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User Reviews for DOGTV

4.19 out of 5
1K Ratings
5 years ago, Amyalidakristina
My dog loves it. Everything else needs work
My dog loves it. We instantly noticed a difference in his mood. But, It’s a little silly that you can’t access your account on the app. I couldn’t sign in to my account on my Apple TV, so I figured I would cancel my subscription and get it through iTunes instead to make it easy. But trying to get to the account even on my computer wasn’t working. Once I could finally cancel, I had to delete and reinstall the app to sign in with a different account. So great for dogs, but the human side of things needs a little work.
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4 years ago, Suzy Star
This is a MUST HAVE!
My puppy struggled with separation anxiety terribly until having stumbled upon this app. Surprisingly, there’s really not a lot of apps for dogs at all in the 21st century. SO, figured I’d give this a go. After just a few days of leaving this on when I leave for work, my pup has very little, if NO separation anxiety at all anymore. Maybe it’s just my dog and I got lucky? I don’t think so. My friends started using it too and have seen wonderful benefits. Whenever I sneak a few peeks in on my home security cameras, I catch him watching it as well! He relaxes, sometimes prances, and better yet, he plays around with his toys way more than he did before I got the app. He will nap for a couple hours all while this is on. I feel so much better leaving him home now when i go to work or run some errands. AND, no more whimpering!!!! I was so worried about this living in an apartment complex. Behavior outside the app has even improved. He’s getting used to the sounds that are played on the programming and walks have even gotten better. I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want this for their dog. I wish this had been around sooner. Thanks so much to everyone at DOGTV!!
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5 years ago, anfranlamb
Separation Anxiety Relief
We really wanted to believe this was a gimmick but we cannot deny that it helps our Daisy! Our 11 year old dog has suffered from separation anxiety since we got her at 3 months old. Shoes, pillows, remotes, basically anything we left out would be chewed up when we got home. We had learned not to leave anything out we didn’t want destroyed. Recently she started drinking water excessively while we were gone which led to her being unable to control her bladder. We almost hated to leave home in the evenings because of the mess we would come home to. After using DOGTV for a few months we can say without a doubt it has soothed her separation anxiety. She has only had one accident since we started leaving the DOGTV on for her. She doesn’t really “watch” but the sounds are soothing to her. If we had any question at all, on NYE the sound of fireworks got her pretty upset and within 2 minutes of turning on the DOGTV she settled down. If your dog has separation anxiety related issues we highly recommend DOGTV!
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2 years ago, Poogle Cutie
My dog loves it! Scientifically supported
I don’t understand why people are rating this poorly because of the cost or issues they had with an offer from T Mobile Tuesdays. I used the 3 month promotional offer, too, and didn’t have issues; I also made sure to go through Apple/iTunes and not the company directly, as I do with most of my personal subscriptions for clarity of billing cycles even though you might pay more with taxes. You have to be careful when you sign up, go slow and read, then there should be no issues, otherwise I could see how you might easily do the 7 day trial instead by mistake (just don’t rush). The program itself is phenomenal. I think it’s wonderful they did research as to the coloring, the sounds, and even the movement. I like that it avoids sudden startling noises. But more importantly, my dog is GLUED to the TV! If it’s pup approved, it’s an easy 5 stars from me. :)
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4 years ago, TallyNick850
It works...while it’s playing.
I subscribed to DogTV to help my pup sleep in the living room at night or occupy him while i work from home. I use their app on Roku and it has helped tremendously with getting him. He loves it. The problem however is it appears the DogTV app on Roku has times out after a couple of hours, causing my pup to whine in the middle of the night. I don’t know if it’s done on purpose or if there’s a glitch with Roku or the DogTV app, but for now I’ll assume the latter because I know many apps time-out after no activity. This is a problem for me. DogTV is supposed to calm or keep pets occupied when we’re away or sleeping, why would you make an automatic timer, and one so sort? I think the timer, if there is one, needs to be disabled. Otherwise i will most likely cancel the subscription when it’s time to start working in the office again. Don’t see the logic of buying a service if it times out 2-3 hours after I leave home. If Roku’s the reason the app is closing I will revise my review to 5 stars.
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4 years ago, hdkhxjjy😝
Don’t even bother buying it because it either times out crashes or you have to pay for it so let’s start with the time outs please disable the timer I would be working from home and turn dog TV on but after 2-3 hours it turns off and my dog starts whining and I have to stop my zoom to turn it back on next is the crashing I also have it on my phone and iPad when we go on road trips the app crashes CONSTANTLY and it is so annoying please fix this and lastly is YOU FREAKING HAVE TO PAY FOR THE APP to watch live tv which my dog LOVES you have to pay and that’s just really annoying because I just want to play live tv because it’s my dog favorite but I CANT DO THAT WITHOUT PAYING and some kids might want to use this app but they have to pay and that’s just inconvenient over all I think paying is the worst problem please make it 100% free if you change these problems thank you so much bless your soul
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4 years ago, Dakota Howe
why does it cost?
so i read the reviews (well 2 of them) and it said that it cost. So i thought maybe just some of the episodes cost when i opened the app it said “start free trial”. i am sure it’s great shows that will keep my dog entertained and happy, however it cost monthly and my dog has plenty of toys. She can be entertained without me paying monthly. For that matter a bone will keep them entertained every dog loves that but not every dog is going to love the channels. I don’t like all the channels on tv so why would my little puppy i mean she’s not picky she will eat anything you give her (especially pumpkin seeds) she will chase anything moving. However i have not seen her pay attractive to the tv once, she ether falls asleep or plays with her toys (while not watching tv) so there is no point to pay monthly for your dogs entertainment when you can pay once.🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶 bye bye
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3 years ago, asu619
Wonderful APP and my dogs love it!
My wife and I have two rescue dogs who have bad separation anxiety. We struggled for a long time with letting them be home alone while we are out, and would always come home to accidents or with carpet/furniture chewed up. A friend of ours suggested DOGTV and it’s been a big game changer for our family. Our boys are genuinely engaged in the content, the app is very stable and stays connected to keep the white noise going, and we have noticed a change in their behavior when we arrive home. Can’t recommend this app enough for anyone who needs help keeping your dog distracted while your out of the house!
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4 years ago, Mdemps77
I will probably not use this app ever again
Hey so I will not use this app again because this should be free this is for our dogs you know how many dogs are suffering out there right now soap water dogs dogs are amazing but you know how many can suffer with out dog TV so I really think it should be free no subscription no in app purchases I think there should be like an in app purchase for one thing no ads because a person and a dog can live with ads some people that got this we’re really excited but then they realize there was a subscription like I did and turns out they don’t have any money because they used it to buy other things like dog food bands money food for themselves dog toys other things that are more important than an app for the dogs I’m not saying this is a bad app it needs to be free so When it is free I will use it
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3 years ago, Peanutkiddo
Horrible Customer Service/ Steals Money
I have never heard of this app before until T-Mobile offered a free 3 month subscription. The instructions were to download it and choose the free 3 month trial. I downloaded it but there was only an option for a free week trial. So I set up the free week trial up yesterday and contacted them in regards about the free trial that was being offered by T-Mobile for more info. Haven’t heard from them on that yet. Then I cancelled the subscription so I wouldn’t forget and get charged. Then this morning I got an email receipt stating I got charged for the first month! Checked my bank account and sure enough, they already had charged me! Had to send another email for a refund but I’m sure they aren’t going to respond to that either.
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4 years ago, All blue 2
New update doesn’t work for Roku subscription - updated review
A big thank you to Lindsay in customer service who sent me the best instructions on how to fix my issue. The solution worked on my first try and my dogs are happy campers again. If you have Dog TV through Roku, you need to go on a PC and make the changes. Good luck if you previously subscribed through Roku. With this new update, it stopped working. They can’t find my account but they are still charging me. I’ve been emailing with customer service for 2 days and they can’t fix it. Caveat emptor.
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4 years ago, 04redsox04
Buyer beware!!! Terrible customer service and possible scam
Last year I bought a year subscription from their Black Friday special through the DogTV site. Here is their scam. After ordering I immediately canceled to not get further charges. That prevented me from watching even though the year was already paid for. Contacted support who re-activated my account and also re-activated auto renewal against my explicit email message. Fast forward a year to find a $80 charge from Vinmo pending. I immediately cancel my subscription and contact support to refund my money. Day goes by, send another message. Next day a email direct to their support. Nothing. I had to call my credit card company to dispute this charge. Tv for dogs is a cute idea, but stay away from this group.
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5 years ago, sbarfield17
If no stars were an option...
I honestly don’t want to give 1 star bc I can’t say anything about the product itself as I only got so far as entering payment information and then suddenly my session expired. After trying (unsuccessfully) to log back in MULTIPLE TIMES, I decided to double check my account just to make sure no money was taken out.... the session may have expired but not before they ran a hold and credit on the account. 😡 Now I can’t even log on to cancel and putting a stop pay on it will cost me much more than this was ever supposed to. This means, I’m paying for a service I cannot access nor use no matter what bc after the trial period runs out they’ll charge me if I don’t stop pay. What a terrible first impression to make!
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2 years ago, DogGuyDave1986
Puppy loves it
I have one that I can tell his ears flip around to the sound but doesn’t watch it, which is fine the science is still working on him. I also have a golden retriever puppy that will between toys, lay down and watch it like a little human. Lol he is so cute. Then a toy will interest him and he will take breaks from it. I use it when it’s on during my work from home day, and when I’m gone. Gives them some kind of stimulation while I’m on an endless cycle of video conference calls.
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2 months ago, Alexaland
Love the app / signs me out
I love love dog tv. I put the live stream on and it plays all day. I got it because my dog would bark when I am not home. No complaints from my neighbors since getting it. However, it keeps signing me out. It very frustrating to have to keep signing back in every week or so! Specially on my Apple TV. Please fix and would be five stars
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1 year ago, phienix52617
Great for Dogs!
DOGTV has been a great in so many levels. We have two beautiful, amazing Pitt bulls. The relaxation videos help with their separation anxiety (they hate when daddy is gone). Honestly, it helps me relax, too! The stimulation videos have helped curb some of their unruly behavior when they get too rambunctious. I think it’s also helped expose our youngest (1 year old) to different sights and sounds, so he’s not so afraid of everything he sees when we go on walks. Definitely worth the money!!
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4 years ago, xirian
My dog loves it
I’ve had dogtv in the past but my dog at the time didn’t really get into it. I adopted a puppy a few months ago and she is the complete opposite. The first time I put dogtv on she was sucked in like my mom gets when she’s binge watching. She loves watching one of the specials when going to bed and sometimes demands it (if she barks at 9pm she wants the video on 😂). Sometimes she gets up to stare at the TV when it's on and once she started crying when she saw balls rolling around because she wanted to play.
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1 year ago, skydivasb
I’ve used music for a long time to help my dogs relax, but DOGTV has taken it a step further with fantastic visuals, adjusted for a dog’s vision. Together with the great puppy information and I love the desensitization noises throughout to help dogs become accustomed to the crazy noises in the human world while staying relaxed. All this with the fact that my dogs appear to fall into a deep relaxed sleep while the music plays. Peace of mind for me when I’m busy. Love it 4 paws up
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7 months ago, Sothngal
Live it and Hate it at the same time
When the app works it’s great! But it’s constantly getting updated with bug fixes that cause it to not work! It’s now updated and shows an option for Live US or Live UK. So I pick Live US. The video runs full screen (sideways) on my phone and the icon I would usually touch to cast the image to the TV is not there when the video is running. It’s there to select on the page where you pick which country but you have to select a video first before casting to the TV so it doesn’t work where it shows up. I’m using an iPhone 14 Pro Max too. Mad😡
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3 years ago, DunkinCoder
Awesome For My Pup
I usually don’t write reviews but this has been a lifesaver for my pup while working from home. I can’t always take him to the park every day or have errands to run, so this definitely keeps him occupied and stimulated. Pro-tip: Depending how energetic your pup is, it might be a good idea to place your TV reasonably high or some sort of blocker in front of it. Other than that, no complaints. :)
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4 years ago, Roljac
Cat person becomes Dog lover.
For 60 years I’ve been an avowed cat lover. I still am. But I’ve fallen for my wife’s minpin Chihuahua mix. This dog is SO smart. And her very favorite thing is DOGTV. We can be out and just sing the jingle and she gets all excited. She loves to get one of her treats, and lay on the bed and watch. And she WATCHES. You can see her little brain working- she loves it. I’ll do anything that makes our Bella happy and DOGTV is at the top of the list.
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5 years ago, sam niesen
I really thought this was crap and a scam to get money, How dish TV had a trial for this and so we decided to try it. My mom can't stop watching it. Also when we are away from my apartment, my dog always barks and howls. Since I have used this, he will door on the couch or on his bed and fall asleep or just watch the TV (I have a camera in my apartment to keep an eye on him). I wish I would have known about this a while ago!
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3 years ago, Slow stroker
Godsend for me and princess my miniature Schnauzer
This has been the best thing for my miniature schnauzer my wife passed two months ago and princess was grieving very badly along with myself. When we were introduced to dog TV it worked immediately and it was very therapeutic for myself also we both love this this is just great. Don’t do away with this channel please I just can’t say enough Thank you very much
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6 years ago, Vinnie0324
When I first got the app it was great, then it either froze or it was dead air so many times I tried to use. I decided to go thru iTunes support & they canceled the subscription for me and the next week I was charged again. I called iTunes & asked why I’m being charged again, they’re showing it was cancelled, I’m showing it’s cancelled on my end and somewhere DogTV must show it cancelled because I don’t have access to it anymore. BUT, they are charging me the second time in a week!!! DogTV is a great concept, but they’re not willing to own up to “mistakes”. Buyers beware! You may never get out of theses charges!!!
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3 years ago, CNJArtist
Would be nice if it worked
My dogs love it when we’re able to put it on, which unfortunately is not often because the live stream is either not available or drops after a short amount of time. I’ve contacted their support but, other than suggesting logging out and back in-which doesn’t do anything, they’ve been quite. I want to give it more stars but the almost constant streaming issues are too great of an issue for me.
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3 years ago, Populismyeahyeah17
I have to beagles that get bored when I put this on because there are no programs just for them. also, I hate subscribing because it takes away money for something that I got and do not use often. I deleted the app because it was so boring for my dogs. You could make it better by stopping subscribtions and making programs for each group of dog like hounds. Thx bye!
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4 months ago, walter schantle
Don’t pay for subscription.
I have paid for dog tv several times, and each time the app doesn’t work right. On my Apple TV it says I have a subscription but then when I go to play something I need to “renew”. Which takes me to a page saying that I need to go into settings then accounts. I can’t even sign up again or make a new account so at least I can pay AGAIN. Out of a total of 4 times paying, my dogs got one day of dog tv like a year ago.
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6 years ago, leighanne3287
Not available for appletv as advertised and does not work
I am on day two of my 14 day trial and I’ve already cancelled the subscription. 1. It says that it’s available for appleTV but it is not so I have to mirror play it from my phone to my tv. 2. It has not played a constant video for more than 10 seconds. Extremely glitchy and ineffective because of it. Also how am I supposed to use it when I’m not home if I can’t play it on my appletv? Thank god for a trial because there’s no way I’m spending $10/mo on an app that isn’t available where advertised and doesn’t reliably work.
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4 years ago, Ma&Mas
Our Puppy Maisel
Our sweet puppy has been addicted to your channel for over a year now She barks at me and runs on our bed with her favorite bone in mouth so I can turn it on for her! So funny Your channel definitely helps her with pent up energy when weather says she can’t go outside. She’s 18 month and still has tons of energy to be wiggles out. She goes on our bed every night watching her friends on Dogtv and puts herself to sleep. Sooo cute I’ve sent video of her memorized to DogTV to our friends and family. They can’t believe it Thank you for your channel. We love it P.S. We all enjoy when pleasant music is played in the background Sincerely, Michelle Sommers (& Maisel) Santa Clarita, CA
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5 years ago, sharptracy81
Used to love this
This app used to work for me but I had to delete it because every time I opened it on my Apple TV it said I needed to subscribe even though I was already subscribed and logged in. Tried deleting the app and downloading it again and nothing worked. Needless to say I had to get it through direct tv and that’s the only way I can put it on for my dog to watch. Please fix this issue because I do love the app if I could use it. I contacted dog tv directly and they said it was the app developer issue.
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4 years ago, vog1011
Almost an hour trying to subscribe and nothing
The worse experience so far. Been trying to use the subscription that I started on my iPhone to my Apple TV. And still an hour in and nothing. So annoying.
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6 years ago, heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Doesn’t work
When I heard about this app I downloaded it immediately because I thought it would be awesome. I wanted to give the trial a run but it won’t even work. The videos crash or never load and there are hardly any videos to choose from. I don’t know what the full version is like but I certainly won’t be paying for it considering the app doesn’t even work. This is disappointing as I was really looking forward to using it with my dog. Also, I’m sorry but $9.99 a month seems like of high. I was hoping more for like $5.99.
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2 years ago, MusiqMysfit
Excellent concept; needs a lot of work
I needed something to play on the tv while my dog is alone because he gets separation anxiety. Things I love: 1) relaxing music 2) live channel will play nonstop (whereas something like Netflix will pause and check if you’re still watching. Not useful if you’re gone for longer than that) Things I don’t like: 1) the footage is overly saturated. I’m not sure if this was intended. 2) some footage is a little strange. One example is a woman’s bum in a bikini was in the shot for a while. 3) would be nice if there were more channels to choose from 4) there are some moments where noises like jingling keys or whining dogs happen and that makes my dog’s anxiety worse
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5 years ago, Hans Nuber
My favorite Channel
We got this for our dachshund. She is small and brown. She hates being home alone. We thought this would help her to stay calm through the day. Turns out I love to sit and watch this with her. I get to watch dogs play, people randomly tell my I’m a good boy, I get to ride in cars vicariously through other dogs. It’s the best.
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5 years ago, Mikebasso
Terrible Customer Service & Website
I’ve had issues with redeeming a gift card and the rep was not helpful at all. The website is buggy and then redirects to another company that processes payment and video for them. Still have not recurved a helpful response and the links shown do not work, esp with gift cards. Do not purchase a gift card for anyone. So far the video content is ok but a lot of it is repeated clips over and over. I am getting better treatment for our pups with nature channels for free online.
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4 years ago, Terro4
My dog wants to play
Since I’ve been working at home, Dog TV has been a great thing to have. She will sometimes sit for about 20 minutes staring at the tv. She has even tried to get to the dogs on the tv so she can play with them. I just love watching her watch tv.
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2 months ago, Reddd1970
My Cat LOVES It!
Funny thing, I leave it on every day for my dog, who has separation anxiety! It helps him a little but our CAT ABSOLUTELY LOVES IT!!! She jumps up on the coffee table and sits in front of the TV blatantly watching it!! I wish I could upload a picture to this review! It’s hilarious!!!
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2 years ago, mostannoyed32
Not able to login
I downloaded through the t mobile Tuesday offers app and cancelled the reoccurring charging after the 3 month trial as I usually do. I am not able to login and tech support say I don’t have an account. Although in the apps on my phone it shows I have a 3 month subscription. Poor experience tech support don’t read the issues I send and send generic replies. I’ve Given up at this point.
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4 years ago, cwmacmahon
Got a deal on first year, not happy
Love the program. Unfriendly app. Unhappy with the hoops. Shame on Apple. I received a gift card for a temporary subscription and because my subscription on wasn’t AppleTV, because it didn’t come through iTunes.m, multiple steps to sign in. What can I say????
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4 years ago, Princess_Mommy
Does not work
I just downloaded that app, signed up for the free trial and it does not work on my AppleTV. Extremely frustrating because it shows that I am subscribed, but every time I try to use the app, it asks me to buy the monthly membership (which says I already have a current subscription) or restore subscription (which fails every time). Yes, I have restarted my AppleTV, deleted and reinstalled the app and nothing works. I’m beyond annoyed and irritated! Do not waste your time.
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4 years ago, Tree8733
Fun app
My doggo seemed to enjoy the programming although we’re not much of a tv watching household so perhaps she’s not used to the idea of looking at the box on the wall. She does like to have something on during the now rare occasion when she’s home alone.
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6 years ago, olivia.d10
Too glitchy
$10/month is way too much for this inconsistent service. The app either won’t connect to my TV, disconnects from the TV after 2 minutes, freezes, or won’t open any programs at all. I can’t keep it on the TV long enough to benefit my dog. I’ve checked all of my internet and Bluetooth connections, and they’re just fine with every other app and device. Try improving the app before charging as much as Netflix per month.
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4 years ago, Two_cute_poms
After this was made into an app, I CANNOT just click watch live!!!! Extremely ANNOYING. I need to leave for work and then it on for my dogs and I ONLY HAVE THE OPTION OF TIPS AND TRICKS?? If you don’t fix this I will unsubscribe and ask to be refunded. Quite simply, LEAVE THE WATCH LIVE RIGHT WHERE WE ON IOS CAN JUST CLICK THAT TO TURN ON LIVE STREAMING DOG TV!! I’ve been using DogTv for a few years, this is a set back. Fix it immediately please. I don’t need any tips!! I want to click it and leave for work!!
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6 years ago, Willy-P
Worked fine for a couple of weeks...
Then it started freezing up or gets stuck on a screen that says “ Loading”. I have to restart Apple TV if I want to use it again. Now, when i come home, the Apple TV screensaver is on instead of dog tv. Can’t see any reason to keep paying for this app. Cool while it lasted, though
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4 years ago, Jermination
Needs improvement
I like the concept of your service, but the refresh rate for videos is absolutely terrible. The picture is jerky and makes me want to throw up after a few minutes. Also I’m concerned about the DOGTV watermark on my screen. It’s fine if it’s on there for a little bit but it’s going to burn an image in the most TVs if we leave it on for hours every day.
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5 years ago, chelseymjohnson7
My dog loves dog TV! And I love that he loves it. He is home alone while we are at work so I love knowing that he is entertained, stimulated, and less alone than before we started dog TV. It is so cute to watch him watch it and notice the different sounds, dogs, and situations.
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4 years ago, Mich734
Developer frequently tries to force App Store subscribers to subscribe direct
Every few months the app seems to stop working, the developer’s solution is a form email that encourages moving from App Store for subscribing to directly with them. If you complain enough it “magically” starts to work again. In all honesty the app should be removed as the developer doesn’t see benefit of the App Store. Sadly, they punish subscribers willing to pay for the service.
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5 years ago, Daganro
Great App for our furry friends....when it works.
After about a year continue to run into the most basic log in issues where the app for whatever reason logs me out and is unable to recover my purchase. Please don’t ask me to do homework and contact your support; y’all know the issue, it’s plastered all over the reviews. Please do respond when the issue is fixed and I will renew my subscription which I just cancelled.
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4 years ago, RubyOobyOoh
App is unstable. Not worth the frustration!
Your app is the best and worst app there is. My dogs love it, but it is completely buggy. It is the only app in the App Store that routinely stops working. I have to re-subscribe, delete and re-install the app to get it working again. You lost my subscription a week ago because of this after it stopped working *AGAIN* a week after I re-installed it. It’s beyond frustrating. This happens on AppleTV.
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5 months ago, Thousand Islands
App doesn’t work
I paid for an annual subscription through Apple TV, but the app doesn’t load and keeps asking me to login (I have no known user name). I’ve tried deleting it, restoring it, and cancelling it. The help pages are no use and it doesn’t appear that there’s a help desk of any sort. Save your money. I can’t even figure out how to get a refund. I was screwed out of $75…
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