DMV Motorcycle Permit Test

4.6 (1.9K)
34.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Iteration Mobile S.L
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for DMV Motorcycle Permit Test

4.63 out of 5
1.9K Ratings
3 years ago, HaloDameron
This app is not from the US
This app is good for learning some motorcycle riding rules, but half of the signs I’ve never seen on an American road. Take the signs with a grain of salt. Some questions were ripped right from the DMV sample test, which is good; However, there is an answer saying to lean with the bike in low speed turns. DO NOT DO THIS. Your bike will flop over. Make sure to counter weight the bike when making slow U-turns and slow tight turns. This app will also present you with Kilometers per hour questions and questions base on driving on the left hand side of the road. There was also an ad that was for a Legit p*rn video chat app and it was disgusting. This DMV permit test practice app is not the best but I wouldn’t deny the fact that it did teach me some. 3/5 stars is my rating. I put 5 so you will hopefully see this review.
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6 years ago, blkhwkby
Such a great app!
I was searching the web trying to find some sort of test prep when getting my motorcycle permit in California, and I came across this app. And I’m so thankful I did, I passed the test with flying colors! There are quite a few similar questions to that of the actual test, some are worded a little differently, but accurately enough to be extremely helpful! I would say just buy the full version, lots of additional content that will help.
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4 years ago, stankdog69
Passed the test
I practiced everyday for a week and I went into the dmv to take the test and passed first try with 2 wrong. Huge thanks! (This is in MN and all the questions were accurate)
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2 years ago, Dany-1085
Could not close ad
I am okay with ads as long as app works. When golf rival ad loads, close button is marked at very top right corner, and ad cannot be closed. I m using iPhone 12 Pro Max. I saw similar reviews of other folks before writing review. Also tried to contact develop to help with screenshot I got, but site was in foreign language and I couldn’t not report issue. (Decide not to spend too much time with doing). Could not use app even once with mock test.
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2 years ago, Zelda1267
Ads are ridiculous
The amount of ads you get on this app is just stupid crazy, yes the information is good and I understand you need apps to maintain the app ect. But I was getting ads after every 3 questions and it was just a pain to wait 5-10 seconds when your trying to study. Otherwise the information seems to be correct.
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4 years ago, Ian_h85
Not even close to similar questions
I passed my permit test today. After spending a week taking 30 question tests on this app multiple times last week I took the test. The questions were nothing like what’s on the test and I absolutely bombed it. I tried studying more and failed again. Once I got a hold of the permit book the dmv gives out I spend less than an hour studying it and passed the test only missing one question . This app is not helpful by any means.
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7 months ago, Flash Montana
thank you
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2 years ago, petercali1
Needs work
Obviously made by someone not from the states, uses KM and left lane driving, the X for some ads appear too far in the corner and don’t allow me to exit the ad to continue my test, gave up and deleted
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7 months ago, Angry Birdnut
This app failed harder than I did
The questions were nothing like the actual test in my state, despite it asking which state I was in, like it was going to give me different questions. What a joke. It was a false sense of security, and I failed the test. The ads went away when I bought this garbage app, but not the most annoying one to enable notifications. Every. Single. Click. It showed back up. App didn’t even work well, and neither the test button nor the settings button would do anything on my phone. I failed once, but you failed me harder.
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3 years ago, FlashlightNinja
Adds void the test
Every time I’m trying to take a practice test the clickbait home scape adds show up and lock everything up. You can’t exit them so you have to start over just for it to happen again. Try a different app or just get the book and save yourself the headache.
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2 years ago, Kara Ruthless
Conflicting Results
Although good questions, this is not a good study tool. In one 50 question exam, I caught two sets of identical questions, with one of my identical answers being marked wrong. Let’s debate, when crossing railroad tracks, should you or should not cross at a 90° angle? This test doesn’t seem to know for sure.
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5 years ago, Neeeeeesh
The ads on this app are HORRIBLE! I know there’s an option to go ad free, but come on! You can’t even click off the ad after they play. They literally cause the whole app the freeze! So after you do a 50 question quiz, an ad pops up, the app freezes, & now you’ll never know your score! Annoying!
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3 years ago, CoolChickn
Couldn’t get to the app because the ads.
I’m all for ads to help support a developer, this is ridiculous though. I couldn’t tap off the ads, even though I was very precise when tapping the X, would have loved to use the app but couldn’t even get to it.
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3 months ago, Lebowski73
Get rid of ads!!
Like I’m able to take test, HATE am as pops up every 2 seconds!
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2 years ago, firstblood213
Speed question’s
It would be nice if the speeds could also be in mph not kilometers Thank you
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3 years ago, Jerryoooo
Can’t close the ads on IPhone 11 due to poor design
I’ve tried closing out of the app and rebooting but I get ad after ad which are impossible to close because the X is behind my phone’s clock or battery level
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3 years ago, toledo14
Terrible app
Way to many adds pop up that you can’t get out of how are you supposed to take a test when adds pop up every couple of minutes terrible app
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1 year ago, Lalipop#2
Happy customer
This app is so awesome to practice to get your motorcycle license
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3 years ago, Grumpy old SOB
Great app
Great APP!!!
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10 months ago, Shemon88
at the test wasn't even closer the question
Do not spend your money on this app is useless, at the test wasn't even closer the question
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3 years ago, ntrdr
Can’t exit out of ads
When the x pops up in the upper left corner I cant press it to exit out of it. So I only get a few questions in and the app is disabled because of this.
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3 years ago, HarryPrimate
Don’t bother
Downloaded the app and was immediately disappointed that some game popped up and couldn’t be closed. As far as I am concerned, it’s useless.
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4 years ago, Shimbha
I never leave reviews
Whoever created this app truly did a horrible job. I suggest you use the practice that your state DMV provides; either way, there are truly better practice out there.
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2 years ago, shane60530i
The amount of ads is outrageous. Every 3 questions a 45 second ad pops up that you can’t get rid of.
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5 years ago, Ilya_t
Crappy ads
I’m sw developer and I realize app needs to monetize, but please check what you’re showing. An ad with a “close” button which is not working - ruins UX
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4 years ago, jordann643467754
I can answer 3 questions then get an advertisement, I then can not close the advertisement to continue.
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3 years ago, Piddi85
A lot of questions don’t make sense and might lead to not passing the actual test. Don’t waste your time and money with this.
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6 years ago, kylef250
Bad app
App is horrible didn’t have half the questions I actually had on my test
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12 months ago, BecFActress
Not great
This test uses the metric system. This is an extremely unhelpful app. I regret paying for it.
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2 years ago, maximmm
To many ads
To many ads
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3 years ago, street223
Can’t do anything
Can’t close app
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2 years ago, nissanhere
App is terrible
Nothin but adds
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3 years ago, thisappisgarbage1991718
Absolute garbage don’t waste your time
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2 years ago, TYBBFU
here’s a real review
this review has nothing to do with the ads. i get it. need to make money somehow. Some or most of these questions are good. i’ve been getting between 80-100 on the mock tests with this app so i thought i was time to take the real one. i failed. and the reason being that i didn’t recognize a lot of the questions. i think that this app may need an update.
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4 years ago, Johnnythecatvoy
This app is garbage
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2 years ago, palm4622
Can’t even use
The ads pop up and you can’t exit out of them because they’re right over the battery on your phone.The ads inevitably make this app useless
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