Drawing for Kids Games! Apps 2

4.5 (37.6K)
329 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bini Bambini Academy
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Drawing for Kids Games! Apps 2

4.5 out of 5
37.6K Ratings
8 months ago, Monkey master345
Hi,I just started 3rd grade a couple weeks ago I’m 8 me and my friend like to bring pictures to school together but I keep tracing photos so I thought “I can’t be a true artist without out trying” so I thought I could improve, I got the app I did all the stuff I went on to tracing and stuff but you had to “subscribe” or get the “free” trial so I’m sad about that I can’t do anything my mom wouldn’t let me get the trial idk why BUT WHY DO YA GOTTA BUY EVERYTHING that’s my only question-problem right now I wanna fill up the forest I thought to improve but guess what I did today…UNPROVE or UNAPROVE- I thought if I could try I could do it to be a true artist. But that task didn’t complete itself or change I was sad today I would be a bit happy if you unlocked more things…please. I do hope you read my response and answer all I wanna say is don’t give up and get back up have a wonderful day and I hope to see the app improve. 🧸🧸🧸🩷🩷🩷🧸🧸🧸
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4 years ago, Graaaacccceeee
Great app with some catches
This is a excellent drawing app that keeps my son entertained for long periods of time. This app does have subscription options, but also allows for a full purchase of all the apps contents for a set price. The reason I did not place a full rating was due to the constant promotions of other developer apps. I do not see the promos as a problem, as it is a great way to show other apps by the developer, but my child is 2.5 years old at the time of this review. We do not allow him to access WiFi on the iPad he uses but when he taps on an app promotion from within the app (when he is scrolling to pick a picture to draw), there are options presented to him to access the Settings app to enable WiFi. We watched him do this on multiple occasions. We have made the one-time purchase for all in-app content as well but unlike other kids/toddler apps, the app promos remain in the app after the purchase. For the developer, a suggestion I would like to see for this app is to disable app promos (or at least have an adult-only option in the settings) that would allow the end user to show or hide app promos. This would especially be a good option to add if the user has an active subscription or has made an in-app purchase. Hiding the app promos would prevent kids from access to WiFi options. Hope this feedback is received and is helpful!
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6 years ago, dinovaldez
*Update* Great customer service
I bought this app on my iCloud and tried to restore purchases on my daughters account via family sharing and learned that in-app purchases don’t work for family sharing. I emailed the developer and they got back to me explaining this but offered me the app on my daughters iCloud account even though it was my misunderstanding. Great customer service, and definitely happy to have my daughter draw on her iPad and not my phone! Thank you Drawing for Kids!
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5 years ago, 1iwilly1
Drawing for kids
The app is very entertaining. My kids love it. They do have a complaint though. The wanted a way to color in the objects with something similar to spray paint or air brush. It may have that option, I just haven’t had a chance to review it myself because they are always play with it. I noticed their disappointment also when they discovered they could not make and save an automated short story that they could save and send to their friends or grandparents. Something simple like the rabbit hops over to their house (grandparents) and jump up and down in excitement to see them and end with large embrace. They have been at this game every free moment for the past 3-4 days. Personally, in my never to be humble opinion, I think it’s a great app. They are learning a lot, in many different areas. It’s also a great babysitter. Thanks for a great way to play and educate at the same time. William Father of 3
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4 years ago, Sunset Olyvia
If you fix this I’ll change my rate to 5 stars!!!!
I absolutely love it! It’s great! I specifically like that kids can trace the line so they learn how to draw! If you have a kid and reading this, you should definitely get it for them! I think it suits probably kids 7 and under, but something that REALLY bothers me and my kids is that there are SOOOO many locked drawings!!!! Isn’t this app supposed to make kids learn how to draw? Well if it is then why are so many drawings locked? I looked and there were only like 10-14 drawings allowed! And all the others were locked!!!! My kids completed all of them in a day or two and they eventually got bored again, and don’t unlock ALL of them because that wouldn’t be fair so just make some more drawings unlocked, then I know kids would love it more! Please! I’m begging you to fix this! If you do, I would change it to five stars immediately!!!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
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5 months ago, athena 544
Not the best
So… I do think it is an amazing idea for kids but I have quite a bit of things that made me delete this app and never want to download for my kids again I will start it out with this 1. I don’t think educational Apps for kids should contain subscriptions 2. If you don’t have the subscription you can only draw up to about 8 things in total and obviously there are other things looking at the rating but we can ignore those things and write on some slight not so bad things about this App so 1. I love that it contains other educational features to it, it makes fun to draw and to do some other activities every once and a while 2. It is fun how their drawing moves after they have finished with their masterpiece my kids always laughed when the finale came. Thank you for taking your time to read this! P.S: I don’t recommend this App
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1 year ago, chris oratt
This game was pretty good!
I actually enjoyed coloring the bird and the hedgehog. The dog was less fun because I hate dogs. When I first opened the app it asked me to purchase a free trial. I was grumpy then did not want to. If only I had know how foolish was. After drawing the first option, the cat… I was hooked. Right then and there I almost bought the full game, but I decided against it. If only I had know how bad of a decision that was. After the second a third drawing… the lovely bird and the not so lovely dog, I was again prompted to buy the full game. At that point I was ready to spend my hard earned money on such a lovely app. Unfortunately some outside sources pushed me to not. If only I had known not to listen to those outside sources. Overall I think this app is pretty good, but I wish there was more in the demo. I also wish they would remove the dog, because as I mentioned in my first paragraph I do not like dogs. If they remove the dog I will rate this app 5 stars, but until then, a four star review it will remain. Thank you for making this app, whoever you are. I am wholeheartedly excited to discover your next endeavor. Warm Wishes Morgan
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2 years ago, drea0117
I paid for the yearly subscription which isn’t cheap (almost $50 I think). Yet you have to restore your purchase every single time you open the app making it so your kid is constantly running up to you to “fix it”. They’re betting on you forgetting that you bought it and buying it again (and when you have a gazillion apps on your phone and this company has multiple apps but you’re only subscribed to one, things start to get fuzzy). The restore purchase button is very small and grayed out by the way, thank God my husband saw it because I actually had thought my subscription had expired and was about to spend another $50. Oh, and if your kid can add, watch out, because that’s the only thing keeping them from being able to buy it themselves. Do better y’all.
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4 years ago, shantismurf
This is a delightful drawing app; clever and very engaging! I would be giving this four stars if not for the greed of expecting parents to pay for a monthly or yearly subscription to remove the locked content. If there were an alternate option for a one time purchase that just had a static set of drawings I would definitely pay it, but I'm not shelling out $20 for an app my children will likely use a handful of times in their limited screen time with so many other options. I say four stars because, and I may be missing a feature that's already there, I don't see a way to draw around the animated portion, to make a scene. It would be especially cool if you could set foreground and background elements that the animated drawing could go behind or in front of. This is a lovely app, but this trend of apps expecting subscriptions over one time payments is really frustrating for me!
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2 years ago, S P A C E D
Great concept, but not enough new content
My one year old daughter loved this game, it really made her laugh. The bull and the dog sniffing and sneezing cracked her up every time. But, then it got old, before she was 2. I can’t see an older kid being interested for long as some of the animations are preprogrammed and so repetitive or simple they just don’t entertain. Others have controls and you can make the animals do stuff, so the potential to be great is there, just needs more effort by the developers to make the all the content entertaining. Don’t be afraid to introduce to very young kids and do it with them. Couldn’t rationalize paying for more than one year.
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5 years ago, Sahnah
The ads are manipulative
If I spend $5 for your app, there should not be ads all through it for your other games. That is so unbelievably annoying! My child is continually unsatisfied because there is always something more for her to want. You guys do this purposefully and I think that is a low tactic to try and sell your games. I like the games and would give it a 5 star rating, however I find your sales tactic manipulative... EDIT: After emailing the developers and writing the above response, they continue to respond by denying that there are indeed distracting and manipulative ads right in the middle of the paid-for version of the app. These ads for other games are right in between the pictures as they slide by for the child to pick from! It would not be a big deal if it were an app for me, but these are preschool kids we are talking about...
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3 years ago, Jer.K.
The worst kind of app for toddlers
There are so many ads and buttons to subscribe all over this app, that it feels designed to get you to buy or download their products by accident. Sure, each such button requires solving a math problem, but even that can be done by accident (there’s only 3 answers to choose from). The button to subscribe is prominent and flashes more than the activity buttons. I wonder which one my toddler is going to go for EVERY. SINGLE. TIME! This is a cheap tactic to get you to buy an over-priced “subscription” for a coloring book. Look for a different app, or just go to the dollar store and buy a coloring book and some crayons. Otherwise, be ready to tell your child, “no sweetie, not that button” a million times.
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6 years ago, Kris0985
Cute app but annoyed
I paid the full purchase price to unlock all the drawings on this app. My toddler thinks they are fun and the animation at the end is cute. However I am completely annoyed that there are other apps to download mixed in with the drawing choices. I paid full price so my little wasn’t constantly handing the tablet back to me for help because something was locked. Now she is clicking on the funny food app box or the drawing 123 box and her play is interrupted. It is beyond aggravating and it makes me regret paying the full price for this app. It would be so cute without the obvious placement of other apps that they want you to download and then pay to unlock more options within those apps.
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1 year ago, mommy's piglet 123321
I love this app it’s my favorite app
Ever since I’ve got it I’ve been enjoying drawing also my brother has a drawling app so I decided to get this one it is really cool and good I really like it it is really cool I’ve been enjoying the Christmas drawings only read this on Christmas because I’m talking about the Christmas update and all the other drawings it’s really cool and it’s becoming my favorite game I just started it it’s really cool 🫶❣️ and it is my favorite game now.
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2 months ago, Prooelekkel4kelelelelel
This deserves for stars
The only thing I don’t like that we have to subscribe just to get the stuff to that’s locked. I have no idea why I already had a horrible day today well well not horrible but that’s besides the point I don’t like you subscribe and I wish we could just get that stuff click on it, and then it will unlock this game made me so sad because of that does other things I wanted to do not this boring thing it’s not fair I don’t know why, but it just isn’t.
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1 year ago, hayley8009
How much this is fun
This game is so fun because you can draw cool stuff and so many amazing colors and animal and other stuff my favorite is the animals this game should be rated a 5 it is a n amazing game all the kids would love this game it’s an amazing game I would just make it more realistic it would be so much cooler pls do that I’m gonna go for now bye see you soon when I rate it again bye make it realistic pls and thank you bye have an amazing life
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6 years ago, NeteNete 1309
Fabulous Fantastic WONDERFUL
This game was a life saver. We were invited to an affair with my grandaughters. The people neglected to have activities a available for the kids. But I pulled out this app on my phone. The girls were able to take turns drawing and watching the figures come to life. They really had hours of fun playing with this app. It is so cute. Even an adult can join in the fun. I just bought the full version. Worth every penny. Thank you developers of this app!
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5 years ago, jchodes
How to fix
Recently updated to subscription blocking some previous purchases. Will delete won’t allow daughters to download again. Would love to give zero stars. Move your ads and/or make them statistically improbable for children to be directed to the App Store. Examples: Take the adds out of the line up of drawings in ‘Drawing for Kids’ and put a ‘more games’ icon where the sound icon is and integrate the sound icon into the setting/information button. A second “answer” could dramatically reduce the probability of a child going to the App Store. For example “2nd and 4th letter of BEST? With 5 letter options. Drops the stat to below 1 percent in true random but more like %10 in applied probability. Or even keeping numerical “2x7=?” And having 5 numbers (0,1,2,3,4) has the same desired effect. A wrong answer having a 10-30 second delay on accessing the App Store would strongly dissuade children as well. You want me to get rid of my 1* review... I want you to fix a problem that you have in providing kids access to the App Store.
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1 year ago, TheAutoAlly
My kids enjoy this game and it’s fun for them. I have been playing it with them for over a year. Then maybe say 7 months or so went buy and I swear I remember purchasing everything and unlocking what was available because I remember at the time telling my daughter I got everything unlocked , now there is a hardly anything I can draw and it’s a subscription model. Is that new ? Was it previously set up differently? I tried to press restore purchase but nothing happened
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5 years ago, cass1256
Love it, great support!
This app is so cute. My daughter loves it, and I also use it for teaching. The sounds and animations are so funny and clever. I even enjoy playing with it as an adult. This is the one children's app that I actually purchased because it is so neat! After a few weeks, the sound stopped. Support replied to me the same day. The problem is resolved. This is especially good to teach fine motor skills for toddlers or special needs.
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3 years ago, Fuffen
Love it but
We love this app! It is great for tracing and motor skill, it is fun, and completely engrosses my kiddo when I need to brush their hair. The only thing I hate and why I can’t give it full stars is the subscription. I don’t mind paying for stuff as it would be worth it but a subscription? Subscriptions for game apps just seem like a sneaky way to get money from people whereas if they just had a one time “you can open all the extra features or most with a one time payment” option I would take it.
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10 months ago, Chantapon
Used to work great, now always stuck after finishing a drawing
My son has used this for a while now and we used to love it, but lately after he finishes the steps for drawing, it gets stuck on an endless loop for the animation and can’t seem to find any way to back out of it and end up having to completely close the app. My son gets very upset to the point where after this sub is done for the month, I’m gonna have to uninstall so he doesn’t get upset by it anymore :(
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1 year ago, butterfly lover one
This game I recommend for one year old and up
I recommend this for a and one year old because this is really satisfying it makes you learn more and you can draw you can do a lot of stuff and I just recommend this because I am right now in rolled and right now I just download it and it’s really fun so go check it out and it’s so good bye!!!!
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2 years ago, do not purchase !
Review don’t download
They may delete my review But I do NOT RECOMMEND downloading this app inside the app u get a select few of things to try and it makes you pay for stuff I makes u pay to color with certain colors ! And there is a select fe to color with which is black white pink green yellow and blue , any other color cost separately! This app is not how it seems on the cover but if your baby’s don’t care about colors download and also in order to color say u pick dinosaur they give u one dinosaur to re color over and over I get a select few of coloring pictures also this is so stupid
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2 years ago, Deku 🖤 💚
Amazing app! :3
My sister and I love this app because it helps us drawing animals better but there’s one problem we hate the ads and paying the yearly and month and you know what’s funny whenever my sister gets a ad she rages 😂 anyways thank you so much it appreciates a lot of this app thank you! :)
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1 year ago, sskpscluff
Good for 5-6yo+
A few free drawings are super fun to watch come to life, but adult needed to skip subscription requests (and they are frequent so you couldn’t just let little one play alone ) A child who could follow instructions may be able to, but then the few drawings may get old after sometime. I wish there were more free drawings that didn’t cost money to subscribe.
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8 months ago, R&RBJ
Great app but….
This is a great app as long as you pay for a subscription. The only downside is I cannot share the subscription with both of my children and for this reason I will not give a 5 star review other kids apps allow family sharing I can’t afford to pay for two subscriptions for the same app.
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4 years ago, Gooserunner
Good but you have to pay for some stuff
My kid really likes the game but is sometimes upset about having to pay to unlock the other animals. Rather then that he loves the interaction and getting to play with animal after he drawn with it. I recommend this if your child has a creative side and like le to draw.
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8 months ago, nanocanotes
Home Button doesn’t work after receiving a gift
This is a pretty great drawing app, but has one extremely frustrating issue. When you complete a drawing and get a gift, the screen locks up and none of the on screen buttons work. Unless this bug is fixed I’m going to have to cancel my subscription since it’s very frustrating for my niece.
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1 year ago, kexire
You need to fix some things but other than that it is really good
This game just needs more math problems and we should not need to pay for any thing because the little kids parents have to pay for all the things that they need. I hope that you fix this! Thank you!
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1 year ago, this game teaches kids
I like this game
It has games and it teaches kids how to draw it’s very cool but the math questions are a little too easy because I am a kid and I was supposed to be an adult that’s all I have to say I would definitely recommend this game for your kids but not if there are smart
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5 years ago, RobyDoby803
Very cool
I just came across this app while looking for drawing apps for my 3 year old. It’s very cute. It’s simple, but fun. It helps them with fine motor skills, having them trace outlines, which also teaches them how to draw different things. At the end the drawing comes to life! I got the free version, but plan to purchase the package too.
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2 years ago, mjgcota
Drawing for kids
For some reason the picture has decreased in size and there is no way to enlarge them. My whole purpose for downloading this app was to work on fine motor skills with the kids I have in therapy. They now struggle to trace on the dotted lines and instead of enjoying the app they become frustrated and upset
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6 years ago, Waterkeepers
Super fun app for kids!
This sample app does not have a lot of free options unfortunately, but it’s free so...I have been using this app with my students as a reward system and they LOVE it! They think it’s so fun to see the animals move and jump around after we’re all done coloring them. Great app...would love more free options though ;)
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5 years ago, Tamijo5
Very good
It is a very good game .if you want to know about it okay it’s a game where your child would love but if your child doesn’t like drawing you shouldn’t download the game. You should do why when your done with coloring it will move and act like whatever it is offering you to download the game it’s also free 🥳 bini Bambini is Awesomeness
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3 years ago, funtime reviews
Pretty fun
So I got this game for my little sis she likes it so there is stuff that you have to buy but other than that it’s a good game. By Mac good job creators please let there be less things that need to be bought thanks 😊 By Mac thank you also in already righting a review and I just got this today I’m 8 and thank you again creators
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6 months ago, kcbl2324
Best game ever
It’s so much fun, I love drawing and I actually have one on this game. It’s so much fun there’s no scams there’s no ads it’s just free drawing. I love this game. It’s so good for the little ones. It could even be a Christmas present or a birthday present, this game is the best game. I’ve seen in six years and I’m seven.
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9 months ago, whhiiittt
This game was supposed to be for my little sister and it was trying to get us to buy all of the pictures. I would write this like a one out of 10 it’s just terrible I mean I’m gonna have to like get my mom to pay for it because none of the pictures are free. She can’t even get one picture on each one free, I mean it’s wow. Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow I mean I was trying to find a good game for her and unfortunately this is not a good game so please if you’re gonna download this get your pocket ready.😤😐
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1 year ago, JBxxxD
Keeps Freezing
Love the activities and the content updates over the last year, but the app constantly freezes after every drawing recently in the stage where the child can interact with their drawing and the buttons in the upper left and right disappear so we always have to force close. It’s been like this since like April i think… very annoying and disruptive, please fix this.
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4 years ago, Jinnc411
Charged $29!!
I missed cancelling their free trial by one day. I thought OK, it’s going to be $4.99 a month or something not too bad, my mistake, but they charged me close to $30!!! I e-mailed their website and basically they said they couldn’t help me. Very frustrating & not worth the cost!!! And guess what?? There is still Ads to download their other games in the app after that money is spent all over. So, your 2-3 year old can get easily in the wrong thing instead of staying in the stupid thing you just Paid for!
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7 months ago, me dancing
This is really good for my kid
Every single time in kids games there ads and my kid starts to get mad but now there’s no ads and my kid is in this game really happy and I could clean the house and he won’t bother me or be screaming of anger so thank you very much for this game
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5 years ago, boobox33
We purchased this app before they released their subscription service. And now it has locked most of the drawings and we can’t restore our purchase. So we lost the ability to draw all the pictures we’d unlocked and now they want us to pay monthly when I’ve already paid once for the app. Customer service never wrote me back either. Disappointed because my daughter used to love this app, which is why I paid to unlock it in the first place.
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5 years ago, Cindy Wildwood
Developmental fun
My almost 3-year old grandchild has been enjoying the basic app for about a year. His finger tracing accuracy keeps on improving and he enjoys choosing the colors and animating the animals he draws. I am thinking of purchasing more pictures, but I'm not sure how much it will cost.
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4 years ago, afdox
Not bad but I want to unlock things
So I was playing this game a few minutes ago and my sis she only 3 I been teaching her to do it and she doing great 😁 my sister use to do scribble and I did not like that 🤢 so we got this game for her so first we got the brid then soon it was successful and I am in 2nd grade telling you this
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6 years ago, Subgenious
Remove the ads
My kids like this app, but get obsessed with trying to open the ads for your other apps. I get you want to garner attention for them, but maybe move them to a less direct place that kids won’t obsessively be touching.
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1 year ago, Casanda G.
This game is so amazing
This game helped my toddler Chayse learn how to color and follow instructions. I totally think that this game is worth subscribing to. It is NOT a waste of money and it truly helped him do simple things and learn his colors. Please listen to me and subscribe to this game it’s so worth it.
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7 months ago, Chef Dom
Best game ever!
This game is the best for my kid it helps them to draw and now it’s getting her better grades in school!she is not getting better handwriting and better at her art skills now it’s improving then before but wow! This app really helps Thank you!
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2 years ago, October Black
App stopped working. I had bought it.
It’s an Amazing app. I had bought the whole version. My son loves it. Unfortunately it has been a week that he has not been able to play it because the app doesn’t load. It just freezes on the intro and does not continue. I will change Thai to 5 star if Thai can be resolved. I do need assistance in how this can be corrected thank you. It’s unfortunate not to be able to use an app that I purchased.
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1 year ago, Harmy bug 158
You should download this game because your child can draw a lot stuff every time you draw something you get a present, which is crayons or like wallpaper or pencils so this is why you should download this game
Show more
2 years ago, mellonburry
I love this app so much my sister just wanted to use my iPad so I got this game for her and she loves it and so do I it’s really fun even tho your not getting the subscription I’m using it free and still love it my sisters 2 and I’m 8 and still use it honestly I have no bad rates
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