DMV Practice Test Genie

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User Reviews for DMV Practice Test Genie

4.77 out of 5
164K Ratings
2 years ago, Camerwa
Best way to pass if you have read the handbook
This app is great and offers the best way to practice your knowledge test multiple times and get ready. Now as many others have mentioned in their reviews, there is no way to skip reading the Handbook. I was lazy when I moved back to CA to renew my license until my out of state license came one month to expiration. So I had to take the test and book an appointment with less than 2 weeks to practice. With kids and work it’s difficult to find time. I exclusively used this app to get ready doing 4 test a day. I felt ready the day of my appointment. I barely read the handbook while preparing for the test. Man my test was for some reason so much harder than I ever thought a test can be. I had two older ladies around me who where struggling just getting their computer to work and it was a huge distraction. Long story short. My first two answers were wrong and I thought I will be done. The rest of the test was harder but there is a logic to the questions when you don’t know the answers. I used common sense plus logic to get through until some of the questions I practiced with this app started popping up and then came the confirmation screen that I passed the test. Huge relief but conclusion is that take the time to prepare. Study the handbook as much as possible. Practice with the app while studying the handbook. Best of luck
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5 years ago, Jasminexaa
Helpful, but don’t rely on just this app!
I recently passed my permit test, so here are some suggestions that I definitely recommend doing if you want to pass! I know everyone says this, but I can’t stress it enough, read the manual! I live in Tennessee and every question on my test came straight from the book. If you don’t want to read the book then skim through the pages at least. I really only used the book to study the alcohol and dui portion, everything else I studied from doing practice quizzes online. If you live in Tennessee I recommend taking the test on paper, make sure to ask for it otherwise you’ll be taking it on the computer. I took the computer test, the questions are worded differently so make sure to read it carefully before choosing an answer! Don’t rely on just this app alone because none of the questions that were on this app appeared on my actual test. However, there were some that were similar. I passed with only 1 wrong. The test itself isn’t hard, unless you make it hard. It’s mostly filled with commonsense, it isn’t timed so don’t rush. If you don’t pass the first time you can always retake it. I believe in you, you got this!
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2 years ago, Skye Satoru
I passed!
I paid for the full access for a week version, I do really enjoy the way that this app teaches, explaining why the answer is correct and I like having the accumulative test so it gives an opportunity to refresh your knowledge without having to go to each individual test. That being said I live in Washington which is said to have the hardest knowledge test out of all of the states. There were little to few actual questions from dmv genie on the knowledge test, but a lot of the same concepts. This app is not to give you answers it is to help you learn concepts so you can answer questions similarly on your own. The only question I recall that was on the exam that was not on dmv genie was about inattentional blindness and a question about where the headrest should be. I used dmv genie, read the drivers guide, and used a few other website with practice questions and I got a 38/40. Make sure you relax, read the questions carefully and take your time. Not everyone passes on their first try so if you don’t it’s okay you’ll know what to study for next time.
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6 months ago, yuh68419
This app is great just like the handbook
I want to let you know I passed with only an 80 on the 5th attempt thanks to not only the app but also the TN handbook! But just to let you know, I looked at the TN handbook to see if it had the correct material from the app and it did and it made me feel very confident. And right after that, I felt a little different. I was not only feeling empty, but I also felt super anxious and worried about the fact that I would have never made it again on the 5th try and I was beating on myself about it for nearly a few months. And I felt like it would’ve been huge trouble for me and my family. But somehow, I do believe that both of these resources will still help me learn about the road again in case my license expires and that I will be forced to do this whole process again. But right now, I still give thanks to the app for not only helping me get my learners permit, but also helping me learn more about the road and about life. And I believe that’s all I needed to let you know about. And as always Thanks, Patrick
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2 years ago, Tone239
I’ve had this app (DMV Genie) since 2019 to get my CDL I used this app religiously. Initially I was going for my class A. This app is genius !!! Literally everything I studied from this app was on the test when it came to the written portion it was like I took the test before other people sitting around me biting nails fidgeting etc and I’m just click click click click it was a breeze!!! Anyway everything was in succession to obtaining my CDL thanks to DMV Genie . 1) purchased the app “1 time payment option”2) used the app for 1week 3) took the written exam 100% on all tests even endorsements I took !! 4) walked out with my permit 5) 2 weeks later came back to dmv for road test 6) walked out with my CDL !!! Took me 3 weeks to get my CDL!! Only reason why I didn’t get my Class A is because the company I was working for only had a class B vehicle available for me to use for the road test. Now I’m going for the ClassA and using this app (DMV Genie) again 3 years later .. and I’m confident.. Thank You DMV Genie you’ve helped me to expand my career opportunity’s !!!!!
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5 years ago, Amelia_19
Extremely helpful! Made the test easy. I just passed!
So happy that I used this app to help me study! It made the test feel really easy! The first time I tried taking the test last year, I used different means of studying, and unfortunately did not pass. However, this app was wonderfully helpful, and I passed with little difficulty this time around! The way the app is designed is very user friendly, but most importantly, it helps you to retain information in a fun, informative, and sustainable way. The smaller tests really teach you the information; and I loved the marathon tests, where it kept giving you the questions you got wrong until you’ve proven that you’ve learned them. My process: I went through all the tests in order, followed by going through the marathons again to review, then used “exam mode” before wrapping up. And then on test day (while I waited in line at the RMV), I took the “exam mode” again and again probably 15 or 20 times just to refresh. I tried many different programs, and this is by far the best app in my opinion!
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5 years ago, Nhillig1
DEFINITELY worth the download!
My friend recently took her permit test using this app, and she recommended it to me. I gave it a try at first, and it was rather difficult. However, this was because it was my first time taking the quizzes, so there’s no blame on the app. After taking the quizzes repeatedly until I got 100% each time I took them, I was ready for the simulation. I only failed once to get a pass right afterward! Every time after, I passed as well; sometimes I even got 100%. I went to the DMV this morning, took my test online, and the questions were almost EXACT to the ones on the app. Only reworded! I passed my permit test with only 2 wrong answers, but I flew through the exam. I highly recommend this app to people who are unsure about what’s on the test. This app is very accurate to what you’ll see at the DMV. If you want to go the extra distance and get premium, feel free. I did not purchase premium and STILL ended up passing. PLEASE DOWNLOAD!
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6 months ago, spam dex
I personally like the app but it has issues that need to be addressed
For information of the issues I may mention, I am currently residing in the State of Mississippi. My thoughts on the app is that it’s great if you have the money (which I don’t) and if you want to prepare for the style of questing the Class R License Exam. Other than that, here are a series of issues I have with the app: 1: The app doesn’t go over the topics that are going to be mentioned on the exam as well as it needs to. Please read the book as well and study it, this test doesn’t guarantee you will pass. 2: There is some incorrect information on the app, for example the merge sign which on page 24 of the MS Driver’s Handbook completely shows a different sign from what it says on the app. 3: The fact that all the practice tests past practice test #3 cost money is ridiculous. It would make sense just to charge the additional items like the “Cheat-sheet” and the “Most common test questions” but charging for the practice tests is utterly ridiculous. Anyways, I think this is one of the better more informative which is why I will rate it 4 stars. But as a person who’s about to retake the test, this doesn’t guarantee passing. I’m also pretty sure the Drivers handbook has their own sample questions which are probably better in general as a study guide. Furthermore, as I’ve said earlier that this is one of the better apps out here, I just thinks it needs to be a little bit more accessible and accurate.
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4 years ago, Remi Amokomowo
So because my original permit cared expired with the blue card that I got in my sophomore year of high school , my local DMV in Newark, New Jersey told me I had to take the written exam again because I am eighteen. So I’m freaking out because I thought for sure I was going to fail. But my beat friend recommended DMV Genie to me because that’s how she passed her first time. I literally scheduled my written test exam three weeks after I went to the DMV. I studied DMV Genie’s free practice tests for like an hour each night and they sure payed off! I passed my written test today and I owe it all to DMV genie for refreshing my brain!Moral to the story ladies and gents please get everything done before your permit expires when you first take your test in high school! Thanks again, I highly recommend this app to everybody who needs to study for the written exam and they have a practice test for every state as well!
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1 month ago, bla de da
Misleading in app purchases
My daughter is studying for her learner's permit and wanted an app that would help her pass the test. I downloaded the app and purchased a premium package for 30 days. When she attempted to us the app, it states that she would need to purchase the app. When I contacted the developer they informed me that if could be used with the same Apple ID however she would have to purchase it for her device if she wanted to use it. My daughter is under my family sharing plan and has access to all apps purchased. Under the description it states: "family sharing Some in-app purchases and subscriptions may be shareable with your family group when Family Sharing is enabled." This statement makes it seem like in-app purchases are shareable under family sharing. The company told me I would need to purchase the app again for my daughter. The description is very misleading. This app is all ready expensive and I refuse to purchase it a second time. There are other apps out there that are less expensive that offer the same services. Based on this deception alone, I would not recommend this app to anyone.
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6 years ago, Hachihachoochoo123456789yeah
Good app but didn’t work for New Jersey Test
So this app is pretty good; it’s motivational, has lots of questions, and makes sure you review anything you got wrong. I’m glad it worked out for so many people but the road test practice questions for the New Jersey road test needs to be updated. Considering there were 10 tests, one of them being 360 questions, I’d feel I knew a good amount of questions for the road test. But during the test I’d say only roughly 15 seemed remotely familiar. The rest I knew from the drivers manual. Plus during the actual test, the choices I had learned to choose from the app were wrong. I wish I could post them so changes can be made but I don’t remember them. Also I know the app has repeat questions so people can review what they learned in the past but the frequency of the repeats is too often, there should be more varied questions to review for more information. If you’re taking the road test, use this app first since it seems easy to learn with but then read the actual manual to make sure the information you need to focus on for your state is accurate.
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2 years ago, Shubacca13
App and Customer Services
The app doesn’t allow me to login to my account. Every time I attempt to login with email and password it refreshes the page with no change. No error is given, just refreshes the page. Weird. As far as customer services, they take hours to respond. Now, the part that is my fault is that I selected the wrong subscription and I reached out to make a change. The few questions I had were almost ignored and they only tried to get me to upgrade, “I can upgrade you with your authorization in the next message”. No apologies, no steady responses and no empathy whatsoever. It just gave me the impression I’m getting scammed. I knew I wasn’t but had I not known better, I would think that I was. Otherwise, the over all experience with the product is good. A quality of life improvement would be to allow the “control find” to actually work in the CDL manual. It highlights but doesn’t bring you to the specific findings. You have to scroll manually and find them yourself.
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2 years ago, Mr. Keki
If you’re stressed out over taking the tests or you just want ensure you’ll pass, this is the perfect app. I paid the $30 for one month and did all of the general knowledge, air brakes, and combo vehicles practice tests- the marathon- then when I felt confident, I did the practice exams. The one gripe I had with the app is that the answers to the questions are always in the same order. Like question x, the correct answer is always the third option. So, for the practice exams, I had my wife read them to me in random orders. When it came time to actually test at the BMV (Ohio), the questions were the same ones you’ll find on the app. Only one or two instances where a single word was different than what I had read over and over on the app. If you actually spend time on this app doing the tests, forget the manual, the app is more than enough to help you.
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6 years ago, LLTeddy52
This app is amazing, I Passed my TN, Class A CDL😁‼️
At first I was nervous cause, I thought it’s just a normal app with lies. Then I started studying it and wow it blew my mind. Especially when I studied the exam. At first I studied the “test” on here and went to the DMV and failed my tests on the first try😔. I got really discouraged. But I asked myself, what’s the difference between “test” and the “exam “ on here. It’s totally different. Once I started studying the exam part, it had different questions and answers. I studied the exam on here and pass all my tests on the second try with flying colors. The questions and answers are the Exact same in the DMV. It blew my mind how this app helps you some much. I never read the book, I only studied this app and I passed all my tests. Now I’m going back to take all my endorsements. I never in my life wrote a review but this app changed my life and gave me so much hope. I will recommend this app to everybody. This app is legit.
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6 years ago, @mariahkeigh96
I have a question on the Arkansas DMV practice test on your app with the question "Two cars are parked outside of a fire station. Which one is most true?" The answers were ; Car a must remain 25 feet away from the driveway. And car b must remain 75 feet from the driveway. Car a must not park across the driveway Car a must remain at least 20 feet from the driveway. And the answer I put was "car must remain at least 20 feet from the driveway" And it was apparently wrong and the right answer is "car a must remain 20feet away from the driveway in a car be must remain 75 feet from the driveway." But yet it says nothing about 75 feet and my driver handbook and so I'm wondering where you found that? Because the only thing it says on my handbook is "do not park within 20 feet of a fire station driveway on the same side of the street, or street where proper signs are posted." Says nothing about 75 feet. UPDATE: I had a book from a previous year and looked it up on there and guess what it does have it! It makes me so mad they make all all these book without any of the right information on it. Because the new book didn't have any thing about the 75 feet like the old book does. The new books sentences would just cut off and was just not very helpful. Oh and i passed my test but I also read the book once before I took the test.
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4 years ago, Thalianblack
100% worth it! I practiced for 2 days!
I don’t usually write reviews for apps but for this one, I just couldn’t resist! At first, I didn’t want to pay for this app when there are many tests I could take online for free but they were confusing and couldn’t keep track of my progress like this one. So when I downloaded it, I took the free tests but hesitated paying for this but it was the best option I had so far. So, I paid and expected it to pay off because as a college student, every penny counts for me. I had briefly skimmed the handbook so when I started taking the tests on here, I had some difficulties. I did however go through everything in 2 days and was ready to take my test! I went to the California dmv and aced it the first time. Most of the questions asked on the test were on here and I finished in less than 10 minutes! It is 100% worth it! Thank you DMV Genie! Thank you
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4 years ago, j :-) c
crammed and passed!
I downloaded this app 2 days prior to my exam; I had been taking some online practice tests here and there but questions were often misleading so I felt like my learning was going nowhere. When I got this app I found that I was retaining the information; that’s probably because DMV Genie made it clear and fun to do. The day before the exam, I read through the DMV manual to clarify any additional questions I had and studied the marathon questions. My final study session was a mini one; while waiting to be called at the DMV I studied challenge bank questions and then gave my mind a rest once I was through with them. The permit test is exactly, if not, very similar to the questions I was given on DMV Genie and I’m so grateful for it. I only missed 2 on the exam which says a lot about the effectiveness of this app considering that I crammed my study sessions over the weekend. Thank you DMV Genie!
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2 years ago, waynesurber
Texas CDL Permit Achieved
Downloaded this 4 days before I took the test while doing the (newly: February 7th, 2022) mandatory in class 100 hours of review and study. Spent 2 days 1 1/2 weeks prior with just the Texas CDL manual, then sat through 4 days of in person class where basically the book was read to us and then practice questions , which were very similar to this app’s, we’re taken. Passed easily. Missed only a few per section for my own impatience and do to some different wordings. Specifically around ABS, which is phrased as something that requires special braking technique, which is counter to all the written manuals that say brakes should be used normally, excluding stab braking, which should not be done. I also studied and passed all the additional endorsements in the app, to find out that you can’t test for those unless you are ready to do the driving portion as well. Great app and loved the marathon and testing sections. I didn’t even finished all the marathons in 3 days but had an 81% chance of passing (according to the app), probabilities are shown and progress as you complete the tests. Best of the tests I used. Main criticism, $15 monthly is the only option other than $99 annually, while affordable, I’d prefer a short term one time fee of $15 Good luck!
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6 years ago, RPrewett
(EDITED) Massachusetts Permit Exam Pass
It’s absolutely ridiculous that the creators created this new premium feature that it’s very expensive. I was lucky enough to have taken the test two days before the update came out so I was able to access all the tests, some of which are now charged for. I had recommended this to my friends who will be taking their tests in the upcoming months but I’m going to go right back to them and tell them forget it because the app is just about useless now. They say the “core functionality” is still there, but the most helpful tests like marathon and the road signs test have been set to premium. They may have added some other tests, but many other people along with me were able to pass without all those added tests. But, the following text is what my original review said when the app was FREE. “THIS APP IS AMAZING! After passing all the practice tests, I was able to pass my permit test without getting any wrong! I got all 18 I needed to get right straight away! I would also recommend, at least for MA, reading/skimming through the drivers manual! You got this!”
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3 years ago, Mrs ME Williams
Great App to study from
I have to say that this app helped me pass all my tests first time around. I did go through the book to make sure of WHY on some of the answers, like a little more clarification for my own understanding…THATS ME!! When you go though these practice tests, make sure you read the extra knowledge provided with the answers. That will help to answer other questions. It’s a big help to read through each answer and also some of the hints. I was happy to have been told about this app through one of my instructors. I went through each section one by one… going over each tests until I made a 100% correct with only missing one or two BECAUSE of how they word it on the test at the DMV. I passed and will continue to use this app when I further my experience in different areas such as bus/motorcycle. Take your time…it does get easy when you practice practice practice. Read/skim the book too
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2 years ago, Anonymous5727
I’ve never written a review for an app but I must for this since it really works. I was recommended this app by 2 of my friends that also passed on their first try. Gotta admit I was pretty skeptical at first but it really does help. I knew nothing about commercial vehicles and didn’t even read the dmv manual. I purchased the 1 month subscription but didn’t even need it, only took a week. I studied the cheat sheets they provide and took all their practice test. I was surprised at how similar if not exactly the same the questions were on the actual test. I’m in California, and not only did I pass the general knowledge but also 4 endorsements all in the same day! Don’t, be discouraged if you don’t pass the first time, keep studying the material they provide and you will pass!!
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3 years ago, Mom2PnK
Glitch in Final Test Simulator
I am using this app to help my teenager study for their Driver’s Permit. First of all, it says that you can family share however when I purchased the lifetime membership, it only applied it to one of my devices so my kid has to use my ipad to study instead of their own phone - simple inconvenience. When doing the final exam simulator, there are supposed to be 3 exams, and there are. However, it will only log that my kid took 1 exam and this is frustrating to her as she does not see her success rate go up nor her likelihood of passing go up. After taking the 3 practice exams, if you hit “next test” (even though it says you’re still on test 1) it just cycles out of the exam test prep. We will find out in a few days if this app actually helped. She has failed by 1-2 questions on each of her prior attempts to pass the written test. I feel she is more prepared this time around but only time will tell.
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3 years ago, Plum98
Very helpful
I tried reading the book and nothing stood in my head, so I tried this app and started doing the quizzes. I went to take the general knowledge and air brakes test and failed. So what I didn’t notice was that this app has a section where you can get a pdf of all the most commonly used questions and answers. I read them thoroughly and did well on the quizzes. I went my second time to take general knowledge and air brakes and passed both. I studied for tanker and combination the same way and passed both tests the first time. I’ve heard people taking these tests over and over and failing and those same people telling me it’s super hard. So I think this app really helps, if you study the PDFs and do the quizzes. I’ve told other people about this app and they have passed as well.
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1 year ago, abby demarco
Great App!
I am taking my permit test in two weeks and after using this app, I feel more than confident in my knowledge. I have also used other practice tests that I’ve found online, and I would not have done good on those tests if I didn’t have the help of this app. I can’t stress enough how this is worth the pay. I bought it for a week and got to 100% in 4 days. It also gives you access to pdfs which will be very helpful to quiz yourself. Everything is easy to use and easy to understand. While the overload of information seems daunting at first, the app has you go over questions multiple times, until you actually know the right answer. If anyone looking to get this app has a permit test soon, you should consider getting this.
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5 years ago, kneec4ps
nice but has an annoying bug
It’s a very helpful app with questions pertaining to my state that helped me ace my permit test, but now that my permit expired and I have to take the test again, I’m noticing new problems. Most notably, whenever I’m supposed to get my results after finishing the practice test to see how I would do on the actual exam, I get “0% questions answered” and “0% questions correct” even though all the questions were answered and correct. This is something that needs to be fixed really soon if this app is supposed to help me for the test I’m supposed to take again soon. Other than that the only other things I can complain about are the recent paywall which is annoying (and which wouldn’t really seem like a great investment for $10 unless you’re THAT terrible at taking the test), but the content that seems to be locked probably doesn’t show up very much on the exam (at least in my state).
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4 years ago, cstunes
Great Resource
Just passed my written permit test in California (46 questions) and used this app to prepare. Highly recommend supplementing this resource into your studying for the test. I did not purchase premium but used all three practice tests, the diagnostic, and the road signs mini test. That was sufficient enough for me but I am sure that getting premium would be even better. The information and wording is incredibly accurate to what shows up on the actual test. I came across a few questions on the exam that were formatted the exact same way on a practice test here. The marathon tests are also very helpful for reviewing the questions you scored poorly at. I think the best thing you can do to prepare is to READ the Driver’s Manual frequently and use DMV genie to familiarize yourself with the test-taking. Don’t stress too much but if you study sufficiently, you will be destined for greatness!
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4 years ago, Sunshine1039
Worth every penny!
I bought this app full version for $9.99 because I really thought the app was helping me study & I wanted access to everything, even though the free version is also very helpful! I have been studying with this app for about 4 days & today I took my written drivers test AND PASSED THE FIRST TIME!! I saw so many of the exact same questions on the actual exam as I did here! I loved that you selected your own state and it didn’t just go over the rules of the road but also covered age restrictions on each licenses & alcohol Limits (both that were on my actual test) as well as a wide variety of signs &Scenarios. I felt confident and prepared for my test today & passed no problem! I would definitely recommend this app especially the full version to anyone wanting to take the written exam!
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1 year ago, KyleeA444
Best app I was able to find for my permit studying
I tried many different apps and websites to be able to study for my permit. I was having to learn everything on my own since I was not able to take a drivers education course. I was able to add in my state, look over the most asked questions and take practice tests to help me learn. (Doing practice testing is scientifically proven to help someone to learn better than cramming in most instances) I didn’t study consistently but with this app I was able to retain most of the information that I needed to be able to pass my permit test which is usually hard for me!!! I also used quizlet for the few things that I didn’t find on the app test wise. 10/10 would definitely recommend!!!!!
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2 years ago, Milk steak boiled over hard
Incredible App but not up to date
The DMV recommended this app to study for the California DMV knowledge exam. This app is extremely comprehensive and I love the way it breaks down each category and keeps track of the questions you miss. However, this app is not up to date and only covers questions up to 2021. By using this app, I essentially had all the information memorized by the time I took the test. When I took it, I failed and only failed with new information that wasn’t in the app. I wrote to the app to ask them when they would update and was chastised for using DMV genie as my main study material. I found this very frustrating but it’s also true. Only use this app as one resource for studying. If the app is inconsistent about staying up to date you cannot rely on it as your only source material. I would have given it 5 stars if they were up to date.
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4 years ago, GregD54
California Class A + Endorsements
Okay, so I was skeptical about this app actually testing you on the actually test questions. But let me tell you this app is 100% worth the money. I studied for my class A in California with this app, that’s general knowledge, air brakes, combination, triples/doubles, and tank. I paid for this app Sunday February 23th, I studied until Tuesday February 25th and took all tests on that afternoon. I was shocked to find that not only did this app prepare me more than enough, the questions it was quizzing me on... were EXACTLY the same as on the test. I passed all 5 tests in about 30 minutes, missing only 2 questions total(both my fault for quickly skimming the question) so if you’re looking for a good way to study for your Class A I can not recommend this app enough. Do It! You won’t regret it
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2 years ago, CAMMMM13
Amazing app I’ve always used to app when acquiring my Class A (taking the required tests along with my endorsements). Passed with no problem! Recently went to the MDV to add an endorsement, after almost two years so I was required to re-test all the written exams. AGAIN with this app passed anything Class A related the first time with ease!! However, when it came to the written exam for Class C… failed the 1st time(haven’t done this test in like 6 years). There were question I never saw on the app. Don’t get me wrong there were some questions from the app but there were enough that weren’t, that caused me to fail. When it comes to Class A testing this app is all you need!! But for Class C I recommend this app and also the DMV hand book.
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2 years ago, $@@
This is my 2nd comment about this app!
After reading a lot of the comments regarding this app, all were correct about this app being a great help to them. It’s definitely help me. For those few who are complaining about this app is nonsense. I can say the developers of this app put in a lot of work to make a very great app. It’s very accurate with the questions and answers provided. But most importantly, they actually take the time to respond to the comments of their customers no matter if it’s positive or negative, which means they are paying attention and listening to you.. Now how many other app developers does that? Not very many.. Keep up the great work. You have created an app that really helps people wanting to pass there DMV tests.
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5 years ago, Coach h56
Super Helpful and Encouraging
I like this one more than the other apps because it does more to keep track of your progress. I downloaded so many practice test apps and this one surpassed the others by FAR. I loved the challenge bank feature and the review feature and even the fact that it’ll give you a little hint sometimes if you really need it. It also has different levels of difficulty for the test so you can keep progressing your abilities. My favorite feature though, is the explanation feature. I love that whether you get the question right or wrong it explains what the right answer is. It has different tests for different states, and it’s very, very helpful. Wonderful app, would continuously recommend to anyone searching for practice test apps!
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2 weeks ago, DreamGamer78
I passed my exam!
This app did really help a lot for me but I will say that reading the handbook is very important and helpful, though I didn’t get any questions from the app on my exam they did help a lot with knowledge! If you don’t have someone to quiz you this app is absolutely amazing and will even tell you if you get the answer wrong it will let you know why the other answer is correct and that truly did help me a lot, I was able to see what point of the handbook I was not very knowledgeable about then go back over the handbook and try again. So even though I didn’t get any questions I saw in the app on the exam I still passed with flying colors and didn’t miss a question! This app is absolutely worth it
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5 years ago, Thapein
When I first took my DMV test I absolutely failed and was frustrated. The questions seemed so impossible and I felt like they literally MADE NO SENSE. I would have never thought that an app like this could ever make the test SO EASY. So to start off, this app (when fully purchased) gives you 3 different sets of tests. It gives you a set of test with all the Easy questions, Medium, and Hard. When you start off, you choose the test you want to take and when you begin the test, if you get an answer wrong, it 100% explains what the correct answer is supposed to be FOR EVERY QUESTION! So there are no confusions! When you retake a test, you cannot rely on muscle memory because the order of the questions and answers change every time, making it so that you have to actually read the question and think it out. This app is so good at what it does that when you go in to take the real DMV test, you’re going to be SHOOK TO THE GROUND at how easy the real test is! I feel like this was literally a better test than the actual DMV test! 100% 10/10 Five stars! This app is flipping amazing! :)
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1 year ago, flawberryjam
Content didn't match what was on the exam
I read my state's DMV Handbook in full before attempting to work through the courses on this app. I was very surprised when I began the written DMV exam that the questions didn't align with anything I studied so closely for through DMV Genie. My husband had downloaded the app to study for the written test a few months prior, and told me that the course material matched the written exam exactly. I can only suppose they have updated the exam in the interim, as nothing matched at all. I got several questions wrong, and passed by the skin of my teeth. I feel somewhat as though I was offered a false sense of confidence by paying for this course. To be clear, I went through the app rigorously: making sure I earned I a high-scoring pass on every subtest before before practicing all three mock tests several times over. The likelihood of my passing the written test was rated at "100%" more than once by the app, as I finished the mock tests on repeat in preparation. I hadn't understood in paying for this service I was receiving ether a) outdated questions or b) material that while helpful, would not be included on the test. I tried to contact the creators through the in-app "contact us" feature, but I received an error stating that my device "could not send emails," which I know not to be true.
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3 years ago, a person that loves the app
embarrassing but oh well.
Actually my cousin recommend this app because he went through the same process as i did and i asked for from help from him because his been driving for almost a year now, yes the app did amazing and i felt like i was ready for the road but like i said.. i failed my permit test. idk how probably cause i wasn’t studying hard enough but for my 2nd try i will try my hardest. this app has my trust because the questions from the test were worded almost exactly like the handbook! (oklahoma) the test had it.. this app had it and so did the handbook! i’m so surprise on how close detail it is. Hopefully i’ll pass on my 2ND try :) this app helped me a lot but i’m taking it easy trying not to shove a bunch of information. thanks for the help! appreciate it :D
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5 years ago, ChefXStorm
I had this app when I got my learners in Washington DC. I studied everyday when I had nothing to do. Or when I was bored. I got it the second try. I recently had to move into Maryland and sense I wasn’t able to transfer over my learners. I decided to get get this app to help me out. I didn’t know that I had to pay this time. But I am glad I had to. Because the first try I got my learners. I feel the price isn’t bad. And the tests prepares more then anything they have currently out there. I am 33 with a full time job and working to start my own business. If I can get two learners off of this app and pass two different state test. I know a teenager 16 years of age can pass their test if the focus each day and study for a month straight like I did.
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6 years ago, Jrod Buffalo NY
I passed my Core NY CDL test!!!
I have been going over the NY CDL handbook for some time, but never committed enough, I found this app about two months ago and I went on the app every time I felt bored or just to try it out, after almost two months -having previously read the book over a couple of times- I went took and passed my CDL B permit !! Thanks to this easy user friendly app!! I couldn’t be any happier, thank you !!!...The main reason of my review was to let every user and admin that this app DO work!! Now I go back in the app and there is a $9.99 for Pro version that was NOT needed to be paid for before, I mean I get it, but your app has thousands of downloads plus people like me share and recommend your app sadly now we got to pay to get multiple test and questions not being repeated, basically:(
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2 months ago, MannyRodriguez146
Excel Your Written Driver’s Test with DMV Practice Test Genie!
DMV Practice Test Genie is an invaluable resource for mastering your driver’s license test. With its engaging interface and comprehensive study materials, it kept me focused and motivated throughout my preparation. I discovered this app through their website, and opting for the enhanced features is a no-brainer. The premium subscription unlocked additional practice tests and personalized study plans that makes my learning experience more effective. Thanks to this app, I actually passed my written exam on the first try. It’s the perfect tool for anyone committed to success at their own pace. I do highly recommend investing in the premium features for an unbeatable advantage! Much great thanks to DMV Practice Test Genie!!
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4 years ago, May May 🌟1
Very helpful!
I passed my permit test today with 2 wrong. I used this app for a good month, and i also paid for premium. If you want to pass the first time, i recommend buying premium, it unlocks so many more tests and questions that I know I wouldn’t have passed without. I also cannot stress this enough, READ YOUR STATES MANUAL!! You can’t rely on this app with only practice tests. Everything on the test today came straight from the book. When you get the app, you can read your states manual from in the app as well. But i really recommend premium to anyone who’s going to consider it, I doubt i would’ve passed if I didn’t have it. Premium is definitely worth the money, and it really helped me pass the real test! To anyone studying, good luck!
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12 months ago, meme.savage👑💯
LOVE THIS APP‼️ I started learning driving at the age of 8yrs old. Ever since I got my drivers licenses (At Age 16) I always wanted to get my CDL. (Being that I’m a daddy’s girl) I started learning how to drive 18 wheelers🚛 & hot shot trucks🚚 with my dad & oldest brother. My mom & pops started their own trucking company (Patrick’s Trucking Inc.🏢) So of course I started working with them until I graduated high🎒📚👩🏽‍🎓Thanks to my parents,👩🏻‍❤️‍👨🏾 my oldest brother,🙋🏽‍♂️ & this app, Mi familia help me learn how to drive 18 wheelers on the roads & highways,🛣️ while this app helped me soo much with passing the test‼️📝💯 (Especially after failing my 1st time🥺) This app is awesome & it actually educates you to learn about roads, highways, road signs & etc. ( ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 STARS👏🏽) 🇺🇸
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4 years ago, Kelllynnn
Great tool
This app was worth the 10$, for the most part the app is free. I only wanted to have extra questions and the marathon portion to be as ready as possible, start by studying this and read the largest section of the actual Manuel such as fines and specific information. The questions aren’t the same on the app as they are on the test. They help you retain the information so don’t skip through the questions and if you buy the package for 10$ it helps you study and gives you a probability of passing so you study as much until you are ready. The 10$ package comes with all the signs and even the dui and demerit questions in various order which is great so you actually remember. Read the manual though!
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2 years ago, My5thTimeComplaing
Waste of time and hope.
This app is a complete waste of everything. I memorized 200 questions and all of the signs for what, for 5% of it to be in the actual test? I spent so much time doing and redoing the tests making sure i was able to ace all of them in a row, and not even half of the actual test had these questions, what was i taught, nothing. The fact that you even have to pay for some features as well is even worse. I failed the test of course, 4 times. Why? Why did i keep retrying of the course of 2 months? because i had hope in this app, i hoped that this app would actually teach me something. No. Learning all this took much longer than reading the whole book, and yet the book managed to cover the entire test... Dont waste your time on this, even if you select you state, or a different one the result stays the same, you learn little to none where it counts.
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5 years ago, Michaelsjohndeere
Maryland CDL
If the permit test were the same this would be great to prepare you for it. But given the test at the Maryland DMV seems to jump all over the place with the questions (I.e. air brake questions on combinations test after you have passed air brakes) it doesn’t help given the DMV ability to ask just about anything regardless of the test title. I rated it 5 stars as it has a good interface and gives some help. I guess my frustration is partially biased as I am able to drive a Class A truck with air brakes with no special license for farm use on the same roads. But be it any other job I’m required to pass a written test! So just keep taking all the tests even if you don’t think you need to after passing some sections.
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7 years ago, E-man1128
This app is simply invaluable.
Passed my IL Class A CDL exams (all endorsements) using this incredible app! Questions are almost identical to ones on the exam. You can use it without using the study guide or it will easily supplement it. Either way you can't go wrong with this app! One thing I notice unlike any other practice exams out there is that this app doesn't just ask you the same questions over and over (which you'll eventually learn by muscle memory) it completely switches the questions up on you and even throws random questions from the study guide to try and stomp you!! And to top it all off you can use the challenge bank to go over incorrect answers from all sections combined!! Genius!!!
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3 years ago, Mike_N169
Helped me a ton!
I recently passed my Gen Knowledge, Air Brakes and Tankers for Rhode Island. Though there're a few questions i didn’t recognize in Gen knowledge test that was not on the app, I still scored a 94%. Most questions on these practice tests were on my final exams. All air brake questions were on the final and most on tankers. I scored 94,100,94. I would definitely recommend this app. I did purchase the app for one month to take all the practice tests and it was totally worth it. The marathon tests are longer than you are going to take at the dmv and give you way more knowledge after taking them IMHO. Coat me $15 for the month then canceled and it helped me pass, do it, its worth it! GET YOUR CDL BEFORE FEB 2022!!!
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1 month ago, 3mma watsonk
Great for teens getting ready to take there permit test
This app is helping me take one of the hardest test I think I am going to have to take. The questions are so important and have pictures to help and free hints that you don’t have to pay for or wait for it to regenerate or anything. This app lets you pick which state you are taking your test in, I for instance am in South Carolina so all I had to do was find my state and get to work instantly. I have not took my permit test yet but I am absolutely ready to ace it and get my permit and get on the road. Thank you so Much to the creator of this app you are a master mind and deserve all the good things that are coming your way.👍🏾
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5 years ago, meloo D
If you dont like traditional manuals this is for you
If you hate sifting through traditional manuals and want only the most important information thats needed study this beginning to end im a procrastinator and waited until the last minute so i had to take my general test and my hazmat tanker doubles and triples and combination all at once and i passed 4/6 after only studying for one night i found it most effective to write down the ones you got wrong and do your challenge bank which has all the questions you got wrong after it bulids up to 30+ questions and youll be set idk how they did it but a lot of the questions i saw on here was on the actual test best 10 dollars i ever spent on an app 5/5
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5 years ago, RichieCarey
This app is it worth it!
Bought the app, messed around with it for two straight days, then went and took my test and Aced it!!! I will say there were a few awkward questions on the test that weren’t gone over in the app. One was when do you talk to your passenger. A few others I believed the answer was all of them, but that wasn’t an option. So, you just had to choose the one that best answered the question. Most of those were in the app somewhere, but in the app had an all of these option as an answer. You have to answer 19 out of 25 correct on the actual test. I would say 15 of the questions I answered were almost Word for Word exactly like they were in the app.
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