Drawing Desk:Learn to Draw App

4.3 (121.3K)
300.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
4Axis Technologies Pte Ltd
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Drawing Desk:Learn to Draw App

4.28 out of 5
121.3K Ratings
9 months ago, selesteya
Glows and Grows
Me personally I like this app! It help me develop some of my drawing skills like ships, and animals! It's great app! But before I continue, I'mma head to the grows. To begin with, may I ask why almost like 80% need money to be able to access it? I'm an 11 year old girl, I don't want to ask my parents to buy me these passes, when I have color materials, and pencils and paper right here where I live. I downloaded this app to help me get better at shading and stuff, I found that goal on this app a bit difficult. Don't get me wrong, Drawing Desk is a amazing app it would take me years to develop this! But that aside, my overall response in these grows is to maybe and some more free items for artists like me who arevlookjng to inhance their skills! Now onward to the Glows, I really love the drawing competitions! These are a great way to win free resources, this also pushes artists to the limit in order to win! Before I end this review, my final glow is that they have training drawings or templates for people who need guidance to complete the drawing they would like. Therefore, giving my rating a nice 4 stars, (Not to be rude) these little things could boost this 4 into a 5 (btw I'm sorry if I sound like a Karen -_-) Anyways, thanks for reading my reply! Have a good day/night!
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5 years ago, raeganbbbbbbbbbb
This app it amazing
I just got it this app and it’s still amazing. It helps me make drawings for my family my friends and myself. I like to screenshot them or for them to Instagram or Snapchat. The one thing that I do recommend if you have the iPad. You might want to get the touch screen pen. It’s a lot easier to use the pen in my experience. You can edit things. You can sketch things you can do little things. You can take your own photos or something that you screenshot it and you can edit it or like pretty much just well you can redo everything it’s a lot easier. To use then like if you wanted to get something on Instagram is a lot easier than that. You can forward it to a computer and you can print them out you can send them to your friends to brag it’s nice. I found about this app from one of my friends she got it and we both love it. I definitely recommend this app to any people who love to draw. You can use it on airplanes. I especially love to use on airplanes because it distracts me more and him it doesn’t need Wi-Fi that much it doesn’t take that much data if you have to use it for that it’s definitely one my favorite apps for drawing coloring or even just doodling. I give this app a five star review I think that this app could help anyone who is terrible at drawing learn to just grow and drying experiences are used to be really bad until I got this app and it change my life. This app is amazing!! 😁😍
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2 years ago, truucorgi90
Amazing but could be better
This game has so many crashes but you have to start a file for it and there’s only a few things with it I tried it it was really good and I really liked how everything turned out and when I came to zoom in ages it was a border the border was blocking me from going anywhere closer and I didn’t know what to do so I just backed out and it stayed like that and I thought that was normal but I didn’t get to zoom in all the way so you could try doing this it’s really fun game the good part is that you could draw anythingDo anything and draw anything but you can’t really write more than to speech bubbles if you don’t have the processed on subscription so it’s very good very good I love that you can draw anything different different color colors and there’s literally so much good stuff the bad thing is that there’s not much stuff did you do on there like waterboarding dry I’m gonna get more word because I can’t use cool scenes when I’m upset script so bye download this game if you want it’s fine with you but for me it’s like a man so I’ll give it a 4 1/2 stars
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2 years ago, Rising17
I Used To Love It!
A few years ago, when I was younger, I was obsessed with DD…I would use the Kids Desk and make random drawings, it was an amazing little world. Now, though, I’m old enough that I don’t want to use the Kids Desk anymore…so I’ve tried the others. Just not the same. Not the same quality, or reliable sources. The kids desk was basically just free drawing—good times—but these ones have some ads (not a lot though, but the kids desk had none) and they pop up random sales and things. I have to say, it’s a little annoying. And they just aren’t as good, as free or as fun. I guess because I’m not the best artist 🙄 I just can’t be as creative with the limits of these other desks. Just…less pen and pencil options, more just drawing then doing it in a fun way, which is what I like. I like activity…but if you like the just-sitting-and-drawing stuff, this game is for you. It’s a well-intentioned game, and for many people it may calm their whole life. I’ve read many reviews, and a lot of people love it. I may not love it anymore, but I’d still say I like it, and I go back to it sometimes. So if you’re looking into it, see if you’re fit for it, and developers—you created a great game, just because it’s not for me anymore doesn’t mean nobody else loves it, and you game me many golden times as a little kid 😄
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4 years ago, miaBrownkid
This app has two problem with it 👁👄👁
This app will not let me color on the drawing desk and every time I try to do it it will not let me it takes forever to load so if you could fix that problem please do that because it takes forever to load. The next problem is that you have to take a free trial then when that’s over you have to pay for the app please do not keep doing that you cannot keep doing that because little kids might want to get all of the cute stuff but you have to take the trial to get the cute stuff and there parents or grandparents or there siblings might not want to pay for the app I do not like that because I can’t even get all the cute stuff to edit my pictures that are in my photo gallery in my phone. This game is making you pay and also every time you try to color it takes forever to load and if that does not happen to you then this is a loading problem because It happens to me but I have my WiFi on and I have two bars for good internet connection but when I got a Carrier update for more good connection on my phone it still takes forever to load then when I turned my WiFi off it still took forever to load 😡this app is not what I wanted it to be. (My opinion no hate on this app) 👁👄👁
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3 months ago, gjghhvjvjvj
TRUELY AMAZING and here’s why! Along with somethings I want added to the app.
My and my family LOVE this app. I especially love the lessons because it’s very fun to think “wow I drew that” Also with this kind of app it’s like pay $50 a week for more drawings. I’m glad this app the premium is affordable and worth it. If you don’t have premium then you just have to watch an ad for some of the lessons. Anyways here are somethings I would like to be added to the app. 1. I wish there were some more challenges those are really fun! 2. Instead of having the different brushes on the side it would be cool if there was a button where you could see all the different brushes 3. Could there be more brushes? Meaning instead of brush or pen thick rounded brush or fine tip pen Otherwise I truly LOVE this app soooooo much! Thank you for reading this! ❤️ The girl who loves this app P.S. if you are looking to download this app for the lessons and ur having trouble with the lines being perfect you can just hit the skip button lol 😂 P.P.S. If you don’t want to pay the weekly payment there is a (pretty cheap in my opinion) monthly option and there is family sharing option.
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5 years ago, tardis artis
I dont know how I survived
Like literally , what did i do before I had this app. Awkwardly text people while in line at the grocery mart? Maybe or I was just pretending I had someone to text st that moment tonward off conversation of strangers. It was harmless. Mownthis app has changed everything. I ise this for marking up pictures plans and schematics ( I’m a general contractor) I take a meme that almost had it and make it more fitting , lately I’ve been taking pictures of my sketches aNd makjngnthem better and with color:). I’ve noticed there is a downside and that is i am literally constantly running late and behind schedule. I’ll tell my wife I’ll be ready for dinner in five minutes , go sit down and 45 minutes rengone just like that. When I use the commode I’m inthere so long I think I make Lowe’s and Home Depot managers nervous. I wouldn’t be surprised if now I’m he guy that all the employees make bets on how long I’m going to be today. TLDR::::great app. Been wondering why i couldn’t find this sooner but its here now thank GOD. Free version withholds goodnstuff that inwish I had access to but they ask way to much money. I would pay the $2.99. For the app. Unfortunately, THEY ASK FIR THAT PAYMENT EVERY WEEK
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4 years ago, Mom781216
How much it means to me
I want to thank you all whoever made this is such a great game I’ve been playing this for just right now and I already love it it’s cute and I don’t even know if you can save it can you please tell me but I really liked it and I I have no other way to say that I thank you this is a lot to me this game is so great I didn’t think I was going to be so addicted to this game you all are such the best whoever made this game it’s very it’s very good and very cute and very desirable and I like how you put choices up on there and I like how you make it fun for kids whoever can’t paint if they have iPads then they can paint on their iPads instead of playing painting at home because it’s so important for kids I think it’s so Porten for kids to get along and paint what if they don’t get along with paint then their mom and dad are stuck in between a line and we don’t want that but since they’re seeking these games we could separate from kids that don’t get along very well to give them their own separately paint so that way they’re not fighting over anything thank you so much for making this game and I will all right your game right now bye
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3 years ago, chloe.carstensen
I think that this app is amazing please read the rest
I think that this app is so cool because when you ever you are on a road trip and you love to draw and stuff you can just use this app plus another cool thing about this is that you can become such a good artist and you will be able to draw super cool things maybe even draw your dream which is something really cool that I would never really think of but I kind of just thought of it while I was giving this review and I just wanted to say that if this is a grown-up that is reading this review I just wanted to say that You should totally get this for your children it is super amazing even though I’m kid giving this review you should trust me on this I love this game so much and I love to draw and I’ve always wanted to have my dream vacation which is all the way in New York which is super far away from where I live so this is why this is the best game ever to play if you love to draw and paint sketch maybe so please download this game have an amazing day !👑🌷🌹💐🌺🌸🗾💒🏙🌆🌃🌇🏙🎀🎁❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤💕💗💞💖💓💝💟💯♿️📶🎦🆒🆒🆒🆒🆒🆒🆒🆒🆒🆒🆒🆒🆒🆒🆗🆗🆗🆗🆗🔣🔢#️⃣🔠🆙🔡🆗
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5 months ago, Rylieroogurl
It messed up my pencil😭
I just got my Apple Pencil brand new 4 days before downloading this app. Naturally I wanted a cool drawing app to try out my new iPad and Apple Pencil. I saw Spider-Man, I downloaded the app. I drew Spider-Man and it was awesome and I loved the concept of the app. So I got the free trial, which is kinda a bummer since it’ll run out soon and I won’t get to enjoy this cool new app I found, right? Well I I was like let me at least take advantage of the free trial then I’ll move on and find another app. So I’ve been drawing here and there for literally 2 days, and tonight I’m drawing and I’m pencil starts absolutely tweaking. I’m messing with the tip thinking maybe it got a little lose or something and the same thing keeps happening. It’s not registering that I’m touching my screen, and the little lines u have to trace aren’t registering that I traced them bc u have to complete it from end to end, but my pencil is skipping. I close the app and use my pencil for other things and it works fine, then I go to use it on the app again and it messes up. My pencil works fine on other drawing and writing apps but this one makes it glitch out. Dk what that’s abt, but I WAS having fun. Anyway I’m bummed lol
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2 years ago, clink2014
It’s OK but ehhh
So in my opinion this game is not really my favorite? I mean I DO like it and it IS a really great game and is really fun for a lot of people but not me, no offense. Pretty much the only reason why I don’t really like it is because it is really confusing like when I am trying to sketch something I have ABSOLUTELY NO idea what tools to use because in the instruction thing it only said "tools" NOT specifically which ones do what and tells what each tool is used for usually so I have no idea what tools to use! Also it is REALLY hard to make perfectly straight lines which can mess up your drawing easily which also I know that that cant really be fixed and they already have a option to choose any different shape and stuff like that but I tried it and every time I tried to move the shape in a different spot or change the size of it٫ it would start to color in the shape so I had to keep restarting and it was really annoying. If these things were fixed ( if they can be) then I will probably give the game a 4 or 5 star review and probably consider trying it out again. Thanks for hearing what I have to say٫ also sorry for the long review 😆
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11 months ago, gochoxoh
Absolutely horrible I’ve gotten an ad that said free drawing lessons but when I first get the app and pick everything about the drawing stuff whatever whatever blah blah blah it takes me to a subscription. How are you gonna say it’s free, but then require a subscription out of nowhere when you’re done, completing the steps of when you first get an app? You could’ve at least mentioned that some of the stuff or at least MOST of the stuff required a subscription that is false advertising Some of the stuff is free but I’ve seen it and I wanted to try the anime/manga section thing and it said it was free but when I load in the app and get over it with the beginners option things I see the anime/manga section, and I quickly went and tapped on it to draw some cool things like expressions and stuff, and it requires a subscription and the basic things don’t require a subscription and they don’t even mention the basic things. They only mention the stuff that requires a subscription for some reason you could’ve at least made an ad about the basic things so people don’t get confused and download this non useful app just for them to delete it very quickly I didn’t mean to be rude towards you but you should’ve at least said that it costed $50.
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4 months ago, I love art ✍🏻🎨
So. Like. Um. When I got this game a little while ago (like a year ago), it was totally free and I could use the tools without paying. Now, for some reason, I can’t use the tools I like! Is this some kind of way to make money or what because your offer is not helping. 50% off? No. I am deleting this game. Also the tutorials are all not free either! Sorry but your game needs improvements. I mean I love the drawings and stuff but I really feel like you are asking for way too much money and it doesn’t even seem like other people are buying the tools and drawing tutorials. Ok thanks for reading but I gotta go byeeee! Also change this stuff and yeah!! ❤️✌🏻 Update: so on the beginning of the game, it wants you to pay. But as you draw more, you have to watch an ad. But still. Why do anything to the tools and tutorials? How about like the neon tool and the smeary fading tool thingie should have to be gotten by watching an ad? I mean I love those tools but they are very high quality. I am changing this to three stars because I figured that out. 😊 bye y’all and I hope you aren’t upset, developers, for my sort-of-rude note up there! 👆
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4 years ago, Samyob
Great app, some glitches.
This app is great overall, but there are a few minor glitches. The other reviews exaggerate these glitches, saying it makes you loose your artwork, or you have to pay to use it. That’s not true. Just downloaded it a few days ago, but was worried after reading all the reviews. It’s a great app, and yes it does want you to subscribe to a monthly plan. But there are plenty of free options on it, and the monthly plan won’t really give you anything more than coloring sheets. The sketch tools work great and I’ve made some of my best works of art on this. But if I’m in the middle of a drawing, the app closes by itself sometimes. Luckily it always saves my artwork so I can continue. It’s just annoying when it closes but unlike many reviews say, it does save your artwork. The other reviews also say you can’t exit when it wants you to buy the plan, and they had to close the app because you can’t use it unless you buy it. You can easily hit the X at the top right hand corner and exit. I definitely recommend this app for a free sketch app. Works great!
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1 month ago, outcoldman
Cool and buggy app, author is greedy
# What is cool about the app? - The lessons are pretty good. Sure it feels like you aren’t learning anything, just following the lines over and over. But you do learn. You can get a quick lesson how to sketch the human or puppy face. What outlines you might need to draw a car. More you draw - more you getting understanding why you are doing what you are doing. I feel like some lessons are good drawing 101. Obviously all of the Marvel drawings are for different reasons, for entertaining. # Buggy - Comparing to a lot of other drawing apps: I am constantly end up with the eraser instead of the pen, when moving forward with the lesson. Does not happen anywhere else, just this app. - iCloud Sync does not work. Every time I try to sync - it crashes the app. - Not having enabled auto progress is annoying. Enabling it - is annoying. When it is enabled - I want to finish a a line, but cannot go back. When it is disabled - the drawing line can disappear, because it thinks - I am done. - App has good content, but in general feels like made by some intern. # Author is greedy $50 a year for this app? Just compare it to anything else on the market. They don’t really have real lessons, their investment is minimal, no server cost. As a user and developer I feel it is too much. And it seems like when this app was built - it was just $10 a year. Which is more reasonable. Now it is $50 which is not reasonable.
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9 months ago, Sad Uno player
This app is great, I love the step by step. Though I wish it were a little different. It would be awesome if it actually taught you how to draw. Like starting the picture with the shapes. Sometimes I feel like I’m just copying what’s happening without really understanding what the picture is. Like I would never be able to have a blank page without the tips and actually be able to make a drawing similar. I guess I’d just like to learn something I can take to try to draw other things too. Instead of just following someone’s steps. Also, it’d be really great if there were a line stabilizing feature. My lines end up looking quite wonky sometimes. I know a lot of that is me, but it’d be cool if there were a feature like that to help combat my shakiness. If I were drawing on paper my lines would be much less wiggly. Thanks for the app! I love love love being able to draw pictures to make it look like I know what I’m doing :) I’m a beginner.
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3 years ago, deema 💖
Just read what I say lol
I don’t have much of a problem and I’m not like getting mad at the game or anything but the problem is I need help, I downloaded this game a long time ago but never played it. But I did today… whenever I ask to see the tutorial video it doesn’t really show me how to draw and it just shows someone drawing -.— . But that’s not my main problem, my main problem is whenever I don’t know something is money or not and I click it, I get a bit annoyed but I just shrug and try to click off. But I just can’t see the close button or anything, no buttons work except the but button, I press buy then cancel over and over again, I want to know how to click off. Can you also make a tutorial on how to use it? Like ibisPaint it shows you all the buttons you can use and what they are for. (I’m not trying to compare but I’m saying that you should look at IbisPaint and make exit a bit similar, just a idea!) So thank you for reading this if you are.. Again no hate or anything I’m just really confused on how to use this app 😅😅😅
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2 years ago, SaphiraBrightscales
Hater problems
So this is a pretty good app, I love coloring, there are a few glitches as it doesn’t have a new free pic everyday, so there’s nothing to color but my main problem is the haters on here. This app allows you to comment on pictures, and as far as I can see it’s mostly 10-15 year olds. I was commenting on some of the pictures, you know saying good job, suggesting how they could make things better, and I come across this 10 year old who’s going around saying things like ‘ugly picture belongs in garbage’ and ‘your ugly’ and other especially rude comments. This is called cyber bullying. When I asked them to stop (politely!) I was told to mind my own businesses. At which point I’m not happy to say, I was not very kind in telling them that they need to stop hurting other peoples feelings for no reason, and that is was my business when it came to them bullying friends. Many people reported this person, nothing came of it though, and they continued to harass everyone. I apologize for the long review, and hope I am not insulting anyone. Thank you!
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1 year ago, The1stLilBean
Great app, but needs some improvements! ❤️
To start off I’d like to say this is one of my favorite apps to use to draw. My friend introduced me to this game a few weeks ago and it was perfect timing because I was looking for a new drawing/sketch game. I fell in love with the app. I love using the Sketch Desk a whole lot because I can now draw a perfect circle using the shapes! 😂 Now I really do think that you should make the game have less ads, because I don’t like having to watch 1 ad for just a brush. It gets annoying. Even the Kids Desk, I have to watch 2 ads just to get one coloring page which is just a little too much. I also think we should have a option to buy coins instead. It’s just my opinion though. I’m also wondering if there are any other good coloring apps like this one you could suggest for me in the response (if I get one). Again, I love this game and it’s so fun but I don’t like that it’s just ad after ad after ad. Anyways, have a great day/evening/night!
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5 years ago, LuckyButts
Great app but...
I have to say it’s a great app. It’s a lot better than other apps I have had before. I love how you can chose from kids, sketch, coloring, doodle, and photo desks. That makes the app fun for all ages and all different art. Some things that I don’t like about the app is how in photo desk you can’t draw on the photo you upload. You can put stickers and filters on it but you can’t draw. The solution for me was going to sketch desk and putting in a photo so that I could draw on it. I had worked all morning on a drawing and then the app just went blank and closed out. When I went back into the app my drawing was gone! I tried again and it took the rest of my afternoon and then it closed out again! My drawing had been finished and deleted 2 times already and I was about to quit. Now I always have to save it every couple of minutes so that it doesn’t get deleted again. Otherwise, this is an amazing app and I highly recommend it! You are going to love it! Thanks for reading!
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2 years ago, mddoxx08080
I just got like 135 coins from 10 little ads I love love love love this app🤩 my reply from your reply: yea I love the challenges that come in (doesn't mean that I did one yet) I will keep on using this app (instead of markup screenshots) no other drawing app could have coins and be better however this app had spread a drawing of my very own drew NIKE item only for me to look at it’s awesome I have to admit I don’t think it would have been possible to make the shades (that are in drawing desk only) in other drawing apps, the cool texture, and the NIKE 3 repeat making it look like this N)-l of course it won’t look like the N in my NIKE word but it is as best as I can do on normal keyboard this app is next level of creativity and art!🌈🌊 It’s like this rain stop of creativity ⛈🌧🌦🌥⛅️🌤☀️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ 🌈☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ !LOVE THIS APP!
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4 years ago, Artsy Mel's
Well done
Although I would recommend doing it on a tablet and with a drawing pen it is a good app. It is $4.99 for premium, but you can get all the supply’s you need for free. That other stuff is extra stickers and stuff, I believe it is something that will help start off your knowledge on digital art. But after that I suggest Procreate, this app does not have as many tools but for artists like myself it will start you off nicely. It also works very well if your kids love coloring of drawing, it has several options of coloring pages and colors. I believe their prices are better compared to other drawing apps, my least favorite part is when the ads for premium come up which happens often. I would not recommend using an iPhone to download because of the lack of space and control you have when on an iPhone. It would work better on an iPad, but overall it is a pretty good app.
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4 years ago, JaredChamp24
Garbage app, horrendously useless, Any good review here is a fake review. No way there’s good ones.
The second you let you pencil off the screen, that gigantic side bar appears and block everything on the left 1/4 of the screen, its debilitating, horrendous, and annoying. That means that 1/4 of the screen is completely useless, there’s no option to take that MASSIVE sidebar of gimmicky garbage off the screen, did anyone competent take place in making this app? If you’re fine tuning something on that side of the screen, the second you take the pencil off the screen, it re-appears, and it makes you accidentally change to a different tool and it screws everything up, its outrageously asinine. Another note: It really saddens me that App Store reviews are fake, and have fake ratings, you’ll see the worst app in the world and somehow it’ll have 5 stars, or sometimes you’ll look at the actual reviews and they’re all 1-2 stars, but at the top is says 5 stars and have all these “aWaRds” or “aPp oF tHe cEntuRy” Reviews and ratings are bull, because garbage apps can buy 4-5 star reviews, very sad. Rant over, I’m just sick of garbage apps, and they have 5 stars, people need to be held accountable in todays world.
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4 years ago, K.A.W.M
Too many problems
By “too many problems” I’m not talking about the coding itself, but rather, things I find annoying. I have to draw with my finger, since my IPad is incompatible with the Apple Pencil. Because of this, I expect drawing apps on the IPad Air 2 to have some sort of stabilizer as do many desktop drawing websites(like photoshop), but there isn’t one, and, many times, my line work looks worse than normal. Not to mention that there’s a paywall overtop the layers, and, as a broke 15 year-old, I HATE that. I have another drawing app on my IPad, and I only downloaded this one to do sort of like a comparison video about the two apps, but now I’m considering deleting the app altogether. The other drawing app has no paywall on CRITICAL PORTIONS of the app, and when you want a specific type of brush that they have, all you have to do is watch an add, then you can freely use all of the brushes for 18hours. The app I’m talking about is IBIS paint X. There is a version that you pay for, and that just removes the adds and gives you access to more assets in the “material” section. IBIS paint is WAYYYY better than this app. To whoever’s reading this: If your as broke as me, then don’t get this app, just get IBIS paint X.
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6 years ago, Athena Dentist
I like this app. It looks formal, and is, for the most part, easy to use. The tools are extremely well done and very effective. It can zoom in quite far, and stores so much! It’s good, I’ve drawn over fifty pieces of art on it, but I do have a few issues. Firstly, the lines get blurry when you zoom in and out too many times and makes the picture look smudged. Also, the undo button doesn’t seem to always work, and I have to repeatedly tap it which in the end just creates more little dots that I then also have to undo. Another thing would be the text option, the words are hard to move and zoom in and out because the app gets the word box confused with the actual screen sometimes. My last and biggest concern would be option box. It doesn’t go down at all or seem to have a slide down tab. That makes it hard to color, write, or draw in the space. So try and make that have a slide down tab. Otherwise, it’s amazing! You did a good job creating it!
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4 years ago, happy_cactus🌵
Makes everything really blurry
When I am drawing, I find that whenever I make a new line, it always blurs previous ones I have made. In the end, the really new lines I have made are okay (still pretty pixelated, but better) while the parts of the drawing I had made previously were barely visible because of how blurry they were. This happens too when I might have come back to a drawing after taking a break. Overall I find drawing desk a bit disappointing. Along with the many bugs, I find it overly simple. There are barely any tools to use, and to be honest they aren’t very realistic. Don’t get me started on the blending tool too. It only lets you blend really big areas and makes weird squares and lines while making the area you are blending pretty pixelated. It’s kind of a mess. Also, it would be nice if the layers weren’t blocked by the pay wall of 4 dollars a week. I know that you need to make money, however layers are a COMPLETE NECESSITY to drawing digitally. I appreciate the effort you put into this app, but I think I’m going to search for other free ones.
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4 years ago, ST3!
Everything was fantastic, but......
I got this app for my phone because I am a doodler. I thought that it would be good for when I had to go somewhere at felt like doodling. Everything was fantastic. I loved how you got to have different options. It ran pretty smoothly and there was no adds. The thing is is when you start drawing, even if you lift your finger for only a second, the side bar would pop out! And it was no thin side bar that didn’t take up mush room. This side bar took up about one-fourth of the entire screen! Not only did I find this tiring, but it was also really hard to select your tools quickly. Every time I wanted to erase something, I had to click on it then adjust the thickness to my liking which is fine but I couldn’t just right off start erasing, I had to tap on it and sometimes it would take like for or five taps before it responded. Other than that, the app is great and I would highly recommend it to people you have the iPad and the patience.
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3 years ago, BrilliantMed
Still a garbage app. Slow. Requires WiFi for everything
My kids like to color and the trial seemed OK, so I paid for the full version. Opening a simple one page image to color takes 15 to 20 seconds on a high speed internet connection. There is no way to pre-download dozens of pages to color, like for a road trip in the car or an airplane flight. It makes the app useless for travel without cellular or WiFi. The program constantly glitches with esoteric messages, losing what you’ve colored. Also frustrating - some parts of images aren’t “coded” right, so you cannot color one the eyes of the unicorn, for instance. Even opening images you’ve already colored to re-color them requires a long WiFi download and tests my patience with its lethargic performance. Just a really lousy and frustrating experience. The developer blames me or an “old iPad.” I’m using an iPad Pro that is 1 generation old, with 1TB of storage on internet with download speeds 250 Mbps and higher. Their programming is the problem. This app should be pulled from the App Store and refunds given to all suckers who actually paid for this disappointing trash.
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4 years ago, Zel Slate
Works for me. :)
This app is pretty much what I was looking for. I’m trying to learn to draw better and thought digital might be the solution. The app works pretty well, and honestly the tool bar showing up when you lift your pen is pretty handy; I just don’t draw under it. My only complaints/suggestions are as follows. It’s kinda hard to get out of the app while you are drawing if you want to look at another app; I keep accidentally drawing lines all over. I can undo them later, but a “mouse” equivalent would be nice. Similarly, a select and drag feature would be nice too. Since I zoom a lot, it would be nice if the pen could have an even finer point. And finally, just a bug, but the app crashes sometimes when I’m using something like the pencil or the blur tool. My work is still saved so it’s not a huge issue (thank you for that) but it’s still kinda inconvenient. :) But besides all that, the app is pretty easy to use and is convenient for me.
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2 years ago, KirbyDashA
I’m loving it now even if I said I hated in the past
So yea I used to hate it in the past because of the high prices but I just realized how much the game means to them it’s a amazing game the prices are necessary they have a reason for it I really appreciate it how much effort they put into the game they now have challenges for art you can put music while your drawing it’s a terrific game try it and you’ll love it so much, it’s cool game you can shade,mix and so much more! It’s a nice drawing app you can use at anytime it doesn’t even need Wi-Fi or anything like that well… unless you wanna enter a challenge or draw something from a challenge but the game is still amazing if you haven’t tried it don’t judge it if you didn’t flay it. My review might now be very long but I put effort into this and it’s all true, this app is amazing and kid friendly I recommend it and that’s all I have to say about it bless you all!
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3 years ago, IonTheWizard
I keep pressing the outside of this box
Well, my 2 previous attempts of writing this review failed by me pressing the undo button and tapping the outside of this box instead of the keyboard. But whatever. I know premium is important to this app’s updates, cause computers, hiring programmers, and other stuff required for an update to work costs money. But really, why not stick to ads? Maybe after a drawing you could play and ad instead of charging premium for even the simplest of things like being able to insert more than one text, or the star or oval stencils. I hate ads of all kinds, I can’t remember the last time that a legit interactive popped up on my screen, it always takes me to the App Store. But it’s better than paying for it. It might not be the most lucrative option (idk about this one) but I don’t think people are actually wanting to spend 5 bucks a month on using basic stencils and typing more than one line of text. Or at least make the premium less vital to drawing stuff.
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4 years ago, dawnflamingo
Very good
I down loaded this app yesterday when I got the iPad pro and apple pen because I wanted to draw with it. So when I went into the app there were like five different options, kids desk, sketch desk, coloring desk, doodle desk and I think one more? The app is really good because you can change if you want to draw with a pen, or a paintbrush or you know, something like that, and you can also change the color or add typed text. But there are a few parts that they need to fix, first of all, when you are drawing, when ever you put the apple pen up, the dock comes out which gets so annoying. second of all, when your done an artwork, it takes you to the main screen, but then this banner pops up and it says, ‘enjoying doodle desk? Leave a review!’’ And the only way to get out of it was to, X out the app which gets so annoying! The only reason I’m writing this review is because I want to get rid of it. That is my review.
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8 months ago, catclup
This is the best app ever pls get it
When I got this app it totally changed everything at school I have been doing all my art projects good and my art teacher said she thinks I have upgraded on art I really love it 🥰 it’s like a new level of exiting fun I absolutely 😍 ❤️ love it I think that people that haven’t tried should use it cause it’s sooo fun it may take a little time but it’s totally worth it pls get this app cause to me it takes you into a very fun video game cause all the drawings are fun and awesome 👏 the drawings are like new levels and every time you finish one it makes you real proud of your self and my cousins and uncles and aunties think I’m real good to so if your having a bad day go on this app and start drawing it makes me feel calmer and when I walk out my bedroom door I feel like a brand new person so please please please get this app it’s the best app ever I love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰😍🥰😍🥰.
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1 year ago, Littleunicornbendy
First off, this game is so AMAZING AND FUN! No popup ads, only whenever you want to unlock a new tool! Second, This is #1 drawing app I use. (#2 is Notes) ITS SO FUN! It even saves! You don’t really need to log in! ITS TERRIFIC! Third, you can create WHATEVER you want. Draw how you want, with no disturbance! (maybe sometimes tho idrk)1 suggestion: Add Layers. It’s a bit of annoying that it always layers on top with another color on your drawing. For example, I draw the photo for Calming Space. I draw the skin for Mia Moon, and the eyes and mouth and eyebrows don’t show. PLZ ADD LAYERS(Other than notifications, but you can turn that off in your settings) And I find it so relaxing. It’s so AMAZING! Download this app and you’ll draw without a care. I even drew Rainbow Friends and Mia Moon (Mia moon is my character), and I drew how I wanted my costume to look like! I drew way more than that though, PLEASE DOWNLOAD! IT INCREASES YOUR DRAWING SKILLS! AMAZING! DOWNLOAD NOW! PLEASE! TERRIFIC APP! SO GREAT!
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2 months ago, AmND18
I really like this app minus a few things *UPDATE*
Updated my rating to 5 stars. So appreciative to the developers for taking my feedback into consideration! I’m enjoying the new userface and love all the additions. I check every day for new lessons and can’t wait to see what is added next. I enjoy drawing and like how detailed the pictures are. I would rate it 5 stars if a couple of things could be fixed. I don’t like that it automatically goes to the next step, I wish we had the option to turn the auto setting off and allow us to manually go to the next step in the drawing. I’d also love more colorful pictures, cartoony drawings, colorful flowers and settings such as the beach or night sky behind a mountain. A final thing the app randomly keeps crashing and making me restart it. If these things get added/changed, I would happily give a 5 star rating!
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2 years ago, hsnd7jdhdndj
Nevermind forget this app.
This app is really bad. The fist thing I got issues with was to pay to have more fun. Like what?! I was kinda mad. I didn’t read it and moved on. Later I doodled something funny I went to go get a new tab and boom I have to pay to do another piece of art. I was really mad at this point. Then when I was drawing another thing then when I was done with the head of it I really liked it then a Easter add popped up it popped up before and I had to exit the app but that wasn’t a big deal bc I was doing nothing just searching the app. But I got real mad and I deleted the app bc this app is really bad. Please creator Ik you wanna make money but we also wanna have fun and not pay 2.50 per month so please stop this. it’s just an app. I recommend Ibis paint I have to say it’s free and you don’t have to pay for more brushes well you can to watch and add and have them free for 18 hours and you can stall watch another add after 18 hours also you have the choice to just buy them. But this will be my top app if it was free. Thought it would be better bye.
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2 years ago, Kay2254
It’s just ✨amazingggg✨
I’m so happy I found this! I always have people ask me to draw some hard thing tbh. But when I found this. I was doing a monster back to back to another (roblox doors monsters) and this rlly helped! I wanted to do them sideways but then I got a great idea!!!!! This helped me get better at drawing bc makes ideas for me! ( i draw somthing and it just gets me an idea) It always has no sound and I’m happy for that so I could play music! My ipad always doesn’t let me play music if it has sound but this doesn’t so I’m very happy! If you read this you should really get it! Just saying when you get it it will load and say, is this app for you or your kid? Click whatever and it will make you pay. You don’t need to! If your on a phone or iPad. Somthing like those then just click out then get back in! Easy! Ok. Enough talking just this app is great. Get it!
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3 years ago, Creschmidty33
Okay-ish ☹️
Okay, I’m sorry for only 2 stars developers. But let’s start with the best, I like that you have quite a few options (sketch, kids desk, doodle, etc. etc.) and that each one has different tools. I like that you can change how thick/skinny the tool draws. And I’m glad that you can save, but I think that you should put it as a different button. Now, moving on to.... the not so good things.... First, I think it’s really dumb that you have to have a membership or whatever just to use some of the tools( I can’t live without the blending stick!). 🙄😩 like, I want to get it so bad, so I thought about how much is the membership? I checked and I saw that if you do the seven day trial, after the seven days, it cost $4.99 per WEEK! I think you could make it a one time pay. I’m only 9 yrs. old, but, this is not very good, I’m sorry for making this long, but I hope maybe this dumb stuff can be fixed. Until then, I will probably get Procreate. Thank you for reading, hope this changes your mind about some stuff! If not, that’s okay, I guess. Thx Developers! 😆🥳
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5 years ago, Creamy Cookie Kitty
Okay, to start off, why do all the best pictures need that worthless subscription to color?!?! There are a lot of pictures that I really want to color, but that subscription pop up keeps on coming up with literally EVERY single picture. It’s not only the pictures, it’s also really useful drawing tools. How can I even draw or color anything if everything costs let’s say $4.99 a month?! Trust me, if this problem isn’t fixed, I am so deleting this app once and for all. The fact that you have to pay money for everything on this app is SO disappointing! Again, if this problem isn’t fixed, I’m deleting the app. I’ve seen other reviews like this and I understand it’s to keep the app running but I think you really need to find another way to do so. I suggest that everything is for free, and that you find another way to make money if you want. I’m a big doodler, and I don’t like to be disappointed, especially with drawing apps. Drawing is apparently my paradise and I don’t want a bad drawing app. Sorry this is so long but PLEASE fix this problem!!!!!!! Listen to what me and other people are saying!!!!
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4 years ago, Help pleaae?
The app works great, is simple to draw with, and works offline. I just keep having one major problem with it: after about 30 minutes to a hour the app automatically closes itself on me whether I am done drawing or not. Could someone please fix this issue to keep the app open? The app also makes the picture fuzzy before automatically closing itself. Please someone fix this issue; it is one of the only major ones I have with the app. Everything else on it is great. Also the paint pallet where you can add colors on the app has some malfunctioning slots that will not allow new colors to go in them. Also, if Drawing Desk had an animation app counter-part, I feel that would be great. The app lets me draw some thinking quickly, coloring them in simultaneously while drawing, but it is not an animation app. Does the company make any, because I feel like a Drawing Desk 2 animation app might be a good thing. Also, happy holidays.
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2 years ago, ScorpiYan
Somehow lost days of work.
I was working on a portrait drawing for a few days. I didn’t have any complications with the app until just now. The layers started glitching and somehow replaced one layer with a copy of another layer. I essentially lost the layer that was replaced and frantically clicked undo to maybe retrieve the layer. The undo button only undid my drawing strokes, but after pressing undo until it wouldn’t let me undo anymore, the layer suddenly came back. But that’s not the worst of it. After that, I decided to be safe and save my art in case it happens again. I saved it, exited the sketching desk, and reopened the drawing to continue drawing. But when I reopened it, all my layers were gone except for the very first layer. The first layer was only the skin and facial hair, and I had lost all my layers for the eyes, nose, mouth, hair and shadings. Essentially I lost multiple days of work and I can’t retrieve it. This is the only time I’ve had a problem with this app but this is a pretty big issue, and it makes me hesitant on drawing on this app again.
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2 years ago, anakittycat06
I love this game!!!🤩🥳🤩🥳😇😇
I love to draw I’m thankful to this game because my dad will not let me use the paper that we have at the house because we have a printer and he won’t let me because we always need those papers to print things and so I’m thankful that you made this game because now I can try whenever I want even without Internet it’s really good I hope you can get to 100,000 million ratings. Because first you can still get money to buy things but what I don’t like is when you have the by the shapes but I still love you no matter what by the way for all you kids or babies that don’t know how to draw they can live on here and they can draw on here I’m learning how to draw on here all that stuff I rate you five stars thank you I don’t care if you think that is your first five stars or not because the game is the best.!!!😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇
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4 months ago, TailsAmy
Premium premium, blah blah blah
Okay I know that you guys started off having you to watch ads to get things least that’s what I saw for a while I think but then I logged into the app and saw that you couldn’t watch ads to get things like the tutorials. Instead a big scream popped up on my face saying you gotta pay some money to get things and I was a pretty upset first of all you don’t have the bucket tool which a lot of other drawing apps have. Also, I cannot do so much things I used to have a few chances to use the neon tool but now I have to pay money to do it and that really upsets me. I know you’re probably gonna come back to this review and say the premium helps a lot with everything. Don’t think it’s very fair for everyone that has to pay pay for the little things so uses, and it could’ve been you if you just didn’t make me pay so much I couldn’t play the premium so I was obsessed and then I searched other things and they were way better than yours and I’m pretty upset that you draw up
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10 months ago, platinumdragon76
It doesn’t have my interests
I am a 12 year old girl and I have been drawing since the age of around 5 or so, this game just really does not have my interests, sure I doodle a lot but I mostly draw games and stuff but more shaded and sometimes more realistic, well as realistic as pencil shading can be anyway, which is still lifelike. Getting back to the point, this game just doesn’t have my interests and I would rather do pencil shading cause I don’t like coloring that much, not saying this game is bad or anything I just feel like you should add more interest options, us 12 year olds can be really good at drawing and we could like other stuff besides cute stuff, not saying I don’t like cute things, I feel like adding more options of interest would really improve this game like maybe adding a few game characters and realistic drawings, maybe a few horror elements in case there are other people that love horrifying elements, hopefully you developers will see this review and maybe consider it. Have a nice day! :D
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9 months ago, Unknown ??????"??????"."¿
The most expensive game iv ever seen
Ok it's the game it’s really fun but you have to pay for everything and I don’t like having to pay for everything because it’s just annoying and then you’re trying to do something and then you can’t like the whole thing Spider-Man stuff like I can’t do it so it’s annoying. I need to you need make the prices lower and make just have to like not have to buy everything like let’s say you can like make some of the stuff I have to buy like some of the avengers but not everything like almost everything you have to pay for and have subscriptions and it’s super annoying so y’all need to stop that and go to the Chase and justify everything I am saying right now, and make sure that the stuff that you’re making us pay for is lower because I would rather you have the price is lower, then have to pay for everything
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5 years ago, 123ava 123
OK so I got this app so that I could use it for on the bus when I’m going to school right and I got another OK it’s gonna be cool and then I got on and it’s like they want to Go premium and yeah cheap I don’t know but I can’t use it because 13 years I don’t have that family I don’t use the bank yet and I’m not gonna ask her mom if I if she’ll pay you like seven dollars and something a month for $14 a month so when you go to the coloring desk are you coming in when you can only use the ones without a crown on that because if they have a crown on them you have to pay for them there’s only like two or three The doodle desk is the same as the sketch desks that they just have different types of brushes and stuff not all of them are open because you have to pay for them I have an export all the best. But like I said you have to be paying for some of them without using them so that makes me kind of sad.
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2 years ago, #i like this a lot
Everyone is very dramatic about the glitches. They are not extreme- in fact, they aren’t that bad. Only minor. So, people are saying that you have to pay to reopen your sketches? Well, that’s not true. And it does ask for a monthly prescription to buy, but you don’t Have to. And, I was confused- why do people say they can’t close the ad or prescription? All you have to do is look at the top right corner, and tap the “X.” But my only concern, as that every time I am in the middle of a project or just browsing my projects, the app just closes me out. Why? But luckily, the project saved and I can continue without a worry. Although, there are many ads. Maybe you can take those into mind, and maybe fix those bugs/glitches? Other than that, this app is awsome! (Btw, I’m so, so, so sorry for this review being so long!)
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2 years ago, HermoineUniverse
Greatest drawing app ever!
This app is amazing! I am able to express my inner self through art! I have so many new art photos in my inventory and I’m looking forward to adding more! I’m also exploring new tools! Today, I made a cosmic night sky picture and set it as my friend’s profile picture! This app is so cool, I’m officially hooked on it! I especially love the rolling brush because of all the cool patterns it includes! I also love the shapes and the fact that you can use them as stencils! This app is probably the greatest app I ever downloaded! I can’t wait to see what new features are added! I don’t care what is said in other reviews! This app is the best! Yes, some things aren’t free. But the app gives lots of options, and a kids doodle option for children! This app is great for both kids who are bored and adults that just want a break!
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3 years ago, hjrhsjjdfhufndnduxjcnufu
Girl power
A girl power drawing with flowers and blend in colors that is all I’m saying because I don’t have anything else to say now I hope you like my drawing well I think I just did so I just want girl power because I think the drawing something cute and then I just came to put something like that so yeahit and you have a good idea of what you do with me I do want me you know me you’re ok I love your life and you’re ok you don’t want to me you don’t care about you you want to have to be alone you’re alone alone I don’t know you do you like you don’t care you know you don’t know you have a life you know that you’re ok with your family you’re not going alone you have no friends you do anything to do that you’re not going on anything with me I don’t knowme you want me to do that I want to do that you have to say Snapchat Ok ok I don’t
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4 years ago, Wave_One
All around eh.
I mean this app is great for getting things down and all, but when it comes to wanting to make something that you are happy with and you want to show your friends it’s not the greatest in any way. First of all, there is a free trial. Alright, expected that. The marker brush (only one I use cause it fits my art style the best) is basically glitched. When I draw a line it most of the time has a bit at the start chipped off of it. The zooming mechanics are fine, but the undo button is a bit short lived. I would like it to have more actions saved so you can undo farther. But my biggest problem of all is the crash. I spent a lot of time (for me) on a drawing I was really happy with and wanted to show people. I was almost done, smoothing out the lines that stuck out (and the marker glitch I mentioned earlier), when blip! It crashed, and I lost everything. That was the last straw for me. Oh! I almost forgot! The eye dropper. It’s pay to use. Really? I am on an iPhone 10 with iOS 13.5.1.
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