years ago, Saerec
This needs more work and support
So you would think that a school that offers degrees in CIS and a whole boat-load of programming/electronics classes would be able to make a decent app. The app itself has tons of potential but somewhere along the line I think they stopped caring. There is no support at all for this app, and it took me two hours of playing around with it to finally figure out how to post in discussions. So far this is the only thing I like about this app. You can't even access your school e-mail in it. Right now it's been 8 months since I've enrolled and I still can't check my school e-mail in any other place beside The Devry portal. The instructions for linking it your phone looks outdated. From searching other forums it looks like the last time someone was able to link it successfully was in 2013. I like the school and I like the classes but seriously they need to improve their standards for keeping everything up to date. It's a tech school for goodness sakes and so far I am not impressed with the lack of care.
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11 months ago, IHadNoChoiceButToMakeANickname
very very impressive
this app is gutter trash. chatgpt would make a far superior version. do better
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10 years ago, Online EET student
Has Potential, Needs Work
This app has the potential to replace the web interface, which is advantageous to us tablet users. Both Chrome and Safari have long standing issues which seem to be professionally neglected on the website. I installed this app in the hopes of finding another means of interacting with my classes. Alas, after using this app all I have is a new set of frustrations and the hope that progress is made. I look forward to that undefined point in the future when there exists an actual tablet version of this app. All of the apps glorious potential is wasted in a 4 inch box that is literally not large enough to show my instructors grading comments. Surely the technology must exist to deliver into us the classroom experience in retina format where it will flourish in all of its glory.
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10 years ago, Seafleaz
Changes needed
I have no problems logging in as others have mentioned. What I would like to see for this app is the ability to click on a post and have the other posts under it automatically open so they can be read on one screen, rather than having to go into each one individually. This takes a lot of time and backtracking to make your way through a long discussion thread. The second thing I would like, is to be able to access the weekly lectures and assignments. Quizzes are also not available. This could be a great and highly functional app if it worked more like the website. All in all, when I don't have access to my computer to the website, I can at least make posts and view the discussions, albeit slowly.
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8 years ago, Youfoundwaldo__
Needs improvement.
First off when I go click on one of my classes it constantly goes to another even if I restart the app it still does the same thing. I have to completely log out end the app and log in again. Also it would be nice to add a shortcut to check the school email instead of constantly going to my browser and logging in through tbsp then click on my email to check it.
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9 years ago, SENIOROSKYL
Latest update doesn't work
I'm no computer wiz but I think in anything that anyone produces, they would complete or perform multiple test runs before they put it out on the market. Someone fell asleep and didn't do their basic checks and balances after putting in whatever work they did in this app. Makes them and their colleagues look incompetent. I'm just giving you guys a hard time. But seriously please fix your latest update. I can't go past the log in page. I have allowed it ample time to load, I have deleted and reinstalled but I still have the same issue. In detail when I press the upper left corner of the app to get a list of options, it is blank. No list just blank. Also when I close it, the screen goes from a left blank row to a right blank row. If that makes any sense. Good luck.
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8 years ago, Jearuss
I actually rate this app 4.5. At first I was hesitant to download and use but since I'm always on the go I decided to try it out. I LOVE this app. It's very useful and very easy to navigate through. Posts are very easy to read and, most importantly, it doesn't crash on me. One feature I do wish it had was to keep me logged in the app. The first reviewer mentioned it used to have that feature - bring it back please (that's the reason of 0.5 off, by the way)! Anywho, I 100% recommend this app to students who are always on the go, or simply just want the ease of using their phones instead of their laptops for posts and such.
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9 years ago, Pedro Guzman(DeVry Student)
Horrible Developers
As a computer information systems major at DeVry I am appalled by the incompetent developers DeVry has. We are a University that revolves around technology but yet we have horrible websites/applications. This idea of this application is GENIUS if it was implemented correctly and the application made sense. Everything is all over the place. Nothing makes sense, random buttons will take you to random places. You have to click like 7 different buttons to find the weeks lecture. I would use this application every single day if the GUI was better. Sadly I'll be out of DeVry within the next 4 months and doubt I'll be able to see the success I'm sure this application will have once a competent & innovative developer is at the head of the development for this application.
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11 years ago, Paul21282
Better but not there yet
I'm able to log in which I couldn't in the last version so that's a plus... It's still cluttered... This weeks active discussions should be the first thing you see when you open discussions but I have to scroll through last terms discussions before I get to anything relevant... Even if I select the right class I have to go through every week before I get to what's current... It's annoying. And it would be better to see your grades by the week rather than grades by term for old classes... Well at least it works, I think it'll be useful in the future. (Probably after I graduate)
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9 years ago, Hitmanreviews
Hard work made harder
I go to Devry as a freshman, and when I saw this app I assumed that it would allow me to get my work done on breaks at work or in long car rides... It doesn't. IMO, there are only 2 useful features in this app; the grades section, and the discussion section. There is no drop box, and since the so many of the classes have work assignments that are on other websites little progress can be made in the way of homework. Even the textbooks aren't available through it so it is useless as a study tool. Even the discussions section becomes useless when someone posts a large amount of lines, requiring careful scrolling as to not lose ones place. Bottom line: This app is about as useful as most free Zappa are going to be.
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2 years ago, Hunter351
Major bugs for years
I downloaded the app to access everything when I'm on the go. I have an iPhone 13 Max with the newest iOS. When trying to log in the keyboard pop's up then back down. I've deleted the app 4 times and checked my iOS with the same results. The bugs need to be fixed so we can access everything. Fix the flaws and bugs, this has been an issue for years now so read all the reviews even the ones from 6 years ago that mention this same issue and other flaws and bugs. Three developers obviously don't read them or care to fix them after all these negative reviews and requests for years.
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8 years ago, D. Joseph
Very easy to use
Previously, there were a few things I didn't like about this app, but a recent update solved most of these issues. It is so convenient to be able to do my homework anywhere I go. The interface is user-friendly and straightforward. One feature that I'd like to see is the ability to do quizzes and possibly even exams through the app. Sometimes when I'm out of town, I don't have convenient access to a desktop.
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3 years ago, Jaxx1972
Discussion Post
I don’t think it’s the app that is the issue when not being able to read or see where & what you’re typing - although I haven’t seen what people use for it…but I can see why that’s being said bc I thought and thing at first. But I wouldn’t put up with it for a year. Contact tech support so you know what you’re posting. I’m surprised the app has only a 2.9 ‘GPA’ lol I think overall the app is great!
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1 year ago, Not Spotify
Please release an update
This app is very frustrating to use in all ways. When it comes to phone displays, it cuts out and it just feels clunky and not optimized for phones to begin with. If anything it’s more optimized for older iOS devices. Please fix! I know that it’s better, overall, to do your modules on an actual computer but if I have time throughout my day, having the app can be a convenient way to catch up with my discussion posts.
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9 years ago, Lynn77433
Horrible with iPhone 6
I installed iOS 8 on my iPhone 5 and had no problems. No you could not use the Dropbox feature, but you could add to discussions, view assignments, grades, etc. However, since I upgraded to the iPhone 6 last week, I have not been able to view discussions or grades through the app. I contacted supported twice and they advised me to use a desktop computer...really?? The reason for having the app is not to replace the desktop, but to make use of time when I'm on the go. With the amount of Technical degrees offered by Devry, I would definitely expect better!
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10 years ago, Alfredo Galaviz
The new update made this app great!
The app is awesome in my point of view. Finally the developers provide a quality app that is not just efficient but very helpful on the go. The interface is nice and every section is well placed on the app with fast transactions from section to section. The app is simple but efficient. I would suggest the developers to add more sections on the app, to provide more information to the user. Overall, great application.
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6 years ago, Kaypop1
Signing In
I’m currently a student at Devry. I rely on the app to keep up with my class and the discussions while away from my computer. However, it’s basically impossible to do this, because I can only sign in every once in a while. When I go to type in my information on the sign-in page, I can’t even get to the password before my keyboard disappears. When I tap on the password box, the app often closes or just won’t open the keyboard to take the password. This is extremely frustrating. If I could give it less than one star, I would.
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10 years ago, iOS User 1
This seems to be a more stable version compared to the previous. The layout is also improved. I did run into a problem in the discussion section when trying to respond to a post. I can create a new thread fine but when I am trying to respond to an existing thread, tapping the respond box brings up the keyboard but the page goes to back to the main page.
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6 years ago, smith6bn
Worst app to date
This app has given me nothing but issues. You open it up, finally get to the page you want, 7 clicks in- and it says application reloaded and brings you all the way to the main screen. Discussion boards are a nightmare. Cannot move cursor, fix grammar/spelling, highlight text; once the keyboard is down, it’s almost impossible to bring back up. Then, if you get all of this correct, then maybe you’ll be lucky if the discussion actually posts or the page becomes inactive and no longer interactive. Such a pain.
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11 years ago, Ratis82
Very convenient
The app is convenient while on the go to check simple things like grades, announcements, and reading discussions. But obviously it's not a replacement for the online shell seeing as you would need to put in more effort than you would be able to do on a phone.
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8 years ago, MerinoJe
Great DeVry app, but a few things.
This app is great and it's extremely convenient. One think I would like to suggest is to be able and edit discussion posts and even write one. I honestly don't like how I can view it and now be able to post a discussion. Unless you can already and I am unable to. Other than that this app is great.
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10 years ago, Thasro
Much better
Much better after the 2.5.5 update. The Go To Class module is much easier to use and follow and is much or organized. Good job on fixing that. The only issue I've come across is that the app won't let me stay logged in across the board. I would like to stay logged in to make accessing everything quicker.
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11 years ago, 1LSingh
Further improvements
I haven't thoroughly tested out the app just yet, but it would be nice if it were more like our online classrooms. I can't bring my laptop to work, but if I were able to look up the lectures, videos, assignments, and objectives while I'm on lunch that would really help. I already have the vitalsource app, so chapter readings are easy, but knowing which ones help. So pretty much everything but quizzes, exams, iLabs, and homework.
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10 years ago, Kerrialexa
definition of insanity? try logging in & you'll see
the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over again & expecting different results. i had hoped this app would work, but considering the other one I tried didn't, I shouldn't have expected something different. Logging in for me is impossible. I've tried everything. i give up. this is ridiculous. please fix it...and the website, if you get around to it. it would add a little credibility to the school/site.
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5 years ago, ap0416
Discussion Thread Issues
For a long while now when typing in the discussion threads, I can not see the text box and therefore can not see what I’m typing for my discussion posts. At first I thought it was just an update glitch, however, this has been an issue for many months now and has never been fixed. It makes the app very inconvenient to use.
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9 years ago, Thestubborn1
Way better!
Thanks for the upgrade. The entire display of is 100% better. Everything is much easier to navigate and I truly appreciate the added content - it's almost like a mini version of the desktop.
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7 years ago, estrith
Pretty Good..
I was excited to even have an app to do homework on. You can get to most of what you need pretty quickly. The main problem that I have is that it offers Split Mode for the iPad Pro, but the page doesn't adjust to the different sizes. If you're trying to work with a document at the same time, then half of your Devry app is going to get cut off..why add it halfway?
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6 years ago, Jim Dugan
Freezes up, and won’t allow edits
This app freezes up on me at the main screen very often. If by a remote chance you are able to get to the Dashboard, you cannot select a class. If I do get to select a class and try to enter text on a discussion, it won’t allow you to make an entry into the blank field where you’re supposed to write. Also, you can’t edit existing text you entered previously. Solution... get a laptop. Elmer Fudd can build a better app!
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10 years ago, catkeytim
Good product for mobile
This app has most of the functionality of the full student portal and similarly mimics that interface. It's a nicely designed app that's easy to navigate. I would recommend it to anyone attending DeVry who needs a mobile solution.
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9 years ago, Theproteinfiend
Hit and miss
Sometimes this app comes through for me but most of the time it's just straight up unresponsive. Aside from that it's pretty limited on what you can view and interact with. I do enjoy the fact that you can be involved in the discussions on mobile, but other features definitely need improving! Great concept of course.
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8 years ago, Saluzcion
Excellent School App
It was a long time coming to get this far. The first version was glitchy and horrible but now DeVry has definitely improved this application so much that's it has become an indispensable app for us students. Great work.
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11 years ago, Melicheli
Great for on the go.
I am currently a student...I have many things to do through out my day. This helps me with my discussions which many of us need. I also think it needs more work on the structure of the app. Other than that great app.... :)
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4 years ago, GimicsWifey
Useless after update?
I’m not sure what happened....I have been a devotee to the app for almost 2 years. Now after this last update, the only thing that loads in the main page, the courses, and the course modules. The app was my go-to to stay on schedule for reading, lessons and discussion. Both on iPhone XR and iPad (1st gen mini through current iPad), old and new, the app crashes EVERYTIME!
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9 years ago, darkr3lic
Thank you Devry
This was a long time coming. It is 10x more functional than it was before. Not to mention, it now looks great on a 6+ screen. Much more responsive, discussions are way easier to navigate.
Show more
10 years ago, Bertamcg
Finally an app
I have been waiting for an app for devry and I have even paid for an app that was really a waste of money! Thanks so much for making this app as it is really essential in keeping up with classes!
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11 years ago, A4evernew1
I don't understand how this app can be so horrible. The only use for classroom is the ability to post discussions. Even then, it has a poor structure that makes it extremely hard because it isn't outlined like the classroom discussion. It appears that they only made this app as fast as they could to get something mobile out. Try harder, put our money to better use than poor wages and cookie cutter discussions and tests.
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10 years ago, tawa1987
Great! But...
I am so glad DeVry finally decided to update or create a new app. I have been waiting forever because I cannot post with the other one because of screen glitches and typing glitches. I like the new app, but I really like the original format for viewing the classes... Please just update the old app!
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6 years ago, MRKSY74
Needs serious help
Takes a while to load and then you typically have to re-load because there’s been some sort of application update. It’s really nice to have your classes in a mobile app to respond to discussion posts and to look at assignment information and schedules. I think there must be a much smoother way to provide this in an iOS app and hopefully Devry will get it together soon.
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9 years ago, Babyshbang23
Beautiful.... When it works
When I first downloaded the app it worked wonderfully for 2 terms but now I have no clue what's going on. It's really frustrating because this app provided a simplified way to post to DBs while on the go. Sad that I'm attending this university for IT & they can't even get their app to perform optimally👎
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10 years ago, Dgelpi
Devry mobile
This is the first time I use Devry Mobile. I find it very helpful for those who are on the move and cant pull a laptop or a desktop out just anywhere.
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6 years ago, Yessirspook
Trying to post in the discussions from the app has been a complete nightmare. When typing the keyboard covers what you are attempting to write, also while you are in the middle of type the cursor can randomly disappear then you have to either double tap or rotate the screen for the cursor to be come active again.
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