Dr. PetPlay

4.5 (137)
27.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Brent Engels
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
14.1 or later
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User Reviews for Dr. PetPlay

4.54 out of 5
137 Ratings
1 year ago, Stella880
It’s very good but in one part, it’s a little off
So I have a dog I was doing the pet play on her now it’s a real dog so I got to be extra careful, but when it was saying is she is barking and . wagging her tail it says is she barking and wagging his tail but besides that it’s really cool and for everybody who is reading this right now for review of Dr. PetPlay, I’d say buy it. It’s really cool for children to experiment and play with doctors things and see that there’s not really anything to be afraid of so overall I think it’s a great Game and if you’re looking for something to help your child do not be afraid of the doctor I think this is the app. Also it’s very fun and gives a lot of experience and says to kids there’s really nothing to be afraid of here so thanks for looking at my review and just so you know I am a kid but it’s I think it’s very fun.
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3 years ago, Huhh6895603
This app adds life to talk and play!
As the Director of a mobile family engagement non-profit, I have been using and recommending Dr PetPlay to families for years. It is awesome! The app facilitates children to role play real vets by observing and documenting the treatment of their pretend pets! The app makes it simple and necessary for users to add words to their play. It is an excellent play prompt to help kids manipulate graphs, draw, write and speak while they play. What an amazing brain boost, and every child or adult I have seen use the app is completely interested. What a way to encourage math and science talk while exploring the role of a real scientist or health hero!
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2 years ago, Nadowl22
Fun…but could use some changes
Me and my brother have a lot of fun using this app with our stuff animals. We like to give them check ups and diagnose them with things. It is truly very fun. But the main reason why I am giving this app a three star review is because of the options. For the type of animal the options are very limited. Me and my brother like playing with other kinds of animals than just the 8 options. And we have say the otter is a bunny or the turtle is an elephant. It is very annoying and I feel like this app would be way more convenient if we had more options or if we could create more options. But other than that, this app is fun for kids like me who likes to play with there stuff animals. Please take my idea into consideration. And then that is my review so by.
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6 years ago, GlutenFreeFan
Awesome game 🤩🤩🤩👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
I may be older but I’m still a kid and I think this game is for any ages. Me myself has a ton of stuffed animals so I can play this all the time. I want to be a vet so this is really cool. I would suggest that there are more types of animals maybe lizards dragons fish alpaca. I would also like some more things to do with the animals idk what but some more things. Also I have a little bug when I try to pick a different month ( for the age ) for example when it’s January and I want to pick June I’ll go to June but it will bring me right back to January. THANKS KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK 🦔🐅🐩🐈🐑🦒🐳🦖🦎🦐🦀
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7 years ago, Kj129
Love it
I love this game so much. It's so awesome. I may be in middle school, but this is for all ages ! I just have one suggestion, maybe there could be a way to alter the bone structure so I could circle an actual broken bone? Also maybe there could be more animals like foxes, possums, buffalo, or maybe an option to create an animal category and add it? Or just an "other" category for weird stuffies ? It's just I have a lot of very strange stuffed animals, and I can't take care of them on here. Other than that, perfect in every way. One billion stars. It's awesone.
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4 years ago, princess of tigers
Great app but
It is a great app and all but I don’t think it has enough animals like foxes and woods animals all kinds, if you could add a few more at least please make foxes one of them!🥺 Or maybe you can make a option to create an animal option if someone wants to.
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6 months ago, #Nerdpower
Real life fun!
You write down what is wrong with the animal, than heal it with your own vet tools. It is super fun! However, there aren’t many animal choices. Like there’s two kinds of dinosaurs but nothing for aquatic animals??? Like, what? But yea I really enjoyed this when I way younger. And now it serves as a place to write down which stuffed animals I will sell and which ones I will keep. So I just use it for organizing now. Really fun app.
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8 years ago, Assgkelrjydhjsiejsvfhgn
Great game! My kids love taking turns being the doctor and giving the plushies of the house check ups. Thank you pretendasourus, we couldn't have asked for a better game.
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9 years ago, Erik Mork
Creative Play!
Tired of apps that are more or less brain-sugar? Try Dr. PetPlay. It’s a rocking great app that gets kids to use their imaginations. It’s the best of a non-existent app category called something like “Apps that Enhance Rather Than Replace Play”.
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4 years ago, vet jen 124
Please read
Hi l am 9 this game is amazing it’s worth more than it is thank you who ever made this game thank you it’s amazing🐈🐩🐏🐑🦃🐾🐾🐉🐾🦝so thank you!!!
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6 years ago, Tsimpson123
Can you add a bearded dragon, please?
Oh my heavens! I am so excited about this app! We are our turning our kindergarten house center into a veterinary office! We have a pet bearded dragon in our class and it would be awesome if you added this!
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4 years ago, mermaidhairdontcare
I love this app
I love animals it is a great way to work with them!!! But you have to buy all the animals.
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8 years ago, Comsic sans
Please oh please I need this
I know their are some animals not on this game but please make more at least fish,foxes,and turtles PLEASE DO IT AND ADD MORE PLEASE but besides that the part we have is good BUT PLEASE ADD MORE!!!!!
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4 years ago, B's Papa
Amazing fun
And reading practice too.
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5 years ago, Sibley girl
This Game is cool
This Game is really fun. And it is a good starter for learning how to be a vet. I love playing it with my stuffed animals and friends.I think it might be one of my most favorite games ever!
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6 years ago, Mrs fukballzski
Help get photos
I followed the message to give camera permissions but the only settings are Location and siri settings please help
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3 years ago, good But 1 flaw
So fun to play
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4 years ago, fdggygy
Don’t like it
Please please please can you make it so you can diagnose the animals then you can fix the problems.
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8 years ago, Radishals
Needs more features
Needs more items and Features.
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9 years ago, Niki Penne
This app is great! Something worth your money. A suggestion for the next update, how about you can add comments on the patients, and you can organize them like one column would be, "Needs". Thank you for reading, I hope I see this in the next update!
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11 years ago, rvengels
Great new app for children and imagination
Allows children with their iPad to analyze their situation, make decisions and actually help their pet. Very interactive and super easy to learn. If you have children ages 4 and older who know how to use the iPad, this app is for them.
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9 years ago, KylieCoooks
There needs to be a spot for diagnoses and there needs to be a variety or option of animals.😄
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10 years ago, Jeremy Conn
Fun and Educational
My kids have really enjoyed playing with this app, and I love that it can be fun and educational, too. Very well done app with great effort put into its experience.
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11 years ago, Randost
So much fun!
We're having a great time exploring the play possibilities within Dr. Pet Play. So easy to use. The best few dollars we've spent all month.
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10 years ago, Cocoa galli222
Love it but........
I love that it is so realistic for my daughters. But they complain that you can't give a diagnosis or find anything wrong:(
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11 years ago, Shane_6
The best!!!!
This is the best game I have ever played on my I pad. Now my stuffed animals are so happy. I can't wait to help more animals.
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10 years ago, Girly4824958280
Awesome app!!!! Must get ! Look at x rays,answer questions, add In your own toy to give a check up to
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11 years ago, Kinderkarr
Great pretend app
This will be perfect for my kindergarten community helpers unit! Can't wait for more apps like this one.
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11 years ago, Matt2237
Purrfect for my 5 & 8 year old! Wish I had this when I was a kid.
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11 years ago, Kayfamily4
Love it!
Kids love it! Very creative way to use an ap to play with other toys. Fun, fun, fun!
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11 years ago, Naiche16
Incredibly ingenious, fun and educational!!!!
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4 years ago, kbc owl
Good game
Fun for kids
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9 years ago, Hay Hay Ho Hay
Great but one problem and please listen, I know a lot and I mean a lot of people who create apps they ignore the customers and think of something but it is actually worse. So. Listen. Please take to note that this app is great awesome really but there needs to be a diagnosis or something because all you do is take notes and it is all better.That is all I have to say, sorry for your time and G'Day.
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