DreamBox Math

2.9 (326)
1.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
DreamBox Learning, Inc.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for DreamBox Math

2.93 out of 5
326 Ratings
1 month ago, vintagehero
Dreambox math is ok because you can do basic things like change your icon and background but the math isn’t perfect, the “helpers” tend to frustrate you and make you feel like you’re not getting enough sleep. Also the 5 arcade games are unengaging and simply don’t make you feel rewarded for getting coins. Your dashboard gives you the same lessons for like a month until you finally get new ones and the math is fine it’s great but it makes you feel like the teacher is not giving you new things. It’s just fine and I recommend it if you’re not a good person and I think you can do better with the game.
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1 month ago, Kavinayaa Vivek
Dreambox rating review
Dreanbox is an educational app. You can open it in ClassLink. You can also download it separately in the google App Store. Dreambox is a rich programmed app. It has a math and English app. I want a big shoutout to the developer, creator, founder, programmer, designer, and much more people. The app itself is a educational game for kids. I like that they add games like the firefly game, the fine the fox game, and the make the bee go in the flower game. It only is for 20 seconds or so. You can get a new avatar border every time you finish all 3 stars. You can also have a personality place in my stuff. You can pick the music, avatar and backgrounds. I want every child on earth to use Dreambox. I like Dreambox as the best app for education. Last time I am going to say this. I love Dreambox! You should try it yourself. Bye!
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8 months ago, Under dog1086dog
This game is okay. I played it endlessly when I was younger, but now I only have two math problems I solve. Plus the helpers don’t really help you. Usually I get frustrated with their help and turn my sound off 📵. My parents like the game, because it helps me with my math. Over all it’s an okay game with a few bugs.
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5 months ago, Ky5673
Why you should not download DreamBox
DreamBox is an absolute waste of time. You have to reach a certain amount of lessons in school and it drives me crazy. To those people to say that the game is good… ITS NOT. The hinting system is terrible. The hints display the most OBVIOUS things. It’s like “use the boxes to make an equation.” WELL DUH what do you think the b ones are used for?! I’m looking for hints that will actually tell me how to solve the surface area of cubes. Doing the lessons make my blood boil. Please do this for your own safety so you do not faint from high blood pressure. (No offense creator) this should not be in a school system.
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10 months ago, Sydfishpandabobastar
I use this for school, and it’s honestly good, but just laggy
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8 months ago, from claire
DreamBox is fun and good and these reviews are so funny to read. There is two about how this game their little angel PTSD dude, how does a math game do that? Also some of these are kids saying hwo DreamBox is so annoying. Thank you for the funny reviews y’all
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2 months ago, Jessamuhca
Good for a math game
It’s been great for young kids. Maybe it shouldn’t be used for the tweens with their own iPads who write outrageous reviews for anything they don’t feel like doing at the moment.
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9 months ago, Skylarpayne23
dreambox TRASH
dreambox is trash because i was doing this length game thingy and when i put the right answer in it said incorrect even my dad tried to help but it still didn’t work and he isn’t even in college anymore and it’s still wrong and im tryna do it for homework,so dreambox really needs to fix themselves so bad and i even saw 1 star reviews which is CRAZY so i agree with them honestly.
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6 months ago, sheep147467
The fun of dreambox
I love it because it makes you feel like your learning fast, & I am pretty sure that’s true.
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5 months ago, Sansserif
Not my favorite math app…
I’m really disappointed honestly because I need a good math app and thins one is just not hitting the brief. It is really glitchy, frustrating , and just down right boring. If you are thinking about getting dream box- try it out for yourself just keep in mind it’s not for everyone, definitely not for me.
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8 months ago, Ari21784
We have to use this app for school, and it is EXTREMELY boring. The ai voice that gives you hints sounds like she hasn’t slept in days, and there’s no background music which makes it even more boring. At LEAST put background music. The lessons are also boring and don’t teach you anything.
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10 months ago, dichnucv
Bad for mental health! 😭😭😭
I hate dreambox, every weak we have to do 10 lessons. BUT the little kids get to do WHAT EVER they want. They get it so easy too. But the older kids? They call it “dream” box. It’s more like a box of nightmares. Honestly, my school used to only do 8 lessons, UNTIL my TEACHER decided it would be ‘better’ for us to do 10.
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8 months ago, jsjshsjlxks
I don't know why everyone is giving this one star
this game gud
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12 months ago, (:😁
Almost unusable
It’s ok for young kids but when you become older, it’s not good, 1 mistake and drea,box has a 10 second talk about how what you got wrong, sometimes it doesn’t even explain it well.
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7 months ago, cream and strawberry ice cream
A few problems 😩😭
There was a problem there was some confusion problems like after it’s done it doesn’t explain well but I just try anyway
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6 months ago, smart guy2543
Annoying ai voice
Me and my class do this for homework but this ai voice CANNOT BE QUIET I try to get this thing quiet but it can never stop. Also this game is mentally KILLING me hopefully it’s better next year. Also this program can’t program right and wrong answers.
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11 months ago, by fan nam Leonor
DreamBox s is easy but…
DreamBox is easy but it keeps getting hard😰😰😰
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10 months ago, Omazing kid
My kid was a happy and bright girl but after I got her this app for school she now has anxiety and depression she won’t leave her room and she cry’s so much now we are taking her to therapy and it is helping but this has taken 5 years to get this far!
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6 days ago, ewwmdjrjejdjdj
I just hate it Bc when I play it there away goin be some weird games the fact that almost every Thing is so weird it not even fun it like doing homework but even more weird there is so much thing that I hate 1 star
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6 months ago, wk,smvrjismvhdkdkkskfkwikd
It dosent even give you hints or even help you. Dreambox literally expects you to know the problem right away. Horrible app also it takes so long for some lessons to complete. I do not recommend this horrible app!!!
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4 months ago, Privatech Performance
I play di’s in school
I need to work on my gold
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5 months ago, Flower midnight 🥰
I have this in my school and this is so fun and I really like this even I always complete five lessons every day! I LOVE IT THE BEST APP EVER!!!
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11 months ago, tetetrtw
DreamBox is ok but the bugs and it takes like 20 seconds to tell us what we did wrong it even makes me click a wrong button when I didn’t mean to so fix that ngl DreamBox is not really cool
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2 months ago, Uyggyytyyy
Db is like the best thing that you could ever have
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4 months ago, Golden city Palmer
I don’t like it
It is so annoying and I have to do it in school anyway my nana forced me to do it for a principal party and I have more than I need to do and I don’t don’t want to do it anymore it is boring so yeah I don’t like it 😤
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3 months ago, imarfly
Dreambox is no sense
Bro I was doing dreambox and it said “do this problem”.Also I had no clue what to do.🤔So I told my teacher and she didn’t even know how to do it!
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4 months ago, hfurirjfj
Trash and doesn’t teach
This game makes you so frustrated and it is dumb as heck. It takes forever to get just one lesson done. DONT BUY THIS APP! Please take my advise and don’t buy this app EVER. Thank you for reading my review!
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7 months ago, smilybook
The worst app ever
I had this when I was younger and I hated it gave me such self doubt and is horrible for anybody do not download! You should use like any other app
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5 months ago, Free for life pay to much
Loging in
It is so hard to get in to what ever you think is the password it is not and it is stupid 😡😡😡
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3 months ago, Hannah the love
I love this game
Cute characters and cool games
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10 months ago, @ngryp3s0n
I hate this game. Teachers force us to do it and once you get one question wrong as you progress it starts you over I hate it!
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7 months ago, ursouvlshu$
I like dream box but…
It is good but the app doesn’t even help so ya
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5 months ago, MaddoxMil
This is the best app ever
I love this app because it educations you better than i-Ready, so always do DreamBox you should download this app
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6 months ago, Goatvobhekillagsjayahn
Trash box
I was playing ones and tell me who is wrong, even though the answer is right. It ruins peoples mental health. And
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6 months ago, Aqua Lena
in highschool and my teacher makes me do 10 of these dreambox lessons every week on kindergarten topics
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6 months ago, callmehbob🌹
I hate this! So much my school makes us do it my lessons are crazy hard and it kills me just to play it!
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11 months ago, FREE4565
Cool game ever
It’s a good idea to study math
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11 months ago, lil squishy 2013
I love it but…
I love it but.. IT TAKES SO LONG TO LOAD
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4 months ago, slayyyyy...
The help does nothing to help just says instructions soo bad ugh
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6 months ago, Shaylakem,j cxgb
First avail,all there lessons are dry and really bad! Not to mention my kid started to cry because of it! And the school enforces it not not do it!
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8 months ago, Rei and Rai
So lame is not worth taking away ST math and is easy and is silly and dumb. mad how easy and childish it is.
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10 months ago, Gamerryanplayz
It’s is so bad
BAD CONNECTION ASK A QUESTION then it’s wrong it’s subtraction and the next question is the same exact as the other AND ITS ADDING WHATTT???
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11 months ago, Steven micro burger
It stinks
I am a student forced against my will to to this dumb learning app
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10 months ago, Thereallone28
I bet the creator itself said it was bad and I agree.
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5 months ago, Love it❤️🤍❤️
I hate it
I have to do this at school and I’m sooooo tired of it. It treats me like I’m 4
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9 months ago, Mon nov 6 4:57
Shut it down they give me fractions and I’m in 3 grade
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9 months ago, Nathan Ho 🐅🐆
I wish I could do 0 It gives me to hard work. HELLO I’m in third grade NOT FOURTH
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10 months ago, Just pleaseeee 😖
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12 months ago, WORST LEARNING APP😭🤬
I am a student and im forced to use this to me this is tourchure 😭😭😭😭 MY TEAcHErs DoN’t LET ME HAVE RECESS some times🤬🤬🤬🤬
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7 months ago, ❤️💕♥️💙💜💗 slime
DreamBox, is so stupid, and awful
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