Drawing Box

4.7 (29)
114.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Etienne Nguyen Tan Hon
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Drawing Box

4.69 out of 5
29 Ratings
7 years ago, 7tdo12
Awesome app it has everything to create great art work. Evening if you just want to use it to color it's a great app for that to. This is a must have app. This developer really cares about his apps and his customers.
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5 years ago, Ronnie721
Awesome app
Great art app for the artist inside us all , works fantastic with Apple Pencil
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4 years ago, lefortfracture
paid for full but still basic version
I paid for the pro version yet it has less features than the free. The various pens are missing, the brushes are missing, the animation feature is missing. No stickers, no lessons option, it is missing most of the components found in the free version. It is a stripped down version of the free app.
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4 years ago, Patyvill
Great app!
Spend hours on it. It is sooo relaxing.
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6 years ago, hello, won't submit
great app...
just begging to work with it... so far so good...
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12 years ago, Aviatrix36440
I don't write reviews often, but this one SOOOO deserves one! For my PC, I've spent hundreds of dollars for programs to draw with or edit, and the quality, nor the user "ease" was there! Not to mention the varied tools and brushes, color pallet etc. I just played with it for a while, didn't even need the vast instruction "books" you get with PC programs. Someone (or you) did some really good and thoughtful job on putting this app together. The cost floored me after I sniffed around this app. I added the lessons as well. In my youth I use to sketch (pencil and fine pen) all the time - mainly objects [boats, bridges, buildings and such], and with this app, I can see that hobby love return! Hopefully much of what I learn from the lessons I can then apply to paper - my first love. You did great with this so far!!! Probably -the- best "art" app or program for that matter I have used! Way worth the money, even at triple the price or more! Thanks very much again for your wonderful work!!!
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10 years ago, Wish1768
I love this app but I have one complaint
I get on this app 24/7. It's my favorite app in fact I thought it may have been a bit pricey at first but i began to forget about prices after I discovered all it's uniqueness after the first year or so of purchase. I spend hard time into what I do and those are hours I cannot get back, maybe it's not a popular app, maybe it's just in a crowd of cheesy and quality apps. Here's my complaint: I'm unaware if anybody else has these problems but I was drawing an manga kid for a very good friend of mine and it was amazing in my eyes and everybody else's . My iPad isn't typically buggy but I made a mistake so I had to click redo and the whole app just decided to kick off and I lost all my progress :/ very disappointed but I've adjusted
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11 years ago, Renedied69
Cooler than you think
I would not call it a serious app but it offers some serious tools and even gives lessons on ways to us it. There's a vectoring ability and mirrored page option. A selection of unusual but useful brushes is offered, and chalk, will pen, sketch pencils all use a huge variety of colors that are labeled with helpful for night, warmth, skin, metal, pearl and so on. There's also a lot of clip wrt like options like frames, flowers, bugs, leaves, rhinestones, bubbles, musical and fonts that are more for entertainment than artistic exploration. Some may feel these are ok to include in original art and in very small doses that's not impossible. However there's a cheat hovering over anything you create when you rely on images that generic. I am still going to see what I can do and for$4 this is a go to app for coloring book, colorful graphics , simple finger panting and will keep a kid of any age engaged for hours.
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12 years ago, Bobs fruit
Every child's dream
I love drawing apps but a lot of them aren't very good. I figured I'd give this one a try but I didn't expect anything from it. Turns out, it's one of the most fun apps that I have! It reminds me of my childhood when I would play with stickers and stamps and I can see that this app has a lot of things to discover. It's just perfect for kids. Now personally I would like more advanced options like opacity, more detailed size options etc. but I understand that I am not their target group (kids are). Don't expect this to be the app where you'll make your next masterpiece, but it sure is worth it to at least give it a try and play with it a bit!
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12 years ago, Anthony Valentin
Useful and feature rich.
I'm not an artistic person, but this app has plenty of features to make my creations pleasant to look at. While I've been using it to create posters for a project, I can see more creative people limited only by their imagination and artistic goal. You can add your own images and then embellish them with an assortment of colored backgrounds, paint brushes, pencil colors, etc. You can also purchase, for a nominal fee, additional embellishments via In-App purchases. You can arrange your images freely to suit your job goals by simply dragging. Pinch-zoom is supported as well. I rate this app 4 out of 5 Stars because I experienced a bit of a learning curve. Not every feature was intuitive. For the younger, more artistic, crowd this criticism is probably not applicable. This is a capable and stabile app. I recommend it heartily.
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11 years ago, A person who draws
Like the tools but
So far I really like the tools much better than any other drawing app. The close-up feature that let's you work on details is great. The pencil is much finer than other apps and the color mixing on the $2 full version is much easier to figure out. The big flaw is I can't find any way to share to Facebook and when you hit the save to photo gallery button, which is a little flower with an arrow...it simply doesn't work. I suppose there is some kind of secret trick to get it to work, by why not just have it save to photos when you hit the save to photos button. And the share button only takes you to share on email or twitter (?). So these people haven't heard of Facebook, apparently. Bottom line, you can make much better drawings with it...but keeping them and sharing the is very flawed.
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12 years ago, mandalamama314
5-stars but for more papers!
5 stars when the creators add more backgrounds, like parchment papers, OR allow photos to be imported into the app for use as backgrounds!! This is the BEST painting app I have used so far on iPad! i'm a professional artist and i use Drawing Box to do all my underpaintings, before i start the really detailed work in other apps. My 7-yr-old loves Drawing Box, especially the stamps and the mirroring feature! There's a LOT more to this app than shown in the screenshots. Try the chalk with the extended "paint tube" palette and you'll be amazed at how closely you can mimic woodcuts, scumbled paintings and finger-blended oil pastels.
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12 years ago, skevine
The kids love it
It's a great drawing app that gives kids a lot of freedom with the many drawing and coloring tools available in the app. My kids have many apps that they've gotten into and then forgotten about just as quickly, but they still love coming back to this one to doodle something for a half hour or more. Also great is the ability to playback the entire creation process of a drawing and export that as a video file, or just save a copy of the pic to your photos. Some of the UI elements aren't super-fancy, but when it comes down to being a fun app to draw, sketch, or doodle, this one definitely comes through. I even find myself sketching out a couple pics here and there when the kids aren't using it!
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12 years ago, Bones9418
BEST free drawing app ever!
This app is amazing for anyone who loves to be creative and draw! I was skeptical at first like a lot of people are about drawing apps for iPads, but I gave it a try. And I'm so glad I did! There are so many things to do the possibilities are endless! So far there are no glitches or annoying popups/ads in this app and it also is great for when your bored or if your just in the mood to draw and don't have a pencil and paper lying around! I definitely recommend this app for everyone! You've got nothing to lose because it's FREE!!! :)
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8 years ago, 1934829
DRAWING BOX is a great tool to use. It has many useful art tools and a tremendous number of colors. The colors come in different aspects of use. The brushes, pens, pencils and more are so well presented and useable for many types of art works. Children as well as adults will love what DRAWING BOX has to offer and create. I would highly recommend this to my friends and to others wanting one of the best Art Apps Available. Get it...as I think you'll like everything about it, as I do. MAB
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12 years ago, bburt85
Good, overall
This is a good app over all. It has many features and draws nicely the only things I do not like is that it has so many tools it can be hard to navigate around. I feel like if the tools were grouped in a pop up so you could see more at once and not have to scroll through each set to find what you are liking for that would be great. Also if it had a brush size adjustment, instead of only having 3 brush sizes that would be better. I also do not like that if you want just plain white paper you have to scroll half way down the paper types to find it. I would recommend it.
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12 years ago, Tierbot
Fun but glitchy
There are a lot of great options in this program, I love the special brushes and colors. Unfortunately the undo option is pretty glitchy. I've had a few times when I selected the undo button and something that I hadn't drawn would suddenly appear and I couldn't get rid of it. Other times I would select undo and it would remove something I had drawn several steps back. This is a great program otherwise, just don't try to undo anything you've drawn.
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12 years ago, m00nstar
I love this app
I just got this app and I'm already LOVING IT! Its has so much for u to work with perfect for some one that loves to draw and color and any one who loves art it's GREAT ! And for the price I don't think you will be able to beat it . If I could do any thing to make it even better then it is would to be add more stamps/ stickers and to make it where you can do things to your own photos other then that it is a great and really fun app!
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12 years ago, Rmg2768
Love it! Very natural feel
There is so much to love about this app, but I'd sum it up by two things: - Natural feeling drawing tools - Tons of fun features for kids and adults I especially like the combination of graphite / textured pencil with procedural fine lines for careful shading. At times, erasing trace marks on my screen protector felt like I was actually rubbing vellum! Zoom and smart rotation (you can rotate to landscape and it won't rotate the drawing) allow for quick detail work, and the paint/tone selection options are great Two things I would ask for: - eraser in the same toolbox as the pencil tools - auto save! I lost a sketch when my iPad 1 ran out of memory and killed the app, after 45 mins of work
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12 years ago, DenaliRox
Good so far
I just bought this App for &.99, there are a lot of options,but doesn't appear to be a tutorial or even any basic directions...? Although it seems to be pretty straight forward, simple and easy to understand overall, some basic directions are still needed for how to save your finished drawings and photos. How to combine options. Just generally what all is available. I have a feeling I'm only aware of 10% of the options / features. Thank you.
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11 years ago, riomil
Very good but could be improved
Overall it's a great app, however the way the selection of items is laid out is not optimum. For instance the eraser should be available all the time instead one has to close the palette and then select the eraser every time. Besides being time consuming is not practical. Also good on the animals icons but I would include also people. If you can address these two points it can become a truly 5-star app since it has some stunning features otherwise.
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12 years ago, Banner88
Drawing Box
Amazing tool kit and fun to use. It even includes some free drawing lessons if you want. It's got a huge array of colors and a useful set of tools to apply them. Tap the butterfly symbol and your drawn lines will replicate themselves on the opposite side of your paper! It's very easy to use and great to be able to take a camera shot to include as part of your work. It is easy with this app to make good looking designs.
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12 years ago, Weezedaly
I have downloaded many drawing applications and this one, by far, is the best of all. There are an amazing number of brushes, pencils, effects, ect. I realize that many people give "great" reviews for junky apps, but I promise this app lives up to the hipe. I only wish i was a better artist to take full advantage of it. You will not be disappointed, and yes, I am a real person, not a bogus reviewer!
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11 years ago, Chovy2
Hi just down loaded the update. I haven't used the new features yet....just looked through the interface...I like this program and have had it for a while. I must say tho I don't care for the new logo and interface design. The changes gave me the impression of a cheap or not a program for the semi serious creators. The other interface was much more professional looking yet kept the fun element included. Will report back on the other chances when I try them out! Dawn
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10 years ago, Ncouncil
Don't let the utilitarian graphics in the icon and UI fool you, this app is an extremely well implemented raster graphics application. Brush, pen, pencil and marker tools have texture and sensitivity comparable to Artrage or Inspire Pro. Tools have zero latency and include stencils, widgets, frames, splatter, and clip art, along with some just playful tools. Highly recommended, I don't understand why more people are not reviewing it.
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9 years ago, CMB from Omaha
It's just fun...and it's helping me improve my drawing!
Young and old can just play with this app and produce fun designs and swirls of color. But if you like to draw--and especially if you are as un-artistically-gifted as I am--you'll love the features such as undo/redo, "graph paper," various sized erasers, and the video replay of how you drew what you drew. This app is an unbelievable bargain. Highly recommended!
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12 years ago, AstridT1
I have no idea why someone would deduct a star just because they didn't like a stamp or two. Just don't use those! How could the developer know what you'd find objectionable? This app is great! Anyone can make really nice creations with this. You can draw with pencils, charcoal, pastels, you can paint, add stamps, add decorative borders and frames... all kinds of stuff! Great for kids too.
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12 years ago, 626941479fun
Great app👾👾👾👾👾👾
One of the best drawing apps in the app store. It has so many colors for you to chose from and the new added tools are awesome. 👏👏I love the new blending tool it makes the colors blend so well. But when I use the magic pencils then I tap the undo button, everything kind of disappears for some reason......other than that it's a great app!🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨
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12 years ago, Emc2col
Very fun app!
Wow! This is such a fun app. I tried the free version and liked it, but it limits one to only 6 projects. So I splurged and spent the money for the full app. I love it so far and used it to sketch out a garden plan for my brother. The only drawback is that there are no instructions to let one know how everything works. But it is fun to try everything to see what an object does. Have fun!
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12 years ago, Racnizzy
All can say is wow
This is one of the best drawing apps I have seen. It is easy to use and very responsive. You do not have to have any drawing experience to do this. They have wonderful effects also. I keep finding more cool things that it can do. I have showed my friends and they too have fallen in love with this app.
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11 years ago, Movie man Taiwan
Amazing value
This is a surprisingly useful app with so many features. The price can't be beat for the functionality, and I love that it has stuff that kids can use, yet it's got enough solid tools to make some quality illustrations, sketches, and other digital images. Nice work. Love it!
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12 years ago, Pynkpfink
BEST drawing app out there!!!
I've bought almost every drawing app available. Art Rage is the only exception to this statement: this is the best app I've tried (no app has realistic paint loading like art rage, so for serious artists that can't be beat). I can't imagine using any of my other drawing apps now that I found this!!
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12 years ago, Peaceful summer
Intuitive to use, with surprising special effects
It took a little while to figure out how to save drawings, but the art tools are simple to use, for either an adult or child. It's an app to play with. As such, it's fun and versatile. Arts apps keep getting better and better. Very nice to be given it for free, thank you!
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12 years ago, ArmorBearer Nehemiah
Great App for teaching and Art
I think that this application is really excellent for teaching as well as for doing art. I think it'll be quite useful when describing things to your students or just family members and you can integrate it into iMovie as well as other applications.
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12 years ago, LTruss
Absolutely Amazing!
Spectacular set of tools! Huge selection of core features for all types of artists - from very young to the advanced - yet it is still an easy to use interface. Great zoom! ... and the best eraser that I have found in any IOS drawing package! This app is a fantastic value and a joy to use.
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12 years ago, Splash38
GREAT drawing app
I am not an expert but was having fun playing Draw Something so I decided to try an app to draw things just for the fun of it. A tried a few free apps but this one looked good and it was well worth it. It has great tools and lots of colors. I'm anxious to check out the lessons and see what I can do with shading and such.
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12 years ago, LenaleeRose
Great app
It's so great app. I love it. Thank you so much. Can I suggest something please? Can you add a layers option so if we want to draw each part without effecting the lines? I did everything to buy this app and now I feel I need this option please. Thank you :)
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13 years ago, Maddie<3<3
Great App.
I have tried many other drawing games but this was the greatest one. It has almost everything. With over 100 colors to choose from and 9 different brushes with pencils and pens, it's hard to get tired of this app. If you like drawing as much as I do I recommend this app.
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12 years ago, Aaaaqwer
very good!
I'm surprised. It's very good. I never knew it until i started the app. I never expected that the app has so many functions. However i deleted one star because of the overall app design and a few stamps and brushes which looks not so pretty. But I like this app. Keep up the good work please~ i'll come back and give five stars.
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12 years ago, Heideckermatt
Love this app!!!!
This is an app I use every day!! I really loved it. I am able to make really great art work that I print, post etc. however.......in the last few months this app keeps crashing on me and I loose all the work that was done since my last save. It is very frustrating because I put a lot of detail in my work. Please fix this so I can come back and give you 5 stars again.
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12 years ago, mac70graphics
Anyone can become an artist
Well WORTH the money. Has. Multitude of options. More entertaining than any game. This along with the developers Wondershape Magic, leaves one with so much to explore. Thanks for the mirrored effect. One of my favorite effects. And so intuitive. THANKS
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11 years ago, Elsavante
Best drawing app.
Many option fantastic colors and customizable. The is the best drawing app I have found so far. I'm still learning the additional options that it has. Also the free version is just as great so you don't have to pay to play.
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10 years ago, SJP-iPad
Excellent Drawing App
Having used nearly every top drawing app as well as PC drawing and painting applications I do have high standards. Buying this on a whim, was I impressed. This app definitely exceeded my expectations. The tools and supplies are refreshing and rekindles your creativity. I happily award this app with five stars!
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12 years ago, Live and Grow
Full of features.
This app has so many features that it is more than enough to satisfy an amateur artist, such as I am. There is only one feature that I would request, and that would be a wrist guard. Many people rest their wrist or their arm on the iPad while drawing, and that interferes with the iPad's receptivity to pen strokes. Thank you.
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11 years ago, Elaine Seaberg
Terrific drawing app!
This is an amazing drawing app, for kids and adults alike. Much less expensive than many others that don't provide as many features. I would recommend this to anyone interested in art and drawing.
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11 years ago, synjin
Good drawing app!
This is the first time out with this app, but I found it fun to use and easy to get in to. It didn't take long poking around the interface to achieve pleasing results. I look forward to running through the lessons!
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12 years ago, miminemartin
I LOVE it!
As someone who's never drawn before, I can tell you that this app makes you feel like you're really doing something, I think I might even let my grandkids borrow my iPad to play with this. Well, maybe for a little while. Thanks for a fun app.
Show more
12 years ago, Surria
Lots of fun
This has been a fun app especially for the price. The free version is great too, but u won't feel disappointed in spending the extra 99¢ for the full version. Great job on the app!
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12 years ago, jimagn
A joy to use
This is one of the most fun things I've done with an iPad. The tool and media selections are powerful and simple. The interface begs for exploring. I was looking for a way to bend text along a path, and of course there are never enough fonts. Any chance of more versions/revisions?
Show more
12 years ago, Cipherscave
Very nice !
I was a bit hesitant in this one because of the lack of views and the lack of updates (a good deal of paint/drawing apps are very laggy in the new iPad) but not this one! And the amount of brushes is amazing, I only wish the paints looked a bit more realistic. Definably worth every penny!
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