Draw Something

5 (2)
45.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Draw Something

5 out of 5
2 Ratings
1 year ago, Afghanitani
Howt game
This is is a very hot game And very Beautiful it is very satisfying how every thing pops! inside
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12 years ago, Shutupmeanies
This is like, the best drawing app ever so shut your fat mouths people who gave it 0 stars!!! I give it 5 stars!
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12 years ago, Sodaguy
This app should not have ads
I almost never say this but the ads in this app defeat the purpose of it. This should be a paid app that is not ad supported. Since this is a kids app that kids will be using it does not make any sense to put ads in it that are in the way. Kids are not going to buy anything but if they click the ads the drawings disappear. Also the buttons are hard to understand and one of them is an ad.
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12 years ago, Ladyhawke86
I downloaded this app to entertain my one-year-old, but the ads are so very much in the way that that's all she would click on. Kinda defeats my purpose if I have to constantly take the iPad back from her every two seconds to close the windows she'd opened.....This app isn't interesting enough for older users, and the too-prevalent ads render it useless by younger users. Don't bother with it.
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13 years ago, lollipopsichord
Why in the world would you put the 'clear image' button right the #%@& next to the 'save image' button?? Terrible terrible terrible idea. This app work well except for this absolutely idiotic aspect. until its fixed, I strongly discourage using this app because you'll probably delete the image you were trying to save!
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12 years ago, Massive323
Draw something !!!
This app is easy to use and it's so simple that my 5 year old can use it so yeah it's that good I can draw anything I want so it's good for kids and adults
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12 years ago, SweetieTaylor
Okay app!
This app keeps my 1 year old distracted with all the colors...But it has too many adds...and it would be a lot more helpful if it had a walk through tutorial!
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12 years ago, Mr MacADoo
Other apps are better.
This app is nothing special. It is the same as other drawing apps. This one is more frustrating. The ads get in the way and the controls are confusing. Get other drawing apps.
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13 years ago, Ipadmaster2
Great app!
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12 years ago, Ratings...
This app is "ok". There's to many adds that if your working on something for a long time then accidentally tap the add and go back to the app, your drawings not there! Luckily it's free. It's a really good drawing tool but it doesn't save it on the app if you exit it.
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12 years ago, saipanlove
Not the best
The design is really seemingly effortless. It would have been much better if the developers can really put time into the app and make it into something.
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12 years ago, Bills bills
Too many ads. Not worth it
So many pop up ads. In the middle of a picture if you're drawing you get sent to an ad and lose the picture. Poorly planned and executed. Free is too much for this app
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12 years ago, Ailegna
Ads get in the way of your drawing so much that it makes this app worthless ... and it isn't anywhere near good enough to pay for.
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12 years ago, Vautz4
Not that good
The ads are really annoying and the buttons are confusing.....
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12 years ago, loganlynn513
Not doing what I want
THIS STUPID APP!!! I want to import a picture from my photo gallery so I can draw on it, and I get the picture, then tap "OK", and you think the picture will appear in the work space, BUT IT'S NOT THERE!!!!!!!! THIS IS REALLY ANNOYING AND I AM DELETING THE APP FOREVER!!!!!!!!!
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12 years ago, jfrady1
Horrible do not download
Puts ads on top of drawings and then deletes them when u accidentally click on the ads
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13 years ago, Asdfghjkl -.-
Are you kidding me
Every time I save a picture it has a white rectangle on it where the add was ! -_-
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13 years ago, Helloitsmc
Fun but kinda boring
It's fun for a while but then it gets kinda boring...... 
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13 years ago, SleffTheRed
Add is right in the middle.
Pop it up when screen is cleared or something.
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12 years ago, Noahpet231790
If i could give it 0 stars i would.
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13 years ago, Poooopy(:
It doesn't work
It kicks me out of the app right away broo .
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12 years ago, Broo broo
Boo! 1 it has way to many adds. 2 it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring. 3 I deleted it yeah.
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12 years ago, grubnose
Draw! Should be Cash!
Begs for money before you get the free trial.
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12 years ago, Nosmoe
Waste of time. Deleted. Too much deception within.
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12 years ago, ichigocatnya~
deleted right away.
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12 years ago, Super froogy
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12 years ago, luvgettingmine
Stupid adds
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12 years ago, U sniff sox?!?!?
this app
is AWESOME!!!!
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12 years ago, Lombax93
Simple app. Enjoy it.
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