Dog Teaser - Sounds for Dogs

4.6 (5.7K)
75.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Jade Lizard Software LLC
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dog Teaser - Sounds for Dogs

4.63 out of 5
5.7K Ratings
2 years ago, srmech_engr
Dog Training Tool
I've used a fair number of pet whistles, pet sounds, and my ridiculous sounding whistle while training my dogs to recognize my commands, not necessarily to replace the command. This method usually gives me a 25 - 35% chance of my pet obedience to my commands, that is if you consider my voice has now gone South for the Summer! The alternative life for my voice box and new life for my dog's body (not neck) finally not being the other dynamic achor on the orher end of what had becomming a moving anchor for my boat! They spent more time and energy pulling witout yielding to my commands, it should be noted I have had professional pet (dog) command training. And our son has been a dog trainer for the State Troopers as well as Sheriff's Deputies over his lengthy career in Law Enforcement. To mo avail, until now. The full range of tones, mixed with the press and hold function has been a game changer! Go ahead and download it, you'll be amazed after working it into your pet command training protocall almost immediately! Well worth the 2$!
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3 years ago, ruraho
UPDATE: received an e-mail from the developer today indicating that there was a bug that prevented the dog whistle screen from showing. They have fixed this bug, asked me to give it another try, and now everything works great. Thanks so much for the response. Would definitely recommend this for use as a training aide. Thank you Jade Lizard Software! Originally liked this app so much that I purchased it. I found the dog whistles to be very helpful with our sometimes stubborn puppy. These were a perfect training aide. Today I opened up the app to use the whistles only to find that they have been removed from the app. If I had known these were going away I would have never purchased the app.
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3 years ago, to my friend william
Omg so 🤩 amazing lol! My name is kensley
I was using this and I was also using 1 of ur other apps and there all amazing 🤩 apps especially this one this is how it helped me I was sitting in my bed thinking of what can help my dogs get trained or to help them understand things so I downloaded some apps and the 2 from you were dog teaser and iTrainer they Are the BEST litterley there the Bom!! It helps dogs in every way except for discipline that would be mean! Well I hope y’all take my advise and download this app I’ve left a ton of messages for iTrainer I hope y’all check those out peace ✌🏼 !!
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4 years ago, littlebabyMaddison
Good but my dog didn’t respond to any of them
The game was good but when I did so e sounds on her she didn’t respond to them. I’m just a kid I’m 9 almost 10 and my dog loves me but she would know if sounds were real. When I first got this app I thought it would help me train her but it didn’t. She knows the basic stuff but the things I want to teach her would be sounds. I think it’s because she is very little but I’m still going to rate this a four. Also the pig sound doesn’t sound like a pig at all and trust be I would know because my cousin has a farm. But the game is still good although my cat responded to some of the sounds so the game should be called cat trainer.
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5 years ago, KH 031401
Love it
I might not have a dog but I am getting one my father is buying a puppy blur merl and it is gorgeous and once we get her and once she grows up a little I am going to try this on her. I also love how they give real world sounds so the dog can get used to them. Oh and one thing you should add is a clicker because I have seen people use the clicker training method, (that’s like positive reinforcement) I think it is a really good way to train dogs horses and other animals too.
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5 years ago, Squeeeeeeeeeeps
You tap a star n it instantly submits as the review?
So nobody bothers to go back n give there thoughts? Strange and different from the many reviews I’ve given? MOST of these seem written by quite young people especially the 1st who is getting a puppy as a gift and thinks a puppy is fun and easy, but unfortunately especially at the beginning, it is usually overwhelming and quite alot of work? In the end it is the dog that suffers, although I hope I am wrong and they end up enjoying each other for the next 10-15yrs! :/ Most apps like these usually run there course/usefulness in a very short time, since most pets only respond to a handful of these noises at most, only for a very short period of time?
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3 years ago, jay jay cummlins
It’s not to bad
I like it I’m 8 and my dog was whining when I did it and it was annoying but I was still OK with it N it’s not too bad cell my dogs name is shadow and he is one year old and he’s been learning very well on his tricks and I am going to practice him one day with this app hopefully it’ll work cell I’m hoping it will but this is the greatest game I have ever had for my dog my dog is only one-year-old that’s what’s crazy and he still understands what I’m doing and he’s learning very good with his tricks
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3 years ago, wkl077
So much fun!
These sounds really messed with my dogs! They reacted like none other! And they don’t normally react to stuff like a potato chip bag or doorbell or stuff like that but they freaked out especially when I played the cat sound! Not only is this just so much fun but when my dogs are fighting and I need them to calm down, this is the PERFECT attention getter. I think they might be just a smidge annoyed…😂😅Highly recommended!!
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4 years ago, skykarmorris
Skykar was
The new one ☝️ is a little too much for you to do with me haha was your birthday so I had some time that you could come over tomorrow to get my stuff done ✅ was that I the first time in the world 🌍 world 🗺 world 🌍 has a great 👍 is that the most addicting and addictive game I’ve played in the last five days every day is the best I love 💗 new game it has the best game 🐶🐱 🐱🐶 done.
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5 years ago, HafnerDesigns
Many sounds seem fake
There are a lot of sounds on this app, especially the paid-for version. My dog only responds to 2. The dog whine and the timer end. The timer end sounds like a smoke detector so, it sends her into a panic. The dog whine gets her to join in the whining by howling. Many of the sounds don't even sound real. Obviously, dinosaur, goblin, and Wookie are voice overs. But the cat sounds don't sound like real cats. And some sounds that she’s use to hearing, and responds to, like bees and hummingbird don't get a reaction at all. My dog loves squeaky toys and she doesn't respond to those sounds either.
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7 months ago, yoshiyike
The original setup seemed in my opinion much better. There was much more on screen and it involved less scrolling. On top of that, I have tapped every sound effect and my dog could honestly care less. If I do happen to find one that she does even remotely care about, it is only briefly till she realizes the sound is coming from my phone. After that shows no interest in the sound ever again. The dog whistles only work on my daughter. Not my dog. Yet my dog can hear me just fine. All in all, I do not recommend this app.
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2 years ago, my dog...
What happened is...
I love this app it works really when when I play the doorbell my dog perks up like he usually does when the doorbell rings! I also love how premium gives you everything for only $2.00 I can’t explain how much I love this app! Hope this was helpful!
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4 years ago, JonnyAppleseed1891
Cool but...
This is a cool app bc it does get both my dog’s attention but… there are a lot of sounds that I wish I had but I don’t have premium so yeah! I also wish that there were more sounds... not just sounds but FREE sounds ! I still really like this app though! And there are some really crappie apps that are supposed to be like this one so I just wanted to thank the people who created this app!!! THANK YOU!!!!!! 👁👅👁!!! Thank ya for reading !!!
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1 year ago, You are ho
The dog button did not work
My dog likes it but it won’t get her to bark but it did make her twist her head. But she is a guard dog so I do not know why she did not bark because it was a dog but the dog button did not work the only thing that worked was the dog squeaky toy and she tried to eat my phone
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4 years ago, RuffsMom
Best New puppy Sound Acclamation Device👍
I just got a new puppy and every noise frightened this little one. I found this wonderful app and began using it softly and repeatedly accommodating to many new common sounds. I highly recommend upgraded to my trouble area lighting and fireworks. 👍
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3 years ago, XxfiredogxX
I works like a charm
I download this to see what my dog’s reaction was and it was funny I did the toy Squeaker and when I saw my dog’s reaction oh boy it was funny i could not stop Laughing but over all it’s a great app to me and also check out the tails of ladybug and cat noir have aMiraculous day😊
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5 years ago, addisee
Not enough free stuff
I like the app because it is very good for me and my dogs and he’s very fun but on the contrary there are not enough free stuff I mean like you have to pay I don’t care how much but I mean do you want to play with your dog wasn’t anything and I want to grab him and take care of them but then again how can you do that when there is not enough stuff !
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3 years ago, ainoT
Four stars
My dog looks confused wish there where more options that you wouldn’t have to buy. It dose confuse certain dogs tried it on my friends dog but did not work probably because the dog has heard the sounds before.
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4 years ago, Cats674
Great!! But....
I downloaded the app thinking “my dog would love this!” She tilted her head to every new sound!! Eventually she got over the sounds.. I would like new sounds like dog bark..etc!! Thank you for reading and responding to each of our reviews! From:Lucy my curious dog!
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4 years ago, Ummmmyourname139
I gave this a five star review so you could see it. When i used the “ dog whistle “ section, My dog started crying, whining, and started to get away from me more, So i went to the vet and i checked her ears and they MESSED UP HER EARDRUMS!!! Not to bad though, only throbbing and swollen eardrums.. BUT! I Advise to take OFF the dog whistle and replace it with something else before it gets worse... Thanks! Im doing this for the wonderful app..Dog teaser <3 ( im saying this because i dont wanna have this app deleted from everything because of a dog going deaf)
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4 years ago, cleeb123
You don’t don’t have to pay anything to get all the sound you just have to each a lot of ads My dog reacted differently to every noise I recommend this app 👍❤️🐶
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4 years ago, Trainer🐶👉👈
Good but bad
I tried this for my dogs and they didn’t respond to anything, not even the doorbell I would try it out and see what you think for the your dogs and if it doesn’t work out then I would undownload it. However I like to train puppies and it works AMAZING for them
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1 year ago, Lama_Lucy
App is halairious!
This app is really funny I love teasing my dog 🐶 with this app and his reactions are really funny . But I don’t like how the developers put in premium and it’s just a waste of money but still this app is amazing!
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2 years ago, hihihuhhii
Pretty good
I think that this app is pretty good because you can tease your pup or prank one of your friends.I pranked my friend earlier by using the alarm sound and it scared the life out of her.
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2 years ago, ani bannany
Wow my dog Tyson loves this all click on one of the things that he comes running to my room I love it so much but can you put can you put a dog barking just a normal dog nice but I mean it’s fine I like it is there any more games that you have that’s like this because I would Use them so much oh and Tyson just came into my room he says hi he’s a brindle boxer!
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4 years ago, CoolestGirls27
Loving it!
I love this app! It changed my dogs life forever! At first he was really destructive and rude, but now he is very obedient and friendly towards others. I don’t know what I would do without this app.
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4 years ago, stay safe yall
Fun but boring
I think they should remove all the adds because there is to many or remove some
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4 years ago, sophia the kitty
Amazing!!!!!! Seriously get it!!!
My dog responds to everything!!!! When I did the dove she turned her head and it was so cute!!!! Also when I did the whine she started licking me a bunch!!!! It is adorable get it!!!!
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3 years ago, SuaveLatino3
Finally one that works
We have tried other and this one was fun to use on our chihuahua. True sounds that work with dog.
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4 years ago, ellarocks 118276508
I like this app
This app I took my dog outside and I use the bear one and the squeaky toy and she thought it was real and my other dog it is good for training your little puppy to get use to sounds
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3 years ago, faithful villan
My dog is tilting it’s head
When I do the sound of the fire alarm he is doing it and when I put it close to him he tries to run away lol love this app :) !
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4 years ago, .the right rate.
I don’t recommend
I do not recommend this app... I got it and tried with my dog and my dog just sat and looked at me... I do understand all dogs are different and may respond differently so if you wish I guess you could try it but really.... and half of the sounds you can’t even use unless your premium. Not a good app
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3 years ago, littlenicky$
Its a great app!
My dogs are so excited when they hear the sounds it’s so funny, please make more like this!!
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5 years ago, aliciasbest5670
Awesome game!
This game is so awesome my dog is always confused on what sounds it is😂my mom bought this game too to see if it works and as soon as she bought it she was so addicted to it and she confused noodles alot😂 (noodles is my dog)
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2 years ago, spunky banana
When I saw this game it was so fun because my dog loves squeakers
Whenever she hears a squeaker her head turned to the side because it’s so funny
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1 year ago, ban214
I love this app
It helped me because my pembrook welsh corgi used to be noty but now he is so much better
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3 years ago, ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍❤️
The reason only 3 stars is because of the membership like who is going to use this app every day and if you don’t fix this or respond I will report your company
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4 years ago, 4TheLulz
Pretty cool dog whistle app
I had with my original iPhone and it was cool for a novelty back in the day. This is a different mature beast. It works great and the other sounds are high quality. I found out my dog goes insane goofball at 21,000 hz lol!
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4 years ago, trowup
I don’t know
My dog only reacted to the squeaky toys I do wish all the sounds are free and try to make some of the sounds a little bit more realistic. The just don’t sound real
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4 years ago, Gabbz Pa
Sooo many ads
I’m playing with this app and every time I try to make nice music an ad pops up on my screen and it blocks the way. This is a great app overall but I think cutting back on ads is a good idea.
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3 years ago, AllysonLynne
Good but sounds should be a little longer
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3 years ago, Lotus rae
Not realistic
The sounds didn’t sound real AT ALL! My dog barely reacted and there’s only a few to choose from, since they don’t sound real I don’t see why I would have to pay for more fake sounds, I would not recommend this app.
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1 year ago, D-NO 72
Worst App!!!
The Ads will pop on and won’t leave, and they purposely put the X to close the ad almost together with the tab to go to the site and the X is way too small to hit without hitting the sponsored link.. Not worth your time it’s literally predatory marketing…
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3 years ago, steph123458
Why u picked gave 5 star ratings
It’s really nice cus it teased my dogs and they thought I had a dog whistle and a dog toy so it work really nice. What I’m trying to say is u should go and download this app for a little teaser for the dog.
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4 years ago, Usafmuggs
Please make the sounds longer
It’s fun! Can you make the sounds run longer. Like, multiple squeaks per button press. Thanks
Show more
1 year ago, Hound trainer 101
Puppy training
This tool works great to introduce background noise during training
Show more
4 years ago, isabella loves dogs! 🐶
I love it buttt.....
I love it but you should make all the noises free! I love watching my dogs when I play the sounds! I have a folder on my phone of apps but I THINK this is my favorite one! 🐶
Show more
4 years ago, Nogalopolis
I like that you can watch an add instead of getting premium
Show more
3 years ago, MelissaK626
Needs more sounds for no videos
Show more
1 year ago, Fnhl.survivor
My dogs totally ignore the sounds. And there are so many ads that it only lets me try a couple sounds before having to hear an ad which the dog walks away from. No way would I pay for this app. Not a dog app at all.
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