DPS Learn

3.9 (9)
125.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Adobe Inc.
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for DPS Learn

3.89 out of 5
9 Ratings
11 years ago, Tea smokin' hippie
The best app to learn DPS
This has been my primary resource for learning DPS. It's the best I've seen. The design could use some improvement. Some of the user interface interaction is kind of clunky, and the generic nature photos paired with what appears to be Lucida Calligraphy font probably wasn't the right choice to open with. Still, it was free and fairly easy to follow, so I give it 4 stars.
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1 year ago, Ian Camling
Outdated/Doesn’t work
The app hasn’t been updated in 6 years, and doesn’t work. You can’t even get through the “sign in” page to be able to use the app.
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13 years ago, Visualasylum
Love this app!
For those of us that are visual learners, this app does a great job of teaching us the basics about creating interactive content for tablet devices through Adobe InDesign 5.5. You may notice that the authors do not use overly complicated examples in presenting this information. The point is to teach you how to use these features, thus equipping you to do the amazing part of applying them in creative ways. Great job!
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10 years ago, Davidklotz11
So glad I found this
After spending a week using digital publishing suite unable to find documentation on how to do the things I wanted to do in a digital publication I came across this and it's filled in all the missing blanks to my questions on the capabilities of DPS. Why Adobe doesn't have this on their websites will never understand. This app is a must for anyone who is using DPS!
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12 years ago, T N Dub
Dig Pub Future
I teach Digital Publishing at the college level and this App is by far the best reference my sudents have for developing their skills. The structure of this App is such that anyone can easily learn all the basic skills needed to start with a good foundation in Digital Publishing. I just wish all of my text books could be this functional, engaging and thorough!
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11 years ago, SUBSRIPTIONS
Missing steps?
A very useful resource. I'm just not sure if its my lack of understanding, or that some of the steps are missing in the guides. Noticed this especially in "advanced overlays".
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12 years ago, UGADawg80
Must-have for new users
I recommend this app to anyone who is getting started with publishing Newsstand, Multi-Issue or Single Edition apps using InDesign and Adobe DPS. The authors keep it updated based on new functionality, and you can actually interact with the app to see the features in action.
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11 years ago, Scorp5693
Covers the basics and then some
Really helpful tips and explainers on how to get the most out of the digital publishing suite. I found techniques in here that I couldn't find easily via Google searches as well as things I wouldn't have thought of. Thanks for making this free.
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11 years ago, T7uth
Great! App!
I've had this app sitting on my iPad for a while and I went to cleaning up some apps making room for new ones. So I open this app and it gave me my incite on building my portfolio both digital and printable. I also will use it to mirror a layout for my blog also.
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10 years ago, Next Step
There's nothing to compare to this. Sure, you can spend time on a tutorial site, and watch videos. But I like having a quick reference like this right on the platform that I'm developing for.
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11 years ago, AnotherNickname135
Helpful and to the point
Downloaded this as a resource/reference for a class I'm taking on Digital Publishing workflow. I'm on the first couple of pages and so far great examples and in-app demos of features while they are being explained.
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11 years ago, Jrhmobile
Great app
I especially appreciate how the sections are regularly updated as new features and upgrades come online. Even if you know how to use DPS, it's worth following to stay up to date.
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11 years ago, GraficUT
Best Instructional App
Bob has create a wonderful, informative app for a great Adobe product. DPS Ideas has great step by step instructions to create interactive documents. If you like InDesign and want to create interactive apps, download this app now.
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11 years ago, kary xoxo
Love it!
I recently graduated as a web and digital graphic design and I love this app because it helps me on how to create slideshows and what to use and how to do great layouts. Looking forward for more tips and effects to come!
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9 years ago, Susan Mango Curtis
Best DPS Tool
This has got to be the best source for how to use DPS. I use it in class as the main tool for students to learn Adobe InDesign DPS great updates. Provide timely information that's always updated.
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12 years ago, SCNYC
Essential reading for DPS,
Bob Bringhurst's DPS Tips is a must read and reference for anyone working with Adobe's Digital Publishing Suite. Not only is it free, but the information is updated frequently with changes in the technology. Thank you Bob!
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11 years ago, jimmyqjam
Great App
Good for ideas and how to arrange the data for viewing on the different platforms. The full version (iPad) is a very good study guide.
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12 years ago, DPSgirl
It's great!
I love this app! It showed me how to do many things I couldn't find online. Easy to follow steps and shows how it works.
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11 years ago, Lorenzo24
Best app to learn digital apps
I have been using this app since came out. I love the updates. Keep up the good work.
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11 years ago, michellegamboa
Great way to learn about Adobe's Digital Publishing Suite
Great info about the features and how to use them.
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12 years ago, New Peaceman
Great app to get your creative ideas flowing, even if you are not a creative person.
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12 years ago, bpeople
This is the very best resource for learning DPS. Following the examples, I was able to quickly create sliding tab UX, slide shows and more.
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11 years ago, Lee52580
Excellent application !! I couldn't have made it better myself .
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11 years ago, Nikdeko
Great tutorials & examples of what can be done in DPS.
Thanks, I really needed a source to explore how the folio overlays can be applied to an instructional publication, very helpful.
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12 years ago, Kerstinkerosin
Great tool!
What a wonderful easy way to learn all of in designs new features for interactive objects! Love it.
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11 years ago, iPapiChino
Great Learning Tool
If you want to learn about Adobe DPS this is a must have learning tool.
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12 years ago, Kini4
Helpfull apps
Good app
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12 years ago, gnomesatwork
Great tutorials.
I hope this person ads to these tutorials. They are excellent and a bargain.
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12 years ago, Brian White
Excellent overview for Adobe's DPS. Lots of procedures for the beginner and great tips for those who know more. Highly recommended!
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12 years ago, Hoochalaffa The Great
I absolutely know the great quality of this app and how it is supposed to work. I downloaded the recent version and it keeps crashing on me. iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1
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11 years ago, JR_in_NC
Works as advertised and a great source of information. I love it!
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11 years ago, DryWind
Very helpful.
Thanks for making this free to the DPS community
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10 years ago, NotTooButVery
The must have app is you are developing with InDesign.
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11 years ago, ComputerInstructor
Love this App
I am inspired me to recreate it using Captivate.
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12 years ago, MilwaukeeMadass
It's Crasherific
Not sure how helpful any app can be if all it does is crash... each and every time I try to open it. Not cool bro. Not cool.
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12 years ago, CarlosGarro
Great app!
Very helpful :)
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10 years ago, Pleyto
Demasiado útil
Buena aplicación para comprender de una forma más rápida de como funciona los dps :D
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11 years ago, Khalid_alhindy
تطبيق هام جداً very important app's
تطبيق هام جداً للمبتدئين في عالم النشر الرقمي واعتبره مرجع أساسي مهم لكل مبتدأ
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