DISH Anywhere

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DISH Network LLC
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2 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for DISH Anywhere

4.52 out of 5
191.1K Ratings
3 years ago, one users exp
Should change name to Dish Nowhere
Transferred tv shows to iPad before I left home. Got on an airplane and connected iPad to internet including paying for browsing and email. Opened Dish app and went to transfers. Nothing will play just kept getting message about validating video. Closed the App and reopened it. Now nothing happens except message stating connecting. Tried restart of iPad and app multiple times still just same message. Left airplane and connected to internet at friends. Thought maybe app needed update. Sure enough update available. Stupid me updated. Now when I open transfers in App it states that I have no videos that have been transferred, so I will go whole vacation with no videos to watch. I have been Dish customer for many years and each update of Dish App has been worse and worse. The App used to work very well and I never had problems. Now it is Dish Nowhere and it is time to find a company that cares about its customers.
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3 years ago, Chizlr
Leaves a lot to be desired!!
I used the “Old” app with my 722k receiver and had no issues, until YOU decided for me that I must upgrade to the Hopper to use it. So I did upgrade and installed the New App on my iPhone. A very sad sad application. I have no problems watching my recordings while I am on the road. The problem is with watching Live Tv. The guide that pops up only has a few channels on it. So I delete app and reinstall, all channels are now there. Now I click on channel I want to view and it is not Live Tv, but some sort of a recorded loop. Shut it down and restarted, same result. Got frustrated and quit. Next day restarted app, now I have only a few channels again in my guide. Uninstalled and reinstalled again, all of my channels are back. I can actually watch Live Tv now, however I am at home and do not need to watch on my iPhone. There are no issues with my home network and I have more than enough Mbps to power my Hopper when I am not at home. While on the road I have full bars and great Wifi. Have you ever thought about using dedicated servers for your Dish Anywhere services, instead of my at home receiver. You are behind the power curve on this technology, time to rethink your strategy for the future. In the meantime , for me I guess I will uninstalling and reinstalling the app everyday until you do something about it.
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4 years ago, Slangy_Girl
Revamp is STILL terrible 7 months later
The old Dish Anywhere app was fantastic! I never had a problem with it, the interface was intuitive and the picture was as good as when watching my tv. This ‘new’ app (it’s not really new anymore) is ridiculous. Anytime I want to use it there are problems— missing recordings, low-quality video or programming that won’t load at all—that I often simply give up trying. I just spent 38 minutes on the phone with Dish because I couldn’t play any recordings (black screen with pause bars in the middle). We solved that issue (yippee?) but the picture is still awful (barely SD and skipping) even though I am three feet from my modem. I have no idea why Dish had to redesign/engineer the Anywhere app (to crack down on theft?). But for paying Dish customers this is a TOTAL step down from the previous version. And the few times I’ve called for technical help I hear, “We’re working on it”. Great. When’s it going to be done?!?! Because I’m fed up paying for Dish Anywhere and never being able to use it. Finally, the customer service rep I spoke to was an arrogant jerk who would not listen to me, talked over me and, as a result, the call probably took longer than it needed to. Here’s a news flash—when the customer calls and is explaining the problem it’s usually a good idea to LISTEN as that will speed up the process of solving the issue.
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4 years ago, a2thdr
Definitely not an upgrade!
The previous version was so much better than the current version. Gone are the abilities to do the simple things like changing the channel, looking at the guide and then every time you want change the channel, you have to go back to the guide where it starts you all the way back to the 1st channel. Can’t look at the guide at the same time the live tv window is active, you have to close all the way out, then its back to the 1st channel all over again. The app frequently crashes,then you have to try to relaunch the app, the app says its already in use, which obviously it’s not. Resolution is also spotty, shifts from HD to SD spontaneously, as well. Lastly, the buttons are so small, when you try to use them the proximity to other function buttons creates problems trying to touch the correct ones. The selection buttons at the bottom of the screen are so close to the edge you have too use the Apple Pencil just to get them to actuate their function. I can’t believe this version was actually released, the previous version was practically flawless, I’m so disappointed that I’m forced to use this version.
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2 years ago, Big Willie 55
Incompetent tech support, Lied about monthly costs!!!
We moved from one state to another changing time zones. The first issue was that it took them about five phone calls to figure out how to get our time changed to eastern time zone from central. Now the issue is that the DISH Anywhere app still has our old address with the locals from that area. We have followed all instructions to get the app to change to our new address… But still it doesn’t work. So we live in the eastern time zone but we can only see the local channels from our old address. Yesterday we were on the phone 30 minutes… The tech help representative was actually growing impatient with us as we tried to explain what was wrong. In the end we followed all of his instructions, and we still have the same problem! And just so you know the price we were quoted for our two-year contract is $10 less than what our actual bill is… When I called to talk about it there was no getting out of the contract, so now Dish cost me an extra $240 over the two years of the contract. They acted like $10/month wasn’t a big deal! All I can say is 24 months from now I’m going to find another provider and Dish can kiss my business goodbye! My recommendation is that you go with someone else.
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3 years ago, cardshark75
Don’t fix what wasn’t broken!
I am so frustrated by this app. I am repeating what others have already said. Missing recordings, It will tell me I am not connected to the internet, not true. I will get off this app, go to my HBO max app to test this, no problems at all. So I have to turn my tablet completely off for it to work. Very annoying. If I am watching something on demand, it will stop. I will try to go to resume watching ,sometimes it works, many times it doesn’t. I shouldn’t have to start it at beginning to be able to watch something. This can happen multiple times for 1 program I am watching. I will usually get frustrated and give up trying to watch what I was already watching. I agree with others who have stated THE OLD APP WAS FINE!! Any improvements you may have made negates all the issues your customers are having. This has already been going on for what 2 plus years . For the amount of money we spend every month, I expect much better than this. Please don’t respond to this review trying to give me helpful hints on how to fix the “bugs” I am experiencing. I don’t have this issue except for this app. So there is no problem on my end for these issues. Very disappointed, I do not recommend this app in its current state!!
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9 months ago, umirosie
Their job search add must say only incompetent and untrained need apply
Update-worst app ever. Can’t fast forward or rewind, can’t transfer or watch what I transferred. If you are looking at ratings to see if you should choose dish, there are horrible reviews with 5 stars. And I feel their employees and friends add reviews because there is no way an intelligent person would say this is a great program unless they were paid to lie. My son is a programmer and if he programmed programs as bad as this app he would be fired. Slow freezes and none of my transfers show up and I get a transfer error STILL. I dated my last review and dated all updates and even that has disappeared. It has been at least a year, maybe more, since I was able to watch at transferred show or was able to transfer a show. I have been slowly returning my equipment and will continue to do so as I transition to another service. The worst program I have ever seen. See for yourself by looking at all recent reviews. They are all the same. Dish no longer cares about its customers and the proof is in the fact that they don’t fix the issues. Sad because I used to love and be proud of being a dish customer. We pay more and more for less quality.
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4 years ago, Phillier23
Still ruined compared to old app
This app was perfect before. Now jumping forward or backward while playing is torture. When you push on the 30sec forward arrow to jump through the commercials it will freeze playback, these little red squares start blinking in the middle of the screen letting you know that “it is doing something” and then it will freeze and you have to push the PLAY arrow again. If you have to do this thru 3-1/2 minutes of commercials, 7 times, it is frustrating. Sometimes if you hit the forward arrow “just right” you can stack up the pushes and get it to jump forward 90 seconds. The touch area to activate jumping forward is way too small - I do not have big fingertips. Then if you jump too far forward and want to back up, the 10-seconds back arrow Is right next to the “X” which quits the page. Genius. So now half the time you want to back up 10 seconds you accidentally quit the whole playback because the “X” area is much larger and too close to that too tiny arrow. These arrows used to be prominent and centered near the bottom of the screen with the PLAY/PAUSE toggle between them. It was intuitive and easy to jump to and fro. Please please fix it. It is so frustrating to have your show stop and have to reload or push the PLAY button then try to jump 30 seconds again repeatedly thru commercials. So unnecessary when you had a great set up before. I wish I could use the old app. Sigh.
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3 years ago, OldV
Erratic Multi-fail
1. App fails to set recording. When trying to set a recording I see “Would you like to record. This event is on multiple networks.” There is a red circle around a red dot…but clicking it results in nothing. 2. Link here on App Store for dev. website is broken. 3. Often I get nothing but a gray screen after I select “watch.” When that happens There’s nothing for it but to close the app and reopen. I have tried deleting and reinstalling. This app deserves ZERO stars. I noted “developer’s response” to another review tried to hide behind the claim that “we provide the app for free but…” As though we aren’t paying for a service that includes this app. Dish costs a pretty penny. The tech should work. Update. Connection TV repeatedly (and erratically) results in the app freezing and returning an error message inviting me to try again or, in the alternative, to dial a 1-800 number. So, sure, rather than watch the one game a week I want to watch, I’d rather work through an automated phone system where after interminable waiting I’ll finally talk to a human who will ask me to repeat all of the same credentials that I entered into the automated system and then try to upsell me on new equipment.
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4 years ago, Jackiemhous12
New upgrade to app
I have given about 4 different feedbacks about this upgrade that totally changed the Dish Anywhere interface. I use to love this app and had very few issues. Now I hate it!!! I’m constantly having issues. The new interface is not very intuitive and very clunky to use. I’m constantly getting message that I’ve lost signal from receiver and need to close which I have to do numerous times. It takes much longer to load when fast forwarding than older version. I’ve reported there is no way to watch via SD vs HD. Some of my channels I need to view in SD. In the older interface there was an option to view SD and HD. As I said it is not very intuitive as It took me 2 days to figure out how to pause the recording. The interface needs to match up to what we see on our receivers now not something totally different. Now my Dish Anywhere app is not uploading my recorded programs timely and is still showing shows that I have deleted from my receiver. I have deleted my app numerous times to see if it fixes the problems with no luck. This new interface appears to have gone backwards instead of improving the app. Please rollback to the previous interface which was a hundred times better than this one.
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3 years ago, W4TU
Transfer stall and won’t complete
I have been using the DISH anywhere app for years on a kindle fire and really like it. I like to transfer recordings to watch when I’m offline (traveling). I got a new iPad and have nothing but problems. I can’t transfer any recordings to my iPad or iPhone, since the last app and iOS update. The transfers run and then stall. I contacted customer support only to be told it was a digital rights issue. However the same shows will transfer to a kindle fire. And the same series has transferred before. This started happening after the last app update and iOS update. Also the app constantly crashes. I open it and within seconds it closes or freezes. The only way to get it to work again is to uninstall and reinstall. That means I lose all my transferrred recordings, which can take hours to re-transfer. Please update this app to stop the crashes and make the transfers work.
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4 years ago, Raxus001
Sorry I updated
Update: I just updated. And within 10 seconds I was relieved to see the changes. It is so much better!!! Not as glitchy. The back and forward buttons are in a better place on the screen and easier to jump around. Thank you for the changes. 5 months ago this app went to a new more modern format. Whatever Dish did, it completely ruined this app. It is extremely buggy. I have an iPhone 11. Constantly buffering, freezes, trying to go forward or back buttons don’t always work right. I would give it a -1 if I could. Please bring back the old version. You could easily navigate the guide. It was so much easier to navigate. Newer is not always better. I wish I had never updated.
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4 years ago, fpjprp
Very Disappointed
I’ve read through many of the reviews regarding the issues with this app. I have been a long time customer and have refused to change providers because of the ability to use this app anytime I wanted. I was on a trip to Canada in October and it worked fine. Since last November or so, the app has stopped working. I have deleted it and reinstalled it several times with no luck. I saw that there was a new version as of 5 days ago so I updated my version. Still getting same error message now with a different number. It did get to the loading page, but then after a few minutes I get there was a problem connecting this video on your set-top box. My receiver and my device are set to the same internet WiFi so not sure what this means. A few months ago I contacted DISH support and they said they have not heard of my problem before which I find hard to believe after reading many of these app reviews. They said they would log my issue with the app team, but did not sound very hopeful that it would get resolved any time soon. Is anyone really working on these issues or should I just switch to another provider?
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3 years ago, Boymomma47
This app is awful now. It used to work so well before they decided to redesign it over a year ago. Now it is extremely glitchy—if I pause a show and the screen goes into sleep mode (even for a minute) it restarts the show and I have to watch all the ads again; the sound is doubled (only way I know how to describe it) about 50% of the time when watching anything on demand; if I fast forward or rewind it takes probably 10-15 seconds JUST to load (this never ever happened with the old design), so it’s kind of pointless to fast forward through commercials because it can take longer and is extremely annoying. Honestly, I can only watch on my iPad 95% of the time because of my kids so I’m going to be cancelling my subscription. It’s not even worth the headache because 50% of the time I just give up trying to watch after dealing with all of the issues. When the redesign first came about I assumed the glitches would be fixed, but it’s been over a year and they’re all still there, if not worse. It’s hard for me to believe Dish can’t do better than this.
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6 years ago, AhwahneeAngel
Dish app
In my opinion is very poor. In the beginning it was good. Things obviously have changed it’s not consistent has a hard time staying on has a hard time connecting has a hard time just playing video. I’ve called customer service numerous times they tell me just to reinstall it I reinstall it and the same stuff happens. Very disappointed I was really looking forward to having this app and I’m not going to get rid of it because I do use it quite often it’s just too bad that they don’t stand behind their product and try to fix it. Sometimes I get the excuses that it’s my Internet ( which is kind of funny because I travel and I use different Internet so it just can’t be my one Internet because it’s multiple Internet ) sometimes I get excuses that it’s my equipment (which mind you they won’t admit that there’s anything wrong with their equipment either when it comes down to it). So I guess were stuck until maybe somebody in corporate has the same issues and gets a little frustrated too.
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4 years ago, Meeee15438
Every since dish has updated this app. It has not worked right. I give it a one star, just because I can not give a (no star). The audio stops playing when the video keeps running. Then when the audio comes back, the video stops. Then the audio and the video both stop. Today I. Watched a one hour show, that took me over three hours to watch. Just so I could see and hear the whole program. 🤦‍♂️ This has gone on for over many months, that goes to shows dish had no intention of fixing the app. And just keeps telling its customers the technicians are coming out with a patch soon. Again I had been told this for months. When the fact of matter is, they have no intention of fixing the app. Just as the have said they will be getting HBO back soon. B. S. Plus. The Close caption keeps turning on my itself. I do not turn it on, but keeps coming on. Even after I turn it off, it still keeps coming on. I do not have no problem hearing. And if I needed to have Close caption on, I would turn it on myself. I find it very insulting that a app would imply I can not hear. Again BS.
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4 years ago, bnath
Play through DV Adapter now gone
After the update, using the app through my DV Adapter (to a TV) no longer works. It shows up with no issues until you start live view and then just says “loading” on the TV. It plays the audio through the TV, but no video. I’ve had no issues doing this in the past and would frequently use this function when traveling so I could watch my home TV no matter where I was. Navigating the guide also takes far longer with only 5-6 channels showing up at a time (easily twice that before). Also, not a giant issues, but some of my Favorite channels were removed causing a new setup to be done. **Update** Quick response from the developer which I appreciate. I have sent the requested information. However there are now additional issues including more than half of my channels now missing completely and the loss of being able to navigate channels from within Live view. I’ve added this to my email as well. I hope to see a fix soon and will be happy to update my review accordingly.
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5 years ago, None135
App changed?
It seems the app is different than it was a few days ago. For one thing it stopped working since yesterday, Nov 5th, 2019 for me. I tried all the usual tricks, mainly rebooting hopper and all. Finally today I called Dish and was told that sling adapter is no longer compatible with my old hopper and I need to replace it with a newer unit. I have a lot of saved programs, which I can loose, but being able to watch dish programs remotely is more important. So I consented to get the new hopper, which has sling adaptor built in. Oh yes, the agent tried to make me pay for the new hopper or extend my contract by two years. After some discussion, she decided to change her mind and drop that requirement. May be it’s because, I wanted to speak with a supervisor? All of a sudden the Dish Anywhere App started working, after a few hours, but it is not the same. Many old features are missing. I will have to see how it works with the newer Hopper, if it works as used to. At the least. Only two stars because missing features on this App.
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4 years ago, Werdoates
Terrible update
My personal experience with the update has been awful. I find that as I am trying to select a show to watch the play button doesn’t always show up. I have to exit out of the show or app altogether, then go back in before the play button will appear. I can’t connect it to the tv through an adapter anymore. The dish app is the only app this won’t work with. Not all of the shows have the option to rewind or fast forward, like the app had, previous to the update. There were some features on the app before the update that were frustrating to deal with, but the update not only failed to resolve those issues, there are now twice as many frustrations to deal with. One of the reasons why I subscribed with dish was because of the app and how great it was. As someone who uses it quite often as I travel, I feel it is safe to say that Dish has lost its edge on Directv in this category. I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever been as disappointed with an update to an app, as I have been with this one.
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2 years ago, roseumi
Once again the same old issue
Update 3-Still can’t play transferred shows on my iPhone 7 Plus. Says it can’t connect STILL. My memory is full but I am unable to even delete a transferred show because it can’t connect so it says I have none but the transferred setting says I have 407 transferred shows. Just can’t access them and haven’t been able to most of my years with dish. Even if it is briefly fixed, the same problem comes back right away again. Update 2-still not fixed. I downloaded lots of shows for a trip. Now my phone is full and apps crash because I can’t even get into the transfers to delete them. Still says can’t connect. This is f$&@ing ridiculous! For what we pay and the amount keeps going up, the quality goes down. I assume you could hire someone with a little programming skill. Update: As I expected, STILL not fixed! I have sent my info in many times. Not doing your work. Don’t put out a new update until you have tested it! Seems pretty simple to me. Every upgrade I can’t see my transferred shows and I complain a dozen or so times an it gets fixed until the next update and same thing. I can’t count how many times this has happened. Save yourself grief and don’t choose dish. Cost keeps going up but they can’t hire programmers with half a brain. Same canned responses but it STILL isn’t fixed but prices going up and this app is getting worse and worse. The only reason we stayed with dish was this app
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5 years ago, Sick-of-crashing
This is the worst functioning streaming app. I’m very disappointed, because I like to use my satellite service when I’m away from home, but this app is incredibly unreliable. When I open it and choose a channel, it begins streaming, but most of the time only streams for about 15 minuets, then has fits of stops and starts and freezes. I then have to close the app, reopen it, choose a channel then go through the whole process again. Over and over. It happens every single time I use it, unless I’m in my house, basically right next to my receiver, in which case, well, I might as well just watch it on my tv. I switched to Dish from Directv last year, and I constantly wish I hadn’t. When I had Directv, I used their mobile app daily (like I TRY do so with this one) and it always worked seamlessly, including in all of the same locations that I TRY to use this one. The contrast is stark and undeniable. If you’re thinking of switching to Dish from Directv, and like to use your satellite service on the go, DON’T DO IT! I can’t wait until I can go back to Directv.
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3 years ago, Kitkat3041
Where did all my channels go?
We’ve been considering dropping dish and going to all streaming and the constant issues with the app are just steering us more in that direction. It was nice watching on the go or being able to set recordings if I was away from home and forgot. The added ability with chromecast was also a bonus. This app used to be great but it buffers frequently. None of my other apps do and my internet connection is fine. Now today our channels are all missing. I have like 7 channels showing. I deleted the app and reinstalled but it only added a handful of channels. There are no channel numbers either it just shows the network name and it has mostly Spanish channels as well. This is so frustrating to say the least. A couple of weeks ago I had my locals missing and I was away from home and wanted to catch the news. Get it together dish!!
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4 years ago, Meree1891
Zero stars
If I could give this app zero stars, I would. The update made using this app beyond frustrating. Loading...loading...always loading. The placement of the rewind and fast forward buttons means I’m always accidentally x-ing out of the show because they are right next to each other. Then there’s the message that my show has ended when I’m not even half way through and then I have to find where I was before the message so that I can finish the show. I spend more time just trying to get through a recording. It’s wasteful. I’ve been with Dish for years and this app alone has made me consider going with another company. I never sit to watch tv. I’m always watching on my phone while I move around my house getting stuff done. Dish Anywhere should be renamed Dish Nowhere. I never reviewed the previous version but it was SO MUCH BETTER than this newer version. I’ve waited before reviewing hoping the developers could work out the kinks. I’ve watched other people review it and I know I’m not alone. Please figure this out, Dish.
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6 years ago, carl in houston
Agile approach needed to improve dish anywhere
I have used dish anywhere for several years. And I have been dismayed by the quality for the last 2 releases. A couple of years ago I had no issues with it. I used it on my iPhone and occasionally on my PC. The iPhone side has lost quality and not kept up with the hopper 3 interface. I use my iPhone in landscape mode and the progress bar in that mode is completely useless. It never shows the information correctly. The bar is set as I start it up and never changes to fit landscape. The times are not correct either. The tool also does not let me use folders in a way similar to the hopper 3. Very dissatisfying. On my pc there are simply too many buttons to push to get it started. And sometimes you have to guess how to get there. It also is not smooth. Even when I have been watching for a while it will simply pause for a few 10s of seconds and then restart. Gets pixely as well. Finally when using the guide on my iPhone the buffers are not working well. After using it on several different shows the guide starts disappearing on the grid. Just goes gray I have worked in the software industry and suggest that if you are not already doing so you should employ an agile approach. Works wonders.
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4 years ago, P O Dish
Poor updates hardly able to use
I use a I phone 10 S MAX new updates has made this app almost impossible to read guide!!! I used this app a lot to look for tv shows that might interest me weather at home or away. Now I’m unable to read the garbled text!!!! I hope there is some fix or just go back to old app which was working fine!!! If there is some way to fix please do so quickly I’m under no contract and as much as I pay I would expect better app ,service features. Switching to direct tv is a option but it is a pain! I have been a loyal customer for 20 years and usually brag that I have dish network but this is putting a bad taste in my mouth!!! I would appreciate any solution to the problem
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4 years ago, GreggyMac
Bad and getting worse.
For starters, this Mobile app stinks. Won’t even load up now. A few months ago Dish took away support for Sling on my two receivers so no more remote access! No remote access at all. Thanks for nothing, and thanks for no reduction of our rates when you haven’t had any if the 17 sports networks I pay extra for in the multi-sport package because Dish can’t come to an agreement with those mostly Fox sports networks. They offered piddly things like a box of cookies as a peace offering for my many many years loyalty, ( over 25 years) then a measly $10 monthly reduction for a few months when I’ve been without the 17 sports channels in the multi sport package for a year. And DISH customers who had HBO & Cinemax saw those networks go away too! Dish seems to be losing more services but giving less & less but their rates don’t reflect that and now that the Mobile App is crap, I might be forced to go back to cable which I left because Dish used to be the better deal. Those days are gone gone gone. Hiss boo, this App is poo poo too.
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3 years ago, Rach120591
Dish NOT Anywhere
Dish anywhere should be called dish NOT anywhere. This app no longer allows you to watch transferred shows when you do not have WiFi. It used to but they took it away. Plus I was told by a dish rep that support and updates for apple products are low priority. He said that I should buy a different tablet. After spending $700 on an iPad Pro that is not what a customer wants to hear. They gradually have made the app worse over time. Just like the hopper does not let you search the guide for movies by genre. It used to but they didn’t/ don’t want you to easily find things to record. They want you to pay pay per view instead. They tell you to look at dish on demand that lets you search by genre. But the free ones are LOADED with commercials that you cannot fast forward through. Dish and Dish NOT Anywhere keep getting worse and worse for the customer. I gave it 2 stars because you can watch transfers with WiFi.
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4 years ago, PolskaJessi
Wish I can go back to old app
I just re-installed the new version of the app and already wish I can go back . If u wanna fast forward 30 seconds it lags (buffers) and only lets u do 30seconds and wait again to do another 30seconds . The old one u can click and fast forward as fast u want like 4min 30 sec all at once . Also doesn’t show u how much u already watched like the yellow bar shows the if u finished a quarter or half or whatever . It doesn’t ask u if u wanna resume or start over but just hit play . I hate it ! Wish I can go back to old version .... my tablet still has old version and my phone as new version . I’m gonna hang on to old version for as long as I can on my tablet . I dread using it on my phone now
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Could be better.
Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Dish but this app can be frustrating and I wish they would fix it. If the mobile phone locks by accident you have to start ALL over with getting the signal back. Sometimes it goes right to where you left off, sometimes it doesn’t. If the phone falls over and the touch screen hits something you have to start all over. It should pause and easily go back to. Suggestion 1 it should still play audio on a locked screen. Suggestion 2 you should be able to minimize this app or go to another one and still have it playing much like a PODCAst app . Now Dish has come very far with this technology let’s be clear. All I am saying is it needs some tweaks.
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1 year ago, 1jaxsgirl
RIDICULOUS amount of ads
Listen I pay over $100 a month to Dish. I didn’t ask for the Dish Anywhere app. But that was a selling point when I signed up for service. I have the Hopper 3 which I love. I haven’t really felt the need to use the Dish Anywhere app until today. For whatever reason I have been unable to connect my channel accounts to my Dish login to watch programs that for some reason didn’t record on Hopper 3. Tonight I remembered that I had the app and was excited to find the show that didn’t record. That excitement was short lived. It was an hour long program. I counted 36 ads. Each ad was 30 seconds long and was a group of 6 ads each time. RIDICULOUS!! I could understand if this was like the free version of Peacock or Tubi. But I already pay a high bill and this is included. I will never use this app again because I can’t tolerate the excessive ads. It’s a shame really. I still like you better than DirectTV if I could say anything positive.
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1 year ago, Zuzumomma
Good app but there’s a recording glitch
Hey app developers, please fix this glitch: every time I try to set a recording via the app, I get a message that it “cannot create a timer.” If I’m patient enough to not touch the screen, it eventually gives a new notification that a timer was created. The error notification is misleading and wrong, and it shouldn’t pop up. The first couple of times that it did I appear, I moved off the page, unaware that a second, new message might appear. This problem started about 2 or 3 months ago and continues. Please fix for all app users. Thanks. Otherwise, the app is great. I like being able to watch and tape shows and movies when I’m not home. Compared to the Verizon app, this DISH app gets better and more reliable connectivity.
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5 years ago, Caro_byera
This app is absolutely horrible. They have to read all these reviews and put into consideration how frustrated Dish customers are with the app. Even after I have updated the IOS on my iPhone and deleted the app and downloaded it again I’m still having issues with the app saying “no internet connection” being that my internet is very strong and I’m using it mostly at home with WiFi. I would have to close it and open it again, I would have to start the show all over and have to watch all the commercials again just to wait to fast forward where I left off and after I fast forward I would have to go through the commercials again. Then I still get the same issues of no internet connection. It’s the absolute worst app there is out there. Dish please fix this issue, please do not just reply to our reviews to make us feel better but actually find a better tech company that can actually make your app even better. Thank you!
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3 years ago, thansen53NE
DISH app is a joke
The more that Dish updates their app the worse it gets. It is glitchy, the picture does not always work, and the channel guide doesn’t always show up correctly. To fix the channel guide issue I have to delete and redownload the app. Neither fiber WiFi or cellular connection make a difference in performance of their app on my phone or tablet. The largest issue that DISH has in performance is that the app connects to the user’s home hopper to get the video, not a centralized DISH digital connection, which would be a much more stable connection. If my home hopper that is old and DISH doesn’t want to update has issues connecting to my network then the app becomes junk. I am getting closer and closer to cutting their cord every time I try and use their worthless app. Please pay someone to build and maintain your app who knows what they are doing.
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6 years ago, Vikkidc62
Not so good anymore!!
This started out as a great app. Worked smoothly with video and audio. For some reason it is constant rebuffing. Ever 3-4 seconds there is a hesitation. It is truly unwatchable. It drives me crazy. Watching while connected to WiFi is somewhat better. Not nearly as irritating! At this point is it useless unless I transfer my recording to my devices and watch them as a play back. But the big selling point was that the app was to bring you live broadcasting. Same as your guide provides you at home. I spend a lot of money monthly on my Dish service. The customer service has been great. But this app has become such a disappointment.
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3 years ago, Quiltist
Please Fix This
I’ve been a very happy DISH customer for many years and was an early adopter of their DISH Anywhere App. I’ve used every aspect of the app on my iPad, iPhone and Apple TV. An “update” to the app has broken something I’ve enjoyed using in the past. I can no longer stream to my Apple TV from my device and allow the device to power down. When I select Airplay I’m on a timer. Whatever device I’m using, powers down and the Airplay shuts off. My other devices don’t miss a beat and the DISH App didn’t act this way in previous versions. It also shuts down when watching something on/from my Hopper. I don’t want to keep my devices powered or have to reset the power settings every time I use the DISH app. If not for this glitch in Dish Anywhere, I could give the app top marks. Chris in Boise
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7 years ago, Abmael Silva
Needs alot of work!
I'm am sorry for being blunt, but the app was not well maintained. It might have been a great app, once upon a time. I currently have the iPhone 8+ and it looks very bad on it. It was designed for a smaller screen, and when it's used on a big screens the proportion are off. There are countless bugs. If the control center is open mid on-demand playback, the play back stops, and to resume a lot of steps have to betaken and an add is shown. The UI is outdated, and it's hard to navigate the app. This app seems to be created on a cross platform framework, witch it's good to save money. But the developers must pay special care, and attention to detail when delivering the app to all devices it support, so it doesn't look off. I wish Dish would realize that this app is a gold mine, and that the their competitors have apps that out perform this one. It is really frustrating to use this app.
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2 years ago, bmanitas45
No stop showing all these racial commercials
You don't stop showing all these racial commercials I'm canceling my subscription to dish I don't pay for this TV for you guys to be putting Rachel commercials on here if you want to feel black peoples heads with all this Rachel crap and let them believe it then that's your progress but I don't want to see it I don't pay I mean I pay for my dish network I don't want to see you advertising for Joe Biden's Rachel crap he's the worst president in modern history and if you guys want to support them because you're part of corporate America that your progress but he's the most criminal president ever in history you don't believe so just look at the hunter Biden laptop Google was part of it and a lot of other people who won doubt if you were part of it
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2 years ago, creeeeeeeeeeeme
If it ain’t broke…
Simply put, the new app is HORRIBLE. So many bugs, no fast forward, no skip, buggy as all get out. I’ve had Dish Network for 20 years. The original app was a bit antiquated but it always worked. The new app; I’ve haven’t had a clear picture since. Never seems to fully load, responses are laggy. It never used to crash on me. Now, I just sit and wait for it to mess up so because I know it’s coming. On my tv, it’s even worse. It never loads correctly. The picture is TERRIBLE. The OnDemand is actually the worst though. I go to watch something and it’s like looking at pictures on a cell phone from 2004. The old app didn’t look as “cool” but by God it worked. If I could download the old app (especially for my tv) I would in a heartbeat. I actually watch things on my iPhone as often or more so than my 75” tv because of your app. Very disappointing.
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2 years ago, Claudia0370
Please Please Fix!!
I’ve seen the Dish Anywhere app be advertised in so many commercials, yet it NEVER works! I can’t watch anything live. Even when I have the best wifi, it glitches and buffers every couple of seconds. There are so many other apps that do live streaming right. There are several other tv providers that have apps to stream tv live, and theirs actually works. Get the engineers or whatever tech people is needed to make this a good app. It’s about giving your customers what you promise them. You fill up the commercial breaks with commercials about how great it is, yet it fails time and time again. My contract renewal is coming up, and this is something huge that I will consider when deciding whether to stay or not. I’m sure many other customers share this same struggle and may also take it into consideration, so please please fix this app.
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4 years ago, notnecesarry11117
Is this a joke?
I am a long-time Dish customer, and while I won’t quit being one, I am about to permanently stop using this awful app! Yes, I’ve seen and agree with all the other bad reviews of the recent big update. My issue is that it seems to us that some features are getting worse than they were even a few weeks ago! I’m incredibly irritated that the fast forward option for DVR’d shows is so fricking slow! It’s outrageous! I will press fast forward (a thirty second interval), and it seems to take that long just for the video to finally skip ahead. And I hate that when I look at a certain show’s DVR’d items, there’s no way to easily see which date each one was recorded on. That seems like it should be a simple thing to have. I’m sure I’ll think of several other big irritating things later, but I just wanted to add my voice to the generally displeased user group. Bye, Dish app!
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4 years ago, Thielavision
Transfers Don’t Work
The Transfer function has *never* worked for me. I can “prepare” videos, but after that they just sit in the queue “waiting to transfer.” I get an error message “Not Connected to LAN. Recording added to transfer queue. Transfer will continue when connected to home network.” I’ve double-checked my receiver’s connection to my wi-fi router. And my iPad is absolutely connected to my home network. I’ve rebooted both receiver and tablet. I spent a half hour on the phone with a Dish rep, and she was unable to diagnose the problem. She said that it looked like there might be a problem on Dish’s end. If so, it’s been several days and nothing has changed. I realize that this is more of a help request than a review, but the Dish support page offers no information about this error and I’ve already tried the help line.
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5 years ago, Dishizzle
Really Dish? This is your best effort?
This app is so trash! It rarely connects. Everything is super slow. The UI and design layout is from 2010. I’m literally sitting in front of the receiver which works fine with the TV but not with this janky app. I have ultra high speed internet and every other app that streams video works fine. You need to start this development effort over again with a full rewrite. If the technology is so complicated and this is the best you can release then better to just not release anything. Literally fire everyone who was responsible from UI design, development, feature management, release approvals...everyone should be fired. It’s an extremely irritating app. This app is like something developed offshore as a collaboration between Indian and Chinese developers managed by someone in the Netherlands. Start over and release an enterprise quality solution or pull the app from the market.
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11 months ago, ladybigsmooth
Disappointed is a understatement
We’ve been with Dish for quite a while and you would think they would have better customer service. When we were changing one of the rooms somehow we lost the remote. We called to get it replaced but I was told that they wouldn’t give me one if I didn’t have the other one? I said we don’t know what happened to it but it’s gone. The rep said I would have to go buy a universal remote or use the Dish Anywhere app. I offered to pay for another one but that was out of the question?? WTH! Ok we chose to use the app. Worked fine no issues until a couple of weeks ago. Volume doesn’t work anymore. You can’t change the channel but you can bring up the guide and change it that way. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app but still doesn’t work. If you want to keep customers from going to a different provider then you should probably get things working again and stop with the unnecessary updates. As whomever is responding to the reviews can clearly see all that did was upset a good majority of your customers. Probably time to retrain your customer service staff and address the unfriendly and non understanding service we’ve been experiencing for quite a while.
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2 years ago, ovueveveveentwenubemgoasas
Here is why i love dish
So I love dish because it’s your own little TV and you can watch movies that you like and there’s more of the kid shows that kids persuade their adults to watch them and it’s a kid appropriate show and I hope everybody likes it I don’t care what the haters say it’s OK if you have a different opinion but I still love it I’m pretty still new to it because I download it a few weeks ago. Everybody in the whole world I hope you love it it’s the best thing in the whole wide world on social media and on the environment so have a great day this is what I mean I love it so much so have a great day may God bless you.
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4 years ago, Debtc
Used to love my dish app...not anymore
Update..... if you can’t fix the App can you just go back to a previous version. It is such a pain to have to chase the forward/rewind around the app. Screen big, screen small, screen paused/not paused. Reallly getting frustrating !!!!!!! The last update put the 10 sec rewind/30 sec fast forward in upper left corner right next to each other. Being a senior it’s tough to hit the right button because there is almost no space between. The pause has also missing when watching a recording. All I can do is let it run and then rewind to find where I left off. Please put the app back to where is was with a pause, and the rewind/fast forward back in the middle of screen at a distance apart. Used to be a 5 star rating, this review will drop it down to a 2
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3 years ago, Scott-6794
App crashes
Every single time I log into this app it will fail the loading of the actual shows! This is being used on an iPhone 13 with 5g. It doesn’t matter if I’m on 5g, 4g, or Wi-Fi the app will load the ads all day long but when you are trying to watch the show it errors out. Oh and good luck in trying to resume where you actually left off from because the app will just say here’s where you were and it may be 5 minutes into the show or five minutes left, and you have only watched 20 minutes of a 45 min show… so that’s cool….! Also I wish we could give negative star ratings because this app is heinously horrendous and a fail from a company that charges more than fair to there customers, maybe at least have an app that functions since you price gouge the ever-loving crap out of us anyway!
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2 years ago, TN Rancher
This will work for days, then suddenly most of the channels will disappear from the guide. The only recovery I have found is to uninstall and reinstall the app completely. Some days it will only play for a few minutes (<5) before telling me the player has some unknown issue and needs to be shutdown. Restarting the player may or may not work, and sometimes will only restart for a minute or two before getting the same error. Some days it works fine. The crap shoot of what it will do on any given day is horribly frustrating, though.
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3 years ago, Shortstuff105
Previous DISH app was 5-star; this one is NOT
The current DISH app lacks features of the previous version; functionality, connectivity (current app requires frequent required login credentials and authentication) and unnecessarily awkward and frustrating interactions with icons (such as going forward or rewinding while watching a recorded show). There are many reviews here which go into further detail and discuss at length what has happened to an app which was once considered a solid, 5-star mobile application. I kept hoping some of the issues addressed in reviews here would have been addressed by now. Unfortunately they have not.
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6 years ago, tallguy77
We need this to be better
Buggy and terrible user interface. Doesn’t connect at random times. Going into Transfers shows you a blank screen rather than straight to your transferred shows that of course are what you want. Setting a show to record often errors, or tells you it’s recording and then doesn’t actually record. When you pause a show and come back to it, it usually loses your place. Too many taps to do anything... why not ask at the end of playing a DVR’d show over streaming, if we want to delete it? Watching on a plane *while in airplane mode*, the app helpfully tells you with an obnoxious yellow bar at the bottom that you are offline. Duh. Dish, please invest in some good coding for this app and start over.
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2 years ago, Laura luv
Commercials break FCC with no regard- highly disruptive
Aside from the excess of advertising time, the 1st time a lFindlay auto Henderson commercial came on It was so loud that it woke and startled the baby, the toddler, the dog and the hubby. I was also startled from 2 rooms away in the kitchen. “OMGOSH!” I thought, “is it some sort of emergency alert?!”… babies are crying, dog shoots up from sound sleep and spins in circles not understanding what is happening, the hubby hit the recliner chair button and sprang up, my heart jumped from my chest… his a stupidly loud commercial which has come on several times in one show. There is no call for that, no sense in that. I’m already playing at a low volume. I’ve reported to the FCC, they also suggested confronting the company directly (good luck on that) so I’m doing it here. I will change my rating when they start following fcc guidelines
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