4.8 (7.8K)
166.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Eyeread Inc
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for DreamscapeEDU

4.84 out of 5
7.8K Ratings
1 year ago, ngfdkkvzeyi
So fun
This game is literally so fun that I don’t stop playing for a while has no bugs that I have noticed. I don’t know if it does or does not. This is a really fun game. I play it for hours upon hours. I’m one of those kids that don’t want to learn so my teacher showed me this game and I was like oh this is probably but it actually is really fun so if you are looking for a game that you want to play but also teaches you dream scape would be the one I haven’t noticed a bug I haven’t noticed anything but it is really good if you play as a class you get to attack your classmates so if I noticed anything I would be fine with it, I will ignore it but if you got too bad, I would people, and all that this is a amazing game
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4 years ago, briannacalderon
REALLY AMAING... but just a really annoying problem:(
Sooooo this game is so awesome I LOVE IT SO MUCH it’s so much fun but, I hate when ever I leave the game or go battle someone and when I come back after battling someone I always find stones or a building in the corner and it’s like really annoying! Please take it off I always find things their in the corner and sometimes my stones move someplace else and buildings stand in a different places and I have to move it back!!! after battling or after logging out and coming back in. I want it to stop I don’t want to find my buildings moved and things in the corner anymore . :,( please i love this game just fix that for me:,(
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1 year ago, :Vincent:
Just one problem
I absolutely love dreamscape and play it with my friends all the time at home. But there is only one problem that me and my friends have experienced. Sometimes, for some reason, you can’t answer questions and it says you have 0 answered with a 0 streak, and the question screen is all lit up with a yellow light of some sort. I know that it says it contacts the dreamscape members because it is aware that me and my friends experience this glitch. But I honestly just wanted to make sure this gets fixed soon. That’s because I have been experiencing this for over a week and so have my friends. But overall, I love dreamscape and my friends do as well. But with all due respect, I hope this gets fixed fast.
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2 years ago, Michael Donchev
Love it, but a few bugs ._.
So I love dreamscape, you battle other bases and try to upgrade your base, level up your pets and your avatar, but there are a couple problems, just like in the beginning my game crashed, and while I was answering questions, then It was right the exit button is not there, and even if you get out, for some reason it say there nothing is upgraded, (I know how to play, I’m kinda a pro) but this is another bug: I can move the walls. So it is kinda pointless, even if I delete the game and buy it again, still the same thing no matter what ever I do. I still like the game (whenever I play it on a other device ) Thank you for reading this, I hope that you can fix these bugs.
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4 years ago, Hydnsbro
Super good game but.....
This game is awesome and my classmates loves this. Just one thing.... YOU HAVE TO ANSWER QUESTIONS TO DO EVERYTHING.I like prodigy (A math game where you battle monsters) so much because you only have to do problems when you do an attack, but on this game you have to answer a question to enter battle (sometimes 5 or 6!). You have to answer a question to upgrade stuff. You have to answer a question to place stuff. You have to answer a question to add monsters to your set. You get what I mean? It’s just annoying and it’s definenitly going to make me get bored of this game sometime. That’s all, it’s a good game but like I said, you have to answer so many questions to do stuff. That’s all, thanks for looking at my rating!
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1 year ago, hi my name is Estella
Why did you set red of Aurora
Me and my class went on dreamscape and it said say goodbye to Aurora in my entire class was mad you were like curse this game we were not happy and now things are like 1000 in shop no thank you kill this game but we used to love this game this is our favorite game but please add Aurora back please we’re begging you my entire classes I love this game please make more games like this shoelace overall though it’s a great game and I would recommend it to everyone keep going shoelace do it
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4 years ago, emerald_hero
Great game, a few bugs
I definitely enjoy playing this game. It is addictive and a fun way to learn. However, the game seems slight pay to win. Not a big deal to me personally, but I have found some other things that have annoyed me. After a battle, random stuff would stockpile into the bottom corner of my area. This gets VERY annoying. In addition, I can currently not see any of my troops that I try to put in my Revery. I can’t even battle people anymore. It started out of nowhere. This has gotten very annoying, as I have tried everything ingame. Except for the bugs, this game is fun and something I would recommend to someone wanted to learn and have fun!
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2 years ago, Charlotte: Dreamscape fan
I have been playing for about 2 years at school, and about a week at home. It’s amazing and a really cool way to learn, I love the skins, they’re so creative. I think that Dreamscape should be included in every school, it’s so fun! The only reason I didn’t give it a five star and instead a four star, is because I can’t play with the dwell that I have at school that I have a lot of skins with, but that’s ok because I am sure I can do the same at thing with my dwell at home that I did with my dwell at school. PS: I think the nightshade skins are super cool looking and I’m looking forward to more skins!
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2 years ago, Kiley Fargo
Amazing! But just one thing
I love this game very much! You can upgrade stuff and attack peoples bases but one thing. When you have the walls you can’t select the rows to be moved so I’m sitting there for 20 minutes trying to moves all the walls one by one and sometimes I end up moves buildings and other things. If you would please please fix the glitch so my friends and I can save half of our time and then we have more time to play!? Thank you
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3 months ago, Madelynn Escamilla
Why dreamscape is so amazing
Have you ever had a game where you can build your own world? Well, dreamscape does just that! You can play it at home! I do! And you can also play it at school too! As a matter of fact I play it at school every single day! Everybody in my class plays it. They all love it! I love it too! Even sometimes the teachers play it. I love how everybody can challenge other people. Even your friends!
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1 year ago, wanna be a rockstar
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2 years ago, jfksuncl$-'
Good, Unique, but some problems
Squiggly Park, if you looking at this, I want to tell you that your game is amazing. It combines different elements that create a good game. However, there are some bugs. One in particular, where some defenses only give you 5 shards when you attack, while others give you 60. Please consider fixing this- Reviewer
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2 years ago, Truett Paul on YT
I love it at school but...
This game is the best! Me and my friends are always begging to play Dreamscape. But when I tried to download the app on my IPad the sign in is different. I tried logging in with Clever like I usually do but when I signed into clever it would say that there was an error and it “wasn’t allowed.” I’m not sure if this is the game or google but overall when I play it at school it’s the best!
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3 years ago, baltimore-brett
Worst support ever as I paid for this and it stopped months ago
At first the app was great. My daughter was learning quite a bit. The learning overall seemed pretty good. Then it started downhill First she figured out that with multiple choice, it’s faster to guess than to try. So now it’s just a game with an annoying add that looks just like reading comprehension. At some point, I turned on screen time and now the app won’t load. I reinstalled it without success. I sent a support request in and heard nothing. Tried social media and nothing. It’s like the company is collecting revenue but their support team is just gone
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3 years ago, greyhound 11 2511
The best but one thing
So I think this game is the BEST game ever but I’m in 4 grade and me and my friends found a glitch that allows the player to get any hero I used it and I loved it and because it’s so cool I’m sorry but I’m not going to say how it works just so everyone can have some fun and yes I know this will ruin the game and make it easy
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3 years ago, shdhdncnsj
My teacher recommended this and I thought it was gonna be crappy cause it’s and educational version of clash of clans, but no, it’s more than just and off brand clash of clans, no no no, it’s better, I grind on this game for 4 hours and 30 minutes a day according to screen time and it’s 100% worth it.
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7 months ago, Speedycharles
Please fix bug in most recent Update
I was trying to log into playing with my students however, every time I logged in through the app and the question asked me what 2+2 is or whatever math problem, my game crashes! Still giving a great game review, even though bugs always happen!
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4 years ago, Gatshdj
I love squiggle park!!!!!!!(any type)
When I first tried squiggle park dreamscape I loved it! It was like controlling my mind it was just soooooo fun! And it is way better than clash of clans! I can’t believe that I’m already 10 and I’ve been missing out at all of this fun this whole time! Tomorrow I’m going to definitely try regular squiggle park DEFINITELY I love this game so much!😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
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1 year ago, you can't write anything
Love it, but
When I try to log in when I’m at home on my school account, it tells me to download the game when I try to use Clever to login, it takes me back to the school page and it does the same thing, so please fix that. I love playing this game at school, but it just doesn’t work when I’m at home
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3 years ago, ulisesfinn1
I love this game ❤️
I love dreamscape cause it’s like so fun and at the same time you learn it is very addicting in my opinion when you start it might be boring but more you play it’s even funnest now come on in and play this game and tell your teacher to make you a punts it’s free!!!
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3 years ago, Mommy Ella
My son usually loves it, but devastated by today's bug.
My almost 8 year old son has been enjoying this game immensely, up until today. There's a bug: the questions are not loading at all. It's impossible to move forward in the game and "earn miraji to upgrade the vision core" (my son tells me) if you can't proceed with the questions. So he was really devastated today. Sincerely hoping there IS a support team (contrary to another reviewer's claim) and that they are able to fix this bug ASAP.
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3 years ago, max04629462
One of the best educational tools I’ve found
I’m a grade 2 teacher and my high level readers love it. I like that the questions are good, the game is actually fun, and there are no bugs I’ve found yet. As a teacher, bugs are the worst (looking at you exact path).
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4 years ago, xX.horserider.Xx
Good game but it has bugs!
I play this game a lot but there are a few bugs! 1. When I play on IOS there is a bug that when i press in the corner the screen turns gray, 2. I put on the hoodie on my character and but then it has a dress. 3. All my classmates had 0 shards when they did have some. That’s all!
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2 years ago, Shorterjt
Good game but LOTS of bugs
At first this game is really fun and good lots of learning but as I got to a higher level it got rid of the stuff that I paid for like the member ship and all that stuff but when I got back on all of it was gone,I reset the app and everything nothing worked and when I just got to 2,150 total questions correct it glitched and said I had zero and now all my stuff is level one
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2 years ago, mhhghgddfbhggyhh
Great game except…
So it’s a really fun game it was just like how I played it at school except for one thing, I can’t select Row to upgrade all my walls! Like I go into the wall thing and I press select Row and it just says YAH can you please fix that so that I don’t have to single-handedly go through each wall and upgrade it? Thanks 😊
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4 years ago, never_not_cute
Best reading game
I love Dreamscape! I am an educator and downloaded this for my class. They are reading and having fun. The class will battle me when they get home and they can’t wait to show me at school the next day. It’s a great app that keeps them motivated to read. I can’t recommend it enough.
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5 months ago, UwU Moo Moo
Very Good But…
I really like dreamscape but… you have to answer questions for everything (well not everything a lot) heres a bug: when i used my free attack thing bundle it did not get my free battle and it said I have 0 battles to do.
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3 years ago, Maya Ivette Contreras
Love 💕 this!
I love dreamscapes! Because this is amazing 🤩 but one thing why does everything take forever to load it is always so slow But nothing else can ruin the game Sorry this is short, but I don’t like writing ✍🏽 to much
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3 years ago, hfhkb d
Dream scape
This is a great game but there is a problem I am at vision core 12 and I am maxed out and I cannot get anything from the store anymore but I would love if they came up with more levels but this is a awesome game besides the problem
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4 years ago, thecreepergid
Good but only one problem.......
The game is good it's just that my stuff keeps on duplicating on one corner and so it will say I built too much so I need to upgrade my vision core. But my miraj storage can't hold enough to upgrade my vision core to level 5 and since my stuff duplicated I can't add another storage since it says that I built enough and to upgrade my vision core. Can you guys fix this please?
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3 years ago, eersxgetgytederreree
I eat dog food (^_^)
I like the game as a third grader but when we get so high level it takes like 100+ questions the questions should just get harder not make us do more than 100 questions
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2 years ago, Samuel Elmmanuel Aguilar
Play this game
I learned this game at school and it was really cool because you can battle people,get stuff,build you own,get you battlers so I hope you play this game and you won’t regret buying this
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3 weeks ago, Ryland rules
I love this game
I used to play this game in fourth grade after my teacher revealed this game to us and it’s just a very fun to play it helps you learn and honestly, I just don’t know what else to say other than I love it
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3 years ago, beast girl 456
This game is amazing 🤩
I went to summer school thinking it was going to be so boring but When I got on this game and it was amazing I would definitely recommend for kids who are having trouble reading or understanding ELA
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2 years ago, hsjahahhs
I like it but…
I play it at school and home but one little bug. When I try to answer a question it makes the passages my question my streak everything and I can’t exit it so pls fix this and also fix the bug that a ko attacks ur village
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3 years ago, angry birds guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Few suggestions
So great game 9/10 it 9 because I think you should add a bit more such as *cough cough*:New pets and more ways to get pets. New heroes. Maybe new ways to decorate your island. New worlds. And new reveries but besides that great game 👍🏻
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2 years ago, larsal87
How do you get the vision core bug
How do you get the vision Core bug everyone has it even the least levelled up vision core bug I tried everything I went to Google no answers😡 But really good game 🥰.
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2 years ago, jgyuugyt
It should ONLY do what I tell it to do. LoserPeriod.
Sometimes cjekcjejjjjjji says that it cannot connect to serv the progress won't be saved. Period. Please put a button to close the sign. Period.
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1 year ago, Zoha Rehman
Just LOVE it!
I like this game because if u don’t really like reading like me… you should play this game because it doesn’t just have reading passages but also you can play!!!
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3 years ago, killer5142
The god of learning
I use this every day just to battle my classmates. I’m the 2nd best in my class. I always feel engaged when I play. Overall rating of 10/10
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4 years ago, HappyApper5
Good but very cluttered
The buttons are confusing which is which. Sometimes I go away and then some stuff appears in the corner. Also I have a ox helmet, but it says all I have is the default one. Last sometimes I awnser a question right but I don’t get the revies I’m training. Please add a storyline. 😕➡️🙂
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2 years ago, progamer2929
So perfect I can barely even write something.
Awesome. It’s perfect. No suggestions except maybe making the buildings smaller. That’s all! This game is amazing and I absolutely suggest playing it!
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7 months ago, Foxy Caldwell
This ids a dumd game it is a copy of clash of clans the best game if you play this you deserve delete this game. why you play this dumb game this deserves to bern in fire just go play clash of clans it’s better and more fun this this piece of crap what’s your problem who made this don’t copy games that are popular if make original game you will be more liked and you will not git bad ratings like this pls make original games
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2 years ago, Siberian huskie lover
So, 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
I’m in school and we play this at school, my class kinda “grinds” mostly this one kid.... I love it! It’s great. I play it at home well I only get the boxes, so I get the morning one at school and the dark one at home 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳😎😎😎
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8 months ago, Hshdhshsbs
This game has stolen my Bordem and threw it away. It dosent glitch or have any bugs AT ALL! It has also has me and my classmates have so much fun and educates us too! If Shoelace is reading thank you so much
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4 years ago, lintlfam
Great ELA resource
As a 3rd grade teacher, I am in love with this program. The questions are amazing and students want to do well. I can play and challenge my students. Questions range from comprehension, simile, word definitions, I love the variety.
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5 years ago, Rebelsoftball_23
It’s awesome but
For some reason it won’t allow me to her the volume with it turned all the ay up I have an iPhone XR and it only works lowly on my top speaker not borrow and it will be turned up all the way and I can’t hear anything I need that fixed cuz I’ve tried everything almost irk what to do I need help
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3 years ago, tomngt
I like this , but I’m mad at this problem..
Hello! I’d like to file a complaint, when I was finishing up my great build, I had finished and decided to leave.. BUT.. when I joined, it was all gone!!! I a, starting to not like this game much, but please solve this issue.. try fixing my lost builds, thanks.
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4 years ago, jaxon4444
Lost entire build
My student family went so far as to buy a new iPad but the city he built is gone. He started playing in early 2020. I have been waiting weeks to hear back from their team. So upsetting when it costs $60 per year and they have no support. Unless I hear back they will lose me forever, I teach elementary school and this was a gift for us until this started happening.
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8 months ago, Learn more while reading!!
Learning and fun.
I simply cannot express how grateful I am for this learning game. It is absolutely amazing that you can learn reading and apply it to your life. Thank you for dreamscape!
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