Dice Dice

4.6 (21K)
9.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Lukas Lubbe
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.2 or later
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User Reviews for Dice Dice

4.6 out of 5
21K Ratings
1 year ago, Roll-Player 69,420
“Roll-Playing” 😍
I found this game because of an assignment that I was given. I have never felt so alive since then. When my finger hovered over the download button I felt a wave of power, like I have been bless with the dice gods. They have bestowed a level of unearthly power to a weak peasant like me. The numbers gives me power that only I have gotten from such a game. This makes me realize that maybe this beautiful creation should not be shown to everyone. They won’t understand the power given to them and won’t be able to handle such greatness. God is not a flesh and blood creature but a multiple sided number holder of greatness not limited to a four sided cube with only six dots representing numbers. 🤭😍🥰😘🥰😍😘🥹🥹❤️❤️❤️😍❤️❤️😍
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1 year ago, thegreatclod
Great digital dice
The app is dead simple and beautifully made. I really love it over a lot of other dice rolling apps I’ve tried. The only thing is I wish I could fit more dice on the screen! I would love to be able to have more than one page of dice, and group the dice per page, similar to having multiple Home Screen pages on the phone. Great work!
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2 years ago, AmazingRobie
Good app, could be better
Ive tried and cannot find the way to pay to remove ads, but theyre not so much a bother that i mind. When using this app, i wish there was a way to keep a tally of your dice rolls so say, if i wanted to roll a total value of twenty. I could keep track of what i just rolled or if there is a way to set a value and see how close i can get to it without going over. Kind of making a challenge or game out of it. Anyway, its a very nice app. The shake to roll feature is a good addition. But it could easily be a full stars app by implementing an easier or more intuitive method for removing ads and keeping accumulative score of the rolls. Something like a running tally that can easily be reset once the user has gitten to or passed the die roll value they wanted. Good job. 👍👍
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3 years ago, SirNonimous
I’d watch more ads for new sound effects
I’m glad that it doesn’t hide hide anything behind a paywall, but instead give you the option to just watch an advertisement to get a skin for you dice. I got the one I wanted, but the rest are a little lackluster. What this really needs are new sound effects to make things interesting. Imagine having the Vegas skin and rolling you dice to the sound of a roulette wheel. Just something for the devs to nibble on.
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2 years ago, дианан
Almost perfect, let me remove ads
There used to be a way to pay to remove ads, bring it back. Considering just how minimalistic yet functional everything is, marring it with “Online casino! Win big today!” staring at you from the bottom of the screen quickly makes that it’s ONLY and biggest issue. Otherwise, it does what it needs with (almost) perfect presentation and Q&L, fun features that don't get in the way.
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4 months ago, Pizzaman337
Highly functional
Forgot to take a bag of dice on vacation and this app saved me a trip to the dollar store. Banner ads are just the right size non intrusive and the locking function fits perfectly with our house rules Yahtzee. It also replaced the spinner in an otherwise cheaply made game from big box retailer and made that game fun again.
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6 months ago, Shkr59
Doesn’t seem truly random/realistic
This is okay. I use it to roll out strategies for craps. Seems like horn numbers (2, 3, 11, 12) come out in bunches and 7s seem to come out more frequently than the statistical probability; more like a 7 on average every 4 rolls. While that’s not impossible, it doesn’t feel like true random dice but rather what an algorithm thinks would/should come up. Maybe that’s how virtual dice have to work. It would be nice to be able to see roll history.
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3 years ago, Tangledfun
Teacher Use
Seat arrangements were done so quickly! Bc of covid we have seats assigned numbers based on their position in the room. Spaces have numbers 1-4. I went down my roster and rolled the die. If 1, student received table one. Then I rolled again and they got their seat number within that table group of 4. 130 seats rearranged Very quickly.
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3 weeks ago, DiceDiceLover420
Dice dice changed my life life. I was a freaking loser before I had the app. Dice dice will change the way you think, the way you act, the way you talk, the way you look, the way you smell, the way you hear, the way you walk, the way you attract women, the way you raise your kids, and so so so so much more. You have no idea. YOU HAVE TO DOWNLOAD THIS APP
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2 years ago, Westwoodworking72@facebook
Westwoodworking72 on Facebook
I am a small business owner creating personalized dice games (Sports hunting fishing rodeo hiking). I would love to advertise and be able to recommend your app on the back of my games. I love the versatility and how easy it is to use. Please reach out to me through Facebook in hopes that we can work together.
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2 years ago, interdotnet
One Suggestion
Really solid app. Would be nice if there was a skin for the d2 that was a different color on each side. I think that would make it much easier to use in a success/fail roll situation… Unless there is and I just missed it. That’s my only very minor complaint. Great, simple dice roller otherwise.
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1 year ago, Holy Goalie
Great for sports games
I play a lot of tabletop sports games. This app allows me to play any game I have because I can customize the dice on the screen and their colors. Simple to use with just enough options. I spent the two dollars and unlocked everything. It was well worth it.
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3 years ago, BillRacine
Great app
Easy to use and saved the day when we found out trivial pursuit game was missing is die. I would love a version where I could pay a few bucks to get rid of ads. They're not prominent,but just the same,I'd rather not have them at all.
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8 months ago, (^.^)22
Simple and easy
It’s simple to use and easy. I don’t have to slug thru ads or click a billion buttons or sign in to just roll a dice. Sure, they’re not beautiful dice, but they work when I need a dice roll. And I enjoy the roll animation well enough.
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3 years ago, ajehhdhd
Love it 💜💜💜💜
This app is so much fun I evin just roll this dice in a daily basis but I mostly got it for school I like rolling it I defiantly recommend this app BUT if you could pliss add more sides like maybe going up to 10 cause that’s what most of my home work adds up to but other than that grate app !🥴
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3 years ago, ilovedice
Just wow
I can’t handle it most days. I try and I try to think of a better app out there but I just can’t. I use it for everything like rolling dice or rolling 2 dice or rolling 3 dice or rolling 4 dice. Rolling 5 dice? Yeah I’ll do that too. Just everything. Thank you and god bless
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1 year ago, Dhsuchbsnzbd
Genuinely exactly what you want
One dice roller for the whole table. Put your phone with the dice roller open in the middle of the table, where everyone can reach. The die is big enough so that everyone can easily see the result.
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2 years ago, Noahchka
Wow 🤩
This has improve the quality of dice games so much that I don’t have to go and buy my own dice. I mean come on it’s helped me in so much fantasy games. Board games. And even other situations or you need a dice. I hope this app skyrockets
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1 year ago, Wulf Power Sound&Production
White Elephant 'no dice’
This app came in very handy and saved our Christmas game. Once again, Not being able to find the Dice, We Put it on The Dice App. On A couple different phones. And Boom Game On! saved the day. Thank you.!
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5 years ago, Amanda pippn
Is this supposed to be used for a student’s homework?
So basically my son’s teacher said that we are gonna need this app and when I downloaded it I opened the app and it was confusing to me so what I would put for a update is put a school button in the app so that you could choose your class and your school and to whoever is reading this thanks for your time
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4 years ago, kawong313
Great program
Perfect for random 1/6 chances and good if you lost your dice for a game. It would be better app if you could choose multi-sided dice. So.. I downloaded this because have a house with 10 rooms and want to select which one to clean today at random, but 4 rooms don’t get selected. I am still using this app because those extra 4 rooms are in the attic and basement.
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4 weeks ago, Gordon700
When you’re trying to play a game, any kind of game that involves a dice and you don’t have one this app is very helpful You don’t have to go out and buy a Dice. You can just download a dice.👍🤯
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3 years ago, DrBarr
That’s right. Perfect. There are other applications that do the exact same thing and play an ad after every single roll. This one is free and does not play ads. If you need/loose your dice this will save you. Thank you!👍😁
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4 years ago, owenfriend
When one, on a whim, download an application with the potential to not only change lives but to enhance them, one realizes he is part not only of cosmic sphere of individuals gasping for a chance at eternal bliss but as a man who truly found his place. 2/5 stars
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2 years ago, gabriels writing
I love this app
When we play monopoly we never have dice they put dice in the box we all grab our phones and get on dice dice and whatever we land on we go that many times
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4 years ago, aryifajmharwtil
We use this for School
There was a Big ⛈ storm and we could not go outside it was flooding so we had to The gym in my classroom and we played hangman heads up seven up and TicTacToe and My coach write out his phone and went to the 🎲 dice app and he let us roll the dice.
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2 years ago, hgjtmrhev
i like to roll rice in my free time
my mom was diagnosed with state 3 terminal cancer and we decided to play some board games, we had no dice. and now we do! My mom no longer has cancer because of this app. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
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4 months ago, pocket plant
My favorite thing
This game is so entertaining is my favorite thing Is dice I really like Dice and why I like Dice, because the shape texture and color and they all come in different shapes and sizes. I have a collection of dice
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2 years ago, Vmurp
Please add option to remove ads?!!
I LOVE this dice app, but the banner ads across the bottom are so ugly, they ruin the aesthetics. Please add an optional in-app purchase to remove banners. I’d gladly pay a dollar to remove them. You can let us remove the banner, but still keep the ads that are used for unlocking new skins. At least those are done voluntarily and don’t spoil the aesthetics of the screen. If you do that, I’ll pay the dollar and raise my rating to 5 stars, and I’ll even watch ALL of the ads that unlock the skins you give us. That seems pretty fair. 😊
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4 months ago, Son239
Good App. Maybe Add A Counter
I like it! Pretty simple and the animation is satisfying. Just wish there was a counter for multiple dice. Like if you roll two D20’s and one lands on 6, and the other on 20, the counter would read 26. Otherwise, it’s a nice app.
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1 month ago, Hero Editor
Had several board games to include DD style games, and while old school tactics is fun sometimes, opting for convenience at times is priceless…..and this app is very convenient
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2 years ago, dhar100000
This is a good and useful ap because some times people loose their dice. When people loose their dice they can’t play the game It is also so good when you need dice for your game I am giving it 3 stars because it helpful but you could of added better dice. By Charlie
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1 year ago, Jamie Horten
Simple and perfect
It’s exactly what I needed to play dice games long distance with my partner and keep the score on my own. I love that you can lock individual dice. Great app
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10 months ago, littleking87
I played dungeons and dragons and this really is a game changer for me as a DM because I don’t have to consult to the dice roll and they don’t know that I’m doing something lol I love it
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2 years ago, Godslayer1119
Phenomenal App
This app is the bee’s knees. The ONLY two recommendations I have for this app would be to: 1: Create a premium version. Unlocks all of the skins automatically and removes the banner at the bottom. I would EASILY pay 5-10$ for an app like this, because that is what I would have to spend to buy THAT many dice. 2: Add a D100 option. Easiest 5* I have given out in a long while.
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2 years ago, überBuilder
Wish I could turn off ads
I tried unlocking all the dice skins to see if this would stop ads on the front page. I sincerely cannot use something that shows ads all the time. I’d be happy to pay to unlock ads. I like the app otherwise. Features to consider: • unlock no ads • remember roll history • ability to choose arbitrary number of different dice, not just 6 of one kind. Like: 2d6 1d20
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2 years ago, Pepe Carminis
I appreciate it
We lost the real dice and this app saved our family night! Thank you!
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3 months ago, PenskeLTD
Best decision of my life
Literally changed my life. Best dice I’ve ever used. Everybody sees a change in me. For the better. Get this app and change your life. Simple as that.
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2 years ago, i like mobile games1327
Easy and simple to use
You can open the app and roll a dice in seconds. Easy to use and compact menu. Beautiful dice colors.
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1 year ago, Ol_Vinyl
One d6 Die and an Ad-- That's All This Is
Probably a scam. Defaults as one six sided die. An ad is at the bottom of screen. Tap on the "X" to close the ad. Gotcha! Tapping any space within the add box-- including 'close'-- takes you to the the ad's website. Worse, there doesn't seem to be a UI. Where are options for two or more dice? Dice other than d6?
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4 years ago, Just stick with Angry Birds
Very convenient
I work in a classroom and this app is perfect because I can do a separate activity with a student without distracting the rest of the class.
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10 months ago, itsjiggyjake
Die review
Need a die… it’s a die Kind of hard not to get 5 stars Does EXACTLY what you need it to and more, I highly recommend downloading “dice”
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4 years ago, efans
Plus a sound effect would be better
Great app! Plus a sound effect would be more better:)
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1 year ago, Bnastu
Simple and fast
It rolls quickly and runs smoothly
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3 years ago, gejendnxj
Changed my life
I was going to shoot myself but then I downloaded this app and I didn’t
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4 years ago, gracie boo pop star
This game is so fun it helps me pick a number so I won’t have to keep thinking and I don’t have a dice at home so this game helps!!!! I really like this game thank you dice!!!!
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4 years ago, jmoshark
Sevens only
Listen, I’m only giving this five stars because I like supporting app creators, but I swear this thing only rolls sevens. That’s all I have to say. Have a great day. This is very useful.
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2 years ago, The Swedish T-Rex
Mobile dice chucker
Perfect dice roller when I don’t have space for my regular dice or when I’m on the road
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4 years ago, TIGER AJH
It’s great
It’s great it helps me when I need a dice for something like for school and it’s easy to use. Hope use it for something too
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8 months ago, millsb357
Great game!
I didn’t have a dice for My homework page so I download it and it’s so much fun that I play with it
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