Draw with Stars ! Play With Shooting Stars

4.6 (9)
14.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
9.3 or later
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User Reviews for Draw with Stars ! Play With Shooting Stars

4.56 out of 5
9 Ratings
4 years ago, Toni-czec
Pretty cool, free, no ads
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14 years ago, keepsmesmiling
Open Ended, Creative Play
I'm a fan of apps where the child sets their own direction, and this app is a big hit in our household. We use it to draw letters and faces, and we customize it with the star size and color settings. It's a beautiful, fluid app, and the outcomes are endless. I would like to see more apps head in this direction. Great work.
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14 years ago, Dr. Pupenshaur
Does what you think and does it well
This app is a nice fun relaxing app for the ipad and it's priced well enough to warrant a download - especially if you have kids. You can draw with one finger or many at once to make some cool looking designs. Then you can tap stars away and watch them fly off the screen. You can shake all the stars off to clear the screen - like a Etch-a-Scetch. Kids love playing with this and it allows them to be creative. A snapshot feature would be welcome.
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14 years ago, sevon_disdane
Simple app
I like this idea, simple little magical stars, music chime that follows your finger, if there is a way it would be cool if you could save what you make or take a picture, or make them flicker or change colors, I'm looking forward to seeing additions to this, I give it all stars
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14 years ago, 1gsdlvr
I Am at the dentist (nitrous oxide). So I may be generous, but this app is awesome! Now, I will probably never use it again after I leave, but my kids will. If you have kids under five, this is a must have!!!!! Seriously. My son is going to freak out when I show him this.
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14 years ago, Oreo953
More fun then it seems!!!
This app is lots of fun, and a great way to keep from being bored!!! I could play in the car for hours with this app!!! I rate it  and nothing but that! All the people who don't have this app, MUST get it!!! ~Oreo953
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14 years ago, idiotcoder
Great for kids
My 2 year old is in love with this app. She's always requesting "stars" now. It's a simple toy, but it will keep the little ones happy for quite some time.
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14 years ago, specialappssk
Fun to write with!
My 3 year old and 6 year old boys love this, and so do I. It's simple and the kids can be creative with it. The sound effects are light and charming.
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14 years ago, duckytv
This app is hypnotic (in a good way), inviting and a real pleasure. It's the perfect toy. I try to look away from the spinning stars...but I cannot. No kidding, this is my new favorite app ever. Thanks!
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14 years ago, DC Mom of three
Fun and beautiful app
Draw with stars is a hit in our household, from the youngest to the oldest. Everyone wants a turn! It is a fun concept and beautifully executed.
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14 years ago, Ynke
Special Needs
Wonderful app for cause and effect for students with special needs...thanks!
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14 years ago, iHomeEducator
Creative fun!
Our kids, 4 and 6, go back to this app regularly for a lot of creative fun. Very nice job to the developer.
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14 years ago, kaygin2000
My little ones like this as much as Bubbles, very simple but entertaining.
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14 years ago, casinoShark001
OS 3.1.3 I have 3.0 ipod touch
I would like if you can do an update and lower the OS 3.1.3 to 3.0, as most of us have 3.0 on our iPod Touch
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14 years ago, YoBlondie10
Limited Colors
This is a very cute easy app, but you are very limited in colors. Yellow, some blues, and greens are about it. Adding more colors could really improve this app.
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12 years ago, liam's maman
great for toddlers!
My 3 year old loves practicing his letters and drawing on it. So much fun for little ones.
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14 years ago, L and G
Good FREE app
This app is pretty good i guess. I would never buy it if it was not free though. But if your like bored...super bored...like really bored... i guess this is the best game for that. :) Byee!!!!!
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12 years ago, NeonSloth8
Great fun!
How cool .... spinning stars. Outstanding attention getter for my ASD boy. He immediately started writing numbers and sweeping them away. Love this app!!
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11 years ago, USA Rat
Great for kids and doodlers
The shake to erase is like having a modern etchasketch. Very fun for doodling or having kids learn to write with cool stars. Twinkle Twinkle 😀
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10 years ago, Guy that is awesome and slick
Very sad
This app keeps crashing. I am attempting to use this with my class. Was fun while it lasted which was 5 minutes. Reloaded app and lasted another 5 minutes before it crashed again. Please fix because my kids love this app.
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12 years ago, usedto
Crashed after one day :(
Our family was enjoying the fun and simplicity of this app but it crashed after one day of use and never loaded again. :(
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13 years ago, Kitty Zinkus
Shooting Stars
Outstanding app for all ages
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11 years ago, Scott Be
Amazing app
super pretty! Toddlers love it, and with the sound it help them to understand the touchpad.
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13 years ago, Aminahbeena
So good
O my freaken god this app is so cool i thought this app would be really bad stupid dum freaken horrible but it is so cool
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11 years ago, Lizzchick
Out of This World!
Mesmerizing, fascinating, and fabulous! Using in my classroom to motivate writing spelling words for practice. Shaking to erase is the best!
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11 years ago, goldngirl2
Got it for my nieces, but I keep playing with it. It is mesmerizing.
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12 years ago, livesbygrace
Great little app
Very good at keeping toddlers entertained.
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14 years ago, Just Plain Manda
Bad update
Installed the update and it won't load on my iPod touch anymore.
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14 years ago, JentheStrawberry
Love it!
Simple elegant Interface and play.
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12 years ago, ThePFamily
Starry Suprise
We love this app it is star studded
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14 years ago, HaLFBaK3D
Fun and addictive
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14 years ago, Archiegirl12
It wont even open! It keeps crashing! Ugh!
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14 years ago, showbi
Finger spinning
Simple and fun aepyineyo The stars are spinning fun to draw.
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14 years ago, Tenspeed Conspirator
Simple little free app
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12 years ago, Curly surely
Drawing. With stars crashed after one day of use, please help as my clients with autism loved it.
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14 years ago, Person Person Person
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14 years ago, SueM iPod
A really sweet little app
This is a nice open ended app. You can be creative and try to write or draw something or just fill your screen with stars. My daughter is disabled and I'm going to use this as a fun way for her to practice making a small touch, scrolling side to side and up and down. The stars and music make it fun and since there are no 'rules' to how you touch, it won't be intimidating for her to try the movements. Another reviewer wanted more colors - if you add more, please make it a color pallet option. I like the current colors from Starry Night. They are very relaxing and go well with the star music.
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13 years ago, Ajsmom6
Kids love it!
My kids love drawing with the stars and then touching them to watch them fly away.
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13 years ago, Memeof3
Fun and creative
Fun for kids. Easy way to decorate a picture.
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13 years ago, Davidshin10
Just fun.
Just for fun. Nothing is more or less.
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