Dogo - Dog Training & Clicker

4.8 (13.1K)
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Dogo App GmbH
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1 month ago
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16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dogo - Dog Training & Clicker

4.83 out of 5
13.1K Ratings
5 years ago, Panda1020112010
It’s a very good app but this is why I give it four stars
This app is very good and I recommend it very much for your dog because it’s been helping my dog become way better and he’s loving it he knows how to do the things that it’s teaching him but the thing is you have to pay if you want to for things like premium but you can still do the same thing but with premium you get faster things with your dog I really don’t care and I’m not paying premium it’s like four dollars a month but regular is the same thing you do the exam date teach you tricks you can play games it’s a very good app but I think they just have to get the whole app without paying anything to make it much better for everybody but I do recommend it a lot it’s very good it doesn’t have glitches which is very good it doesn’t have apps in app so you don’t have to buy another game it doesn’t have ads it’s great it is your dog a lot there certain levels your dog can come it’s very fun for your dog and you can some videos on it and it’s very nice to see your dog and everybody else is dog and it’s so nice because you have so many things to do with your dog.
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1 year ago, PinkFluffyCow
I love the app,but…
I love the app training lessons and different programs. I used it for a while to train my dog. However, I notice that you recently have to pay different tears ( basic, premium, or deluxe) to use the app. I understand that the developer is doing this to keep the app running smoothly and improving. I wish the developer would keep the app free. I was able to train my dog by unlocking the lessons and getting through different programs. I was fine with not having all lessons unlocked at once, get professional trainer feedback and other benefits. I just wanted to train my dog with the lessons. If a person wants to pay the monthly or yearly fee for then let them. The developer should let a person be able to use the app free with only using the different programs. Let people choose if they want the added benefits of unlock lessons at once, professional trainer feedback and other benefits by paying monthly or yearly. I think the developer should consider this option. It also doesn’t seem fair that the developer made the app now inaccessible to people that don’t have the money to always pay monthly or give a large lump sum of money for a year. I really hope they can change this app so everyone can use it fairly.
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2 weeks ago, Ilovemagicshoes
The best ever for my puppy, but I have some ideas
It really is helping my dog stop like biting things. But the app for the whistle is really stupid like nobody should be able to just buy an app just for some stupid add-on. Also a lot better than puppr it doesn’t have this stuff that y’all do. You should have like a gift shop though like puppr. Maybe be able to get a special collar for like winning or water or something like that. And I think you should be adding being around horses training because I ride horses after pup gets his vaccination, he he will be around all the time. You should be able to make important dates if we need to. Y’all should add being around cats too because I have cats and my dog keeps on messing around with the wrong cat. And some people don’t need the membership like you have to And that fee for the yearly is like really high 90 bucks that is not fair. Some people want to have that in their parents won’t let them have the yearly because it’s expensive. Maybe I’ll need to re-update the app. That’s all thanks.🙂
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6 years ago, Tonka-mary
We just adopted a five-year-old dog and he was never trained. We asked him to sit and asked For advice from many people but none of it worked. We looked on the App Store for dog whistle. We had no intention of finding this amazing app. We didn’t really find anything for dog whistle so we clicked on this as it looked interesting. When we started using it, the tricks were step-by-step and dog trainers would review your dogs tricks in a few hours after submitting a video. First two tricks include name and clicker but we wanted to go beyond that so we decided to get a subscription for the app. At first we thought it might not be worth it but then as we kept using it, it has affected us so much. Point of this is, if you ever are having trouble training a dog and don’t want to go through the hassle of a dog trainer, I definitely would recommend this app. I am really amazed because I have recommended it to several people. Please, if you’re thinking of getting this app you will NOT regret it. (Oh and I am so sorry for the spelling errors.) 🌥😅
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2 years ago, girlllllyyy
I am writing this review purely to give a suggestion to the manufacturers of the app. To the owners, this is a nearly five star app. The training really is great. It takes away time and research I’d have to do to train my dog, that I can instead spend hanging out with the puppy. It tells you exactly how you can accomplish each trick or behavior which I find really helpful. One thing that I wish was different, was the ability to “pin” or “queue” an activity or training. Often I look through the exercises when my dog is sleeping so I can figure out which ones I think would be great to learn next. However, there isn’t a way I can bookmark that exact trick to do it later when my dog is awake. Then later when it is training time, I have an excited eager dog waiting for me to scroll on and on to try to find that exact trick. That’s my one complaint. If there way a way to queue up a trick for when it is time to train, it would make life much easier. There are so many lessons, that being able to line up some that I personally find important for my dog would be great.
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1 year ago, lovesunflower92
Great app for dog training
We especially like the trainer Jeny Paik because she gives the BEST feedback. We use this feedback to improve the training and help us progress through the programs. It’s a little frustrating when some of the other trainers get to review our videos because they just say things like, “She didn’t do it yet. Try again until she does it correctly.” That does not help us figure out how to get her to do it correctly. We’ve been stuck in one program for so long because another trainer hasn’t given us specific and useful feedback. We just keep trying the same things and it’s not working. If all the trainers were as good as Jeny, then I would happily give five stars. Thank you Jeny for helping us train our dog!! P.s. to anyone who is questioning the minimal fee, think about how much this would cost with an in-person private dog trainer. Hundreds!!! I am very happy paying my $5 a month. Thank you Dogo.
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4 years ago, Singersailor
Loving it!
So far Thor and I are loving this app. He’s mastering the commands quite well. The example videos are fantastic. I love the Activities they give you with each training. And the quizzes have helped me understand my dog much better. I think this app is 5 stars. It’s a lot more affordable than working with a trainer, though I haven’t committed to upgrading yet I am certain I will soon. Of course there are instances when a trainer is necessary. I’d like Thor to stop lunging at other dogs to play and could use some help with a trainer for that, and for his incessant barking in our yard when dogs pass. We take Thor to a doggy day care to socialize with other dogs once a week which is extremely important. This app is great for basic training but your dog has a lot of needs, socializing with other dogs, playing with you and of course walking and exercise! For basic training and ideas on commands and having a better understanding of your dogs needs this app is 5 stars!
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4 years ago, Cbh 2467
Absolutely Amazing
Oh my gosh. I haven’t had this much fun with my dog since... Forever! This app help me to teach my dog to be more obedient and it built a stronger bond between me and my pupper. My dog looks forward to training time every day because he LOVES treats. Usually how my day goes is I do the things I need to do all day long because during this time, I have nothing else to do. This has given me something to do. I thought my pup was lazy until I started this! Thank you. I do, however, have a few suggestions. Maybe you should make it so you can sort the activities by if your dog is good at it or not. So you don’t have to scroll every where just to find a new activity that your dog isn’t good at yet. Also, the app is meant for iPhone, but it still works on iPad. Except the exam part. It crashes every time I do an exam. Can you come out with an I pad edition so I can do an exam? Anyways, this app is a must-have for any person with a dog.
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5 years ago, Nemo's Reviews
must have for puppies!
this app is amazing. before, my goldador puppy wouldn’t listen to anything i said. we were hopeless! found this app and decided to give it a try, AND IT WORKS!! i’ve only been using it for about a week and i’m already in love with it. i love the clicker feature, because we don’t own a clicker, and it saves us from spending a couple dollars. honestly, i don’t understand how this app is free! if it weren’t, i’d gladly be spending my money on it. i’m i love with the exams, i like how professionals take a look at your pup doing the trick before moving on to a new stage because it ensures that i’m doing everything right! i also love the picture submissions! sometimes when I'm bored, i find myself scrolling through the adorable puppy pictures. overall this app is amazing and your furry friend is missing out if you haven’t downloaded it yet.
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6 years ago, Lschex
I love this app.
My puppy, who is 4 months old, is insanely smart. He picked up “sit”, “down”, and “come” as an 8 week old puppy (we got him at 7 weeks). I searched through the entire App Store and downloaded all the dog training apps I could find because I knew he would need a lot of mental stimulation. This is the only one I spent actual money upgrading. The feedback from a real trainer and the ability to level up is wonderful, and the structure is what I needed to keep me on schedule and on track with his training. My only criticism is that there could be more tricks (a lot of other apps have many extra tricks and I fear we will run out of them before our subscription expires) and I would love to be able to look back at his old “exams” and feedback to see what could be improved. Overall, totally worth the money. Even if he finishes before the year is up, it was way cheaper than taking him to a pet store where they charge over $100 to teach him sit and down in 6 weeks.
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9 months ago, Jessicaalyse123
Overall amazing resource with a few suggestions:)
The Dogo app is overall an awesome tool with a lot of helpful easy to understand information and instruction. Pros include -Large variety of training options available that seem to cover the basis for nearly all behavioral related topics (potty training, bite inhibition, leash walking, impulse control, etc.) as well as a big list of obedience and more fun types of tricks. I do wish you could track progress within tricks slightly more detailed than the current option of rating a star from 0-5. For example, I am shaping the ‘Sit & Stay’ beginner training to work up to the lessons end goal and am currently able to take 1 step away, a few days later 2 steps away, etc. I wish those types of details could be captured. Again, overall this app has been a great tool and has some motivating features for the human built in as well.
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4 weeks ago, Dubax
Don’t Waste Your Money
This app was a regrettable waste of money. The activity log is somewhat useful, but if you use it as a family, it doesn’t update lagged activities in the background, so you’ll all get alerts for say, your dogs next potty break, even if someone else has recently logged a potty event. The log also freezes REGULARLY so expect to be standing there waiting just to log the event. The training modules and activities are extremely hit and miss. Some are well flushed out with good detail in the instructions and examples and further troubleshooting, but most are genuinely terrible and you could easily find more clear instructions for free online. An app you pay for, should be better/more useful than things you can get for free. the customer support when you contact them is generally, pretty bad. Overall a pretty terrible purchase. Oh, and the app is also constantly promoting for App Store reviews. Multiple times a week. Which I’m pretty sure is a violation if App Store rules in addition to being really annoying
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6 years ago, Theodore Dude!
This dog training app is amazing!! It was the only one that actually worked and got my stubborn, distracted dog to do the tricks I tell him to. It has a daily training session that takes close to three minutes with only about three tricks to learn. And to get an opinion on how your dog is progressing, you send an video of your dog completing a trick and within twelve hours you get a feedback from a professional dog trainer. And no you can not respond back or communicate with them in anyway. It’s just a way for an experience trainer to tell you what your doing well or what your doing wrong, which is very helpful. And they have different levels like junior level pro level which helps you determine where dog is at as far as being trained. I am so glad I got the Dogo app because my dog has progressed so much!!!! I HIGHLY recommended this app.
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4 years ago, Kowgrlreba
Exciting app lots of education, but
This is great! I am trying to look at the activity before the training session and then do the training. The app is not really set up to review than train unfortunately when I go into the training step it automatically thinks I’m doing the training. I don’t know if this is bc I’m a single mom of 3 and like to be ‘ready’ for the training exercise when I have downtime- like morning coffee- or if a way I have developed procrastination..... (one of my character defects) Maybe this app is also going to train me!!! Lol Update - I’ve been using this app and it’s amazing I’m learning so much and showing my family and friends how much educational opportunities r at my fingertips!!! I’d say have fun but fun is inevitable as it’s a given working with your dog and this absolutely fabulous app!!!!
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2 years ago, Satiated Grouponer
Like it, but glitchy and 1 main issue w/widget
We just adopted TWO puppies and this app seems pretty helpful for keeping both my husband and I on the same page with our busy schedules. We’re in the free week trial now, but find there to be a lot of grammatical errors and find it’s not seamless switching between puppies. Love the potty widget, but it’s not very useful for two dogs as you have to manually go into app and switch the dog profile in order for the widget to correspond with correct dog—which in and of itself defeats the purpose of a widget anyhow. Also received a super glitchy subscription discount offer via email and the in-app notifications, however it leads to nowhere 🤷‍♀️ Overall, this seems crazzzzy promising, but they’re clearly still working out some kinks. We hope to hear back on the subscription discount ordeal, and also need to know if that applies to both dogs, or just one.
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6 months ago, Anna_11
Crashes a lot - not that many articles
I’ve been using this app for about ten days. I got the premium deal for a special $20 price from the $80. I definitely wouldn’t pay $80. The worst part is that it crashes at least twice per 30 minutes when looking around There articles are good, the UI is good and intuitive and the trainers respond. The trainers I don’t think have read the app’s articles because I’ve gotten conflicting feedback. There’s a lack of articles in my opinion for a paid app. the articles they have are often so paired down to make them simple steps they’re not clear. A lot of articles end on “as long as your dog needs it”. I’d love an article on being scared of car rides. Honestly it also just be a bad search mechanism. If I search for “lay down” it doesn’t bring up the article for “down” - which I hadn’t thought to look for instead. I wish the calendar had an option for customized options because otherwise it’s just a potty tracker. I’d love to be able to add “gave a bully stick” “gave treat” “had car ride” etc. I’d also like if the Health repeats could be customized - a few vaccines need to be given three weeks apart and thats not an option. It would also be nice if you could remove exercises. I looked at one for Crawl and I go through the “No Just Browsing” routine but it’s still stuck in my dog’s exercises.
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6 years ago, javanut16
LOVE IT! But...
This app is simple, easy to use, and flat out awesome! My only complaint is that you can't do much without the premium offer would cost a lot in my opinion. I'm not looking to spend any money on an app to train my dog. I am a good trainer myself and I trust my ways but I'm only looking for a couple of tips, and this gave it to me it really helped me and my dog with some simple tricks that we were struggling with. I absolutely love the trainer feedback they gave you, in the exams that you can take I definitely recommend it but if you're not willing to spend money, there's only so much you can do on it. If I had to change anything it would be that a lot of good features cost money. But I do understand the app has to make money somehow so that probably won't get changed.
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4 years ago, You Know Me😄
Love this app!!
This app is great for training your dog at all levels and all ages! I am currently training my 10 week Australian Shepard puppy and I can’t believe how easy this app makes it to train dogs! I tried training my dog on my own and it was very difficult as I learned I wasn’t rewarding liberally enough. This app gives great instructions in order to get your dog to do the commands you want it also transitions so effortlessly and makes sure your dog can handle any of the commands given. I currently do not pay for this app and think it’s amazing. The only suggestion I can make is that there be a clicker I can use outside of the lessons if I would like to train on my own, if there is one I can’t seem to find it. Regardless I highly recommend getting this app if you want to train your dog at home.
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1 year ago, Marlahg
This app was a life saver
I was on the verge of rehoming my dog due to the amount of problem behaviors and lack of direction in finding an affordable training program. This app really helped me to really work with her on my own to address the behaviors that were relatively fixable. The educational component has been so essential in me understanding my dog. I also love that there are incentives to train or learn everyday. There are just so many app features that are intuitive! Has this fixed all her behaviors? No, but this app feels like the support I’ve been needing to be a successful dog owner. My only recommendation is that they add a community feature where we can connect to other dog owners or read articles who have successfully overcome some challenges.
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6 years ago, aDuffBrew
Trains YOU to train your dog
Dog training has more to do with training the human than the dog. Yes, these are tried and proven methods of training available most anywhere... even free. Duh. We’ve been training dogs for tens of thousands of years. But this is for those of us that need some accountability and structure. I was really good at training basset hounds to eat chips and watch tv then I rescued a fearful and abused American Pit Bull Terrier. I needed a program to complete her rehabilitation. This app is guiding us through the process of me being a better canine caretaker. I would recommend those of us that are attached to our phones might want to invest in an actual training clicker. My dog completely ignores my phone because it’s always making noises when in my hand.
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2 years ago, Alistrtng2hppn
App is fine, could use some UX improvements
The app itself is fine. The thing that drives me crazy are some user flows. When you click on a specific training section, it immediately shows you video examples of the behavior and then you have to click on exercise description. If I’ve decided that this is a behavior that we don’t need to work on, then I have to click on, confirm to click out, click out again, confirm again and it’s really annoying. I wish it would show me the exercise description right away rather than video examples and I don’t think you should need to confirm to choose to go back to the previous screen. It’s not like important information is going to be lost by going to the previous screen. Anyways, that’s my two cents.
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6 years ago, 桜ミツォノミ
A lovely app for any furry friend
I have cared for many animals in my years, and my current companion is a young adolescent rabbit helping me with my disabilities, whom I trained up myself to do many tricks and services. Some members of my family, as a joke, wanted to try and send in exam footage of my rabbit companion via the app to see how it would go. To our surprise, the dog experts were more than happy to give him passing marks on the exam and encouraging comments. I plan to continue to use this app to give me ideas on what other tricks I can teach him. Even if you already have a lot of experience with clicker training animals, this app is good for daily reminders. It also helps other family members get involved and feel happy at the little successes of your furry companion.
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6 months ago, MW924
Helpful could use some updates
My husband and I are using this app for our golden retriever puppy and it’s been very helpful. It thinks of all the different areas of training, tracking etc. We wish there was a way to add a “note” when tracking something. For example, we can mark that she ate food, not how much or what type. Also, if you are sharing the app and training with someone else you *both* have to pay for the premium family-plan which seems unnecessary - if one person pays for it-why can’t they add family members? Other than those two small things I would recommend using it, especially for first-time puppy owners and trainers - it walks you through everything and makes it easy to stay on track.
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3 years ago, Julia98-16
Makes training your puppy much easier!
I never leave reviews for apps, but I thought this one deserved it. I just have the free version, and I’m actually thinking that I might pay for it soon. I love this app! We got a poodle puppy about three weeks ago, and I was a little lost on training (what to do, best methods, how often, etc.). However, this app has been wonderful! It’s very simple and straightforward, and the clicker is actually really useful. My 11 week old puppy already sits well, comes to her name decently, and understands the clicker. She also is good about letting us know about potty breaks. I think this is all pretty good for such a young pup! I definitely recommend this app.
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2 years ago, player1616182
One miner thing
So, this is a great app. My dog has learned so much. There are great videos to help and step by step instructions. But one thing that you would want to know, is that there is a subscription. YOU DO NOT NEED THE SUBSCRIPTION! The subscription is only if you have more then one dog and you want to unlock more hard tricks. The tricks without the subscription are already awesome. Besides the subscription is $40 a year or $5 a month. One other thing. I can’t figure out how to post a video or a picture in this app. The people and developers will contact you if the step by step instructions are working, they’ll give you more easier ways to complete the exercise. Over all this is one of the best dog training apps you might find!
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1 year ago, Riverwilli15235
Cool app
My mini ozzy Kida is quite responsive mind you, potty trained at 8 weeks basically good to go out of the box per say. She’s got some structure to “work” so she’s focused and pretty attentive because without it she is quite hyper. Outside of the tricks and things she’s being train to do via other resources, Dogo has consistently provided interesting ways to bond with a young pet. This app also has cool articles that can assist with identifying what’s going on with your pet, why they might misbehave and genuinely has provided insight for even the tricks she is learning beyond this platform 5/5 built in clicker too. Got my fiancé to actually use it it’s so convenient and works of Apple Watch too.
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8 months ago, FriendOfTheOod93
Love this app! 5 Stars!
We’ve been using the app for awhile now and have never had any issues so I do want to state that I love the app, so SO much! But I think there’s a glitch going on. The only thing in the New Puppy Program we hadn’t finished was “Handling ll”. I tried to add a video and it put it under the “Sit ll” command. That’s one we had already finished and it took our progress away. Obviously I just resubmitted a video for “Sit ll” but now It’s effecting “Down ll”. Not sure if it’s a programming glitch or if my phone was the only one being effected by this but it’s getting a bit frustrating that now I’ve got to redo “Down ll” as well. I can’t get the “Handling ll” to upload where it is supposed to be at all.
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1 year ago, hsofiekksx
Loved this app so much with my last puppy, didn’t get to use it too much past I few months due to unfortunate circumstances. Remembered the name so I can download it in the future. Three years later I just got a puppy and the app is as great as before!! Even better actually I love the pee reminders. This app is so good. I miss the little posting feature because it’s the only platform where you can scroll and only ever see dogs. Plus I just loved seeing everyone’s puppy, because it’s a lot of the same people posting I felt like I got to watch so many puppers grow. It’s okay though I’m sure there’s a reason for it being removed. Still a great app
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6 years ago, Nara .C
In app purchases
We just got a 5 month old puppy and she is great and smart however I wanted help training her to do more than just sit so I turned to this app little did I know I would only be able to do 5 things with her training wise. It only let me do the clicker and name recall as well as the exam, don’t get me wrong the exam was nice we got feedback on how we could improve but as soon as we passed it we went on to name, sit, down and put on leash, still promising we got to do those and then she was ready for the exam little did I know that they wouldn’t even let me take it! The app said that I had to get the premium just so I could teach her more and help her improve with help and motivation. Over all I don’t think that this app would be the best for people trying to train their dogs fully and with a bunch of fun tricks but if you just want some basics go for it!
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2 years ago, A confused citizen
Amazing and super useful!
I love this app! I recently adopted an 8 week mini goldendoodle, the first dog I’ve ever had, so I have no previous experience at all with puppies. Dogo has made it so easy to housebreak him and keep track of his potty schedule. It has helped me start his training journey too. I’ve been using it daily for 3 weeks and Archie already knows “sit”, “down”, and “place”; all because I’ve used this app to learn how to actually do positive reinforcement and effectively train a dog. I appreciate the video tests and feedback from certified dog trainers and the educational articles. My only request would be to add the ability to track his meal times. Also, maybe in the profile have the possibility to add info about the dog: vet visits, vaccinations, dewormings, flea treatments and such. Just to have all your dog info in one place. That would be fantastic! The UX and UI are super smooth and beautiful, so kudos to the designers and programmers here. Last request: add a toggle to change the 24 hour format (to log the potty schedule) to a 12 hour format.
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3 years ago, i live puppys
It’s awsome
My dogs name is Thor we have been training with Dogo for a month now. I love it and Thor does to when I ever pull out my phone he knows it’s training time. But there is a couple things I don’t like is that you can’t add more than one dog I have another puppy named Loki. So it would be great if Dogo could let you have more than one dog. Also you can take pictures of your dog to post on this app I would love if you could post videos because one of the challenges for the pictures was show your dog running but I don’t know how to show that. Over all this app is really good for free to. You can upgrade to dogo pro but I don’t want to. It’ a awsome training experience for your pup and yourself
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4 years ago, Dolly and Sara
Works wonders!
We love the dogo app! It is user friendly and fun to use. We started Dogo at 9 weeks, got premium at 10, and now at 14 weeks our Toy Aussie Doodle knows her name, sit, lay down, stay, push-ups, spin, and twirl, and stand! While there are some bugs the development team is quick to respond . We had a run in with a bug and they responded within hours. They compensated me with a membership upgrade and were professional. Dogo can be used alone and is much cheaper than a dog training class which on average is about 120 for 5 classes. Now that our dog is older we plan on using Dogo to supplement her training but everything she knows right now is solely because of Dogo! Thank you Dogo!!
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6 years ago, BLasgna
Great app
I personally have three dogs, who are all trained by me. I never liked the idea of training from apps, videos, or pictures. I always liked to train from the heart and really try to understand my puppies. It has always been that way for me, but a few days ago I came across this app and thought that I might as well try it. This app is so, so great and on the exams (where your dog is tested to see if the can go on to the next set of tricks) if you and your dog need improvement they help you and don’t just say that you could do better. If you are anything like me and never bothered to try an app for your dog, I highly recommend this one.
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9 months ago, NCanes
Love it - but a little glitchy
Great App for our puppy - my wife and I have been using it for our (now) 5 month old puppy since the day we brought her home in order to stay on-top of her potty schedule. However, there are a number of glitches where my wife or I will log a potty moment and it won’t register on the others app. Recently I’ve logged potty moments and shortly after it’ll send me a “reminder” to take the dog out, even though she’s recently been out. It somewhat defeats the purpose when you constantly need to double and triple check the accuracy of the app. Fixing those glitches would get this back to a 5-star rating.
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3 years ago, sv9903
Never even got to use once
This was a huge disappointment, we just got 2 puppies and was excited to get started with the program. First, reviews are older and describe previous versions because there’s nothing free. Ok… I agreed to do the 7 day free trial then pay $9.99/month if we felt it was worth it. Except, I attempted to add my daughters as “pet parents” so we could all join in training. Clunky and no instructions make you think it should be easy… nope. First they have to download and sign up individually, then be added, except neither could after trying invite by both email and iMessage. Then, tried signing in on my iPad with my credentials. Kept getting an error message, turns out I (my mistake, and why you typically have to verify email) entered gnail instead of gmail. Tried changing, but kept receiving error message that user couldn’t be identified or had been deleted. What?? I spent more time in the chat with developers than I ever have and never actually got to use the app. Then… there’s plenty of other highly rated apps out there so decided this was a bust, went to cancel the free 7 day free trial so I wasn’t charged - good thing, it was 3 days!!! NOT 7 as stated when I signed up. STAY AWAY!
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4 years ago, 🥰😘😍Josie
Love this app
This app is so extremely good because when I started using this app my dog was about 1 month in a half I think and I was in the App Store to see if there was any app that can train my dog and I came across and lot of options but most of them didn’t work and one day I came across dogo and I installed it and after I had it for a while my dog could sit down, lay down and when I called her name she would come to me she learned so much from dogo but I am have a little problem about the picture they aren’t showing it right so if you can fix that that would be awesome thank you dogo for the great things you show my dogo
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4 years ago, mockinbird555
Toooo many bugs!
My pup and I were ready to enjoy the app, but it didn’t happen. There are so many bugs that it makes it impossible to use it. ‘Close’ tabs don’t close anything, there are no ‘go back’ buttons/arrows within the app, exam video submission didn’t go through the first time, and it took forever to submit it from the 2nd attempt, also, I didn’t find any way to start a training session over again, and many more other issues (I only used it for like 10 mins). I’m a Software QA engineer, so identifying software issues is kinda my thing, but I’d prefer to keep it to the work projects rather than doing someone’s else job while trying to use an app with in-app purchases (and it’s $7.99 a month that I paid!). You guys really need to consider getting your app through a thorough QA, it screams for it! I think I’m gonna unsubscribe...
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3 years ago, Brandi Kozemczak
Love it!
I got my puppy when she was already 7 months old. The people who previously had her, didn’t teach her anything. She wasn’t house broke or know her name or anything. Mötley loves it! We actually have fun while training with this app. It’s great! She learns so quick. You can tell a huge difference. The app makes it so easy to teach them and it works in a process that helps the dog learn things in the correct way. Training Mötley without the app was hard because she was already older than most dogs doing training. Without the app I felt lost and didn’t know what to do. It’s awesome! She is such a good puppy now.
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5 years ago, lexi stratton
AMAZING! 🐾♥️♥️♥️🐾
Ok, this game is the best training app for dogs! I only have puppies and I got this app just today, and they did the exam and did wonderful! The clicker is very helpful, and it explains on what you have to do very clearly. Although this app is the best training app, I do wish you could have two accounts on one device. But I just put both my puppies names. My dog caught on fairly quick, and they sure do love taking pictures! Speaking of pictures, I love that there’s challenges and there’s also winners! I definitely recommend dog moms and dads to get this training if not, which other would they choose?
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6 years ago, Doglover17🐶
Great training app
This is the best training app for dogs I have found so far (and I recommend getting it)! My dog and I love training. My dog gets so excited when I get our clicker out because he knows it means it is training time. I love how you get feed back when you send in a video of your dog preforming the trick. At first when I submitted my video it said it will take at most 12 hours. I thought “😒great I’ll have to wait till tomorrow to see how me and my dog did😒.” Surprisingly I got my feedback within 15 minutes🤗. And a happy and tired out pup🐶. Overall this app is amazing and I recommend getting it.
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1 year ago, clc1507
Perfect for dogs who can't do in-person training
My dog Tater has a severe heart condition and is supposed to avoid situations that cause excitement or stress, so after trying a beginner training class with two other dogs and private lessons, both ended up being far too exciting for her to safely continue. With this app and subscription I can keep giving my girl the training and mental stimulation she needs without risking her heart health! The quality of the lessons is great and the app design is super easy to use. Very glad apps like this exist for special pups like Tater!
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11 months ago, IsaA14
Amazing App, Maybe Add Modified Options
This app has been really good for training my adult dog who never got properly trained however I do have one suggestion. My dog has a spinal cord injury so she can’t do some of the exercises such as the “push-ups” or even “down”, they are too hard on her back. I usually end up just having to give a 4 on these items because she can’t do them. Maybe offering some more options for dogs who are disabled or even just adding a skip option for exercises in the courses would be great! But overall the exercises that she is able to do she excels at!
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7 months ago, Rockinchicky
Freedom + Structure
The best thing about Dogo is that you can train on whatever you want, wherever you want. Typical dog training programs are structured and scheduled, and you have to practice with your dog alone in between classes. With Dogo, I’m never alone. If I want to teach a behavior to address a problem we’re having right now, I just pick the program and work with my dog for a few minutes a day. Or, I find the exercise that addresses that problem and do it whenever I feel like it. Dog trainers are at my fingertips - I can live chat with a trainer if I’m needing help solving a problem that the FAQ’s couldn’t help with, or record a video of a trick and get feedback within a few hours. Plus, their quizzes and optional activities are so enriching - I highly, highly recommend this app if you are wanting to teach a dog of any age how to behave with positive reinforcing techniques. Thanks for the great app, Dogo!
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4 years ago, 🌝Sofia
2nd review!
Dear Dogo developers, Thanks for responding to my first rating I appreciate it. My first review was about how great the app was and I still think is correct😁, but I have some questions And this is the only way I can really do it. I also think these questions will answer other people’s questions they have been wondering as well. First, i would love to see more programs there are so many things to teach a dog so if dogo adding ever trick you could think of, and put the themes in different programs it would be even better! So question there is will there be more programs? Also, I’m a little confused on whats happens when I press on my profile. When I press on the profile icon it takes me to a page that says coming soon on the achievements, is this only a premium thing or is it going to be part of an update? I would love a response to my questions! Other than that the apps great! 😃
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6 years ago, ishii106
Great app but could use some improvements
As a dog trainer in past career, I had to try this out. After spending some time with this app, I was blown away by the simple design and ease of use. The only issue I see with this that I can't have something like a family subscription system. I would love to recommend this to families looking to be trained to teach their dogs but I can't. This app is mostly designed to be used by one person to one dog. I would love to see a family account where they can keep progress of which child or parent was working with which dog, and which skills they have it down. Again, this app is so close to be in the list of apps I recommend.
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6 years ago, Tash12587)5
Not free - it is a teaser
Offers 4 free basic commands (name, sit, lay down, calm for leash) and 1 video exam (with feedback). If that is all you want your dog to learn this app is for you. If you want to pay $80, you can also get a lesson plan from a pool of unlimited tricks. They build up in difficulty and you unlock more tricks as your dog becomes more skilled and passes the exams. You rate how well your dog does on each trick and the daily lessons are built from those ratings. It is a great idea but doesn’t fit into my current budget. 😒
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5 years ago, The person who is always right
Great But...
This app is great but you can’t go on with good, fun, and exiting tricks without having to pay a lot of money. I know it’s to make some money but, 4 dollars a month is to much. I also can’t train my other dog with it because I have to pay. At least make it so you can add two dogs without having to pay please. Other than that, I love this app! It’s the best free dog training ever! My dogo is learning many new tricks and she is enjoying them! I love how you can talk with the developer and ask them some questions and get answers back very quickly! Dogo, you are like no other!
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11 months ago, mjsullyyyy
A bit of a lifesaver
I brought home a rambunctious pup about 6 months ago and I was trying my best to do it on my own as I couldn’t afford to hire a trainer. I forgot to cancel a free trial on this and it was a very lucky mistake 😂 Over the past few weeks, I’ve been using Dogo and it has made a huge difference! I would recommend purchasing a real clicker, as using the one in the app is a bit cumbersome. But overall, I would recommend this as a more affordable alternative to an expensive trainer if you’re strapped for time and cash.
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3 years ago, Banana368
Great app
Im still new to this app but so far its really helpful!! I mean yes it's inconvenient to have to pay a subscription but if it does work out your not losing alot of money for the time being. I have trained with my dog for about a week now and she has achieved 3 new skills. She is a puppy so you have to have patience. The information and steps are very understandable and can be transferred easily into actions by doing what steps they recommend. Will be reviewing again in 2 months.
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6 years ago, izzy_bro❤️
Loving it😍😍
I love this app sooo much. My dog Bailey is almost 2 and she already has improved. Who said that you had to train a dog when their young?! Never has she acted as good as she has now!!! These are real trainers and they give great feedback on your skills. They respond quicker than what it says they are supposed to and they actually help. The developers put so much thought into how to train a dog. The trainers will love your dog and appreciate how bad you want to work for it. Hope you download this app it is amazing💜💜💜💜💜😍😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
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