Disney Coloring World

4.3 (48.4K)
471.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
StoryToys Limited
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Disney Coloring World

4.28 out of 5
48.4K Ratings
1 year ago, ndiuuiascdhyi
Love it just 2 problems.
When the one month free trial offer came up on my screen I clicked it after I said yes to the trial I put in the password and everything however I restarted my iPad and it did not work and the offer is not coming back and I have no idea why so I wish that you could make an area for the offer is like a one month free trial so more people would actually like to buy some trials.I wish you’d give us more than one free castle and would allow us to have more drawing characters from each drawing area/character. Most people are interested in the princesses and some people are also interested in the cars so if you can give us at least 5 or 10 drawings from each I’d actually give you a five star and I’d tell everyone about this game but I wish that there were more free items in this game however other than that this game is so much fun and active I’ll love it. so I recommend you download it but you might not have as many items but still you will have so much fun. Bonbon
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3 years ago, Con7707
Good app
The app is really good. Some ways you could improve are don’t add so much stuff to the subscription, but add more to the free version. By doing this, more people could get the app, and not have to erase everything just to color it again! So, if you add more coloring pages to the free version, then more people could see how fun the game is, and then want the subscription. My kids don’t have the subscription, so this is from another point of view. Also, please make the opening to the app not “BUY THE SUBSCRIPTION AFTER WE SHOW YOU WHAT YOU COULD DO” just make the app open right to the coloring pages. Then maybe ten or twenty minutes after you open it, it asks you to subscribe? Thank you! Other than those things, this app is really fun, and my little kids really enjoy it. Please take these things into account, and please reply back! Scarlet America
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1 year ago, Shizzilina
I love to draw and create art
Some of my friends are going to enjoy it as well and they have been enjoying their new coloring pages for years and years now I am really enjoying it so much that I’m really enjoying a lot of them . Also did you know that the new coloring pages are coming in a few days until they come back to life? How cool would it feel? The whole world is getting new pages for even a whole week? I’m just getting started on new stuff right here on my blog so if you’re interested about pages come to my website or something like a blog I would like you guys help with this one too if you’re not interested I would appreciate a lot if it would work and if it does I can also help with your page if not it’s totally fine but I’m still busy at this point so I’m trying not really doing any other projects and just a little busy with the whole week so it’s all on a busy schedule
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2 years ago, supercorgi20
This app ok
I love Disney and I haven’t really played many of their apps before. This one in particular has ups and downs. It is fun to color the pictures and play in the Cinderella castle but… I do have some ideas to make the app more fun: I really think the price for one year free for the whole thing might need to come down. Many families do not have enough money for their kids to do that, some kids are too young to get chore money. Take a two year old for example: he or she is too young to mow lawns and his or her family can’t pay for the subscription. I used to play this on another device and everything on that was free. I just want to say, I know you are trying to make money but some families can’t do subscriptions. I think that might be the reason the app gets deleted quickly. I do love this game a lot but prices need to come down in fact they need to be at least under 20 bucks or me and other people might not get the full and best experience. Thank you so much for taking up your time to read this, I personally think it might be very helpful to you and other people.
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9 months ago, KatyaM.
Looks like a lot of problems but good
Coloring pages made me feel funny. I don’t want to delete this app. It is important that you are not able to buy the V.I.P. But it’s a problem. I love doing the Disney princess coloring pages. But there’s another problem. I don’t like that you don’t have to go back to the castle. And that’s the other problem. I also like how the castle was shining on the park. But also there’s another problem. I hate how you feel about dreams of the castle and I can’t go inside the castle. That’s the other problem. I have no idea why they do that. But there’s even another problem. I don’t like that there’s not a picture to decorate the castle. That’s even another problem. I have no idea how much they make it happen. It’s a good app but all of that is fine. I’m done talking bye bye.
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2 years ago, Dollama
Great App, but needs more options
My daughter and I color on this app. She enjoys to watch me color the characters and then colors them herself to compare. Personally, the tools are great, but there need to be size options to change the size of each tool. I’m an artist and like to add extra details, and the tools don’t make it easy to do that. Even my daughter gets frustrated with how large or small a tool is and it makes her want to stop coloring because, in her mind, she’s messed her picture up. Please fix this and you’ll have many more subscribers-it will definitely make me as a parent subscribe because it makes things easier and more versatile- also more fun for me. If I am going to sit and color with her, I’d like to at least be able to change my tool size…. Because in real life, She and I can choose whatever tool and whatever size we want that is most affective for what we want to color.
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5 months ago, AdaJoyF
Just a Few Issues
It’s a great app. The magic coloring brush to make it look like the actual character is a nice feature. My issues with it is that it doesn’t allow family sharing, which is frustrating with kids because if you buy more coloring pages, it’s only on one device. That’s frustrating for kids. Also, I don’t like when I buy a group of coloring pages, I only get one at a time. The pages are blacked out until you complete a page. I just want access to them, I don’t need the app to teach my kids incentive for something I already bought. These two reasons are why I will no longer buy more coloring pages and just use what the app already has. But overall, I do really like it.
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2 years ago, Happy pancakes 33
Perfect and Fun!!
I love this game, my sister uses it all the time and it’s perfect for her to use! I downloaded it on my iPad, and she plays this all the time. We purchased the Frozen pack and it was such a good buy, her name is Anna so she loves the movie, the only downside was she made me color on them all to unlock them 😂 Great game for little kids and sometimes for big kids too! I also love the fact that even if we don’t purchase anything, there are so many pictures for her to color! Even though every night I have to erase every single drawing so she can color them over again the next day. She also loves playing with the princesses and other characters that she drew in the castle!
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1 year ago, ✨Axolotl Queen✨
Very good game
(Im a kid) I love this game so much. You get to color amazing Disney characters, But you have to pay for the best experience. I think it’s like 50$ a year or something, so some families might not be able to pay. The free version isn’t very good, so if you can’t pay don’t buy unless your desperate. But if you can pay then the game is REALLY good. You can color Cinderella, Belle, Buzz light year, Maribel (From Encanto), and more! But, to get more characters in a coloring book, you have to color the one it gives you. Lastly, you can color the same page over and over again. Oh! Also, you can play with your masterpieces in playhouses.
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3 years ago, DoBetterDisney
Please stop saying you support family sharing if you don’t
I have two daughters that each have their own device. They love your free coloring app. For their birthday we decided to spend the $50 (not one time...per year) to unlock the full app. After spending about 20 minutes trying to figure out if the subscription applies to family sharing or not, the app gives conflicting information (on purpose) by saying it supports family sharing but then in the fine print saying only if you have the same Apple ID. We hoped for the best and went for it. Of course it’s not which we didn’t find out definitively until after subscribing. Now we’ll be unsubscribing in full, removing the coloring app from both of their devices and forgoing any other Disney purchases. So instead of a still insane $50 per year so that a 6 and 4 year old can use your app you’ll get zero. Disappointed in you Disney. You’re better than this.
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2 years ago, Riley Migue
My kids love this app!
My kids where asking for this app when they where looking at the pictures and the stuff on your app. I told them they could get it and they where very excited! I checked to see if the things where family friendly and it definitely was. My son uses this app everyday and my daughter uses it to. Thank you for making this app. And for the people who said they had problems subscribing they don’t really have to subscribe because this is already a great game for my children, and there are already enough pictures to color and places to put your characters.
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1 week ago, GamerYoutube2121
Great app and all but..
I love this game and all no issues except for pricy subscriptions. But that’s not what I’m talking about right now. When your scrolling through the movies it takes forever to find what your looking for. Maybe at a search button? I also have another issue. The lack of maps. If your gonna want this game to work, you need a lot of maps and more space in maps. If not, it won’t work. Another issue is that there are certainly too many of one person sometimes which just makes one movie take FOREVER. And it gets annoying. I get it if they are a main character but we don’t need that much of them! Thank you for reading this and for your time.
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3 years ago, Azuwunit
Two children/ two diff Apple ID/ two diff devices
I’ve been deceived as far as the apple sharing aspect of this device. I have two daughters that love this app. Figured since it was part of the apple sharing- I would only be purchasing one subscription- and they both get to benefit. That unfortunately is FALSE. I am charged twice a month, because as I just found out from reading someone else’s review. Had to be same Apple ID. That unfortunately doesn’t work in the real world when you have two kids that have different personalities and game/app styles. This clearly needs to be removed from app sharing since that’s not true. I told the girls today, I’m not sure if I’ll be renewing this month. As I have other bills and etc that needs to be paid. Trying to keep your child entertained shouldn’t be this costly.
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3 years ago, BryanBooth
Money grab
Very disappointed in this app. It’s obviously about the money. The previous app worked and this one doesn’t offer much more. Except it charges for everything again. You have even less than before and all the coloring books you previously bought do not work on this app so they want you to buy the new coloring books. If you do there are only about 5 that are compatible to scan versus the dozens on the older app. We liked the older one and bought a lot on it only for them to tell us to do it again. I won’t buy on this app again because they’ll probably stop supporting it. They also made it so the old app won’t work so you’re forced to migrate over to this one. You are only given one character per book unless you want to subscribe and pay every month now. It’s not even a one time purchase.
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4 years ago, K-Mack 28
Great so far but not artist focused
This app is great so far I just started playing it. Personally i love Disney so I wanted to try it but there is a lot of tools, colors, and features you could add to improve the experience for older artists and those people who are more skilled. Disney characters are very iconic and that includes their outfits but you can’t zoom in to add the detail that I want to the characters. Also you don’t offer a color wheel option so that the artist can pick any color they want to allow for shading. These are just some suggestions you could add to make your app more appealing to older artists. I hope you consider it because it is a lot of fun.
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4 years ago, cpree😎
Needs a lot of work
This game needs some work. You give so much characters without paying but you get only one world. I have been playing this since it came out and I am very tired of Belle’s castle. How about take out a few characters and then add another cool world so people can see how cool the other worlds are. And then they will pay to get the other worlds. This will help us players and your app and that will be a win-win so take my advice and you will get more money. I might even start paying if you take my advice. The only reason I haven’t was because I didn’t know how the other worlds were and I didn’t want to waste my money.
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2 years ago, 🎤👩🏼‍🦱
Worst game ever
Don’t get this app it’s all pay 2 play I got it thinking I could do something with it I’m just a kid I don’t got money 4 y’all all this app wants is money it’s just sad I’m just a kid and I can see what y’all do as cerl as day y’all know what y’all doing😭 u have got 2 know I mean this app is a money pit I didn’t give y’all app anything at all my mom works hard 4 our money 2 take care of me and u think I be like hey let’s take that hard work u did mom and put it in the trash I’m not just going wast my moms hard work with this app and the fact that some people do makes me sick I love almost all the Disney apps but this one is nothing but a money pit I’m just a little kid and know that y’all don’t care if 0 stars was a thing u would get it please just do the right thing and make this app free😭
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4 years ago, NJ_Mom/4
Ugh! Tricky but possible to share all content with family!!!
Very frustrating, but possible to just purchase one for the family. My kids LOVED the free Version, so I upgraded - my son especially was excited for more than a Princess scene. But to share between the family there’s a bit of a workaround. Per the developers, they suggested logging in as the purchaser (so I used my Apple ID, not the kids on their iPad) to download the app, after checking that everything worked, logged out and back in as them. Everything worked fine - they are all happily enjoying everything!
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1 year ago, kkaloides
My kids love it
Our family really enjoys this app. I gave 4 stars because this app isn’t attached to family sharing. My kids use their own iPads and have their own Apple IDs. I purchased under my Apple ID and now for them to use it, their iPads have to be signed into my ID. This in turn sends all saved photos to my phone and allows them access to my messages and such. Can you please think about adding to family sharing through apple or make it to where you can add multiple authorized IDs on 1 account?
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6 months ago, Grace9289!
Bought a package but not getting access to it
My daughter loves this app and wanted more than the very few options that came with the free version. So I bought the princess bundle for $20, which apparently would unlock a bunch of coloring pages. However, it doesn’t truly unlock those pages. You have to keep coloring the pages you have in order to unlock those new pages that you bought. That feels super frustrating when you just spent money on something. You shouldn’t have to keep coloring other pages to open up the new pages when you paid money for those new pages—especially for $20!
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3 years ago, opangdhhbdjbdnhjd
I think the app is a lot of fun and my sisters and I play it together, but I am really really getting tired of playing in Bell’s castle and that is the only one I can play in. Also, not many of the pictures are available. Please please please consider this and allow people who don’t pay to play the app at least a couple more of the other castles. Please. No I haven’t subscribed. I have tried to hit the free trial button but it doesn’t work. Thanks for changing the palace, but this one doesn’t have much to do so can you switch it to a Princess’ palace. Maybe Aurora or Jasmine. Someone like that. Please, please.I don’t want to be annoying but I am really really getting tired of this palace now!
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1 year ago, My_Review_For_You
Not true to its description
Great app!... until I found out you don’t actually unlock more as you color more pages. The game looks super fun in the videos and pictures, and I followed its advice about coloring more pages in order to unlock more pages. Well, it doesn’t actually work. I colored all the available pages, thinking I would unlock more, but I never did. They only give you 1 or 2 pages from each movie. I was excited to unlock more!... but then I found out you have to buy the rest of the scenery/sets and coloring pages. Not what I thought. Not too many choices on what to color, so unless you spend REAL money on the app it’s not worth it. I don’t recommend it.
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5 years ago, Enzy/エンゼィ
Great! But more stuff, please!
Good attention detail (I can't believe the Beast's Castle has the organ room from the sequel!), a lot of characters both free and paid (the latter of which I haven't unlocked yet) from a good variety of franchises, lots of colors that includes a magic ink for reference, and the ability to play offline makes it worth getting and at least considering paying for. My only gripe is that I don't know what characters are on their way! I'd love to be able to color more characters from Cinderella, Disney Villains, Pooh, or some of the TV shows like Gargoyles and Gravity Falls.
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4 years ago, TEllzey14
Where is the unsubscribe button.
I guess this is a fun coloring app, but I’m not happy with the subscription feature. After entering my seven day trial I tried to unsubscribe. There is not an unsubscribe button. There is only multiple options of how to pay. Multiple plans and pay monthly or annually. I wasn’t able to cancel my trial and I have been charged for a 1 year subscription for something I don’t want. Now that I’m subscribed for one year there once again isn’t an unsubscribe button. How am I supposed to unsubscribe 24 hours before renewal if there isn’t an unsubscribe button? I expect better from Disney. I never expected this large family entertainment company would have to stoop so low they would trap unsuspecting customers in a subscription they can’t get out of.
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2 years ago, Meredith Eagle
I have had this app for quite a while now. I started the coloring pages with Mickey and Friends and slowly progressed to the Princess coloring page. Afterwards I moved in to the Zootopia coloring section. After skimming the page I clicked on Judy Hops immediately: it caught my eye. She saved my life and taught me how to be a hero, a women hero. In fact, I ended up naming my bunny after her. I love Judy. Unfortunately to my surprise, when I began to color Judy in, devastation hit me like a wave on a windy beach. Tears slowly but surely filled my eyes until I could no longer see, and I dropped my phone. After my 27 minute and 14 second breakdown I scavenged for my phone. What is the reason for this havoc? There was simply NO available colors in the pallet that matched Judy Hops fur tone.
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3 years ago, Savannah_Daisies2.0
Good but it’s to expensive
I love coloring in real life and online so this game suits me well! It’s so much fun and it has tons of colors with some of my favorite Disney characters. But almost all of the coloring sheets you have to pay for and I can’t do that! I was really looking forward to coloring some Encanto coloring sheets but there was only one available! And when I completed it the next one had a gift box on it and I thought I unlocked it but nope, I still had to buy it! So maybe they could change it to where if you complete the ones that they give you, it will give you more coloring sheets ? That would be nice!
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5 years ago, tiner227
Not easy for little kids
I tried this out before showing it to my 4 year old and am glad I did. This will just frustrate her because there is no setting to make it stay inside the lines. The magic color button is the only one that stays inside the lines automatically, but then you can’t choose the colors. You also can’t zoom really close to see the fine detail by the line, making it even challenging for me to stay inside the lines. Also, for a subscription/ “expensive” app, it would be nice to have separate profiles so different users can color their own stickers/pages. Won’t be paying after the free trial.
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1 month ago, Maddie rowlett
Listen my child loves playing but there is just too much money on this game every day she asks me for money on this game and I’m disappointed because I’m made of money. And they need to add more free stuff my daughter can just be asking me for money every single day I get so annoyed with this game. And I tell her no and she goes and tell her father and he keeps telling me that why don’t you buy it for her? And I keep telling him that I’m not made of money and money doesn’t grow on trees she is not spoiled! But he just doesn’t listen. So developers READ THIS PLEASE. Because this game is getting out of hand and I’m not rich! If someone reads this please don’t download this game if your not willing to pay ALOT of MONEY . Thank you
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3 years ago, Addy bug boo
Ads fake.
This game wasn’t even fun when I first got it. The developers only care about MONEY 💰 . First of all you only get ONE free coloring page, and all the others cost money SEPARATELY. Second of all the ad looks like it’s free and you have to do quests to unlock them.... But nope you have to pay money just to do a coloring app! The coloring page gets pretty boring this is clickbait. If you actually want to do multiple coloring pages you have to pay a lot of money for one game that you or your child is eventually going to delete soon. Unless you are super rich 🤑 or you spoil your child or yourself a lot I suggest you do NOT get this. Horrible just horrible this is crappy clickbait. (THE DEVELOPERS ALSO ALWAYS SAY DUMB THINGS FOR EXAMPLE “Have you subscribed yet?” ON REVIEWS LIKE THATS TELLING PEOPLE TO USE MONEY 💵 ON YOUR STUPID APP.)
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1 year ago, Dr_JD
Insanely expensive
This app is fun for kids, but the cost is just outrageous. I understand companies will make money however they can, and Disney is no stranger to pricing things too high but the whole idea of a subscription based model for a drawing app is just ridiculous. This app would have cost $6 at most five years ago before everyone is trying to make everything a subscription. Now it’s over $6 a month or $50 a year??? Talk about subscription fatigue. This remind me of how certain BMWs want a subscription for heated seats. Just makes no sense. Explain how this app provides as much value and content as the Disney + app subscription for around the same price per month. I’m a big fan of Disney but do better Disney.
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2 years ago, kkmeme222
I love this app but some ideas to help
This is a really fun app subscription or not but maybe you add something’s paying attention more to the Disney park like maybe some it’s a small world kids pages or maybe some backgrounds the are in front of a Disney ride I think this would be a great addition to the game but you don’t have to if you don’t want to or if you can’t just some suggestions but this is a really good app and I really like it. Side note: keep up the good work Disney
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1 year ago, I dont know thing
LOVE IT! ❤️❤️❤️ but a few suggestions
So I have the the payment for each week ( I got this game a long time ago) AND I LOVED IT! But a few months later… my parents dropped the payment 😭😭😭 so basically could not do anything. Also, I love that you can delete the app and like I said I had the payment it would save my progress. Please add more free items that are free 😃I would be very happy! One thing about the Castle, my drawings would get stuck in it! Then I can’t get them back! Thank you so much for reading!!! - Elizabeth Lowry
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3 years ago, Curi-Curi72
I’m an Adult and I Absolutely Love This App!
If my father could see me Coloring Disney characters, he would probably roll his eyes in disbelief that his nearly half-a-century old daughter enjoys Disney more than when she was a kid! This app is amazing. It has lots of activities to do regardless of the age you are. It fits all ages. It has games to discover how things move in 3D and the Coloring app has many textures and choices of materials to color with: from chalk, to paint brush, or crayon to oil paint textures, the experience is absolutely fantastic.
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10 months ago, Cutie little lady
A new update on Disney coloring world
I saw The Aristocats, but can you make all of the characters from the Aristocats two to the Disney coloring world so I can get a really happy it’s only for for free it doesn’t have the subscription it’s only is for free it’s only Aristocats status free all of the characters and the pictures are all free from the Aristocats to really want to see Aristocats to even the live action movie of the Aristocats so Aristocats free you have to make it, so Disney coloring world will be good and make some characters
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3 years ago, Ray Lovesick
Doesn’t Support Family Sharing
We have separate iCloud accounts for our kids for a reason. Please support family sharing. I’m not going to log into my children’s devices with my own iCloud account. Please stop suggesting that as a solution. Edit: I didn’t realize that I could log out of their device and the subscription would still work. Not a huge deal after all, and good to know they are working on a better solution! Updated my review to account for that.
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4 years ago, Otter the Jester
👌 Ok but
Welp I like this game but the only thing I wish is that you could instead of paying for all of it you can unlock and if you really want then you can pay for it like say if you color all the pages then you get elsa’s castle 🏰 so please please please stop 🛑 the trial plus Way too expensive just for a coloring app like so unfair and do it also for poor kids that can’t unlock things with money 💵 I promise if you do this than I’m sure so many kids will play this game. Thank you 🙏 for understanding my time and others. And stay safe
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2 years ago, benonichead
Feedback ingredient!
So this game continues disney characters and also a update called “encanto” encanto is a movie from disney but whoever made encanto is the girl or guy that is something i would say And a new movie called “squid game” this is a movie that looks like Blood. Are this a bad newspaper for a squid game newspaper in. looks like :) :( :( :I yesterday i was like wow how do you do that And also “Star Wars” was the creepiest establishments ever seen Dogs cats and more this is muster masters so “sonic” was okay. As a result reminder of we get wednesday as a graduation present. How absolutely amazing associated performances of were bad Warning sonically pleasers of websites of “the backrooms” The backrooms is envious certainly not a bad or good monster As the monster if they are faster go faster than the monster. As a player just escape the backrooms or else they kill you
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2 months ago, Hazelazel1234
Great game but 1 problem
I love this game, it’s very entertaining. But the thing is my parents had to buy this game when I first entered the game to do pretty much ANYTHING! so yeah, I think that instead of adding so much stuff to the VIP version, it should be the same amount of both versions. Also, I think it would be a cool feature to make your own character design.I think that It would be really fun to have that feature. That’s it!
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2 years ago, 👁👄👁3 emjios
Actually this app I really recommend this app I am very speechless
SO we all like Disney princess when we are kids and we still might as a teenager or adult i don’t care. You can color different Disney characters and all. The only thing I don’t like is that you have to pay to get islands and all i don’t know if they updated that I’ll check right now and I will write another review. I’m bored so I might play it right now. PS:PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS REVIEW IT WILL MAKE MY DAY 🙏🙏
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2 years ago, sm6512
I LOVE THIS GAME BUT a couple problems
Hi I’m 9 and there’s some problems,1st when u put a character on the carpet the were they walk they sometimes get stuck and it gets annoying 2 I just got the kitchen were they eat but when I leave the kitchen and I want to add more characters but they say that I have to much characters and I have few characters so that is kind of annoying that it have a great day
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9 months ago, xSilverKD35x
Fjfjfjfhhfhfhfhfhfhfhfhfhf I wewwww it is a joke I just want a good one so I don’t get it now I just don’t know how I feel now I don’t want it to end like that I don’t know how I can handle this but I’m just trying so I don’t feel bad about this I just don’t feel like I’m being rude to you wewww I don’t want to be rude to you I just don’t want to hurt you or anything I just want to be nice to you and I don’t want to be mean to anyone.!
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2 months ago, curtains squishy
Disney I like
So the reason why I did the Feedback it’s because I don’t really get to do that thing I’m not allowed to cook anything on there it’s just I’m usually just doing a little kingdom thing gardening that’s all I’m really doing so if so if you could at least help me get everything for me Paris then that would be so awesome so if you’re allowed to do that then that would be a Feedback for me
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11 months ago, J-Cat11
I ❤️ This App
I love this app but I just wish some more of the coloring pages and tools to color with were free so I can let my imagination flow into my work and so I can color more pages because I love to draw and color. Could you just make more tools and coloring pages free? Then this app would be flawless. I hate having limits on things that I love. If you could just do these things then you would be a five star app. Thank You!
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2 years ago, qwqieijcnvjrjeoe🤰🦇🤬
Cool but why not this…
I love this game I have colored all of the pages. I think a good coloring page idea is Ron’s gone wrong coloring pages. I could imagine going to this app to play with the stickers and seeing Ron on a coloring page logo. Please add this one day. That is really the only thing that bothers me. Oh right please add more backgrounds because I’m tired of using the Disney castle background for some characters.
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1 year ago, Diamond fluffy
Three stars for this junk! So I was excited and obsessed with this when I first got it, but then eh boring! BOO sorry if I’m being mean but that’s not the only reason I don’t really enjoy this. So the coloring when u choose the option to ‘color on ur own like with your own colors’ WHY IS THE COLORING SO MESSY 😩!!!?? Annoying app ! Also SO MANY GLITCHES AND BUGS 😩 PLS FIX SO U CAN AT LEAST GET A FOUR STARS REVIEW THEN FIVE! BYE 🎆🥳 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! BYE ! STAY SAFE AND HEALTHY! THANKS FOR READING DEVELOPERS AND REVIEWERS!!!!! BYE also pls let us unlock the free draw thing cuz I finished all the given Disney pictures and BORED SO PLS
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1 month ago, Rosey Lee Hatcher
Super fun game
My name is Rose Hetcher. This game is so much fun! I have two little girls that love this game sometimes they ask if I want to play it with them, and I said I will play it with you, and when I played it, it was so much fun and awesome! Then I started playing it with them more. I think you should make a more fun games. Rose Hetcher California Vacaville 650 Guild Rd.
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5 months ago, ✨Vicky
it’s kool! but needs a tiny bit fixing
I love this app,I group as a Disney lover and I love coloring the details are also nice touch to the paint! BUT you can also use without WiFi with also nice . And you can be creative with your own colors and art witch I recommend . But the lock to unlock new worlds I find a bit annoying but that is my opinion if you like it nice! Although I find it fun and also makes my day!
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3 years ago, Emily Sofia Stein.
Love it!
So I love the game very much but there is two problems first it glitches so much and second you need to pay for it🙄. But it is still fun! My brother played this game for a long time and it been so fun for him❤️. I love it too! You get to color and play with your characters. The game is there for your imagination. You will have to pay it but I hope you will like it! Bye!
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11 months ago, coooopppppppppp
Fun game!
It is a beautiful game for children of all ages. I gotta say I am very addicted. It is a beautiful creative game. And the best part of all you are free to use whatever color you want. I gotta say there’s nothing wrong. It’s a beautiful game with wonder and fun for everyone. I recommend this for your kids. There is no ads. And you can make stories with the characters you made.
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4 months ago, Nanya333
Play to it pay.
I don’t really know much about this game, but my child has some things she would like to tell you about it————-does Elena of Avalor so I really like, but there is it on it but I really want to color it but they were all all of the coloring pages I pay money and is this tool that you get a rainbow, the rainbow on it, and I really want it but I pass money.———-sorry about the confusion in that but she’s pretty much saying that she has to pay for anything she’d like to enjoy. I noticed it’s becoming a theme in Disney games if you could improve it would be amazing..
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