DreamBox Learning Math

2.3 (12)
1.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
DreamBox Learning, Inc.
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for DreamBox Learning Math

2.25 out of 5
12 Ratings
2 weeks ago, Sydfishpandabobastar
I use this for school, and it’s honestly good, but just laggy
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1 week ago, dichnucv
Bad for mental health! 😭😭😭
I hate dreambox, every weak we have to do 10 lessons. BUT the little kids get to do WHAT EVER they want. They get it so easy too. But the older kids? They call it “dream” box. It’s more like a box of nightmares. Honestly, my school used to only do 8 lessons, UNTIL my TEACHER decided it would be ‘better’ for us to do 10.
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2 months ago, (:😁
Almost unusable
It’s ok for young kids but when you become older, it’s not good, 1 mistake and drea,box has a 10 second talk about how what you got wrong, sometimes it doesn’t even explain it well.
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1 month ago, by fan nam Leonor
DreamBox s is easy but…
DreamBox is easy but it keeps getting hard😰😰😰
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2 weeks ago, Omazing kid
My kid was a happy and bright girl but after I got her this app for school she now has anxiety and depression she won’t leave her room and she cry’s so much now we are taking her to therapy and it is helping but this has taken 5 years to get this far!
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3 weeks ago, Nathan Ho 🐅🐆
I wish i could do zero because t gives me too hard work and it gives us like a 20 second talk when you get it wrong. Please don’t download dreambox it’s horrible
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2 months ago, tetetrtw
DreamBox is ok but the bugs and it takes like 20 seconds to tell us what we did wrong it even makes me click a wrong button when I didn’t mean to so fix that ngl DreamBox is not really cool
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4 years ago, Violet Lavallee
It’s fine
I liked this app before but the problem is I don’t like the “older kid” theme. I liked that you could be whatever character you wanted and the silly titles like “Allie The Alligator.” I think we should be able to choose if we want the older kid theme or younger kid theme. Besides that, the younger kid level was really fun and entertaining. I saw other reviews about not liking the younger kid theme, I don’t like the older kid theme, so it would be better if we could choose. Having silly names can make it easier for some kids to remember these things, but that’s not everyone’s trick. Teachers and Parents spend $$$ on DreamBox, so if we could choose the theme it would be less a waste of $$$. DreamBox can use improvement, but some people find it nice. I recommend this app for people who will take a younger kid theme with talking animals and mermaids, and themes that are for older kids with none of that stuff.
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1 week ago, @ngryp3s0n
I hate this game. Teachers force us to do it and once you get one question wrong as you progress it starts you over I hate it!
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1 month ago, FREE4565
Cool game ever
It’s a good idea to study math
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1 month ago, lil squishy 2013
I love it but…
I love it but.. IT TAKES SO LONG TO LOAD
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1 month ago, Steven micro burger
It stinks
I am a student forced against my will to to this dumb learning app
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1 week ago, Just pleaseeee 😖
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2 weeks ago, 79awesome2014
Has a problem on iOS 17.
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2 months ago, WORST LEARNING APP😭🤬
I am a student and im forced to use this to me this is tourchure 😭😭😭😭 MY TEAcHErs DoN’t LET ME HAVE RECESS some times🤬🤬🤬🤬
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1 month ago, oats12345666
this is wrong
so I’m not sure if this is true but It. STINKS
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2 weeks ago, Mazewingo
help me i was forced to use this in 5th grade im crigkng
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2 months ago, Dogewoof47
I harvest blood for the blood god
Dreambox is a crusty musty nightmare do not download
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5 days ago, 😩💕baby girl 💕😩
dreambox is NOT good
app got me tweakin like a mf
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2 weeks ago, Heh2838
bro this is goofy
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1 week ago, 🩷🩵✨Ella bobella✨🩵🩷
I HaVe To Do ThIs FoR FuN DaY wItH PoPcIllS 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
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1 year ago, Gamyack
Smart kid approved
Okay. So. Everyone at school calls this a nightmare. But, personally, it is literally the best learning game I do at school. For starters, ok, they call me the “Smartest kid in class” so my dream box should be the hardest, and it is amazing. I love the customization you can do with your coins, (In the older kids version). But also, I am in 4th grade and mine is sometimes on 6th grade material. That just proves it SUPER adaptive. Plus, when It says, “Try again harder” it explains what you did wrong, until you are super good, and can do it by yourself. And it takes a while, but if I do dream box a lot, I can literally solve 63X5 in 30 seconds. (115). And maybe I like it cause I am smart, but I get challenged A LOT by this game when other learning games are really easy. And everyone adores prodigy but how is solving 6x6 56 times a day, going to teach you anything? This game activity changes what you learn to suit your skill level. That way, if you aren’t super bright at math, you could do easier material, but if you are really good, it will teach you harder topics. If I were a parent I would pay for this game for any child. Please get!
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4 years ago, Jolisa she
So at my school we do DreamBox and I mean there are just so many things i hate about it. One, when ever I’m close to finishing a lesson it just adds more problems for me to do and it’s just really annoying. Two, the lessons don’t even really make me learn anything because when ever I get something wrong and it says “oops” it doesn’t give you the reason why you got it wrong. Three, when I get the answer wrong and it says “oops” it kinda makes me feel bad..it doesn’t say stuff like “good try but try again” or..maybe look at your answer again” but NOPE it just says “oops” witch sometimes makes people feel really bad about them selfs. Four, they don’t make the lessons fun for kids..it’s really boring and it sometimes takes seven minutes to complete ONE lesson because it’s giving you little credit for each of your answers. The little mini games on there are really stupid and short..it’s probably 50 seconds each to do one mini game. If I ever have children and dreambox is still around I will do there lessons for them because I really don’t think kids should do something this bad 😕 And again this is just my opinion so pls don’t hate on this review if you don’t agree.
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6 years ago, Nnnster
how do we even LEARN?!!
I HATE NIGHTMAREBOX! one, the lessons are mind numbing and fun eliminating. two, it gives you worlds dumbest lessons like "allie the alligator" which is just plain annoying. we are assigned 30 minutes of dream box a week and i can barely even do 1 minute!!! three, no matter how hard you try, it keeps YOU ON SILLY AND EASY PROBLEMS. four, if you think this is supposed to be "encouraging", it doesn’t work!!! every time you get an answer wrong it makes a huge deal. and it makes you feel bad. five, the lessons are boring, and long. but sometimes they are boring and only give you three questions and you are done. easy. it doesnt teach me ANYTHING!!!! also, in some lessons this annoying red haired woman comes out of nowhere and says in the worlds most annoying voice : "a landmark is a friendly number like 10, 20, 30, or 40!" OBVIOUSLY WE ALREADY KNOW THAT. also, one of the lessons, addition heroes or whatever it is, is just PLAIN GUESSWORK! there is no math behind it. in fact, the yellow hero always wins no MATTER WHAT. ITS RIDICULOUS! this app will not challenge anyone. on top of that, there are major bug issues and lags. I need it to dissapear! truthfully I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS APP!!!!!!
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10 years ago, TheCallofDutySlaya
5th Grade Student
I have had dreambox math since my teacher assigned it during the beginning of 5th grade. We have iPads due to the fact that were an apple distinguished school and I have been in the special digital class for 3 years now(3rd, 4th, and 5th grade). I have found this app to be very beneficial, and fun as well. I have found some flaws however while playing like: During the decimal lesson where you use the dials, I have found that even if your just off on the scale by the slightest bit, it says it's wrong. I have also found that at least 2 or 3 times that I have entered the right answer and then for example, I type 2500 for an answer, it says it's wrong twice, it then corrects it and says the same exact answer. Overall it's worth 4 stars despite the glitches. One suggestion as we'll, there should be a way to skip the messages they tell you when you mess up. A skip button would be fitting as an optional thing. Love the app. :)
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3 years ago, jksr19
DreamBox is a “fun” learning environment for kids. So by kids I mean pre-k through 1st grade. I have summited tons of glitches bugs and suggests. Well guess what nothing happens😡 how am I supposed to figure out what you think is the best strategy. Well guess what your wrong. Um half of it makes me rage. It gives me lessons that I learned years ago. That makes me feel like it thinks I’m dumb like the other review said it mocks you it treats me like I’m two. The stupid robot girl voice drives me crazy! It takes it sweet time to talk for ten minutes! And guess what I have sent in advice after advice column sent directly to them but nothing happens. Also the games are a reward seems nice until you get the same game over and over and over giving you a feeling like your inside a classroom where there are teachers saying I WILL MAKE YOU HAVE FUN I WILL MAKE YOU PLAY TIC TAC TOE OR ROCK PAPER SCISSORS OH WAIT YOU SAY YOU WANT TIC TAC TOE OK ROCK PAPER SCISSORS IT IS HAHAHAHA PLAY THIS FOREVER!!! It’s not fun. So in conclusion I think something else should be used as a learning app.
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3 years ago, me=pebbles of awesomeness
Seriously, WHY!?!?!?
This game is TERRIBLE. And not just for one reason, for many common complaints! For instance, when I am on the decimals one, it will say I got it wrong, even when my numbers are right! Then it takes a solid minute to explain to me something I already know! After, I move the dial slightly farther, barely a millimeter, and it says “Correct!” SERIOUSLY?!?!?? Why should I have to move it ever so slightly off to make it right? Also, half the time, the “Correct!” thing makes it finish the whole lesson. I’m even learning math when I do two problems! I learned this stuff when I was in second and third grade people! We should be able to choose the level of difficulty, but we can’t. This game is the worst math game. It might work for smaller kids, but even I doubt it. And I am an optimist! This game is NOT RECOMMENDED TO ANYONE! Don’t ever play this!!!! It ruins the fun in math and is like living a nightmare! DON’T!!! (I sincerely hope my teacher see’s this and people will actually fix these serious problems. It’s a catastrophe!)
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2 years ago, najakakskxmjdaokMama
this app is child abuse. I’m wasting my life doing this crusty musty dusty rusty app. It’s not fun at all it makes me so bored I have to google what to do when ur bored in class. It also dosnt teach me anything useful which is sad. I also feel like I’m losing iq points by doing this. The ppl who created this must hate children cuz this is torture. After I do all the lessons I feel like I need to read a book. That’s how dumb it is. I hope this app gets deleted from the App Store. Also sometimes when I answer the question correctly it says it’s wrong. On the order of operations lesson I put in the correct answer buts it says “oops try again” but it’s correct. There’s obviously multiple ways to get the answer and Ik I’m not wrong bc I asked multiple friends if it was right and they all said yes. I also don’t understand why we have to do this in school if most of the ratings are one star reviews. Doing DreamBox lessons is not only a waste of my time it’s a waste of my life
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11 months ago, De Leo'n
I keep on hating dreambox I am told to do it it’s not like I like it so make everything a game instead of annoying math and when it corrects you it has a robot voice or a girl’s voice what is that!? I don’t mind the pirates but now it is more annoying I have school switcher and it switches the theme now I don’t have pirates! Now it’s only girl’s voices and robot voices! This app is very annoying and very bad I bet you wouldn’t fix it for all of the people worldwide! And other apps can help you more than this one and I don’t have anything new except for what my teacher assignees me I hate this so much that it “NEEDS TO BE FIXED” if you don’t I may not play it anymore and delete this {FIX THE GLITCH}. AND lessons take me so long and the only reason I rate it 2 stars is because I am trying to be nice if u make it better for me I might rate it 3 stars.
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3 years ago, I am Olive the weirdo
❤️ it’s AMAZING ❤️
So first of all, i would like to thank the creator for making this game. Other math games that i’ve tried, just tell me “DO THIS NOW 😠” but dreambox has helped me get rid of my terrible hatred of math, I’m doing better in school, and i just can’t stop playing it; it’s as if it’s an addictive game! I also love how it doesn’t just throw hard questions at you, and actually gives you rewards for doing well! You can buy things to personalize your account with in-game money, and it actually will help you with money responsibilities for when you are older. Ever since this amazing app, I have loved math and I always will. Thank you for taking your time to read this, and i hope dreambox will help you or your children as it did for me. Have a great day!
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3 years ago, Tare the tyrant
I normally like math but this app is borderline unusable
Math isn’t my strongest subject but I still make good grades. And I swear to god if any teacher sees this and ignores it I’m gonna go burn a house or something, anyway with the empty threat out of the way this app is unstable at best and unusable at worst. example: I was trying to do math and I found that I suddenly didn’t have the ability to delete anything, I had made a typo in a long string of decimals and was unable to delete the mistake forcing me to refresh the app (I.e. exiting the app and restarting it) of which did not work and, annoying but not necessarily unusable right? Yes that is but, what makes this app unusable in most situations is the app crashes (ie exiting the app and closing the app without my permission for all of you teachers with no technical skill) the crash resulted in a complete shutdown of my iPad via me because I like keeping my iPad working. But what do I know I’m just a stupid student according to some teachers :)
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4 years ago, ZZ_star✨
Really, not a good game!
It says k-8, but honestly, every lesson I try to do is really bad (I’m 12 years old). I have it on my laptop and I am really disappointed with the quality of the game, like seriously! On “adding integers” I don’t even need to do any math at all; there is a pattern with the answers that you just need to find to complete the lesson. Also, it is SUPER laggy and the quality of the animations is really sucky. On my laptop, I haven’t even gotten 1 answer wrong, because every lesson I do is just repeating a previous one. Not to mention that the age rating is way off! It works fine for my little sister, but the fact that if you get an answer wrong it throws it in your face. Me and my brother honestly have more fun making fun of it than actually playing this “educational” game. If you actually want to learn something, get a good app like Elevate, and please consider this review before getting DreamBox.
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3 years ago, Melimel25
This is awesome...NOT!!!
Y’know, most math games are fun. This one’s games are kinda fun, but on a tablet or phone, it’s horrible!! You can’t even access it!! If you guys know how to help me, please do. Like, just add a student one, like keep school and parent, but just add student as well please. Also, take out the red-haired woman, she is like someone for pk-2nd grade lessons, but no..she is in 3-5, and I’m in 5th!! So take her out..AND the lady robot voice, please and thank you. Another thing, the lessons are...meh..but when you’re doing the same lesson 2 times, and then they switch up the style?! UUUUUUUUGGGGHGHHHHHH!!! Please stop this..please. Burn Nightmare-box in a furnace..we don’t deserve this pain...I hope no teachers are giving this to their students every moment, but my teachers are..I hope some people understand my pain..end this nightmare.
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3 years ago, kaelyn rice
This is app made fun of me
I heard the new computer voice it really stinks I mean I heard it say HAHAHA! 👁👄👁 When I completed something it didn’t sound like it was laughing you know it’s supposed to do something but barely laughs even know this is very very rude I should say well it didn’t sound like you’re saying ha ha Ha I was so ummm questioning the ha ha ha it almost is like it was making fun of me🥺 not not cool at all and I just got a question right it sounded like it made fun of me Just completed something and it sound like I made fun of😡 it is what it is wow not true during this little moment I have multiple moments like this not sure if anyone knows or had it happen to them . By the way The annoying girl is still here I have multiple bad reviews😡🤯OK I will continue playing this game because I’m forced to because my dad‘s teacher not lying so this app. Is for not me but I’m forced to Play it😒 ok… bye in the very angry way👋🏻😡😡😡😭😭
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4 years ago, some guy likes games
Way to bad
Hello, I am a fifth grader who currently uses this “educational” program as I am forced to. First off, the games are for kindergartens, yeah, yeah I’m a fifth grader but kids in like 8th grade still get the stupid games. There is this extremely obnoxious red haired girl who appears on the screen all the time, her voice is obnoxious as well. The thing that bugs me the most about this is that it marks correct answers as incorrect and proceeds to say the answers that we picked were right and “we got it wrong.” This app teaches me absolutely nothing, it teaches me all the stuff I learned in like 4th and 3rd grade. Another thing is that even help you on MOST of the answers you got wrong, it just instantly gives you the answer like how are we meant to learn if you don’t help us?!? It also lets you choose these weird songs and backgrounds as stuff. If you want to actually learn stuff, use First In Math as it makes you focus and teaches you properly.
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3 years ago, tummyhead
First of all, I want to say that this is the worst app for all the math teachers to be using. Even the teachers don’t like this app, and say they can’t decide whether to use this or not. This app is extremely aggravating, or just plain easy. First of all, all of the lessons are so easy. (Stuff that I learned in first grade.) And other lessons are first grade math, but dream box explains it in a way that no one could understand. Another reason that dream box is so bad is that it’s extremely babyish. This weird woman with red hair keeps popping up into frame and saying “encouraging things”(to me, just plain annoying and confusing) to me. That lady is definitely not setting a good example for us when we grow up. If you are reading this, don’t download dream box. If your teacher wants you to use it, just use it on the web. Don’t waste storage on your tablet or phone.
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10 years ago, Product Mgr Mom of 3
Great learning program
When I first downloaded this app a month or two ago, there was no home user support. But now it is here! My 4 and 7 year-olds prefer using the iPad version to the computer one, especially since the younger one struggled a bit with the touchpad and keyboard. They are both well above grade level thanks to Dreambox, and they appear to be at 2nd and 4th grade levels respectively. Love this program. The user interface of a touch device is much better for the kids. I started my then 3 year-old on this program 4 different times before she learned to use the touchpad and could type well enough to start learning. It does not require a child know how to read, but it does help. It finally clicked on the fourth try for her, but with the iPad, I am pretty sure I can get my 2 year old on it much sooner. Note: You must register and subscribe on their website since there is no in app purchase available. There is not much detail on the app description, so checkout their website instead.
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2 years ago, AzWeth
Needs a teaching part to it
This app is really fun when you get things correct and complete the level but it gets really annoying when you need help because there’s literally nothing on how to do the actual math. And the hints aren’t even hints, they’re literally just telling you how the part of the game works and never actually helps you. The only time you get help is when you fail, but then it just changes the question. That also just makes you feel bad and like you’re not smart. So what I’m saying is that it needs to have some sort of teaching part to the app to help kids understand it more. Thank you
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5 years ago, catface😜🐶
My sister and I use this app. It is unbelievable! I just started using it so I’m still learning, but my younger sister has been using it for a while and she has been doing amazing with math and school. I totally recommend this to everyone if there having trouble with math or if they just want more practice. Some improvements I suggest are maybe when the person gets the answer wrong, you could explain better how they got it wrong and then they can try again without you giving them the answer until it is asked for. Again, awesome app I totally recommend it to anyone keep up the good work!
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1 year ago, Momma2654
I hate IXL
As a parent I though this seems like a fun learning game for my kids to play during the summer, little did I know how much sadness and depression it caused me and my kids. They get stuck on certain problems and I come to “try” to help them. Let’s say one of my boys has a 87% on the teak so far and we get the answer wrong he’s now at 67% but let’s say he gets it right 89%! What is this system I want this changed! I rated this a one star becuase I can’t rate negative numbers! I prefer dream box over this! Before your downloading this app think about it! No this is not just one of those scams this is real! My boys constantly complain about doing it and I though it was just them being lazy until I actually saw the “game” WORST GAME EVER! Parents do not recommend downloading there are plenty other math games out there! 😊
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3 years ago, maybe not maybe yes
Not the worst but definitely not the best
The game is motivating to play math games BUT ONCE YOUR DONE WITH A WHLOE GAME that TOOku TWO MONTHS it gives u like one starwhat I want to have something to look forward to after I’m done and honestly it takes me so long that some times I don’t even think I can do it and it just stress me out and if I get a question worng it makes me feel bad and just not the way it should feel coming from a big platform for kids it is just not the best but it is really fun it takes long so it feels like something to do more and more to feel amazing and adventures so it IS NOT THAT BAD at all there is a lot more good things about the app but I don’t want to tAke up too much of everybody’s time but this game is fun exiting u will learn and yeah so that’s what I wanted to say
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10 years ago, Science Girl 123
Revolutionary math app
This works for home users now! I started using dreambox for my 2 children two years ago, long before the iPad app was available. It made a huge difference in their number sense and comfort with math. I am a mathematician myself and I am thrilled with the concepts and the fun, imaginative way they are presented. The iPad app is a replica of the desktop version, but without the hindrance of a mouse and keyboard. I bought the children iPads just so they could use the dreambox app. The carnival games which are used as a reward have started to lose their interest after two years, so I give them supplemental rewards now.
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3 years ago, bbyyodatea
Dream box more like Nightmare box
I use this for school and it’s awful. All it does is glitch, and it’s not even the WiFi connections fault. This “game” is simply garbage. For one, half the time when we get something right it marks it wrong and my teacher even confirmed my answer was right. Two, when you do get it wrong or accidentally click the wrong thing, it doesn’t explain what you got wrong, it just says “oops” or “incorrect” when you have no clue what you did wrong. Three, the lessons go one forever. One time I had a lesson go on for a full HALF HOUR and it wasn’t because I kept messing up it just gave me no progress when I did something right. I’ve tried this at school, home, on the go, and anyway you do it, it doesn’t work. My whole class complains how DreamBox always glitches. This is most definitely a wast of money
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3 years ago, Yourgurleatspotatochip1p1
Not the best..
I’ve been playing this game since kindergarten! But I’ve noticed that it has just gotten worse and worse. I have always found the voices obnoxiously annoying. I wish they told you what you did wrong. But instead they say “ oops, you got something wrong!” I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT I GOT WRONG! The lessons are just plain boring and long. When I do dreambox at school I get nothing done because IT’S SO BORING!! I think there should only be a specific amount of “games” in each quest to collect an item. Like 2-3 “games”. My brother even refuses to play the game for math practice. Sometimes the question are insanely easy, or extremely difficult. PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE, FIX THIS! This game has TONS and TONS of room to improve. I don’t really recommend it. I personally recommend Prodigy or Reflex math. Thank you for reading.
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3 years ago, Wolfie_chan192840
I HATE THIS NIGHTMARE ITS DUMB!!! I don’t know why my mom make me do this 1 HOUR EVERY SINGLE DAY! It’s just a waste of time! And there’s GLITCHES! I mean like every time I push the check mark it glitches. Like why mom why. This is always my face when I do DreamBox 😡😡😡😠😡. And “ally the alligator” why did they even come up with that? It’s like for baby’s! “Drawing polygons” like I did the right polygon and it said it was not right. And why why why why again it’s just a waste of time . It’s just stupid! And I got DONE with ALL of the LESSONS on dreambox and guess what IT MADE ME START ALL OVER AGAIN 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻and the dreambox lady that tells me everything SHES SO ANNOYING like every 5 minutes she says “If U nEed HeLp CliCk ThE hELp butTOn” like this game is hell. I have a question for whoever is reading this review what will you do if you ran into the person who created DreamBox?
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3 years ago, myhevgmdyg
Really...6th grader writing a review....
So if you haven’t seen my sister’s review, well her nick name is BunniesGo Pro. I hate hate hate hate NIGHTMARE box. This game is just to stressing for everybody. They make easy problems HARD! Like if I’m calculating, 3x4x5x2x9... they make me fill in the blanks AND I have to put in the blanks. Like whatttt?! AND!!!!!! One of the problems you had to find the number on the number line,AND to find out where the number is you have to us the stupid zoom tool which btw is so annoying! UGH!!! Also they don’t even tell what you did wrong. The stupid voice says...”OOPS, try again.” It ALSO does not teach you anything. Please PLEASE if you ever have to get this app for like school or something then just write a review of how on Earth can this game be so idiotic. With all due respect...this game is too much stress Sorry not sorry. ( ಠ ͜ʖಠ)
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5 years ago, Wolf_games
I highly do not recommend purchasing this.
Hello. I am writing a review because I have been assigned this as a formative grade for my class. However, it is ridiculously easy. For instance, I have been using the app for a while, however they keep repeating adding and subtracting integers. For goodness sakes, I haven’t learned this since the fourth grade! I do not need to review this. Also, the games do not work properly and are for kindergarteners. Besides it being a huge waste of my valuable time, the virtual people rush you and make a huge deal on one tiny mistake. Sometimes, I mistype my answer. Don’t we all? Thank you for reading this. Sincerely, An 8th grader
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8 months ago, Jitryuck
Worst purchase of my life
If I could give this a zero star rating, I would. This game is just so stupid because they make the game to hard. I am doing this only for my school, but otherwise I’d delete this app. Don’t waste your storage! None of you! This app wants you to do 5 LESSONS A WEEK? The lessons are extremely difficult and they sometimes don’t even give you the right answer, and if you do, sometimes you get it wrong. I am super disappointed. Also, there games are HORRIBLE. They try to make you lose! There games are boring and hard, and you don’t get a reward for them. Heck, they only make games once a year! I barley learned anything from this, and don’t install this app. It is a disappointment 😭😭😭😡😡😡🤯😭🤯😭🤯😭🙄🙄🙄 Also this app is for idiots only
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2 years ago, #Oceanic
It’s not good, please don’t get this app
No wonder it’s free. It’s so bad. I’m Rachel and I am in 6th grade doing this. I don’t hate this because I’m assigned to do it (I’m assigned to do 5 DreamBox lessons per week), I hate it because it’s so laggy, won’t give out any tutorials on how they want us to do an assignment and the check mark bar can be close to being full, but if you get a question wrong, you could be doing 1 assignment for 30 minutes. Even my teacher agreed that DreamBox was pretty bad. Anyway, I remember one time I was spending time to do one hard assignment, and I was SO CLOSE to being done, when suddenly, I lagged out and I had to START OVER! And for a decimal division assignment, the app has a strategy that they want me to use that I’m not familiar with, and they won’t even tell me HOW to do their strategy! If I get it wrong, it won’t tell me HOW I got it wrong, it’ll just give the answer. Like, COME ON! Also, another thing I hate is that when you complete an assignment, sometimes, the app locks all the other assignments down to the one that is hardest and makes no sense. It’s happened quite a few times before. Wrapping this up, this app is terrible because it’s laggy and unclear.
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3 years ago, lizards0607
Eh it’s just stupid
Well the lessons are very EZ (cuz I’m in advanced math) and it gets boring sometimes I also don’t really like the 2 grade version of it like ya gotta complete all these lessons to give these people items I mean can’t they get those items themselves like how hard is all you gotta do is go into some 50 mile long turtles stomach (that’s actually a lessons) and get a special item I mean how hard is that (suspension of disbelief) well that would be really hard in real life but not old fantasy world that’s EZ honestly The EZ lessons are fine like EZ work less hard like that’s fine but what I hate about It is the stupid lessons you get in 2 grade like going into a 50 mile long turtle stomach I mean like what are they cooking up In the dream box HQ dream box president: “I think going into a 50 mile long turtle would be good place for a lesson.”
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