Do or Drink - Drinking Game

4.6 (3.2K)
15.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Rayan Aboul Hosn
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Do or Drink - Drinking Game

4.61 out of 5
3.2K Ratings
11 months ago, Merp225
Playing at work
I’m playing at work thought texting my friends and having a good old time 😂
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4 years ago, Devon N Singer
Didn’t Receive In-App Purchase, Emails Never Answered
Downloaded it because it seemed like a fun game and decided to buy the in-app premium bundle. I had closed the app and reopened it and could no longer access the premium content. I emailed the support two times in the span of two weeks (I saw people had their problems fixed and figured it wouldn’t be a big deal) and NOBODY got back to me or fixed the problem, despite me having attached every screenshot of proof and purchase. Finally reported the problem to apple as I’m absolutely peeved I spent 7.99$ and wasn’t able to access anything and nobody got back to me. Huge shame considering this seemed extremely fun. Purchase with caution because I can’t promise anybody will return your emails about issues you may have.
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2 years ago, Job seeker for this
Stole my money
Like others have said… I bought premium and it was okay for the day. Closed it out and the next day it was as if I never bought it. It clearly says $8 and you get all packs now and in the future… it’s a lie… you get the app for like an hour and then all premium content is gone…. Also there’s only like 20 cards…. You get the same cards over and over again ….
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4 years ago, justinw1933
Works great
Order the premium bundle and you get nothing 7.99 wasted. Update. They emailed me and asked for the proof of purchase. The helped me quickly and now it works.
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4 years ago, Jake1289127490
Good but lacking
Honestly would be a perfect 5 if there were just more cards! I also went to recommend a card and it opened Instagram but wouldn’t load but that could be a me thing. Hope they add more
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2 years ago, Dtfsh
Paid for bundle and got nothing
I paid for the premium bundle and did not receive the pack it is still making me pay for it to play
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4 years ago, nickname45675
Good game
This game is awesome!!!! I am not the owner of this phone, can you bypass all payment options to go premium? I am sure she will not mind. And obviously you won’t either.
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1 year ago, mwme135799653
Do or Drink
It is so much fun!! Everyone loved playing the game! Definitely a much play at your next get together
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3 years ago, ThuggyTom
I bought the full version of this game for $8. I had to close it out and when I re-opened it, it wanted me to buy it again. I check my bank account and the money definitely came out. I’m not sure if it’s a glitch or not but I have never paid that much for a game, ever! That kind of pisses me off.
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3 years ago, blendedtrendz
Cool game
Interesting cards, depends on What you like but there’s something for everyone….ENJOY!!!
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1 year ago, krystafletcherr
I broke.
I am giving you one star because I don’t want to pay for your product because it’s not worth it and I reach the end I have testicular cancer and you would charge us knowing the phones we have to pay every day for his test sticky killer terminal cancer
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4 years ago, @ ava_bear210 & @angel.btv
It was alright , we didn’t know it was called - Do or Drink - we thought it was - Dare or Drink - . But we remade the game and called it - Do or Smoke - . It was nice but you need more people , and there was only 2 people playing .
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4 months ago, amanda.jay
premium version
i went to buy the premium version to unlock all of the decks, and it only unlocked two of them. i tried clicking the buy premium version again, and nothing happened except them charging me again. if you want a short and quick version of do or drink then get it, because you’ll only have 3 options to choose from. if you want something longer, don’t get this. pretty much scammed me for my money
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4 years ago, gagaspixie
Waste of time and money
There is no real variety to the questions. I wish I hadn’t paid for premium. A total waste of $8. If you want to play a couple rounds with your friends it’s just going to be the same exact questions, at least with CAH there is a huge variety. Disappointed.
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3 years ago, brodey entler
Purchases Reset
I purchased two decks and when I closed out the deck, the purchases were no longer there. i’m not sure what the problem is and I see that others have had the same issue.
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9 months ago, London cat 1111
Great game
This game is raw you should definitely download
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4 years ago, Pandycaint88
Has a good enough demo deck to get me to rate the free version 4 stars to try more. Lots of rules I’ve seen before with fun dares in between. Would like to see the rest.
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4 months ago, Pammie M.
Great ice breaker
It’s a god game if there are 4 or more people! You have to be honest and daring!
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2 years ago, Firstgraders
Fun .. but unfinished, has bugs
Why is it that I purchased a deck last night , fell asleep and when I go on the app today I’m required to re buy the deck .. ?
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4 years ago, haigids
Read all the reviews about paying and not getting it. Decided to buy it to see if it changed and literally nothing has. The charge went through for like eight bucks and still no unlocked decks. 1 star
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3 years ago, Annabelle46438
Great to get to know the group around you!
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1 year ago, Beyene.T
Paid for premium
I paid for premium and I had access to it for about a day. Next time I got on the app my premium subscription was gone. Spent the money for no reason.
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2 years ago, Shane Powell
Like Many Others…
Bought a deck of cards yesterday, and now it says I have to buy it.. I thought I was trippin so I looked at my recent purchases but buts clearly there. So yeah, just don’t buy anything.
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3 years ago, Justplayin77528
Wow waste of money
Bought premium there are only maybe 10 different cards per game style if that and the games are super short and boring. $8 down the drain, what a waste of money.
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4 years ago, NAME BROOKE
Waste of money
I bought the full pack of this game hoping it would be better. It repeats the same cards over and over again. Waste of $8 and if I could get my money back I would
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1 year ago, Pierre David Guetta
Purchased packs are locked
Would be great except I purchased expansion packs and got to use them for a day before they locked again. So, not happy about that.
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4 years ago, janerozay
Very happy
Excellent game, I definitely enjoy playing it
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3 years ago, renity k
waste of money
purchased full content then closed the app. When I went back into the app, I no longer had access to the full content. Wish I could get a refund
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2 years ago, encarrrrr
The best!!
This game was so funny & easy to get a good time going!
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2 years ago, tappytoon obsessed
Fun and enjoyable
Keeps the party going and great at being an ice breaker.
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5 years ago, BigMike883426
Party game
Great option for a quick drinking game, just follow directions
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2 years ago, Jamielynn208
Took my money didn’t get premium
Bought premium twice and when I exit the app I don’t have it any more, give me my money back please :)
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2 years ago, c20 Steve
Good game
Good questions for a group of friends
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9 months ago, Buzzed_Garrett
Me and my friends love it
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4 years ago, faZe NbL
Problem with in app purchases
I bought the 7.99$ premium pack but I didn’t get anything Give me the premium pack or a refund
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4 years ago, ty_sb
Got the app, super glitchy, I bought a premium pack and then after closing and re-opening the app I no longer had access to it. Waste of money
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4 years ago, Summer_06_87
This is a fun and exciting game to play with friends!
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2 years ago, Kurtzwbk
Do or Drink
I downloaded this game thinking the basic was free with in-app purchases. NOPE, it was charged just for the download! There is no price anywhere on the App Icon and description! No transparency!
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4 years ago, jdavid1551
Love it!!!
This game is really good playing with my friends
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4 years ago, DJCRnj
Pretty fun...
Pretty fun game, have to pay for everything, though
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6 months ago, Fjfbnfb
Honestly paid for a pack and it didn’t use the pack. 0/10 don’t even download it.
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1 year ago, lil izaya
Just playing around…this game was fun
I’m drunk this game did it Ms jobbb
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3 years ago, __hockey__
Took my money
I bought the premium bundle and when I went back in the app after closing it, I know longer had it.
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3 years ago, Nxbsii
I bought all current and future decks for 7.99 but as soon as i closed the app it says i have to buy them again
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3 years ago, Coriolistorm
Fun game - once
You get the same cards over and over which gets really boring.
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2 years ago, sosam1
Stole money
Paid for the premium pack then i closed the app and i didnt have it when i opened it back up.
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2 years ago, b12336789
To short of games
To short of games
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3 years ago, Rmac2244
In app purchases disappeared after I closed the app
I bout a $2.99 bundle and it disappeared after I closed the app and now I can’t access it but still lost the $2.99.
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4 years ago, YoBunky
$7.99 wasted!!!
I bought the premium bundle and it didn’t even show I bought it. I want it to be fixed. I have proof of purchase!
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2 years ago, Szvek
Games is fun but whenever I closed the app I had to buy the premium package over
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