Dog Scanner

4.6 (33.4K)
163.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Siwalu Software GmbH
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dog Scanner

4.63 out of 5
33.4K Ratings
3 years ago, Umm... person
The perfect way to learn about your dog and meet other dogs!
I really like this app! It can take lots of battery but if you plug it in it is fine, and if you have a later version of iPhone or a better battery it will probably be easy on your battery life. So here is what happened; So I made an account. Then I scanned my dogs! They opened me up to some new possibilities, because I don’t know what breeds my dogs are. It helped! Then I opened up the feed. It was FULL of sweet puppies! I immediately got addicted to this app. Now I have posted like five times today. The feed is a great place to share dog pictures! So far the app seems safe, because nothing bad happened! They have good posting rules too. So in all, it’s very fun and I think it’s a great way to share your love of dogs and learn more about your little loaf.
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3 years ago, 𝙲𝚊𝚛𝚝𝚘𝚘𝚗𝚒𝚜𝚑𝚕𝚢
well it was a ton better back in august. this app is kinda trash now. listen, the scanning feature isn't that bad, but i'm pretty sure it just goes off of color and points because it's not very accurate, it's said my dog is anything but the breeds he is. but now onto the real problem: the social feature. you have the idiots who just wanna cause drama, you have the dog theifs, and you have the occasional zoophile. yes those have all happened. people complain about anything you do, and then your the one who gets hated even tho you've done nothing wrong. but the biggest problem of them all is that they're banning random people. for NO REASON. email them? you get a snippy response, because that's 'so professional'. there are people who are getting banned for doing nothing, for example; moondog. she's one of the sweetest people on the app and she's been banned i believe twice? it's so annoying. they take 5 minutes to ban an innocent person, but you have a person telling people to k!ll themselves and threatening them, and it takes them days to ban them. not to mention that the app takes forever to load and there's a ton of errors. honestly if your looking to download this don't even bother, it's awful. if you want a sweet community get amino and get dogs amino. and if you want a scanner, just get a different one.
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2 years ago, Miles H45
Seriously!? You have to pay premium!? AND ITS NOT VERY ACCURATE, lol don’t play this or rate it 5 stars it’s a fraud bozo app that does not work they just want their money, greedy idiot devs why the heck would we want your made in China game, my man devs need to touch some grass and get a brain, it’s kinda hard for them to get one anyway, now it’s time to move in to the made in China cat identifier that probably doesn’t work anyway, Get a brain devs!! Also people were saying people were posting 14+ content on a kids game!! THIS!! IS!! FOR!! KIDS!?!?!? Seriously take down your made in China, not working, lazy, stupid, “Dog identifier” you are better off searching for another dog identifier that works!! Please rate this App 1 stars, cringe not working game!! Go home devs! And don’t even think about sending that dev response probably generated by a robot, “wE aRe SoRrY tHaT yOu HaD pRoBlEms” and just take down your bull-crap game you lazy devs!!! And stop using 5-star bot accounts to make you seem cool, get a life and touch some grass!
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4 years ago, SillyJilly21
Easy to use and informative!
This app beats the others I tried and immediately deleted due to their uselessness! I love how you can upload 5 pics at once to get a more accurate identification! Every pic worked and it gave specific breed percentages with tons of information to help you confirm the breed, such as weight, size, personality, colors, patterns, eye shape, and even specific ear dimensions! By reading the main breed description, I was able to confirm many traits and feel fairly certain she is a Rat Terrier mix with a little Jack Russell Terrier. Even the sassy personality description sounds just like her! I was able to eliminate Toy Fox Terrier with the detailed size, weight, and coat information the app provided. Who knows how accurate the app really is, but I had fun and learned a lot! 80% dog breed match is good enough for me and beats paying $150 for a DNA test.
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4 years ago, Myheroisme55555
This app is extremely fun and it is actually quite accurate as well surprisingly. So far, the dogs that I’ve scanned on here were pretty much spot on with the breed type or if it’s mixed with something else possibly. It’s kind of an addicting app too because you just want to go out and find more and more dogs to scan and see what they really are. I also like that it gives you a few different options to choose from uploading. You can either do a picture or a set of pictures or you can even do a short video clip too. I find the video clip to be a bit more accurate than the pictures themselves, but either way, both methods are very very accurate and you can even scan the same dog as many times as you want to see if you get different results on each try. Very cool!!!
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5 years ago, LecterTV
Pretty incredible
I was extremely skeptical and downloaded mostly as a gag out of curiosity, assuming it would label my pitty mixes as chihuahuas or something ridiculous. One of my dogs I have always thought was a staffy/pitty and cattle dog mix and the other a pitty and plott hound mix. Sure enough...when both were scanned that's exactly what the app said. I even tried multiple times with different photos and video angles and the results were more or less the same every time. I'm extremely surprised and impressed! A really fun little gadget especially for someone like me who works with dogs. We frequently have dogs come in to my work that we have no idea what the breeds could be so it'll be fun to scan them and see what the apps opinion is.
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1 year ago, cheyandmike
Typical bullying the pitbull breed!!!!
My dog is a mix of American Pitbull, shih tzu, and American bulldog according to a DNA test he took months back. I tried the app to see how accurate it was and it wasn’t terrible but it only said pitbull. ANYWAYSSSS when I continued reading about the pitbull on their app they were MEAN!!! They just kept saying how they’re dog and people aggressive and they’re bred for dog fights (which isn’t true they were originally bred as nanny dogs in the UK, not dog fights) AND IT KEPT GOING ON AND ON ABOUT HOW HORRIBLE PITBULLS ARE!!! Like are you serious?? Saying they’re aggressive and the main cause of deaths from dog bites. Literally not giving like any other information other than basically saying they’re terrible dogs and will kill you no matter what. It even said that it’s in their genes to be aggressive. Which that’s not TRUE!!! Listen my pitty mix is the sweetest most gentle dog you would ever meet. This app is created by people who obviously hate American pitbulls. Y’all are the worst. Glad I didn’t give you my money. Bye.
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2 years ago, Definitely recommend this app
Great app!
This app is amazing I like how we can share our dogs with people around the world! Also it’s really cool to make our dog have an account of there own. I really enjoy it and I will have lots of memories of my dog on this app! I like seeing other dogs on the feed. Also it’s really cool how the apps shows what breed your dog is and if it’s mixed. I have been wanting a app like this to learn more and this is the perfect app not just to learn more about dog breeds but for so much more like seeing others Puppies/Dogs I like how we can connect around the internet with dogs that can be breeds you have never seen before! I definitely recommend this app I love posting pictures of my dog it a great app!
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2 years ago, spacememes101
Good app but something to add
This is a wonderful app it’s pretty accurate and can identify my dogs breed 95% of the time which is pretty good. I only have an issue with the social part. I would like for there to be a monitor or someone we can talk too to report people as I have met many people who have stolen other posts, been rude for no reason and there is currently someone who is telling a certain friend of mine on the app to commit suic#### and it bugs me that these kind of people are still on this app doing stuff like this. Hopefully you can do something about all these people so our community can breathe easy again!
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5 years ago, Warrior Lover ❤️🐱
Great, Accurate App!
I downloaded this app to see how accurate it would be with my rescue dogs (who are mixed but have had their DNA tested so we know their breeds) and the results of this app were surprisingly accurate. For my Maltese/Poodle the app got that one spot on, it even correctly stated she has more poodle in her then she does Maltese! For my foster dog who is a Rat Terrier Mix, this app got her breed mixes almost perfectly as well. I tested this app on several different pictures of dogs from the animal shelter I work at and for almost all of them, this app is incredibly accurate. Just for the heck of it I scanned pictures of my Guinea Pigs and the app showed breeds that actually really resembled their coloring. Labeled my sister as 80% human, 20% Chihuahua. Most accurate thing I’ve heard all day. I’m giving this app 4 Stars solely because there are too many adds in my opinion and some of them won’t give me the option of exiting, so I need to close the app altogether and then reopen it. If the adds weren’t a problem I’d give this app 6 Stars if I could. I’d recommend this app for anyone who recently rescued a mixed breed and is curious to know some of the breeds in the dog :)
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5 years ago, ASL4U
Olde English Bulldogge
on the money! this app really surprised me- correctly identified my dog the first time. Most people who see my dog think he’s with a pit boxer mix ( this program’s second choice) or an American bulldog (didn’t even come up as an option). But my boy is a young but very well bred OEBD and this program confirmed that by head alone. (mu assumption based on the picture of mine that the program used to identify him (my boy folded up on the floor looking back at me over his shoulder. i wasn’t even shoes that was a good enough picture and added a couple more. but apparently it was all good enough for the program to identify those specific features and narrows down to the correct breed. Very cool!
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4 years ago, Rebl52
Great app!!
It is Rookie rocks from dog scanner and I LOVE dogs sooo much! What I really like about this app is that there is a puppy social media thing and I LOVE that!!!!!! Some of the nicest people on there are Summer Makaya My Marley Sunny Adalyn Charlie Boston terrier lover Lillie and Avery the gsp (sorry if I forgot you) there can be some really mean people on the feed and rough spots of drama but we got through those! The app can sometimes be a bit glitchy and one time it wouldn’t even let us go on the feed. The scanner is pretty good but when I scanned my bernedoodle it said he was a dauchsaund. But when I scanned my mini golden doodle it said he was a golden doodle mixed with a Spanish water dog. I love this app so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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2 years ago, pickled roblox player
It’s not terrible-
Alr… I know my dogs breed I just wanted to see if it would work and bruh- I scanned my dog (which was very hard considering she would not sit still) and even with my blurry dog picture it still said she was like 40-50% border terrier which is pretty good!👍 I saw someone’s review and they said it was horrible🫤 it worked for me… it did say she was a mixed breed (she is a pure-bred) but the highest percentage was her breed sooo… I also tried it witht a dachshund/wiener dog statue (idk which) but it still said it was mostly dachshund!!!!! It’s will give you the general idea of the breed and some photos and info so not bad :1 also if you read this don’t think I’m some 5 star bot- real people write real reviews too ya know
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4 years ago, 😥 sad
From Adalyn
Y’all this app is amazing from top to bottom. The scanner is pretty accurate, and the feed is amazing. The glitches have stopped! I totally recommend this app to dog lovers. You will find the people on this app like brother and sister. They are AMAZING. And as I said, the scanner is actually accurate... finally an accurate dog breed guesser thing. One complaint: the scanner is kinda more based on coat color and pattern then size, fur type, eyes, etc. If you could fix that one thing this app would be PERFECT. 💯 recommend, even if you already know your dogs breed, because the feed is absolutely amazing.
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1 year ago, Luv2signily
Not that accurate
I have 4 dogs. 3 are purebred and one is a golden retriever mix that is on the small side and solid white. The only thing that doesn’t look GR about her is her ears. They don’t stand strait up but are not as long hanging as a GR. They look more like Aussie ears. I got this app to try to identify the mix breed. She was a stray we took in. To test this app I scanned my other three dogs which are two corgis and one boxer. It only got one of my corgis correct. The other it tried to say was a mixed breed of some schnauzer mix. Not even close. My boxer it tried to tell me was a mastiff mix. I could understand if it didn’t get mixed results totally accurate but if it can’t identify purebred dogs that are breed standard then I don’t trust any other results.
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5 years ago, ayyyyyycccceee
Discovering Doggy
My boyfriend and I adopted our little boy 3 years ago, we were told he was a border collie but after much skeptical once he grew up. We heard from the vet he had Great Pyrenees, Brittany Spaniel, or a border collie. I was skeptical about looking to an app to classify our dog breed (but it’s cheaper than a DNA kit) however it’s uncovered a rare breed, the Stabyhoun that matches our pup to a T! The app even suggests he’s mixed with a Border Collie. It’s like a revelation that this app has given us! We find it really interesting and we’re flattered by what we’ve learned! Great for anyone with a mutt looking out of curiosity!!! Much fun!
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5 years ago, T.Superbus
Pretty darn accurate
Highly accurate percentage matches on standard poodle, West highland terrier, a pug/French bulldog mix (surprising) and a shiba inu (very surprised due to rarity of breed). My whole family loves this app. Works with pictures from your camera roll. I agree with developer that using the video scan gets better results than using the camera. And the better your scan, the better your results. If results seem off, keep trying. I've tried a different breed ID app and this one is FAR superior. Wish we had more dogs to scan!
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2 years ago, christmas girl12
Hello! I am ☀️ѕυηηу ѕɕнωαятʑ☀️ on DS, and I would like to say how much I love this app. Everyone is so kind, and even though there is drama, it’s still a nice place to be. Everyone’s dogs are adorable!! I have a suggestion that a few other people might be on board for. I thought that maybe you guys could add a video feature. Maybe some music to put in the background if wanted? I think it would be a fun add-in. Please consider this suggestion. Thank you, Georgia (and my dog, Sunny)
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3 years ago, Gabby Lucky happy Gebbeb
I mean I guess it’s kinda good…
I found this app in a magazine and I thought hey I have absolutely no idea what mixed breeds one of my dogs is so I downloaded this. First I did one of my dogs which I know what breeds she is ( chihuahua and Yorkshire terrier) and it would say bla bla bla bla Yorkshire 4.6% and stufff like that and that was completely wrong. It never once said anything about her being a chihuahua and it never said anything about what my other dog was. I read another review and I think it’s right. It’s only going off the color of the dog. I wouldn’t use this app for anything important because you can’t really count on it.
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3 years ago, DRAGONGIRL!
Pretty Good!
So, according to the breeders my dog was a purebred Newfoundland. As she aged, however, she didn’t quite look like one. I used the scanner with a bunch of pictures from when she was a puppy to the age she is now, and the app told me she was over half Newfie, and some flat-coated retriever. I looked it up, and it had a longer snout and flatter, shorter fur then a Newfie, just like my dog! I would recommend this app. The reason I only did four stars is I don’t really care for the amino feature. Maybe you could ask if you wanted to enable it? If so, that would be great!
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2 years ago, 😓😢cant buy primal pass
If your under the age of 14 don’t get this app
I got this app when I was 12 and at first This app was useful and fun to use but it went downhill when someone posted a picture of their slit wrist in the tab where you post pictures of your dog. After that I should’ve deleted the app but I didn’t and was soon traumatized when a random account began posting nudes and other pictures of people having sex and oral sex. This sparked others to do it and the accounts were banned so slow. This app description says 4 plus but I’m warning you please don’t download this app it literally became porn but in pictures. ( edit) the app doesn’t even let you past the loading screen anymore
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2 years ago, belladanda
Fun amazing app!
I know my dogs DNA and they were pretty spot on, about 75 percent accurate! Fun free app!!! I’m going to see a rescue dog Monday and now have a better idea of it’s breed! I’ve done everyone’s dog and all our family dogs! Great fun! My dog is a dachshund Jack Russell mix and they said corgi the first time (he is often mistaken for one) but the second time after adding more photos I got dachshund, Jack Russell, beagle and Bassett hound! Maybe because he’s a lil fat. Great app and very helpful!!!
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4 years ago, #MeMyselfandMOM
Very good but I have some suggestions.
Very good app, but I noticed that when I “discovered a new breed” it wasn’t on the list so I didn’t get dog treats for it. But I was thinking when some “discovers a breed” that’s not on the list they get more dog treats then you would if you were to find a breed on the list. Also, when I looked at the feed, it said a post that was posted yesterday was posted 1 minute ago. Apart from that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this app! Please keep on updating and upgrading! ❤️🐾🐶
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5 years ago, Toxic215
I was hesitant
I was looking for a way to identify a stray puppy I found and stumbled upon this app. This was two days ago, and I was impressed at how well it identified my dog that I knew the breed on. Then I ran the puppy and hopefully have a better idea at who he is. So, naturally I got bored sitting in bed and decided to scan myself. I don’t quite know what I was expecting, but I just wanted to see. I got a good laugh when it actually identified me as a human being (95%) and affenpinscher (5%). Overall do recommend.
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2 years ago, Ffffffffff gig
Hey My Dudes 🙌
Hey Dog Scanner, this is Bailey. We really enjoy this amazing app that has blessed me for a whole 3 years. The scan part is great. It’s accurate and very addicting. The feed part is fine as well, but I was thinking you could add a video post feature..also to make the frame bigger when you post because it always cuts off my good photos I try to post. Thank you for taking your time to read this.. -Bailey
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4 years ago, Ddn3dee
Amazing App!
This app is very accurate! Yet it depends on how you take the picture, People underestimate this and take quick photos that don’t follow what you should do. Which ends up making it wrong, I’ve scanned my Australian Cattle Dog multiple times testing out this and they all came up correct. Yet it didn’t when I did blurry shots or ones with just her head in it, This app is amazing and you should download it if you haven’t already!
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4 years ago, breathing is fun
Not recommended
I’ve never used one of these before, but it had good reviews so I figured I could test it and compare it to the real dna test my dog received. It’s a decent scanner. I wouldn’t say it’s trustworthy, however. My dog is about half mini Aussie, with a quarter Siberian husky, the three other identified breeds not really adding anything. This app was determined to say she was part Aussie, but the percentage was off by 20-30%. At times, the app thought my dog was mostly Saint Bernard, which isn’t even close, as she did have unidentifiable breeds but they were less than 1%, and the app said the Saint Bernard was normally in the 60-80% range, which I’d say is too off to be forgivable. The app also thought border collie, but, though she does have border collie, the percentage was normally raised more than quadruple the true percentage. I wouldn’t recommend this if you really want to know your dog’s breed, as if often off in percentages or downright wrong. You can’t even twist it to be fun, like see what it says when you take pictures of your dog’s tail or paws.
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3 years ago, *+*Lilly*+*
No. Just no.
So I got this app to look at all the cute little pups and stuff in it first I really enjoyed it it was very fun to play! Then a few days later there was an account that was saying bad comments on each of the post. So I thought that was normal so I just reported them and now they’re gone. At least I think... but then the next day after that someone started posting inappropriate pictures. So then I deleted it. Please update this and when they put a picture to post please make sure there’s a dog in that or there’s nothing inappropriate because they’re a lot a little kids on that app. But other than that it’s pretty good!
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2 years ago, Accentinq
Like the app just wanted to ask a question
Since you have added users being able to post their dogs. Is there any chance you could add a messaging system where you can private chat with others? I would also like to be able to like and reply to comments. The scanning is accurate from what I’ve seen so far.
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1 year ago, Zera😊
Not what you think it is…
I’ve had DS for over a year and I’m deleting it for good. First, the scanner on this app is accurate 55% of the time. It said my German Shepherd was a greyhound and my cat was a bulldog. Like..this isn’t even close to accurate! Although it is sometimes right, that’s very rare. And don’t get me started on the social feature. It’s absolutely horrible, there’s drama every day, and there’s always that one person who ruins everyone’s mood. Don’t get this app for your own safety and mental health..if you need a dog scanning app then DS isn’t it. Cat Scanner is more accurate and has a better community if your looking to scan cats tho :)
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1 year ago, 🍄 Julie 🐾
Um.. not really
Dog scanner is a great app but when I take a photo of people it uses the same breeds over and over. Also when and scan my dog multiple times it says different breeds each time I scan her🐶 but it’s a good app to do research on a breed but I would suggest a different app for starters maybe this app. Another problem is when I scan myself like 2 times it says I’m different breeds , first it says I’m a Yorkie then it says I’m a different dog but I guess it’s ok for now but I’m gonna get another app soon
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4 years ago, Raeannie1
I was a little worried when I downloaded this app that the breeds would be all the place. My dog is a rescue and I’ve heard so many different breeds he could be, but this app was great. I uploaded multiple photos and scanned different photos and angles multiple times. Each time it said that my pup was a Belgian Shepherd, and he fits a lot of characteristics of the Belgian Shepherd. Definitely recommend, especially if you don’t want to pay for a DNA test.
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3 years ago, ollypop13
Need to add a way to suggest a breed not in yours listed
Guessed my dog pretty wrong. He’s a full breed lemon Dalmatian and guessed he was only 9% a Dalmatian, likely because of his coloring. Although it would let me tell them it was wrong and tell them his breed it wasn’t listed and there was no way of suggesting it. Need to add a way to be able to not only search and select a breed but also type in a breed for ones you may not know about. It guessed both my chihuahuas correct but it’s also pretty hard to get them wrong.
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11 months ago, willard, mo
Love This App!
I Foster for Humane Society of SW MO & this App has helped us identify the dog breeds of so many of the dogs they receive! Many people want to know about ‘Mixed Breeds’ & this App does a fantastic job of giving you possibilities & matches. I have yet to find one this App is wrong about so try it & see what you can come up with! Just pull up the App, hit the scanner button & it does the rest for you!!
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4 years ago, peachcobbler3
Adore this app!
I adore this app so much that I want to scan random dogs on the street and tell everyone about it! Based on the results and sharing with a vet friend, she said it looks accurate and is great. Not sure how it compares with a DNA test, but will compare the results when I get that and will provide an updated review. Still regardless, it’s an easy to use and fun app!!! 5 stars all the way.
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4 years ago, Addison Hoover 🥳
Feed not working
I have had this app for about 12 hours or so and for some reason my feed won’t work! I try to click of the feed tab and it leaves the app. I have tried to restart my phone, delete and then download the app but nothing will work. Can you please fix this? I really like the app and don’t want to stop using it. :( ~Addy
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4 years ago, Lucas8769
Please read
This is wonderful app with fast results it’s easy to use and more accurate then every other of its kind. I’ve search a while now for a scanner that isn’t fake and gives fast yet accurate results. I think this is the one it also has a great community full of great people that you scan share dog pics with. I would totally recommend this app.
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4 years ago, grandma peppa pig gamer
Fun, but no very accurate
I have two purebred German Shorthaired Pointers, and it said they were both mix breeds between German Shorthaired Pointers and some other random things. I also found some pictures of purebred huskies, and sure enough, it said those were also mixes. I don’t believe it’s very accurate, but it is fun to mess around with. You can also scan your face! It said I was only 85% human and 15% Chihuahua! Since it is free, I do recommend it, but just note that it is not very accurate. 🐶
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4 years ago, i cant think of a nicknama
I found my dog in a desert and I never knew what her breed was. I only knew that she was a Canaan dog, but after I watched some videos Canaan dogs ears are supposed to be up by 4 weeks, and why dog was 14 weeks are her ears were still up! So I tried this app and it was so accurate! But I’m soon going to get I DNA test for her just to get the exact breed but I’m positive that the breed this app showed me is 100% true
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2 years ago, Seann;
While I wasn't sure how accurate it could be before downloading, it absolutely surpassed my expectations. Taking into account it's scanning my never-sitting-still puppers, it STILL gives me a solid idea of what other breeds could be mixed in! AND you can opt for the ad version if you can't pay? Beyond happy I found this
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2 weeks ago, Mar 🌊 y posa 🦋
I love this app and it is perfect if you want to know any dog breeds you don’t know already and every other dog identifier app I had used tells me that my dog is a Sheltie or even like a cat or a horse 🐴!!!, This is the first app that accually works and accually knows my dog is a Rough Collie !!😊😊🐶5 stars it is also really fun if u want to know what dog u look like and I love the whole tray earning concept!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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3 years ago, the pheonix gamer x205 3cp
I thought this would be one of those fake dog scanner apps where you clearly show a Pomeranian and they say it’s a Great Dane, but that’s not what happened! It guessed that my dog was a Louisiana Red Catahoula Leopard Dog and I thought they would say a Great Dane Bull Dog mix- The posting your dog is also cool because I can see other dogs from around the world! I just wanna say you surprised me! I would 200% recommend this app to all dog lovers!
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1 year ago, Bird 3010
STAY OFF THIS APP! First of all the scanner is not accurate. Second of all, the amount sex jokes, harassment, bullying, and mean comments on this app is just crazy. The owner of the app hasn’t been active then over a year. The app is poorly designed. Has comments and captions but no notification alert. 75% of the people are kids and stupid. This app is not 4+ might as well put 18+. People have shared phone numbers on there, met in real life, and gotten a 12 year old pregnant. Might as well stay away. Also people will steal pictures of your dogs.
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2 years ago, 321downtime
Did not correctly identify my senior dog
I have a 13 year old female German Shepherd/Lab mix (actually did a DNA test 85% German Shepherd; 15% Labrador Retriever ) with all German Shepherd markings and soft ears like a Lab. This app gave me several breeds mixed, yet not a one of them were German Shepherd or Lab…so I’m not impressed at all. I’d give zero stars if I could. I mentioned her age because at 13, she has the body of an older dog, not all fit and trim like a much younger dog. The results were so off that after two attempts to get a ballpark result ( she’s not a mastiff in any way shape or form, like the app insisted) I had no choice but to delete it.
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5 years ago, Serehope
We have a mixed puppy and we couldn’t figure out what all she was mixed with except boxer. I was very skeptical, thinking oh this app is probably just going to be useless but it was indescribably helpful. We found out she has plott hound in her. I looked up her brindle coat with plott hound and she looked almost exactly like one. I am so happy and I didn’t even have to buy premium to find this out.
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4 years ago, EmmaSpaghetti
I’m pretty sure that this game isn’t fully accurate but it is super fun! Me and my parents had an awesome time seeing what our dogs were and even what ourselves were🤪.You don’t even have to pay to see your results. I highly recommend this if you do not have time to get a dna test for your dog and are looking for just a brief example of what your dog is. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!
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5 years ago, Misspeller70
So many ads
You can’t look at anything for longer than 2-3 seconds before an ad pops up. Tap on another breed to compare? Pop up. Close pop up and look at the new breed? You have 2 seconds to take it all in before a pop up. Not to mention it couldn’t be MORE wrong about my dogs. One of them looks nothing like a Chinese Crested (let’s face it, not much does look like one). Another of my dogs has zero similarities to a Maltese. No idea where the app pulled those breeds from. But who knows, I couldn’t look at anything longer than 2 seconds. Deleting this app faster than a pop up ad!!
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2 years ago, Me and the dogs
Works very well
We have a rescue dog and we know nothing about her. It seems like the photo matching found an exact match to her possible breed. I usually do not need to figure out a dog’s breed, so I doubt I will need to use the app again for awhile. But, people involved with shelters should find this app very useful.
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1 year ago, olivia emry
The social community
Nice app but I think the social network could use a little improvement. For one you should be able to reply to people’s comments and be able to tag people there should also be an option to edit your post after you post it, so you can remove your caption or change it or whatever. It’s overall an ok app but I do think it needs a revamp😌
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3 years ago, Jeep liberty 18
Not super accurate, super rude people posting
I scanned my dog to see what he was and compare it to the results on here from his actual DNA test. They got none of the breeds right even with several photos of him. But it’s hard to guess a breed just on a picture. Also was scrolling through the news feed and there were so many inappropriate posts that they just allow on there. Yet I got yelled at for posting half of my face with my dogs picture. I think my face is less of a threat than someone telling me to die.
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