Dorney Park

4.7 (1.3K)
67.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Cedar Fair
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dorney Park

4.74 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
6 years ago, Kaitlin R
Love it but...
I grew up going to Dorney as a child, and it is my favorite park! I love the app all except for the fact that it doesn't have all of the same info as on the website. That part doesn't bug me too much, but when you go in to the rollercoasters tab, Posessed has a picture of Hydra. That can make it really confusing for people who don't know the park yet. Besides that, it's an amazing app!
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6 years ago, Njdjndbsjsns
It is really good when your trying to find your way around dorney and when you need to find out your plans for the day
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6 years ago, Carenaz
Nice update but lacking
Wasn't a big fan of previous version so update has done a good job BUT have now lost the ability to access my season pass info so I can "scan". I already have season passes & it appears that unless you buy a t key or pass thru the app, you cannot just enter or log in. Need to either create a passholder app or add the feature to add your tickets for scanning. The interactive map & friend finder are a nice touch - if it works. Will have to see on that.
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4 months ago, whsprlyric
I downloaded the app to assist me in chaperoning a school trip. While it was helpful in navigating the park as a first-timer, I found the directions function buggy / laggy and the wait time information downright inaccurate. Directions would often change / flip around when we weren’t moving. Talon was listed as a 5 minute wait the entire time we stood in the queue for 28 minutes.
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5 years ago, dorneyfirsttime
For so few people...
It should not take this long to get on rides. The rapids was a joke.. they put two people on at a time to ‘keep families together’. The wait should have been no longer than 15 minutes from the amount of people there but it took almost 45... not okay considering the amount of money spent to get in to park...
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6 years ago, userious?!
Ok but
Nice that there's an app with the listed if the rides and the locations, but definitely A LOT of improvements needed. Wait times on the app for each ride and a distance from where you are in the park would make the app 10x better.
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6 years ago, Hent dog
It helps out a lot when u don't have the map of the theme park 👍
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4 years ago, No comemt at this time
Super awesome
I love the app! The only thing that could be improved on is the meal pass, It would be awesome if the app could keep track of when a meal is available.
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4 years ago, Sabre408
Update bug?
Just updated the app and it wiped my saved tickets/vouchers for upcoming events. I tried signing out and back in and they’re still not coming up.
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2 years ago, nicknamess0000
It needs to get fixed .
I bought my tickets online and I tried to put them to show on the app and it kept saying it was going to pop up shortly and they never did , they need to fix that.
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5 years ago, The boo-man
Terrible service at Burger Barn
I like the electronic ordering but it took over 10 mins to receive my order 1 burger & 1 chicken sandwich at the pick up window. Not crowded, no excuse. Park is clean. Park map is confusing to locate. Using the iPhone app to navigate
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5 years ago, AMUZEMENTMAN
Great App for planning and guiding you through the park and attractions! Thanks for the app Cedar Fair! I’ll surely be using this be I go in May :)
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6 years ago, He. Rxhbg
That app is amazing it help me a lot when I went to dorney park
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1 year ago, ceddied
Getting beyond upset with the app’
I’ve been trying for weeks to sign in to keep track of my passes help getting around the park etc. & it keeps saying internal server error !!!!!!! I’m so upset !!!!!!!
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5 years ago, cely1978
Season pass holders
They should have a better app for us to manage our season pass.
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2 years ago, DeepCover
I love this park
Very useful app to have.
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4 years ago, Yahneissi
Login Issues
The app is not letting me login and I need to to access my season pass.
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6 years ago, tdogg333
Great App, Great Park
The updates have been phenomenal for his app. Thanks Dorney!
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5 years ago, Bob da buildaaaaaaaaaaaaa#1
Dorney Park!!!!!
Best place ever
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3 months ago, Rich it crashes
App is not good.
Keep losing season park ticket. Always have to re-enter. Latest version of this app.
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2 months ago, Roxanna O.O
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6 years ago, Jenn17517
Great app
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6 years ago, cinthia rodriguez
Good app
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7 years ago, Kal Na
Wild Water Kingdom app
Over its a fairly simple app to use. No better way to get info on the park itself, and any deals that may be going on. Free download and easy access for anything related to Dorney Park.
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9 years ago, PhillyDude01
Pretty useless
Calendar only has hours for dry side. Attraction info I s old, obsolete, and has nothing about the new addition to Wildwater kingdom. Calendar colors make it hard to determine open days from closed days (both are represented by blue blocks that are very nearly identical in hue). Events links always say "No Events", even on July 4th. The worst part is the app has been like this since I first downloaded it last year. I'm about to delete it because it seems like it's in a perpetual alpha stage of development.
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7 years ago, pegui12899
User Friendly + nice simple layout
This app is great for looking up quick facts or info. It is also very user friendly and has a nice easy to search layout, but the only problem is there isn't as many things as there is on the Dorney Park website. Otherwise I give this app a good 4/5 stars
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8 years ago, Tom S from PA
Useless map. Doesn't help you find anything. Car finder is almost useless. It does show your current location and you car's location, but no directional information, i.e, the only way you know if you are getting closer to or further from your car is to walk a while and see if the dots get closer together or further apart!!! Other amusement parks have far superior apps.
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11 years ago, Travis_1000
Love It!
Finally, an App for my favorite park. I love it. One idea. We should be able to put markers on the map. Just click and drop them anywhere. Then we could name the markers like "Favorite Restaurant" or "Best Ride."
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8 years ago, Cgorn
Useless App
Except for purchasing tickets, this app is useless. The map is congested. When you click a ride, it gives no info but lets you pick a "route" which is driving directions from Google that make no sense. There are no wait times, no menus, no updated ride info (ie it would have been nice to know that Steel Force was down before trekking all the way across the park).
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9 years ago, Derpy derpy derp
The only sorta bad thing about this app is that it doesn't show wait times for rides. Other than that it's awsome.
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8 years ago, I❤️TS
Dorney Park🎢🎡🎠
I go to Dorney Park all the time in the summer. I've never had any issues with the app. Sometimes my little brother asks me if he can go on rides alone, and I check the app beforehand. It simplifies my summer. I highly recommend this to you.
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8 years ago, Melissa.Barbehenn
Good, but where is the calendar?
The website has the calendar of open and close times. Link that in the app please.
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10 years ago, Jenell12083
Missing hours
App is good and informational, but very similar to the mobile site. I would like to see the park hours listed so we can plan a day. That's currently only available in the full site.
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7 years ago, batman9519
Would use again
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10 years ago, Lyn0826
Not as good as last year
It doesn't show events in the calendar like last year it needs an update ASAP but still like it still useful but need events please
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11 years ago, CoolChic10
This app is wonderful. I was going to give it 5 stars, but it is a little slow and it crashed a few times. But overall, great!
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10 years ago, Rich Lander
Dorney park review
It is a very good app. It is very helpful an easy to use, you should get it and try it out.
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10 years ago, Mattyd77
Not as useful as old version
1. Doesn't show hours of operation anymore. As a parent this was extremely useful. 2. Calendar feature either isn't in use or is broken. No events all year! 3. Haven't used friend finder. Nice if it works.
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8 years ago, Irunamuk
"Friend finder" has said my friend has been in the exact same spot for 6 hours now when in fact he's been all over the park. And FYI there's no wifi here so you'll be eating up your data while you're in the park trying to get their app to work.
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8 years ago, Christine Cobb
Not useful
Gps doesn't work. Does not give you the route from one location to another. Just shows Google driving directions. So disappointed!!
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9 years ago, Momcat1369
It's ok
It's ok but you can access the season pass info or some of the other thing you can on the actual website.
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7 years ago, Mathew gomez
Nice app
This tells me the right hours
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10 years ago, Apple_UserEst2012
No hours posted
Don't you think a mobile app should post the hours to the park so you know when it closes?
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11 years ago, Jyuvrt
Best tool!
Really helped me in planning my trip
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10 years ago, Shadowblade4
Why must I spend so much time looking for park hours? Even your website requires another page. Would think that info would be front and center.
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7 years ago, Sbrepag
Great app
I love this app it gives a lot of info about the park👌👌😀
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11 years ago, CharlesLikesApps10
Great App
Going to dorney park today and this app helped a ton! Thank you!
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10 years ago, Blackhistory4U
Should've tested this app before releasing it to Gen pop!
The most valuable feature doesn't work... Friend Finder. My daughter went on a field trip and we could locate at all.
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8 years ago, Samiya23335
I love it
I love Dorney Park this will help me so much with my trip this it
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10 years ago, Bb123we
Hours of operation
10:00 am to 10:00 pm
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